Tooth Implant Costs: Understanding What You’re Paying For, PART 1 by implantcost


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									   This two-part article series describes the many benefits and
    advantages of dental implants as a solution to single and
                     multiple missing teeth.
Our teeth are an integral part of what makes our smile attractive. While they are
composed of enamel; the hardest substance in the body – harder even than bone tissue
– they are not invulnerable to decades of neglect, bad habits and poor oral hygiene. And
even if you do maintain a rigorous home oral hygiene routine, accidental trauma, such
as a car accident, can cause one or more of your pearly whites to become irreparably
damaged or displaced altogether. Thankfully, dental implants offer a comprehensive
                                            solution to single and multiple missing
                                            teeth, whether the cause is decay, infection
                                            or trauma. However, one of the primary
                                            concerns of all the patients we see here at
                                            the Brueggen Dental Implant Center is
                                            tooth implant costs. When it comes to the
                                            appearance of your smile, we all want the
                                            very best cosmetic and functional solutions
                                            possible. So, in order to understand exactly
what it is you reap from covering the tooth implant costs, this two-part article series
presents the short and long term benefits of this incredible breakthrough technology.

Tooth Implant Costs: Cosmetic Solutions

While tooth implant costs are a core concern of patients requiring one or more of their
teeth replaced, the appearance of one’s smile remains a top priority. It only takes a
single visible missing tooth to severely compromise the quality of your smile, which in
turn has a huge impact upon your self-confidence. Tooth implant costs provide a
cosmetic solution to single and multiple missing teeth that is virtually indistinguishable
from any natural healthy tooth.

The dental implant crown is carefully and expertly fabricated to resemble the tooth it is
replacing, not only in shape and function, but also in hue. The porcelain material from
which the crown is made mimics the optical properties of dental enamel and the result
is a replacement tooth that not even your close friends and family will be able
distinguishes! Smile reparation is just one of the many reasons tooth implant costs are
well worth the investment.

Tooth Implant Costs: Functional Solutions

Although the appearance of one’s smile is an
important reason patients seek out the tooth
replacement solutions offered at the Brueggen
Dental Implant Center, one mustn’t forget that the
teeth are first and foremost functional tools! They
are an integral component of the digestive system,
without which, eating would be rendered
extremely challenging. Tooth implant cost cover
the surgical placement of an exceptionally strong
titanium ‘tooth root’ to which a highly durable
ceramic crown is affixed. Together these
components act as a replacement tooth, which enables patients to eat all the food they
love. Unlike traditional dental technology, tooth implants allow patients to bite down
with much greater force, so one need not worry about avoiding hard, crunchy or chewy
foods. In addition to eating, dental implants restore a patient’s ability to articulate
properly in speech; something that is compromised even by the loss of a single tooth.

Tooth Implant Costs: Stay Tuned…

In the final installment of this two-part article series, we shall take a look at some of the
other benefits afforded by tooth implant costs, including long term oral health and
dental stability.

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