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					                                              Our erstwhile Editor, AC5UP is starting a       area. W5ATV is well known as ‘General
                                              new column this month dealing with HF           Dave’ ever since his license upgrade, is an
                                              ELMERING. He is looking for volunteers          ATV’er of high repute, and operates from a
                                              to share their expertise in every aspect of     new shack that’s picture perfect. He’s also
                                                                                              a former president of the Tulsa ARC and
                                              getting into the thick of DX chasing and
                                                                                              has done some fine work in promoting the
                    May, 2001                 Contesting from antennas, techniques,           hobby. KE5WY is one of a kind, and that’s
                                              propagation, card checking, QSL’ing, etc.       probably a good thing. He’s an active
                                              This project was the idea of our Vice           builder, tinkerer, and former radio store
From Da’ Prez                                 President of Activities, Clif Sikes, N5UW.      sales guy. It’s people like John who’ve
By LARRY SHIMA, WØPAN                         None of us are experts in every area of the     caused plenty of rigs to be sold, and
         Where did the bands go?              hobby, but you’ve learned things worth          whenever I chat with him on the air (wait
                                              sharing and that’s what The Elmer Project       for it, you know what’s coming), I think
                                              is all about. We encourage volunteers like      about selling mine… His soldering iron
This past month has been a real challenge                                                     rarely gets cold and he’s definitely a Real
from the standpoint of chasing DX. For the    YOU to get the project rolling with your
                                                                                              Ham. Just ask him, he’ll tell you! They’re
daytime DX’ers on the higher bands it was     tips. Nelson will edit the article and fix it   both an asset to the Association and I’m
probably pretty good at times, but for the    up for publication in the C&E – so get out      glad to see them in the roster.  AC5UP
rest of us, the evenings seemed to be         the keyboard and see what you can do.
constant QRN with not much in the way of      Nelson’s e-mail address is at the end of the    The OKDXA's contribution to HamCom
propagation. Must be spring or something.     OKDXA Newsletter. ( )             in June has been recognized by the Lone
                                                                                              Star DX Association. It sounds like the
One way to get past the DX chasing            Clif Sikes, N5UW is chairman of the             OKDXA will be represented in person by
doldrums is to mark your calendar for the     Nominating Committee for Officers to be         several OK DX’ers. Hope to see you there!
HamCom get-together in Arlington, Texas       elected at the next OKDXA meeting in                                          K5YAA
June 8 – 10th. The LONE STAR DX               OKC at Ham Holiday in July. We will be
ASSOCIATION is putting on what will           electing a new President ( I am not eligible    From Da’Editor
prove to be one of the finest DX get-         for re-election ), a Vice President of          By NELSON DERKS, AC5UP
togethers in our part of the country. Marti   Administration (to fill the balance of Dick     For those of you who enjoy a little bench
Lane, OH2BH will be the featured              Stricker’s NJ5S/SK term), and a Vice            time for repair or home-brew, you’ve lost
speaker at the Saturday, June 9th DX          President of Activities (currently held by      another excuse for a dusty soldering iron.
Luncheon from 11:30AM – 1:30PM. Marti         Clif Sikes, N5UW). It is important that we      eBay now has a section devoted to small
is probably the world’s best-known DX’er      get motivated volunteers to fill these          electronic parts and assemblies. A bag of
and has enabled many of us to pick up a       positions. Contact Clif Sikes, N5UW, Ross       100 2N2222A’s and other common TO-92
number of new ones thanks of his              Hunt, K5RH, or Coy Day, N5OK if you             plastic transistors typically go for $13.00
dedication and perseverance. In addition to   are willing to help OKDXA grow in the           delivered to your mailbox. That’s 13 cents
Marti, John Devoldere, ON4UN of “TOP          future through your participation as an         each. New, name brand goodies, and the
BAND” fame will be presenting a special       Officer of the Association.                     date codes tend to be recent. Small diodes
program at 3:00PM on Saturday.                                                                run a penny or two each while 2N3055
                                              That’s the latest from the shores of Lake
                                                                                              power transistors go for 50 cents each in
Wayne Mills, N7NG (ARRL HQ Staff              Hefner and the golf course at Surrey Hills.
                                                                                              quantities of 25. 1/4 Watt metal-film 5%
Membership Services Manager) will be on                    ‘73 and have a great summer!
                                                                                              resistors are incredibly cheap, but the
hand to bring the latest news on DX’ing at                                    WØPAN
                                                                                              quantities tend to run ‘large’. (as I type
10:00AM Saturday. LSDXA will have a                                                           this, an auction is offering 60,000 8.2k 5%
booth in the exhibit area and will be         Secretary / Treasurer Report                    resistors starting at $49.99. That’s almost a
checking QSL cards as well as having          By JERRY CHOUINARD, K5YAA
                                                                                              lifetime supply for KE5WY) If you tinker,
OH2BH, ON4UN, N7NG, W5JBP, and                If you haven't visited the OKDXA website
                                                                                              there’s no reason not to build a well-
N5OK available from time to time during       lately, stroll by and see
                                                                                              stocked junk box on the cheap. If you’re a
the HamFest. It’s too often that we hear      the work Bob, K5SIT is doing. In addition
                                                                                              masochist, you can find plenty of SMT
the complaint “there isn’t much for DX’ers    to some reorganization, his responsiveness
                                                                                              parts, too. My favorite is still the Big Box
at HamFests” – Well, this one will change     has insured the roster is staying up to date.
                                                                                              of small parts on tape for $10.00, but that’s
that viewpoint! LSDXA has gone out on a       You will see a few e-mail changes along
                                                                                              just me. Give it the hairy eyeball and
financial limb to put on this outstanding     with our two newest members whom we
                                                                                              you’ll be amazed at what comes through.
“DX Oriented” Saturday that deserves          welcome this month:
                                                                                              Heck, buy some white LED’s so the next
your attendance. The OKDXA contributed                                                        time you replace a meter lamp is the last
$200 to LSDXA to assist in paying the            W5ATV - David Ratliff, Tulsa, OK
                                                 KE5WY - John Marshall, Tulsa, OK             time you replace that meter lamp…
expenses of getting OH2BH and ON4UN
to the HamFest. Their commitment to                                                           On the RF side, I really love the mega
                                              Let’s all welcome David and John. Stop by
helping the DX community have a great
                                              for a visit on our Monday night Net on          solar flares we’ve seen recently. 10 Meters
time at a major HamFest is a benchmark
                                              3860 kHz at 6:30pm if you get a chance.         hasn’t been this dead since 1998, and I
for our organization as we face the future                                                    take it as a reminder I shouldn’t get too
of DX chasing in Oklahoma!                    Editors Note: Both are regulars on a semi-      DX complacent. Even 20 Meters has been
                                              infamous Six Meter FM Net in the Tulsa          shutting down at night. The all-too-easy
DX of January and February had me             Indianola, IA is NØRML and the Michael        and is getting a real thrill in doing this job.
spoiled, and when (if) the DX Drought         Deignan Repeater Assoc. in Providence,        She did probably 75% of the AH1A QSL
ends I will have a newfound appreciation      RI is WE1RD. We’ve heard that Dennis          cards, so she is not a novice. The 3B6RF
for the F Layer. Let’s hope we both live to   Waldron of Douglasville, GA is so smooth      team is planning a photo card and this will
see it. Even the AM broadcast band has        on the air that everyone calls him WD4O,      take a bit of time after the DX’pedition for
been stinko for the past month and that’s a   and whenever Sarah Dalton of Crossville,      printing. Steve states that he will see to it
shame as Art Bell, W6OBB has been             TN hears an XE pileup, she says NØMAS.        that all the U.S. DX newsletters are kept
better than ever since he came back. If       As Stephen Earley of Rio Hondo, TX            informed on their status. Steve will be
anything, this will likely be the most-       might say after reading this…… NØSHT !        doing mostly CW, but he has been asked
studied solar cycle in history. My sense of                                                 to do RTTY (or possibly SSB) whenever
irony tells me the propagation will return    As for me, I’m just glad to be known as       they're trying to work the U.S. Riki,
just in time for thunder-boomer season.                                    KBLC-0492       4X4NJ reports he will be joining the
                                                                                           3B6RF team as part of the 21 amateur
In other news, it should be noted that        OPDX Bulletin - Internet Edition              group. He states, "We'll have 8 stations on
Marvin Rice of Hopkins, MN has NØSEX              The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster            the air during the first 3 weeks of May. All
and Sally Leach of Cassville, MO says               Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW           of the equipment and antennas are "World
NØWAY. John Kriegshauser of Kansas            Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, OH
                                                                                            Class" - examples: 4 square arrays on 80m
City, MO has NØGO, but Timothy Mc                                                           & 40m, Titanex vertical and Beverages for
Carty of Jamestown, ND has NØHOW.             3A, MONACO
                                              Fabrizio, IK5GQK; Giuseppe, IK5YOJ;           160m, beams for HF, Yaesu FT1000MP
Stephen Schendel (who once ran a                                                            transceivers with 1 kilowatt amps, etc.
computer BBS in Tulsa) of Glendale, AZ        Stefano, IW5BZQ and Virginio, IW5EDQ
                                              will be active for 3 days from 3A-land        Naturally, I will devote myself to 160m as
is NØLID while Lois Prall of Hot Springs,                                                   much as possible!" For more details, visit:
SD is NØSWL. Randy Bennett of                 (JN33RR) between June 1-3rd. They will
                                              concentrate on 6 Meters, but will also be
Oceanside, CA is NØPIG, Eldred
                                              active on 2 Meters and HF. Their call
Tomlinson of Smith Center, KS is                                                            3C, EQUATORIAL GUINEA
NØHOG, and Bert Kleingartner of Mc            signs will be 3A/IK5GQK, 3A/IK5YOJ,           Martin, 3C5J was heard on 20, 17, and 10
Clusky, ND is NØSOW. Robert Roth of           3A/IW5BZQ and 3A/IW5EDQ. Activity             Meters. The sad part is that his operation
Stillwell, KS is NØDOG, Milfred Bakke         is planned as follows:                        will not count for DXCC because he is
                                              6 Meters - (50.210 SSB, 50.600 RTTY,
of Fargo, ND is NØCAT, Sean Fuller of         50.620 PSK31) using an Icom IC-
                                                                                            operating from an oil platform, but he is
Friendswood, TX is NØRAT, and the             706MKIIG with 6 element yagi and HQ50         expected to be there for 6 months. The
FCC knows that no Radio Amateur is            Halo Loop.                                    good news is that "The Daily DX" reports
NØCOW or NØCBR. Daniel Dalton Sr.             2 Meters - (144.290 SSB) Icom IC-706          that Martin may have a chance to go to
of Crossville, TN has NØLOG and, in           with 9 element yagi.                          Malabo to operate, and that location will
case you haven’t heard, the Eastern Iowa      HF Bands - (SSB, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV)           count toward DXCC.
DX Association of Marion, IA has NØDX.        two Yaesu FT-100 and vertical antennas.
                                              You can make skeds before and during the      3XY, GUINEA
Danny Green of Jefferson City, MO has         operation by E-mail to:       A couple of new stations have been on the
NØHAT, Erlene Kerley of Murray, UT            They will check e-mail at the top of every    air signing the prefix 3XY. Station
has NØFAT, and Terry Chown of                 hour during the operation. For the latest     3XY6A was heard on 12 Meters (24955
Colorado Springs, CO is NØKID. Robert         news and logs, please visit their web page    kHz between 1730-1930z) with a little
Graham of Tucson, AZ is NØBUM and             at: QSL all       activity on 20 Meters (14203 kHz after
Douglas Berg of Longmont, CO has              VHF QSO’s (6/2 meters) direct to: Stefano     2230z). QSL via VE2XO. Station 3XY2S
NØJOB, Bruce Prince of Sierra Vista, AZ       Mannelli, P.O.BOX 569, 50123, Firenze         showed up on 10 Meters (28447 kHz
has NØCAR and Warner Ellinwood of             Centro, ITALY. QSL the HF QSO’s direct        around 0915z). QSL via P.O. Box 1484,
Athol, MA has a W1MPY signal.                 to: Fabrizio Vannini, via Forlanini 68,       Konakry.
                                              50127 Firenze, ITALY.
We regret to report that Marc Phelps of                                                     4U, UNITED NATIONS HQ
South Amana, IA is NØMAN. John                3B6, AGALEGA (Update)                         This is one of the more interesting reports
Radloff of Grand Junction, CO isn’t an        Steve, N3SL reports there will probably be    we’ve seen recently. The Cluster Network
SK, but he is NØMOR. Robert Haney of          one last press release from the "official     indicates that 4U1UN was active on
Cedar Rapids, IA is NØGUD. Kevin Uhlir        sources" before the team hits the air. The    PSK31 on 20 Meters and SSTV on 15
of Apple Valley, MN always makes a            team flies on April 28th from Zurich to       Meters. It pays to work the ‘other’ modes!
NØBEL effort. Ronald Weston of Des            Mauritius and it is NOT absolutely certain,
Moines, IA could be memory-challenged         but they may fly to and from 3B6 (instead     5R, MADAGASCAR
as NØNOT, Stephen Boller of Tonka Bay,        of by sea) and this would give them an        Sigi, 5R8GT was heard on 12 Meters and
MN sends a mixed message when he calls        extra 3 days on the air. Steve, N3SL states   other WARC bands. Check around 24942
CQ as NØNO, while Frederick Gerson of         that his daughter Kim is going to handle      kHz between 1630 and 1730z. Also, check
Springfield, MO works the pileups as          the QSL’s for North America (not just the     10104 kHz after 0300z, 18142 kHz around
NØMO. Clarence Veith of Saint Peter,          USA). QSL via Kim Larson, 22 N. Hidden        1630z and 21242 kHz after 1730z. QSL
MN is (allegedly) a NØTTY boy, but, on        Acres Dr., Sioux City, IA 51108 (N3SL's       via DK8ZD.
the other hand, Michael Ripperger of          CBA). Reportedly, Kim is handicapped
                                                                                            5X, UGANDA
Graham, 5X1GS was heard on 10 Meters.        Jairo, HK5MQZ and Hiro, HK5QGX have           addressed envelope and 2 IRC’s or a green
Listen for him on SSB around 28460 or        announced their DX’pedition originally        stamps to help cover the cost of the
28475 kHz after 1030z and again after        planned between April 8-21st was              postage and QSL cards." Jim, ZK1JD;
2000z. QSL via WB2YQH.                       cancelled. The second voyage of the only      Victor, ZK1CG; and Tuatai, ZK1CY
                                             ship that sails to Malpelo was cancelled      (also ZK1MA when he is in North Cook)
8Q, MALDIVES                                 after the scuba group that originally         are the only local Hams on Rarotonga,
Phil, G3SWH and his XYL Jan, will be in      contracted the ship cancelled their trip.     South Cook Island that are operating. QSL
the Maldives from June 4-11th. Phil has      They cordially present their apologies to     ZK1CG to: Victor Rivera, P.O. Box 618,
been allocated the call sign 8Q7WH and       all colleagues who were interested in this    Rarotonga Cook Islands, via New Zealand.
this will be a holiday style operation. He   operation.
will have his IC-706 and R-7000 with him                                                   IOTA News
and plans to be active on all bands 40-10    SV9, CRETE                                    EU-174    Listen for operators Eddy,
Meters, CW only, as time allows. QSL to      Laurent, F8BBL will be on the Island of       ON6HE; Dirk, ON5CT and Frank,
his CBA with SAE and return postage or       Crete (EU-015) near Heraklion as              ON4AAC to be active from Thasos Island
via the RSGB bureau.                         SV9/F8BBL, from June 25th through July        between May 27th and June 3rd.
                                             2nd. Activity will be on 160-6 Meters CW
A2, BOTSWANA                                 & SSB using an IC-706MKII and a long          OC-154 Dan, VK8AN will take his
Charles, A25/KY4P was heard on 10            wire into an ICOM AH4. QSL via home           equipment back to Troughton Island for
Meters CW & SSB. Check around 28002          call sign (CBA 2001).                         his next few tours. Activity is planned for
kHz or 28452 kHz between 1200 and                                                          April 10-24th, May 8-22nd and June 5-
1500z. QSL via SVØLM.                        TM, FRANCE                                    19th. If there are any changes in those
                                             Patrick, F6OIE will call as TMØA from         dates we will be advised. QSL to
C9, MOZAMBIQUE                               May 13-25th. He will be active on all         VK4AAR DIRECT ONLY to: POB 421,
Joe, G3MRC was heard as G3MRC/C9             bands SSB/CW and is expected to               Gatton 4343, Australia. A Reminder: Do
on 28029 kHz between 1330 and 1600z.         participate in the CQ WPX CW Contest.         NOT send an SASE with Aussie stamps
QSL via his home call.                                                                     unless you have access to the right series
                                             UZ5, UKRAINE (6 Meters)                       (this is IMPORTANT). It is better to send
D70, SOUTH KOREA (Special Prefix)            The profoundly optimistic will be listening
A group of HL operators will be active                                                     USD (or IRC’s if you must).
                                             for grid squares LNØ8 and LNØ9 to be
through May 25th with the special call       active from June 2-11th, by UX2MM,
D7ØIAF (Delta Seven Zero India Alfa                                                        Miscellaneous News
                                             UX2MF, UX5MZ, UR5LCV, UX7MX,                  ARRL DXCC Manager Bill Moore, NC1L
Foxtrot) to celebrate the opening of the     UX7MA,       UR3MP,      UR5MID         and
"Incheon International Airport". They will                                                 reports that documentation has been
                                             UR5EAW. This Ukrainian group will be          received for ET3VSC (Ethiopia), 3XY2D
operate CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31.             active as UZ5M in the IARU1 50 MHz
Check the following frequencies: 7006,                                                     (Guinea) and 3W2LWS (Vietnam). These
                                             June Contest and the UKSMC. QSL via           cards will now be accepted for DXCC.
7070, 14014, 14070, 14086, 21070 and         UX2MM (Box 59, Lisichansk, 93100).
21290 kHz. The QSL manager is Lee,                                                         3W2KF IS NOW QRT
HL1IWD (who prefers bureau QSL’s).           V4, ST. KITTS AND NEVIS                       Claude, F5PBL returned to France on
                                             Larry, KJ4UY will be operating as             April 2nd and says: "TNX to everybody
E4, PALESTINE                                V47UY, May 10th through the 16th from
The "425 DX News" reports that Gunter,                                                     for the calls. Despite high QRN levels on
                                             Karl's shack (V44NK) on Nevis. Larry is       my side, I hope I answered most of your
OE1GZA will be active from Ramallah          sending a KT34A and 2 element Hy-Gain
until the end of next year as E4/OE1GZA.                                                   calls (except USA ... sorry guys, the QRN
                                             40m beam as soon as he can find out how       was S9 towards the States! I did my best,
Activity will be only on 30-10 Meters at     to do it. QSL to home call, KJ4UY.
this time. Direct QSL’s are recommended,                                                   but...). This was my very first DX trip, so
as bureau cards will not be answered for a   ZK1, SOUTH COOK ISLANDS                       sorry for my lack of experience in pileup
long time, to: Gunter Zwicki, c/o SICT,      Victor, ZK1CG has been active on 20           management! QSL’ing is OK via the
P.O. Box 91196, Ramallah, Palestine.         Meters SSB. Check above 14200 kHz after       Bureau or direct to Claude Terrier, 18 allee
                                             0630z and again around 1500z. Also            du Mail, F-92360 Meudon-la-Foret,
H4Ø, TEMOTU PROVINCE                         active is Jim, ZK1JD on 20 & 10 Meters        France. The address in Villeparisis (Zip
Ron, ZL1AMO continues to be active as        SSB. Check 20 Meters after 0400z and 10       77270) is also OK but not the quickest,
H4ØRW and was heard on 7007, 14025,          Meters (above 28470 kHz) after 2330z.         and please avoid Aulnay (Zip 93600)
14226.5, 14236, 21028 and 28024 kHz.         Victor mentions that Jim, ZK1JD would         because the Postal services will soon stop
QSL via his home call.                       like QSL’s sent direct to: Jim Ditchburn,     the forwarding to me. QSL cards should be
                                             PO Box 491, Rarotonga Cook Islands, via       printed and delivered within 6 weeks. I
HKØ, MALPELO ISLAND                          New Zealand. The Cook Islands do not          will then start the answering process,
Pedro, HK3JJH is now active as               have a QSL bureau so all cards for ZK1        starting with direct requests, of course. I
HK3JJH/HKØM. Reports claim he has            must go direct or to the manager(s)           will NOT answer to eQSL’s, sorry." For
been on 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meters, SSB.       indicated by the operator. Any cards sent     more updated information and the log
                                             via the QSL bureau are dumped in the          (which will be available soon), check out
HKØ, MALPELO ISLAND (cancelled)                                                            his Web site at:
                                             trashcan. Victor states, "If you are
                                             QSL’ing direct, please include a self
HONOR GIVEN                                         Chairman - CDXC (Chiltern DX Club)         Konstantinovka-10,       Donetsk   Region,
The Magnolia DX Association has sent an                                                        85110, Ukraine.
appreciation plaque to Chuck Brady,             LLDXT 2001 CARIBBEAN TOUR
N4BQW for his one-man operation as              The Low Land DX’pedition Team                  SSTV AND DX’PEDITIONS
3YØC. They wanted Chuck to know how             (LLDXT) is pleased to announce their 6th       Never before have we seen as much SSTV
much the DX Community appreciated his           Caribbean Tour. This year's tour will bring    activity from different countries as now.
one-man operation from Bouvet Island.           them to the "Island of Carriacou" (Grenada     The release of the free soundcard software
Chuck endured many hardships (and much          - IOTA NA-147) from August 2-15th and          "MMSSTV" is a big help in the popularity
improvising) to allow many thousands of         the Island of Bequia (St. Vincent - IOTA       of SSTV. And it's fine to see that major
DX’ers worldwide to contact this VERY           NA-025) from August 16-27th. The team          DX’peditions add SSTV to their mode list.
rare DXCC entity.           members will be Bouke, PAØZH; Ronald,          In the past we had SSTV from 3D2CI,
                                                PA3EWP; Rob, PA5ET and Dennis,                 BQ9P, XZØA, ZK1AXU, ZD7K, ZD8K,
SPECIAL EVENT                                   PA7FM. The call signs used will be             A35SC etc. If you are going on a trip to an
Listen for the special event station            J3/homecall and J8/homecall. They will         exotic spot, we (a bunch of SSTV DX'ers)
8J3EAG to be active on 80, 40, 20, 15,          use two FT1000MP’s with amplifiers and         would like to help you with SSTV... It's
and 10 Meters from April 28th through           be active around the clock on 160-10           different to run a SSTV pile up... we can
May 27th during the East Asian Games            Meters, CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31.               advise you and bring you in contact with
from Osaka City. (the East Asian Games          Titanex has sponsored a V160E vertical to      previous "SSTV DX’peditioners". There is
web site is: )         give them a good low-band signal. As in        a lot of info for starters on my website:
This station will promote Osaka as a            past years, they will have a Tour Web site There you will also
candidate for the Olympic Games in 2008.        which will be updated daily with the latest    find recent DX pictures (4U1UN, ZC4BS,
Information about this station with an          information, on-line logs, tour diary,         ZD7K, ZD8K, 3D2CI, etc).
online log search can be found at:              digital photos and digital pile-up                                      73, Danny ON4VT QSL         recordings. The Guest book can already be                Join the PDXB-SSTV reflector at
via JARL Bureau or direct to JA3DBD:            found at: All                    !!!
Souichi Miyamoto, 6-9-2 Habikigaoka,            QSL’s will be managed by PA5ET, Rob                                      Danny Van Tricht
Habikino Osaka, 583-0864 Japan.                 Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, 2273 VS                                     Hulshoutveld 2
                                                Voorburg, The Netherlands.                                                B-2235 Hulshout
SPECIAL EVENT                                                                                                               BELGIUM
The special call sign TM6JUN will be on         “QRP’PEDITION” BY UR QRP CLUB                                      Email
the air from "Utah Beach" June 1-10th.          The Ukrainian QRP Club will hold its first               Website
Suggested frequencies are:                      (of what they call a) "QRP’pedition" to the
CW - 3526, 7026, 14026, 21026, 28026            Ai-Petri Mountain in Crimea, from May 4-                            
      and 50206                                 11th. The goals of this event are to           ARRL CONTEST CALENDAR
SSB - 3644, 7074, 14174, 21174, 28574           publicize low power activity on the air,            Reprinted with permission from
      and 50200 kHz.                            attract the attention of Hams to the QRP         QST Contest Calendar  K5TR, Editor
QSL’s to F8LDX (preferably via bureau).         movement, and show the boundless                                    

RSGB IOTA 2001 PROGRAMME                        possibilities for low power operation.
                                                Participants are also encouraged to test               WEEKEND OF MAY 12-13
There has been a very high level of interest
                                                their homemade QRP transceivers as well        CQ-M International DX Contest
in the IOTA 2000 Programme with a large                                                        Sponsored by Krenkel Central RC of
number of applications received and being       as meeting and making friends on the air.
                                                The special call sign EM5QRP will be           Russia, 2100Z May 12 to 2100Z May 13.
processed by the CDXC Committee. We
plan to issue the first batch of certificates   used during this QRP’pedition:. The            CW, Phone, SSTV, 160 80 40 20 15 10
in May. The closing date for applications       members of the QRP’pedition are:               Meters plus satellites. Categories: Single
                                                RK3ZK, UR6IRL, UR7IRL, US1RCH,                 op-single band CW, SSB, mixed mode or
is 31 December 2001. Would those                                                               satellites; single op, multiband CW, SSB,
applying please remember to complete the        US1REO, UU4JCQ, UY1AW and
application form. This can be found on the      UZ8RR. The QRP’peditioners output              mixed mode or QRP (mixed mode, <5 W
                                                power will be: 5 watts (CW) and 10 watts       you must send /QRP); multi-single
CDXC web site: The                                                             (multiband, mixed mode); SWL or WWII
calls of the two amateurs checking the log      (SSB). Listen for them to be active on the
                                                international QRP frequencies. Operations      veteran (multiband, mixed mode); SSTV
should be shown on the form. Both e-mail                                                       (single or multiop, multiband, SSTV only).
and postal applications are welcome.            on RTTY and SSTV are being planned,
                                                too. Prizes (A book, published by Igor         Change bands only once per 10 minutes.
Applications by post should be sent to:                                                        Work stations once per band, regardless of
CDXC C/O Neville Cheadle, Further               Grigorov, RK3ZK) will be won by the
                                                three stations with the largest number of      mode. Exchange RST and serial number.
Felden, Longcroft Lane, Felden, Hemel
Hempstead, Herts HP3 0BN England. In            QSO’s with QRP’pedition members on             Scoring 1pt/QSO with own P-150-C
                                                various bands. All other contacts will get a   country, 2pt/QSO with another P-150-C
the case of e-mail applications, the
SM6DEC system is being used by about            special QSL card confirming their QSO’s.       country, 3pt/QSO with another continent.
70% of the applicants. It is highly             Those who wish to get the QRP’pedition         Multipliers: Each country in the P-150-C
recommended and can be downloaded               pennant must send their QSL and 4 IRC’s        award country list counts as a multiplier
                                                to the expedition QSL Manager UR7IRL:          only once per band. Final score is the sum
from the CDXC web site.                                                                        of all QSO points, times sum of all
                  Neville Cheadle G3NUG         Vladimir Tretyakov, Post Box 41,
multipliers. Awards. Send logs by Jul 1 to   Sponsored by the East Tennessee DX             Others count 2 points per same continent
CQ-M Contest Committee, Krenkel              Association. 50 MHz on Sat-Sun, 2300Z,         and 4 points per different continent.
Central Radio Club of Russia, Box 88,        May 12 to 0300Z May 13. The 902 MHz,           Multiply QSO points by state / province /
Moscow, 123459, Russia;;         1296 MHz, and 2304 MHz Sprints will run        DXCC entities worked per band and by           simultaneously on Sat, May 5, 6 AM to 1        power multiplier (>5 W × 1; <5W × 7;
                                             PM local time; you may work any five           <1W × 10; <250mW × 15). Certificates.
Fists CW Club Spring Sprint                  consecutive hours during this time period.     Mail entries by June 28 to QRP ARCI
Sponsored by Fists International CW Club,    The 902, 1296 and 2304 MHz Sprints are         Contest Manager, Randy B. Foltz, 809
1700-2100Z May 12. CW only. Work             separate, but run concurrently. The usual      Leith    St,    Moscow,       ID      83843.
stations once per band. 80 40 20 15 10       VHF/UHF rules apply. Exchange grid-  
Meters. Exchange name, state / province /    square locations. Signal reports are 
DXCC entity and Fists number if member,      optional. Score 1 pt per valid QSO. Final
or power output if nonmember. 5 pts/QSO      score is QSO pts × grid squares. Contests      Memorial Day CW Sprint
with Fists member, 2 pts/QSO with non-       are separate; there's no accumulation of       Sponsored by the Michigan QRP Club,
members. Final score equals QSO points       scores. Logs must indicate time, call sign     2300Z May 28 until 0300Z May 29. CW
times states, provinces (once for each) or   and complete exchange for each valid           only, 160 80 40 20 15 10 6 Meters.
DXCC entities (each time worked). QRP        QSO. Multipliers must be clearly marked        Classes <250 mW; 250 mW to 1 W; 1 W
and QRO categories. Send paper logs only     in the log. Submit separate log and            to 5 W; and over 5 W. Exchange RST,
within 30 days to Alan Tanner, 3787          summary sheets for each Sprint entered.        state / province / DXCC entity and power
Trebein Rd, Fairborn, OH 45342;              Awards. East Tennessee DX Assn, 1620           output      (MI-QRP     members      send                              Hidden Hills Dr, Clinton, TN 37716;            membership number). Work stations once
                                   ;               per band. Score 5 pts/QSO w/MI-QRP
Nevada QSO Party                                                                            members, 4 pts/QSO w/nonmembers
Sponsored by the Frontier ARS, 0000Z                 WEEKEND OF MAY 26-28                   outside W/VE and 2 pts/QSO with W/VE
May 12 until 0600Z May 13. 160 80 40 20      CQ WW WPX Contest, CW                          nonmembers. Multiply QSO points by
15 10 6 Meters, SSB / CW / RTTY. Work        Sponsored by CQ Magazine, from 0000Z           states / provinces / DXCC entities worked
stations once per band/mode. Send RS(T)      May 26 until 2400Z May 27, CW. Single          per band × 1.25 if you are using a
and state / province / DXCC entity; NV       ops operate no more than 36 hours, off         homebrew receiver or transmitter. Awards.
stations send county. CW: 15 kHz up in       periods must be 60 min or more. Classes:       Send logs to L.T. Switzer, N8CQA, 427
General; SSB: 25 kHz up; Novice/Tech:        single op single/all band, high, low (< 100    Jeffrey Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073-2521;
25 kHz up. Score 2 pts/CW or RTTY QSO        W), QRP (< 5 W) or assisted; multi-single
and 1 pt/SSB QSO. Final score is QSO pts     (10-minute rule); multi-multi; rookie;
× NV counties (NV stations use states /      tribander and single element; and band
provinces / DXCC entities). Awards. Send     restricted. Send RS(T) and serial no. Score    W1AW Qualifying Runs are 7 PM EDT,
logs by June 15 to Jim Frye, NW7O, 4120      3 pts/QSO w/different continents on 14-28      Wednesday, May 2, and 9 AM EDT,
Oakhill Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121-6319;       MHz and 6 pts/QSO w/different continents       Thursday, May 17. The K6YR West Coast                                on 1.8-7 MHz; score 2 pts/QSO w/stations       Qualifying Run will be at 9 PM PDT on
                                             in North America on 14-28 MHz and 4            Wednesday, May 10. Check the W1AW
Oregon QSO Party                                                                            schedule for details.
                                             pts/QSO w/NA stations on 1.8-7 MHz.
Sponsored by the Central Oregon DX
                                             Stations in own country count one point.                            
Club, 1400Z May 12 to 0200Z May 13.
                                             Multipliers are prefixes worked (ie, N8,        MAY / JUNE CONTEST SUMMARY
Oregon stations work everyone. Others
                                             KA1, HG73, JD1). Work stations                    (Courtesy Of Bruce Horn, WA7BNM)
work Oregon stations only. Work stations
                                             once/band; prefixes count only once.                                
once per band/mode, mobiles again as they
                                             Awards. Club competition. Send logs by
cross county lines. CW: 1.810 3.540 7.035
                                             Jul 10 to CQ Magazine, 25 Newbridge Rd,                       MAY 2001
7.125 14.035 21.035 21.125 28.035
                                             Suite 405, Hicksville, NY 11801                North American           0000Z,   2359Z,
28.125; Phone: 1.855 3.905 7.280 14.280                                                                                     -
                                             HSMS Contest             May 1    May 9
21.380 28.580; VHF: 50.125 145.025                                                          AGCW QRP/QRP                      1900Z,
                                             jq/                                                    1300Z -
146.55. No repeater QSO’s. 1 pt/SSB                                                         Party                             May 1
QSO; 2 pts/CW QSO. OR stations               ARCI QRP Hoot Owl Sprint, CW                   MARAC County             0000Z,   2400Z,
multiply QSO pts by OR counties / states /   Sponsored by QRP ARC International,            Hunter Contest, CW       May 5    May 6
provinces / DXCC entities; others multiply                                                                                    2359Z,
                                             from 2000 until 2400 local time May 27.        IPA Contest, CW          0000Z -
by OR counties worked (max 36). Add 50                                                                                        May 5
                                             Categories single band, all band, high band    SLP Competition          0000Z,   2400Z,
bonus pts for working K7O and another        (20, 15, and 10 Meters), low band (160,                                        -
                                                                                            (SWL)                    May 5    May 6
100 bonus points for working club station    80, and 40 meters). Work stations once per     10-10 Int. Spring        0001Z,   2400Z,
K7ZZZ. Awards. Send logs by May 25 to                                                                                       -
                                             band. Send signal report, state / province /   Contest, CW              May 5    May 6
Oregon QSO Party, c/o CODXC, K7ZZZ,          DXCC entity and QRP ARCI number if                                                1300
19821 Ponderosa St, Bend, OR 97702.                                                         903 MHz and Up
                                             member (nonmembers send power output).                                   0600 - local,
                                                                                            Spring Sprint
                                             1.830 3.560 3.710 7.040 7.110 14.060                                             May 5
VHF/UHF Spring Sprints                                                                                               1400Z,   2300Z,
                                             21.060 21.110 28.060 28.110. Count 5           Indiana QSO Party               -
                                                                                                                     May 5    May 6
                                             points per QSO with ARCI members.
Massachusetts        1800Z,   0400Z,   MI QRP Memorial         2300Z,   0300Z,       Doctor DX
                            -                                         -
QSO Party            May 5 May 6 and   Day CW Sprint           May 28   May 29       Dear Doctor DX:
                     1100Z -                                                         I’ve just finished reading every single
                              May 6                     JUNE 2001
ARI International    2000Z,   2000Z,                                                 word in the latest OKDXA Newsletter and
                                       Major Six Club          2300Z,       0300Z,
DX Contest           May 5
                              May 6    Contest                  Jun 1
                                                                             Jun 4   couldn’t find one, not one, salacious or
                              2359Z,   WW South America        0000Z,       1600Z,   insulting reference to N5UW. What’s The
IPA Contest, SSB     0000Z -                                            -
                              May 6    CW Contest               Jun 2        Jun 3   Deal? I thought that was a tradition! If this
                     0000Z,   0600Z,   IARU Region 1           1500Z,       1500Z,   sloppy work continues, I may be forced to
Nevada QSO Party            -                                           -
                     May 12   May 13   Field Day, CW            Jun 2        Jun 3   terminate my subscription to the C&E!
VOLTA WW             1200Z,   1200Z,   ANARTS WW RTTY          0000Z,       2400Z,                               Signed: N5UW
                            -                                           -
RTTY Contest         May 12   May 13   Contest                  Jun 9       Jun 10
                     1400Z,   0200Z,                                        2400Z,   Dear “Big Signal In Minsk”:
Oregon QSO Party            -          Portugal Day Contest    0000Z -
                     May 12   May 13                                         Jun 9   Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
                              2100Z,   Asia-Pacific Sprint,                 1300Z,
FISTS Spring Sprint  1700Z -                                   1100Z -               The Second Assistant Editor In Charge Of
                              May 12   SSB                                   Jun 9
CQ-M International   2100Z,   2100Z,                                                 Something Like Continuing Comedy had a
                                       TOEC WW Grid            1200Z,       1200Z,
DX Contest           May 12
                              May 13   Contest, SSB             Jun 9
                                                                            Jun 10   temporary lapse in judgment and couldn’t
                     2300Z,   0300Z,   ARRL June               1800Z,       0300Z,   decide if the rude jokes should go toward
50 MHz Spring Sprint        -                                           -
                     May 12   May 13   VHF QSO Party            Jun 9       Jun 11   KE5WY or N5UW this month. Rest
Manchester Mineira   1500Z,   2400Z,   All Asian DX Contest,   0000Z,       2400Z,   assured that HEADS WILL ROLL for this
                            -                                           -
CW Contest           May 19   May 20   CW                      Jun 16       Jun 17   grievous oversight and the tradition will be
                     2100Z,   0200Z,                           0000Z,       2400Z,   maintained. Then again, we could change
Baltic Contest              -          SMIRK QSO Party                  -
                     May 19   May 20                           Jun 16       Jun 17   our mind. Stay Tuned.            Dr. DX
CQ WW WPX            0000Z,   2400Z,   Marconi Memorial        1400Z,       1400Z,
                            -                                           -
Contest, CW          May 26   May 27   HF Contest              Jun 23       Jun 24
Anatolian RTTY       0000Z,   2400Z,                           1800Z,       2100Z,
                            -          ARRL Field Day                   -
WW Contest           May 26   May 27                           Jun 23       Jun 24     NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY
                               2400    ARCI Milliwatt          1800Z,       2100Z,
ARCI Hootowl Sprint   2000 - local,                                     -                THE MOST EXCITING
                                       Field Day               Jun 23       Jun 24
                              May 27                                                        INVESTMENT
                                                                                          OPPORTUNITY IN
                                                                                        ELECTRONICS TODAY !
                                                                                        Yes! Even an OM like yourself
                                                                                           can call your broker and
                                                                                                 proudly say:
                                                                                        “I want to invest all my savings
                                                                             in the finest Amateur Radio
                                                                                         stock on the market today…”
                            YOUR NAME HERE                                              ShaZamaHamaTronics
                                                                                           Stock Symbol: “SHAM”

                                                                                             Visit us on the web at:

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