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									Consumption, Satisfaction,
     Prof Rushen Chahal
The act of purchase is normally followed
by consumption or use. Evaluation
continues into the act of consumption by a
satisfaction/dissatisfaction response. The
probability of repurchase is determined at
this point
     Options for consumption
• Usage at the earliest convenient
• Short-term storage in anticipation of a later
  usage opportunity
• Long-term storage with no specific or
  anticipated use in mind
• Abort consumption process
           Buyer’s Regret
Post decision doubt (dissonance)
• A certain threshold of dissonance-
  motivated tension is surpassed
• The action is irrevocable
• There are other unchosen alternatives with
  qualitatively dissimilar but desirable
• The choice is made entirely by free will,
  without any compulsion
     Consumption Research
• Profit Motivated Consumption Research
• Post-Modern Consumption Research
Profit Motivated Consumption Research

      To find ways to attract new
    customers and trigger a buying
 Post-Modern Consumption Research

• Sacred Consumption
• Profane Consumption
• Compulsive consumption
 Post-Consumption Evaluation
• The Customer Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction
• Implications – inducting new customers,
  customer retention, competitive role in
  product/service quality

 A post-consumption evaluation
that a chosen alternative at least
 meets or exceeds expectations
 Categories of consumer expectations

• Equitable performance – normative judgement
  of consumer of product performance given the costs and
  efforts taken to purchase and use
• Ideal performance – the optimum or hoped for
  performance level
• Expected performance – what the performance
  probably will be
Expectancy Disconfirmation Model
                -Richard Oliver

  The CS/D response takes one of 3 forms
• Positive Disconfirmation – Performance is
  better than expected
• Simple Confirmation – as per expectations
• Negative Disconfirmation – worse than
• Outright disposal
• Recycling
• Remarketing

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