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									                                ISS 330a
                         Science Perspectives
                              on Africa

                    March 8-9, 2000All Day
• Climate Change and Human-Biophysical Interactions:
• Integrated Assessment of Land Use Change in East Africa, Kellogg

                        March 2 , Thursday
• Brown Bagger; Room 201, International Center, 12 noon
• "Out of the Field and Into the Fire: Graduate Students Reflect on
  Fieldwork and DissertationStudents (Respectively, History,
  Anthropology, and History, MSU)

                        March 2 , Thursday
             4:30 p.m., Centennial Room, Kellogg Center
• "Shady Practices: Gender and Agroforestry Politics in the Gambia,"
• Richard A. Schroeder, (Professor of Geography and Director, African
  Studies Center, Rutgers University).
• Preceded by a reception at 4:00 p.m.

                            Lost Notebook
                            About ISS 330a
                    Two ways to look at the course
• Take the course and get a good grade.
  – This is how the exams are pitched.
• Use it as an opportunity to develop a solid background knowledge
  about the continent and its people.
   – This is how the lectures and readings are pitched.
• African Studies gets truly interesting after one develops a solid
  background knowledge.

                                • A #2 Pencil
       Professor Tama Hamilton-Wray: Third Cinema
• Cinema for Social Change
• How do you do this?
   – 3-way relationship between: maker, film and audience (and critics)
• History of Third Cinema
• Phases of Decolonialization (of the mind):
• Elements of Film:
                           Professor Larry Busch
                          Impacts of Globalization
• What is globalization and free trade?
• What are the consequences of these?
   – Economic Concentration, New Technologies, New Property Rights, Global
   – How do these affect Africa and Africans
• Why are some, including Prof. Busch Critical of globalization?

                                      Free Trade
• Proponents
   –   Lower prices;
   –   Higher incomes;
   –   Greater prosperity;
   –   End of poverty in developing nations;
   –   A better life for all
• Alternatively:
   – Globalization poses problems of immense proportions for everyone, especially for
   – We are guinea pigs for an uncontrolled experiment with unknown outcomes;
   – We need to shape the process of globalization to further democratic ends.
•   Greater transparency of standard setting
•   Special help for developing nations
•   More democracy in international trade oversight
•   More time for developing nations to adjust to new rules of the game
• New Study Guide
• Questions
    – 33 Multiple Choice (2 points each)
    – 10 Map Questions (2 Points)
    – 4 Short Answer (4 points)

                                  The End
                                Web Resources
• http://www.africanews.org/

• http://www.sas.upenn.edu/African_Studies/

• http://www.cis.yale.edu/swahili/sound/pronunce.htm

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