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					               Q3 FY11 PAYPERS Conference

                 OPNAV N130 Update Brief
                        26 - 28 July 2011

                BAH Fraud/Sham Marriage
                 Corrective Actions Taken
• Update to the OPNAVINST 7220.12 (BAH)
  – Adds OPNAVINST 1000.23C as a reference
       Lists roles and responsibilities of CNIC and NPPSC, which have oversight of
        the Pay/Personnel Support System (PASS)
  – “Requires documentation to support an approval of BAH based on
    dependent location by the CO be submitted to the PSD.”
  – “This documentation is to be maintained for at least three years by the
    PSD for audit and accountability purposes for a minimum of three

• Update to OPNAVINST 1000.23C (PASSMAN)
  – Establish internal controls to ensure reports are submitted on individuals
    who marry non-U.S. citizens to prevent BAH fraud.
       “Establish internal control to ensure individuals report marriages to non-U.S.
       “At a minimum, quarterly reports will be submitted to the security manager,
        DONCAF, and commanding officers of members marrying non-U.S. citizens
        to assist commands responsible for establishing methods to look for
        potential BAH fraud.”                                                            2
                 Evacuation Orders
• Issued from member’s command.
• Must list a POC (name/phone/email) from the command
  preparing the orders.
• AO’s signature block must be typed.
• Per diem rates for safe haven shall be listed, based on
  age of Eligible Family Members for first 30 days, and for
  days 31 and beyond.
• A travel advance from DFAS requires type of account
  (savings/checking), routing number, and account
  number; safe haven location; names/dates of birth of
  eligible family members.

                  Evacuation Claims
• Submit the initial travel claim 30 days following arrival at
  the safe haven.
• Submit every 30 days as long as evacuation is in effect.
• A lodging lease must contain a termination due to official
  orders clause.
• All lodging receipts are required.
• Claimed expenses must be travel-related.
• Alternate safe haven approvals and safe haven
  extensions must accompany the claim.
• Claim will be paid based on authorized safe haven.

    Pre-Commissioning Units (PCU)              (1 of 2)

• Current BAH policy – Joint Federal Travel Regulations
  and OPNAVINST 7220.12

• Any previous guidance (SECNAVINST, CNO memos,
  etc have been superceded)

• Shore-based units, not authorized Unusually Arduous
  Sea Duty (UASD) designation

• Members eligible for BAH at the PDS only

• Delay of dependent travel eligibility

   Pre-Commissioning Units (PCU)                  (2 of 2)

• Upon acceptance date, unit will become UASD:

   – CO may only approve BAH based on dependent
     location/designated place upon UASD designation

   – PCU transition to initial homeport does not qualify for
     “homeport change” allowances

   – Dependent travel after promulgation of initial homeport
       Only to new homeport

   – Members may be eligible for Dependent/Personal
       Separation Program Designator (SPD)
• New This Year:
    - On 29 November, 2010, PDUSD (P&R) issued a new matrix of SPD
      codes that became effective for all separations executed after 1 January
    - BUPERS issued an update to enclosure (2) of BUPERS 1900.8D on 7
      March 2011 which includes current guidance on SPD codes
    - NPC and PSD’s should review pay actions and ensure all documents
      (MILPERSMAN, etc.) reflect the correct pay actions

• Accrued Leave:
    - Eligibility for accrued leave is not dependent on the SPD code used on
      a Sailor's DD214
    - Per 37 U.S.C. 501, entitlement to accrued leave at separation is
      dependent on the characterization of discharge (i.e. honorable, other
      than honorable, etc.)

• N130 POC: Ms. Brenda Billingsley at (703) 695-3130 or
   brenda.billingsley@navy.mil                                                   7
          Involuntary Separation Pay (ISP)
• General Guidance:
    -   In order to be eligible for ANY amount of involuntary separation pay:
          Separation must be involuntary
          Member must have completed six or more but less than 20 years of
          Member must enter into a written agreement to serve in the Ready
            Reserve for a period of not less than 3 years
• For Clarification:
    - PTS is involuntary if member indicated a desire to remain serving
    - HYT is always involuntary
        Retention eligible = JBK (Full)
        Not retention eligible = JGH (Half)
    - PFA failures (See NAVADMIN 420/10)
        Failed BCA in any of 3 failed cycles = GCR, HCR, JCR, LCR (Half)
        Did NOT fail BCA in any of 3 failed cycles = GFT, HFT, JFT, LFT
         (No ISP)
• N130 POC:
    - LT Grant Schweikert at (703) 614-5635 or grant.schweikert@navy.mil
        Bonus Recoupment at Separation

• At separation, Sailors should be advised that separation prior
  to the end of a contract for which a bonus was paid, will result
  in the recoupment of the unearned portion of that bonus.
• OPNAVINST 1160.8A and OPNAVINST 1160.9 state that if a
  Sailor is separated for medical reasons or a condition not a
  disability there will be no recoupment of a bonus. This is no
  longer the case, and these instructions are currently being
  updated to reflect current policy.
• If a Sailor leaves the Navy and was paid SRB or EB, the
  Sailor should expect recoupment of the unearned portion of
  that bonus. This is in compliance with DODFMR, Volume 7A,
  Chapter 2.
• POC: Ms. Brenda Billingsley at (703) 695-3130 or
                                                                             N130 POC’s
N130: Navy Pay and Compensation Policy Branch
Mr. David Haldeman       Branch Head                           (703) 614-2053 david.haldeman@navy.mil
CDR Jeff Krusling        Deputy, Branch Head                   (703) 614-7797 Jeffrey.krusling@navy.mil

N130C: Pay and Allowances
CDR Sheila Noles         Section Head, Basic Pay, COLA         (703) 614-5565 sheila.noles@navy.mil
LT Brandi McGehee        Housing Allowances, Leave, HPC        (703) 695-3304 brandi.mcgehee@navy.mil
LT Grant Schweikert      HDIPs, CSP, IDP, FSA, Invol Sep Pay   (703) 614-5635 grant.schweikert@navy.mil
Mr. David Maly           Navy MAP Rep., Travel policy          (703) 695-3322 david.maly@navy.mil
PSC Seema Kurup         Dep. Travel, DLA, Per Diem             (703)693-4681 seema.kurup@navy.mil

N130D: Special and Incentive Pays
LCDR Rick Knight         Section Head, SRB Program Mgr         (703) 614-2067 richard.knight@navy.mil
Ms. Brenda Billingsley EB/SRB policy and Bonus Recoupment (703) 695-3130 brenda.billingsley@navy.mil
LT Michele Ewing         Officer Bonus Programs Policy         (703) 695-3128 michele.ewing@navy.mil
LT Joshua Kersting       SDAP, AIP, SDIP policy and program mgt (703) 695-3316 joshua.kersting@navy.mil

N130G: Retirement/Reserve Compensation
CDR Stacy Yurich         Section Head                          (703) 614-5636 stacy.yurich@navy.mil
Note: E-mail is preferred method of communication

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