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									FIPS 201 Solutions
Experience and insight

 •   2003
      – Deployed for intelligence community
      – Global deployment for DoD
 •   2004
      – NIAP and JITC certification
      – Deployment at DHS
      – Development and deployment of first mobile validation system
 •   2005
      –   DoD-sponsored evaluation rates CoreStreet as top validation technology
      –   Development and deployment of Card-Connected™ physical access solution
      –   Licensing technology to OEMs
      –   Partnering with leading government SI
     Complete FIPS 201 compliant enterprise solutions
          Solutions available for range of enterprise needs
Desktop solutions

            •   Combined FIPS Compliant Desktop Client and

            •   Combined FIPS Compliant Desktop Client and
                Hardware (Smart Card Reader)

            •   Complete FIPS Compliant Validation
                Infrastructure, DoD, DHS
Physical access solutions

            •   Access Control Software to Manage Enterprise
                Physical Access

            •   Access Control Devices that use FIPS
                Compliant Credentials

                Card-Connected™ solution extends centrally-
                managed access control cost-effectively to
                remote locations and assets
The standard for Federal, state, local responders

 •   Selected by the Department of Homeland Security
      –   Site management and control in the most challenging
 •   Covers millions of potential First Responders
      –   Military, law enforcement, investigative
      –   Medical
      –   Fire fighting, hazardous materials, search and rescue
      –   Disaster relief
      –   Engineering, transportation
 •   Uses new Federally-mandated standards
      –   FIPS 201 credentials
      –   Estimated to reach 40 million
      –   Federal, state, local, private sector
      –   Federal government investment of $1 billion and growing
 •   From multiple independent databases
      –   Requires no change in database ownership or
          maintenance, or in data formats
 •   Automatic logging for audit trail
 •   Extended benefits
      –   Driver Licenses, Registration, Insurance
      –   Special Events
      –   Mustering
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