AUTHORITY LETTER

I Name president of Name of NGO office at, Office Address do hereby authorize
Sh. Pawan Kumar, Advocate, C/0 Allied Legal 8/8 Nakul Lane, Vishwash Nagar,
Shahadara, Delhi-110032, to do the following act and deeds on my behalf :-
    1. To act, appear and plead before any authority to represent me, subject to payment
       of fees separately for each authority by me/us.
    2. To sign, file, verify and present applications or other documents as may be
       deemed necessary or proper for the persuasion of the said application in all its
       stages subject to payment of fees for each stage.
    3. To file and take back documents, to admit and/or deny the documents.
    4. To do all other acts and things which may be necessary to be done for the
       progress and in the course of the persuasion of the present application.
    5. To appoint and instruct any other person and authorizing him to exercise the power
       and authority hereby conferred upon the Advocate whenever he may think fit to do
       so and to sign the power of attorney on our behalf.
    6. And I/We the undersigned do hereby agree to rectify and confirm all acts clone by
       the Advocate or his substitute. In the matter if done by me/us to all intents and
    7. To do all acts and deeds as may be incidental and ancillary for the aforesaid

    I herby agree that all deeds and things lawfully done by the said authorized person
    shall be construed as acts, deeds and things done and Performed by me.

Accepted_________________                                      _________________
        (Pawan Kumar)                                    President

Attested __________________

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