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									Mrs. Frisby and the
   From Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
                        By   Robert C. O’Brien
   This story is a fantasy, but it is
      based on real behavior!
• As you read the story, find three behaviors that
  are real and three behaviors that aren’t!
How fast do you think a mouse can
• A mouse can run about 7.5 miles an hour!
  What do you know about crows?
• Crows are attracted to shiny objects!
They like to use these things to
  help them build their nests
What are farmyard cats like?
Cats often stalk their prey, and
   they like birds and mice!
    How do animals take medicine
        when they are sick?
• They can get shots or pills from the doctor,
  or they can be given medicine in drops!
   How do animals communicate?
• They use body language or make
         Things to think about :

• Why does the crow feel that he is in debt
  (owes her something) to Mrs. Frisby?
• Think about a risk you took to help someone
  else. Why do you think you did it?
 Think about the selections, “Island of the Blue Dolphins”,
“Two Tickets to Freedom”, and “Mrs. Frisby and the Crow”.

• How are the risks in each selection similar?
  How are they different?
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