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									  A PUBLICATION OF                                                                                        MARCH, 2008
  RAILROAD ASSOCIATION                                                                                    Volume II Issue 3

                       The Trainwire.
  Off the Mainline…                                                                                       by: Kirk Pohto

                                  and make this year’s show        based upon the participation of     The Museum’s next open
             arch is upon and     better than last year’s! The     the membership. Most impor-         house is Saturday, April
             that means a few     list of tasks that need to be    tantly, don’t forget to have fun!   12th. I hope to see everyone
  things: the NHL trade dead-     done is quite lengthy, but       On Saturday, February 16, the       there!
  line has passed, the Indians    then, again, putting on a show   Western Reserve Model Rail-         See you down the line at
  are in Spring Training, St.     like this isn’t easy. We’ll      road Museum (http://
  Patrick’s Day is coming up,     need help setting up tables, had another suc-
  and the annual sign Spring      putting the HO modular lay-      cessful open house. Within the
  has arrivede…RAILFEST!          out together, moving the ven-    first hour, over 100 visitors had
  Now is the time to make         dors in, running the raffle,     come through the door. By the
  sure Division 5 puts its best   counting the number of peo-      time I left at 4:00, over 550
  foot forward. Participate       ple who come through the         people had visited! A lot of
                                  doors, selling tickets, and …    new faces were exposed to the
                                  well you get the idea. If        Museum, the Division, and the
Inside this issue:                you’re not sure what needs to    hobby itself. I think we may
                                  be done throughout the week-     have some future model rail-
Scheduled events            2     end, ask Rob Bowers or Jim       roaders on the horizon. Thank
                                  Wendorf. They can point you      you to the Western Reserve
                                                                                                       Kirk D. Pohto – Superintendent
Nevada RR Museum            3
                                  in the right direction. The      Model Railroad Museum for
                                  success of Railfest is always    making it an enjoyable day.                   Division 5
Div. 5 Minutes              5                                                                           NMRA – Mid Central Region

Candidate Bios              6
BOD Minutes
Convention Plan
                                         Ballots for the Division 5 2008 Election.
Logging Locos                         Ballots will be sent to all Division 5 members via regular U.S. mail by the end of
                            9         February. The list of valid Division 5 members will be determined by the
Captain Hook
                                      NMRA roster as of February 4, 2008. The ballot will be a stamped, self-
                            11        addressed postcard. All you have to do is mark your votes on the ballet and drop
Railfest Flyer                        it in a mailbox. Ballots must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2008.

Bulleting Board
                            13        As always, space is provided for write-in candidates. To be a valid write-in can-
                                      didate, the person must be willing to run for office and have the support of two
Officer Info                15
                                      other Division 5 members
Trainwire.                                                               Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                         Page 2

             UPCOMING DIVISION 5                             SCHEDULED
                       MEETINGS                              EVENTS

    Division 5 monthly meetings normally start at 7:30 PM.
                                                             Railfest                        March 15-16
                                                             Lakeland Community College
  March 7th
                                                             Kirtland, Ohio
  Location:        Hambden Town Hall
  Program:        Slideshow “Detroit NMRA Convention”
                                                             Division 5 BOD Meeting          March 17
  Bring & Brag: Green Theme                                  Hamden Town Hall
                                                             Hamden, Ohio
  April 4th
  Location:       Hambden Town Hall                          Division 5 BOD Meeting          April 21
  Program:        DCC                                        Hamden Town Hall
  Bring & Brag: Thumbs, Turkeys, & Fools                     Hamden, Ohio

  May 2nd                                                    Railroads in the the Park       May 3 - 4

  Location:       Farm Park                                  Farm Park
                                                             Penitentiary Glen
  Program:        Farm Park
                                                             Kirtland, Ohio
  Bring & Brag: Whimsicle

                                                             MCR Regional Convention         May 15 - 18
  June 6th
                                                             Independence, Ohio
  Bring & Brag: Sugar Shack Unplugged.
                                                             NCR Convention                  Sept. 19 - 21
                                                             Toledo, Ohio

      The Western Reserve Model Railroad Museum
                 7471 Tyler Blvd. Unit “L”
                    Mentor, Ohio 44060

              Tuesday       5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
              Thursday      5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
              Saturday     10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
              Sunday             Noon - 5:00 PM
    Contact Rick @ 440-251-0350 for more information.
Trainwire                                                                     Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                              Page 3

     The Nevada State Railroad Museum.
                                                                                              Article and photos by: Ken Stroebel

                               famous for the millions of         they were often featured in       was built to link the silver
          uring a trip to      dollars in gold and silver ore     movies and television. The        mines and processing mills.
          northern Nevada,     that the railroad hauled at Vir-   museum houses over 60             The railroad was originally
I had the chance to spend a    ginia City.       The museum       pieces of railroad equipment      built to Carson City, NV in
few hours in the Nevada        houses several restored en-        from Nevada's past, including     1869, and then extended to
State Railroad museum          gines, as well as many other       5 steam locomotives and sev-      Reno by 1872. In its heyday,
buildings and displays lo-     engines and rolling stock that     eral restored coaches and         it operated as many as 45
cated in Carson City, Ne-      are undergoing the restoration     freight cars. The bulk of the     trains daily.
vada. The museum is fo-        process. Much of the museum        equipment is from the Vir-
cused on the Virginia &        equipment was obtained from        ginia & Truckee Railroad.
Truckee Railroad, which is     Hollywood studios, where           The Virginia & Truckee RR

        Historic Wabuska Station

When you first enter the       4-0 built in 1875. The Inyo        industry, and was sold by         “Locomotive Stories of the
museum property, the re-       starred in such films as the       Paramount Pictures to the         V&T”, which tells the story
stored Wabuska station, as     High Wide and Handsome,            State of Nevada and then          behind the mighty locomo-
well as several additional     Union Pacific, Red River and       came to the museum after an       tives that powered the Vir-
period buildings that house    Disney's The Great Locomo-         extensive renovation.             ginia and Truckee Railroad.
the Carson City Visitor’s      tive Chase. The most promi-        An HO-gauge model railroad        The exhibit uses sixteen mod-
Center and the local Cham-     nent role for the engine was       is being constructed at the       els hand crafted by George L.
ber of Commerce greets you.    the 1960s television series The    museum by Carson City Rail-       Richardson as the backdrop
The station was complete       Wild Wild West. Engine No.         road Association members.         for a series of stories about
with railroad track and a      18, The Dayton, is also on         Scenery on the layout is only     the historic railroad's locomo-
wig-wag signal but unfortu-    display at the Nevada State        partially complete, and will      tives that once served north-
nately was undergoing some     Railroad Museum. Restored          depict a generic Nevada land-     ern Nevada and the Com-
needed repairs.      A new     coach number 4, which was          scape suitable for trains of      stock. In addition to the
building was recently con-     also built for the V&T in 1872     any era. When operating, the      model locomotives the ex-
structed to house the mu-      at a cost of $4,500, makes up      models present will represent     hibit also contains historic
seum pieces, which includes    the train with Engine 22. This     one era or more.                  photographs of the locomo-
restored Engine No. 22 (the    piece of rolling stock has also    One of the exhibits that was      tives at various stages of their
Inyo), which is a Baldwin 4-   had a history in the movie         present when I visited was the                  (Continued on page 4)
Trainwire.                                                                  Volume II Issue 3

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Nevada State Railroad Museum cont…..
(Continued from page 3)        veying the route of the V&T      many other smaller rail         Carson City to check out the
                               Railroad in the 1860s. Old       pieces. Further behind this     Nevada State Railroad Mu-
careers. Other interesting     newspaper clippings and his-     building are several remnant    seum. You’ll find quite a col-
artifacts on display include   torical photos round out the     wooden coaches as well as       lection of old steam engines,
the sextant and leather-       collection.                      some later era metal coaches.   rolling stock and railroad
covered notebook used by I.    Behind the museum building       Most of these pieces are        memorabilia to explore.
E. James while he was sur-     is a train shed, which houses    weathering away and will
                                    many restoration projects   require a large amount of
                                    in varying states of pro-   restoration as well as a
                                    gress, including the        new building to house
                                    V&T’s Coach No. 8,          them.
                                    Coach No. 17, Denver,       If you ever find yourself in
                                    Texas and Fort Worth        the Reno area, take a few
                                    engine no. 8, and V&T       hours to drive south ap-
                                    steam engine no. 25 and     proximately 30 miles to

   Member NMRA,
   MCR, Division 5.
Trainwire.                                                         Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                      Page 5

Division 5 Meeting Minutes                                                             February 1st, 2008

    Asst. Superintendent Al Cap opened the meeting at 7:37 PM

    A new attendance sheet was implemented.

    New Model kit-is being offered by the Mid-Central region, NMRA, Inc. It is a laser cut baggage/freight
      building located in South Lebanon, Ohio. Sign up at Division meetings if interested.

    Division 4 Convention – Division 5 is requested to submit models for their convention.

    Railfest 2008- is coming along on schedule. A meeting is being set to finish the 2007 audit.

    Nominating Committee – Chairman Don Bittner, submitted four candidates for Division officers for
      2008. They are:

    The Module Committee- reported that they meet on the third Wednesday of every month.

    The Model RR Museum- reported that they would be having a Winter Open House with NASCAR as its
       theme. There will also be a Chinese auction.

    Division 5 – requests suggestions for future Bring and Brag displays and programs for coming meetings.

    Bring N Brag – Favorite Fallen Flag Railroads:
             Al Cap                          Larry Novak                    Bill Smith
             Don Bittner                     Don Thomas                    Bill Burger
             Ken Stroebel                    Tom Carr                      Jack Metcalf
             Rich Kacprzak                   Bruce Lutheran                 Bill Brodie

     Division 5 – has committed to do the Boy Scout Merit Badge Program @ Farm Park this year.

The program for the evening was; “the Rockies by Rail” presented by Ken Stroebel.
Trainwire.                                           Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                                    Page 6

                                     Candidate Bios.
I’ve decided to run for Super-     my favorite. Some of you              ment Program, and reached          for Division 5 Superintendent.
intendent of the Division. I       know, my wife and I own a             out to other groups interested
have ‘played’ with trains since    LEGO store. I made the mis-           in railroading. I want to con-
the American Flyer days. I         take of taking my wife to the         tinue in this direction. We
think I became a model rail-       Steam Extravaganza in Den-            have more work to do. I espe-
roader in the late 60’s. Not too   nison. We discovered LEGO             cially want to see more reach-
much was available commer-         trains. It’s amazing what you         ing out to others, in particular
cially, so I started scratch-      can build with a few bricks. It       within the Division. We have
building. In the late 70’s I       lends a whole new meaning to          too many members we hardly
switched to HO scale. I didn’t     scratch-building. I think the         ever see. I also aim to push
have the room for S scale any-     Division is on the right track.       the Achievement Program.
more and I needed something        We have updated our ac-               You are never too old to learn
more portable. Since then I        counting procedures, attained         and your work doesn’t get
have dabbled in several other      501(c)3 status, encouraged            better unless you try. With
scales, but HO will always be      participation in the Achieve-         that said, I ask for your vote               Al Cap

                           Dale Smith is running for the office of
                                   Assistant Superintendent.

                                   taken down when we did re-            Office Manager. As a young
                                   modeling. About 7 years ago           adult, I was in 4-H and have
                                   we finished the basement to           held all the offices, plus was
                                   put up another layout. This           Assistant Advisor for 2 years.
                                   time the layout is much bigger        I am serving my 12th year as
                                   then it was before.                   Secretary of our local Snow-              Dale Smith
                                                                         mobile Club.
                                   Associates Degree in Ac-              NMRA Division          accom-
                                   counting from Kent State              plishments:
                                   University. 3 years at a Bank         I have worked on 2005 Con-
      Bonnie Lette                 as a Bank Teller & Bookkeep-          vention Committee as the co-
                                   ing Department. 3 months at           Webmaster, Promotional Day
I am running for re-election       an Ambulance & Livery Busi-           2004 & 2005 as Assistant
for the Treasurer position. I      ness as a one girl office –           Chairperson, Promotional
am currently serving as the        taking care of all the books,         Day 2006 as Chairperson, co-
Divisions Clerk/Treasurer. I       payroll and dispatching. 30th         Webmaster for the Division,
have been interested in Model      year at my current job – Mid-         and helped with the raffle and
Railroad since 1978 when my        West Materials, Inc. – which I        clinics at Railfest along with
boyfriend (now husband of 25       have worked in or have been           other jobs that were asked of
years) started a small layout in   in charge of - Inventory, Ac-         me. I am currently serving
his dining room. After we got      counts Receivable, Accounts           my 2nd year as Division 5
married, we moved the layout       Payable, Computer, Phone              clerk, taking care of the fi-
to our house. The layout was       System, Receptionist, and             nances for the Division.

                           Mike Beuhner is running for the office of
                                                                                                                 Mike Buehner
Trainwire.                                                                          Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                                    Page 7

  Division 5 BOD Meeting Notes                                                                             February 18, 2008

 Attended by: Kirk Pohto, Bonnie Lette, Wayne Lette, Dale Smith, Rick Montgomery, Lenny Kessler, Matt Kross

      Election Ballot – Matt brought a sample of what the ballot is going to look like and make sure that there were no changes. He is
          going to add on the ballot or with the paperwork that is mailed with the ballot the following statement: Write-In Candidates
          must want to do the job & be supported by 2 other NMRA members in our division. Matt is going to mail the new rooster
          with the election ballot to only Current Division 5 members.

      Region Building Kit – Kirk spoke with Dick Briggs, he likes the idea of us having a sign up sheet for members to order a building.
          They are about sold out of the Larger Scales. They are reviewing to see if they want to order more of the current building.
          They are already working on the next building to be released.

      2007 Railfest Audit – has not be done yet, however, all parties have been in contact and should be doing by the end of February

      NMRA NCR (North Central Region) Convention – to be put on by Division 1, September 19-21, 2008 in Toledo, OH. “Fast
        Freight ’08” Kirk had a registration form and a DVD for the convention. Website –
        If you register after July 31st you will need to add $10 surcharge to the registration fee.
               NMRA Member - $35; Non-NMRA Member - $45; Family - $55
               They have lined up many activities; clinics, tours, layouts, etc.

      MCR Convention – Dick Briggs mentioned to Kirk that the region would like Division 5 to put on the MCR Convention in 2010
        instead of the 2011 that Kirk had proposed to the Region’s BOD in October 2007; at that time there were no objections. After
        discussing; Kirk is going to go back to Dick “we are doubtful for 2010”; Dale & Matt will discuss further.

      Convention update from Matt & Dale – they have been in email contact with the Geneva Lodge. Discussed other options and
         nothing has been finalized it is only the beginning stages and they are still looking around. Matt & Dale is wanting to put to-
         gether a presentation for Division 5 to put on a MCR Convention for the May 2008 BOD meeting at the convention.

      Reviewed the programs and Bring N Brag for the March meeting; Kirk to contact Gary Shaffer to put on his slide show of the 2007
          National Convention held in Detroit. Bring N Brag is a Green Scheme.

      Discussed the upcoming events to be placed in the Trainwire.

      The embossing stamp has been ordered. Matt gave Rick the Inactive Membership list.

      The NMRA sent out a letter to members for a donation to National; Rick motioned to donate $250 this year to National, Dale 2nd
          the motion. This should be brought up at budget time at the end of the year; motion carried.

      Dale motioned to extend the $15 supplement for New Memberships joining at Railfest. This is good for the period of time from
          Railfest to the March Division meeting; Wayne 2nd; motion carried.

      Dale presented a survey that was sent out to members many years ago. We are considering getting a survey together to be mailed
          out again and along with this survey would be a Layout Survey for the Convention.
Trainwire                                                                          Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                                    Page 8

    Division 5 Convention Planning.
                                                                                                                   Article by: Matt Kross

                                 bers. Dale and I have started       ideas but, based on past experi-     are items key to area such as
          ivision 5 is con-      looking at what hotel/              ences attending many conven-         the Lake Erie and its link with
          sidering hosting       conference centers are avail-       tions, there are a number of         the railroads, wine country,
another regional convention      able in our area at a price we      basic expectations by conven-        covered bridges, Amish, agri-
in a few years. Dale Smith       can manage. One of the places       tion attendees. We have a            culture, prototype railroads
and I (Matt Kross), have         we are looking at is the Geneva     pretty good feel for what will       both past and present, indus-
volunteered to be co-            State Park Lodge. Rick Mont-        work and what will discourage        tries, nurseries, etc.
chairmen of the convention.      gomery is talking to the city of    people from attending. What          Possible prototype or indus-
The last convention we           Mentor about possible loca-         we need from you at this time        trial tours in our area (Lake,
hosted was in May 2005.          tions and cooperative efforts.      are the following:                   Geauga, and Ashtabula coun-
We are thinking we would         There are only a handful of         Ideas for a convention theme         ties). It is early yet, but we
like to host another one in      facilities in our local area that   (last time it was the lake-to-rail   would at least like to start put-
the spring of 2011, though it    have enough space for a con-        connection and the Hulett ore        ting together a list of possibili-
hasn’t been approved yet by      vention. As we found out in         unlades)                             ties and begin gathering con-
the Mid Central Region           2005, a small hotel with small
                                                                     Ideas for a convention name          tact information.
BOD. Whenever the year is        meeting rooms does not work
(2010/2011/2012), we             well. We need to look for fa-       (last time it was Hulett Heri-       We need you to start working
would like to start the plan-    cilities geared toward confer-      tage in honor of the first hulett    on your home layout to get it
ning process and we need         ences, conventions, and/or          being installed in Conneaut,         ready for show during the
the help of Division 5 mem-      large groups. We are open to        OH). Some things to consider         convention!

                                 Start considering how you           event for the people attending.                Dale Smith
             e need to know      would like to help with the         We would like to hear any
                                                                                                               13608 GAR Highway
             about “hidden”      convention. Once we get a           ideas you have for new con-
layouts in our area. Do you      definite date for a convention,     vention activites.                      Chardon, OH         44024
have a friend that has a lay-    we will be forming a conven-        If you haven’t been to a re- 
out but isn’t a Division 5       tion committee. We will need        gional convention and don’t
member? We would like to         a bunch of coordinators for the     know what goes on, I would
know so that we can contact      various convention activities.      strongly suggest that you at-
him to see if the layout can     We will also need a lot of          tend the 2008 Mid Central                      Matt Kross
be included in our layout        “helpers”. More on the spe-         Region convention in Inde-                 12049 Sperry Road
tour. We would like to give      cific convention jobs will be       pendence, OH, May 15-18. It
them advance notice so that      provided as things progress.                                                Chesterland, OH 44026
                                                                     is being hosted by Division 4.
they too can start getting       We can do many of the same                                         
their layout ready.                                                  Please send any convention
                                 things we did at the last con-      information, ideas, or com-
Ideas for activities and tours   vention, but it would be nice to    ments to Dale or Matt:
for spouses not interested in    have some fresh ideas. We are
trains.                          looking for ways to make this
                                 an interesting and enjoyable
Trainwire                                                                        Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                             Page 9

Logging Locomotives – A Short Primer.
                                                                                           Article and photos by: Bruce Lutheran

                                Logging locomotives come in        steam cylinder with rods as is      them to operate in poor en-
       have always been         many types, however, the three     on most common steam loco-          vironments, (as was com-
      fascinated by logging     most common are: – The Shay,       motives. This gearing reduc-        mon in both logging and
 locomotives. The unique        the Climax and the Heisler.        tion allowed these locos to be      mining operations) and
 drive train on each type       (See attached pictures) They       lighter, yet stronger, in that      thereby led to reduced
 makes them fun to watch        came along that way in a time      they provided constant power        maintenance costs. The
 as both a Model Railroader     frame order. They were all         to all drivers. This fact allowed   maximum speed of all three
 and as a railfan. I rode the   made using different gearing       them to climb grades as high        types was around 5-7mph.
 Shay of the Cass Scenic        and steam cylinder combina-        as 10% or more. The fact that       All three ran on one of the
 Railroad State Park, in        tion methods. They each had a      the locomotives were lighter        following types of fuel:
 Cass, Pocahontas County,       combination of the traditional     allowed them to ride on both        Wood, Coal or Oil.
 West Virginia, which is a      steam cylinder and a gearing       smaller and more poorly laid
 West Virginia State Park.      reduction, as opposed to the       rail/track. This in turn allowed

        Historic Wabuska Station

            SHAY                gears. This type is loved by       in the drive trucks ability to      trucks, the Class B with 3
 The Shay was the most well     model railroaders, as the cylin-   slide under high torque. This       cylinders and 2 trucks, The
 known of the three types.      ders and drive train are FASCI-    caused Shays to run off the         Class C with 3 cylinders
 The Shay features an offset    NATING to watch. The one           rails when going around rail/       and 3 trucks and The Class
 boiler with multiple cylin-    thing that the Shay type locos     track curvature. The problem        D with 3 cylinders and 4
 ders placed on the opposite    had in common was a major          is not noticeable on straight       trucks. Only 20 Class D
 side. These cylinders were     design flaw. The fact that the     runs, but becomes apparent          Shays were built. Shays
 connected to a long drive      drive shaft was offset outside     around curves. Shays were           were built by the Lima lo-
 shaft running to the drive     of the trucks, caused drive        built in 4 major classes: The       comotive works out of
 axles and attached via bevel   shaft length changes, resulting    Class A with 2 cylinders and 2      Lima Ohio.

                                            The Climax was next to come along
                                            and the class B is the most famous
                                            known. The Class B Climax has 2 in-
                                            clined cylinders driving a transverse
                                            crankshaft, which is geared to a cen-
                                            trally located driveshaft (as opposed to
                                            the Shays offset driveshaft). The class
                                            A Climax had its cylinders vertically
                                            mounted. The Class C was a 3 truck
                                            design, similar to the Shay, in that it
                                            had an additional truck located beneath
                                            the tender. Climaxes were built by the
                                            Climax Manufacturing Company of
                                            Corry Pennsylvania.
Trainwire                                                                            Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                                   Page 10

  Logging Locomotives cont…...
            Heisler             the others, also had side rods        They produced Heislers until          sented itself with a solution
  The Heisler was the last      connecting the drive wheels.          1941. As I mentioned earlier,         last month when I was able
  to come along and it had a    As with the other types, He-          I have always been fascinated         to by one off the internet for
  “Vee-Twin” steam en-          islers were built in both 2 and 3     by logging locomotives, which         a great price. It is the new
  gine, which located a cyl-    truck types, but, unlike the oth-     or course, has always made me         version Rivarossi Heisler,
  inder on each side of the     ers, the Heislers had 11 classes      want to get one for my model          which has a can motor and a
  boiler. This was attached     and used a code numbering             railroad. I purchased a Shay kit      new gearbox. It is also DCC
  to a centrally located        system. Heislers were known           from Roundhouse at a train            ready! I will be bringing it
  driveshaft and, like the      for their increased speed over        show around 10 years ago,             to Bring-and-Brag next
  others, geared to the drive   both the Shay and the Climax.         which I just started building.        month to show it.
  axles. The heisler, unlike    Heislers were built originally        As far as a ready to run ver-
                                             by the Stearns           sion, the problem has
                                             Manufacturing            always, as most of us
                                             Company of Erie          who share the same
                                             Pennsylvania until       dream, been the high
                                             1907 when they           cost of owning one
                                             were reorganized         and this had kept me
                                             as the Heisler Lo-       from obtaining one.
                                             comotive works.          That problem pre-

  The pictures were borrowed from the following web sites, all of which contain additional information on all 3 types
  of locomotives.
  Shays –
  Climaxes -
  Heislers -

                                Businesses Accepting Division 5 Certificates
                            The businesses listed below are currently accepting Division 5's award certificates:

                                Stewart's Hobbies & Collector's Toys                Willoughby, Ohio
                                                      Hobby Town USA                Mentor, Ohio
                                              Train Specialty Company               Chardon, Ohio
                                                      Village Train Shop            Perry, Ohio
                                            Toy-N-Hobby Headquarters                Geneva, Ohio

                                                               Please support these dealers!
Trainwire                                                                           Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                               Page 11

  Aargh, it’s Captain Hook to the Rescue!
                                                                                                  article and photos by: Kirk Pohto

                                  house last month, the public        large derailment occurs, Cap-     ton centerpiece of the new
            t the Western Re-     got to view the latest edition to   tain Hook will be sailing the     wreck train.
            serve Model Rail-     the HO fleet of rolling stock.      sea of steel rails to save the
 road       Museum’s open         From now on, whenever a             day! Captain Hook is the 250-

                                Also sailing with the Captain are four of his trusted crewmembers:

                        A flatcar/boom car                                          A 40-foot boxcar used as a tool car.

            A gondola carrying extra ties and wheelsets                           A baggage car, also used as a tool car

                      This motley crew of wreck cars can handle any derailment it may encounter. So the next
                      time you’re running a train at the Museum and have a derailment, call Captain Hook!
Trainwire.   Volume II Issue 3

                                 Page 12
Trainwire.                                                                       Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                                Page 13

             Division 5 Fleamarket Table Item Rules.

    If you want to make use of the Division fleamarket table at Railfest, you MUST fill out the form on
    the other side of this sheet. Use as many copies of the form as needed to list ALL the items you are
    selling. Each item on the table must have a sticker that contains the member’s initials and a sequence
    number corresponding to the items on the form. Multiple items, bagged or boxed together, are only
    counted as one item if they are being sold as a set.

    Please keep prices in even dollar increments ($1, $2, $3, etc.) if at all possible. This makes it a lot
    easier for the people manning the table to make change and handle the money.

    Also, you need to provide an envelope to put the money in from the sales. Mark your name clearly on
    the envelope. You also need to put some money in the envelope to allow the people manning the ta-
    ble to make change. We would like at least five $1 bills in the envelope, but would prefer to have ten
    $1 bills. Please mark on the envelope the amount of money you provided for making change.

                                   Special Mention.
                                 and cover a wide variety of       just an interesting store to visit    ety of supplies. I have
           hree stores in the    hobbies, trains being the most    and survey his inventory.             listed the three stores be-
           general area de-      interesting. Glen’s Train Shop    Falls Hobby and Collectibles          low, to help you pursue
  serve a special mention in     has a lot of N gauge rolling      has just moved into a much            your interest.
  the Trainwire. All three       stock that might be of interest   larger store than they had be-
  stores carry familiar brands   to hobbyist. Tom C Toys is        fore, and have a complete vari-

                                                                                                   Falls Hobby &
         Glen’s Train Shop                             Tom C Toys                                   Collectibles
              587 grant Street                         8095 St. Rt. 305                              1928 Portage Trail
             Akron, Ohio 44311                    Garrettsville, Ohio 44231                  Cuyahoga falls, Ohio 44223
               330-253-6527                             330-527-7601                                    330-929-1112
Trainwire.   Volume II Issue 3

                                 Page 14
Trainwire.                                                                          Volume II Issue 3

                                                                                                                                   Page 15

  Team Track                                             March Division 5 Meeting
  Division 5 Officers                   (Terms expire June 2008)                                March 7, 2008

  Superintendent               Kirk Pohto                440-352-9813     Location:         Hambden Town Hall
                                                                    13887 GAR Highway (Route 6)
  Asst. Superintendent         Al Cap                   440-729-1458
                                                                 Chardon, Ohio
  Clerk / Treasurer            Bonnie Lette              440-298-3075
                                                                               Located on Rt. 6 between the intersection of Rt. 608
                                                       and Rt. 166 next to Hambden Elementary School
                                                                               east of Chardon.
  Division 5 Trustees:                        (Terms expire June 2008)

  Rick Montgomery 440-251-0350          Bruce Lutheran    440-257-2105
  Wayne Lette     440-298-3075          Dale Smith        440-286-4932    Program: Slide show “Detroit NMRA Convention”
  Division 5 Board of Directors:           

  Division 5 Appointed Positions:              (Terms expire June 2008)
                                                                          Bring & Brag Theme:        Green Theme
  Railfest Chairman            Rob Bowers Jr.             440-942-3039

  Promo Day Coordinator        Bruce Lutheran          440-257-2105
                                               Reminder: Bring & Brag entries DO NOT have to adhere to
                                                                          the Bring & Brag theme for the evening. The themes are
  Achievement Program          Bill Brodie              216-780-0938      meant to add some variety to the types of model work shown
                                                     and to encourage members to work on something they may
                                                                          not have tried otherwise. The themes are not meant to dis-
  Contests                     Bill Brodie               216-780-0938     courage you from bringing in other model work that you have
                                                completed in the last 6 months. By all means, bring it in and
  VCR / TV                     Al Cap                    440-729-1458

  Auditors                     Mike Schaab              440-255-2530                                 N
                               Matt Kross               440-729-3045
                                                                                       Ha m b de n
                                                                                                               T own Ha ll
                                                                                                               1 38 87 G A R Hwy
  HO Module Coordinator        Rick Montgomery       440-251-0350                                              Ha m b de n, O H

  Trainwire Editor             Lenny Kessler             440-478-6661                      Rt 6                         Rt 166
                                                           GAR Highway
  Refreshments                 Ron Biddell              440-352-3730                  Town
                                                       Square                           Rt 6

  Membership Roster            Matt Kross               440-729-3045

  Division Tripmaster          Ken Stroebel              440-257-8367
                                                     Map to Hambden Town Hall
  Programs / Clinics           (open)

  Webmaster                    Wayne Lette             440-298-3075
                                                                                  April Trainwire
  Company Store                Al Cap                   440-729-1458
                                                 Deadline March 20th.
                              The Trainwire Newsletter
3257 Center Road
Perry, Ohio 44081
Publication of Division 5
“The Western Reserve Division”
Mid Central Region
National Model RR Association, Inc.
A Non-Profit Educational Organization

                                                                                      Division 5 Membership
         March, 2008                                                                  as of February 1st, 2008

          Electronic Version

The Trainwire
The Trainwire is an official publica-          long as the Division has funds for        wire and Division 5 activities are
tion of Division 5 “The Western                mailing. Others wishing to receive        funded by flea markets, raffles, con-
Reserve Division”, Mid Central Re-             it may do so for the annual fee of        tributions, and donations. All com-
gion, of the National Model Rail-              $12.00. Information regarding The         ments and opinions are welcome.
road Association. It is published              Trainwire, Division 5, or the             Those views expressed in The
approximately once a month and                 NMRA may be obtained by writing           Trainwire do not necessarily reflect
mailed to all NMRA members resid-              to 3257 Center Road, Perry, Ohio          the policies or opinions of the
ing in Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula             44081 or sending an e-mail to             NMRA, the Mid Central Region or
counties (Ohio) free of charge, as    The Train-            Division5

                                  The Western Reserve Division 5
                                           A non-profit educational organization

Trainwire Editor: Lenny Kessler         3257 Center Rd. Perry, OH 44081                  440-478-6661
Superintendent:      Kirk Pohto         226 Courtland St. Fairport Harbor OH 44077       440-352-9813
Asst. Super:         Al Cap             11463 Willow Hill Dr. Chesterland, OH 44026      440-729-1458
Clerk / Treasurer: Bonnie Lette         17541 Thompson Rd. Thompson, OH 44086            440-298-3075

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