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                                    Retirement Bio

Name: Leigh Ann Wright                                Date: 11/10/2009

Would you write a brief bio about yourself, please?

I was born and raised in Nelsonville, OH. I graduated from Nelsonville-York High
School in 1975 and Ohio University in 1979. I have been married to Mitch Wright for 30
years. We have two children, Andy 24, who is a seminary student in training to be a
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Pastor and Kaleigh, 21, who is employed by Disney in
Florida. We also have a daughter-in-law, Rebekah, who is a school teacher. My family
and I are in the process of transitioning our lives to Florida.

1.     How many years have you been with the District?      26 – 2 years off for child

2.     What was your job here at Westfall? I started as an English teacher then English
       and Reading and finally 7th Grade language Arts at Westfall Middle School.

3.     What was your most memorable moment while you were here?

       September 11, 2001 – The morning of the attacks. We were all (staff and
       teachers) in disbelief of what we were watching. The students were genuinely
       afraid, we were too, but we didn’t let them know it. I will never forget that
       morning in my classroom.

4.     What was the funniest thing that happened to you?

       On the first day of school one year, a student walked up to the 7th Grade teachers
       standing in the hall (Mr. Pontius, Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Metzger and myself) and asked,
       “Which one of you is Mr. Pontius?” Mr. Pontius raised his hand and said, “That
       would be me!” We all wondered what kind of year we were facing!

5.     What is your favorite book? Gone With the Wind

6.     What is your favorite movie? Gone With the Wind

7.     What is your favorite hobby, pass-time, etc.? Reading, Sewing, Traveling

8.     Is there anything you would like to add: It has been an honor and privilege to
       work with the students and staff of this district. I have been very blessed through
       all of my time and experiences here.

Thank you.

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