The Sensor Network Platform Kit by zhouwenjuan


									     Swiss Experiment
    Progress Report 2011 ETHZ/TIK

    Jan Beutel, Tonio Gsell, Roman Lim,
Mustapha Yuecel, Christoph Walser, Matthias
Keller, Bernhard Buchli, Josua Hunziker, Felix
      Sutton, Lothar Thiele, ETH Zurich
 PermaSense Low-Power
Sensor Network Technology
PermaSense – System Architecture

                    • Support for multiple sensor types

                    • Wireless sensor network
                       – Ultra low-power data gathering (Dozer)

                    • CoreStation
                       –   Embedded Linux (Gumstix)
                       –   4 GB local storage, data duplication
                       –   WLAN/GPRS connectivity, backup modem
                       –   Solar powered

                    • Data backend
                       – Streaming interface with metadata (GSN)
                       – Standard internet services for monitoring
 At the Core – Low-power Wireless Sensors

                      • Static, low-rate sensing (2 min)
                      • Temperature profiles,
                        crack meters, resistivity
                      • 3 years operation
                      • < 0.1 Mbyte/node/day

[Beutel, IPSN 2010]
CoreStation - Embedded Linux & WLAN Router

                Gumstix Verdex
                                   WLAN Router


                                    EMP Protectors

   IP68 Enclosure and Connectors
 [Buchli, IPSN 2011]
PermaSense Deployment Sites 3500 m a.s.l.

A scientific instrument for precision sensing and data recovery in
                      environmental extremes
PermaSense Tech Transfer:
Soil Moisture Sensing on the Thur
Custom Built Quad Decagon 5TE Soil Moisture Probes
CoreStation Installation on Existing RECORD Tower

             • Redundant connectivity
             • Webcam
             • Local WLAN access for researchers
               (essid RECORD-THUR)
             • Online GSN data management
             • Operational since March 2010
               ~10 Mio data points collected
             • Joint work with RECORD (P.
               Schneider, M. Schirmer, EAWAG)
Matter Valley WLAN
Collaborative Field
 Site Data Access
Long-haul Communication – Directional WLAN

       • Data access from weather radar on Klein
       • Leased fiber/DSL from Zermatt
         Bergbahnen AG
       • Commercial components (Mikrotik)
       • Weatherproofing
       • Collaboration with APUNCH (P. Burlando,
         ETHZ), COGEAR (S. Löw, ETHZ), BAFU
         and Ct. Valais
       • Collaborative maintenance
       • Monitoring infrastructure
Matter Valley WLAN

• 54 Mbit/sec 802.11a
• PPP tunnel to ETHZ
• Local (W)LAN access for
• Sites serviced
   – X-Band Radar (APUNCH)
   – Matterhorn Hörnliridge
     (PermaSense, COGEAR)
   – Hörnlihütte
   – Randa Rockfall (COGEAR)
   – Dirruhorn Rockglacier
     ( X-Sense)
   – Grabengufer Rockglacier
     ( X-Sense)
  Sensor Hosting
Services & Support
Alpine L1/L2 GPS
Reference Network

•   Leica GPS1200+ receiver
•   WLAN access
•   Solar power
•   Weatherproofing
•   Field site installation support

• Trial campaign in Jul/Aug 2010
     – Rainfall detection
• Online since
     – Matterhorn – Dec 2010
     – Randa Rockfall – May 2010

• Collaboration with
  COGEAR/APUNCH (A. Geiger, S.
  Löw, P. Burlando, ETHZ)
GSN Data

      Technische Informatik und Kommunikationsnetze
                  Computer Engineering and Networks
Data Management – Online Semantic Data

• Global Sensor Network (GSN)
      –   Data streaming framework from EPFL
      –   Organized in “virtual sensors”, i.e. data types/semantics
      –   Hierarchies and concatenation of virtual sensors enable on-line processing
      –   Translates data from machine representation to SI values
      –   Adds metadata

Import from field    GSN                                      GSN            Web export

                    Private                                  Public
                                Sensor type
                                Validity period
Multi-Site, Multi-Station, Multi-Revision Data…
Metadata Change Management

• Simple exchange of sensor hw/sw at runtime
• Metadata annotated in text files
• Wiki-based metadata possible -> integration effort
Issue – Data Quality and Integrity                           [Keller, SenSys 2009, IPSN 2011]

• Since 07/2008: ~150’000’000 data points

• Inconsistencies
  – Between timestamps and sequence numbers
• Duplicates
• Data gaps
  – Sporadic
  – Systematic
        Installation & Service 2008   Service 2009                Revision / Extension June 2010

                                                Sensornode 20 - 22 new installiation
Mitigating Data Loss – Backlog Architecture

• Backlog = Auxiliary data aggregation layer on the field site

•   Data sink for surrounding sensor nodes
•   Reliable (flow controlled) synchronization to GSN
•   Extensible plugin functionality
•   Schedulable plugin/script execution, remote controlled by GSN
GSN New Functionalities

• Metadata Mapping Architecture

•   BackLog integration, GPS and Vaisala WXT520 data wrappers
•   Image manipulation
•   Binary storage on file system (or database)
•   Remote scheduling facilities
•   Frontend enhancements (network topology, log tab, plotting tools)
•   GSN/MySQL performance statistics
•   Lots of enhancements and bug fixes
PermaSense Field Site Visit – June 2010 – 20 People
•   ETH Zurich
     –   Computer Engineering and Networks Lab
     –   Geodesy and Geodynamics Lab
     –   Hydrology and Water Resources Management
     –   Geological Institute
     –   Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and
•   University of Zurich
     –   Department of Geography
•   EPFL
     –   Distributed Information Systems Laboratory
•   University of Basel
     –   Department Computer Science

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