IBCA 1st nine weeks by 5ZAmNTZ


									IBCA 1st nine weeks

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____    1. A notebook computer is usually larger than a personal computer.
____    2. The purpose of each function key may vary between software programs.
____    3. When you press and release a mouse button twice in rapid succession, you are double-clicking the mouse
____    4. All computer programs are viruses.
____    5. Another word for "program" is "hardware."
____    6. With technology, it is likely that high-skilled work will decrease in demand while semi-skilled work increases
           in demand.
____    7. The small graphics that appear on the desktop to represent files and applications are called icons.
____    8. In Windows Explorer, to see the date a file was modified, select “Thumbnail” in the view menu.
____    9. There is no difference between the Log off and the Shut Down options on the Start menu.
____ 10. The Minimize button reduces the active window to a button on the taskbar.
____ 11. If a computer has multiple users, each user account can have a different theme.
____ 12. Computer information is stored digitally.
____ 13. All computers require an operating system.
____ 14. The Internet and the World Wide Web are the same thing.
____ 15. The Web is a subset of the Internet.
____ 16. A domain name identifies an IP address.
____ 17. It takes just as long to receive an e-mail message as it does to receive a letter through the mail.
____ 18. Domain names help to identify the affiliation of an e-mail addressee.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 19. A(n) _____ is for the exclusive use of individuals within an organization and contains information only about
         and for that organization.
         a. Internet                                     c. network
         b. intranet                                     d. e-mail
____ 20. You use _____ devices to put commands into a computer.
         a. input                                        c. messaging
         b. data                                         d. presentation
____ 21. The _____ is the most common input device.
         a. modem                                        c. keyboard
         b. scanner                                      d. networking keyboard
____ 22. On a keyboard, the _____ keys allow you to move the position of the cursor on the screen.
         a. text                                           c. function
         b. numeric                                        d. arrow
____ 23. You can use the ____ to control the pointer on your computer screen.
         a. mouse                                          c. virus indicator
         b. object arrow                                   d. installation disks
____ 24. In the computer world, _____ refers to anything that you can touch.
         a. hardware                                       c. high-speed
         b. software                                       d. instructions
____ 25. Systems software refers to the computer's _____ system.
         a. computing                                      c. applications
         b. operating                                      d. productivity
____ 26. When you start your computer, the first action that the computer performs is _____.
         a. BIOS                                           c. ROM
         b. CHKDSK                                         d. POST
____ 27. A _____ operating system allows a group of computers to be connected.
         a. network                                        c. BIOS
         b. system                                         d. graphical
____ 28. The Start menu is accessed by clicking the Start button on the _____.
         a. desktop                                        c. taskbar
         b. Quick Launch toolbar                           d. My Computer folder
____ 29. You can use the Start menu to _____.
         a. launch programs                                c. find files or folders
         b. shut down Windows                              d. all of the above
____ 30. Dragging an object with the mouse ____ the object.
         a. selects                                        c. copies
         b. moves                                          d. resizes
____ 31. In the filename contract.doc, the “doc” is referred as the _____.
         a. extension                                      c. program
         b. suffix                                         d. type
____ 32. In the Windows Explorer window, the left pane contains _____.
         a. links to system tasks
         b. links to your computer’s resources
         c. a Folders bar that lets you see the structure of your files and folders
         d. both a and b
____ 33. When you click the minus sign in the folders pane, you _____.
         a. close the folder                               c. collapse the folder
         b. decrease the folder                            d. both a and c
____ 34. The _____ name identifies a site on the Internet.
         a. domain                                         c. TCP
         b. protocol                                       d. browser
____ 35. Angelina buys a new printer. She wants to connect it to her home computer. Which of the foloowing parts of
         teh computer can she use to connect the printer to the computer
         a. Graphics card                                  c. Universal serial port
         b. Modem                                          d. Electric cord
____ 36. Jim creates a science project on his school computer. The project includes some documents and two graphics.
         He wants to work on these files onn his home computer. Jim wants to use a storage device to save the project
         files and take them home. Which of the folowing devices will he use to save the files?
           a. Monitor                                       c. Printer
           b. Flash drive                                   d. Speaker
____ 37.   Bob uses his computer to create his montly household budger. Which part of his computer will perform the
           calculations for his budget?
           a. Monitor                                       c. Central processing unit (CPU)
           b. Digital versatile disc (DVD)                  d. Hard disk
____ 38.   The computers in your office are connected to a network.
           Which part of the computer is used to connect the computer to the network?
           a. Monitor                                       c. Headphone
           b. Network Interface CARD                        d. Memory
____ 39.   When you turn on your computer, which of the foloowing software will start first?
           a. Operating system                              c. Calculator
           b. Word processor                                d. Media Player
____ 40.   Which of the followign groups of keys on the keyboard will you use to add punctuation marks in the
           a. Special                                       c. Navigation
           b. Command                                       d. Function
____ 41.   Which of the following groups of keys do you use to type letters.
           a. Alphanumeric                                  c. Function
           b. Numeric                                       d. Command
____ 42.   How do you define an operating system
           a. An electronic device that is connected to c. A program that controls and manages the
               your computer                                    computer
           b. A storage device in your computer             d. A circuit board that connects the inpu,
                                                                output and processing devices.
____ 43.   What type of a network does this computer lab have?
           a. Local area network                            c. Satellite
           b. Wide area network                             d. Virtual
____ 44.   What is the internet
           a. A program installed on a computer             c. A worldwide collection of various
                                                                computer entworks
           b. An electronic device for printing             d. A power backup source
____ 45.   Which is the smallest unit of memory
           a. Megabyte                                      c. Byte
           b. Bit                                           d. Gigabyte
____ 46.   You open five programs at the same time on your computer. After openign the programs, you realize that the
           speed of the computer is considerably slower. What is the reason fort he slowness of your computer?
           a. Nonfunctional keyboard                        c. Insufficient random access memory
           b. Nonfunctional mouse                           d. Low monitor speed.
____ 47.   Which of the following is a benefit of e-mail that you will mention?
           a. Exchange text and pictures with people        c. Send couriers to people
           b. Send cash to people                           d. Scan pictures

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