Information for awards commencing in 2013                     Laos, targeting human resource gaps in identified
                                                              priority sectors. They aim to provide successful
                                                              applicants with the skills and knowledge to drive
Development Awards in Laos                                    change and influence economic and social
Australia’s international development assistance in Lao
PDR aims to align support with the Government of Laos’        AusAID offers Development Awards on the basis of
own development goals in areas crucial to Laos’ long-term     merit, transparency and equal access. We strongly
development and in areas in which Australia has               encourage applications from women, people with
expertise, namely:                                            disability, and people from ethnic groups.
Basic education - building on past success, drawing on our
understanding of the sector to develop new approaches         Priority Sectors
and closer partnerships with the Government of Laos and
other donors;                                                 The priority areas of study for Australian Development
Rural development - enhancing Laos’ capacity to meet          Awards in Laos are:
basic food needs, build agricultural markets and diversify         Education
livelihood opportunities, particularly in the poorest areas        Economic Growth
of the country and retaining a role in unexploded                  Rural Development
ordinance (UXO) clearance work;                                    Natural Resources Management.
Inclusive growth - through trade and investment by
building human resources, helping Laos integrate into         Type and Level of Awards
regional markets and developing a broader-based, more
resilient national economy. We will also pursue other key     Australian Development Scholarships
outcomes, including policy reform, engagement in              These are long term development scholarships
regional and global markets and setting the conditions for    providing people with the opportunity to obtain
new enterprise development.                                   tertiary qualifications at an Australian tertiary
Natural Resources Management - support management
of the mining and hydropower industries and river basins.     Australian Development Scholarships are available each
This includes support for the drafting and implementation     year for Lao nationals to study in Australia at TAFE,
of policies and laws which in turn provides certainty to      Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels with the aim of
private sector investors, and leads to better                 awarding scholarships equally across the levels of study,
environmental and social outcomes.                            taking into account gender and Public and Open
Development Awards are administered by AusAID and
aligned with Australia’s development assistance in

                                                                                                        November 2011
Australian Leadership Award Scholarships                      Special Conditions
In addition, top applicants will be nominated for the
prestigious Australian Leadership Award Scholarship.          You must also meet the following country special
These extra entitlements will include a Leadership for        conditions:
Development Program designed to enhance leadership             Must select a field and level of study appropriate to
knowledge and skills. Recipients will be brought                 his/her qualifications, expertise and experience.
together with other Australian Leadership Award                Master Degrees – in addition to a relevant degree
Scholarship awardees for leadership training,                    must have a minimum of three years relevant work
development discussions and the chance to build                  experience.
valuable networks.                                             Re-Entry Action Plan (REAP) – Australian
                                                                 Development Scholarship awardees are required to
Selections will be based on the applicant’s professional         submit REAPs endorsed by their supervisors prior to
and personal qualities, academic competence and,                 commencing their scholarships, and to implement
most importantly, their potential impact on                      these in the workplace upon completion of study.
development challenges in their country or region.

Eligibility Criteria                                          Application dates for study commencing in
                                                              Australia in 2013
You must meet all of the eligibility requirements
detailed in the Scholarships Handbook, available at:          Opening date:           13 February 2012             Closing date:           5.00pm 30 April 2012

You must also meet the following specific requirements        Applications or supporting documents received after
for Laos:                                                     this date will not be considered.

 Must be a Lao citizen.                                      The Application Process
 Must have been residing in the Lao PDR for a
  minimum of two years prior to 30 April 2012.                Online applications
                                                              Not available to candidates from Laos.
For comprehensive details on the eligibility criteria,
please refer to the application pack. This can be             Hardcopy applications
obtained from the Lao-Australian Scholarships Office or       Applications must be submitted in hardcopy by the
from                      published closing date.

                                                              Application forms can be obtained from the Ministry of
                                                              Education in Vientiane Capital, Provincial Education

                                                                                                       November 2011
Services and the Managing Contractor, Vientiane              The Selection Process
College. Application forms can also be obtained from                           The selection process will include an interview (40 per
                                                             cent) and take into account candidate performance on
Supporting Documents                                         the Screening Test (40 per cent), the extent to which
                                                             the planned area of study is within the GoL priority
In addition to the documents listed in the Scholarships
                                                             areas (10 per cent), and the applicant’s prior academic
Handbook, you must also provide these documents
                                                             record (10 per cent).
with your application to meet the specific
requirements for Laos:                                       Applicants who are shortlisted by the JSP for
                                                             consideration for an ADS supplementary award will
All candidates                                               have their leadership potential further assessed in a
 Birth certificate (English)                                second interview.
 Family Book (Lao and English versions)
 Certificate of Residence (English)                         Preparatory Training
 Certificate for highest level of education (Lao and
    English versions)                                        AusAID recognises that adequate preparation is crucial
 Academic transcript for highest level of education         to academic success and includes a pre-departure
    (Lao and English versions).                              training program for Lao awardees.

GoL Employees and Open candidates who are                    Depending on English language levels awardees the
employed by the GoL                                          majority of awardees will undertake a 12 month
 Completed, signed and stamped GoL approval letter          intensive pre-departure training in Vientiane to prepare
  (English).                                                 them for the rigors of tertiary study in Australia.

PhD candidates
 Letter from Employer detailing dates of                    Further Information
  employment and responsibilities at work (English)
 Letter of support from a PhD Supervisor from an            Further information about AusAID and the various
  Australian University (English)                            Australian tertiary institutions and courses can be found at:
 Completed “Proposal Template for PhD Research”   
                                                             More general information about the Australia Awards,
Unemployed or self-employed candidates                       studying in Australia and AusAID can be found at
 Referee reports from two people who can verify
  your work experience (English).                  

                                                                                                       November 2011

Contact Details
Organisation:   Lao-Australian Scholarships Office
Address:        Vientiane College, 23 Rue Singha,
                Vientiane, Lao PDR
Telephone:      021 414873

                                                             November 2011

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