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									                    Harry Potter and
                     the Star Gate
                               By: Shezza88
                 42 Chapters        Complete        110,437 words
    Look for sequel... "Harry Potter and the Ancients Power"

Summery: 5          Stars: The night Harry's Parents were killed, Harry was
whisked away by the Azgard and spends the next 40 Chapters fighting Galactic
bad guys till he is "Harry-Napped" by none other than hated Snape and loved
Fawkes (whom he does not know of yet), and whisked away to Hogwarts. Where
by... the next book begins, we hope. This is the story of Harry the Galactic hero.
No deep parings in this part of the story.

Chapter 1
   There was a small planet somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy, the third planet
from the sun and the only planet able to sustain carbon-based life. This planet had
evolved over the millions of years after being created. Despite what the life
forms on this planet thought, they had no evolved from large apes. On that planet,
thousands of years ago, lived a race of people called the Ancients.

The Ancients were a very powerful race, with technology that rivalled any other
species at that time. Even today, the technology of the Ancients is still considered
to be the best. One might wonder why no traces of this race could be found on
Earth. The Ancients had not been born on Earth. They did not evolve and devlop on
Earth and they did not come from this section of the Galaxy. The Ancients were
humans of another world. They created life in this part of the galaxy,
terraforming planets so that would be able to sustain life and creating other
species in their image, humans. These humans lived on Earth.As the Ancients
spread through the galaxy, they created a system of portals. Modern humans call
them Stargates, advanced peices of technology that enabled a person to step
from one planet to another in a matter of seconds. The Ancients were explorers
and creator's, but they had their problems like anybody else. A very contagious
plague spread through the galaxy at a rapid pace, the Stargate's only spreading it
further and further. The Ancients suffered many losses and left this quadrant of
the galaxy, hoping to find a new home. Their legacy still remains though, with the
thousands of Stargates still active on thousands of worlds, including Earth.

Earth remained untouched by any alien life after the Ancients, untilroughly 5000
years ago. An Alien species came to Earth, searching for one specific thing. It
wasn't food, metal's, gems, riches, or even a new home. No, he came for the
humans. This alien named himself Ra, impersonating the Egyptian God of the Sun.
He was one of the many creatures who call themselves the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld
were a parasitical race, using other species as hosts. At that time, the Goa'uld had
never encountered humans before. They used other life forms as hosts but with
the discovery of humans, there was now a new and plentiful source of hosts.
Millions of humans were shipped off to other planets in the galaxy. Certain
numbers of humans were genetically altered into Jaffa humans, designed for the
purpose of carrying the larval form of the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld used them as
incubators for their young and over time, the Jaffa became dependent on the
larval form of the Goa'uld, needing one to live. The Goa'uld also impersonated the
deities of ancient civilizations on Earth, to gain obedience and worship and fear.

Ra became the Ultimate power in the Goa'uld. He was named the head of the
Goa'uld hierarchy, the Supreme System Lord. There were other System Lord's,
Goa'uld's with massive armies of Jaffa and large and powerful ships. The Goa'uld
were arrogant and evil and unfortuantely for the rest of the galaxy, they were
powerful and plentiful. civilizations crumbled as the Goa'uld invaded alien planet's,
stealing whatever technology they could find.

The System Lords grew more and more powerful,bickering and fightingmore and
more. While this was happening, the humans in the nation on Earthknown as Egypt
rebelled. The defeated Ra‟s soldiers and forced him to flee the planet. They
buried the Stargate in hopes thatnobody would ever pass through again. Ra was
incensed but for unknown reasons, never retaliated by destroying the planet. It is
most likely that he never admitted to the rebellion and claimed that the planet had
been destroyed by other means. The humans of Earth became a myth known as the
Tau‟ri, the first race from where most humans in the galaxy were descended.
Soon the myth of the Tau'ri was forgotten by most. The descendents of once the
most powerful race in the galaxy grew and prospered. Some showed strange
powers, powers that the Ancients once experimented with, with little success.
These group of people called themselves Wizards and Witches and their powers,
1981: October 31st

„Avada Kedavra!‟

A baby wailing, a green flash and a bright light with inhume screams was all that
signified the end of Dark Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter had just defeated Lord
Voldemort and he hadn‟t even raised a wand. As Godric‟s Hollow started to shake
and burn, a wail went off in the Headmaster of Hogwarts office. Dumbledore sent
off a member of the Order of Phoenix to investigate at once, getting ready to go
himself. But bythe time theOrder of Phoenix member hadarrived, the house wasin
flames and there was no trace of Harry Potter.
Faraway, above the Earth‟s atmosphere, a spaceship sat still in the cold recess of
space. It was a mighty vessel, shaped like a hammer to a certain degree. It was
cloaked to a degree that was far beyond the technology of Goa‟uld or Tauri.. In
this ship was a little grey alien with big bulbous eyes, small, skinny limbs and a
figure that only came up to one metre. It may have looked harmless, but it was a
species called the Asgard, an ancient and benevolent race. The Asgard had been
aware of the Tau‟ri for some time. They assumed the personae of Norse gods on
many worlds, including the ancient Vikings of Earth. They were a very powerful and
intelligent race. But they were not without problems. The Asgard had been unable
to sexual reproduce for thousands of years. They used advanced methods of
cloning to sustain their race. Whenever an Asgard died, their mind would be saved
on a computer and transmitted to a younger version of themselves. After some
time,the lack of newgenetic materialbecame a problem. The Asgard ship above
Earth was on a research mission, a slightly illegal and immoral research mission
regarding cloning and human DNA.

The Asgard looked down at the little human baby. It had bright green eyes and a
jet-black hair and was staring at the alien curiously. There was a sharp cut on the
baby‟s forehead shaped in a lightning bolt.

“Greetings young one.” The Asgard said quietly. “My name is Loki. I am sorry for
doing this to you but it is necessary for the survival of my race. I do not presume
that you will be missed, as your home was on fire as I took you."

The baby gurgled unintelligently.

“What is your name?” Loki asked.

The baby knew this question. His Mummy and Daddy asked him this question all the
time. His face broke into a chubby grin.

“‟Harry!” He squealed.

Loki regarded the baby curiously. It did not seem to have the intelligence level
needed to comprehend conversation. It did not matter anyway, he had work to do
and it did not require conversation.
Some Hours Later

The Asgard Science Vessel owned by Loki was currently above orbit yet another
planet. He had not yet had a chance to experiment as he had been called to
intercept a Goa‟uld mother ship. The Asgard and Goa‟uld had drafted a treaty that
stated that the Goa‟uld would not attack certain planets that were under Asgard
controlif the Asgard did not attack the Goa‟uld. They were also not allowed to
advance the humans on these worlds technologically. Sometimes a System Lord
would test these boundaries, but the appearance of the Asgard always left them
retreating before a shot could be fired. This was what had happened here.

“Loki.” A voice called from the ships communicator. “This is Thor, Supreme
Commander of the Asgard Fleet.”

Loki gave an expression that could be interpreted as an Asgard scowl. “This is

Thor‟s face appeared on a screen. “Loki. By order of the Asgard High council, you
are to cease all experiments on human DNA.”

“This may be our last chance to save our race.” Loki said neutrally.

“You have your orders. It is immoral and a violation of our ethical codes to
experiment of sentient creatures.” Thor reprimanded.

“Very well.” Loki said.

Thor‟s face disappeared and Loki stared at the human baby he had. It had been
sedated most of the time in orbit. He tapped a few keys and moved a white stone
that pulsed with an inner glow, an Asgard computer keyboard. The baby was
enveloped in a white light and disappeared.
On the planet, Harry reappeared in a white flash. He gurgled innocently as a
curious farmer picked him up. The humans on this planet did not know of the
Goa‟uld, or the Asgard or of Aliens. He was a simple man who knew of crops and
weather patterns, not instant matter transporters. He looked at the baby with a
curious stare. Normal babies did not appear in flashes of white light. It must have
been the will of the God's. The farmer gently rocked the baby as he started
walking into town.Harry began a new life on another planet, thousands of light
years away, far away from the legacy of his parent's and far away from the War
of the Wizards. However, some things were not meant to be buried...and that
included magic.

Three Years Later: Earth

Albus Dumbledore stared across at his former pupil. Sirius Black had always been a
brilliant wizard, even if he did spend half his schooling years pranking others.
Sirius Black as a teenager was full of mischief and happiness. This Sirius was much
different. Since the death of James and Lily Potter, Sirius had never been the
same. The only thing that he clung to was his friendship with Remus.

“Sirius, I have called you here today to tell you something very important.” Albus
said, his eyes probing Sirius. Three years ago, Sirius had rushed to James house
only to find it in flames. He had broken down then and there and was almost
arrested for the betrayal of James and Lily to Voldemort. Luckily for Sirius, the
truth came out and Albus immediately believed him and ordered the arrest of
Peter Pettigrew. Peter was serving a life sentence at Azkaban.

“What is it?” Sirius asked. After James death, Remus was offered a job at
Hogwarts teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. Remus then offered the
position as Professor‟s Assistant to Sirius and they had been working there ever
since. Old Slughorn had retired and ex-spy Severus Snape had taken his place.

“As you know, it is coming to the time of year where James, Lily and Harry were
killed. I felt it prudent to inform you of something that I have only recently
learned.” Albus said.

Sirius frowned slightly. Albus was been very serious and sombre, which was quite
unusual for the eccentric Headmaster.

“Magic analysis teams have gone over Godric‟s Hollow several times. They have
indeed confirmed the existence of the bodies of James and Lily, as well as a
deformed body that is presumed to belong to Voldemort. However, no body has
been found for Harry.” Albus said.

“Does that mean…?” Sirius trailed off as some light came back into his eyes, light
that had been missing for three years.

“We don‟t know. But that is not the true astonishing fact. According to the analysis
a Killing Curse hit Voldemort. At first we thought it might have been by Lily, but it
appears a Killing Curse hit her minutes before one hit Voldemort.” Albus steeped
his fingers. “Using techniques that would no doubt bore you, it has been
determined that Harry Potter was also hit by a killing curse. However, he was not
killed and it is believed that it rebounded onto Voldemort, killing him.” Albus

“Wha…H-How can it be possible?” Sirius stuttered, the blood draining from his

“Alas, I do not know.” Albus admitted.

“So, if the Killing Curse didn‟t kill him and there‟s no body, then he could still be
alive!” Sirius shouted and jumped up. He began to pace the Headmasters office.
“We need a search party, no, two search parties! Locator charms, maybe a ritual or
two to pinpoint his location!”

“Sirius!” Albus said loudly. Sirius turned to him. “It has already been tried. The
analysis picked up strange residual energy from something we have never seen
before. Whatever it was, it seems to have the same properties of portkeys and
apparition. We were unable to study it any further; it is far advanced than we
originally believed.”

“We‟ll find him!” Sirius said determinedly.
At the same time, several thousand if not million light years away.

Harry flinched as metallic footsteps thudded there way into the village square. He
had once been a happy boy, with jet-black hair and green curious eyes. A villager,
who said that he had appeared with a white glow had found him and he was
presumed to be sent from the God‟s. The Tremins, the humans who inhabited this
planet, raised him in their community. Children were very rare for unknown reasons
and Harry was considered a blessing. Then, the evil ones came.
Flashback to One Year Ago

Harry was playing in the lake, splashing happily when it happened. There was a
strange whining noise and from the clouds came a flying object. He gasped as he
stared at the monstrosity. It was a giant Goa‟uld mothership, known to them as a
Ha‟tak. It was shaped like a giant pyramid, with a ring around it. It was jet black,
with the pyramid sandstone and there were blinking lights. Large turrets stood out
and the entire ship just radiated evil. Suddenly, a booming voice echoed around
the village.


Harry ran back to the village to meet the others, all who were staring at the ship
with awe fear.

“What is it?” The three year old asked. He resisted the urge to sob.

“It is the evil God‟s!” One of the villagers shouted. Suddenly, a whining high-
pitched noise filled the area and a large glowing bolt of energy impacted on one of
the large temples. For a split second, it seemed like nothing happened before it
exploded. Large billowing flames erupted from the Temple as stones were
scattered. The villagers watched in terror.
Two Hours Later
The villagers had all assembled in the village square as they had been ordered. The
ship hovered above, with smaller and sleeker ships coming and going from the giant
Ha‟tak. As they waited, a whirring noise was heard as a streak of rings came down.
They were the width of six or seven people standing in a group and piled onto one
another as they rested on the ground for a split second. A pulse of light travelled
from the ship to the rings and the rings suddenly left as soon as they had came.
Where the rings had been, stood four strange humanoids and one richly dressed
man. The four strange humanoids seemed to be made of metal.

They wore metal armour and had on helmets shaped like a snake with red glowing
eyes. All of them carried some type of staff. Suddenly, one of the heads
retracted and a humans face could be seen. It was a dark skinned man with a gold
emblem of some sort of his heads shaped like two serpents. Many villagers shifted
and jumped back and the richly dressed man smirked. The dark skinned man stood

“I am Teal‟c, first Prime of your God, Apophis. Kneel down and worship your God.”
The man said neutrally. Some villagers immediately knelt down, but one stood

“He is not our God!” The man shouted with unfortunate bravery. One of the
armoured men, also known as Jaffa, raised his staff and pointed it towards the
man. The head of the staff divided into four pieces and a cackle of energy ran up
the tip of it as a plasma blast erupted and struck the man down.
Flashback Over

The Serpent Guards of Apophis had been rounding up people from the villages for a
week. Harry had been chosen and was standing silently amongst the group. The
aliens that Harry had learned that they were called the Goa‟uld had forced his
people into mines and camps. There was a very precious metal called naquadah that
was used by the Goa‟uld as the building block for all of their technology. The
Tremins had been forced to mine this metal under brutal guard. Summary
executions were common as a way to „motivate‟ the population and the conditions
were unsafe.

“All kneel before your God!” A Jaffa suddenly shouted. The villagers obediently
knelt, including Harry. Apophis gave an evil smirk as he strolled through the group,
glancing down a Tremin every now and then.
“BRING THEM!” Apophis spoke. Harry flinched at the sound of the voice. It was
not a normal human voice, it was all distorted and sounded horrible. He peeked up
only to find Apophis staring at him. Harry flinched and gasped when he saw the
man‟s eyes glow and bowed his head down. What Harry didn‟t know was that these
were not signs of God‟s, but rather symbiotes, or Goa‟uld parasites. The tightening
of the parasite around the spine when they wished to speak most often caused the
distortion. They could get around it, but the Goa‟uld enjoyed the effect their
voices had. The glow was actually an induced chemical reaction of the Goa‟uld, who
had traces of naquadah in their bodies, and the chemicals of the human body.

A large tub was placed in the centre of the room. Three robed figures were
swinging incense as Apophis stroked the tub almost lovingly. He dipped his hand
into it and Harry heard splashes of water before he gasped along with the rest of
the people at a wicked snake-like creature that squirmed in Apophis‟s hand.

“Pick a host, my son.” Apophis said, almost lovingly. The snake-like creature
screeched as Apophis walked in front of all the people, pausing to stop as the
creature screeched. He passed Harry, who gave a sigh of relief. He didn‟t know
what was going on, but it couldn‟t be good. Suddenly Apophis turned around and
grasped Harry by the arm, dragging him up.

“HELP!” Harry screamed in terror.

“JAFFA, KREE!” Apophis shouted and the Jaffa stepped forward as the villagers
tried to stop Apophis. Plasma bolts struck forward as the Jaffa herded the
humans back into the corner. Apophis jerked his head and a Jaffa grabbed Harry
and slammed him down into the ground. Harry couldn‟t see anything and tasted
stone on his tongue as he struggled. His shirt was ripped away and he felt
something slimy slide up his back. Suddenly there was pain, only pain as something
bit into his skin. He screamed in pain and terror as something dug it‟s way into his
body. He jerked out of the grasp of the Jaffa and tried to run, but collapsed
after a few metres. The villagers were watching in terror. The tail of the snake-
like creature that they now knew to be a Goa‟uld disappeared into his back.

Harry suddenly stopped screaming. He tried to move, but found he couldn‟t. He
started to panic as he felt something brush his spina cord, then bite deeply down,
connecting itself to him. A whir of feelings passed through him as he the Goa‟uld
joined with him. He watched the Goa‟uld, Klorel‟s, memories fly right past. All
Goa‟uld had a genetic memory of their evil and power, and Harry was witnessing. At
the same time, Klorel was witnessing his memories but the Goa‟uld only scoffed at
the thought of a little boy having significant memories and pushed them aside.
Suddenly Klorel felt agony and he clutched his head… No! MY HEAD!

Harry felt a tingling sensation he had never felt before and instinctively, he
directed it at the Goa‟uld in his head. He was exhausted, tired and in pain as he
combated for control for what seemed like years, but only seconds. Finally, he
retreated, defeated in his own mind. As the Goa‟uld took over, Harry „went‟ to the
source of this strange power. He was safe in here. As his memories were shoved
back at him, he „took‟ them and „clutched‟ them closely. He had never been so tired
in his life. Suddenly he felt his body move.

Harry stood up, slowly and calmly. His face was neutral and he turned towards
Apophis. The villagers watched with trepidation and the Jaffa watched with
cautious eyes. The only emotion of their faces was on the one named Teal‟c, who
had a tiny flicker of unimaginable sorrow in his eyes. Finally, Harry bowed.

“Kel, Apophis. Re nek...Klorel.” His voice said, a deep distorted voice that sounded
strange on such a young boy. “This boy was a good choice, my Lord. He will grow up
to be a strong host.”

“Jaffa, Return the humans to the mines.” Apophis ordered and the Jaffa bowed.
“Klorel, come with me.”

“Of course… my father.” Klorel said with wicked smirk that made Harry look evil.

In his own head, trapped by an alien entity, Harry struggled. Finally he sat. He
would wait and bide his time until he could resist again. With the Goa‟uld‟s
memories and his own earlier memories, he would not be bored. Klorel seemed to
regard him as broken or destroyed, well, let him think that. So Harry went to
„sleep‟, a faint song from his baby years echoing in his ears.

Hush little baby, don‟t say a word

Mamma‟s gonna buy you a mockingbird
If that mockingbird don‟t sing

Mamma‟s going to buy you a golden ring

If that golden ring is brass

Mamma‟s going to buy you a looking glass

Two Years Later

Klorel stared at incoming wave of ships with smugness. Plasma bolts were firing
between both fleets as they struggled for dominance. Next to his mothership, a
Ha‟tak‟s shields failed and several plasma bolts struck it, exploding several
sections. System Lord Ra was over extending himself by trying to gain control of
so many systems at once. A few months ago, Ra launched a wave of attacks on
Apophis, his rival. Klorel, as Apophis‟s son, was given control of nine Goa‟uld
motherships, Ha‟tak and dispatched to defend some of the more productive mining

“My lord.” A Jaffa bowed. Klorel turned his head slightly as he watched the Jaffa.
His name was Bra‟tac, a very famous and wise Jaffa master. He had trained many
Jaffa in Staff weapon fighting and the meditations that were standard for most
Jaffa. He had taught Teal‟c, his fathers First Prime, the highest rank an elite
Jaffa could gain. Recently, slow rumours had been spreading around that Bra‟tac
was not loyal of the Goa‟uld. Some Jaffa believed that the Goa‟uld were false gods
but they were dependent on them. Jaffa were not only the warriors of the Goa‟uld,
they also carried their young. A young Goa‟uld would be placed in the belly of a
Jaffa to mature and grow. The Jaffa were practically incubators and when they
received a Goa‟uld. The problem was that when they received a Goa‟uld, their
immune system shut down. In turn, the Goa‟uld larvae provided the Jaffa with
strength, spirit and a longer life span of hundreds of years. If a Jaffa went
without a symbiote, he would die.

“Bra‟tac.” Klorel said. “Deploy the Death Gliders at once.”
Bra‟tac hesitated. “My Lord, with the amount of suppressing fire, it could be very
dangerous for the Jaffa pilots. I recommend…”

Klorel turned to him, incensed. He raised his hand, showing a hand device. It was a
metal device that coiled over his wrist and had metal tips that his fingers slotted
into. On the palm of his hand was a small dome that flashed as Klorel activated. A
ribbon of orange energy erupted as the stone continued to glow and struck Bra‟tac
in the forehead. The Jaffa master gritted his teeth as waves of pain rolled over
him, but continued standing.

“DO NOT QUESTION YOUR GOD!” Klorel boomed. The Jaffa on the bridge, or
the Pel‟tak, of the ship flinched and averted their eyes, getting back to work.
Klorel released the Jaffa from the deadly ray of energy and watched him

“I will see that the Death Gliders are released at once, my lord.” Bra‟tac said and
whirled around, leaving the Pel‟tak. Klorel scowled at his back. He would so much
enjoy killing that Jaffa, but he held tremendous respect throughout the Jaffa of
Apophis. He turned again and watched the battle progress, not noticing a figure
lurking into the room.
Bra‟tac strolled along the corridor in annoyance. A Ha‟tak corridor was just as
elaborate as a pyramid wall. Hieroglyphics were carved in solid gold and secret
doors were all too common. The rumours were true regarding him; he was a Jaffa
who would rather die free than live life as a servant to the Goa‟uld. He had
offered himself up as First Prime in hopes of swaying his former pupil, Teal‟c, to
his cause. He felt he was making great progress but had never had a good chance
in showing Teal‟c that there were other options. Teal‟c felt that there was no race
willing to fight the Goa‟uld and there was no point in rebelling. Suddenly there was
an alarm throughout the ship. Bra‟tac hesitated then turned swiftly around,
heading back towards the Pel'takStaff weapon fire pelted the walls of the Ha‟tak
Bridge. Klorel watched as his Jaffa were shot down, smoke billowing from the
cauterised wounds. How six enemy Jaffa gained entrance to the Ha‟tak, Klorel
didn‟t know. He raised his hand, the device glowing brightly and unleased a wave of
energy. Two Jaffa were hit and slammed backwards into the wall, cracking their
skulls. He swiped his hand again, energy pouring out and another two Jaffa were
pulverised by the energy. He reached to activate his personal shield when a bright
plasma bolt erupted from a staff of one the remaining Jaffa. Klorel staggered as
he was hit in the shoulder and screamed in pain as he was knocked to the ground.
He felt a wave of dizziness come over him as he succumbed to the pain and fell
unconscious.Harry felt a searing pain in his shoulder as he witnessed the events.
Over the years he had been a host, he had seen some terrible things. He had
tortured people, murdered entire villages and wiped out entire civilisations. He
would never forget what Klorel had done using his body. Suddenly he was free.
Free from the prison inside his head as Klorel succumbed to the pain. He felt
movement slowly return to his body and the six year old crawled to the corpse of a
Jaffa. He gingerly took the Zat‟nikatel and aimed it at the Jaffa. He fired,
knocking the Jaffa aside and scrambled up, ignoring the pain to duck behind a
large square console. The Zat‟nikatel was another Goa‟uld weapon and it used a less
lethal but still deadly form of energy in resemblance to electricity bursts. Getting
hit once by the Zat‟nikatel would stun you, getting hit twice would kill you and
getting hit three times would disintegrate your corpse. The theory behind it was
that the Zat‟nikatel weakened your body‟s natural magnetic field. Getting hit once
would weaken it enough to cause great pain as your atoms lost some of their
charge and attraction, getting hit twice would cause further damage to the bodies
magnetic field to kill and getting hit three times would destroy it and therefore,
destroy the bonding the atoms had. In simpler terms, the body would just fall
apart with nothing to hold it together. It was formed in the shape of a coiled
serpent and the head would rise when preparing to fire.

The remaining Jaffa kept firing at the console as he tried to circle around it.
Harry let loose a rapid fire burst of energy at the Jaffa, who ducked quickly as it
struck the wall. Cackles of energy zapped around it, the metal temporary
electrified. Harry was hurt badly; he could feel the life drain out of him. The
Goa‟uld inside of him was dying as well, and when a Goa‟uld died it released a potent
poison into the host that killed it. Suddenly the Jaffa was struck down by a Staff
Weapon as Bra‟tac stormed into the room. Harry gingerly stood, his strength

“My Lord?” Bra‟tac asked as he took note of the bad condition Harry was in.

“He‟s unconscious.” Harry said softly as he slid down the wall, too tired to stand.
His emotions were running over the place as he was back in control of the body.
Tears welled in his eyes. “It hurts…Klorel hurts me…”

Bra‟tac stared at the young human boy. To have fought the Jaffa by himself
without Klorel showed strength of character and will. For a host to resist a

“Please!” Harry begged. “Kill me! Don‟t let him….” He trailed off as Klorel suddenly
stirred and took control. His last words were, “Don‟t tell him…”
Klorel winced as he regained consciousness. Pain blared through his host‟s body and
he hissed angrily. He was not used to pain, few dared strike the mighty Klorel
down. He looked up to see his First Prime staring at him oddly.

“Where are they? Where are the enemy Jaffa!” Klorel shouted angrily. Already the
wound was attempting to heal itself. Goa‟uld‟s were able to self heal their hosts
and granted them unnatural strength. Klorel smashed his hand down on an enemy
Jaffa‟s torso snapping ribs with his tiny child hand. Sometimes he wished he had
picked an older host but his father said that the host he was in now was fine and
would grow up into a strong human.

“They are dead, my Lord.” Bra‟tac said, averting his eyes as he bowed. “I killed

Klorel stared at the Jaffa as he stood up. His hand clutched a Zat‟nikatel and he
dropped it disdainfully. “Well done Bra‟tac.”

He turned to the transparent force field that served as a window and stared out.
The fight was ending with Ra‟s forces slowly retreating into hyperspace.

“Bra‟tac, find out how the enemy bypassed the rings. If the Jaffa on duty is still
alive, have them executed. I am going to use my sarcophagus. Leave!” Klorel

“As you have ordered.” Bra‟tac bowed and left.
A large rectangular box was set in the middle of the room. Klorel touched a crystal
and waited. Most of the Goa‟uld technology was based on the crystal technology
and the different forms of energy that could be transferred through them.
Slowly, the box lid split into two and slid outwards. A sarcophagus was a powerful
healing device. It could heal any injury and even restore the recently killed back to
life. It was one of the reasons why the Goa‟uld lived so long and granted practical
immortality. The downside was that it twisted the soul and mind of a body, both
Goa‟uld and Human. It could be addictive when used to long and drove the Goa‟uld‟s
further into madness and paranoia. Klorel got into it and closed the lid.“Father,
Ra‟s forces have retreated.” Klorel bowed as he gave his report to his father.

“Excellent, my son.” Apophis said with small smile. “We shall show Ra our might!”

Klorel bowed as the long-range communicator shut down and turned to Bra‟tac.

“Do you hear that Jaffa? Soon your God‟s shall rule the universe!” Klorel crowed.
Bra‟tac bowed as Klorel turned to the pilots of the Ha‟tak, never noticing the look
of scorn on his face. “Jaffa! Take us to Chulak! It is time to spread word of our
victory among the Jaffa!”

Deep within his own mind Harry waited.

Three Years Later

“My Lord!” Klorel bowed, seemingly anxious.

“Rise, my son.” Apophis said mightily. Klorel rose and looked at him square in the
eye, a pleased smile on his face. “What is it?”

“My Lord, Ra is dead!”

Apophis looked shocked, and Klorel‟s smile faded just slightly. “HOW!”

“It involved humans. There are rumours that the First Race, The Tau‟ri, are
involved.” Klorel answered.

Apophis looked troubled, his brow crinkling as he thought. “This could prove
advantageous…and dangerous. Klorel, immediately begin taking Ra‟s territories.
Find out what you can on Ra‟s murderers. If it was indeed the Tau‟ri, then they
have had five thousand years to prosper.”

“It will be done.” Klorel bowed.
Several months later
Klorel watched impassively as his Jaffa stormed one of Ra‟s former keeps. Plasma
bolts flew from both sides, the „Fwack‟ of the Staff Weapon very familiar to his
ears. Two Death gliders flew above; also firing plasma bolts at the enemy ground
forces. This was one of several forts that Klorel had taken over the year. Ra‟s
death had caused a power struggle within the Goa‟uld System Lords, and each one
was taking the remnants of his fleets and territory. So far Apophis had been the
most successful and was gearing himself up to replace Ra as the Supreme System

“Jaffa, Kree!” Klorel shouted as a one of the ranks began to falter. Both sides were
using the Zat‟nikatel as well, mainly by Klorel‟s forces. He wanted these Jaffa to
join his ranks, and therefore Apophis‟s ranks. A Ha‟tak hovered overhead, one of
Ra‟s. Al‟kesh. A Goa'uld mid-range bomber, the mid-sized Al'kesh was
manoeuvrable, heavily armed, and capable of firing enormous blasts of plasma
energy. So far the Ha‟tak was still holding it‟s position, and orange shield
surrounding it as explosions rocked on it.

„Why are you doing this?‟

Klorel stiffened at this and whirled around, hand device ready. There was nobody
nearby, the Jaffa all fighting as he stood on the rocky overtop.

„Is it worth it?‟

Klorel whirled around again. It was a human‟s voice, a child. Suddenly he relaxed as
he concentrated. It was his host, which was strange. Goa‟uld usually picked hosts
at a young age so that their mind would be destroyed and therefore would not
prove to be troublesome. Klorel had thought he had crushed the mind of this boy,
but it seemed he hadn‟t.


The host fell silent, it‟s mind sinking back into the depths. For a moment Klorel
hesitated, thinking the host was going to try to struggle and he was right. A wave
of pain almost overtook him as the host gave what seemed like a final desperate
struggle for control. For seconds they fought for dominance, but Klorel was much
stronger and eventually the host tired and stopped. Klorel could feel despair,
terror and finally resignation as the host finally gave up. He smirked, which looked
quite strange on a nine-year-old boy and raised his hand device as enemy Jaffa
came close. He moved his hand onto his wrist and activated his personal shield. An
orange cylinder of energy surrounded him and as Staff blasts impacted on it, they
faded and were absorbed. The shield worked on kinetic energy principles, so the
faster the object, the easier it was to deflect. Most forms of energy couldn‟t
penetrate the shield.

“Prepare to die, Jaffa!” Klorel said as he unleashed his hand device, sending Jaffa
flying with a mere flick.
Deep in the mind of the body, Harry waited and tried to hold down his sense of
glee. Klorel had bought it and now thought he was fully in control. He had only used
a fraction of his energy in assaulting the Goa‟uld and now needed to wait for the
right time to attack. He could finally be free.“My Lord, here is the data crystal we
captured.” Bra‟tac greeted as he arrived, panting and blood smeared. His Staff
weapon was dented and still smoking as battle cries rained ahead of them. Klorel
finished torturing the last enemy Jaffa and deactivated the hand device. The thin
stream of energy retreated from the Jaffa‟s forehead but it was too late for him.
The energy was very good at destroying minds and he was already dead.

“We are losing the fight Bra‟tac.” Klorel said, turning to his First Prime, taking the
crystal. “You shall be punished for this.”

“My Lord, it appears that the Tok‟ra alerted the Jaffa of this fort prior to our
attack.” Bra‟tac said, bowing his head. “However I will accept any punishment my
God gives me.”

Klorel glared furiously as his eyes flashed in rage…literally. “TOK‟RA, Di'dak'dida!”

Bra‟tac internally winced as Klorel stalked away. “Bra‟tac, order all Jaffa to fight
for their lives! We will take this Fort!”

The Stargate loomed ahead as Klorel approached. He turned to a small pedestal
with several dozen symbols on it. It was the dialling device that was found on most
planets to dial the Stargate. He started pressing several symbols in sequence,
seven in total and held his hand on a small orange sphere on the top of the
pedestal. It glowed and the Stargate activated. A burst of blue energy erupted
forth, straining to leave the giant circle but was pulled back as it settled and
calmed. A blue shimmering surface, not unlike water awaited him. Klorel stepped up
the stairs and through the portal.

He reappeared on another planet, several thousand light years away. The portal
shut down as he walked forward, bowing his head as he approached his waiting

“Apophis, we have gained the data crystal. The diversion worked perfectly.” Klorel
said as he handed the small crystal to father. “I have quickly scanned it. It is the
plans for a new prototype Ha‟tak that Ra was working on. It is far more powerful
than the standard Ha‟tak.”

“Excellent. You have done well.” Apophis said. He placed the crystal down and
gestured for Klorel. “Walk with me.”

Klorel obediently followed his Father as they walked down the corridor. They were
deep underground in one of Apophis‟s secrete research labs. Most Goa‟uld‟s never
researched or tried to update their technology. Why should they, when they had
been the masters of this galaxy for ten thousand years? But Apophis, and some
other System Lords had been experimenting with new technology.

“It has come to my attention that we have a Tok‟ra spy in our rank.” Apophis said.
The Tok‟ra were the same species as the Goa‟uld‟s were. They did not believe in
the ideology of the System Lords and instead fought for freedom and peace. They
were cunning spies and patient deceivers, but not great fighters. They would
rather gain information then risk a full out battle.

“I know Father. Bra‟tac informed me before I left that the Tok‟ra told Ra‟s forces
of our impending arrival.” Klorel said.

Apophis scowled, scaring a passing Jaffa Priest who bowed heavily as he left,
trying not to displease his God. “The Tok‟ra are a thorn, nothing more. They have
been infiltrating Goa‟uld ranks for a thousand years and have only destroyed a
handful of ships and Jaffa. They are nothing.”

“As you say, Father.” Klorel said.

Apophis said nothing as they continued walking. Finally he stopped at turned
towards Klorel. “I have recently learned information about Ra‟s demise. It was
indeed the Tau‟ri. It is unknown how, but the destroyed Ra‟s Ha‟tak with a blast
similar to that of a naquadah explosion. They also incited a rebellion on Abydos and
overthrew his loyal Jaffa.”

Klorel was silent. “I shall lead an attack on the Tau‟ri home world.” He declared

“It is time to gather new hosts. My wife, Amonet, has need of one. Perhaps we shall
visit Earth to see what we can find.”

Deep under a mountain in the United States, there was a room. All the equipment in
this room was covered in tarps and a card table was set up with four Air Force
officers, three male and one female, playing poker. Behind the tarp, something
stired ever so slightly. The female officer noticed, and started in surprise.

“Does it always do that?” She asked.

“Do what?” asked the dealer, not looking up

“Whatever it is under the tarp! I just saw it move or do something!” The woman

“Probably the only thing it ever did was cost money.” said one of the others,
smoking a cigarette.

“Yeah, it looks like they ran out of that. Been shipping' personnel out of here for
months.” Muttered the dealer.

The tarp shifted again and the woman frowned.

“I'm telling you, that thing is moving!” She exclaimed.

“If you don't have the straight, just fold.” The dealer said, rolling his eyes.

Instead of answering, the woman got up from her chair, peering cautiously at the

“Can we take that as a fold?” The dealer said, amongst the chuckling of the other

She ignored them, moving slowly and cautiously up the ramp towards the tarp
covered object. Behind her, the others resume their game.

As the female officer got halfway up the ramp, the covered object creaked
somewhat. The woman took two more steps, and suddenly the ramp started to
shake, the railings groaning and creaking under the tremor.

The woman backed away glancing behind her. The poker table was shaking as well,
the chips and cards scattering. The other four officers got to their feet as their
comrade stumbled to the bottom of the ramp, nearly losing her balance entirely.
The tarp ripples and billows like water, and starts to slide away, eventually getting
tossed into the air and slipping to the floor. The officers watched in shock as the
round circular object continued to spin, the chevrons locking in place.

“I take it this has never happened before?” The woman muttered.

The smoking officer dashed over to the emergency phone on the far wall, lifting
the receiver to his ear. Before he can move another muscle, the wormhole
activates, shooting forth a watery bluish-white plume of energy particles. In his
shock, the officer dropped the receiver as the plume receded, leaving the active
wormhole. The other four are retrieving weapons from a nearby crate. As the
three-armed officers hang back, the woman steps forward, weapon at the ready as
she moves up the ramp.

“What are you doing?” The dealer hissed.

Ignoring him, she continued up the ramp, slowly and cautiously, her attention
completely focused on the anomaly before her. As she approaches the wormhole,
the officer who was dealing positioned himself at the bottom of the ramp. The
female officer reached the wormhole and stopped, reaching out a hand to touch it.
Before her fingers could make contact, a metal sphere about the size of an orange
was tossed through the wormhole. It bounced once on the ramp before landing by
her feet. The object was completely spherical except for an aperture at the top,
its shape resembling that of a novelty "magic" 8-ball. As the female officer turns,
rays of golden light suddenly shine from the aperture, catching her in a scanning
beam that travels over her. The scanning over with, it continued to glow. The four
other officers stand there, dumbstruck. The officer by the emergency phone
flattens himself against the wall. The light died away, and the woman knelt down,
reaching for the sphere to inspect it.

“What are you doing?”

“Don't touch it!”

Despite their cries, she picked the sphere up. Nothing happened. Slowly, she got to
her feet, trading a quick glance with the dealer. Just as she straightened up, an
armoured figure with a helmet shaped likes a serpent stepped through the
wormhole, grabbing her.
Klorel and Apophis stepped through the wormhole. Klorel was wearing a dark hood,
his eyes glowing from behind it while Apophis was dressed like a king. They were
escorted by seven Jaffa, all in full Serpent Guard armour. As they reappeared on
the other side, Klorel took in his surroundings. He was in a large room, with cloth
covering several bulky objects. It all looked rather primitive. There were four
humans, presumably Tau‟ri, at the bottom of the ramp he was standing on, holding
weapons he had never seen before.

“Hold you fire!” One of them called, staring at the woman that his Father‟s First
Prime was holding. He retracted his head armour, revealing Teal‟c, who stared at
the weapon that he had confiscated off the woman with curiosity.

“Jaffa, Kree!” Apophis shouted. He glanced at Teal‟c. “Teal‟c, Kree!”

Teal‟c obediently dropped the weapon and stared at the remaining Tau‟ri. He
gripped the woman by the throat as she struggled.

“Get…off…me!” She hissed.

Apophis raised his hand device and shined it in her eyes. She immediately froze
and stopped struggling.

“Let her go!” One of the Tau‟ri shouted. One of the Serpent Guards fired at him
and the battle broke out. Plasma bolts struck walls and tables as the Tau‟ri dove
for cover. The Serpent Guard‟s armour pinged as something struck it but it
deflected all of the small projectiles the Tau‟ri were firing. A well-aimed blast
caught a Tau‟ri in the midsection and he grunted as he went down. Klorel smirked
but it faded away as a projectile finally caught a weak spot and the Serpent Guard
collapsed. Apophis stared, surprised at the loss of his Jaffa.

“They are primitive.” Klorel said quietly. “But still able to cause damage should they
choose to do so.”

“So it seems.” Apophis said as another Tau‟ri went down, as well as another one of
his Jaffa. An alarm was blaring as Apophis tapped something on his wrist and the
Stargate began dialling. They cleared the way as the wormhole activated and
started to retreat as men poured into the room, led by a bald fat one.

“Hold your fire!” The man yelled.

Apophis stared at him, letting his eyes flash and the man recoiled, before both
Apophis and Klorel stepped through the gate with the Tau‟ri woman.
In England, in a magical school called Hogwarts, the Headmaster stared at a small
crystal ball. A few seconds ago, it had reacted to the presence of a magical
signature that he had inputted. Harry Potter had just been located and then lost
all in thirty seconds. Somebody had to be hiding his magical signature, but it
proved that he was alive.

“My Lord, I shall go to Abydos and pick out a potential host.” Klorel said, bowing to

“Go!” Apophis snapped. He was in a foul mood over the loss of three Jaffa. Not
that cared about the lives of the Jaffa, he was angry because there was another
species that appeared to be technologically advanced enough to fight back. The
Goa‟uld would attack and decimate planets that appeared to be starting to reach
the stage where their technological development could be potentially used to fight
back. The Tau‟ri had five thousand years to develop and prosper.

Klorel bowed and stalked out of the room. “Jaffa, Kree!” He snapped. Six Serpent
Guards bowed and followed him obediently as he stood in the centre of a small
room. There was a humming noise as the ring transporters activated, circling Klorel
and the Jaffa and whisking them away to a Cargo Ship, also known as a Tel‟tak,
above. Tel‟tak‟s were usually unarmed but possessed hyper drives that the Death
Gliders lacked were able to cloak and turn invisible. From there, they ringed from
the ship to the Stargate, which was out in the wilderness. Small stones that were
used by the Jaffa population as icons, as well as cover if they were ever invaded
surrounded the gate. They were on Chulak, home of many Jaffa in the service of

“Jaffa, Abydos is our destination.” Klorel snapped. A Jaffa stepped forward to the
dialling pedestal, (Or DHD, Dial-Home-Device, as it is known to the Tau‟ri)

Sha‟re hummed contently as she stirred a small cauldron of soup. Her husband,
Daniel Jackson, had gone with the newcomers to the old temples of Abydos.
Abydos was a desert world with a local population of only ten thousand or so. Ra
had driven them to the point of extinction until Daniel and his friends had showed
up one year ago. Jack O‟Neill, Daniels friend, along with Daniel had planted a bomb
on Ra‟s ship as it was leaving the orbit. It exploded, leaving Ra dead and the
Abydonians free. Jack had returned to Earth while Daniel had stayed on Abydos
with his new wife. It was the first time that somebody from Earth had used the
Stargate for a very long time.

“Sha‟re, it smells good.” Sha‟re‟s brother, Skaara, said, grinning crookedly. Skaara
worshipped Jack like a hero and in some ways; Jack had become a big brother and
father to him.

“It is not ready, so do not even think of touching it.” Sha‟re said, a small glare on
her face though her lips tugged upwards. Skaara back away, hands up.

“I would never dream of….” Skaara stopped suddenly as the Stargate started to
move. The Stargate was in a stone temple and was well guarded by the Abydonians,
who had been provided with weapons by the humans from Earth when they had
first arrived.

People ran away, ducking for cover as women and children quickly scattered out of
the door and behind the giant pillars. Several of them had guns; all which were
aimed at the Gate. The wormhole opened with a whoosh and the familiar blue light
illuminated the room. There was a silence as everybody tensed, waiting for what
they expected to be the worse. They were right.

Klorel stepped through the gate with the Serpent Guards. There were a few
milliseconds of silence as nothing breathed, before…


A plasma bolt struck the wall as the Serpent Guard opened fire on the armed
humans. They fired back, the familiar noise of a machine gun ringing in Klorel‟s

NETWORK?‟ Klorel thought viscously. This time though, the humans did not seem
to be as skilled or adept at using the weapons and nobody managed to find the
armour‟s weak spot. There were a few who wore similar uniforms to those on the
Tau‟ri home world, but the Serpent Guards kept firing, killing those who resisted
as others scattered. A Jaffa grabbed an attractive woman and looked over at
Klorel, who nodded once. Slowly, the Jaffa retreated as one started to dial the
gate again. One young boy, maybe seventeen, jumped forward, charging at the
Jaffa. One of the used his Staff and knocked him aside, but the boy just got up
and tacked the Jaffa to the ground. In the tangle of fists and legs, Klorel raised a
Zat‟nikatel. A charge of energy hit the two fighting figures and they both
grunted, as they were knocked unconscious by the wave of pain.

“Jaffa, Take the Boy!” Klorel ordered, smirking darkly. If this host proved to be a
disappointment in the future, that boy would do nicely. As the gate activated,
Klorel took one last look as he stepped through. The wormhole disengaged just
seconds before several more people came rushing into the room.

Klorel stepped through the Chulak Stargate and gestured to the Jaffa, before
tapping a few symbols on his hand device. They all stood in a tight group and
waited as the ring transporters zapped them from this Stargate back up to the
Tel‟tak, where they ringed back to the fortress.

“Jaffa, take the woman and boy to the holding area.” Klorel ordered. The Jaffa
bowed as they left, leaving Klorel alone.
Deep in his mind, Harry crowed. He could use the Tel‟tak to escape; he knew how to
pilot one because Klorel did. Slowly, he started his assault in order to regain his

Klorel stiffened in his private quarters as he felt an unfamiliar wave of energy
wash over him. Something was pushing him, prodding him and generally irritating
him. He clamped down harder on the spinal cord, only to yelp as something like a
jolt of electricity zapped him.

“What is this?” He hissed with disbelief. Slowly, the mouth moved again.

“I‟m getting my body back!” Harry replied back.

Klorel suddenly felt fear as pain assaulted him. He shivered and trembled as he
slowly dropped to the floor, curling up into a ball as the pain washed over him.
There was something attacking him at the spine, something the sent pulses of
energy to him that resembled Zat‟nikatel blasts. He gave a scream of pain as it
intensified and slowly, but surely, started loosening his grip on the Spine.

Harry was exhausted as he sent everything he had at the Goa‟uld. The energy
inside of him pulsed as it zapped the Goa‟uld enough for it to feel pain, but not
enough to kill him. If the Goa‟uld died, it would release a chemical that would kill
Harry. He could feel the Goa‟uld loosening its grip and gave a mental yell of joy,
only to find that it wasn‟t mental anymore.

Bra‟tac stopped, startled. He blinked once, twice and frowned. In all his decades of
service, he had never heard a Goa‟uld say „Woohoo!‟.

“My Lord?” He called from the doors. He heard grunts and wheezes and his mind
raced. Maybe there was an assassin on the other side of the doors, trying to kill
Klorel. It had happened before. Should he stay put and let it do its job? No.
Apophis would kill him if Klorel died. He raised his Staff Weapon and burst into
the room. In the centre was Klorel, on the ground and shaking. There was nobody

“My Lord?” Bra‟tac asked cautiously. Klorel groaned, but it was in a normal human
voice. Suddenly there was a splatter of blood as something squirming and wriggling
escaped the boy‟s neck. It fell to the ground, shrieking and hissing wildly.
Harry was back in control. He wanted to weep for joy as he felt his limbs move on
his own command. There were still little bits of Goa‟uld stuck on his spine, but the
majority of the Goa‟uld have left. He could feel his body absorbing the fragments
and started crying as the full memories of what Klorel had done in his body
washed over him. He staggered up, tears threatening to escape only to stop
cautiously. There was a Jaffa in the room, Bra‟tac. He stepped cautiously back as
he raised his hand device. He had seen and felt Klorel use it before.

“Are you going to kill me?” Harry asked softly.

“No.” Bra‟tac said, staring at the Goa‟uld on the floor. It couldn‟t see or hear in its
natural state, at least not in the way humans and Jaffa could.

“I didn‟t think so. Klorel though you were part of the Jaffa rebellion but he could
never prove it.” Harry said, stepping forward and glancing at the Goa‟uld.

-You hear that? You are just a little slug that crawls around to survive! - Harry
hissed. To him, it was just like he was talking in english and he never noticed
Bra'tac's start of suprise.

-Mark my words boy; you will die by my hand! - Klorel hissed back. Harry blinked
and staggered back in surprise.

Bra‟tac stared in astonishment. The boy had hissed at the Goa‟uld and it had hissed
back. Judging by his reaction, he could understand it.

“I have a plan for to escape.” Harry said, turning his eyes back at Bra‟tac.

“By all means, leave.” Bra‟tac said, lowering his staff. “Though, I came in here to
inform Klorel that three humans with odd weapons have been captured. I have
never seen anything like their technology or clothes before. It is not a race I am
familiar with.”

“They must be the Tau‟ri.” Harry frowned, ignoring Bra‟tac‟s gasp.

“They are a myth!” Bra‟tac snapped.

“No they are not. They killed Ra some time ago, and managed to kill several Serpent
Guards when we invaded their Stargate.” Harry told the Master Jaffa. He
appeared to be thinking something and Bra‟tac could tell that his childhood had
been destroyed long ago. “I was there when it happened…they must be trying to
rescue one of their own …I have to help them escape!”

“It is heavily guarded.” Bra‟tac warned.

“Not for Klorel, Son of Apophis.” Harry said lightly. An honest grin appeared on his
face. “In ten minutes, take Klorel to Apophis and say you found him like this. It
should make you appear even more trustworthy than before.”

Bra‟tac stared at him, before raising his Zat‟nikatel. It was not aimed at Harry, but
rather the Goa‟uld on the ground. “I wish you luck.”

Harry smiled and with a child-like nature he didn‟t have anymore, bounded forward
and hugged the Jaffa. “Thankyou.”

Bra‟tac patted his back and watched as Harry quickly moved away and started
taking small pieces of technology that lay scattered around he room.

“It can‟t hurt to be prepared.” Harry said as he inspected his Zat‟nikatel. “I hope
to see you in the future.”

“As do I.” Bra‟tac bowed his head. He stood alone in the room, before picking up
Klorel and waiting for the ten minutes to go by.
Harry sped along the corridor. Whenever a Jaffa would see him, they would bow.
He pasted a look of anger on his face, which kept many people away from him in
fear of his wrath, or rather, Klorel‟s wrath. He accessed Klorel‟s memories as he
walked through the twisting corridors before he finally came upon the gates of
the holding area. The people were all crowded along the back as Serpent Guards
led by Teal‟c surrounded them and he quietly ordered the gates to be opened.

“Let me save this people! Help me!” One of the people, a middle aged man with a
brown hair and brown eyes yelled. Next to him was a woman in the same type of
uniform as the man, with blonde hair and blue eyes and a man with brown hair, blue
eyes and some strange piece of mechanics on his face. Klorel walked quietly behind
the Serpent Guards, ready to strike.

“Many have said that before you... but you are the first I believe!” Teal‟c said
harshly, before whirling around, His staff aimed at a Serpent Guard. His eyes
widened and his grip on his Staff loosened as he took note of Harry.

“Teal‟c.” Harry said neutrally. “Apophis will be so disappointed when he learns that
his first prime was ready to betray him.”

The Serpent Guards shifted, as they comprehended what Harry had said and were
about to fire when Harry raised his hand with the device attached (Or Ribbon
Device as it is called by the Tau‟ri). A blast of energy knocked two Serpent Guards
back and Teal‟c looked amazed as he fired on the guards, before throwing his
Staff towards the Tau‟ri who had called out to him. Together, they fired
repeatedly at the guards as Harry attacked them from behind. It was over in two
seconds and the Tau‟ri ran forward, his Staff aimed past Klorel, firing at the
people behind the gates. They scattered and he sighed, before turning towards

“Who are you?” He asked.

“He is Klorel, son of Apophis.” Teal‟c said, before bowing his towards the man. “And
I am Teal‟c.”

“Wait, you‟re Apophis‟s son. That‟s just amazing!” The other Tau‟ri man said, coming

“I was Klorel‟s host. I managed to escape about…eight minutes ago.” Harry said
cautiously, in case the man tried to shoot him as well.

“Oh. Well that‟s cool. I‟m Jack, Jack O‟Neill, Colonel in the United States Air
Force.” The middle aged man said.

“Daniel, Daniel Jackson.” The other man said.

“Captain Samantha Carter.” The woman said.

“These names, Captain, Colonel, are they part of a ranking system?” Teal‟c asked.

“The military has a chain of command with, like you said, a ranking system. This
enables a standard of discipline and…”
“Carter.” Jack raised his hand. “How about we save the explanations for later?” He
turned to the wall and raised the Staff. He fired three times, blowing the stone
to pieces and creating a hole big enough for them to escape. He turned to the
other people, most who were watching Teal‟c and Harry with amazement. “All right
people, out you go.”

“Have you got anywhere to go?” Daniel asked the boy. He had jet-black hair that
was ruffled and bright green eyes that showed the look of somebody who was far
older than they should be. The little boy nodded.

“I have a ship that is ready.” He said.

“Oh.” Daniel said, a little disappointedly. “Well…are you sure you‟ll be ok?”

“I stand a better chance than you will.” Harry said. “You better leave.”

Daniel nodded and ruffledHarry's hair, before quickly making his way out with
everybody else.

“Teal‟c! Harry! Come on!”

“I have nowhere to go.” Teal‟c said calmly. His face was set in stone as he glanced
around at those who he had betrayed.

“For this, you can stay at my place! Now come on!” Jack yelled. Teal‟c followed him,
glancing back at Harry.

“Come on kid,” Jack started to yell before a circle of rings surrounded the boy and
a bright flash took him away. “Or not.”
Harry reappeared on the Cargo Ship and quickly made his way to the front seat.
There was enough food in the cargo hold to last him a week and Klorel had added a
Staff cannon a few months ago. There were two seats at the front, one with a
small red ball on the console. Harry placed his hands on it and quickly manoeuvred
the ship away. He flew quickly past the fortress and was about to leave orbit when
he noticed two Death Gliders firing on the ground. The people looked like ants
from this distance, but he could tell who it was and sighed. He turned a sharp
right and powered up his cannon. Suddenly a small streak that left smoke in it‟s
trail slammed into one of the gliders, causing an explosion and knocking it out of
the sky.Jack sighed in relief, but groaned as the other Death Glider circled
around. The team that had been left to guard the gate quickly scrambled as the
Death Glider came closer and Jack and Teal‟c started firing at it with their Staff
Weapons. They scored a few hits but did relatively little damage. Just as the
Glider got into firing range, it exploded in a ball of flames. Jack looked at Teal‟c.

“Was that you?”

“No it was not.” Teal‟c replied calmly.

“Oh.” Jack said and frowned. Suddenly another ship, different from the gliders,
flew past and into the atmosphere.

“It appears that we had somebody looking out for us.” Teal‟c said.

Jack nodded absently, before he remembered. “Sha‟re, Skaara! Teal‟c quickly, we
have to stop them before they reach the gate.”
Harry touched a few crystals and prepared for hyperspace. A plasma blast shot
past his cockpit as the Jaffa finally realised he was an enemy. He pushed down on
the red ball and it glowed, before a strange purple and black tunnel opened up in
front of him and he disappeared into sub-space.Apophis was seething as he
approached the gate. First an infiltration by the Tau‟ri and the betrayal of his
First Prime, then his son‟s own host overthrows Klorel and escapes. As he stepped
into the wormhole, he looked at his wife and son, both in new hosts. The wormhole
shut down before Apophis could see Jack and Daniel rushing towards it, trying to
stop him from taking Sha‟re, Amonet, his wife, and Skaara, Klorel, his son.Daniel
lowered his head in sadness, but raised it as he heard horns.

“Come on!” Jack said. “We‟ll get her back.”

Daniel nodded slowly as Jack turned to yell at one of the other soldiers. “When I
say so, blow the ridge planted with claymores. We‟re leaving this planet!”
Harry stared at the strange lights that sub-space produced as he nibbled on a
small piece of fruit. He wondered if the Tau‟ri got out, before shaking his head.
Right now, he needed to figure out what to do.
Important Fact #3: A Goa‟uld Mothership is called a Ha‟tak

A Goa‟uld fighter is called a death glider

A Goa‟uld bomber is called an Al‟kesh

A Goa‟uld cargo ship is called a Tel‟tak

Two months later

Harry stared at the barren rock ahead of him. His face was impassive as he ran the
ship‟s scanners over the planet. It was dead. Not even bacteria managed to
survive. According the analysis, the atmosphere was destroyed after a very
powerful blast, most likely a Naquadah bomb, ruptured the ozone layer. It was all
gone, just a barren rock with no survivors. Harry closed his eyes and sighed, a tear
rolling down his face and turned away from the transparent force field that
covered the cockpit. He activated the hyper drive and shot into subspace. The
planet he grew up on was no more.
About three minutes later in the same location, a Goa‟uld mothership slowly came
into view. After pausing for thirty seconds, it also entered hyperspace…in the
same direction as Harry went.For the past two months, Harry had been living in
the Goa‟uld cargo ship, the Tel‟tak. He had enough food to last for a week, before
he started visiting planets. He got quite a bit of food visiting a planet called the
Land of Light. Shortly after he had arrived, the leader had told him that they had
had visitors from the Stargate. These visitors had wiped out a disease that had
plagued the land for centuries. One of them was named Jack, the other Daniel, the
woman Carter and there had been a big man with a golden emblem on his forehead.
Harry had said that he was friends with them and had saved their lives and was
automatically treated like a Prince. He stayed there for a few days before leaving.
It seemed the Tau‟ri were getting around. When monitoring the transmissions that
were sent from System Lord to System Lord- a very hard thing to do but Klorel
had been skilled… he learnt that in the two months, the Tau‟ri had visited a number
of worlds, attempted to assassinate Apophis, raided Chulak to save Teal‟c‟s son,
stopped Nirrti (A Goa‟uld who is famed for her biological weapons and her
experiments into human genealogy) from destroying their planet and was somehow
responsible for the return of an angry and livid Hathor. Hathor was a Goa‟uld
queen, one of the few Goa‟uld who could produce new Goa‟uld larvae. Whatever the
Tau‟ri had done when she had awoken had left her aching for revenge. And this was
in two months.

As he exited Hyperspace, he started to think of what he should do next. He
couldn‟t live up here forever. Maybe he found the address for Earth…

Suddenly the alarms went off as the Tel‟tak was knocked off course. A Goa‟uld
Ha‟tak had just appeared and was firing. Plasma blasts littered the space between
the two as it relentlessly pummelled the Tel‟tak‟s shields. Harry quickly dove down,
arcing right as another burst of plasma fire missed. He looked down at the control
panel at screen that displayed the statistics of the ships. The shields were almost
down and the hyperdrive had been damaged badly. There was nowhere near enough
time to fix it and he had lost his cloaking device. Growling in annoyance he scanned
the solar system. There were two planets nearby, so he set a course for them as
he activated the rotatable plasma cannon fixed to the Tel‟tak. Klorel had added
one after it became clear that some System Lords wanted him dead for his
success in the takeover of Ra‟s territories. He fired back; plasma bolts splashing
against the shields of the Ha‟tak, which were too powerful to overcome. Another
blast rocked his ship as Death Gliders were launched and started zooming in.
Death Gliders were agile but only armed with weapons that did damage on larger,
slower moving ships. They had no shields and no hyperdrive to speak of. Harry
activated the automatic firing system and increased the ship‟s speed by diverting
power from the life support system. He would only be on this ship for another four
Apophis stared in surprise as the Tel‟tak fired back and turned to his son. “I see
you added in the portable Staff Cannon.”

Klorel, in his new host of Skaara, nodded. “It was a good Tel‟tak.”

“My Lord.” Bra‟tac bowed. “We are approaching Tollan territory.”

“Stop the Ship. Send out the Al‟kesh and command the Death Gliders to continue
pursuit.” Apophis ordered. This human would die today for defying his son.
Harry had reached the planet. One was a dead world, with a surface that reported
that this damage was recent. The other was a world with a very unstable climate.
There were several volcanic eruptions happening on the surface and the scanners
picked up a ship in the northern hemisphere. There was also a Stargate in the
South, and Harry set his course. The Staff Cannon was still firing at his pursuers
as he dropped into the atmosphere. The Al‟kesh had been launched. Al‟kesh were
shielded, able to enter hyperspace and had much more powerful weapons than the
Death Gliders. The Staff cannon was useless against them. Harry smiled grimly as
he touched a few crystals and set the automatic pilot on, before stepping onto the
ring platform. He ringed out just as the Tel‟tak zoomed back up into the

It continued on its course, weaving and turning as it evaded plasma shots back into
deep space, approaching the Ha‟tak. Finally, it was hit by a lucky shot and it slowed
down long enough for the Ha‟tak to unleash its attack. A barrage of Plasma bolts
struck it and it exploded in a ball of flames that were quickly snuffed out by the
vacuum of space.

“Are you satisfied now?” Apophis asked.

Klorel smiled grimly. “Yes. Yes I am.”

Harry reappeared on the surface and coughed heavily. There was ash all in the air
and he could barely see the pat in front of him. It was only 100 metres to the
Stargate and he started trudging up the path. He coughed again and started
wheezing. A normal adult might have lasted longer, but Harry was a child and he
could barely breathe. He staggered up the path until the Stargate was just ahead
of him. There was a small machine with wheels in front of him and bodies lay on
ground nearby. He collapsed just as he saw the gate activate and blacked out.
Jack walked through the gate and looked around. There was a volcano nearby
erupted and ash was in the air. Next to him, Carter looked surprised.

“Wow! None of this was going on when we sent the probe through.” She said,
gesturing towards the small machine with wheels.

“What's this stuff in the air?” Daniel asked.

“Ash.” Teal‟c answered.

“All right, Daniel. Dial it up, get us out of here.” Jack ordered. He didn‟t want to
stay here any longer than he had to.

“No argument.” Daniel said. Lightning flashed through the sky and he frowned.
“Wait a minute. There's something out there!”

He walked over to a downed person. He quickly checked her pulse. “It's a woman,
she's alive. There's more -- hurry, you guys.” He yelled.

The rest of the team fanned out, checking the pulses of those on the ground.

“There's no life here.” Teal‟c said emotionlessly.

“This one's had it.” Carter replied quietly.

“It's just like Pompeii. Everyone died of suffocation before the lava started to
flow.” Daniel murmured.

“O'Neill! There are two more alive.” Teal‟c yelled over the storm.

“Carter? How long before we're toast?” Jack asked.

“I don't know, Sir, I'm not a vulcanologist. It could be days, it could be minutes.”
Carter replied, before something caught her eye. “Sir! That one‟s wearing a ribbon

Jack turned sharply, his gun raised. Cautiously he approached the figure and
turned him upwards. Shock showed on his face as he recognised the person.

“It‟s Harry!” He yelled.

“What!” Daniel said as he rushed over. “It is!”

“I know, that‟s what I just said.” Jack snapped. “Daniel, Dial us home and request a
evac team.”
Harry groaned as he woke up on something soft. His eyes closed, he sniffed the air
only to smell some sort of sharp basic smell. He opened his eyes and tried to sit
up, only to clutch his head and lie down again.

“Hey.” Said a woman softly. He opened his eyes again to see a kind looking young
woman in a white coat pull out a small torch. She shone the light in his eyes,
checking his pupils as he lay there. “You seem to be recovering much quicker than
the others.”

Harry said nothing as he tried to get up a second time. This time he managed and
he sat up in his bed.

“Water.” He croaked.

The doctor nodded to herself and passed him a glass filled to the brim. He
swallowed it gratefully.

“Thankyou.” He murmured. He could feel his strength returning to him as his latent
Goa‟uld healing powers kicked in. Ever since he had absorbed tiny fragments of
Klorel, he had retained the abilities that Goa‟uld hosts usually had. He looked
around at the other beds, where several people in silver uniforms were lying down.
“Who are they?”

“Actually we were hoping you could tell us.” The doctor said. “I‟m Janet Fraiser.”

“I‟m Harry.” Harry introduced himself.

“I know. Colonel O‟Neill and Teal‟c have been singing your praises ever since we
bought you back.”

“Where am I?” Harry asked.

“You‟re on our planet, called Earth.”

“I‟m on the Tau‟ri homeworld?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Yes you are.” Said a familiar voice as Jack walked in. “Hey Kiddo, how are you?”

“I‟m ok.” Harry shrugged.

“Um…Do you know who these guys are then?” Jack asked as he sat down.

“Not a clue. I found them like that when I was trying to use their Stargate.” Harry
answered, before trying to stand.
“Hey, you need to stay in bed…” Janet trailed off, as Harry stood, bouncy as ever.
“That‟s not normal.”

“Whatever. Come on Harry, let me show you around.” Jack said as he led Harry out
of the infirmary.
“This is our gate room.” Jack said as he showed Harry their Stargate. It was
hooked up to several machines that held it aloft. It was exactly how Harry
remembered it.

“I‟ve been here before…I mean Klorel was here before. He took a woman.” Harry

“Oh.” Jack said, looking awkward. “Anyway, we don‟t have a DHD, um, that‟s what we
call the dialling device by the way, so we had to rig up a machine that manually
turns that gate for us. We use the computers to input the address.”

“How long have you had it running?” Harry asked as he looked around. There was a
large weapon in the room aimed towards the gate with several guards posted in
various spots.

“Oh, about two months. We first activated it a year ago but out encounter with Ra
didn‟t go so well.” Jack said.

“Two Months?” Harry said, his eyes wide. “And you‟ve already managed to annoy the
Goa‟uld so soon?”

Jack grinned happily. “Did you know we tried to kill Apophis?”

“Yep. You failed.”

Jack scowled, giving him a small tap on the head. “Only because he had a shield.” He

Harry looked down at his wrist and gave a start. “Where‟s my hand device?"

Jack looked sheepish. “Carter wanted a peek at it. Come on, I‟ll take you…”

“INCOMING WORMHOLE!” Said a loud voice over the speakers as an alarm blared.
Red lights started to flash as men poured into the room. Harry stared bemusedly
at the men; they would easily killed if it was Apophis and his men. Suddenly, he
gasped as a metal sheet swivelled and closed off the Stargate.

“What‟s that?” He asked Jack.

“That‟s what we call the Iris. We close this every time a wormhole is activated. It‟s
millimetres away from the event horizon of the wormhole so the atoms never get a
chance to re-materialise when they come through. It‟s our first line of defence.” A
woman said behind him. Harry turned to see Carter, the blond Tau‟ri he had met on

“It‟s a smart idea, and looks pretty formidable.” Harry admitted. “I wonder why
the Goa‟uld didn‟t think of it.”

“Because they‟re snakes with human extensions.” Jack said carelessly.

“Jack!” Daniel hissed as he appeared, jerking his head towards Harry.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Jack said awkwardly. “Forgot about the whole „Goa‟uld thing‟.”

“Well, they are snakes.” Harry said, snickering. He sobered up. “How do your men
get through?”

“Each team has an IDC, a device that sends a code through the gate. When we
receive it, we open the gate. Watch.” Carter said as she pointed towards the gate.
The Iris swivelled open just as a team of wet uniformed men holding weapons
walked through.

“How was P3X- 619, SG3?” A voice said over the speaker. It sounded familiar and
Harry recognised the bald fat man from his previous visit as Klorel.

“Wet sir.” One of the men called out.

“Understood. Get changed and report to the infirmary.”
Teal‟c, Sam, Jack and Harry entered a room filled with gadgets. Things were in
pieces, with computers attached to them and books lay everywhere. Carter picked
something up and gave it to Harry. It was his hand device.
“Here you are.” She said. “I wasn‟t able to activate it, let alone use it.”

Harry slipped it on and the stone flashed.

“Cool.” Jack snipped in. “I want one.”

“You need to be a host to be able to use it.” Harry said. “It only works if you have
Naquadah in your bloodstream.”

Jack looked at Carter. “Naquadah?” he mouthed.

“Sir, I think it‟s that heavy metal SG3 bought back several weeks ago.” Sam
answered. She picked up Harry‟s Zat‟nikatel and passed it over. Harry picked it up
and inspected it. “That‟s an interesting weapon.”

“Indeed it is.” Teal‟c said. “It is a Zat‟nikatel.”

Jack paused. “Um…what?”

“I said it is a Zat‟nikatel.” Teal‟c answered, raising an eyebrow.

“So, it‟s a Zat gun.” Jack deadpanned.

“A Zat gun?” Teal‟c asked.

“Yeah, A Zat. Nice Zat Harry.” Jack said.

Harry sniggered, much to the amusement of the team. “Here, keep it.” He said as
he chucked it towards Jack. Jack caught it and glanced down at it. “Teal‟c can tell
you all about it.”

Daniel walked through the door at that moment. “Hello Harry!” he said happily,
ruffling the boy‟s hair. Harry really didn‟t mind and smiled back. “I just spoke to
the Tollans…and they‟re not the nicest people I‟ve met.”

“Tollans?” Jack asked.
“The people we saved. They didn‟t seem very grateful, in fact, they called us
primitive.” Daniel said. He looked hurt by the remarks the Tollans had made.

“Tollana. So that‟s what that planet was.” Harry murmured out loud. “The Tollans
are very powerful race. Their weapons outmatch those of the Goa‟uld. The Goa‟uld
don‟t intrude on their territory and avoid them. Ships have a habit of blowing up if
they meet the Tollan.”

“Wow. I like them already.” Jack said.

“They‟ve already stated in no uncertain terms that they won‟t trade technology. In
fact, they criticised us for helping them. Thinks that they had a ship coming to
pick them up.” Daniel said.

“The scanners did spot a ship, but it was on the other side of the planet.” Harry

“What were you doing there?” Daniel asked.

“One of Apophis‟s Ha‟tak‟s attacked me. I set the ship on a pre-designated course
and used the ring transporters to escape. They think I‟m dead. I was trying to
reach the Stargate, but I collapsed just as I saw it open.” Harry explained.

“Well, you can always count on SG1 to save the day.” Jack exclaimed.

“SG1?” Harry asked.

“It‟s my team.” Jack said and paused. Harry‟s face stayed blank. “Oh come on, you
said we were famous!”

“Famous? Really?” Daniel asked.

“Infamous more like it. The Goa‟uld can‟t stop yapping about the Tau‟ri who killed Ra
and annoyed Apophis and Hathor so badly that they swore to have eternal
revenge.” Harry said.

“See?” Jack crowed, pointing at Harry.
“SG1 is one of several teams on this world. We explore different planet addresses
that we found in Abydos to find technology that can help defend us from the
Goa‟uld.” Carter said.

“And try to make contact with many different cultures.” Daniel butted in.

There was a knock on the lab door as a man dressed in blue uniform stepped

“Maybourne.” Jack said. “I wish I could say it was nice to see you.” He shrugged.

“Colonel.” The man nodded curtly before turning his eyes to Harry. “And this must
be Harry. You‟re coming with me.”

“What!” Carter said in disbelief.

“He‟s coming to Area 51, where he‟ll be helping us in ways of defeating the Goa‟uld.
Being a former host, he has more experience than anybody else on this planet.”
Maybourne said. “The Tollans are also coming.”

“Hey, he‟s just a kid!” Jack complained. “You can‟t do that!”

“Sure I can. I have my orders from the President himself.” Maybourne said smugly.

Harry as tense as two armed guards came forward. “Please come with us Harry.”
Maybourne said, smiling falsely.

Jack growled and looked ready to spring forward when the fat bald man walked in
the door.

“Colonel Maybourne, what an unexpected surprise.” The man said.

“General Hammond.” Maybourne said. “I believe you have your orders.”

“Yes I do.” Hammond said calmly. “But you can‟t take these people.”

“General, I have my orders from the President himself.” Maybourne said.
“They are still under medical quarantine. When they‟ve been cleared, you can take
them.” Hammond said.

Maybourne look like somebody had just stolen his wallet. “Guards, take Mr Harry to
a cell.”

“Sir!” Carter protested.

“General, he is a liability. He was once a Goa‟uld host, who knows what happened to
him.” Maybourne said.

As the two guards got closer, Harry acted. He darted into the hallway, ducking
under the guards and raised his hand device. A small wave of energy erupted and
knocked back the guards when they tired to get close. More guards rushed into
the hall, guns aimed as Harry sent another two back. The guards opened fire…


As the two guards got closer, Harry acted. He darted into the hallway, ducking
under the guards and raised his hand device. A small wave of energy erupted and
knocked back the guards when they tired to get close. More guards rushed into
the hall, guns aimed as Harry sent another two back. The guards opened fire…as
Harry raised a personal shield. The orange cylinder shaped shield shimmered and
made a high-pitched whine every time it was hit. The guards stopped,
dumbfounded, just as Jack, Carter, Teal‟c, Daniel and Hammond rushed out.

“HOLD YOUR FIRE!” Hammond yelled loudly. Yells and footsteps could be heard as
guards rushed in from other corridors. These ones were dressed in slightly
different clothes than the others. “Men, escort the NID guards out of the

“General…” Maybourne protested but fell silent as Hammond sent him a look.
“Colonel Maybourne, get into my office. NOW!” Hammond snapped. Maybourne fell
silent as he stalked away, while the guards who had fired at Harry were led away.

“Harry! Are you okay?” Daniel asked as he rushed forward, running through the
shield to inspect him.

“Yeah, are you hit kiddo?” Jack asked, a scowl on his face.

“I‟m fine.” Harry said as he dropped the shield. “Just fine.”

“I‟ve got to go talk to Maybourne, them I‟m going to call the president, see if I can
get these things fixed up. Colonel, make sure that Harry always has an escort.”

“Sir, didn‟t Dr Fraiser already lift the quarantine status?” Carter asked.

“Yes she did. That‟s why I don‟t think that it will work for very long.” Hammond
said. “If anybody sees the NID in this complex, escort them out.”

“Yes sir!” Jack said. Hammond nodded once and walked away.

“Who are the NID?” Harry asked.

“It‟s a government organization tasked with R&D of alien tech found by our teams.”
Carter explained.

“I do not like that man O‟Neill.” Teal‟c said quietly.

“Either do I buddy, either do I.”
Harry was back in the infirmary. Janet had finally found him and had dragged him
all the way back to his bed despite protests from SG1. He sighed as he looked over
the place. Curtains were open and the beds still had people in them but the
majority of the people seemed to be awake and standing. One of the silver clothed
men walked over. He was old and had traces of wisdom in his eyes.

“I am Omac, of the Tollan.” The man said.

“I‟m Harry, of the Tr… just Harry.” Harry said with a pained smile. He didn‟t have a
home anymore.

“You seem to be quite young to be piloting Tel‟tak‟s against the Goa‟uld.” Omac said.

“I was once a host. I‟m as young and old as I want to be.” Harry said.

“I see.” Omac said and fell silent. Finally, he spoke. “Do you know of their plans for

Harry hesitated. “There‟s a faction of this nations government who want to take us
away. The people in this facility disagree with this and are trying to help us.”

“I do believe that. But it is forbidden for the Tollan to share technology with other
primitive races.” Omac said. He sighed sadly. “Once there was a planet close to
ours that we watched carefully. When they had reached a certain technological
stage, we revealed ourselves. They were delighted to meet us, especially after we
gave them a clean and unlimited source of energy to use. In one rotation of your
planet, they had destroyed themselves and knocked our planet off alignment. It
was this that caused our unstable climate until we were forced to leave.”

Harry understood. “You do not wish the same for these people.” He stated.

“They have saved our lives. While it may seem unjust to them, we are only helping
them.” Omac said.

“Can‟t you use the Stargate to get to your home?” Harry asked curiously.

“There is no Stargate to where we evacuated. Our people would have to build one,
and that takes time.” Omac replied.

“You can build Stargates?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” Omac said. “The people in this facility have already offered us numerous
planets to go to. But the people are too primitive, we would repeat our mistakes.”

“I couldn‟t help overhearing.” Somebody said from the doorway. It was Daniel. “And
I have an idea.”
Omac watched him. “Go on.”

Daniel cleared his throat. “We know of a planet where the people are just as
advanced as you, the Nox.”

“Why did you not offer to send us there before?” Omac asked.

“Well, you see, we need your help.” Daniel said uncomfortably.

“If this is a ploy to gain out technology…” Omac started.

“No!” Daniel burst out. “You see, they buried their gate and we can‟t get a message
across. If you have anything that could send a message to tell them to unbury
their gate…”

Omac regarded him carefully and nodded. “We will need to go to the surface.”

“Oh, that might be hard…” Daniel started.

“Take my hand.” Omac said. He glanced at Harry. “You may come as well.”

Harry and Daniel grabbed his hands and suddenly felt strange. The wall in front of
them was bending slightly and Harry expectedly flinched as Omac suddenly walked
into it…and out the other side. He opened his eyes and looked behind him.

“Wow!” He said.

“Yes, it is one of our more unique pieces of work.” Omac said, a faint smile tugging
at his lips. “Come, we must reach the surface.”
Harry stared at the stars above. There were constellations that he had never seen
before, and some he had. He carefully reached for his hand device and pressed a
small crystal. He aimed it at the sky and the orb blinked.

“What was that?” Daniel asked. Omac was setting up something a few metres away.

“I took an image of the sky, so I‟ll be able to find this planet again. I should be able
to work out where you are using the constellations.” Harry said.
“Oh.” Daniel said. They were silent for a few minutes. Suddenly a bright beam of
light erupted from the device and sped off into the sky.

“It is done.” Omac said. “They will reply shortly.”

“Won‟t it take years to reach that far? I mean, even at the speed of light, it
should take years?” Daniel asked in confusion.

Omac smiled gently as he picked up a twig. “Space may seem large if you view one
end as your planet and the other end another planet. But…” He folded the twig so
the tips touched. “If you do this…”

“Hang on, I remember this from College! You‟re talking aboutfolding space!” Daniel

Omac smiled. “No.”


A bright beam suddenly flew back and Omac consulted one of his devices. "They
said that they would have thew gate unburied in fifteen of your minutes.”

“We better get to it then.” Daniel said.

Harry watched as the alarms started blaring and the lights flashed. He turned to

“Here. The Tollan have lent me this. It has enough power for three or four
transmissions. If you ever need help, just send a message.” Harry said as he
passed on a small metal object.

Jack took it and smiled. “Hey if you‟re ever in this part of the neighbourhood, give
us a buzz.”

“A buzz?” Harry repeated.

“It‟s a…oh, never mind.” Jack said, clapping Harry on the back. “Where‟s Daniel?”
“Finalising the Gate Co-ordinates.” Harry said. “Are you sure he won‟t get into
trouble for this?”

“He‟s not part of the military, so they can‟t court martial him.” Jack said smugly.
“And they won‟t fire him. He‟s too damn good at…digging up rocks and stuff.”

“Archaeology.” Harry supplied.

“Right, that‟s the one.” Jack said. “You better go.”

Harry walked to the door and turned around.

“Jack, try not to piss the Goa‟uld off too much.” He said before leaving.

“I can‟t promise that, it‟s an inherent trait.” Jack called after him.
Harry walked quickly for the gate room. Guards were rushing pass, mainly dressed
in the NID style of clothing. A few SGC (Stargate Command) guards were smiling
smugly at them. He quickly turned a corner only to find himself face to face with
three guards, their weapons aimed right at him.

“DROP! DO NOT RAISE YOUR HAND!” One of the guards yelled. Harry dropped
his hand and stared at them. Suddenly three quick bursts of energy struck them
and they fell to the ground, twitching. Teal‟c lowered the Zat and gestured
towards a corridor.

“You must hurry.”

Harry nodded his thanks as he quickly ran down the passage. He turned a corner
and could hear the guards chasing him. Adrenaline soared into his veins, reacting
with the tiny traces of Naquadah. When a guard appeared up ahead, he quickly
jumped forward, bringing his fist in a nasty upper hook. The guard crumpled as if a
baseball bat had hit him as Harry moved on.

Harry reached the final corridor and turned around. There were at least fifteen
guards behind him. He turned to the last corridor and groaned. The blast door was
shut. He started running, anger and fear rushing through him. They would not trap
him like an animal! He would not be trapped again! HE WOULD NOT! The anger
reached the tingle inside of him and reacted. Instinctively, his hand shot out
ahead of him and he thrust forward. A fireball erupted from his hand, flickering
yellow and red oranges flames radiating searing heat, blasting open the door. A
large hole was in the middle of a twenty centimetre steel door. He clamoured
forward, only to come face to face with the scene. Daniel and the Tollan were
standing in front of the Stargate. Guards surrounded them, guns up and aimed.
Behind the glass control room in the back wall was Jack and Carter, along with
Hammond and Maybourne. Jack and Carter looked pleased while Maybourne looked
annoyed. Everybody looked startled to see him. He quickly bounded up the ramp,
next to Daniel.

“So, what now?” He whispered. Daniel pointed towards somebody and he turned to
have a look.

It was a beautiful woman, beautiful but strange. Her hair and clothes were covered
in leaves and twigs. For the advanced species that Daniel had talked about, she
looked like she lived in the wild. Her eyes, though, her eyes showed great wisdom
and a sense of sorrow.

shouted. Behind him, Jack scowled.

The woman shook her head sadly. “When will you people learn that your way is not
the only way?” She turned to Daniel. “You, though, you and your friends. You have

“GUARDS, THEY DO NOT LEAVE!” Maybourne shouted. The woman turned her
eyes on Harry.

“You must be Harry. I am Lya, of the Nox.”

Harry just nodded back, his eyes still on the guards.


Immediately guns were cocked. Harry stepped forward pushing Daniel out of the
way, his hand device raised and his shield active. He covered the ramp. No bullet
would be able to get past him.
Lya shook her head sadly. She waved her arms, and suddenly all of the guns
disappeared from the soldier‟s hands. Harry blinked and turned around in
disbelief, just in time to see Lya raise her arms like she was yawning. The gate
activated behind her, silently shimmering and Harry gaped. There was no outburst
of energy like usual, just a silent and quick wormhole.

“Come.” She said. The Tollans started moving forward, disappearing before they
even reached the Gate. Omac smiled at Daniel before he too disappeared. Harry
gave a quick grinas he felt a shimmering heat spread over him, and then it felt like
he was being squeezed into a small tube as he left Earth.


Albus Dumbledore was practically beaming. You could tell that something exciting
had happened by the way he squirmed in his seat and he twinkled even harder than
normal. Sirius and Remus noted these things as they entered his office.

“Please sit!” The Headmaster exclaimed jubilantly.

Sirius and Remus exchanged an odd look but sat down. The headmaster grinned and
leaned forward.

“The tracking spells have located Harry. This time he stayed on the maps for about
eighteen hours before leaving. I‟ve cast several spells that only confirm the
results.” Albus said happily.

Sirius jumped up, his fist in the air. “Alright! Let‟s go get him!”

“That was the plan.” Remus said dryly.

Albus pulled out a Portkey. “Take this. I‟ve already set the location.”

The three wizards took the Portkey and disappeared.
In the American Ministry of Magic, more specifically the Auror Headquarters, an
alarm went off. It was a shrill whining alarm and was half broken, as it kept
spluttering every few seconds. Still, it signified that somebody had tried to
Portkey into one of America‟s nine total magical restriction zones. Auror‟s pulled
out their wands as they rushed to the containment room, a heavily shielded and
guarded room as the intruders appeared.

“STUPEFY!” Cast over seventeen Auror‟s at once as the Portkey wards from the
restricted zone automatically pulled the intruders into the room.
Albus felt it first. As the Portkey dragged them along, he could feel a small sliding
sensation and then as harp jolt. As soon as the trip was over, the first thing he
saw was beams of red light and a dark room His wand slid out of his sleave as he
sidestepped, flicking sharply. The beams of light struck a powerful glowing golden
shield. Albus flicked his wand again and a bright flash was emitted. A strange
high-pitched whine echoed in the room before the light receded and the assailants
were down. Albus sighed before noting the fallen. He suppressed an urge to wince.
They were Auror‟s from the United States.

“Um…Albus?” Sirius asked hesitantly. He hadn‟t even had time to pull out his wand.
“Is this…?”

“No.” Albus answered sharply. “I will find out what is going on.”
Ten minutes later, the three of them sat behind the desk of the American
Minister of Magic. He was a middle-aged man with greying hair and a brown

“Minister, it is so good to see you again.” Albus greeted.

“Can it.” The Minister snapped. “What the hell do you think you were doing?”

“Pardon?” Albus said, blinking innocently.

“You tried to Portkey into a restricted zone. There are harsh sentences for that
crime.” The Minister said, lighting a cigar.

“Restricted Zone?” Sirius asked, butting in. “Why is it Restricted?”

The Minister sighed. “I wouldn‟t have a clue. About a year or two ago, the American
Muggle President comes to me and asks for a favour. He‟s the only one who knows
about our world. He starts talking about protection spells and says he wants the
strongest ones placed over this mountain complex. We slapped a couple on and he
asked if more could be put on. We say yes, so he says that he wanted the area to
be accessible to Muggles, but not to Wizards and Witches. So we put on a
restricted ward and classed it as a restricted zone.”

“But Harry…” Sirius burst out, before catching the look Remus was sending him. He
sat back down in his seat in a huff.

“If you‟re missing a friend, he‟s not in there. Every time a magical person or being
goes near that place, they‟re automatically driven away by the wards, thinking that
they‟ve got an appointment with the wandmaker. You know, it‟s really boosted his
business…and, if they do make it through the first wards, he has to get past the
second set, which would take a curse breaker a couple of years to crack. Finally, if
he gets passed them, he‟s got the restricted wards that transport him to a secure
holding area. If he manages that, then it‟s the Muggles who will get him. Armed
guards, dogs, spotlights and if what I‟m told is right, the latest technology in the
world. They shoot to kill.” The Minister finished, tapping his cigar. “Now, I‟m going
to be understanding about all of this. Go home and stay there. If I catch you near
that mountain, there‟ll be trouble.”

Albus nodded once and stood. “I thank you for your kindness and understanding.
We meant no harm.”

“HEY! What about Harry!” Sirius yelled. Albus shot him a hard glare and he gulped,
shutting up. Calling Fawkes, he waited until the phoenix appeared and grasped both
Remus‟s and Sirius‟s arm as they disappeared in a bust of flame.
“No, they were looking for somebody named Harry.” The Minister said on his red
phone. “I understand. They won‟t try again. Good day Mr President.” He put down
the receiver and sighed. What the hell was so interesting under that damn
rock?Harry reappeared in front of a luscious planet. It teemed with life, singing
birds and the sky was blue with little whiffs of clouds. Next to him, the Tollans
glanced around at their new home, at least, for now.

“Welcome to the Nox homeworld.” Lya said gently. She waved her hands and the
Stargate behind them disengaged. There was a rumbling, before it dropped into a
chasm that it had been floating above and dirt piled above it.
“I was to understand that you were a technologically advanced race?” Oman said

Lya smiled gently. “Patience my friend.” She said warmly. She waved her hands
once, and something shimmered in the air, far away above the sea of trees. Harry
gasped, as a floating city was uncloaked. It teemed with life as well, with plants
growing on the side of the massive hulk. There were buildings built one a large
floating dome, with birds flying all around it.

“Amazing.” Omac said in awe.

Lya smiled. “We are a peaceful race who do like fighting.” She waved her hands,
and the group of humans shimmered and disappeared. They reappeared at the city.
Up close, it was apparent that this was a very powerful piece of technology. Plants
grew and prospered and Nox walked at their own pace throughout the wide
streets. Some Nox children scampered through the adults legs, while others were
solemn and sat on the grass near a tree, staring at the sky in deep contemplation.

Lya started walking, continuing to talk. “Once, long ago, the Nox were part of a
Great Alliance. The ones you know as Ancients, the Furlings and the Asgard and us
helped seed life in this galaxy. Eventually all of the races left to find their own
ways. The Ancients left this galaxy after a plague hit them. We never heard from
them since. The Furlings…” Lya seemed upset, a shadow passing over her eyes.
“The Furlings were killed in a civil war among each other. Such a great race, a
great people…” She murmured.

Harry and the Tollans said nothing.

Lya snapped out of it and smiled her beautiful smile. “But that is the past.”

The group walked down the main street and turned into a large dome. It was also
full of plants, with a small river tricking in the middle of it and a metallic bridge
that spanned it. The metal was an alloy Harry had never seen before.

“The Asgard, however, are still our allies. We have not heard from them for some
time, but they are present in this galaxy. It has been rumoured that they are in a
war against a very powerful foe. However, the Nox have not fought a war in 12,000
years and we are unable to assist them.” Lya said. Harry frowned at that name. It
sounded very familiar and his mind flashed back to one of his earliest memories.

“Asgard.” He though out loud. Lya turned to him. “I think I‟ve met them. Are they
small and grey? Humanoid?”

“Yes, that is their general appearance.” Lya said, her head tilted oddly as she
regarded him.

Harry nodded slowly, frowning. “My home planet said that a white glow had given
me to them. I always thought that they were making it up; there weren‟t a lot of
kids on the planet so each one was treasured. But I always had this little grey alien
in my mind…”

“The Asgard do possess beaming technology.” Lya said as the ground stepped on a
small circular platform in the middle of this domed building. She motioned for
them to come forward. As they stepped in the middle of the circle, the entire
thing glowed. A wave of greenish energy rose, swirling around them. Suddenly they
were on a different level, one above the natural park down below. This floor
represented a Goa‟uld fighter bay. There were several ships that Harry had never
seen before. None of the ships were bigger than an Al‟kesh and they all bore
smooth curves and were made from a dark blue metal.

“Here.” Lya motioned to the ships as she addressed the Tollans. She tilted her
head and there was a slight hissing noise as one of the ships suddenly floated
forward. It was a small ship but large enough to carry the eleven Tollan refugee‟s.
“This is a transport from an era long ago. We have no need for it, so you may take
it to return to the planet that the rest of your kind evacuated to.”

Omac bowed his head in thanks. “I thank you Lya, of the Nox. The Tollan are
indebted towards you and will always come to your aid should you need it.”

Lya bowed her head, smiling beautifully. “I bid you well. The ship has been stocked
with fruits and drinks to last you your journey. I do believe that you will be able to
pilot it without any assistance.”

Omac and his groups walked forward, examining the ship. It had a curved cockpit
and small, bowed wings. Two engines lay on a small vertical tailplane and below the
wings was a small hub, most likely the passenger section. There was a sudden
shimmer as one of the Tollans touched a small orb that lay on the outside of the
ship and they all disappeared. Harry stared and turned to Lya.

“Where are they?” He asked.

Lya smiled and pointed. “Look.”

Suddenly the ship‟s engines started. There was a white glow from the thrusters as
the ships started. Up above, the roof suddenly disappeared and the ship lifted off
with a small gentle hum. The ship suddenly shot off at an incredible speed, leaving
the hanger and disappearing into the atmosphere until it wasn‟t even a speck.

Lya turned to Harry. “Do you wish to leave yet?” she asked kindly.

Harry hesitated. “I…I can stay?” he asked nervously.

Lya tilted her head and smiled. “All are welcome with the Nox.”

Harry barely considered it. “I would love to stay.”

Lya nodded as if she had expected it. “Come. Tell me of your life.”

There was just something about this mystical woman that prompted Harry into
telling her everything. He barely noticed as he disappeared from the hanger and
reappeared in the park, a small area near the river that was isolated from every
other Nox. He told her everything, his homeland, Klorel, what his body had done.
Finally, hours later, when the sun was setting, he stopped, exhausted but strangely

Lya sat still. “You have led a hard life. Your soul cries out in pain.” She said. She
smiled gently and smoothed his hair back. “Here, your soul will recover.”

Harry smiled a true smile as Lya suddenly looked thoughtful.

“You say you threw fire from your hands?” She asked curiously.

Harry nodded. “Yeah, I don‟t know how.”
“Focus on the feeling that was created inside of you when you did this and do it
again. Strike that rock.” Lya said, pointing to a large grey rock that near the river.
Harry frowned but concentrated. His emotions were still raw from his recounting
and he focussed on what he felt. There was a sudden tingling from an area in his
mind that was familiar. He had spent years in there hiding from Klorel. With a
burst of this energy, he thrust out his hand as a fireball streaked out. It smacked
into the rock, causing it to shatter and hiss as the water quenched the heat.

“You are capable of the gift…but such destructive ways you use it for.” Lya said.
“No Nox can safely use our gift for harm.”

“You can do stuff like this?” Harry said. “I thought it was your technology.”

“Some.” Lya admitted. “But not all. Not every Nox can use the gift, only a few.”

“Can you teach me how to control it?” Harry asked.

Lya regarded him carefully. “I can. But I will only teach you how to use powers of
healing and light, not destruction.”

Harry nodded his thanks. “I promise I won‟t hurt any Nox with my power.” He

“I never doubted you would.” Lya said. She looked at him carefully. “I have never
since a human have the gift since the Ancients. They were able to heal with their
hands and do many things. It was to do with their studies on Ascension.”


“The Nox do not know what it is, but we do know that the Ancients spent centuries
devoting their time to understanding it.” Lya suddenly stood. “Come, It is time for

Harry stood, as he suddenly felt very sleepy. He barely felt Lya teleport him to his
room, a white-chrome coloured room with a large patch of leaves and twigs. Harry
lay down as Lya left, noting with a dull sense of surprise that it was the most
comfortable bed he had felt in his life as he fell asleep.

“Now focus.” Lya said patiently. Harry looked around as the rest of the Nox
children closed there eyes and concentrated. They shimmered and disappeared,
only to reappear on the other side of the park. He frowned and muttered under
his breath as he felt the energy within him fluctuate wildly but remain dormant.

“Do not despair.” Lya said softly. Harry looked up at her, a frown still on his face.
“You are not of the Nox. A human has never attempted to learn out ways before.
It is understandable that you will encounter some difficulties.”

Harry sighed and nodded. Every time he failed, Lya always had a way of making him
feel like a petulant child for being impatient. The Nox children were only five and
six and they could still do it flawlessly. Still, he bet none of them could throw a
fireball out of their hands. He had been with the Nox for two months now, and had
learnt a great many things. With their help, he could now bring forth the energy
from within and mould it into various things. Unfortunately for the Nox ways, they
were more destructive than they would have liked. He could conjure up fire at will,
though releasing it as a ball or something that could hurt the enemy and not
himself was a lot harder. He almost had the invisible trick that the Nox were so
good at down, and could cloak himself and several other people or objects around
him. He just couldn‟t sustain it for long. But the teleportation was the hardest. He
had once done it, and had wound up halfway up in the sky, two kilometres away
from the Nox city. Luckily Lya had been prepared and just before he was to hit
the ground he had reappeared in the park. Some of the children had giggled at his
furious expression but they were quickly silenced as he let off a fireball in his
anger, vaporising a tree.
Harry smiled and nodded at various Nox as he walked past them. While he had been
having difficulty with his lessons, he had found a home with these people. It was a
bit hard not to. The Nox were extremely likeable and peaceful and gave him no
different treatment than they would do any others. He walked onto one of the
circular pads that were present in the city and thought of his destination. The pad
hummed quietly as he was taken away by a green wave of light. He reappeared in
his room. It was a large room with white-chrome coloured walls and a large bed of
twigs and leaves. Despite appearances, it was the best bed he had ever slept in and
he had once lived as a Prince, (Though it was mainly Klorel doing the living)

Suddenly a flash of light blinded him as a white beam of light shot down from the
sky and passed the roof, hitting his small transmitter device. It was one of three
devices that Harry had been given from the Tollan. The other two were with Omac
and Jack in case they ever needed to contact him. He walked over and pressed a
small groove in the device. Suddenly a large three-dimensional hologram sprung up
from it. Jack appeared right in front of him, with Teal‟c viewed behind him, a Zat
raised as he kept watch for something. Sam was tapping on a small primitive
handheld computer while Daniel was staring at something in front of him.

“Hey buddy.” Jack said, smiling. It was a strained smile that held a lot of stress
and worry in it and Harry knew immediately that something was wrong. “Anyway,
Carter says that this records a conversation, so, here goes nothing.” He took a
deep breath. “About a week ago, Daniel had a little dream…”

“It was not a dream!” Daniel protested. Looking at the device, he continued. “I was
sent to an alternate universe through a piece of alien technology I found on a
planet we were exploring. In this alternate universe, the Goa‟uld had showed up at
Earth. There were heaps of differences, but the one major defining event that
happened in both worlds was the death of Ra. In this universe, another planet sent
off a general distress beacon that told us the location of the origin of the attack.
So we…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Jack said. “I think he gets it.”

“We‟re on a ship of some sort.” Sam said. “It‟s very advanced, more advanced than
anything we‟ve ever seen…”

“Except the Nox thingy.” Jack mumbled.

Sam shot him a look and he raised his eyebrows. She shook her head. “We‟ve
planted C4, um, that‟s an explosive, around the ship. We feel that the explosion
should be enough to destroy it but….”

“LOOK OU!” Teal‟c yelled as he raised his Zat. He fired several times at the unseen
enemies as Jack and Sam raised their Tau‟ri weapons, firing as well. Daniel
suddenly fell to the ground as he was hit by a Zat‟nikatel blast. Teal‟c was next,
followed by Jack and Sam. The transmission suddenly faded just as the feet of a
Serpent Guard came into view.

Harry bit his lip in worry as he stared at his device. Alternate Universe? Invasion?
These Tau‟ri had had the Stargate active for a few months yet they had still
experienced things that would have killed most humans of other races. He needed
a ship, one that could take out a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak. He frowned as he quickly went
around the room, grabbing his possessions. The Tau‟ri had saved his life; he
needed to return the favour. Besides, if their planet were destroyed, then who
would fight back? He slipped on his hand device on his left hand, relishing the feel
of the Naquadah in his bloodstream awakening as it activated the device. He
needed to see Lya.
“Lya!” Harry shouted. He was aware of some of the disapproving looks he was
getting for intruding on the silence of the park but he paid them no attention.

“Harry, it is good to see you again.” Lya said calmly, staring away from the lake.
Several Nox children had their eyes closed as they levitated rocks, before placing
them back on the ground gently.

“We just saw each other twenty minutes…never mind!” Harry said. “Listen, the
Tau‟ri are in trouble.”

Lya lost her smile. “Go on.” She said with a strange intensity. Harry said nothing
but pulled out the transmitter and activated the message. Lya watched it, her
face unreadable until it finished. She frowned slightly.

“The Nox are not a violent race.” She said. “We can not help them.”

“The Nox can‟t…but I can.” Harry said urgently. “I need a ship.”

Lya stared at him for a short time. Her eyes bored into his and he shifted
uncomfortably. “You do realise that if I give you a ship and you use it to stop this
attack, the Nox will most likely ask that you not return. You would be breaking the
ways of the Nox.”

Harry stifled a gasp as dread ran through him. However, the determination he was
feeling overtook it and he nodded grimly. “”My happiness versus the entire
homeworld of six billion Tau‟ri…it‟s not a hard choice.”
Lya nodded sadly. “I did not expect anything less. Come.” She waved her arms in a
circle and suddenly they were no longer in the park but the same hanger from
which Omac had left.

“The Nox do not have any vessels left from the era when we fought in battles. Our
most heavily armed ship is this.” Lya said. In the huge hanger, a ship suddenly slid
out from behind a grove of large, thick trees. It was a sleek vessel, with a curved
cockpit and sweeping wings. The ship had three engines at the rear and the ship
was a silvery-grey colour. It was slightly smaller than an Al‟kesh but had a sense of
strength that the Al‟kesh did not.

“It is a scout ship.” Lya said, stroking the smooth metal. “It has a hyperdrive that
can get you to Earth in one hour, and has two main offensive plasma cannons
installed, with fourteen smaller cannons as a defensive weapon. It is equipped with
the transporters rings used by the Goa‟uld and has a small living area. There were
several other additions but they have been removed over the centuries. It is the
most heavily armed ship the Nox possess.”

“It‟s a beautiful ship.” Harry said.

“Yes, it is.” Lya agreed. She took Harry by the shoulder. “Do not forget your
lessons. While the Nox may cast you out, should I ever meet you again, you will be
welcome in my home. You are a good soul who has undergone many things that
would have destroyed others.”

“Thankyou for everything.” Harry said.

Lya smiled peacefully. She wrapped her arms around the surprised boy and hugged
him gently. Suddenly Harry felt something enter his mind. He stiffened but
relaxed as he recognised the presence of Lya.

“I have given you a gift, the gift of our written language, and the schematics of
the ship. It would have been difficult for you to use the ship without it.” Lya

Suddenly Harry was no longer in her arms but in the ship. The interior was just like
his room, minus the plants. There was a large cockpit with two comfortable looking
chairs at the front. Several control panels were built into the walls and in front of
one of the chairs was a small, glowing, white orb. Harry knew it was the piloting
device, so he sat down and placed his hands around it. The knowledge of what to do
flowed through his mind as he ran a finger down the orb. The ship emitted a small
hum as the engines powered up and lifted off. He could see Lya from outside the
transparent metal and he gave a slight wave, before position the ship towards the
atmosphere. He activated the engines at full speed. He gave a small grunt of
surprise as his ship shot off, past the city and atmosphere in seconds. However,
he felt no vibration or pressure. The ship must have had extremely powerful
energy dampeners. He punched in the co-ordinates and with a flash; the ship
rocketed forward into hyperspace.
Jack stared at Earth. He was standing on the Pel‟tak of a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak. Behind
him were Daniel, Teal‟c and Carter, all staring outside. Klorel lay dead on the
ground, Skaara, the host, bleeding. Jack had been forced to shoot him as he
tortured Daniel with a ribbon device. Carter had said that even with the ship going
three or four times the speed of light, it should have taken years. But it had only
taken a few hours. Apophis had to have been upgrading his ships. He only hoped
that the blast would destroy the ship for good. After a few sentimental…well, not
really, words, Jack was about to blow the ship when…

“Jack!” Daniel called, pointing past him at something outside.

“Daniel, we need to blow the damn ship. For crying out loud, what could possible be
so interesting…ah.” Jack said as he turned around. Two more Ha‟tak‟s had just
come into view.

“Now what sir?” Carter asked.

“Well, we…” That was all he had time to say as the doors opened. Jack started
firing at the door as the others turned around, bullets and energy discharges
impacting on the door and the small amount of flesh available in the crack.
Suddenly a small ball flew out and landed on the ground. A blinding light erupted as
a pulse of energy smashed into their brains, making them fall unconscious.
“Ow!” Jack said as he sat up from the ground. It was dark, a little too dark. He
tried to feel around and felt something warm and pointed.

“Teal‟c?” He asked as he felt around more. Yep, it certainly felt like the Jaffa‟s
face. “I can‟t see.”
“The blindness is only temporary.” Teal‟c said.

“Where are Daniel and Carter?” Jack asked as he felt around. Suddenly he touched
somebody else and he gave a cry of pain as they sank their teeth into him.

“What?” Carter yelled out as she sat up.

“Carter!” Jack yelled, clutching his hand.

“Sir? I can‟t see!” Carter said.

“Carter! You bit me!”

“Sorry sir.” Carter said sheepishly.

“Whatever.” Jack muttered.

“My sight is returning.” Teal‟c said.

“Mine too sir.” Carter told Jack.

“Somebody catch the number of that truck?” Daniel moaned. He paused as he sat
up, scratching his head. “Is it really dark in here?”

“You‟re blind.” Jack told him.

“Oh. Well, I‟d hate for it to be serious.” Daniel said sarcastically. He blinked.
“Though I think I‟m getting my eyesight back.”

“Right. Carter, watch the door. If somebody comes through, bite them.

“Yes Sir.”

Five minutes later, the doors opened and Bra‟tac walked in.

“Master Bra‟tac!” Teal‟c said as he got to his feet. Bra‟tac smiled as he clasped his
“It is good to see you old friend.” He said, before turning to Jack. “YOU FOOL!”

Jack blinked. “Nice to see you too.” He muttered.

“I had a plan to save this world. With your arrival, it is now impossible.” Bra‟tac
spat out.

“Oh?” Jack said, cocking his head. “And it was…?”

“Goa‟uld are very territorial and have a habit of betraying one another. Most often
than not, it is the offspring of a Goa‟uld that will attempt to seize power. When
the attack began, I was too lead an army of my own against Apophis.” Bra‟tac said.

“In Klorel‟s name.” Daniel said in surprise.

“Exactly. But now, I feel that they will bond together against a common enemy.”
Bra‟tac said.

“You said you have an army?” Jack asked. “How big is it?”

“With Teal‟c included…four.” Bra‟tac said.

“Four. Oh, that‟s much better than three. We‟ll storm a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak with
thousands of Jaffa with four.” Jack muttered. “So, what now?”

“We now will distract the Goa‟uld long enough for the warships of your world to

“Warships?” Daniel interrupted.
”Your world does not have ships?” Bra‟tac asked in surprise.

“Oh no, we have ships.” Jack said. “They‟re more like…”

“Shuttles.” Daniel and Jack finished.

“And these shuttles, they are a formidable craft?” Bra‟tac asked.
Jack stared at him. “Um…yeah,” he answered finally.” Sure.”

Bra‟tac frowned. “We will fight to the very end!” he declared. He clicked his
fingers and two Jaffa walked in carrying Staff‟s. “These two have sworn the
loyalty to me. We must inflict the largest amount of damage as possible while we
are still alive?”

“Hold it. Who said anything about dying?” Jack said, raising his hands. “No offence
Bra‟tac, but it‟s a bad plan.”

Bra‟tac flared up. “We would give our lives for your cause, this is the greatest
honour we could ever present you with! You dare mock…?”

“Bra‟tac!” Jack snapped. “I appreciate it really, but we don‟t want to die for our
cause if we can make the enemy die for theirs.”

“You have a plan?” Teal‟c asked.

“We need to skip ship.” Jack said. “This is going to go boom soon.”

“The Ring transporters are this way.” Bra‟tac said. He walked out of the cell and
came back with SG1‟s equipment. “We must hurry. Once Klorel has risen…”

“Wait. He‟s dead!” Carter said, before pausing as it dawned on her.

“The Sarcophagus.” Daniel muttered.

“Indeed. Once Klorel has risen, Apophis will begin his assault.” Bra‟tac said.

“You heard him, we‟re outta here.” Jack said as they left.


A sleek silver-grey ship blurred suddenly as it appeared from its hyperspace
journey. Inside, Harry touched a few control panels and activated the scanners.
There were three Goa‟uld Ha‟taks in orbit around Earth. No resistance had met
them. Strangely, they were just waiting. They hadn‟t commenced their attack yet
and Harry reached over for his Tollan transmitter.
Jack and his team were halfway towards the ring transporters when a white flash
burst through the wall and hit him at the waist. He stopped and blinked as he
frowned, glancing down. Carter, Daniel and Teal‟c stared at him, wondering what
had just happened. Bra‟tac and his two Jaffa were covering the front and rear of
the ground.

“What was that?” Jack finally asked.

Daniel bit his lower lip as he tried to think where he had seen something similar

“It could have been…”Carter trailed off. “Um…maybe it was static pressure building
up from the artificial gravity…”

“I got it!” Daniel suddenly burst out. “The Tollan transmitter!”

Jack quickly opened up a small pouch and there it was. He frowned as he took it
out, inspecting it at every angle.

“Where‟s the on switch?” he muttered.

“Um…Jack?” Daniel called. He moved forward, pressing the only small groove on the

“Ah.” Jack said, before he jumped back in surprise as a life-size hologram burst

“Hey guys.” Harry said, smiling a little. Jack took the time to notice that the half-
dead look in the young boys eyes was mostly gone. “I got your message. I have a
Nox scout ship on the other side of your dead moon. If you can make it to the
transporter rings, I can take you aboard. Hope to see you soon.” The hologram

“Well guys, shall we?” Jack asked with a grin.
“That was Klorel!” One of the other Jaffa burst out.

“No it was not!” Bra‟tac said sharply. He looked at SG1 in a speculative manner. “You
are friends with that boy?”

“Ah, yeah!” Jack said, rolling his eyes.

Bra‟tac nodded slowly. “You make good allies, Tau‟ri.”

“Thankyou.” Jack said. “But as much as I love this talk…LOOK OUT!”

Bra‟tac whirled around as a Serpent Guard patrol turned the corner and stopped in
surprise at the sight of them. There was a few seconds of complete stillness,
before the fighting began. Jack and Carter raised their submachine gun and fired.
The bullets struck the armour, sparking as they bounced off. Daniel ducked to the
side as a plasma bolt struck the wall next to him. Bra‟tac and Teal‟c fired their
Staff‟s, hitting the first two Jaffa. Bra‟tac‟s other two Jaffa were already dead,
their bodies crumpling to the ground.

“COME ON!” Jack yelled. The group slowly fell back, firing and taking cover behind
walls. The Jaffa‟s number increased and Jack turned to Bra‟tac.

“We need to get to the ring room!” he yelled over the sound of guns and staffs.

“Follow me!” Bra‟tac said.
Five minutes later they had made it to the room. Jack sealed the door, firing his
Zat at the open switch to disable it. He turned around and quickly walked into the
main room.

“Ready kids?” He asked.

“Wait! What about the other ships?” Daniel asked.

“Harry‟s got a ship. He‟ll do it.” Jack said dismissively.

“With all due respect, he‟s just a kid.” Carter said worriedly. “He may have not
thought it through.”
“And he said his ship was a scout ship.” Daniel pointed out. “Now, the Nox might
have amazing technology, but I don‟t think that a scout ship of any race could
destroy a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak, let alone two.”

“I do not know of such craft.” Teal‟c said.

“Fine!” Jack hissed. “So now what?”

“Well, we could ring aboard the other ship.” Carter said, a plan formulating in her
mind. “If we could move it closer to this one, the explosion might take out both.”

“What about the third ship?” Jack asked.

Carter hesitated. “Well, let‟s hope it‟s a good ship.” She admitted.

“The plan would not work.” Bra‟tac said scornfully. “The shield‟s would simply absorb
the energy and Apophis would burn your world twice over for your treachery.”

“Can we diable the shields?” Jack asked.

Bra‟tac was silent, staring at the members of SG1. Finally, “Yes. It is possible. We
would need to destroy the generators.”

“Well, let‟s do it.” Jack exclaimed, rubbing his hands together.
Harry was waiting a little impatiently for a matter beam to erupt from one of the
ships. A matter bean was in reality the ring transporter before they had
transported their cargo. Suddenly there was a flare as a small beam erupted from
one of the Ha‟tak‟s…and flew into the next one.

“What!” Harrymuttered.He sighed and sat back down.
“Now what?” Jack asked Bra‟tac. He was standing on a balcony that was at least six
stories tall. Down below were several twisting corridors and a medium sized
crystal pyre.

“Our destination is that crystal object.” Bra‟tac said. “We must travel down two
flights, then turn left. There will be a security patrol, but I know of a way around
them. After that, we must take a small access path towards the quarters, before
breaking off into a little known corridor that will lead to the back entrance in the
room below. After than, we must disable the crystals and leave.”

“Ah.” Jack said. He pulled out two grenades from his vest as Bra‟tac watched

“What are they?” he whispered to Teal‟c.

“A crude explosive device.” Teal‟c answered slowly.

Jack pulled the pins and let them drop. There was a moment‟s pause, before an
explosion rocked the lower decks “Now can we go?”

“We still need to steer the ship closer to the other one.” Teal‟c answered.

“Done!” Carter panted as she and Daniel raced into the room.

“We‟re outta here!” Jack said.
Harry tapped his fingers impatiently, before his ship detected another matter
beam. This time, he tapped a few controls and waited. The beam was suddenly
jerked off its course and spun around the dark side of the moon and speeds to
fast to comprehend. There was a whirring noise as the rings appeared in the ship,
transporting the group. He pushed another control and the rings suddenly sped
back to their ship, leaving behind its passengers. There was Jack, Daniel, Carter,
Teal‟c…and Bra‟tac?

“Bra‟tac?” Harry asked in confusion.

“Hello again young one. I see you are well.” Bra‟tac said, bowing slightly.

Harry sighed. “I should have expected you.” He remarked as he sat back down in
his seat. Jack took the seat next to him while the others took the passenger seats
behind the pilot chairs. “So, I suppose you sabotaged the ships.”

“Yep!” Jack said, pulling out a digital watch. “In seven, six, five, four, three, two,
People over Earth would say that there had been two large flashes of blinding light
in the night sky. The American Government released a report stating that there
had been an accidentamong one of its satellites and it had been destroyed, taking
out two more with it. These satellites had been filled with liquid oxygen, so when
they were destroyed, they made a large bang.“Yes!” Daniel hissed. Jack smiled in
satisfaction as Teal‟c and Bra‟tac clasped each other‟s forearms. Carter, however,
was looking at something on a control panel. For somebody who didn‟t understand
the language, she was very good at adapting.

“Harry, what‟s this mean?” She asks, pointing to flashing sets of lights.

“There was a matter beam sent to the third ship just before the explosion.” Harry
said. He frowned. “Who…?”

“Apophis.” SG1 said in unison.

“Most likely Klorel as well.” Bra‟tac said.

Harry stiffened. “Klorel?” He hissed. He could only associate rage and pan with
that name. Klorel was on the other ship…

The group shared awkward glances. Harry was growling under his breath, just
wishing he had a Serpent Guard or two to release a fireball at them. He tapped his
controls and the ships suddenly accelerated.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked the brooding Harry,

“There‟s still a Ha‟tak left. It‟s enough to destroy your world.” Harry said shortly.

“Sir!” Carter called out. “It‟s breaking orbit and heading towards us!”

“It has sighted us on its scanners.” Teal‟c said.

“Good.” Harry muttered. “As soon as it crosses into the dark side of the moon, we‟ll

“Um, does this have any weapons?” Daniel asked nervously.

“Some.” Harry admitted. “I don‟t know how strong they are though.”
“Oh.” Jack said. “We‟re in trouble then?”

“Yep.” Daniel said.

“Nuts.” Jack muttered as Harry powered up the plasma cannons.

“Here they come!” Harry said as the Goa‟uld Ha‟tak moved into view.
Apophis growled angrily, rage and a splash of insanity played out on his features as
he witnessed the destruction of his ships. The Jaffa were all avoiding him and
making themselves as silent as possible as Apophis fumed. Next to him, Klorel was
also slightly wary of his father. Apophis swing around, glaring at him furiously.


“Father…” Klorel started.

“Lord Apophis, we have come into range!” One of the Jaffa called. “The shields are
up and the weapons have been powered.”

Apophis spun around, anticipation written all over his face. “That ship has boarded
the ones who destroyed the Ha‟tak‟s. Destroy it!”

“As you command.” The Jaffa bowed. He snapped some orders at the pilot Jaffa,
who increased the speed as the ship swung past the moon. Apophis saw the ship
first, and it was nothing like he had ever seen.

“My Lord, the ship has powered its weapons…” The Jaffa started, before the ship

Two blinding blue pulses of energy erupted from the Scout Ship‟s wings. They
zapped through space as the Ha‟tak raised its shields to the fullest. An orange
wave of energy surrounded the Ha‟tak, powerful shields that stood steady. The
plasma cannons collided with them and the shield held as it absorbed the energy.

“My Lord, the Shields have been weakened by seven percent.” Klorel told his
“Launch the Death Gliders!” Apophis ordered.
“Incoming!” Carter called. Dozens of Death Gliders flew from the hanger bays as
Harry powered his engines. He sped forward, rapidly tapping the controls. Lya had
given him a lot of information on how to use and fly Nox technology, but Klorel‟s
experience in the ever-ending war that he called life also helped. He came closer
to the Ha‟tak and it began to fire. Plasma bolts missed him as he executed a barrel
roll, diving for the moon‟s surface. Death Gliders followed him, firing at will.

“This ship got any other special features?” Jack asked Harry.

Harry grinned as he pushed a panel. “I‟m activating the automatic defence system.
If you want a shot, there‟s a panel at the back of the cockpit. Just touch the
screen and four plasma cannons will fire.

Jack quickly headed to the back, where he found the scree. It showed a crystal
clear image of the rear of the ship. He touched the screen hesitantly, and was
surprised when four beams of blue rapidly shot out at that location.

“Defence system active!” Harry called as he pulled out.

The Nox vessel climbed as small panels on it opened. From within the ship came
small weapons on platforms. They were a lot weaker than the main plasma cannons
but still would make short work of the Death Gliders. They started firing and
fourteen rapid pulses of plasma shot out at various targets all around the ship.
Death Gliders exploded as they were hit, and the plasma continued to fire at
different targets. Staff cannon fire struck the Nox ship, but a white domed shield
snapped into existence and the Staff fire was dissolved. The ship zoomed to the
left and rolled to avoid a powerful plasma bolt from the Ha‟tak before rising to
fire again. At this time, Harry had flown from the shadow of the moon.
“Sir!” A young technician named Walter called. “We have movement!”

General Hammonds smile died as he quickly strode over. The base had been
celebrating the demise of the Goa‟uld Ha‟taks, and though they were still worried
about SG1, Hammond was confident that they had made it out alive. That team was
extremely resourceful.

“Sir, I‟ve up linked from the NASA satellites. This is happening as we speak.”
Walter said, gesturing to a screen.

On the screen was a small silver ship darting from the moon‟s surface. It was firing
what appeared to be rapid plasma blasts at something hidden by the moon.
Hammond felt dread sink into his veins as a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak and several smaller
fighters emerged, all firing rapidly. Blue and orange plasma blasts were being
exchanged from both sides. The silver ship had some kind of energy shields active,
different from those of the Goa‟uld. It fired twin pulses of energy at the Ha‟tak,
before accelerating past as the Goa‟uld ship returned fire. The silver ship flew
back into the moons shadow and the others followed suit.
Harry gritted his teeth as his ship was struck by the powerful plasma blast from
the Ha‟tak. His shields were holding, but barely. He really should have thought
ahead of time and at least gotten more firepower. Still, the automatic defence
system, with Jack‟s help, had destroyed several Death Gliders already. The
Ha‟tak‟s shields were up but the scanners revealed that they had been weakened.
This ship sure packed a punch. He fired again, the twin lances striking the
shields…and penetrating them. They hit the Ha‟tak, causing a large explosion and
taking a small chunk out of the Pel‟tak.The Ha‟tak shuddered as alarms wailed. A
Jaffa ran into the bridge, a large gash on his head.

“My lord, There is a hull breach in the lower levels.” He panted. Apophis said
nothing, staring at the silver ship.

“Seal the level off. Klorel, send a transmission to that ship.” He ordered. The Jaffa
bowed as he ran out and Klorel stepped forward, touching a crystal panel.

“This Klorel, Son of Apophis, the God of the Universe. If you do not cease your
attacks, we will kill you and I will personally find your family, your loved ones, your
planet, and murder them all!”

Harry raised his eyebrows, but a tremor of fear shot through him. He dove the
ship down, targetting a Death Glider and fired expertly. Blue plasma fired erupted
from his weapons, slicing through the Glider and destroying it.

“K-Klorel?” He muttered as he jerked the ship right as a plasma bolt sizzled past.
“Just great.” He activated the communications device and gestured sharply as he
piloted the ship around. Bra‟tac cleared his throat.
“Apophis is but a false God!” Bra‟tac snapped.

There was a pause. “Bra‟tac! You dare defy me!”

“Oh, don‟t forget us as well Skaara.” Jack called from the back of the cockpit.

“Skaara is dead, human. Nothing of the host survives!”

“Really?” Harry said softly. “Then what am I?”
Klorel stiffened at the voice, his eyes going why. He looked totally flabbergasted
as he turned to his Father.

“He is dead!” He snarled.

“Jaffa, prepare the ship‟s hyperdrive engines!” Apophis ordered. The ship had just
sustained another hit and left a battery of Plasma Cannon‟s inactive.

“HE IS DEAD!” Klorel shouted angrily.

“In your dreams.” Came the familiar voice over the radio. It was a little order, a
little deeper, a little more mature but it had been his voice for years.

“I will kill you!” Klorel screamed in rage. His eyes flashed and as he stood back, he
bumped into a Jaffa. He whirled around and lashed out, his fist catching the Jaffa
in the chin and breaking his neck, while sending him flying back to slam in a wall.
There was silence in the Ha‟tak as it engaged its Hyperdrive engines and sped off.
Daniel gave a loud whoop as the Ha‟tak entered hyperspace. Several Death Gliders
were left stranded as their mothership retreated and were destroyed as Jack
targeted them, one by one. Soon the silver ship was left alone in shadow of Earth‟s
moon. Several pieces of shrapnel and wreckage were scattered in space, floating
aimlessly as they were slightly drawn towards the miniscule gravity of the moon.
The larger bits would eventually burn up in Earth‟s atmosphere.

“Now what?” Harry asked as he disabled the weapon system. The ship was a bit
battered and had some scorch marks on the hull from tiny bits of plasma that had
penetrated his shields, but it was still in pretty good condition. If this was a Nox
scout ship, he would hate to meet a fully armed and operation Battleship.
“We go home.” Jack said. A slight grin crossed his face. “And Carter, take some
pictures. This one‟s definitely going into my scrapbook.”


In Colorado Springs, there was a military installation based under a small mountain.
Now, this base had once been a nuclear missile silo back in the Cold War. It had
been shut down but was reopened two years ago. The reason the US Military gave
for this was that new and revolutionary deep space telemetry was being
conducted. It was apparent to the locals that this was not true. No deep space
telemetry centre would need a constant twenty-four hour guard. Furthermore,
hundreds of troops had come to the mountain more than once, usually surrounding
it as if an enemy or disease was going to come out.

In the forest, just outside of this base, was a beam of light as large horizontal
rings came from the sky, stopping just millimetres above the ground and stacking
on top of one another. There was a flash of light that could be seen through the
cracks before the rings suddenly shot back into the sky. Six people now occupied
where they had landed. One was dressed in funny looking armour, and was carrying
a strange looking staff. He may have been old, with a small beard, but he looked
like he could run a marathon without any problems. He had a golden emblem on his
forehead; a circle with two small curves that resembled coiled snakes. Bra‟tac.

There was another man with an emblem like that. He was a large dark skinned man
that looked like he could take on an entire football team and win. However, his
face was the perfect picture of serenity and calmness. Teal‟c.

There was a man with greying hair, one that looked like an everyday guy you might
meet down the street but he carried himself of a man who knew how to fight. Jack

Another man had glasses and a general nerdish appearance, but he was starting to
carry himself in a similar way to the man next to him. Daniel Jackson.

A woman was also present, with short blonde hair and an athletic build. She also
had a look of intelligence around her. Samantha Carter.

The final person was a small boy, maybe eleven years old. He was dressed in simple
black clothes, but had a metallic object strapped to his hand, similar to a glove.
The group started walking to the base, talking among one another. Some people
were in for a suprise.
“SG1!” General Hammond said in shock as the team walked out of the Elevator. The
exclamation caused several interested mutters as airmen and scientists poked
their heads out of rooms and peered up corridors. “You‟re alive!”

“Yes we are.” Jack said, looking extraordinary pleased and smug. He wrapped an
arm around Harry‟s shoulders. “We blew up the bad guys Sir, Well, SG1 took out
two, with the help of Bra‟tac here.”

Bra‟tac bowed his head. “You are Hammond of Texas?” He asked.

“Yes.” General Hammond said.

“You lead these men?” Bra'tac continued.

“In a way.” Hammond replied.

“You have fine warriors that are worthy of Jaffa tales of old heroes.” Bra‟tac said.
He glanced around, taking in the appearance. “And I must commend you on the
formidable fortress that you command.”

“Why Thankyou.” Hammond said.

“As I was saying,” Jack said. “We took care of two, and Harry here came to our
rescue and scared the other one off.”

“Yes, we saw on the satellite uplink.” Hammond said. He stared Harry in the eye.
“That was some fancy flying out there son.”

Harry inclined his head in acknowledgement. “Thanks.”

“I suggest we take this into the briefing room.” Hammond said. “Follow me Master
Bra‟tac, Mr Harry.”
The group travelled the corridors as airmen and scientists clapped loudly, cheering
and laughing. A pair of guards at the end of the corridor saluted as they past
them, into the briefing room. They all sat down at a long table, with Hammond
taking the head.

“Now, please tell me exactly what happened.”

Jack cleared his throat. “Well, we went to the co-ordinates that Daniel had,
planted some C4, got captured, got rescued, got beamed out and shot down some
bad guys Sir.”

Hammond opened his mouth to reply just as the doors slammed open. A man in blue
uniform and an older man in a fancy suit stormed in.

“So, this is the team that disobeyed direct orders.” The older man said. “And the
alien‟s that I have been hearing so much about.”

“Senator Kinsey. I wish I could say it was a pleasure.” Jack said, mockingly waving
at the man. “Have a seat. We were just having a conversation that I‟m sure you
could ruin.”

“Colonel O‟Neill. I tell you this, I was not surprised when I learnt that you had led
this rogue team.” Kinsey spat out.

“Why thankyou.” Jack said brightly.

“Colonel.” Hammond warned. He turned to Kinsey, drawing up to his full height.
“Senator. SG1 has just saved the planet from certain destruction. They will not be
penalised for their disobedience.”

“You know General, I can‟t believe that.” Kinsey spat. “The United States Military
would have destroyed those alien ships and made them regret taking us on.”

“Oh, don‟t tell me you‟re still on about our superiority.” Daniel groaned. “The Goa‟uld
are much more powerful than we could ever be.”

“You be quiet!” Kinsey snapped. “Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you‟re

“No I don‟t.” Daniel said, blinking innocently. “But please, continue. Go nice and

“Senator.” Hammond barked. “In have just spoken to the president of the United
States. He has assured me that he holds SG1 in the highest regard and that the
Stargate program will be started up again.”

“We‟ll see!” Kinsey hissed, before storming out of the room. The man in blue
glanced around for a few seconds.

“Got something to say Samuels?” Jack asked mockingly. Samuels gave him a
withering glare, before snapping off a quick salute and leaving.

“I understand that he is still sore at the failure of the nuclear missiles.”

“Um, Nuclear Missiles?” Daniel asked.

“Earth launched three Naquadah enhanced warheads at the Goa‟uld ships.”
Hammond said. “An energy field was raised before they could detonate.”

“Ah.” Jack said.

“Does your planet not possess energy weapons?” Bra‟tac asked.

“Nup.” Jack answered. “We used the old fashioned ways, like bullets and grenades.”

“Now, could you finish?” Hammond asked.

As Jack continued to explain, Harry‟s eyes dropped. He had been up for about
twenty-two hours since his departure from the Nox homeworld. His throat
clenched as he remembered Lya‟s warning. Now that he had used the technology of
the Nox to kill, he would never be welcome their again. He sighed as he leaned
back in his seat before his muddled brain picked up somebody trying to talk to

“Harry?” Daniel was asking.
Harry stiffed a yawn. “Yeah?” he asked.

“Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” Hammond asked.

“Nah.” Harry said, dismissing it with a jerk of his hand.

“Where did you get the ship?” Jack asked. “Cause I want one.”

“It‟s a Nox scout ship from a time when they weren‟t pacifists.” Harry answered.

“Nox…ah, nuts.” Jack muttered. “I suppose we‟ll never get one?”

“Probably not.” Harry said.

“Why does it have Ring transporters?” Carter asked curiously. “Surely the Nox
don‟t copy Goa‟uld technology?”

“Actually the ring transporters weren‟t invented by the Goa‟uld. The same people
who made the Stargates invented them. The Goa‟uld have never developed their
own technology. They‟re parasites, they‟ve just stolen it from other cultures. The
Rings were commonplace around the galaxy years ago, but now there are so few
advanced races left.” Harry explained.

“Where‟s your home planet?” Daniel asked curiously.

“I don‟t know.” Harry answered slowly as he considered the question. “I was raised
on a planet that was far primitive than this one. The Goa‟uld came about two years
afterwards. The villagers who raised me…I can‟t really remember their faces or
names anymore…” Harry drifted off. He suddenly shook his head. “The villagers
who raised me said that I was sent by the God‟s, that I had appeared in a white
blinding flash of light. I have memories of an alien, but only fragments. The Nox
said that they might have known who sent me their but now that I‟ve used their
own technology to break their most valuable ways, they‟ll never talk to me again.”

“Oh, I‟m so sorry.” Daniel said, visibly upset.

“Your name.” Carter said slowly. “Did the villagers name you that?”
“I don‟t know. I think that…somebody asked me my name and I think that I had
answered with Harry.” Harry answered slowly. “Why do you care?”

“It‟s a very common Earth name.” Hammond said.

Harry took this in, just as somebody else walked into the room. It was Colonel
Maybourne and Harry had to stifle a groan at the sight of the NID agent.

“General Hammond.” The Colonel greeted, his eyes remaining solely on Harry, who
stared back unflinchingly. “I would like to congratulate SG1 on their actions, they
have saved a great many lives today.”

“Why thankyou Maybourne.” Jack said brightly, but a little wariness was lurking in
his eyes.

“And the planet also owes a great debt of gratitude towards the Jaffa Bra‟tac.”
Maybourne, said, turning towards the Jaffa master.

“I accept your thanks.” Bra‟tac said, bowing his head.

“And young Harry. Your efforts also greatly contributed to the safety of this
planet.” Maybourne continued.

“Ok, cut the crap.” Jack interrupted. “What do you want?”

“I have orders from my superiors to take the spaceship that was used in the
battle. It‟s going to Area 51, so we can finally replicate some fighters of our own.”
Maybourne said.

“Ah…No.” Jack said, getting up. He leaned across the table. “It‟s not ours.”

“While my superiors understand that the ships belongs to another, you have to look
at it from their point of view. The Goa‟uld ship will come back, probably with re-
enforcements.” Maybourne said. “I have my orders.”

“What about Harry?” Daniel protested.
“The alien child may use the gate to go to any planet he desires.” Maybourne said

“With all due respect sir, that ship is far more advanced than Goa‟uld technology. I
had a small look at it when we were in it, and I don‟t think that we‟re at the right
level of technological advancement to be able to understand it, let alone mass
produce it.” Carter said.

“I‟ll take that into consideration.” Maybourne said dryly.

“Have you no honour?” Bra‟tac thundered angrily.

“Gentleman.” Hammond began as Jack slammed his fists onto the table.

“Don‟t you even think of taking it!” He hissed. “Harry just saved our butts up there.
He didn‟t do that so you could steal his ship!”

“The alien child is just that…a child. He can‟t comprehend…” Maybourne started.

Harry‟s patience had worn off. He had seen worse things than most children had,
he had fought in battles most adults had never done, he had knowledge that would
make Einstein and his lot green with envy, but he was still a child and children
didn‟t like being insulted. With a growl of anger he flung out his palm, aiming
slightly left to Maybourne. A fireball erupted from his hand, searing the air as it
flew past Maybourne and took a large chunk of the wall out. Fire started to spread,
before Harry drew back his energy and it was snuffed.

Maybourne stared in shock at the wall as he reached for his handgun. He cocked it
and aimed at Harry, who waved his hand. The handgun suddenly disappeared.

“Wow.” Carter said in awe.

Jack raised his eyebrows. “Nox teach you some tricks?” He asked casually.

Harry ignored them both. “It‟s my ship! It‟s my home as well, because I was
rejected from mine saving your planet!”

“THAT”S ENOUGH!” Hammond shouted angrily. There was silence in the briefing
room. “Colonel Maybourne, I don‟t know whose orders you are following, but rest
assured. I have a red phone in my office, and he‟s the boss to your boss.”

Maybourne nodded stiffly as he quickly made his way out of the room, glancing at
the smoking hole in the wall.

“Now what?” Daniel asked.

“I should go.” Harry said.

“What? No, you just got here!” Jack protested.

“It would be better if I left.” Harry said. “If you need me, use the transmitter. I
don‟t want to cause your planet trouble.”

“Good luck!” Jack offered as Harry pressed something on his hand device, and the
rings materialised in the room and transported him away.
Albus Dumbledore sighed as he looked over his map. Harry‟s magical signature had
just been tracked again, but alas, it was in the same restricted section as before.
He glanced at the door and stood. It was time for the sorting…a sorting Harry
should be attending.


Interesting Fact #1: The Tok‟ra are the same species as the Goa‟uld. Their ideals
and morals are different, and they do not believe in taking hosts by force. They
have been hunted and hated by the Goa‟uld for centuries and are excellent spies
and espionage agents.

Interesting Fact #2: The Nox vessel has two main weapons. The first is a set of
small plasma cannons set upon different turrets around the ship. They fire as a
defensive system of protection, automatically targeting any nearby fighters or
enemy ships. The larger plasma cannons can fired either single bursts, rapid and
multiple bursts, or in beam form. The single bursts take less energy and power to
use, while the other two need more energy and power. The Nox shipis powered by
an unknown means, but it is sure that it recharges continuously and is not the
standard Naquadah reactors that the Goa‟uld use.

Time never seemed to pass when you lived in space. There were no planets to count
the rotations as days, no suns to formulate how long a year was. There was just a
large blank emptiness that threatened to overwhelm you. Harry was currently
staring out from the inside of his ship. He had decided to call it the Deicida, the
slayer of gods. It had seemed…appropriate at the time. For the past three
months, Harry had been wondering throughout space. He had stopped off at
various planets, some under Goa‟uld rule, to get some food and water. Usually he
helped around the village or city he was visiting in order to pay but sometimes he
would just get some water from a lake and steal some food. He also kept his ear
out for news and he had learnt something very interesting when a small planet that
was notorious for it‟s mercenaries and bounty hunters.
“Did you hear about Apophis?” One man whispered to another in a small restaurant.
The walls were cracked, the roof had a small hole and it was grubby sort of
environment, but the food was good.

“Nah, what about him? He overturned his reward on the Tau‟ri?” The other man
asked recklessly.

“Shut up!” The other man snapped angrily. “You know that if a System Lord here‟s
that name, they‟ll kill you!”

“Whatever. So, what‟s the important news?” The defiant man asked.

“Apophis lost his place in the System Lords. Ever since he lost two Ha‟tak‟s at the
Tau‟ri homeworld, his power had been slowly stripped away. Now, he‟s in the hands
of Sokar.” The man said, shuddering slightly at the name.

“Sokar!” The defiant man said, suddenly not so defiant anymore. “A bad piece of
work that one is.”

Harry tuned out the rest of their conversation, which involved a potential
smuggling job. So Apophis had been captured. Where was Klorel? Amonet? And
Sokar, what was he getting out of this? Long ago, Sokar ruled the System Lords.
Several Goa‟uld System Lord‟s had banded together, including Apophis and Ra, who
were mortal enemies. They had defeated Sokar and removed his status of System
Lord. They hadn‟t had any conflict between the System Lords and Sokar for a long
time, but when Harry had been a host for Klorel, he had heard that Sokar had
started attacking other System Lords slowly but strongly. Sokar was a satanic
Goa‟uld who, though Harry didn‟t know, had been Earth‟s first Satan. He had a
habit of throwing his enemies into fire and covering them in sulphur and setting
them alight. He owned a small prison moon that was created in the image of a
biblical hell, which was considered to be one of the worst places you could be sent

“Look, I‟m not that crazy!” One of the men snapped, standing up. “Go find somebody
else!” He walked out briskly, leaving the other man who sighed and rested his head
in his hands.

Harry had an idea and stood up. He walked over and sat down, sipping his drink. The
man looked up, his hand going for his Zat‟nikatel that was strapped to his belt.

“What do you want, kid?” He snapped.

“I heard you were looking for somebody to fly some…unlicensed cargo?” Harry
asked innocently. “But maybe I heard wrong.”

“No, no!” The man said, glancing round quickly to make sure nobody was nearby.
“Who do you represent?”

“Myself.” Harry answered.

The man snorted. “Go away kid, I‟m not in the mood for jokes.”

“I‟m not joking.” Harry said. The man laughed, draining his cup and taking a close
look at Harry for the first time. Harry was dressed in a large cloak, with a hood
that cast shadows on his face. The man had a good look at his face and stopped

„You‟re that human on the Goa‟uld hit list!” He gasped.

“Shut it!” Harry snapped softly, raising his hand and letting the ribbon device glow.
The man gulped.

“Hey, calm down.” He said shakily.

“What‟s this about a job?” Harry snapped. He could use the money.

The man shivered slightly as the ribbon device continued to glow. “Look, I don‟t like
the Goa‟uld either, so relax. I‟m not going to turn you in.”

“You better not.” Harry warned as he lowered his hand.

“So, you want the job? It‟s yours.” The man said in relief, wiping his sweating brow.
“I have seven cases of Staff Weapons, Zat‟nikatels and other little bits and
pieces. The Tok‟ra paid well for them but I haven‟t got anybody to take the cargo
to the designated co-ordinates.”

“What do I get?” Harry asked.

“What do you need?” The man retorted.

“Information on the Asgard.” Harry said at once.

The man seemed to think for a few moments. “I know where the last Asgard
mothership was sighted. Do the delivery and I‟ll give you the co-ordinates.”

“Deal. If you don‟t keep your end of the bargain…” Harry started menacingly.
”Relax kid, it‟s a pretty easy price to pay compared to what the others usually ask
for, you know, drugs, weapons, money,” The man said. “The cargo‟s in the storage
hanger number four, disguised as tool kits. There‟ll be somebody watching, so if
you do a runner…”

“Understood.” Harry said as he stood up.
Harry waited inside the Deicida, keeping an eye out for the Tel‟tak he was meant to
be waiting for. He had activated his shields on maximum power and charged his
weapons, just in case. He was also using his limited abilities to shield the ship from
view. He was draining himself but if the information had been correct, then the
Tok‟ra transport should be appearing shortly and he wouldn‟t need to keep it up.
Suddenly a small ship burst out from hyperspace several kilometres away.
“Tel‟tak, this is the Deicida.” Harry spoke into his communicator. “This area is
under the rule of the two suns of Chulak.”

“Understood Deicida.” Came a distorted voice over the communicator. “This area is
also under the rule of the three moons of the Hiediber system.”

“Message received.” Harry sent, before shutting the communicator down. He
activated the ring transporters, sending the cargo to the other Tel‟tak.

“The Cargo has been received.” The Tok‟ra said from the other side. “We thank
you…Incoming vessel!”

Harry quickly turned back to his computer screen as three Goa‟uld Al‟kesh sprung
from hyperspace. They didn‟t seem to spot the two vessels at first, but they
suddenly wheeled around. The Tel‟tak began to move, preparing to jump into
hyperspace as the Al‟kesh opened fire. The Deicida‟s shields held steady as the
plasma fire rained down, heavy bursts rocking the ship. The Tel‟tak sustained a hit
at the left engine and wobbled as its engines died.

“Tok‟ra vessel, this is the Deicida.” Harry spoke. “Board the ring transporters and
I‟ll bring you aboard. And hurry!”

There was no response as Harry activated the weapons system. The blackness of
space was illuminated as pale blue plasma fired erupted from several turrets on
the ship. The Al‟kesh were fast as they dodged the fire, but not fast enough. Four
separate turrets targeted a single Al‟kesh; the blue plasma fired impacting on
their shields. After a few seconds the shields of the Al‟kesh was significantly
drained and the plasma penetrated through, striking the Al‟kesh and reducing it to
a burning pile of rubble. There was a familiar sound of the Ring Transporters
activating as the Tok‟ra boarded in the next room just as the Tel‟tak exploded.

“Up here!” Harry called as he finally began to manoeuvre his ship now that they
were aboard. If a ship is moving as somebody tries to board, there‟s a strong
chance of the matter beam missing slightly and the passengers rematerialising
incomplete. There were footsteps as the man walked up. Like all Tok‟ra, he was
dressed in simple desert clothing. He was a man in his fifties, with a small bald
“I am Selmak, of the Tok‟ra.” The Tok‟ra said.

“Fascinating. Sit down and shut up.” Harry said as he armed his plasma cannons. He
fired and two blinding pulses of blue energy lanced fired. The sizzling bolts struck
home as another Al‟kesh was destroyed. The other two fired from behind him, but
his shields were too strong. He wheeled around, tapping a screen and activated his
engines. His ship suddenly shot forward, passing the Goa‟uld Al‟kesh as it sped
towards the deep recesses of space. After he had gained a few hundred metres,
he rolled the ship over and fired. The Plasma cannons fired again, and two beams
of blue lanced out, penetrating one of the Al‟kesh easily and destroying it. The
other one suddenly jumped into hyperspace, knowing it couldn‟t win.

“This is an impressive ship.” The Tok‟ra said after a few seconds silence.

“Thankyou.” Harry said. “Did you get your cargo?”

“Yeah, it‟s here.” Selmak…or his host said. “Oh, I‟m Jacob. Jacob Carter.”

Harry blinked. “Carter?”

“That‟s my name.” Jacob said as he inspected one of the control panels with

“Any relation to a Samantha Carter from the Tau‟ri?” Harry asked as he tapped a
few panels, and watched as the ship suddenly entered hyperspace. He tapped a
few more panels, disabling the weapons system but keeping the shields on minimum

“Yes I am…hang one, how could you know that? You know my daughter?” Jacob
asked cautiously.

“We‟ve met.” Harry said, a small smile on his face. “But how did you become a

“Selmak needed a host.” Jacob said, shrugging. “And I was dying of cancer. It was
instant love.”
“Ah.” Harry said. “Now, where do you want to be dropped off?”

Jacob closed his eyes briefly, and when he opened them Selmak spoke. “There is
another Tel‟tak nearby. Simply head to the Abydonian region.”

“Alright.” Harry said.

“What‟s your name?” Jacob asked as Selmak retreated.

“Harry.” Harry answered. “I met your daughter when she helped blow up two
Ha‟tak‟s of Apophis.”

“Yeah, my girl was always good at blowing things up. Why, I remember when I got
her first chemistry set and she somehow got her hands on Sodium. It took six
months to clean the walls.” Jacob reminisced.

“Do you miss her?” Harry asked.

“Yeah. But I‟m doing something more important than I thought I‟d ever be doing.”
Jacob answered. Both occupants of the Deicida sat in silence
About ten minutes later, the Deicida shot out of hyperspace. True to the Tok‟ra‟s
word, there was another cargo ship hovering above the desert world of Abydos.

“It‟s been interesting.” Jacob said as he stood up, getting ready to leave. “I‟m sure
that we‟ll meet again.”

“If you say so.” Harry shrugged. “Before you leave, I was wondering if you knew
where I could find the Asgard.”

“The Asgard?” Jacob asked. “Never heard of them…wait, Selmak has. The Asgard
cannot be contacted by any technology that we possess. They do not live in this
region of space.”

“Right.” Harry said.

“Goodbye.” Jacob said as he activated the ring transporter. There was a white
beam connecting the two ships as a pulse went through it from the Deicida to the
Tel‟tak. Harry sighed as the Tel‟tak shot into hyperspace and he set his course.
“Good job!” The man beamed happily. “I heard that you took out three Al‟kesh!”

“That‟s true.” Harry said neutrally. “My payment?”

“Eager for your reward?” The man said as pulled out a small data crystal. Harry
snatched it from him and walked away, leaving a satisfied black marketeer. He
ringed back to his ship and placed the crystal into the ships computer. The large
screen in the cockpit activated, showing a distant system that would take at least
two weeks to get to.

“This better not be a waste of time.” Harry muttered. He had enough food on the
ship for at least a month, so he activated his hyperdrive and shot off into the
dark recesses of space.


The silver ship seemed to hang silently in space with its plasma cannons powered
and a silver glowing shield around it. There were several tracer lines of plasma
fired aiming at the smaller ships that buzzed around. The ship drifted there for
what seemed like eternity, rolling slowly before it accelerated forward as plasma
bolts were fired. The ship was hit several times by the powerful Ha‟tak plasma
bolts, the shield holding but weakening considerably. Plasma fired continually fired
from several turrets located around the ship while the two main cannons let off
powerful bolts of energy towards the four Ha‟tak attacking it. Inside, Harry
frowned and winced as he was hit again. Despite his best flying, he was boxed in
with four Goa‟uld Ha‟tak and a several Death Gliders all attacking him at once. The
only reason that the ship still flew was because Nox defensive technology was far
superior to that of the Goa‟uld. He just wished he had something that packed a
little more power, such as Ha‟tak class Plasma Cannons. Now those would be useful
at this moment.

He had gone to the co-ordinates that the smuggler had given him to find absolutely
nothing. He knew that there had been a small chance that the Asgard ship would
still be there. For the past four weeks, he had taken to scouting the area slowly
before he had run into a construction site of Goa‟uld Ha‟tak‟s for the Goa‟uld
System Lords. The construction site had been heavily guarded and here he was
now, trying to get out of the Solar System alive. From the surface of the planet
came several powerful plasma bolts, most likely from the construction yard.
Another Ha‟tak appeared from hyperspace, releasing its Death Gliders as it
powered up its weapons. Harry hit the hyperdrive and waited for an opportunity to
escape. If he was still for the one second it took to engage the ships hyperdrive
engines, then he would be hit so many times that his shields would overload and
the Deicida would be destroyed.

So Harry was using every tactic he knew, which included several thanks to Klorel
and even Lya in some small way. Both had left him with memories and knowledge
that had kept him alive by using every trick in the book. There was an explosion
that rocked the Deicida as the automatic defensive turrets targeted and
destroyed a Death Glider. Harry fired again at one of the Ha‟tak‟s he had been
aiming at. The Ha‟tak was sustaining much worse damage than Harry was and
already its shields were almost depleted. The latest attack sent two plasma bolts
at the Goa‟uld mothership, which penetrated the ship and exploded on the hull.
What Harry didn‟t know was that he had just destroyed it‟s cooling system that
was connected to the large Plasma batteries. As the Ha‟tak fired again, it suddenly
shuddered as a trail of explosions ripped though the Ha‟tak. There was a
momentous pause as every ship stopped moving for just a split second as the Ha‟tak
slowly descended towards the planet, fire and smoke trailing behind. A large
section of it exploded as it came dangerously near to another Ha‟tak and shrapnel
and debris shot out into space. The other Ha‟tak was too slow in raising it‟s shields
as a large piece of metal, one the size of a modern Tau‟ri house, smashed into it‟s
Pel‟tak, including the Bridge. The devastated Ha‟tak also succumbed to the gravity
of the large planet as it began to fall as its engines failed. Harry took this time to
punch the hyperdrive and he paused the ship just as the other three Ha‟tak‟s fired
every plasma cannon they had. Hundreds of charged plasma cannons fired
simultaneously just as Harry escaped into Hyperdrive. The plasma bolts soared
past each other, some colliding and exploding. A large barrage of hundreds of
plasma bolts it several Death Gliders that were too slow to move as they travelled
through space in a direct line. This line had another obstacle in the way, another
Goa‟uld Ha‟tak. The shields put up a valiant struggle but in the end, at least fifty
plasma bolts impacted against the hull. They hit the Naquadah reactor
simultaneously and there was a large shockwave and explosions as the large ball of
flames that erupted from within incinerated the Ha‟tak. The other two Ha‟tak
were left alone, each of their crew shocked at what they had witnessed, which was
probably the largest military blunder of the Goa‟uld for two hundred years. When
the low ranking Goa‟uld was bought before the System Lords, it also didn‟t make
things better that the two fallen Ha‟tak‟s had crashed into the Construction yard,
destroying another two Ha‟tak‟s that were there for repairs and three more
Ha‟tak that were near completion, as well as one of the largest Naquadah mines in
that galaxy. His death was long, slow and very, very painful.

Harry was not aware of these events until sometimes later. His hyperdrive had
sustained a hit and he had been thrown off course into a galaxy that he wasn‟t
familiar with. The long-range sensors were also down and the shield generators
had been depleted by almost two thirds. It was time for repairs. He cruised
through the galaxy, using his powers to make it invisible to eyes and sensors. For
the next week, Harry performed most of the repairs himself. He was very familiar
with crystal technology, which was the technology used by the Goa‟uld and the Nox
technology, which worked with such advanced atomic fusion energy that even with
the knowledge Lya had given him, he could only understand bits of it. Still, he had
managed to restore the shields by creating a secondary power source and
reprogramming the Nox generators to allow crystal technology. It would take a bit
of time for the generator‟s to fully regain their power, maybe two days, but until
then the shields would work perfectly at full strength with the crystals he had
provided. The crystals would deplete over a short period of time but by then the
generators would be online. The hyperdrive though, was nothing like he had seen
before. It didn‟t use a Naquadah based reactor like the Goa‟uld and he had no idea
had to fix it. The solar system he had landed in had several planets, and he was
hoping that he would be able to find a Stargate on one of them. As he was making
his way to the first planet, he encountered spaceships that he had never seen

There were three of them. Two were in the general shape a hammer at its bow.
They were relatively flat vessels with two vertical hyperdrive engines at the
stern, giving the ship a sleek, streamlined look. They seemed to be fighting
another ship that seemed just as advanced as the other two, if not more powerful.
It was also a relatively flat vessel, with two small wings springing out from the
back of the hull. There was a raised jut at the end of this ship, with a large weapon
firing continuously at a rapid fire pace. Another jut extended below the belly of
the vessel, with another weapon also firing. It had a very sinister look to it. Beams
and bursts of energy similar to plasma were being traded beyond the two ships.
The two vessels that the jutted vessel was attacking had powerful shields and
were firing back with weapons just as powerful. The other ship had shields as well,
but they were failing and energy bolts were striking the hull. Strangely, little
damage seemed to be done as the material the ship was made from seemed to
absorbing most of the energy. As Harry flew closer, a single white ray pulsed over
the shields of his ship, scanning it. A rotatable turret on the sinister ship
swivelled his way. It fired. The Deicida‟s shields held as Harry manoeuvred the
ship away from the battle. The other ship continued to fire, but most of its
attention seemed focussed on the other two ships, which were beginning to strain
under the heavy attack. Harry charged his plasma cannons as he shot across space,
turning to come around and behind the two ships. They hadn‟t attacked him yet so
he was assuming that they were friends. Besides, they were the most advanced
vessels he had ever seen. He was confident that they could help him. Harry
accelerated, and the Deicida shot forward, zooming past the other ships and firing
at maximum power. Two blinding beams of blue lanced from his ship, penetrating
the shields of the sinister ship and striking the hull. Unfortunately for Harry, they
did as much damage as the other ships were doing, if not less. But he had caused a
distraction. As the sinister ship suddenly focused all of its attention on him, the
other ships surged forward as they powered their weapons. They fired, powerful
energy bursts rocking the other ship. Even with the strange material that
absorbed energy, it couldn‟t hold together it‟s hull as it began to crack under the
pressure. Harry fired his engines as the other ships fired again, splitting some
sections of the hull as flames swept across the ship before they were snuffed out
by the lack of oxygen in space. The other ships fired on last time, and the sinister
ship finally exploded. Debris and shrapnel went everywhere as Harry retreated to
a safe distance. The other ships kept firing, targeting each individual speck of the
sinister ship‟s wreckage until there was nothing left.

“This is a message to the Nox vessel that has assisted us. Please respond.” Came a
cool yet high-pitched voice over the communications device.

“This is the Deicida.” Harry spoke back.

“I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet. I give you my thanks for
distracting the Replicator vessel.”

“Asgard?” Harry said, suddenly leaning forward excitable. “I‟ve been looking for
you guys for a while now.”
“You sought us out?”

“I have some questions for you.” Harry said and waited. There seemed to be an
infinite silence, before the Asgard vessels started to slowly move.

“We are prepared to answer your questions. We request that you follow us back to
a safer environment.”

“My hyperdrive has been damaged. I can‟t go anywhere.” Harry answered. “I don‟t

Suddenly there was a white beam that enveloped his ship and Harry could feel
himself blur as the Deicida was beamed away, leaving nothing behind. The two
Asgard vessels suddenly shot into hyperspace.

Harry looked around cautiously. He was standing in a large room filled with curved
corridors in exotic, violet tones. There was a control panel similar to the one on
the Deicida with a small white stone on a large glass pane carved with strange
symbols. The most important thing in the room was the small grey alien humanoid
that regarded him with wise eyes.

“You‟re Thor?” Harry asked.

“Yes.” Thor said, watching Harry for a second more before he walked forward, a
light bouncy spring in his steps. “I am curious in how you obtained a Nox vessel. I
almost thought that the sensors were malfunctioning when they identified that
the Replicators were attacking a Nox scout ship.”

“The Nox gave it to me.” Harry answered. “That‟s twice you‟ve mentioned
„Replicators‟. Who are they?”

“Replicators are programmed by their creators with only one objective: self
replication. They are very advanced androids that take insect form and are built
from thousands of tiny individual blocks,” Thor said. “They are a serious threat to
the Asgard. We have almost exhausted our supplies in trying to halt their
“Why don‟t they like you?” Harry asked.

“The Replicators seek out technological advanced races. They ignore the humans
and Goa‟uld and instead, seek out the races that have advanced technology. Once
they have conquered a race, they can utilise their technology to build more
superior ships. Most energy weapons do not work on them, but we have been able
to destroy their ships with the sheer amount of force.” Thor answered. “As the
most advanced race in the galaxy, they have been an instant enemy of ours for
many years.”

“Oh.” Harry said, frowning. He vaguely recalled that Lya had said that their were
rumours of the Asgard were at war, but he hadn‟t though that it was this bad.

“Now, why did you seek us out?” Thor asked.

“When I was young, I was transported onto a primitive planet called Tremin, it‟s
the fourth planet in the Edoirian system. They say that I was sent by the God‟s in
a white beam of light, exactly like the one you just used to send me here.” Harry
started. “I can remember a small grey humanoid alien, and when I asked Lya of the
Nox, she said that the Asgard were probably the ones who dropped me off.”

“I do not think that any Asgard would have had a human…” Thor suddenly stopped.
“Ah, yes. If I recall, there was a Goa‟uld vessel that intruded into our airspace
near one of our protected planets. One of our ships was sent to scare them away.
I remember this planet being close to the fourth one in the Edoirian system.”

“You know who is was?” Harry asked eagerly.

“I have a suspicion. Unfortunately, Loki has not been seen for many years.” Thor
answered. “Now, how did one as young as you convince the Nox to give you a ship?”

“I was once the former host of Klorel.” Harry explained, as if that were enough.
Thor seemed to accept his answer.

“You have said that the hyperdrive was damaged.” Thor said. “Once we get back to
the Asgard homeworld, I will fix it. After that, you may go as you please. Until
then, I, Thor, welcome you to my ship, the Beliskner.”

Harry stared out from a window in the Beliskner, Thor‟s mothership. His vessel was
being repaired at that very moment by a strange looking mechanical arm. Thor had
travelled to an outpost not far from the Asgard home planet and had left for an
emergency war council as soon as he had arrived. The outpost was situated on a
barren moon of a large gas giant. Several large domes and small, rectangular
buildings lay scattered around the moon. The main form of transport was the
beaming technology that the Asgard seemed to be good at, so there were no
smaller ships flying from one part of the military base to another. There were
three large cannon emplacements, with several smaller towers of sorts. What was
most impressive was that up above, there was a large space station with a minimum
of twenty Asgard Motherships docked and another ten patrolling. Several
satellites orbited the moon, with large weapon emplacements attached. Long-range
sensor transmitter satellites also orbited the moon. Harry was very, very
impressed. He was extremely impressed…and a little fearful. From what he had
gathered, this was the last defence that the Asgard had before their home
planet. If this fell, and the Asgard fell, there wouldn‟t any other species that
could stop the Replicators. The military force in this outpost could easily destroy
every single Ha‟tak that the System Lords owned with ease. And yet the Asgard he
had met seemed to hold an air of hopelessness and defeat around them. For all of
their technology, they were simply not able to destroy the Replicator threat.
Their energy weapons had proved to be only mildly effective against their ships
and when the Replicator bugs became mobile and went on foot, the Asgard were
not be physically strongest or fastest race to be fighting them.

“It is done.” Said a high-pitched Asgard voice from behind him. Harry turned to
see a small Asgard blinking mournfully at him. “The hyperdrive has been repaired,
and as per instructions, Asgard weaponry and shielding has been installed.”

“What?” Harry spluttered. “Who ordered that?”

“Supreme Commander Thor.” The Asgard answered, staring out of the window. “It
is impressive, no?”
“Very impressive.” Harry agreed.

“Yet in all our technology, our weapons are useless.” The Asgard said, drooping his
head. “Most forms of energy are simply absorbed by the replicators.”

“Well, what about non-energy based weapons?” Harry asked.

The Asgard blinked. “Such weapons exist?” He asked.

“Yeah. The Tau‟ri use projectile based weapons, to shoot small metal bullets at fast
and rapid rates. Why not construct something like that?” Harry asked.

The Asgard blinked. “Why would such primitive weapons work when all out
technology haven‟t?”

“Well, energy can be absorbed, right? But I don‟t know any race of creatures that
can absorb a piece of metal travelling at speeds several times faster than sound.”
Harry said. The Asgard blinked and he sighed. “It was only a suggestion. Can‟t
you…oh, I don‟t know, throw an astroid at them or something?”

“It is a valuable suggestion.” Thor said right next to him. Harry jerked as he
jumped back.

“Damn it!” He snapped. He took a few deep breaths. “Don‟t do that?”

“Do what?” Thor said, his face the perfect picture of innocence.

“Do…oh, never mind.” Harry muttered.

“I am here to inform you that your ship is ready.” Thor said. “The Asgard High
Council has been told of Loki‟s crimes, but he is unable to be found and we can not
spare any recourses to locate him.”

“Oh. Thanks for the weapons and stuff.” Harry said.

“It was not a problem.” Thor started, before he stiffened. Without word, he
beamed away with the other Asgard, leaving Harry alone.
“Right.” Harry muttered. “I‟ll just be going then.”
As he travelled along the curved corridors of the Asgard dome, he glanced out a
window and gasped. Flashes of light were erupting up above. There was a sudden
whine as the Asgard ground cannons fired, sending extremely powerful blasts of
energy at the sky. Asgard Motherships started undocking, their weapons already
firing as a dozen Replicator ships jumped from Hyperspace, firing at the defence
satellites. They fired back, but were easily destroyed by the powerful weapons of
the Replicators. One of the Asgard Motherships suddenly rocketed off course as
it was hit. It slammed into the Space Station and exploded against the large and
powerful force field that surrounded it. The battle that the Asgard had feared
for so long had arrived. It was time for Harry to leave.

As he rushed along the corridors, there was a buzzing tone from the speakers. A
voice chanted in an unrecognisable language, before it suddenly screamed and the
speaker system switched off. No Asgard seemed to be around as Harry tired to
make his way into the hanger. He suddenly stopped as he heard a faint whining
noise, and a persistent tap. At the other bend of the corridor came a small
mechanical contraption in the form of an eight-legged spider. Harry blinked as it
stopped, ignoring him, as it seemed to look around.

“What in the world?” Harry muttered. He raised his ribbon device and
concentrated. A burst of energy slammed into the „bug‟ and it collapsed, its legs
giving way. Harry blinked in surprise and frowned. “That was too easy.” He
muttered to himself. Suddenly the Replicator bug stood up, shaking off the
effects of the energy wave. It clicked menacingly at him and Harry attacked it
again. It collapsed again, but recovered much quicker and started to come at him.
Harry backed away, eyes wide as he sent waves of energy at it. It seemed to have
gained immunity towards them as it reared forward. Harry quickly raised his other
hand and concentrated. There was a slight tingle inside of him, before he hurled a
fireball at it. The fire hit the mechanical bug…with little effect. Harry threw
another fireball at it but it kept on coming. Now Harry was running the other way
with a small bug on his heels. It would have been funny if the situation weren‟t as
dire as it was. The Asgard outpost was smoking, buildings, domes, and two of the
three defence Cannons destroyed. The Asgard had lost another seven
motherships, while the Replicators had only lost two of its ships and had obviously
infested the moon. The Space Station force field was holding up but Harry could
see small, long sleek vessels getting ready to jettison away.
He turned a corner and quickly stopped himself, staring at the scene in front of
him with undisguised horror. Replicator bugs were doing exactly as they were
named, replicating. They appeared to be eating the metal that the corridor was
made of, using a strange fluid that they spat out as digestive fluids. Little bits of
components were merging together to form new bugs. The corridor suddenly fell
silent from the clicking as the Replicator bugs turned towards him. They started
moving forward, little pincers clicking angrily and Harry quickly turned and ran the
other way. Better the one bug than a whole swarm.
Soon Harry couldn‟t run anymore. Not that he was tired or anything, but he was
surrounded. He had tried to make himself invisible, but it had only attracted a
great swarm of the Replicator bugs who could somehow sense him. Every weapon
he tried to use was ineffective, including the hand device, his fireballs and several
other powers that he had developed. He raised his hands again and concentrated.
The power inside of him was roaring, not tingling, and a large circle of electricity
sprung from around him, acting as an Aura. The electricity shot off into the
Replicator bugs and it should have fried them, but instead the bugs seemed to
pause as the energy overloaded their sensors for a second, before they kept on
crawling rapidly towards him. Overhead the bugs crawled on the roof and over on
the walls. One of them walked on a small device that acted as a large light and
there was a sickening groan as it lost its support and fell from the roof. The
Replicators scurried out of the way but some of them were too slow as the piece
of equipment hit them and crushed them to pieces. Harry stared in shock at the
block, and then at the bugs. There were several little blocks on the ground, the
building block of all Replicator equipment. Replicators were a collective intelligence
made up of countless postage-stamp sized computers all linked together that
absorbed energy. The Asgard had been overrun because they had forgotten that
while energy weapons would kill an organism; crushing them with a two-ton rock
would do the same. As the Replicators surged forward, Harry concentrated on the
techniques Lya had taught him when levitating rocks. Slowly, the damaged piece
from the ground and Harry smirked. He suddenly thrust out his arm, and the
debris went spiralling though the air, scraping the walls as it crushed Replicators
into little bits. He continued to do this and as he started back down towards the
hanger, the debris hovered in front of him. When he turned the corner, a swarm
of bugs appeared. He focused and let the debris shoot out like a bullet. It shot
forward, arcing throughout the air and crushing Replicator after Replicator as it
landed heavily in the swarm of them.
Harry took this chance to quickly leave as the mechanical bugs swarmed over their
destroyed brethren. As he turned around into another corridor, he saw a flash of
grey as something stabbed him in the chest. He gasped and screamed in agony as
he fell to the ground. There were another stab and Harry could feel himself
getting weaker and weaker. He swatted at his chest, his hand knocking off the
Replicator bug and sending it flying. His former Goa‟uld enhanced healing started
to kick in as he stood, clutching his chest. He had been stabbed in his shoulder
blade and his lower abdomen, but he wouldn‟t die. His anger and rage kicked in as
the Replicator got in and he screamed as he let loose the energy inside him in the
darkest and most terrible form of energy he could must. What he didn‟t know was
that he was gathering trace magic from his scar, which while it had been long
healed by repeated use of a sarcophagus, was still there. His skin burst open as a
drop of blood splattered to the ground.

“Avada Kedavra!” Harry cried out, the words coming from a long-lost memory of a
dark and evil figure pointing a slim stick at him. A green beam of light rocketed
from his hands and smashed into the Replicator as a wave of darkness and hatred
washed over Harry, barely contained. It twitched, but kept on coming. Harry
groaned as he started limping away. He waved his hands as his mind and magic
worked in overdrive, and pressurised air sliced into the mechanical bug and cut it
into thin pieces. He turned the last corner and gave a great sigh of relief. The
hanger was ahead and seemed to be damaged from the battle. Some Replicators
crawled over the wreckage of various Asgard ships but Harry could see the
Deicida intact and unharmed. The Replicators seemed to ignore it, focusing on the
much more technological advanced ships of the Asgard. Harry surged forward, his
magic already leaping from his fingers as rubble and debris started to levitate and
fly around the room. He boarded the vessel and automatically ringed to the
cockpit. He fired up his engines and activated the shields at maximum strengths
as he inspected his new equipment. As well as the two main plasma cannons, a large
turret had been built on his hull. Furthermore, his shields had been strengthened
and the Deicida seemed to handle better than it had before. As he lifted off, the
engines and anti-gravity thrusters powering up, he charged up his weapons as he
prepared to make his charge.
Up above, the Asgard were slowly gaining ground. Over fourteen Asgard
Motherships had been destroyed. Luckily for the pilots, they were able to
transfer their minds along their computers and were already being transferred to
new bodies. The Defence Satellites were gone, the only signs that they had been
there was the small fragments of metal. The outpost had already been evacuated
and over-run, with Replicators already breeding down there. The Space Station had
also been evacuated but was still holding, but just barely. There were five
Replicator ships and sixteen Asgard Motherships still battling, energy weapons
ricocheting off each other‟s energy shields as they glided past each other. The
Asgard had the numbers but the Replicators seemed to be absorbing most of the
energy being flung at them. This was the sight that greeted Harry as the Deicida
flew from the moon. He had charged up his weapons to maximum power and focused
on the nearest Replicator battleship.

The Deicida fired. Beams of blue energy lanced from his plasma cannons as the
defensive turrets all locked onto the one target. Streams of plasma fired flew
through space towards the Replicator battleship. The Asgard turret also fired as
white bolts of energy burst out from it. The shields of the Replicator had taken
quite a beating before and were unable to resist the attack. Suddenly several of
its weapons fired, striking the incoming energy attacks and causing them to
exploded. The others just splashed harmlessly against the hull of the ship as
Harry rocketed past. Bursts of four streams of energy lanced towards his ship,
missing as he glided to the left. The Asgard ships were advancing on all fronts,
their weapons continuously firing. The amount of energy directed at the Replicator
battleships was starting to damage and destroy them as it had the others. Harry
continued firing as he flew in loops around the battleship, twisting and rolling to
avoid debris and enemy fire. His ship suddenly jolted as it was struck. The shields
failed amongst the extremely powerful energy attacks but repelled most of the
attacks. One lance of energy struck his hull and Harry suddenly lost control of his
navigation panels. Something sparked in the cockpit and he slumped over, barely
conscious as something struck his head. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on his
energy. It had been weakened and he was exhausted, anxious and in pain as he
fought unconsciousness. His wounds were bleeding as badly as they were being
healed and he had expended a lot of energy today. Still, there was enough left to
do what he intended to do and slowly, a large piece of wreckage stopped drifting
through space. Harry managed to launch another attack on the Battleship and then
sent the large piece of wreckage towards the battleship. It countered the
attacks, its defensive cannons destroying the energy blasts. Because of this, the
Battleship couldn‟t destroy the large piece of wreckage hurtling towards it. It‟s
cannons tried desperately to turn to meet the new attack but the large lump of
metal struck. It smashed the middle of the ship, hurtling straight through it to
the other side. Slowly, the front of the ship began to break off as fire and
electricity cackled. The rear of the battleship suddenly exploded as the other
piece hurtled towards the Space Station. It collided, breaking through the
shields. There was a shockwave that split space as the Space Station exploded
violently as it was struck. One of the Replicator Battleships nearby was consumed
by the wave of energy that erupted, while the other three powered their engines.
They accelerated away from the pursuing Asgard Motherships before swinging
around as seven more Replicator Ships erupted from Hyperspace. The Asgard
Motherships suddenly retreated as the Replicators advanced. The fight was lost.
Harry never saw this. His vessel drifted in space, crippled with it‟s unconscious
pilot as the Asgard Motherships regrouped. There was a white flash as the
Deicida was beamed away before the Asgard Motherships abandoned their outpost
and activated their last resort as they dove into hyperspace. As the Replicators
came close to the gas giant and its moon, there was a suddenly flash as the planet
ignited and the shockwave and debris rocketed through space, wiping out the moon
and destroying everything in its path, including the Replicator Battleships. The
Asgard had lost their last outpost in this galaxy, while the Replicators had lost the
majority of their fleet. The war had not ended today.


Harry is twelve years old from my calculations, turning thirteen soon.

“Hurry!” Said a hollow and whispery voice, filled with menacing tones.

“I‟m sorry, Master!” said another voice, weak and broken.


Lord Voldemort waited with unabashed glee as his faithful servant Quirrell pulled
the stone from the mirror. It had taken several hours to break the powerful
enchantments that covered the stone but it was finally his. After two pathetic
years of pretending to be a professor, the damn stone was his. As Quirrell went to
hand the stone to the entity attached to the back of his head, the door rocked as
something powerful slammed against it, smashing half of the locking charms in
“Hurry you fool!” Voldemort hissed urgently, his non-corporal spirit sparking angrily
with black magic‟s and making the back of Quirrell‟s head glow darkly.

As Quirrell moved forward, the door was blown off its hinges, landing in a twisted
piece of wood in the centre of the room as Dumbledore and several Auror‟s made
their way in. Dumbledore himself was radiating a sense of power that far outshone
the others, his blue eyes hard and his wand clutched tightly in his hand.

“Tom. It appears that your plans have been foiled.” Dumbledore said sternly,
blocking the path of escape. The Auror‟s shifted nervously as they gazed upon the
spectre attached to the Defense Professor‟s head.

“I think not.” Voldemort hissed, the Stone still in Quirrell‟s hands. “I have the
stone, I am Immortal!”

“Why Tom, do you think I would be careless enough to leave the stone in the one
place that you would expect?” Dumbledore asked, his eyes twinkling.

“What? No, this can not be happening!” Voldemort raged as he tried to use the
stone to turn something into gold. Nothing happened and with a roar of rage, he
seized control of Quirrells body and smashed the stone on the ground. The Blood
red gem cracked and splintered as Voldemort whirled around, his spirit taking over
the man. Quirrells eyes turned blood red as his body started to radiate darkness,
shimmering and flickering in transparency. Voldemort inspected his new body
gratefully, clenching his fingers.
“I had not yet been able to gather the strength to do this,” Voldemort hissed.
“Hogwarts is a wonderful place to recuperate, do you not agree?”

The Auror‟s were shaking as they stepped backwards but Dumbledore remained
still, his back straight and his eyes squaring off with Voldemort‟s.

“You cannot possess him for long. Soon his body will crumble and you will be
severely weakened yet again.” Dumbledore said.

“True. But I plan on killing you, so there will be no need for me to hide.” Voldemort
snapped, and grinned demonically. He moved swiftly, Quirrells wand in his hand,
jumping forward towards the Auror‟s. Dumbledore fired a crimson beam of magic
at him, power and magic radiating off it as it spiralled in the air while Voldemort
twirled his wand. A silver shield burst out, dispelling the crimson beam as
Voldemort attacked the Auror‟s. Curses and hexes leapt from their lips, but they
just passed through Voldemort as if he were a ghost. Voldemort gave a ghastly grin
as he swiped his wand, and the Auror‟s cried out in pain as every joint in their body
snapped, arms, elbows, knees, fingers, toes and all. They dropped to the ground
limply as Voldemort turned, staring at Dumbledore as he raised his wand.

Dumbledore stared back as he raised his wand. He bellowed out an incantation, his
voice roaring like a lion, and a white blinding pulse of light shot out eerily.
Voldemort screamed as the spell collided with him, his shield useless and there
was a bright flash as a loud roar of power echoed in the room. When the light
died, Quirrells body collapsed where Voldemort had been. There was a large
scorch mark against the wall in the shape of Voldemort, but Dumbledore knew that
he was not dead. He had fled yet again. As more Auror‟s ran into the room,
Dumbledore regarded the dead body of Quirrell grimly. Mediwizards rushed to
the fallen Auror‟s as Dumbledore walked out, his wand away and his beard tucked
into his belt. The Minister would be demanding to know why he had ordered an
Auror Squadron to Hogwarts.
Hewas asleep. He was dreaming, or having a nightmare that had just ended with a
dark shadow covered in dark energy battling a powerful old man that shone
brightly with his energy. There was something dark and evil inside his head, and he
could sense the fury radiating off it. The thing…creature was furious at
something…or somebody, most likely the fight he had just lost. Harry cautiously
observed it leaving a brightly lit castle, floating away into the night sky the
twinkled with stars and the bright moon. Suddenly there was a blinding pain in his
forehead and he gasped.Harry awoke with a short scream of pain, his hands
clutching his forehead. He shakily removed them and his hand trembled as he felt
something sticky and red. He looked around and frowned. The room was small, but
was made of the greenish grey material as all Asgard facilities were. He was lying
on a small bed, or hovering if you wanted to be specific. Harry could feel the
blasts of air and the force field as he moved around on the bed and staggered up.
He glanced out the window and stared out into the blackness of space. He had to
be on as Asgard Mothership. He could barely remember what had happened on the
Deicida but he vaguely recalled getting hit on the head by something. Right now,
he was more concerned at the slight reflection he could see on a shiny surface of
metal. On his head was a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt.
He touched and winced as a torrent of pain shot through his head. It must have
been serious if the Asgard and his own regenerative powers couldn‟t heal it fully.
As he touched it again, he suddenly felt the same darkness as he had felt during
his dream and he staggered back to his bed. What had happened? He had never
heard of anything like this happening when he was with the Nox. That figure…he
had sensed an evil greater than the Goa‟uld, which Harry had thought to be almost
impossible. And who was the old man who lit up the room with such bright light? His
musings were interrupted as the door opened silently and as Asgard walked in. It
was Thor.

“You have recovered well.” Thor said, his bulbous eyes blinking slowly. “The damage
done to your spine was thought to have been fatal. It was lucky for you that you
had retained Goa‟uld regenerative powers.”

“What happened?” Harry asked. He scratched his head, wincing slightly.

“A control panel had shorted out when your ship was hit by the Replicator
Battleship. It lost its restraints and fell onto you.” Thor answered.

“Oh.” Harry said. So that‟s what had happened to his head.

“The Asgard High Council owes you a debt of thanks.” Thor said. Harry suddenly
noticed that the Asgard‟s body was different, a little more healthy and younger,
than it had been yesterday…or whenever the battle had been.

“How long have I been out?” Harry asked as he yawned, stretching his arms.

“You have been unconscious for three rotations of our homeworld.” Thor answered.

“What happened to you?” Harry questioned, gesturing vaguely towards Thor.

“My Mothership was struck during the fight and I was injured badly. However, I
managed to transfer my consciousness to the Asgard Homeworld, where it was
immediately transferred to another body.” Thor explained.

“What about my ship?” Harry asked with a sense of hopefulness. The ship had
become his home over the many months.
“It is fine and has already being repaired.” Thor answered. “Your actions in the
battle potentially saved the Asgard Fleet. The Replicators will need more time to
construct more vessels and we now have a chance for a new strategy. Our new
prototype Mothership is being constructed and is more powerful than any other
vessel prior to it. Once it is complete, we may begin to win this war.”

“I think you need a new strategy.” Harry said honestly. “Energy weapons don‟t work.
You need to be more creative and started using projectile weapons or anything to
smash through the Replicators.”

“I will give it thought.” Thor said after a few seconds. “Meanwhile, you have
received a message on a portable communicator that we have found.”

“Really?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Thor answered. He handed Harry the small silver Tollan Communicator.

Harry fiddled with it for a few seconds before a hologram activated and a life-size
image of a man appeared.

“I am Narim, of the Tollan. You are needed as a spectator to bear witness to the
Triad of the human Skaara and the Goa‟uld Klorel. The co-ordinates of our planet
have been sent with this message.”

The hologram deactivated as Harry stared in confusion and shock. “Triad?” He
muttered in shock. “Klorel?”

Even the name of the Goa‟uld sent a surge of hatred throughout his body and his
unconsciously clenched his hand. Klorel….

“Do you wish to depart?” Thor asked, and snapping Harry out of his daze.

“Yeah, I think I should.” Harry said slowly as he stood up. He frowned and clutched
his forehead.

“Hey Thor?” Harry asked just as the Asgard was about to beam him back to his
ship. “How did I get this scar on my head?”
Thor looked startled as Harry brushed his bangs out of the way. “Yesterday, that
scar was healed over.” Thor answered slowly as the beaming device transported
Harry away.
Harry reappeared in the cockpit of the Deicida. He frowned as his mind mulled
over Thor‟s words. The mystery was just getting bigger and bigger. First he had
those strange dreams, then a scar had appeared on his forehead the day after it
had been healed. The Asgard and even his own healing powers hadn‟t been able to
heal it. Harry thought back to the battle, for any circumstances that could have
given him the scar. Those words…Avada Kedavra…where had he heard them
before? Why had he shouted them out? As the mystery of his past grew, Harry
sighed in frustration and slammed down his fist on a console. He powered up the
engines as he firmly put the issue aside in his mind. He would think about it later,
he had a Triad to get to…whatever the hell that was. He programmed the co-
ordinates into the ships navigational computer and watched as the Deicida burst
into hyperspace. He stood up and headed for the living area, more specifically, his
bed. He had about two hours to get some sleep before the Deicida reached
Tollana.The Deicida burst from hyperspace around the orbit of a moonless planet.
It was lush and green and there were several oceans around four continents. It
was much smaller than Earth and orbited around a small sun. An alarm went off in
the Deicida and Harry growled in anger as he was awoken. He rubbed his blurry
eyes and yawned. He climbed to his feet and stiffened as his muddled brain finally
picked up the source of the noise and he quickly strode to the cockpit. Jumping
into his seat, he raised his shields up to full power as somebody from below
transmitted a message.

“This is Tollana, the home of the Tollans. You are intruding in our airspace and have
been locked on by our ion cannons. Please depart immediately.”

Harry blinked in confusion before he pressed a switch. “Um…I got this message
saying that I should come, something about a Triad.” He said hesitantly.

There was silence on the other end as Harry waited. Finally, “Please proceed to

Harry sighed in relief as the warning alarms stopped and took control of the ship.
He gracefully glided down to the planet.
Jack sighed as he leant on a weird piece of Tollan art. A few hours ago, Narim, a
Tollan that Carter had gotten friendly with had walked through their iris to tell
them to come to a Triad for Skaara. After hearing Skaara‟s name, Jack was in. So
SG1 had been taken to see Skaara. Apparently two days ago, an enemy of Apophis
was chasing Klorel. Klorel had flown to Tollana, knowing that the Tollan would fire
on the Ha‟tak chasing him but had lost control of his Death Glider and crashed.
Klorel had been knocked unconscious and Skaara had pleaded with the Tollans to
free him. So the matter had been bought to Triad, the Tollan version of a trial, to
decide who would have control of the body. Jack and Daniel had been representing
Skaara, while a Goa‟uld named Zipacna was representing Klorel.

“Jack,” Daniel greeted as he walked outside. The Triad was in a recess at the
moment, as a witness had been called by the Tollans to verify statements that had
been made concerning the Goa‟uld mentality about hosts. Goa‟uld‟s believed that
when they took a host, nothing of the host survived the process. Jack and Daniel
knew this to be a lie and had protested over this statement.

“Daniel,” Jack answered back. “I can‟t believe that Narim conveniently forgot to
mention that a Goa‟uld would be here.”

“Well, we really should have expected it.” Daniel said, being the voice of reason and
logic as usual.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jack muttered angrily. “I don‟t see what the problem is. They just
take Klorel out…what‟s there to discuss?”

“Klorel is a sentient being and the Tollan Law dictates that…” Daniel started.

“Sentient? The snake‟s an arsehole!” Jack snapped.

“That may be so, but Klorel has a right to defend his occupation of the body.”
Daniel said reasonably. “Look Jack, we owe it to Skaara to at least try it the Tollan
way. I don‟t think that Sha‟re…”

Jack sighed as he regarded Daniel. A few weeks ago, Teal‟c had killed Sha‟re,
Daniels wife who had been taken by Amonet, the wife of Apophis. Amonet was
about to kill Daniel before Teal‟c stepped in, and Daniel held Teal‟c free from
blame. Skaara, Sha‟re‟s brother, was one of the last things connected to his
former wife.
“Fine. I‟m still angry that they disabled our weapons though.” Jack scowled as he
and Daniel made it back inside the large Tollan building. “I don‟t trust the Goa‟uld.”

“The Jaffa who came with Zipacna won‟t have any weapons either.” Daniel reasoned.
“Besides, you‟ve got Sam and Teal‟c following them. They‟ll make sure they stay out
of trouble.”
Harry waited in a small Tollan room. As soon as he had left the ship, a white beam
had struck him too quickly for him to react. When it was done, Harry had been
left a little confused but unharmed. All of his weapons had been disabled so the
worst he could do to attack Klorel was to throw a Zat‟nikatel at him. Still, he had
his energy within him and a totally new understanding on how to use it thanks to
the dreams and he was sure he could use it to kill the Goa‟uld.

“Harry, we are pleased you could come.” Said a familiar voice. Harry turned, a slight
smile on his face as he saw Omac, the old Tollan he had met years ago.

“Omac.” Harry greeted.

Omac smiled faintly. “Do you understand your role in Triad?” he asked.

Harry shook his head. “What the hell is a Triad?” he asked sceptically.

“It is a matter of legal proceedings, where disputes are heard. There are three
parties, one party for each side and one neutral party. The two parties will present
their case to the neutral party. At the end of Triad, all parties will put forward a
vote in favour of one side. It is the job of the party representing the interests of
Skaara that you bring evidence to his cruelty. The neutral party must be swayed
to vote one way.” Omac said quickly, glancing outside. “Do you understand?”

“No, not really.” Harry admitted. “So, I just say how bad Klorel is and that‟s it?”

“Yes.” Omac said after a slight pause.

“Okay, I can do that.” Harry said confidently.

“Are sure you are ready?” Omac asked. “You were once a host to Klorel, would you
like some time to compose yourself?”
Harry felt a flash of irritation. “I can do it.” He said irritably. “Just…Just let me
get it over and done with.”
Jack and Daniel sat in the „courtroom‟. Behind them sat the neutral party, Lya of
the Nox and in front of them sat Travell, an important government figure of
Tollana and the „Judge‟ who would make sure that all proceedings were obeyed.
She was a stern woman with grey hair and a short stature. On their left was
Zipacna, with his funny little headdress on and dressed like an ancient Greek.

“Why do all Goa‟uld‟s have bad dress sense?” Jack whispered to Daniel, who shot
him a look. Jack leaned back, hands up in a placating gesture.

“Alright.” He muttered. Suddenly he frowned as he looked over by the door. A
figure had walked in, a Tollan. It was Omac.

“Your Eminence, we have a spectator to bear witness.” Omac said formally, bowing

“Bring him forward.” Travell said sternly. Another person walked into the room, a
child by the size of him. He wore a dark cloak and hood but when he looked up,
Jack gasped.

“Oi! It‟s Harry!” Jack whispered urgently towards Daniel.

“What?” Daniel asked incredulously. “Well, so it is.”

It was Harry. He had changed a lot since Daniel and Jack had seen him, and had
reached puberty by the looks of him. His face had lost some of his baby fat and
had matured. He was a lot taller as well and carried himself differently.

“Oh, now we can‟t lose.” Jack muttered. “Lya and Harry.”

“Lya? How do you know she vote our way? She‟s impartial.” Daniel muttered back as
Harry walked forward to the witness seat.

“She likes us.” Jack explained patiently, like one would talk to a child.

“She the Nox, she likes everybody!” Daniel whispered back.
“So, the host does survive?” Daniel asked slowly.
“I would think so.” Harry answered sardonically. He had recounted everything he
had been forced to do as serving as the host to Klorel. Harry spoke of every single
crime against humanity that Klorel had committed in his body. He avoided the eyes
of Jack and Daniel, his Tau‟ri friends, and Lya, his former mentor, who watched
him carefully. He kept his gaze solely focused on Klorel, who was in the middle of
the room. Hatred and revulsion seeped out of his eyes and his posture just
screamed danger. Klorel gazed back at him defiantly, with as much hatred coming
from him as he received. Harry finished and spat out a last comment. “And I hope
you burn that dirty pathetic worm in the ground!”

“Your Honour,” Zipacna protested as he stood. “That last comment was out of line.
Furthermore, this witness here is obviously prejudice against Klorel.”

“It‟s all true!” Harry snarled back.

“That will be enough.” Travell said calmly but sternly. Suddenly, the doors creaked
open as Narim, the man from the hologram, and two Tollan guards rushed in.

“What is this?” Travell wondered out loud. “Narim, you know that Triad is
performed behind closed doors!”

“Turn on the deep space scanners. We spotted this dropping out of hyperspace.”
Narim spoke rapidly as a screen slid from Travell‟s desk. It flickered to life and a
large picture of a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak appeared. Travell took one look at it and shifted
her icy gaze towards Zipacna

“Explain.” She said icily.

“Your Eminence, the ship has only arrived in expectation of our victory.” Zipacna
said charmingly.

“You haven‟t won yet.” Jack snapped angrily.

“Why don‟t you just take the Stargate?” Daniel asked.

Zipacna scowled slightly as he tilted his head to face them. “If you must know,
there is no gate where we are going.”
“Then go to another planet and get picked up.” Jack shot back.

“Gentleman.” Travell said loudly as the bickering got worse. “Lord Zipacna, please
note that if that ship comes any closer during the duration of the Triad, it will be

“As you say.” Zipacna said formally. “The Goa‟uld party is ready to vote.”

“Have you anymore to say?” Travell asked Jack and Daniel.

“No, I think the Goa‟uld have might there case quite clear.” Jack snapped, jabbing
towards the screen.

“What he means to say was, that we are ready to decide.” Daniel rushed in.

“As you wish. Lord Zipacna?”

“I find in favour of Klorel.” Zipacna said, sending a side scowl at Jack, who just
gave him a withering look back.

“Daniel Jackson?”

“We find in favour of Skaara.” Daniel said loudly.

“Nox party?”

Lya sat still for a second. She closed her eyes for a few seconds before she stood.

“Both sides have presented well arguments. They have successfully proven that
both of the sentient beings deserve to live. However, the life of a slave is not life
at all. Therefore, I find in favour of the human host, Skaara.”

“NO!” Klorel burst out, standing angrily.

Travell touched a small stone and a device on Klorel‟s torso suddenly flashed blue.
Klorel sat down heavily and his head dropped. Travell as Klorel raised his
head…wait a minute! Harry could see the different features on the face and he
gasped. It was the host! That device must have somehow forced the Goa‟uld to

“Skaara. Congratulations on your victory.” Travell smiled warmly. “We have
contacted the Tok‟ra and they have assured us that they will send somebody to
remove the symbiote from within you.”

“I…thank you.” Skaara said in a heavy accent, beaming wildly. Travell nodded as she
stood, taking the back door out while Harry moved forward, eyeing Skaara

“I know you!” Skaara suddenly said. Harry said nothing but guilt clouded his
features as he averted his eyes. “You are the one…”

“Who took you from Abydos.” Harry finished.

Skaara‟s eyes showed understanding as he smiled. “No.” he said. “You are the one
that Klorel hates so much.”

Harry looked up and saw only forgiveness and understanding in the teenager‟s eyes
and smirked. “Yeah, he does hate me, doesn‟t he?”

“Very much so.” Skaara said, a sly grin on his face. “Hate, too weak of a word.

“Oh stop it.” Harry said, fanning his face.

“Right.” Jack said slowly. “What did we miss?” He asked Daniel.

“Beats me.” Daniel shrugged. All of a sudden, Sam and Carter burst into the room,
their faces flushed.

“Sir!” Carter said.

“What is it?” Jack asked carelessly.

“I‟m not sure.” Carter admitted.
“We have observed the Jaffa patrols visit numerous Ion Cannon sites. At each,
they used and object to do something before leaving.” Teal‟c answered.

“I knew that they were up to something.” Jack muttered.

“Well, we better see what then.” Daniel said as he bounded for the door.
As the group made their way outside, a loud high pitched whine echoed in the city.
Teal‟c and Jack flinched, obviously having encountered the noise before as several
beams of light shone on various targets around the city, and indeed, the entire
continent. From the sky, The Goa‟uld Ha‟tak fired several times as plasma bolts
rained down and exploded the targets.

“Well, there go the ion cannons.” Carter muttered.

“Not quite.” Teal‟c said calmly.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked suspiciously.

“He means that I have interfered.” Said a wise voice from behind them as Lya
stepped out from seemingly nowhere.

“What?” Jack asked in confusion.

Harry just watched Lya silently as she raised her hands and he felt the familiar
tingle as his body warped and disappeared, only to reappear somewhere out in the
country. Lya walked forward as the other members of SG1 staggered from the
unexpected feeling.

“What…was that?” Daniel gasped out loud.

“I think it must have been some of their technology.” Carter answered. “Whatever
it was…wow.”

“I don‟t care what caused it, I just want some.” Jack muttered.

“It wasn‟t technology.” Harry spoke for the first time.

“It wasn‟t?” Carter asked.
“It was their way.” Harry answered softly. “It‟s their gift.”

The group was silent as Lya stopped walking and waved her hands. The air
shimmered as a medium sized strange looking weapon appeared.

“There.” Lya said softly as she stepped back.

“Um…why isn‟t it firing?” Daniel asked nervously.

From the sky, dozens of specks appeared as they flew across the horizon. Some
broke off, diving down and accelerating to great speeds. Soon the features of
these specks were recognisable from the ground.

“Death Gliders!” Jack yelled. “Carter, get that thing working! Teal‟c, cover fire!
Daniel, look after Skaara, Harry and Lya!”

The Gliders fired and plasma bolts rained from the sky. Trees exploded and
craters were formed as six Gliders zoomed past.

“You know, for spaceships their aiming sucks!” Jack yelled as he fired his gun.
Teal‟c was firing his Staff as the Gliders came back for another shot. Harry
quickly darted up from where he had dove and raised his hand.

“Hey! Get out of the way!” Jack hollered, gesturing wildly.

Harry ignored him as he concentrated. Hatred and anger surged through him as his
eyes took a demonic glint. Green energies sparkled from his hand and he screamed,
“Avada Kedavra!”

This time the energy was much easier to work with and a green beam shot out from
his palm. It flashed through the sky and collided with the first Death Glider,
causing a large scorch mark to appear on the hull. The window cracked under the
force of the energy and green light slammed into the Pilot, who sagged in his seat
as his Glider suddenly went berserk. It flew sideways, crashing into another glider
before it slammed into the ground and exploded. Harry concentrated again, this
time on his fire energy, and a large stream of fire erupted from his hands, twirling
in the sky as it homed in onto the targets. Two Death Gliders bought it as the fire
smashed through their ships and they were nothing more than flaming hulks of

“Sir, I got it!” Carter yelled as the Ion cannon suddenly moved. It fired twice at
the two remaining Death Gliders, targeting them efficiently and destroying them
before it aimed at the sky. It fired three times, large purple bolts of energy
sizzling through the sky. For a moment, nothing was apparent until something
exploded in the day sky. Sparks and fire rained down as the Ion Cannon shut itself
The first thing Jack asked Harry when Lya transported them back into the city,
was, "What the hell was that?"

"It's my...gift." Harry answered.

“Where did you learn that?” Daniel asked.

“The Nox.” Harry answered.

“No way. The Nox are pacifists.” Daniel argued.

“We merely taught him to access his gift. How he uses it is up to him.” Lya said,
shrugging causally.

“A pretty fine line, isn‟t it?” Carter asked.

For a moment, Harry could have sworn he saw Lya smirk, but when he blinked she
was looking peaceful and calm as usual. “Yes, yes it is.”


“You have progressed well,” Lya said softly. “However, such hatred and pain that
went into your gifts that they were pure dark energy.”
Harry shuffled on his feet as he looked down, averting his eyes. “I…I have these
dreams. It‟s about this…creature, a creature who uses his gift to transmit hatred
and pain into raw power.”

“Such ways corrupt the soul and cloud the mind.” Lya warned. Her face showed no
signs of the calmness but rather urgency as she gripped Harry by the arm. “Such
ways will only destroy you in the end.”

Harry frowned as annoyance crept into his voice. “But where can I go to learn
other ways? I don‟t know any other way to use this gift. The Nox way is impossible
for me, you‟re…you‟re not human and I am. I just…can‟t do it!”

“Yes you can.” Lya said, suddenly smiling peacefully as if she had never lapsed.
“However, it takes time and training…time and training that you never completed.
The majority of the Nox do not wish to welcome you back. The destructive and
dark use of your gift has scared them. They fear what you could do if you were
properly trained.”

“Do you fear that?” Harry asked.

Lya was silent for a second, staring at the clouds and closing her eyes in delight as
a breeze washed over her. “No.” She answered finally. “I have seen into your soul,
and you are not evil. You have had a dark past with many traumatic experiences
but you are not evil. Perhaps…you are more aware of suffering in the universe than
most Nox are. Perhaps that is the real reason they are scared, they have no desire
to learn of such suffering.”

“Oh.” Harry said. He walked alongside Lya amongst the woods and forests of the
new Tollan homeworld. There were no animals or birds in the forest, or anywhere
over the planet. As he walked down the path, Lya stopped.

“I will travel to a planet called Kheb in one year.” She said gracefully. “It is part of
my families ways to do so every five years in remembrance. If you wish to come, I
will meet you there. Perhaps, I will show you more ways to use your gift for life
instead of death.” As she finished, she waved her hand over a tree and smiled in
childish delight as beautiful flowers grew and bloomed seconds later. She gave
Harry a warm hug and Harry hugged her back.
“I‟ll see you at Kheb…wherever that is.” Harry said. “I‟ll miss you Lya.”

“As I will you.” Lya said softly as she stood. She smiled down at him. “You have
grown much and news of your exploits have even reached us. This is why I do not
fear you, you are willing to fight for those who need help against evil, no matter
the price.”

Harry watched as Lya shimmered and disappeared from the forest, no doubt going
back to the Tollan built Stargate and sighed. He activated his Ring Transporters
and far above in the clouds, his ship responded and transported him up.

As Lya waved her hands and activated the Stargate, she looked up as a small speck
blasted off into orbit. Smiling, she walked through and back to her home.
Several months later: Earth, Hogwarts

Sirius sighed as he continued his patrol of the school. What should have been a
nice peaceful year of Hogwarts was slowly turning out as eventful as last year. The
public had been alerted to the fact that Voldemort was not completely destroyed
but so few believed the Headmaster. Even the Minister was sceptical, but with the
matching stories of the Auror‟s, some who were loyal to the Minster only, had
swayed him. Auror recruitment had been pushed forward and security had been
increased. Even as a wraith, Voldemort could still do a lot of damage. And his latest
plan involved Hogwarts. The Chamber of Secrets had been opened and already,
there were two students petrified. Professor‟s patrolled the corridors at night
and students who almost too afraid to come out of their common rooms. As Sirius
turned a corner, he bumped into something and sprawled to the ground.

“Ow.” He muttered as he gingerly touched his face. He frowned as he looked out
his hand, which was covered with some kind of wet slime. He grasped his wand as
he got up and cast the most powerful shield spell he knew as he faced whatever he
had bumped into. A powerful bronze shield burst into existence around Sirius and
through the distorted light, Sirius saw a pair of gigantic yellow bulbous eyes.

“STUPEFY! REDUCTO! IMPEN…” Sirius cast as a sudden wave of weakness washed
over him. He gasped as he dropped to the floor, curling up in a ball as his mind
slowly shut down. He suddenly froze where he was as he blacked out, his wand
clattering uselessly from his finger. A small first year girl with red hair and blank
eyes walked out from beyond the shadows of the creature.
“Perfect!” Came a distorted voice from her body as she stroked the giant Basilisk
next to her.

“Master, may I eat him?” Hissed the Basilisk eagerly.

“Not yet, my love.” The First year girl hissed back. “A death in Hogwarts would
shut it down…and then there would be no food.”

“As you command.” The Basilisk bowed its head. The girl slowly walked away from
the prone body of the DADA Professor‟s assistant and the Basilisk followed
At the same time, far, far away

Harry squinted as he stared out of his shelter at the tremendous sandstorm that
was storming wildly throughout the deserts of Abydos. When he had left Tollana,
he had come to Abydos to try to find the destination of Kheb. The Tau‟ri had
gotten thousands of gate addresses from a temple that Ra had built and Harry
though he should go and have a look to see if he could find any clues about Kheb.
The Goa‟uld System Lords feared the land and the mysteries that surrounded it.
Something had transpired here many thousands of years ago that no Goa‟uld would
speak of, but it had been something so important that no Goa‟uld Ha‟tak would
come near the solar system where Kheb resided. Over time, most Goa‟uld‟s
probably forgot the actually reason why they stayed away, but the deep ingrained
instinct of self-preservation never left them. Harry was counting on that self-
preservation to help him find the mysterious planet. Why Lya didn‟t just tell him,
he didn‟t know. Actually, he had a fair amount of suspicion that Lya wanted him to
find it on his own but he didn‟t know why. He had been in this damn temple for
months, cataloguing all of the gate addresses. He was putting them through the
Deicida‟s computer and eliminating them off his search. If the System Lords
feared Kheb so much, then they would have destroyed any records they had of it.
It was a long shot, but the Tollans had never heard of it, the Asgard were busy
with their war and the Abydonians also hadn‟t heard of it. He would have asked the
Tau‟ri, but he had no way of contacting them since he had never memorised their
Stargate address. The communicator he had was the receiver, not the
transmitter, so he couldn‟t send them a message. Besides, He didn‟t have one of
the codes that opened the metal iris in front of the Stargate. The moment he
walked through…splat!
“Harry!” Skaara called from inside the temple. He usually visited every two weeks
or so, bringing food and water with him for Harry. His speech was getting much
better as he picked up the language from Harry. “The food is ready,"

“Coming.” Harry called and he sighed, walking back inside. Skaara beamed at him
from the ground. A small fire flickered as Skaara lifted a pot lid and Harry stared
at the gruel inside. He sighed as he sat down. It was a pity that he had run out of
food. Not that he was trying to offend Skaara, but the gruel wasn‟t the best
tasting dinner he had ever had. “Oh yum.” He muttered sarcastically.

“Is it not good?” Skaara asked innocently, as he did every night.

“Skaara, one day I‟m going to take you to a planet with real food.” Harry promised
as he gulped down his gruel.
“This is real food!” Skaara protested.

“Sure it is.” Harry muttered. “And I‟m Thor.”

“Who is Thor?” Skaara asked in confusion,

“Never mind.” Harry sighed. He slurped the rest of his gruel and yawned. “Damn
planet. Pain in the arse to find.”

“What planet are you looking for?” Skaara asked as he collected the bowls.

“One named Kheb.” Harry answered as he stood up. “I can‟t find any record of it in
any of the Deicida‟s computers. It‟s a planet so feared by the Goa‟uld System
Lords that they should have destroyed all of their records. So if it‟s not on this
wall, then I can rule out all of these planets. The Problem is that I don‟t know what
system to start looking in.”

“Kheb.” Skaara muttered. “Did you not ask the Tok‟ra?”

“I have no idea where their base is.” Harry mumbled as started walking back to the

“I do.” Skaara called after him and Harry stopped, turning around.
“You do?” He asked hopefully.
Harry waited as the seventh chevron locked into place at the Abydonian Stargate
and watched as the large vortex exploded forward. A shimmering blue surface lay
between the powerful and ancient device and Harry walked forward, barely
hesitating as he stepped into it, his eyes closed. He felt a rush and a blur and he
stepped out on the other side on another planet. He opened his eyes and looked
around. This world was teeming with wildlife, with birds flying ahead in flocks and
forests of trees surrounding the Stargate. But there was no sign of a Tok‟ra

“Well of course there isn‟t,” Harry muttered to himself as he stepped away from
the Stargate. “They‟re the most hunted people in the galaxy.”

As he walked forward, he frowned as he spun around. He could have sworn he had
heard a twig snap but when he looked, there was nothing but trees. Cautiously,
Harry slowly raised his hand device as he curled the fingers of the other hand. A
flicker of power would be all it needed to conjure a fireball. He started walking
just as battle cries echoed around him as people burst out of the bush, Staff
Weapons and Zat‟nikatels in hand.

“Okay.” Harry muttered as he backed away slowly. “Um…Hello?” He said weakly.

The figures were dressed in light grey clothing. There were about thirteen of
them and they circled him slowly.

“Who are you?” One of them snarled.

“Who are you?” Harry challenged back, glaring angrily.

“It is a child!” A woman said in surprise. Harry pushed back his hood and shot her a

“You powers of observation are outstanding Tok‟ra.” He said sarcastically.

Some of the people gasped and the woman blanched, before fixing a steady look on
her face.
“I am Anise of the Tok‟ra. What is your business here?” The woman demanded, her
voice distorting due to the effect of a symbiote.

“I come seeking…Selmak.” Harry answered, his mind thinking back to the time he
had delivered weapons to the Tok‟ra.

“Selmak? You know Selmak?” Anise asked as mutters went around the group.

“Well, Obviously.” Harry said, rolling his eyes.

“You must hand over you weapons before we will take you to her.” Anise said.

“What?” Harry asked incredulously, snorting slightly before he caught the way the
Tok‟ra were edging in on him. “Oh, alright!”

He took off his hand device and threw it to Anise, who caught it gracefully. “If you
break it, I‟ll expect a new one.”
The small group of Tok‟ra escorted him away from the Stargate. Harry remained
chatty and talkative during his march as the Tok‟ra guards payed a close eye on
him, their fingers occasionally brushing their Staff Weapons and Zat‟nikatels as if
seeking reassurance.

“So, what‟s your name?” Harry asked one of the guards brightly.

“Mint‟al.” The guard replied tightly. “Host to Hira‟kak.”

“Fascinating.” Harry remarked. “So, how does somebody become a Tok‟ra host? You
just walk into their secret base and ask, „Hey, I‟ve been really good boy so can you
put a Tok‟ra in my head?”

The guard stared stonily at the young teen, who shrugged carelessly. “Fine, be
stubborn. Not that I‟m interested in my becoming a host. Been there, done that.”

Finally the group stopped walking as they reached a small clearing. Harry stared
around, waiting for something to happen as the group bunched together. Suddenly
there was a whir as the familiar noise of the Ring Transporters came from the
They reappeared in a large tunnel made totally out of a purple crystal. Harry
stared in amazement as he looked around, seeing crystal tunnels everywhere.
Tok‟ra walked through them, some chatting to each other slowly in a relaxed
fashion while others snapped and looked incredibly stressed. Two of the guards
stayed still while the rest walked off as Anise turned to him.
“I will go fetch Selmak, of the Tok‟ra. Be aware, any acts of aggression towards us
will result in your death. If you are an assassin, you will not succeed.” Anise
warned. She left him alone, surrounded by two guards in the tunnel. Curious faces
appeared at the end of the tunnels, taking peeks at him as they walked past.
Children scampered throughout the area, darting between legs and laughing.

“You take children as hosts?” Harry asked the guards in disgust.

“No. Most of the children are orphans that we have saved from the worlds
conquered by the Goa‟uld.” Mint‟al said.

“Oh. That‟s okay then.” Harry shrugged.

“Who are you?” One of the children asked as she passed, brown eyes staring
curiously out of tangles of hair.

“Harry.” Harry answered charmingly. “And you?”

“I‟m Myel.” The girl answered, giggling. She looked at the guards and frowned,
before leaning in to whisper. “Have you been bad? The guards never look mean
unless you‟ve been bad.”

“No, I‟m a good person, really. They just have to get to know me.” Harry whispered
back loudly. He threw Mint‟al a wink. “Isn‟t that right, Minnie?”

“What did you call me?” Mint‟al asked incredulously.

“Nothing.” Harry blinked.

“I know you!” exclaimed a loud voice excitedly. Harry turned to see Selmak walk
down the hall briskly with Anise. Tok‟ra, guards and children alike, moved out of
his way as he made his way to Harry, beaming.
“You do?” Anise asked.

“Sure. That‟s the kid with smuggled us the weapons.” Selmak…or most likely the
host, Jacob Carter said.

“You destroyed two Al‟kesh?” Mint‟al asked in shock.

“Sure did.” Harry chirped.

“You‟re a little bigger than I remember.” Jacob mused as the two p travelled down
an empty tunnel. “And if what Anise says is true, much more of a smart arse.”

“Smart arse?” Harry asked, his face scrunched up in thought. “My arse

“Never mind.” Jacob sighed. “So, what can I do for you?”

“Do you know of a planet named Kheb?” Harry asked Jacob, who shut his eyes and
dropped his head. When he raised it, his eyes were glowing.

“Just rumours.” Selmak said. “It was once a planet where Osiris hid from Ra. No
matter how hard he searched, he never found it.”

“Osiris?” Harry asked. “Haven‟t heard that name before.”

“Osiris was killed many thousands of years ago.” Selmak said. “The planet is located
in the Tel‟demi system, but Ra never did find it. Eventually, Osiris returned to
Earth and was captured and killed.”

“That‟s all I needed.” Harry said, a smile on his lips. “Thanks.” He looked around to
find that he was back near the ring transporter.

“Tell me something.” Jacob said, Selmak retreating as he took back control. “You
and your ship wouldn‟t have been anywhere near a Goa‟uld Ha‟tak construction site
in the Kuio system a while back, right?”

“Oh.” Harry said with dawning comprehension. “That was a misunderstanding.”
Jacob gave a great booming laugh that attracted much attention. “I‟d hardly call
the destruction of an entire construction site and nine Ha‟tak a misunderstanding.”

“You did that?” Anise asked in shock.

Harry just smiled mysteriously as he plucked his ribbon device from her
unresisting hands. “Thanks.”

“Come and have the evening meal with us.” Mint‟al offered suddenly. “You could
share your experiences with us.”

Harry considered the offer and smiled slightly. “Okay.”
“…So then I engage the hyperdrive and get the hell out of there. I had no idea so
many Ha‟tak‟s destroyed.” Harry confessed.

“The System Lords have placed a great bounty on the one responsible for that
destruction.” Selmak told him. They were seating in a large crystallised room with
many tables and seats. Tok‟ra of all ages were eating, talking animatedly to each
other. “You should be careful.”

“Nah. That hated me long before I did that. I was once Klorel‟s host but there was
another…misunderstanding and I escaped.” Harry said as he nibbled on a small
round and glassy looking piece of food. It didn‟t taste too bad either. “So, what‟s
happening with the Goa‟uld‟s? I‟ve been out of the loop for a while.”

Selmak looked solemn as the table chatter died down. “Apophis has absorbed the
fleet of…”

“Apophis?” Harry spluttered in shock. “Isn‟t he dead?”

“He was revived using a Sarcophagus.” Selmak said. “He has absorbed the biggest
fleet in the galaxy after the Death of Sokar, which the Tok‟ra orchestrated along
with the Tau‟ri. It is our belief that a number of warring System Lords was always
better than One Supreme System Lord alone. However, with the death of Hathor,
Ra and most recently Heru-ur, has left a large power gap in which Apophis may yet

“Got a plan to kill him?” Harry asked.
Selmak smiled mysteriously. “We have considered one…”

“Selmak.” Anise warned.

“He can be trusted.” Selmak said and Anise nodded reluctantly. Selmak was the
oldest and wisest of the Tok‟ra and if Selmak said something, it was usually obeyed
by all of the Tok‟ra, even those on the High Council. “Apophis has gathered his
fleet near a sun. We are preparing to dial a Stargate to a planet that was
swallowed by a Black Hole and jettison it towards the sun, therefore causing it to
exploded and wipe out Apophis.”

“You want to blow up a sun!” Harry exclaimed in amazement, eyes wide.


“You people really are crazy.” Harry muttered. “Blowing up a sun…”

“It was the idea of the Tau‟ri rather than us. They have caused much discussion
among the galaxy. For such a primitive race, they have had a large impact on the
affairs of others.” Selmak admitted.

“Yeah, the moment I met them I knew that they were the race ready to fight
rather than to hide.” Harry said as he plucked another Tok'ra food thingy off the
table. They were great compared to Abydonian cooking.
“Do feel free to come back at anytime.” Selmak offered. Harry nodded in thanks,
before he walked back through the Stargate to Abydos. With the name of the
Star System that Kheb was in, Harry would sure he could crack the location. All he
needed to do was to work some more.


Hogwarts: Earth: Twelve years since the fall of Voldemort
Harry‟s age: 13 years old, turning 14 in two months
Remus ducked, gasping for breath as a jet of green light soared overhead. He
rolled from the pillar he was hiding under, firing as many curses as he could as he
darted behind another pillar. Beams and rays of coloured light flashed in the
chamber as some struck their intended target in the chest and passed right
through him as though he was a ghost.

Tom Riddle laughed mockingly as he glanced down at his colourless and transparent
body. “You‟ll have to do better than that!” He called out to the DADA professor.

Remus said nothing as he gripped his wand. The Basilisk had been distracted before
and Remus had wounded it slightly with a charm that created the crow of a
rooster, but soon it would recover and return from the pipes where Remus had
seen it last.

“I am wondering how you got down here though.” Tom said, frowning slightly.

“I followed Ginny when she let the Basilisk out.” Remus explained as his eyes
darted wildly as he heard a loud hiss. Where was it?

“I see. Well, that‟s one mistake that won‟t happen again,” Tom said, laughing in a
chilling high-pitched voice.

“Dumbledore will stop you!” Remus snarled, before he spun around from behind in
the pillar, wand high…just as a powerful jet of light slammed into him. Remus
heard his bones snap from the force as his body went numb and he was lifted off
his feet and blasted back. He skidded along the ground as he screamed in pain as
the feeling returned to his body.

Tom walked slowly up the long and wt path of the Chamber, twirling the wand in his
fingers. “You‟re pathetic.” He said derisively.

Remus said nothing as he tried to sit up. His head swam and he saw double as he
saw a small figure next to him. It was Ginny Weasley, the girl who he had originally
thought behind the attacks before he had met Tom Riddle. “H-How did you get
into Hogwarts?” He asked, gasping every time he breathed in as his broken ribs
moved slightly and caused a sharp sting of pain. He could feel blood running down
his robes as he slowly reached for his wand, just as Tom kicked it away.
“A very interesting question…but I suppose it can‟t hurt to tell you.” Tom smirked.
“The girl bought me in. Every time she wrote in me, she made me stronger, fuelled
my magic. Eventually, I started…persuading her to do my work. She was the one
who killed the school roosters and released the Basilisk…by my orders! Now, she
will serve her final purpose…to make me whole!”

Remus‟s mind raced. Ginny wrote in him? Suddenly his eye caught a small, black
leather-bound book that was clutched in Ginny‟s pale hands.

Riddle continued gloating, his eyes gleaming manically. “Her magic is now mine! Her
life is now mine! I will return whole and continue my work before that accursed
Potter brat!”

Remus was slowly edging towards the book as he listened and stiffened. “Who are
you?” He asked slowly.

“Did the world honestly think that I would keep my filthy Muggle fathers name?”
Riddle asked in disgust. He traced the wand lovingly in the air as smooth sparks of
light formed, writing Tom Marvolo Riddle that slowly transformed into „I am Lord

“Voldemort?” Remus asked in horror. “But…”

“Oh, I am not the original Lord Voldemort.” Tom Riddle admitted. “I am merely a
memory of his greatness…a memory that will one day rule this world!”

“Tom…Voldemort?” Remus asked.

“What!” Tom growled as he was snapped out of his stupor.

“Go to Hell!” Remus grinned wildly as he raised his arm, Ginny‟s wand in his hand.

Tom screamed as his body started glowing brightly. He exploded in a burst of light
as the diary was burnt to a crisp. There was a silence as Remus sat up…only to
stare at the large body of a Basilisk. He avoided the eyes as he raised his wand in
desperation as the Basilisk gave a loud screech of anger.
“Avada Kedavra!” Remus yelled. A jet of green light struck the Basilisk right
between the eyes. It fell with a loud thump, the ground shaking as its body hit the
ground. Remus could do nothing more as the pain and seriousness of his injury
overtook his mind and he slumped down, blackness clouding his vision as rushing
footsteps and yells echoed in the chamber. A small person shook his desperately
as he fell unconscious just as the face of Alastor Moody came into view.

“We got you Laddie, we got you.”
The Deicida glided over the large forests of the rich and lush world. Inside, Harry
scanned the planets surface for any sign of life. There was plenty of vegetation
and animal life, but the scanners only picked up a few structures all clustered
around the same area. The Stargate was also in this area and Harry guessed that
this was his destination. He tapped a few commands into his vessel and it shot
across the sky, achieving speeds of Mach 8 as it circled the globe in less than ten
minutes. Finally, the ship slowed rapidly as it circled around the settlement and its
thrusters kicked in as it slowly hovered down to land. The engines powered down as
it touched the ground as Harry transported himself from the cockpit to the
ground. He was getting moderately average with that particular power but still had
troubles. It seemed that the older he got, the more power he had at his disposal.

“Welcome.” Lya smiled peacefully from the archway that led into the stone
structure. The structure was shaped like a monastery of sorts, and if somebody
from Earth had seen it, they would have automatically thought that it was a
Buddhist temple.

“You know, it would have been a lot easier to just give me the damn co-ordinates.”
Harry grumbled light-heartedly. He shot Lya a wide grin as she unclasped her

“But that would have not been the point of the exercise.” Lya said, blinking
innocently. “Besides, the time you spent studying the co-ordinates for Kheb just
proves your devotion and worthiness to learning the Ways of the Nox and the
Ways of Oma.”

“Ways of Oma?” Harry asked, furrowing his brow as he joined Lya under the
“Come.” Lya said, gesturing forward.

Harry followed Lya deep into the temple. The rooms were lit by many candles and in
one of the larger rooms; he could have sworn he had seen a pyre burning brightly.

“Who died?” Harry asked softly.

“A Monk of the Temple.” Lya answered sadly. “And many Jaffa.”

“Jaffa?” Harry asked quickly, his hand already reaching for his Zat‟nikatel.

“They are no more.” Lya said, her eyes filled with sorrow. “So much death in these

“What happened?” Harry asked.

“As I am to understand, the Tau‟ri named SG1 visited this planet before the Triad
of Klorel. They were searching for the baby of Apophis and Amonet and they
encountered Jaffa.” Lya said as they walked along the dim corridors.

“And they killed them?” Harry pressed on.

“No. Oma killed them. The Ways of Oma are much more suited to you than the
ways of the Nox.” Lya answered softly.

“Who is Oma?” Harry asked Lya as they turned a corner into a brightly lit room.

“I am.” Said a woman‟s voice from within. Harry turned sharply as a woman in her
late 40‟s with black hair and wise eyes walked up. There was something different
about her. Physically she looked human, but Harry could sense the raging torrents
of power that lay beneath that form…power that could easily destroy a planet.
Oma smiled gently as she bowed her head towards Lya, and Lya did the same.
Their foreheads touched and they back off.

“It is good to see our Allies, the Nox, once again.” Oma said. “Normally you do not
venture so deeply into the temple.”

“I have a request.” Lya asked, her smile gentle as she gestured towards Harry. “He
needs to be trained in the Ways of Oma…not of the religion but the usage of the
power that burns within him.”

“I see.” Oma said with her gentle smile. “A human…is he ascended?”

“I do not know of that term.” Lya admitted. “But he is fully human…I suspect that
he is a descendent of your race.”

“Unfortunately I do not believe that‟s true. It‟s more likely that his kind is nothing
more than a failed Goa‟uld Experiment from thousands of years ago.” Oma said, a
touch sadly.

“Goa‟uld experiment?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Why should I teach a product of the Goa‟uld? The last time I involved myself in
matters of the Goa‟uld…well, I know of the mess that it created. And now he is
returning, wreaking havoc among the System Lords. If the Others were to find
out…” Oma trailed off.

Lya said nothing, her head bowed.

“Can someone kindly tell me what the hell is going on?” Harry growled angrily, his
energy fluctuating wildly inside of him.

“He does deserve an explanation.” Lya said as she placed a hand on his shoulder.
“He is not responsible for the choices of the Goa‟uld. Granted, they may have been
products of the experiments but that was long ago. Harry is human…just a very
special human.”

Oma sighed. “You‟re right as always. I do not wish to create yet another monster to
destroy the galaxy.”

“He is much different than the one called Anubis.” Lya said passionately. “He was
once a Host of the Goa‟uld Klorel and he understands the choices that lead to that

“Um…” Harry trailed off, feeling very much left out.
“Still, there is darkness of the gift within him.” Oma countered.

“Yet darkness does not always point to evil. Do not the Singing Birds of the Avereri
burst out into the most beautiful of songs in the darkest of nights?” Lya asked.

“Does not the orchid of pain appear beautiful in the light of day, yet excrete a
deadly venom in the night?” Oma said, her eyes narrowed as she gazed at Lya.

“Do not the moons of Krillupa cover the planet in eternal darkness, yet the sentient
beings that developed there are peaceful and loving?” Lya said gently, her wide
eyes staring unblinkingly at Oma.

“Does not the human boy standing between you two want to yell in frustration?”
Harry asked sweetly, before he glared at Oma. “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING

“Many thousands of years ago, the Goa‟uld experimented with a sample of the
population of your home world.” Oma explained. “They were looking to create the
ultimate host for the Goa‟uld‟s, hosts with and supernatural powers and gifts. They
succeeded to a degree. They experimented with many humans, most who died. But
there were some who were the descendents of my people and they had the
potential to use their powers. The Goa‟uld never found out as they were driven off
as the humans rebelled. These experiments grew old, had babies and so forth.
Their powers waned out of control, killing and striking the people surrounding
them and drove some to insanity. They mutated animals and creatures, twisting
their natural form into animals that also had the gift.”

“Eventually, one of my kind intervened long ago. His name was Myrrdin, or Merlin,
as the gifted knew him as. He taught them to focus their powers, to wield them
through other means than just raw power. These people developed and prospered,
but as always, there were some that succumbed to the darkness and did horrible,
horrible things to their own kind.” Oma finished.

Harry sat down heavily, staring at his hands in fascination. He existed only because
of the Goa‟uld he despised so much. How ironic. He could only feel numbness and a
gentle sense of peace in his mind. Lya must have been helping him…but he couldn‟t
bring himself to care.
“While he is from the same people, I sense that he is a descendent of your race.
He was given an Ancient Scout Ship, one from tens of thousands of years ago and
it activated at his touch.” Lya explained. “As you are aware, most Ancient
technology can only be used by those who have the DNA of an Ancient.”

“Wait! You‟re an Ancient?” Harry asked incredulously, his self-pity gone. “The
builder of the Stargates, the creators of planets, the seeders of life?”

“I was.” Oma said, a slight smile on her face. “Lya, Harry, I apologise for my harsh
words. The Others have recently questioned me as the Dark One has spread his
influence to this galaxy. I am…stressed, as you humans might call it.”

“You said you knew of my home planet?” Harry asked quickly. “Can you tell me?”

“No.” Oma said instantly.

Harry looked crestfallen as anger bubbled within him.

“I will go now.” Lya said as she stood. “I do hope you teach him your Ways, he might
be a way to destroy Anubis for good.”

“Goodbye dear friend.” Oma called as Lya faded away.

“Whose Anubis? Whose the Dark One?” Harry asked, before he groaned. “I am so
confused right now.”

“Sit. I shall tell you my tale.” Oma said, smiling kindly at him.


“My kind is known as the Ancients at this time, but long ago we used to call
ourselves the Alterans.” Oma explained quietly. Both her and Harry were outside,
sitting next to a small bubbling creek as the sun set among the horizon. This was
indeed a beautiful planet. “We don‟t know of our origins, we lost that knowledge
millions of years ago but we do know that we evolved in a distant galaxy, far away
from this one.”

“As we settled in this galaxy, we met other technologically advanced races. They
were the Asgard, the Nox and the Furlings. We created the Great Alliance and
there were tens of thousands of years of happiness and peace among our kind as
we prospered. The majority of us settled on a small planet in our cities while
others spread through the galaxy, terraforming planets and creating life in our
image. We made portals between the worlds of this galaxy, confident of our
success and technology. Soon though, we encountered a deadly plague on one of the
worlds we visited.”

“This plague spread through us quickly. In the first year alone, over seventy
percent of our population was lost. Our scientists worked hard to find a cure as
quarantine became extraordinarily difficult among our cities. This plague did not
affect the Asgard, but the Nox and Furlings were also hit terribly hard. The Nox
was able to cure some of their sick, but they lost many. They retreated back to
their planet and have stayed there ever since. The Furlings were contaminated

“Soon the plague mutated and changed as the scientists experimented on it for a
cure. It started twisting the minds of those it infected. Madness, paranoia,
schizophrenia, all of these were now common ailments of the plague. It still had
not lost all of its potency but the survival rate increased dramatically. It was
sometime before we realised that as it had changed, it had evolved. It was
sentient and its survival rested in those it had infected.”

“The infected became drones to the Plague. They captured battleships and
weapons as they fled the Alteran population. They grew, capturing and infecting as
many of us as they could, launching attacks on our settlements. The Nox were able
to avoid their counterparts and those Nox who were infected joined up with the
infected Furlings. In a gigantic battle, all of the infected of the Nox and Furlings
and the Furlings themselves were destroyed as the continual use of extremely
powerful weapons caused the sun orbiting the Furling world to exploded, creating a
black hole that decimated both sides.”

“The Alterans however, had held off their counterparts for years. The powerful
shields of our cities stayed strong as the Plague attacked, our warships winning
most battles until the plague started dying out as the infected succumbed to the
illness. The plague grew desperate and it started to branch out to other worlds.
Until this point, it had never shown that level of intelligence. We could not allow an
entire galaxy of people get under their control. The Plague would wipe us out with
that many people. So we left Earth and pursued them. We had to evacuate and
destroy so many planets as the Plague left its touch on them. Half of the
Stargates we ever built were destroyed as we fought desperately to contain the

“The battle between the two lasted for seven hundred years. The Plague reached
other moderately advanced cultures and started constructing their own ships.
They captured several of our cities, our enormous intergalactic cities with the
most powerful weapons that we ever created. As the war got worse, the Asgard
and Nox came to our aid. The Nox were never good fighters but were able to cloak
our ships in ways that did not leave traces of energy that showed on scanners. The
Asgard came in their motherships, much more primitive than ours but still able to
destroy the standard Plague vessel. Finally, our scientists finally figured out a way
to destroy them once and for all. They had discovered and created Ascension,
something that had been theorised by our race for hundreds of years.

“Ascension is a term used to describe the process of transcending to a higher
plane of existence. We would leave our physical bodies and essentially, become
immortal. Most of us were happy to do so. The once proud and huge Alteran Empire
had been reduced by ninety-four percent. Billions of us were dead with only a
million or so of us left. The Plague was just getting stronger and stronger. The
Asgard had been crippled as well, the plague mutating to affect Asgard physiology.
They started to clone themselves and transferred their conciseness into new
versions of themselves as they were infected.”

“So some of us Ascended, transferring ourselves to a new level of existence in the
form of pure energy. The Ascended were quick to help out their corporal
counterparts and unleashed a wave of brutal and powerful attacks using their
newfound abilities. They succeeded in destroying the Plague in one week but in
their rage and desperation, they destroyed many worlds and were responsible for
the accidental destruction of one of the last three cities still left. The Ascended
were naturally horrified at what they had done and vowed never to interfere, no
matter the reason, while the rest of my kind left this quadrant of the galaxy. The
memories were too bitter for them to stand.”
“Atlantis and her sister city entered the Pegasus Galaxy and settled their. Over
time, they repeated what they had done in this galaxy, seeding life and creating
the Stargates to join the galaxy together. As the centuries flew by, they were
beginning to recover from our losses when we encountered another enemy. They
had never before encountered a race with technology that rivalled their own, until
they met the Wraith. The Plague was our own people in the grips of a disease; the
Wraith had developed over time as vampiric predators. They fed on the life force
of humans to survive. The Wraith were territorial creatures and their weapon and
intergalactic travel technology was not as advanced as ours but with our weakened
military forces, they were a very strong foe.”

“We tried to send a peace envoy with the majority of our remaining warships, but
we were tricked and ambushed. We lost our fleet that day and the Wraith had
incurred heavy losses. Over the next hundred years, the second last city was
destroyed as the Wraith advanced while our capital city, Atlantis, retreated. Its
shields held strong after wave and wave of Wraith attacks but the inhabitants
knew that the Wraith would continue to attack. So they devised a plan and sunk
Atlantis in one of the deepest oceans they could and they left the Pegasus Galaxy
for Earth five thousand years before the Goa‟uld arrived.”

“The built another permanent city but it was destroyed as the continents shifted
and the city became encased in ice. This left only various outposts around the
globe and the survivors of the natural diaster had little technology to help them.
Eventually, the survivors died but their children lived on. When the Goa‟uld arrived
at the planet, they started their quest to create the perfect host with
supernatural powers. Those who were experimented with that were not descended
from the Alterans died. Those who were descended from the Alterans and were
experimented with also had a low chance of surviving, but some did. Just as the
final experiments were being conducted, the Goa‟uld were overthrown by a
rebellion, leaving the experimented subjects behind.”

“Over a thousand years, they mutated life around them, creating new types to
species who also had some of the gifts that they did. The subjects were out of
control and were eventually rioted against by the normal population. There was a
war where many people were killed as the Gifted and non-gifted fought. One of
the Ascended intervened, somebody by the name of Myrrdin. He became known as
Merlin and taught the Gifted in ways of controlling their power. He left them and
they prospered wildly, creating a sub-culture hidden within another. Overtime, the
planets population grew and those who were descendent from the Alterans, no
matter how faintly, met with those who were blood-related to the Gifted. Their
children also had the Gift, and so it has been for many centuries, with the new
Gifted repopulating the population. The Gifted call their gift magic, and the males
call themselves Wizards, while the females call themselves Witches.”
By the time Oma had finished her story, the sun had set and the stars lit up the
sky brightly. Two torches lit the clearing the two sat in and bathed them in
flickering light. Harry was silent as his mind whirred with possibilities. He had
never heard any of the information he had just learnt before and he was pretty
sure that nobody else had either.

“You‟re an Ascended Ancient, aren‟t you?” Harry asked in wonder.

“Yes.” Oma said softly. “We are not supposed to interfere in the affairs of others,
no matter what the cause. It‟s a very fine line that I have walked in telling you
this. If I were to tell you of your home world, I will be punished even more than I
already have been. By telling you, I am altering your fate.”

“What do you mean about being punished even more?” Harry asked.

“Sometime ago, I was banished to this world.” Oma admitted. She bowed her head
in sadness and regret.

“Why?” Harry asked as he took in Oma‟s posture. “Did you break the rule?”

“Yes. I used to help other Ascend. I feel that everybody deserves a chance to be
able to reach enlightenment and acted upon this belief. For the most, the Others
stayed back and let me do my work. One thousand years ago, I came across a dying
man on this very planet. Just as I was about to help him, the Goa‟uld inside of him
spoke up. He convinced me that he was the sentient being in the body and with
that in mind, I helped him ascend. You must realise that when you ascend, you gain
the knowledge of those who are with you. In Anubis‟s case, he gained the
knowledge of our technology, our way of life, our cities, the locations of all of our
devices still intact after all of this time.” Oma said, shaking her head. “It was…a
terrible mistake.”

“You didn‟t know.” Harry tried to comfort her.
“The rules existed for a reason. As Anubis gained this knowledge, it was finally
realised that his intentions were not honourable. The Others tried to force him
back into a corporal form, but he fought back in the middle of the process and was
stuck in between the two planes. He is half-ascended, half corporal. Now that he
partly corporal, the Others couldn‟t touch him or else they would be disobeying
their own rule. Instead, they banished me to this planet and have left Anubis to
run free as a punishment. I‟m meant to watch him destroy the galaxy and take it as
a form of disciplinary action.” Oma said bitterly.

“That‟s not fair!” Harry exclaimed, a look of outrage on his face. “They‟re letting
everybody suffer because of one mistake?”

“They don‟t care.” Oma said simply. “They‟ve lost all touch of who they once were.
They‟ve been secluded for so long that they can no longer relate to anybody else.”

“When did he get forced back?” Harry questioned, frowning. To have Anubis back
in the galaxy would be disastrous, especially with the System Lords weakened by
their fight with the Tau‟ri. Anubis was once a System Lord long ago but was
banished and killed for crimes so heinous and atrocious that even the Goa‟uld‟s
thought that Anubis was terrible.

“Approximately One hundred years ago.” Oma answered softly.

“What?” Harry exclaimed. His mind raced as he frowned, thinking it over. “That
can‟t be right. Why hasn‟t he shown himself by now? With the knowledge of the

“Anubis is not allowed to use any of the powers or technology that he wouldn‟t have
been able to gain access as a Goa‟uld.” Oma said. Just as Harry appeared to sigh
relief, she continued. “However, he knows the location of many artefacts left
behind when we ascended. He has gained access to these and can now use
unimaginable advanced technology without repercussions, as he can argue that he
has learnt the secrets from these devices. It is a loophole that he has taken
advantage of. Luckily, the knowledge of Atlantis, our city, was not revealed to him.
If he were ever to get a hold on it…”

“So what‟s he been doing?” Harry asked.
“Gaining new technologies. Building up his forces. Creating an army to rule the
galaxy.” Oma responded.

“Can‟t you stop him?” Harry asked hopefully.

“Only if he were to come to Kheb would I be able to strike at him. If I attempt to
leave this place, I will be punished even further. They may strip me of my powers
and cast me out.” Oma told Harry.

“So, what if you were to teach me how to use, what was it? Magic?” Harry asked.

“Yes, they called it Magic. And as long as you did not ascend, you may bend the
rules just like Anubis has.” Oma said, smiling as she realised what he had in mind.
“Very well, I will teach you some of my ways. After I have taught you enough, it
would be beneficial to you if you were to find your home planet. They would be
able to teach you their ways…and you have a rather unique history.” Oma agreed.
“Now, you must sleep. It is late. Do you wish to go back to your ship or sleep in the

“I‟ll go back to the Deicida.” Harry said as he stood. He yawned loudly as he
focused and shimmered away.

“You have much to learn, Harry Potter.” Oma whispered into the wind.


“We must begin,” Oma said gently. The sun was shining brightly as flowers bloomed
in the paradise of Kheb.

“What do I do?” Harry asked.

Oma said nothing but closed her eyes. Suddenly a bright glow enveloped her and a
form of light floated gently.

„You must be patient and be willing to open your mind to new possibilities.‟
“Oma?” Harry asked slowly, as he stared at the light like he was in a trance.

„Open your mind!‟

“How?” Harry spluttered as he felt the Ascended presence touch his mind.

„It cannot be described in words, suffice to say, you will know. Become one with
your energy, your magic! I will return when you have done that…‟

Harry watched as the energy life form sunk through the ground. “Why does every
wise person have to be so damn vague?”
“…have to be so damn vague?” Sirius asked irritably. The Professor‟s were all in the
Staff room, discussing the next year when Albus had casually mentioned that
Qudditch wouldn‟t be played next year.

“Sirius, All goods things come to those who wait.” Albus reprimanded gently, his
eyes twinkling.

“Why are you cancelling Qudditch?” Sirius asked again. “I mean, come on Albus!

“Oh Sirius, shut up!” Remus sighed as he put his head in his hands. Another full
moon had just come and gone and he was still feeling quite sick and tired.

“But Remus…” Sirius whined.

“For goodness sakes Albus, just tell him!” Minerva snapped. She looked ready to
turn Sirius into a chair and leave him in a regularly used classroom.

“Wait! You know?” Sirius asked, before turning to Albus. “Dumbledore told you and
didn‟t tell me?”

“He did tell you!” Remus snarled, his eyes bloodshot as he regarded his soon-to-be
former friend, visions of thumping him silly in his mind. “But you were asleep at the
last Staff Meeting!”

“Oh.” Sirius said with dawning comprehension.
“Sirius, It‟s the Triwizard Tournament.” Minerva said.

“Really? That‟s great! Why, there hasn‟t been a Triwizard tournament for…”


There was a thud and a sigh of satisfaction.

“Remus!” Minerva said, shocked.
“Have you managed to open your mind yet, to merge with your energy?” Oma asked
Harry two hours later.

“No.” Harry muttered, visibly annoyed.

“Of course you haven‟t, to do so would incite Ascension.” Oma responded, a gentle
smile on her face.

“What! You knew I wasn‟t going to be able to do it?” Harry snapped angrily.

“Yes.” Oma replied simply.

Harry shook his head in disgust as Oma walked over and sat down next to him by
the same stream that Oma had told her tale yesterday.

“So this was a waste of time.” Harry said, rolling his eyes.

“No. I am not here to teach you the powers of Ascension, I am here to teach you
your powers.”

“So why did you get me to do that pointless exercise.” Harry asked in agitation.

“It was not pointless.”

“I was standing around, straining to open my mind when it couldn‟t be done. Of
course that‟s not pointless.” Harry said sarcastically.

“In order for somebody to ascend, they need to open their minds to the
possibilities, think outside of the sciences and laws of the corporal world and they
ascend. However, it is much easier if one who is already Ascended helps them
through the Ascension. This happens by joining the minds of the two, which can
only occur when they at least attempt to open their minds.” Oma explained.

“So…” Harry trailed off, prompting Oma to speak.

“So I have established a connection with you. This will allow me to teach you much
easier.” Oma said, smiling at his look of self-resignation. “Remember, the river may
be deep but a bridge can guide you over it.”

“Alright, I get it. You‟re way smarter than I am.” Harry muttered.

“Now, we begin!”
Several Months Later

There was a loud clash of thunder as lightning flashed in the sky. Rain spat down
harshly as fierce winds rocketed through the temple. It was one of Kheb‟s rare
but powerful storms. Inside the Temple, Harry sighed for the hundredth time as
he focused his mind, letting his magic flow through him but not eject. He
concentrated and willed it to activate in the specific purpose and waved his hand
through the air.

“Do you think you have got it?” Oma asked from across the room, her eyes
regarding him wisely.

“We‟ll see.” Harry muttered as he extended a finger and pushed forward into the
wall. The finger went straight through the stone, shimmering slight as Harry
plunged in his arm, only to stop at his elbow, which was still made of flesh. He
pulled back his arm and smiled in satisfaction as he rematerialised it.

“Very good.” Oma said proudly. “That was further than any other student has

Harry smiled in thanks as he leaned back in his chair. Over the past months, Oma
had taught him to focus his energy, or magic as she kept prompting him to call it,
in a better and refined way. Instead of running on raw emotions, he was controlling
the flows and regeneration of his magic and extending it from his body and
„ordering‟ it to complete certain tasks. Turning his body transparent was the
hardest thing he had ever tried to do. He had just done so with his arm, shifting
his body into a different phase so objects from the normal phase wouldn‟t affect
him. The first time he had tried to do it, he had made his feet transparent and
had fallen through the floor. Oma had told him that it was all about the „orders‟ he
gave his energy…. magic. He had to make sure that he was in shift with this phase
enough for his body to obey the laws of the universe, such as being able to walk on
solid matter, but enough to walk through walls or let Staff Weapon blasts go
through his chest.

Oma had taught him other tricks, such as wielding energy to absorb energy blasts,
or slowing down the kinetic energy and acceleration of moving objects. Oma had
had a lot of fun with that one, throwing rocks at him as he desperately tried to
stop each one. He could also light fires with a simple spark of his magic and
levitate and „push‟ objects away from him. He could use his magic to as a weapon,
to form pressurised air to strike the enemy from a distance. Combined with his
other raw and destructive talents, Harry was confident that he could take on
Anubis and the rest of the Goa‟uld. When he had voiced that to Oma, she had
shook her head sadly.

“Granted, Anubis can not attack you with Ascended powers, but his body is still
able to use many talents. He may not have the wide scope or power of your
abilities, but he is essentially immortal. I am teaching you to fight him, not to kill
him. I don‟t think he can be killed.” Oma had said.

“Then how can we stop him?” Harry had asked.

Oma had smiled mysteriously. “There are other ways to restrain and contain beings
without killing them. For instance, if Anubis was thrown into a black hole, he would
need to use his Ascended powers to get out. If he did so, the Others would quickly
destroy him. They are looking for an excuse to kill him without breaking their
rules and if he provides an opportunity…”

“Try again.” Oma encouraged Harry. Just as he was about to let his energy loose,
the door opened.

“Greetings,” Lya said, bowing her head. She looked uncharacteristically upset as
she walked in, seemingly untouched by the harsh weather outside.
“Lya, this is a surprise!” Oma said, smiling wildly as she stood up from her seat. She
walked over, giving the customary touch of the foreheads.

“Hey Lya.” Harry said as he gave her a light hug. “What‟s wrong?”

“I have come to bring you tidings of the outside world.” Lya said gently. “The
Goa‟uld you know as Apophis is dead…strangely a sun exploded and destroyed his

“Ha!” Harry snorted. “Selmak, you crazy Tok‟ra.”

“However, a new power has been introduced to the galaxy, an Ancient System Lord
by the name of…”

“Anubis.” Oma and Harry chorused.

Lya blinked. “Yes. He has technology that rivals that of the Nox and Asgard. He
has threatened the new planet of Tollana into building him super weapons that
have the ability to go through solid matter. The Tollan government has agreed to
his demands…. but I do not think that Anubis will keep his word after he has got
what he wants.”

“Tollana.” Harry mused out loud. “Don‟t they have Ion Cannon placements all over
the planet?”

“Their weapons were ineffective.” Lya said.

“So, you want me to go over and see what I can do?” Harry summarised.

“As a Nox, I can not condone any action that will lead to violence.” Lya said, but her
voice betrayed her.

Harry smirked. “Very good Lya, very good. You knew that I would leap straight
away at the chance to kill some Goa‟uld‟s just by telling me of the news.”

Lya smiled. “As I said, I walk a fine line.”
“Well, I‟ll go see what I can do.” Harry said, glancing at Oma for permission.

“Go.” She said. “I except you to return.”

“I‟ll catch you two later then,” Harry said as he concentrated and shimmered away.
The Deicida burst from hyperspace several hours later, just a few hundred
kilometres away from the planet. Orbiting Tollana was a single Goa‟uld Ha‟tak; it‟s
plasma cannons firing onto the planet. Several Tollan vessels were being pursued
by Death Gliders as they tried to escape and ever few seconds, powerful blue
bursts of energy erupted from the surface of the planet and slammed into the
powerful shields of the Ha‟tak, which easily held against the attack.

“Tollan Vessels, this is the Deicida.” Harry spoke into his communicator. “When I
say, split up but head past the moon. I‟ll lay down some cover fire while you

“This is Tollan Transport #4, the ships are everywhere!”

“Just do it! You don‟t have any other choice!” Harry snapped.

There was a slight pause. “Copy that.”

The sleek large vessels powered their engines to full as they split up from the
group. The Tollans had no fighters or warships, confident in their advanced
technology, which had proved to be a mistake. The Tollan transports had shields,
but they were failing and some of the transports had been destroyed. Assixteen
transports accelerated to the moon, squadrons of Death Gliders and several
Al‟kesh followed them, accelerating and catching up to them. What they didn‟t see
was the Deicida, the silvery-grey coloured ship. The Deicida powered its engines
and Harry activated the weapons systems.

Cover fire erupted from the vessel, targeting multiple Death Gliders at once. Blue
plasma zoomed through space, exploding on the clustered group of Death Gliders.
They scattered, breaking formation as Harry broke through the ranks. He
activated the Asgard energy weapons and fired at two Al‟kesh. The energy bolts
tore through the shields like scissors did paper and the two Al‟kesh were blasted
into scrap. The Tollan transports suddenly burst into hyperspace, leaving the war-
torn planet and the Goa‟uld vessels alone. Harry just hoped that the people on the
surface were using the Stargate to evacuate. As his ship continued to
automatically target and destroy Death Gliders and Al‟kesh with his automatic
defensive weapons, he powered up the Asgard weapons as he accelerated closer to
the Ha‟tak. He fired both the original plasma cannons and the upgraded Asgard
weapons and beams and streaks of energy erupted from the Deicida. They tore
through any ship in their path as they got closer and closer to the Ha‟tak, before
they exploded on a powerful energy shield.

“What the…?” Harry exclaimed in surprise as he steered his ship hard right as the
Ha‟tak responded by firing its batteries of Plasma Cannons at him. The Asgard
Weapons should have at least penetrated the shields! He fired again as he dove
up, staying still briefly to get a reasonable lock before he dropped down a few
hundred metres, evading enemy counter fire. The squadrons of Death Gliders were
starting to regroup and were firing on him as well. The Deicida buckled and rocked
as his shields were struck but it stayed together.

“Shit!” Harry cursed outloud. “Thanks a lot for warning me Lya!” He muttered. He
focused on his magic and let it surround him as he glided through space, before
directing it at the Ha‟tak. A storm of electricity struck forward, striking the ship
with lightning bolts and the quick and deadly strikes. Still, the Ha‟tak‟s shields
held against his magic, probably because it was a form of energy. Harry tried
again, gripping two Death Gliders with his mind and hurling them with extreme
effort at the Ha‟tak. The two Gliders struck against the shields, exploding

They were very powerful shield and Harry had tired himself out with those two
attacks. It wasn‟t easy to grasp and changed the direction and speed of two large
objects, weighing several tonnes each. As he flicked through the ships computer
for any other weapons, he noticed a particular weapon he had never used before.
He frowned as he opened the characteristics. It was a projectile weapon, that‟s
why, and projectile weapons had never been effective against large vessels. Still,
Harry rolled the ship as he avoided another barrage of plasma and activated the
weapon as he targeted the ship. A single glowing projectile shot out from the belly
of his ship. As it neared a Death Glider, it glided up to avoid it and arced through
space. It passed straight through the shields of the Ha‟tak and dove forward,
cracking the hull of the ship as it tore through the metal work. It exploded and
the Ha‟tak shuddered as cracks appeared along the hull. Death Gliders suddenly
broke off their attack as they zoomed back to the ship. The Deicida hovered in
space as the Ha‟tak slowly started moving, heading away from the planet and
jumping into hyperspace.
“Tollana, this is the Deicida, is there anybody there?”

There was no response as Harry glided down to the main city, which was in ruins,
several dead Jaffa and Tollans lay on the ground in the main plaza as Harry
hovered there. He disabled his automatic defence weapons, just in case a Tollan
was targeted, and raised his shields. Unless the Ha‟tak came back, it should be
safe to leave it hovering there. He shimmered out of the cockpit and onto the
ground below, his hand device ready on his left hand and his Zat‟nikatel ready in his
right. The city was a mess, with several burning buildings sending out giant plumes
of smoke. Harry cautiously walked out of the plaza; his eyes open as he searched
for any survivors of the brutal attack.

“Hello?” Harry called. “Anybody here?”

There was a small shuffle and a sob in the dark recesses of a crumbled archway
and Harry hurried over. As he got nearer, he could make out the two small forms
of young children. There was a boy and a girl, brother and sister by the looks of it.
The boy was about his age, with dark hair and scared but determined eyes. He
held a small device in his hand that was aimed at Harry, while he shielded his
sister, who was about nine.

“D-Don‟t move!” The boy called out, his voice quavering.

“Hey, take it easy.” Harry said, lowering his Zat‟nikatel. “Lya of the Nox sent met.
The Goa‟uld‟s are gone, but I don‟t know how long it‟ll be until they come back.”

“How can we trust you?” The boy demanded. He had a small gash on his cheek that
Harry noticed as he stepped into the light.

“Look, if I was…”


A barrage of plasma bolts erupted from across the plaza as Harry raised his hand
device, standing in front of the Tollans. He activated his shield as the bolts drew
close, dispelling them on the orange cylinder of energy that erupted from around
him. He fired his Zat‟nikatel several times, electric-like coils slamming into a Jaffa
as he took cover. The boy raised his device and a thin purple beam zapped out,
sending a Jaffa sprawling along the ground. Both boys ducked behind a wall.

“Here!” Harry muttered hurriedly. He handed the boy a small device, with a tiny
gem in the middle of it. “Touch it, it will take you to my ship. It‟s safe there.”

The boy hesitated, then handed him the Tollan weapon. “Here.” He muttered as he
touched it. Transporters Rings swirled around him as he was beamed away and
Harry jumped up, fingers curled like he was holding a ball. He threw back his arm
as if he were throwing the same ball and from his hand came a large fireball, which
pelted into a Jaffa, setting him ablaze. The other Jaffa stared in horror at their
comrade, who withered on the ground while screaming in pain.

Harry swiped his hand as if he were swatting a fly and the other Jaffa soldiers
gave yelps and cries of pain as they smacked aside by a great invisible force,
slamming into the walls. There were several loud cracks that even Harry could
here from his position as they slid down the wall.

“You over there!” Somebody whispered loudly and Harry looked to his left. A
middle-aged man in dirty clothes beckoned him and Harry ran over. “Come with

The man led Harry down a small road and into a large warehouse. Inside, it
wascrowding with Tollan survivors, at least two thousand of them. Harry looked
over at the cramped people. Some were holding babies while others had the Tollan
Weapon clutched in their hands. These people stiffened at the sight of him,
especially after seeing his hand device and raised their weapons.

“Who is this?” One man snarled.

“He just saved the lives of the two survivors in the plaza.” The man defended.

“So that‟s everybody then.” A woman sighed with relief. “The Goa‟uld Ha‟tak
stopped firing and there are already several hundred Jaffa on the ground. We
must flee while we still can.”

“That‟s where I come in.” Harry said loudly, stilling the whispers and mutterings.
“Lya, of the Nox, sent me.”

“You know Lya?” The man who had snarled at him asked in surprise.

“Yes. As a Nox, she could not render military assistance but funny enough, she
happened to mention that the Goa‟uld were interested in the planet and was very…
shocked… when I left to see what happened.”

“How big is your ship?” The man asked quickly.

“If we all crammed, I could fit…maybe one hundred, two hundred.” Harry said,
frowning. “But the Goa‟uld Ha‟tak has fled for the time being, so we can use the

“You drove it off?” The woman asked in surprise. “Our Ion Cannons must have been

“According to Lya, the Goa‟uld came here and threatened your government into
building weapons that could pass through solid matter. I don‟t know what
happened, but obviously Anubis betrayed you.”

“Our government did that? Without consulting us?” Somebody shouted angrily.

“We would rather fight and die!” The man said incredulously.

THEM UP THE MAIN ROAD!” A Sentry screamed.

As the Tollans organised themselves, Harry tapped a small device on his wrist.
The Deicida was still hovering in the plaza, before it suddenly lifted off and sped a
few hundred metres to its left, hovering above the main road. Staff Weapons and
Death Gliders immediately attacked it but their weapons were too weak to bypass
the shields that were set around it. Two plasma turrets suddenly swivelled around
and started firing, one bombarding the street continuously while the other
targeted the Death Gliders, who dodged it easily and swing around for another
shot. Harry wanted to make sure that they kept attacking the ship, instead of
avoiding it. By wiping them all out, any other Jaffa might go another way and attack
the warehouse.“Okay, to the gate we go.” Harry declared loudly. “I‟m going to
transport some of you there ten at a time. The guards go first. If there‟s Jaffa
and you can‟t gain control, contact me on the radio and I‟ll pull you back. If you do
get control, dial a planet of your choice…maybe the Nox, and I‟ll started sending
them over.”

“How will you transport us?” A guard asked curiously, just as Harry made a large
circle in the air with him. The guard frowned and opened his mouth just as he was
shimmered away.

There was a tense silence in the warehouse as the Tollans waited for the guards to
report. After a few seconds, “The gate is unguarded. It looks like the entire Jaffa
contingent is busy attacking this large vessel hovering in the front of the main
road. We‟re dialling up now!”

“Alright, Children first.” Harry ordered. “Everybody with a baby and all small
children come up to me. Everybody who is unfit to fight, stand over there, next to
the crates and cluster around each other in groups of six.”

The Tollans hurried as they obeyed the orders, gathering in small groups while the
others who were armed circled the perimeter.

Harry turned to the man who had bought him here. “Are you sure that there‟s
nobody else?” he asked.

“All Tollans are implanted with a health implant at birth, to monitor their health
and make sure that if they are injured, the medical teams know immediately.” The
man replied tiredly. “Currently, every single Tollan left alive is in this warehouse.”

“Right.” Harry called out as he turned back to the group. “I want people to be
orderly and organised. Children are taken up first, then the old, then anybody else.
I‟ll transport some people with my gift and use the ring transporters from my ship
to take the others. Here we go!”
The evacuation was going extremely successfully. So far, Harry had transported
several hundred people away using his gift and his ring transporters were taking
the people to the gate via the Deicida. As Harry transported another lot of
people, he suddenly cried out loud as his body was assaulted with a wave of pain.
He closed his mind and dug in, searching for the answers. He was exhausted, and
the powers of his gift were depleted and using them was taking an extraordinary
toll on his body.

“Are you okay?” The man asked.

“I‟ll be fine. I can‟t teleport you away anymore.” Harry said as winced as another
sharp spike of pain shot through him.

“What do we do now?” The man asked with worry etched in his eyes.

“We take those who can‟t run with the ring transporters and then quickly sprint to
the gate.” Harry said. “The Deicida, my ship, can take care of most of the Jaffa
and the Death Gliders in an instant.”

Suddenly a small device on Harry‟s wrist glowed and he glanced down, running his
finger over it. “And we need to move fast, the long range sensors on the Deicida
say that the Ha‟tak will be back in twenty minutes…with reinforcements.”

“Didn‟t you get rid of it?” The man asked in shock.

“I did damage it but I think the actual shock of the ineffectiveness of its shields
caused them to retreat.” Harry muttered. There were still four or five hundred
people in the room and he sighed. “Okay, can everybody run?”

There were nods and murmurs of acknowledgement from around the room. Harry
turned to the man and raised an eyebrow.

“Lead on.”

The Deicida suddenly stopped firing as it received its new orders. The Jaffa were
confident in their victory and moved in, Staff Weapons firing madly, as the two
Death Gliders circled around. Suddenly the ship powered up as it attacked with
the full power of its weapons. The automated targeting systems swept across the
road, slicing through Jaffa with much more accurate shots than before, as the
plasma cannons fired, literally vaporising the Death Gliders in a single shot. The
Asgard Energy weapons powered up with a loud whine, before they erupted with a
two powerful bursts of energy. The street exploded in a large cloud of flames and
dust, toppling several small buildings nearby. Its current objective complete, it
glided over towards the other side of the warehouse, where a large crowd of
people were sprinting towards the active Stargate.
As the last of the Tollans made it through the gate, Harry turned to the man next
to him.

“I‟m Harry.” He said, offering his hand.

“I am Narim.” The man said, shaking it and clasping it with his other hand. “We owe
you a great debt.”

“If you want to repay that, I suggest you started building weapons and warships.
Anubis is going to be in control of this galaxy very, very soon and we‟re going to
need all of the help we can get.” Harry suggested.

The man nodded resignedly. “Our peace has gone, it is time for the Tollan‟s to show
why they deserve our freedom.” He sent a last grateful look towards Harry before
he stepped through the gate. The wormhole disengaged and Harry used the ring
transporters to beam back to his ship.

“Crap!” Harry muttered when he appeared. He had totally forgotten about the
small children he had rescued, who were curled up in one of his seats in the

“Thankyou.” The boy said.

Harry fingered the Tollan weapon and made to hand it back, but the boy shook his

“You‟ll have a better use for it than I will.” He admitted.

Harry nodded as he checked his long-range sensors. The Goa‟uld would be back in
seven minutes. There was still a little time. “Say, where are the ion cannons.”

The boy blinked. “Most of them were destroyed in the attacks. There might be one
left near the river though, it‟s secluded from the city.”

Harry nodded as he piloted the Deicida over the city and into the large grassy
plains. There was a small river and sure enough, an Ion cannon stood there. It
would be close, but Harry was sure he could fit it into his cargo bay. He
concentrated, and gritted his teeth as pain washed over him as the Ion Cannon
simmered away. There was a small dip in the ship as a lot of weight suddenly
appeared in the cargo bay and Harry sighed.

“Okay, now we can go.” He said. “I‟ll take you two to the Nox world, that‟s where
everybody else got sent.”

“I‟m Arin.” The boy introduced, smiling for the first time. “This is Kirall.” He
motioned to his little sister, who was staring at Harry with unblinking eyes.

“I‟m Harry.” Harry said, smiling cockily. “Welcome aboard the Deicida.”

A modified Goa‟uld Ha‟tak burst from hyperspace with two large squadrons of
Al‟kesh just as the Deicida burst into hyperspace. Angered, the Goa‟uld
commander opened fire onto the planet as the Al‟kesh began their bombing run.


Planet Earth: Hogwarts Castle

Cedric panted heavily as he kept his wand raised. Tall hedges were everywhere
around him and the sky was dark, the moon dulled by masses of clouds.

“STUPEFY!” Cedric bellowed, as there was a flash of movement in the corner of his
eye. A red beam of magic temporarily lit up the area as it travelled quickly and
impacted on the hedges.

“LUMOS SOLERUM!” Cedric cried out as he squeezed his eyes shut and a bright
flash erupted from his wand. There was a shrill cry of pain as the creature
retreated from the light and Cedric staggered on. He had reached the final
section of the maze and the shiny golden trophy stood in the middle of it, set upon
a small pedestal. Cedric surged forward before he saw a blur to his right and he
threw himself onto the ground as a huge spider‟s leg whizzed across his head. He
groaned as he got up, wand out and weaving spells. Flashes of red, blue, yellow
continuously travelled towards the spider, who seemed to have a strong resistance
against magic. Cedric stepped backwards nervously as his hand groped for
something and he felt the cool hand of the trophy. Just as the spider surged
forward, Cedric felt the telltale signs of a Portkey pull him away.

Twenty Minutes Later

Lord Voldemort stared with an evil triumph at his new body. It was ugly and pale,
but Voldemort had spent so much time as a wraith and formless spirit that he
didn‟t care. Glancing down at the pitiful form of Peter Pettigrew, Voldemort
grabbed the man‟s only arm and pressed down on the Dark Mark.

Cedric was ready. He had spent the last ten minutes trying to loosen the knots of
the ropes that tied him to the headstone and had succeeded. He could see his
wand, which lay just a few feet from his position and jumped up as Voldemort was
distracted. He grabbed his wand and waved it wildly towards the forms of
Voldemort and Peter as he ran for the trophy.

Voldemort…how could it be? Didn‟t the Potter baby kill him? Why had he chosen
him? These thoughts ran through Cedric‟s head as he was running. A beam of
green eerily light that Cedric knew all too well from his Defence of the Dark Arts
classes rocketed past him, impacting on a headstone and cracking the marble. As
Cedric dove for the trophy, there were several pops of Apparition. Just as his
hand clasped the cold metal handle, Cedric looked up. He saw Voldemort, his wand
raised and a wicked smile of his face. Several long thin spears of metal were
heading towards him. One had touched the flap of his robes, just as he was
portkeyed away.

Moments later, he remerged in the middle of a crowd, all who were looking puzzled.
There was a loud scream as Cedric repapered with a smile on his face before he
caught the startle expression of Dumbledore before he looked down. Time slowed
down as Cedric saw one of the long spears come closer and closer. Dumbledore was
moving extremely slowly, his wand already in his hands as he raised his arm. Cedric
could do nothing but stare as the spear entered him, tearing through his skin and
into his body. He felt himself get throw back by the force and then he was soaring
in the sky. His life flashed before his eyes as he flew…and time sped up. Cedric
screamed loudly an unimaginable pain filled him and he landed on the ground.
Dumbledore appeared above him, wand waving at the spear. Cedric stared at him
with blank eyes before he coughed up some blood.
“V…V…V…” Cedric spluttered. Tears ran down his cheeks as he felt the life drain
away from him and he tried again.

“He‟s saying something!” A wizard from the crowd shouted.

“V…V…Voldemort…” Cedric said, before he stopped breathing and his body went
Voldemort gave his Death Eater their missions as he fed slowly upon their magic,
all thanks to the Dark Mark. He opened every single connection he had as gathered
as much magic as he could. Thousands of Light years away, a boy screamed in pain
during the midst of a battle and Voldemort suddenly felt a large reservoir of
magic. As he went to take it, whoever owned it instinctively put up a mental shield
and the connection disappeared, but traces of Voldemort‟s destructive magic
remained. It would take a few hours for them to disappear. Voldemort was not
paying attention to the transfer, his mind on other matters as he dismissed his
Death Eaters. He was back for good!Twenty-Four Hours Later: A place very, very,
very, very...very far away

A cloaked figure stared silently at that ravaged world of Tollana. Around him,
numerous Jaffa were working furiously while two soldiers in armour that looked
extremely advanced stood guard, their helmets on. The cloaked figure surveyed
the space around Tollana. Several Goa‟uld Ha‟tak lay around the planet, Death
Gliders flying in and out of them as they returned and left for patrols. The
damage done to his Ha‟tak had been repaired. The projectile missile had caused a
minor panic as it had penetrated the shields, but it had caused very little damage.
Still, it was the first time that his shields had ever been beaten and the cloaked
figure was not happy.

“My Lord?” A hesitant Jaffa said as he approached, bowing his head. “We have the
information on the enemy vessel.”

“GO ON.” The Cloaked figure said, not turning away from the window.

“The vessel was first identified and spotted during Apophis‟s attack on the Tau‟ri
home world. According to the images we have received from that time, it looks to
have been upgraded recently. In the attack, the vessel caused considerable
damage to one of Apophis‟s Ha‟tak‟s and is suspected in destroying two others.
Two years ago, it was identified after a devastating attack on a joint construction
yard for the System Lords. A total of nine Ha‟tak‟s were destroyed and the
construction yard was completely demolished. It may have also been involved in a
suspected Tok‟ra smuggling operation, where two Al‟kesh were destroyed as they
tried to pursue it.” The Jaffa said.

The figure said nothing as it stared outside, evil thoughts and plans whirring in his

“My Lord, we have not yet ascertained the pilot of the vessel as you ordered.” The
Jaffa said, swallowing nervously.

The cloaked figure spun around and the Jaffa shuddered. He was dressed in black
torn robes that looked like fluid when they moved. A large hood covered his head
and a ripped cloak covered his shoulders. All in all, the figure looked terrifying as
it was but the most terrifying part was inside the hood. A transparent force field
of some sort covered it and inside, a liquid-type substance, maybe energy, floated
and rippled. A featureless face stared back at the Jaffa as he stalked forward
and swung his fist. The Jaffa was struck in the cheek and was blown back by the
mere power, crumpling on the ground on the other side of the room. A large dent
had been created in the wall where the Jaffa had struck and the left cheek of the
Jaffa had been crushed into powder, the features of the face all on the right
hand side. Every single Jaffa stood nervously, staring at their former comrade.

ADVANCED THAN THIS ONE!” Anubis roared. His voice was deep growl that
promised pain and misery. “YOU WILL DIE FOR YOUR FAILURES!”

The Jaffa trembled as the two soldiers in the armour stood forward. They raised
their wrists and from out where the knuckles should have been, flew energy
bursts. Jaffa screamed and crumpled as the two Kull Warriors advanced. One
Jaffa had managed to grab a Staff Weapon and aimed it, firing. A plasma bolt
flew out and struck the first Kull Warrior, who stood still as the enegry was
absorbed by his armour. The Jaffa stared in shock as he stared at the armour,
which didn‟t even have a scorch mark on it, before he was blown across the room.
After a few more seconds, twenty-two Jaffa lay dead.

Anubis ignored the bodies as he stalked out of the room, stepping on numerous
bodies and crushing the bones and organs. He had work to do, there were still
Tollan survivors out there, and the System Lords had to be dealt with if he
wanted to rule the galaxy.
The Deicida burst out of hyperspace in the orbit of the lush and green world of
the Nox. As Harry drifted down to the planet, he could see a small community that
looked to have been built over a year, not a day. It was based around the Stargate
and several Tollan transports rocketed past Harry and into space, going about
whatever business it was that they had. Harry could have gotten hear much
quicker but he preferred the old ways of travelling, giving yourself time to think
instead of just reappearing from one galaxy into another.

“Arin, Kirall, we‟re here.” Harry called back to the passenger section.

“We are?” Arin asked as he clambered up to the cockpit. He gave a crooked grin as
he the Deicida flew past the settlement and a small whoop of joy. Kirall came up,
rubbing her eyes sleepily as she yawned.

“This is our new home Kirall.” Arin told her. She stared back silently, before
lowering her eyes and climbing into a seat. Arin frowned but was strangely
subdued as he too sat down. Harry looked at them curiously as he set the ship to
hover, before climbing out of his seat and concentrating. He and the Tollan
children shimmered as they transported themselves away from the ship.

They reappeared below, among the metallic houses. Harry glanced around at the
busy crowd and he approached a guard.

“I need to speak with Narim.”

The guard frowned at him, before his face lit up. “You‟re the one that saved us!
Come, Come!”

Harry and the two kids followed the guard as he led them to a slightly larger
building. The Guard knocked once and the door opened, revealing another guard,
who took one look at them and ushered them in. The interior was mostly bare, with
only a few chairs and a large table. Several Tollans stood around this table, small
holograms in front of them as some took notes while others argued. Narim looked
up from his discussion and smiled.
“Harry!” He called out.

“Narim.” Harry greeted. He gestured to the two Tollan‟s with him. “These are Arin
and Kirall. There wasn‟t enough time to get them through the Stargate.”

“Arin, Kirall, please go outside and ask a guard to take you two to the registration
office.” Narim asked kindly.

“Thankyou.” Kirall‟s said softly as the two of them left the building, leaving Harry,
Narim and the Tollan officials.

“I must thank you for your actions. You have saved our people and we are eternally
in your debt.” Narim said.

“It was a pleasure.” Harry said, a rueful smile on his face. “What are you going to
do now?”

Narim‟s face grew stony as he gestured to the other Tollan‟s. “These are the best
scientists we have. By a unanimous vote, the Tollan people have declared war upon
Anubis. The government officials who are still alive are being punished for their
actions. The Tollan people would have died than give Anubis any weapons and we
almost did. Now, we are preparing to build our army.”

“Army?” Harry asked sceptically. “You don‟t have the recourses for that.”

“Our vessels have already gone forward to our other allies, the Tok‟ra, the Tau‟ri
and several others you would not know of. We are gathering the necessary
materials to begin building our first warship.” Narim said, a dark smile on his face.
“We are a peaceful race but we do know how to construct weapons of war.”

“Alright then.” Harry said, nodding his head. “But what about the Nox?”

“The Nox have not asked us to leave but we are looking for other planets for
colonisation.” Narim answered. “They do not like war and we do not wish to intrude
on their beliefs.”

“I managed to save an Ion cannon from Tollana.” Harry told Narim. “Do you need
Narim paused as surprise flashed through his eyes. “Under these circumstances, I
believe that it would be feasible for you to keep it. Consider it a small gift in the
many that will follow.”

“Do you know anybody who would be willing to integrate it onto the Deicida…my
ship?” Harry asked Narim.

“I will have the mechanics take care of it.” Narim promised as he touched a small
device on his wrist. “It is being done as we speak.”

“Thankyou.” Harry said, smiling at the man.

“I must get back to the planning, we have many things to discuss.” Narim said as
one of the Tollan at the table cleared their throat.

Harry nodded as Narim went back to the table and strode outside. He glanced
around, noting a small patch of trees, and decided to go and have a rest.
As he lay there, Kirall and Arin saw him from the street and after glancing at one
another, walked over.

“Hey.” Harry said tiredly. The wind was blowing softly and sparks were being
emitted from the Deicida as the mechanics did who knows what to incorporate the
Ion cannon into its structure.

“Hello.” Kirall said softly. Her big blue eyes stared into Harry‟s green eyes, and
Harry smirked.

“Nice look, won‟t work.” He muttered.

Arin snorted as the two of them sat down. “What are you doing now?”

“Sleeping.” Harry answered, his eyes closed again.

“Tired?” Arin asked.

“Oh yeah.” Harry muttered as he yawned.
“What are you going to do now?”

“Sleep. Then go back to Kheb.” Harry told Arin as he rolled over.

“Kheb?” Kirall asked, blinking in confusion.

“Nice little planet, No Goa‟uld‟s, No Anubis, perfect.” Harry said in a fake dreamy

“Can we come?” Kirall asked, a tiny light shining in her eyes that overweighed the

“You wouldn‟t like it, it‟s all trees.” Harry said. Kirall fell silent as Harry shifted,
getting himself comfortable.

“I want to fight Anubis.” Arin suddenly said.

“Good.” Harry said, smiling slightly. “Join the Tollan Army.”

“It will take too long for us to get a warship.” Arin admitted. “But you‟re going to
fight Anubis, right?”

“Don‟t even think about it.” Harry warned.

Arin shook his head. “I need to fight.” He pleaded.

“Look, I‟m not the best company. I‟m rude, have no manners, have bad social skills
and have spent most of my life alone.” Harry said sharply. “I‟m not in the mood for

“I‟m the same age as you!” Arin protested.

“Physically, yes. Mentally, no.” Harry growled.

Arin fell silent as Harry closed his eyes again. He was just getting comfortable
when he felt a presence suddenly appear.

“You should not be here.” A wise voice told him. Harry jumped to his feet, whirling
around with his palm out before he sighed in relief. A Nox man stood before him,
dressed in the usual white clothes with dirt smudges and bits of leaves and roots
sticking out of it. His eyes had a wise look to them and Harry could see that under
the surface, the Nox man was very powerful.

“I know.” Harry said sarcastically. “But the beds on the Deicida are being used by
crystals, metal sheets and oh, an Ion Cannon.”

“Your ways disrupt our ways.” The Nox man went on.

“My ways will be gone very shortly.” Harry said snappishly.

The Nox man was silent, before he shimmered away, leaving Arin and Kirall staring
at him in shock.

“Excuse me, I need sleep.” Harry said as he lay back down again. He was asleep in
A few hours later, the Deicida had been upgraded to wield a Tollan Ion Cannon.
While it wouldn‟t be useful on Anubis‟s upgraded ships, not every Ha‟tak he owned
were going to have such powerful shields. As Harry blasted off, he gave one last
look at the Nox home world. The Tollan‟s were moving out to another world
through the Stargate and already, after one day, tiny pieces of the Warship had
already been built. He activated the hyper drive and went back to his bed, falling
asleep. Strangely, he had been very tired since the incident at Tollana and he
needed his rest.


Harry was rubbing his forehead with an annoyed expression on his face as he
stepped into the temple of Kheb. Ever since the pain he had felt on Tollana, it
wouldn‟t stop irritating him. Harry could practically feel something alive on the
other side of his mind and he was always tired and needing sleep. His mind seemed
to be exhausted as well and he almost fell asleep right there as Oma walked out of
the temple, her eyes shining in worry with a troubled expression on your face.

“I see that you have felt the effects.” She remarked.

“Effects? You know what‟s happening to me?” Harry asked in surprise.

“Yes.” Oma answered shortly. “But…”

“You can‟t tell me.” Harry finished, rolling his eyes with exasperation.

“That is true. What I can tell you was that your scar was formed when you were a
baby as the result of a failed attack. A very powerful curse was used, thought to
be the most dangerous two-worded curse in your world. A curse, I believe, that
you are familiar with.” Oma said, smiling slightly.

Harry frowned as he picked up on the clues. “Two words…curse? I know it…that‟s it!
It‟s that Avada Kedavra light.”

“I can not tell you what it is, nor can I tell you how to block and disable your scar
using the techniques you have learnt.” Oma replied mysteriously.

Harry frowned again; he hated this logic part of his training. So Oma knew what it
was and it could be blocked and disable, and Harry already knew how to do it.

“Has it to do with weather manipulation?” Harry asked. As if reacting to his words,
clouds suddenly appeared, casting the temple in shadow.

“I can not say.” Oma said neutrally.

“What about elemental gifts?”

“I can not say.” Oma said again.

“How about energy withdrawal?”

“Do not ask me again.” Oma warned. Harry blinked at the different response. It
wasn‟t as positive as Oma should have been if trying to clue him in.
“Oma…” Harry started.

“I will not show you the two techniques that could neutralise your scar.” Oma
snapped, her lips no longer smiling as she made a slight gesture upwards. The
Others were watching her very carefully.

“Well, I think that it has to do with energy withdrawal.” Harry declared firmly.
“And once I draw it out… I need to use the energy expenditure technique to get
rid of it once and for all.”

Oma sighed as she looked up. “The boy is smart, I told you he would figure it out.”

The clouds in the sky suddenly rumbled menacingly as they disappeared and Oma

“That was close.” Harry remarked cheerfully.

“I suggest that you do what you have summarised.” Oma said wearily. “And do it
Harry was sitting silently in dimly lit room, legs crossed and his two index fingers
on his scar. Normally he wouldn‟t bother being so careful and cautious when
extracting magic, but this was his head he was dealing with here and he didn‟t
want to blow it off. He took a deep breath as he opened himself up to his magic,
which filled him like a warm liquid, pumping through his veins all around his body.
Slowly, Harry began to form it around his fingers and willed it to remain strong as
he slowly drew the energy from his scar. It was dark and terrible energy, evil and
angry by nature. Harry had to keep it calm and not provoke it as he moved it or it
might start fighting back. Harry would probably win, but the damage the energy
could do to his body before it was destroyed was significant.

After what seemed like seconds, but was probably hours, a small ball of chaotic
energy hovered above his hand. It was completely black and rippled ran through it
as it tried to stretch out and grow. Harry smirked as he closed his eyes again and
pushed out his palm. He started gathering his own magic towards his hand, willing
it to destroy the energy, and there was an extremely bright flash and a roaring
noise that sounded like a Ha‟tak at full speed, before Harry snapped his eyes open
and jumped to his feet. He quickly turned towards the window and lobbed the
energy ball out of it. A small black sphere with cracks of white and silver shot out
from his palm and erupted into the night sky. Harry panted, drained, before there
was a deafening explosion as a shockwave knocked him back. A ball of fire slowly
expanded and shrank in the sky as the extremely volatile energy was destroyed.
Harry managed a grim smile before he passed out.
“Very good.” Oma praised the next day.

“It was hard.” Harry admitted.

“You are a mortal. I do not know many of your kind who could have done the same
thing.” Oma said, patting him on the back. As Harry glanced around, he noticed a
large and extremely tough looking Jaffa staring at him. He had the emblem of
Ba‟al, a System Lord of the Goa‟uld, on his forehead.

“Whose that?” Harry asked cautiously, his hand clenched and ready. Oma said
nothing as the Jaffa walked forward, examining Harry with critical eyes.

“He will do.” He said in a raspy voice.

“What?” Harry asked in confusion.

“This is Derreck. He is an expert at the more…brutal forms of unarmed combat and
a free Jaffa, opposed against the System Lords. He will be teaching you these
forms.” Oma said. She nodded once as Derreck and walked out of the courtyard.

“So, you are the infamous pilot of the Slayer of God‟s.” Derreck said, tilting his
head. “You were once a host, correct?”

“That‟s right.” Harry admitted cautiously.

“Good. You will have a slightly stronger muscle pattern than most.” The Jaffa said.
“Now, to begin with…”
Albus Dumbledore sat at the head of a large table. Along the sides sat the
members of the Order of Phoenix, all who were looking at him in expectation.

“As you know, Cedric Diggory, the Hogwarts Champion, was murdered last night.”
Albus said. There was not a single sound amongst the group as Albus rubbed his
eyes wearily. “His lasts words were what prompted me to reform the Order.”
“And they were?” Kingsley Shackelbolt, Auror Captain, asked.

“Voldemort.” Albus replied, the twinkle absent in his eyes.

There was a loud commotion as members jumped up, asking wild questions to Albus
and each other. Albus waited patiently as he raised his hand, gesturing them to be
silent and another Auror, Nymphadora Tonks, gasped.

“There was an unusual surge in the Dark Arts detectors yesterday.” She said
loudly. “Which was strange, because anybody doing that much Dark Magic should
have been able to easily hide their tracks.”

“They probably did.” Remus said, a rueful smile on his face. “If Voldemort came
back, it would have to be by Dark Magic.”

“But You-Know-Who is dead!” Molly Weasley said in confusion. “Isn‟t he?”

“No.” Albus said sternly. “He is not. Minister Fudge does not believe what I have
told him and says that the boy was delirious. We must act quickly to prevent
Voldemort from getting back his power and forces so quickly.”

“ALBUS!” Sirius shouted as he erupted from the fireplace. He looked around,
ignoring the other members. “I think we know how the cup was turned into a

“How?” Albus inquired.

“Alastor Moody…or at least, the fake one. We found the real Moody locked in his
trunk with several patches of hair missing and I‟m guessing polyjuice. The impostor
was long gone when we got there.” Sirius said, breathing heavily.

“Here‟s what we must do…” Albus said as he noted the strength and determination
in his member‟s eyes.
Several Months Later

Derreck slammed forward, smashing Harry in the face and breaking his elbow.
Harry grunted in pain as he stood back, before he slammed his leg out and caught
Derreck in the chin. A loud crack echoed in the courtyard as Harry continued his
assault, kicking forward at the Jaffa, before diving in and delivering a powerful
jab with his good elbow to the mans ribs. There was a wet snap, before Harry felt
himself get thrown into the ground. He groaned in pain as he jumped up, his hand
slicing the air and the edge of his open palm smashing on the Jaffa‟s neck. Derreck
grunted as he fell over, temporarily paralysed as Harry glanced at his quivering
elbow. Over the months, Derreck had taught him to resist pain but some things
still hurt, especially broken bones. He focussed inwards at the new techniques
Oma was teaching him and a warm glow spread through his body, mending and
repairing his ailments. A white light glowed in his nose, eyes, mouth and even ears
as the light erupted from him and spread towards Derreck.

“That was performed very well.” Derreck praised. “In a real fight, memorising
techniques will not help you. You need to be quick, strong and brutal in eliminating
your enemy.”

Harry nodded as he lifted the Jaffa off the ground. While Derreck had natural
strength and large muscles, Harry‟s combination of being a host had given his
slightly enhanced strength as well and much better reflexes. Derreck had taught
him ways to disable your enemy and ways to use you enemy‟s power against them.
All in all, it was interesting, exiting and extremely painful.

“I will teach you no more.” Derreck said after a few minutes silence. “I believe that
you have learnt all you can without taking up Jaffa meditation techniques, which
are beyond you.”

“It was a pleasure.” Harry remarked dryly. “Well, it was mostly pain but there was
some pleasure.”

Derreck snorted as he shook Harry‟s hand. “Give my regards to Oma.”

Harry watched the lone Jaffa leave the courtyard, most likely for the Stargate.
He sighed as he felt the familiar presence of Oma appear behind him.

“Well done.” She said quietly.

“Thankyou.” Harry said, turning around. “Now what?”
“Now it is time that you started learning magic from your world.” Oma said as she
grabbed a book from nowhere and tossed it towards Harry. Harry caught it and
glanced down.
The Theory of Magic: Myrrdin Merlin

“More theory?” Harry groaned. “You know, I miss the old days where I would fly
around the galaxy, visit worlds, blow up the Goa‟uld‟s.”

“That galaxy may not exist soon.” Oma said sharply. “The Goa‟uld System Lords
have banned together to fight Anubis but he is winning. The Asgard gave
temporarily stopped the Replicators in a time dilation field but they do not know
that it has been reversed.”

“Time Dilation?”

“On the inside of this field, a second would go by. On the outside of this field, a
billion years would go by.” Oma explained. “But the Replicators have reversed it
and have had billions of years to evolve and strategise. They will launch an attack

“Oma, are you always so pessimistic?” Harry asked.

“Um…yes, she is.” Came a male voice from the corner and Harry felt an unfamiliar
presence fill the courtyard. He spun around, only to stare into the grinning face of
a very familiar man.

“Daniel Jackson? From the Tau‟ri?” Harry asked in confusion.

“Yes.” Daniel said, looking pleased with himself. Harry took note of the sand
coloured robes and the way the energy coursed through the man‟s body.

“You‟re dead? And ascended?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“Thanks to Oma.” Daniel admitted. “She saved me.”

Oma said nothing, smiling slightly at the man.

“How did you…um…die?” Harry asked, scratching his head. “I bet that question
hasn‟t been asked a lot.” He muttered.

“Radiation poisoning.” Daniel said, looking slightly irritated. “Painful and messy.”

“Ouch.” Harry winced.

“Daniel Jackson, you must go.” Oma spoke for the first time. “I know your question
already, and to interfere would have disastrous consequences.”

Daniel frowned but disappeared in a whirl of light.

“Read the book.” Oma ordered as she too left.

“What did I miss?” Harry mumbled to himself as he glanced down at the book. He
opened up the first page and sighed as he began to read.


The Ministry of Magic

Arthur Weasley stood guard at the corridor that led to the Department of
Mysteries. He had absolutely no idea why he was there. He had heard rumours
that there was a prophecy inside that contained the fate of You-Know-Who and
little Harry Potter, but he just couldn‟t fathom why You-Know-Who would care
about a prophecy about a dead person. While Albus Dumbledore had faith that
Harry was still alive and indeed, still sent out various search parties every few
months, Arthur privately thought that the boy must be dead.

Arthur was so distracted by his internal thoughts that he almost didn‟t see the
snake slither up the corridor. Just as it was about to strike, Arthur spotted it out
of the corner of his eye and jumped as snake struck forward. He gave a yelp and
raised his wand.
“INCENDIO!” Arthur bellowed. A stream of fire sprayed from his wand as the
snake slithered back. Suddenly it began to morph, changing from its small body
into a thin, deadly pale man with red gleaming eyes and slit-like nostrils.

“V-V-V…” Arthur stuttered as he backed away. He concentrated and felt his Order
Medallion get warm. The Order Medallion wasn‟t actually a medallion; it came in all
types of forms. What it did was allow a member to send a distress call when they
were in trouble. Arthur activated his repeatedly as he backed away from the evil
wizard in front of him.

“Ah, you must be Arthur Weasley.” Voldemort said conversationally, his wand
twirling in his hand as he stalked forward. “I heard that your daughter had the
opportunity to meet me in person some time ago.”

Arthur felt a wave of anger at Voldemort‟s comment and he raised his wand.

Voldemort flicked his yew wand lazily and the red beam suddenly exploded in a
shower of sparks.

Arthur said nothing as he flicked his wand sharply. There was a strange noise
resembling sharp rocks cracking glass, and the air became dense as something
shimmered in the air and spiralled towards Voldemort, who lazily sidestepped. The
shimmering air slashed into the stonework of the corridor, creating cracks and
slashes. Powdered dust flew through the air as Voldemort glanced back, vaguely

“Arthur, I didn‟t know you had it in you.” Voldemort purred as he stalked forward.

Arthur opened and closed his mouth like a fish as he tried to stutter an answer.
His wand was suddenly jerked from his hands as Voldemort snapped his fingers
and his mouth went dry as Voldemort raised his wand.

“It has been a long time since I tortured an Order Member.” Voldemort said, his
mouth baring his sharp, pointed teeth. “So I will enjoy this, Crucio!”

Arthur screamed as he sank to the floor. Pain and agony washed over him as the
sensation of a million white-hot knives stabbed repeatedly thought his body. He
struggled to think of his families as he felt himself get weaker and weaker. Time
dragged on, for Arthur years, Voldemort seconds, until the curse was abruptly

“Hey! This is a restricted section!” Came a loud voice. A red robed Auror walked up,
wand in hand and looking utterly bored, until he spotted Voldemort.

“Oi, Nick! What it is mate?” Shouted another Auror, a red haired man with a
ponytail, a hundred metres away, not having seen anything yet.

“Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort muttered, and a there was whoosh of air as a powerful
and intense jet of emerald green light slammed into Nick, who fell silently.

Voldemort frowned, displeased at being interrupted. This was what happened when
you put pleasure before business.

“AUROR DOWN!” The red haired man shouted loudly, having seen the green flash
and the collapse of his friend. He activated the alarm and a shrill whine echoed in
the Atrium and the Department of Mysteries as the Auror‟s voice was suddenly

Voldemort glared at the twitching man, who had suddenly broken every bone in his
body. “Avada Ked…”

A scarlet beam of magic, flowing with power that only one man besides Voldemort
could create, surged forward as Voldemort back-pedalled, his wand raised. A
shimmering silver shield, rippling wildly formed around the Dark Lord and the
scarlet beam impacted harmlessly off his shield.

“Dumbledore!” Voldemort breathed, his red eyes wide.

The ancient mage stood strong, flicking his wand again. Voldemort jumped forward
as the ground he had been standing on suddenly crumbled, his wand raised. He
slashed forward, silvery black coils of glowing light spiralling from his wand.
Dumbledore twirled on the spot as he disappeared silently. He reappeared closer
to the lift.
“You‟ll have to perform much better than that Tom,” Dumbledore said, smiling
slightly but the twinkle in his eyes replaced with a cold hard look.

Voldemort snarled wildly as the one man he hated above anybody else apparated
away, most likely to the Atrium. Voldemort followed suit, reappearing in the dark
hall. Dumbledore stood there, strong and defiant as always. Several Auror‟s and
Hit wizards, some in pyjama‟s and some in uniform gaped at him, gasping as he sent
a shaft of purple light at Dumbledore, who apparated away. The curse smashed
into the wall, and there was a shudder before a gigantic chunk of rock was blown
away from the wall. Dumbledore reappeared, his wand waving wildly as the fallen
rocks levitated and shot towards Voldemort.

Voldemort closed his eyes for a second, and a gigantic aura of power erupted from
his body, black, purple and silver magic shining like a small sun. Most of the rocks
were crushed into powder as Voldemort shot off his aura like a curse. Dumbledore
looked extremely startled as he ducked, throwing himself to the ground as the
aura/curse passed overhead. Voldemort shot of another killing curse at the fallen
Dumbledore as his aura exploded at the other end of the Atrium. There was a
giant concussion wave that knocked over the gaping Auror‟s as the other end of the
Atrium exploded violently, smoke and fire cackling madly.

Dumbledore could do nothing at the latest curse heading for him, the Killing Curse.
He struggled up just as it was about to impact, before a red and gold blur suddenly
darted forward and intercepting the curse. It exploded in a shower of flames and
feathers and Voldemort roared in rage as he flicked his wand again. This time,
Dumbledore was ready and he jumped out of the way, animating the statue of
magical brethren as he did so, before sending a pulsing burst of light at
Voldemort, who shied away from it. The Centaur Statue jumped forward as
Voldemort looked up again and struck Voldemort, who went skidding across the
ground. He got up, sending bursts of dark energy at Dumbledore as the Centaur
came forward again. Voldemort smirked evilly as he caught the Centaurs arm, his
fingers crushing the metal he used his unnatural strength to hurl the Centaur
away, smashing it into a wall.

Dumbledore panted slightly as he sent a wave of fire at Voldemort, who smirked
and walked through it, coming out unharmed. Voldemort flicked his wand at the
other two statues, destroying them easily as Dumbledore raised his wand and
bellowed and incantation. A blinding beam of light shot out from it and Voldemort
screeched in pain as he was struck between the eyes and knocked off his feet.
Still on the ground, Voldemort swiped his wand madly at Dumbledore as he got up
and Dumbledore shielded himself, a golden globe surrounding him. The shield was
worthless as sharp blows rained upon the frail body of Dumbledore, cracking his
ribs and sending him to the ground.

“Stop!” Came a loud roar and Voldemort glanced around at his surroundings. There
was nobody except a small crowd of Ministry Workers, all who were too petrified
to say anything. Suddenly there was a shimmer in the air and Voldemort reacted,
sending a powerful revealing curse at it. The air shimmered and wobbled as a tall
boy dressed in a dark cloak and a shadowed hood appeared. His outline was blurry
and Voldemort glared at him, flicking his wand once to prove a suspicion. A piece of
rock shot out from the ground and travelled right through the boy, his body non-
Harry watched the fight with a morbid fascination. The ancient man and the dark
creature were fighting again, power flowing off them in waves. They had to have
been some of the strongest people he had ever seen, skilled and quick. The dark
man was quickly gaining the upper hand and Harry knew that if he won, some people
would be in a lot of trouble.

“Stop!” He roared, not expecting to be heard. But the Dark Creature blinked and
spun around, his weapon raised high. He shot a burst of energy at Harry, who
gaped as he was struck. A feeling of cold and slithering water rushed over him as
the Dark Creature stared directly into his eyes.

“Who are you boy?” He hissed menacingly.

“Um…who are you?” Harry shot back.

“I am the Dark Lord Voldemort, the most powerful wizard in the world.” The Dark
Creature, Voldemort, boasted. Normally Harry would shoot down the ego of
anybody claiming to be that but after that display, he could sort of believe it.

“And who‟s that?” Harry asked, gesturing to the struggling form of Dumbledore.

“Albus Dumbledore, soon to be a dead man.” Voldemort said, grinning wildly.

“I can‟t let you kill him.” Harry said seriously.
“Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort shouted, and a very familiar beam of green light shot
out from the weapon. Harry dove to one side as the curse swished over his
shoulder and jumped back up again, his hands out. They glowed, getting brighter
and brighter as Voldemort stepped back, something like fear entering his eyes.

“What is this?” He snarled.

“Your death!” Harry hissed and flung his hands out. From them came two bright,
glowing and swirling tubes beams of light. They travelled towards Voldemort, who
disappeared silently as the light splashed on the wall. Harry turned around in
confusion, never having seen that form of teleporting before as Voldemort
reappeared, wand high. A burst of green light was shot at Harry and he felt a
searing pain as he was flung from his spot, before he could feel himself wake up
thousands of light years away.

Voldemort stared in surprise at the spot the boy had been standing in. What had
just happened? Where was the body? Voldemort could feel the power of that
magic he had tried to use and knew that it would have destroyed him if he had
been hit. He suddenly remembered Dumbledore and whirled around, wand high.
Dumbledore was standing up, surrounded by two squadrons of Auror‟s and a
squadron of Hit Wizards. Voldemort was good…but not that good and he
disappeared silently, leaving a shocked audience behind.
Harry woke up with a small groan as his scar was aching terribly. Hadn‟t he closed
it off? Harry quickly went into the techniques he knew and searched his mind and
scar. Dark energy was hammering at his mind and slowly; he closed off the
connection and sealed his mind. After what seemed like seconds, but was probably
an hour, Harry opened his eyes, panting slightly. He had to see Oma.

“You were lucky you were not killed.” Oma said warningly. “That „green light‟ would
have destroyed you in your physical body had been there. Luckily, only a projection
of you had been transmitted to that planet.”

“What was it? How did I do it?” Harry asked in a rush.

“It has to do with the nature of your scar. You may have closed it off, but that
does not mean that the door was locked from the other end. I suspect that this
Lord Voldemort opened it up unintentionally.”
“How could he? We‟ve never met before!” Harry asked and sighed as Oma got her
stern look. “Yeah, I know, no interference.”

Oma smiled slightly at the exasperated tone. “You are much like Daniel Jackson and
I suspect that you would not make a very good Ascended being. You would probably
be exiled on your first day for destroying some evil species of healing a friend.”

Harry smirked. “Probably.”

“Now, how far have you come from the book?”
Several Months Later

Harry was concentrating heavily, his brow sweating as he hovered over a small
bench. He was creating a focus, something that was essential for the type of
magic he was learning. He remembered how Voldemort had used a stick of some
sort, so he had designed a small metal stub. It was only a few inches long and was
made from refined Naquadah. Inside, he had placed several crystals, some for
disturbing the energy and others form amplifying and refining it. At the end of
the metal stub was a small red crystal, where the energy would be released. He had
gotten all of the instructions on the basics of making a „wand‟ and had used his
Goa‟uld knowledge to create one suited for him. As the last crystal was put into
perfect alignment, Harry sighed as he closed the tiny panel, sealing it.

“Are you done?” Oma asked, smiling proudly at him.

“Yep.” Harry said, beaming happily. “I‟ve still got to test it though.”

“That will have to wait.” Oma said regretfully. “I have news of the outside world.”

“Oh?” Harry asked mildly.

“Daniel Jackson has broken the rules of the Ascended and attempted to attack
Anubis as he destroyed Abydos. He has been stripped off his power and his
memory erased and sent back to a different world as a human.” Oma said.
“Meanwhile, Anubis has started his takeover. The System Lords have banded
together to fight him but are losing. The Tau‟ri have also bowed to fight him but
do not hold the significant technology to do large-scale damage. The Asgard are
busy with the Replicators, who have broken from their prison and started their
attack. You are needed.”

“So, you want me to start fighting Anubis.” Harry said slowly.

“You have a powerful ship, one that could do much damage to Anubis.” Oma said.
“You have the power to stop Anubis and you have learnt much in this time.”

Harry was silent for a few minutes, before he started gathering his belongings.
“Thankyou for everything Oma.” Harry said.

Oma smiled peacefully as he transported his stuff to the Deicida. “I have given you
several copies of magical books. Study them…there is a time in the future where
you will return to your world. This Voldemort may still be there and if he tries to
attack you, it would be better if you knew magic.”

“Bye.” Harry said, waving slightly as he transported himself away, leaving the
Ascended Ancient alone.


Several Months Later

In a region of space not to far from Kheb, a large battle was underway. Goa‟uld
Ha‟tak‟s were firing at each other, plasma bolts flying from between the two sides.
Death Gliders and Al‟kesh zoomed in between the Ha‟tak‟s, firing wildly as they
dodged and rolled to avoid being destroyed. There was a large shudder in one of
the Ha‟tak‟s as its shields crumbled beneath the onslaught. Explosions rocked the
surface of the ship as it continued firing, before a shockwave blew debris and
shrapnel everywhere as it disappeared in a vaporising ball of flames. The System
Lord Yu and his fleet were losing the battle easily as the heavily modified
equipment of Anubis gained the upper hand. Another one of Yu‟s Ha‟tak‟s exploded
as a multi-burst of red energy snapped the shields like twigs. From behind a small
moon, a few hundred kilometres away, a modified silver ship lay in wait.

On board, Harry frowned as he glanced at his scanners. Yu was losing his ground
quickly, and it was common knowledge that Yu and Ba‟al were the two System Lords
that were keeping Anubis at bay. He growled under his breath as he saw Anubis‟s
private motherships fly forward, destroying another one of Yu‟s Ha‟tak‟s. Death
Gliders assaulted the large craft, but the shields held steady. As Yu began to
retreat, Harry sighed as he jumped into the pilot seat. He was really going to hate
helping the System Lords, but Anubis was the bigger threat.

The Deicida rocketed forward, gliding and weaving gracefully past the debris. As
plasma bolts were shot his way, Harry concentrated as he clenched his hand on the
control panel. The Deicida did a barrel roll as it powered its weapons, before
bursts of plasma erupted from his weapon systems. Blue energy struck at one of
Anubis‟s ships and the newly installed Ion cannon fired rapidly, pulses of energy
striking the Ha‟tak. The shields had obviously been modified as it still stood after
the onslaught but fires rained the outside of the hull and electricity cackled wildly
across the perimeter of the ship. The Deicida flew past, rolling to the right as it
fired two projectile weapons, missile-like drones, that shot forward, weaving and
weaning from the obstacles in its path as it struck another one if Anubis‟s
Ha‟tak‟s. Two balls of fire erupted from where they had struck as the Ha‟tak
shuddered, before exploding violently. Harry blinked in surprise as he pulled up,
Death Gliders and Al‟kesh on his tail. Lord Yu‟s forces were slowly retreating and
targeting the Ha‟tak‟s that Harry had weakened.

Suddenly the four surviving Ha‟tak‟s disappeared into hyperspace, leaving Harry
alone with seven of Anubis‟s Ha‟tak‟s. Harry rolled his eyes at the typical Goa‟uld
cowardice as he fired another burst at the weakened Ha‟tak, breaking through the
shields and slicing through the hull as if it were butter. As the other Ha‟tak‟s
moved closer, Harry closed his eyes for a brief second. From the outside, the
Deicida suddenly shimmered and disappeared from sight as Harry drew a cloak of
invisibility around his ship. There were a few moments of peace as Harry drifted
almost aimlessly towards the stars, before a powerful blast rocked his shields.
There was a large shudder and a blaring alarm as the shields failed. Panels of the
Deicida exploded and Harry gripped the control panel in surprise as his ship lost all
sense of navigation and broke a sharp right, just as another blast of energy
erupted from Anubis‟s Mothership.
Anubis stared at the Deicida in contempt. Yes, he remembered the infamous
vessel, equipped with powerful technology and destroyer of many Goa‟uld Ha‟taks.
The fool of a pilot had tried to cloak himself with his powers but Anubis was not
fooled, and ordered the crew of his Mothership to fire. He was interested to know
that there was somebody else who was not ascended that could use the mighty
powers. He knew the Nox had limited control over it; indeed the invisibility trick
was a Nox creation, but no Nox ever tried to fight, even in self-defence. He had to
kill the pilot, just in case. As Anubis gave another order, the Deicida suddenly
veered off and the barrage of energy missed.Harry watched on apprehension as
the Deicida suddenly veered off again, just as yet another barrage of plasma
sailed over his head. Confident in the computer system that had to be driving the
ship, Harry concentrated and shimmered away from the cockpit and into another
part of the ship. Fires and electrical sparks greeted him as Harry waved his hand
absently. The fire was suddenly snuffed out as Harry moved forward, grimacing as
something sparked close to his ear. He knelt down at a small box, tapping a few
panels quickly. A section of the box opened up, revealing a small set of coloured
crystals. Among them was a blackened and cracked one, and Harry deftly removed
it and replaced it with glowing green crystal. There was a sudden jolt and Harry
gave a yell of surprise as he was knocked off his feet, before the Deicida jumped
into hyperspace.Anubis watched as the Deicida burst into hyperspace and
internally frowned.

“SET A COURSE TO THESE CO-ORDINATES,” Anubis ordered as he waved his
hand. A set of glyphs and numbers appeared and Jaffa stared at them for a
second, before hurrying to complete the task. Anubis sat back down in his thrown
in anticipation. Despite the losses that the Deicida and Lord Yu‟s forces had
inflicted upon him, he had come out as the victor and he was pleased. Now it was
time to pay the Nox a little visit, to see what they knew of the Deicida and its
pilot, who was obviously skilled in their ways.
Far away, on a distant planet, Lya of the Nox snapped open her eyes as she
searched the information given to her. She looked very afraid as she jumped up
from her meditative pose and rushed towards the High Council Chambers. She had
just been warned of a terrible tragedy that was about to occur.

“Many thanks Oma.” Lya whispered out loud as she continued her run. “Many
Harry burst out of hyperspace near a system that he was familiar with. It was the
system that he had met the Asgard in. As the Deicida zoomed through the
coldness of space, the ships computers alerted him to a gaggle of Asgard
Warships ahead.

“This is Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet.” Came a familiar voice
over the communications device.

“This is the Deicida,” Harry said, a thankful expression on his face as he sighed in

“Deicida, this is Thor. This quadrant of space is no longer safe for you. Replicator
Battlecruisers have been sighted among this area. You are to leave immediately.”

“Shit!” Harry cursed out loud. The Asgard seemed to be too busy to help him. As
Harry got closer to the Asgard Fleet, he blinked at the new additions. Along with
thirteen traditional Asgard Motherships, one gigantic warship outclassed them all.
It was in the same hammer shape as the standard Asgard Mothership, but seemed
to be bigger and more threatening and powerful. Also included among the fleet
were several bulky satellites and space weapons that Harry had never seen before.
As he started to turn the Deicida around, there were several blips on his ships
sensors. Replicator Battlecruisers burst from hyperspace in dozens, bristling
weapons and shields as they approached the Asgard fleet.

“Um…Thor? The Replicator ships are coming your way…there‟s at least two dozen!”
Harry warned. One of the Battlecruisers spotted him and fired carelessly at his
position, not seeming to care of he were hit or not. As the Replicator Ships
approached the Asgard Fleet, the strange Satellites zoomed forward, their
weapons aiming towards them. There was a loud noise that even Harry heard as
sleeks of silver and grey shot out, spinning wildly. Some impacted on the shields,
while other surged through and smashed through the hulls. In that single attack,
three Replicator Ships exploded violently as the Asgard Motherships moved to
intercept, some firing the same weapon as the satellites while other using the
standard energy weapons. Bursts of light flew between the Replicators and the
Asgard as more Replicator ships were destroyed. An Asgard Mothership suddenly
exploded as it was struck by energy fire as the Replicators regrouped their

“Deicida, please leave this area immediately.” Thor said curtly over the
Harry was dully pleased and surprised that the Asgard had listened to him on his
advice about projectile weapons as he turned his vessel around, before the
computers lit up with yet another signal. Sighing he opened it up, but his face
slowly grew dark at the contents message as he powered his ship and burst into
hyperspace. He would repair was much as he could on the way there and hope it
was enough.
Hours Later

Anubis‟s fleet arrived into the orbit of the Nox home world. Hovering above the
planet were several large floating cities, which were surrounded by extremely
thick, glowing white shields. Another Nox city vessel zoomed from the planet,
joining the small armada. Aborad the largest city of them all, Lya stood before the
High Council as they stared at a large screen depicting the Goa‟uld force.

“It seems you were right.” A very old Nox male said as he stared at the incoming

“One City has yet to leave the planet.” A Nox woman said in a quavering voice. She
was over a thousand years old and had almost reached the end of her lifespan yet
she was one of the most respected and loved Nox in the city.

“We must attack.” Lya said firmly, her eyes showing a fierceness and determination
that surprised the Nox Council.

“An attack? Destroy all that we have worked for?” A younger Nox male said slowly.

“Anubis is an abomination.” Lya tried to protest.

“Yet he is a living organism.” The old female Nox said sharply. As Lya opened her
mouth to speak, she blinked as a telepathic image was suddenly sent to her. One of
her students in the city…a fallen Nox in a puddle of blood…a dark cloaked figure
that radiated evil…. She gasped loudly as she clutched her head and sank to her
knees. Breathing deeply, she got back up with trembling legs amidst the concerned

“Anubis…he is in the city…my students!” Lya mumbled as she shimmered away. The
High council looked at each other, before the older man teleported away. Both the
other members followed suit.
Lya staggered through the crowd of Nox that had gathered in the park, breaking
through the ranks and bursting from the front, just in time to see Anubis crushed
the neck of one of her students. She gasped loudly, a wave of sadness and pain
overtaking her as the limp body dropped from Anubis‟s grasp. Among the dark
figure were several of her students, all who looked to have stood up to the half-
ascended being as he entered the city.

No Nox made a noise as Anubis spotted her horrified expression and raised his
hand. Lya felt something brush by her and with determination, raised her hands. A
white glowing shield formed around her as Anubis‟s mental attack smashed against
it, making it wobble. The Nox remained silent as Lya strained to hold the shield,
before it collapsed and she felt something strike her head. She gasped in pain as
she was blown off her feet and fell to the ground.


“Leave this place.” Came an ancient voice. Anubis glanced to his left as the High
Council ancientNox womanstared him down, and sliced the air with his hand. The
Nox woman tried to raise a shield but screamed in agony as a large slash severed
her arms from her body, before falling silent as her neck suddenly span around
180 degrees. The other two council members looked horrified as they leapt
forward towards their fallen. They desperately tried to raise shields as they
approached Anubis, but did not attack. The Nox would not commit violence even if
their life were on the line. Anubis didn‟t seem to care about their ways and moved
forward like liquid. He gave the older Nox a vicious uppercut, breaking his neck,
while he spun around; delivering a sharp kick to the younger Nox‟s nose. The Nox
gasped, before his eyes clouded over and he collapsed, his nose bone implanted in
his brain. The Nox remained silent.

“SURREDNER AND I WILL SPARE YOUR LIVES!” Anubis offered menacingly as
Lya got to her feet.

“Never.” She said, her eyes drifting over the dead Nox. Suddenly a feeling filled
her that hadn‟t filled a Nox in many centuries. She closed her eyes, transmitting
this feeling to her brethren. The Nox crowd shuffled as hatred and utter loathing
filled their veins. At that moment, Lya screamed in fury as she sliced her hands
through the air, jumping forward. Anubis himself was startled as fireballs erupted
at him and barely dodged them. He had to duck again as a wave of water splashed
through the air and couldn‟t dodge the bolt of lightning that sprung from Lya‟s
palm, sending him to the ground. Growling, he got up, barely affected by the
energy that would have killed most living creatures and raised his hand. Lya
suddenly cried in pain as invisible blows rained over her body, smashing her arms,
breaking her legs. She grunted as she was thrown back into the crowd of Nox, who
caught her gracefully and laid her to the ground. Lya lay there, breathing heavily.
She coughed, blood welling between her lips as he felt the life drain from her and
into Anubis. If she were to die this way, she would not be able to be revived.

Anubis grinned menacingly as the Nox just stood there, staring at Lya. He felt
another wave of life flow through him and raised his hand to finish Lya off.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Somebody screamed from behind him. Anubis turned to see a
teenager, fifteen, sixteen, aiming a small metal stub at him with a red glowing tip.
A green jet of light roared from the stub of metal, the air roaring as it moved
forward and struck Anubis down. Anubis felt a searing and horrible pain as he
staggered, before shrugging off the green light and breaking the connection with
the Nox.


“Oh yeah.” Harry spat out, his furious gaze noting the fallen Nox. “It must take
somebody of extreme power to strike down those who won‟t fight back. Do you
feel powerful Anubis?”

Anubis said nothing as he raised his hand. As a Half Ascended, he was limited to
using mental attacks. If he were to throw the incredible power that tingled under
his fingertips at the boy, the Others would strike him down and destroy him. A
telekinetic wave burst from his hand and zoomed towards Harry, who
concentrated as he swiped the air with his focus. After the months of practise, he
had found it easier and more practical to flow his energy through it. He wasted
less magic and had better result. As the telekinetic blast struck Harry, there was
an odd pinging sound as it bounced off a blue cloak of energy that surrounded
Harry by just a millimetre.

Harry responded by slashing the air with his focus, before jumping forward to
meet Anubis. Anubis instinctively backed off, only to find that his back met a wall
of dirt that had just grown from the ground. Harry struck the Being in the face,
using every single brutal tactic he knew. Anubis grunted as he felt the shields
holding his essence in this form struggle against the powerful blows and unleashed
a wave of mental power. Harry grunted as he was flung from Anubis but channelled
his magic into spinning gracefully through the air and landing on his feet.

He spun around; hands together and he thrust them forward. A burst of yellow
magic zapped from his hands, whirling and arcing through the air. Anubis raised his
hand, before clenching it hard as it held the attack in his mental grips, before
throwing it towards Harry, who smirked as he waved it aside. Bursts of energy
flew from Harry as he levitated from the ground, and Anubis jumped up with
unnatural strength, hovering in the air was well. As Harry prepared another attack,
Anubis flung out his hands and watched as two columns of red-hot fire burst from
his hands. Harry blinked at the show of pyrotechnics as he shimmered away,
reappearing near a small stream fifty metres away. He grabbed a Zat‟nikatel from
his waist and opened fired. Bursts of cackling energy zapped Anubis but had not
effect as he gently floated down. Harry cursed out loud as he discarded his Zat
and raised his hand device as Anubis sent another column of fire at him. He
activated the personal shield as the fire engulfed him, blinding him from the
outside world as his shield held strong against the inferno. As it died down, Harry
held his hand up towards the roof of the City and bought it down. Clouds formed
overheard as spittle‟s of rain struck Anubis, who glanced at the suddenly appearing
clouds in surprise. Suddenly there was a flash as bolts and zaps of lightning struck
Anubis. A whirlwind of blinding electricity and power surrounded Anubis, who
stood there as the electricity struck him.

“Why won‟t you die?” Harry snarled as the storm disappeared.

“I AM IMMORTAL. I CANNOT DIE.” Anubis said triumphantly. “I WILL

Harry said nothing as his mind suddenly flashed back to one of his earlier dreams.
A shadow creature had said the same, but the ancient man had raised his focus
and… Harry bellowed out an incantation, his voice roaring like a lion, and a white
blinding pulse of light shot out eerily. Anubis suddenly screamed in pain as the
light washed over him and he disappeared from the city in flash. Harry quickly
turned to the Nox crowd.
“Somebody tell the pilot to leave. NOW!” He yelled desperately. The Nox just
stared at him, before there was a sudden jolt as the seven cities of the Nox fled
from the fleet of Anubis. Harry quickly made his way towards Lya, who tried to sit
up as she smiled at Harry.

“You came.” She whispered gratefully.

“HarrSh!” y said as he raised his focus. He focused on the earliest Nox magic he
had learnt and let the positive things in his life flow forward. Lya and Oma were on
the forefront of his mind, as well as O‟Neill, Jackson, Carter, Teal‟c, Thor, The
Tok‟ra…anybody who had ever shown him kindness. A blinding pulse of white light
shot at Lya, who absorbed the blast. Her wounds started to heal as Harry panted
with effort and staggered away. A minute later, Lya stood up and the only
evidence of her injuries was the blood on her clothes. Immediately she ran towards
the fallen Nox, touching them briefly as she sighed in sadness.

“Anubis has taken the life of the High Council.” She declared to the mass of Nox
who were now staring silently at her.

“Can‟t you heal them, bring them back to life?” Harry asked.

“He has stolen their life, their souls.” Lya said sadly. A loud gasp went up from the
crowd as they staggered in shock. “He has committed an unspeakable crime by
doing so.”

“So now what?” Harry asked her.

“I don‟t know.” Lya answered softly, tears welling in her eyes.

“Lya.” Said one of the Nox from the crowd. “What are we to do?”

“High Councillor Lya.” Another Nox asked. “What are your instructions?”

Lya looked startled as the Nox moved forward, some picking up the bodies of their
comrades with care, while others talking to the newly appointed leader of the Nox.
Lya looked at the crowd in surprise, before determination overcame her and she
fell into the role of the leader. It was this day that the Nox broke their ways as
they declared War on Anubis.


The cities of the Nox hovered around a small green planet, where the Tollan had
emigrated. Its shields held the vacuum of space away from the city as Nox
hurried on with their tasks. On board the largest city of them all, Harry and Lya
walked through the gardens of the city, occasionally passing a mediating Nox. They
chatted and laughed as they recounted their tales since they had been apart.

“I can‟t believe that Anubis was so…” Harry trailed off. “Powerless, I think the
word is.”

“Maybe to you, but he is far superior to the powers of the Nox.” Lya admitted,
walking gracefully over a pond of water. Harry frowned and took the bridge,
meeting up with Lya on the other side.

“Do not expect an easy win again.” Came a familiar voice as Oma suddenly appeared
from absolutely nowhere, or wherever the Ascended Ancients lived.

“Oma.” Harry greeted with a small smile.

“It is good to see you old friend.” Lya smiled beautifully.

Oma had a faint beam on her face, before it hardened. “Up until now, Anubis was
one of the few who could use these types of powers. Even now, he is limited to
those powers that could only occur naturally, or those he could explain. For
instance, if Anubis had thrown lightning a month ago, he would not have been able
to explain how he had did it without the knowledge of the Ancients. Now, he has
seen you two throw lightning, he can say that he leant it from you.”

“So, every time I fight Anubis, he would just get stronger.” Harry deadpanned.
“Great! How about I go and write my final tributes?”

Oma ignored his sarcasm. “If you wish to.” She replied blandly. “I am warning you,
Anubis had not attempted to delve into his powers as he had not had an opponent
to fight. With the Nox and yourself as his adversaries, Anubis will be getting

Harry frowned as he mulled over what Oma had said. “I don‟t know if I could beat
him. I mean he really doesn‟t have a physical body, does he? He‟s just a spirit
contained within a force field. What happens if I break the force field, then

“There are ways to kill spirits and energy and other ways to bind them and trap
them. It will be far easier to destroy Anubis if he does not have a physical form to
operate.” Oma said.

“Hang on, weren‟t you banished to Kheb? I thought you couldn‟t leave?” Harry
suddenly asked.

“The Others have given me this one opportunity to speak with you, they are
growing concerned with Anubis‟s potential.” Oma said.

“Then they should go deal with it themselves.” Harry scoffed.

“I do wonder why the Others have not simply dealt with Anubis.” Lya broke
forward. “Would it not be easier and safer that way?”

“It would…but Anubis is my punishment, a constant reminder to not interfere with
the affairs of others.” Oma spoke, almost bitterly. “And once you have ascended
and merged with the Others…your viewpoint on good and evil changes. There is no
good and evil once you are ascended, only life forms and their choices.”

“Nice quote,” Harry muttered. “So, now what?”

“Now I suggest that you both start seeking out others in stopping Anubis. And
there are others…” Oma trailed off as she disappeared as suddenly as she came.

“I hate it when she does that.” Harry mumbled.
“An Alliance between races to fight Anubis is an interesting idea.” Lya said.

“Other races?” Harry wondered out loud.

Lya was looking thoughtful. “Would not the Tollan be a good place to start?”

“Good idea.” Harry said. He held his arm up for Lya. “Wanna visit?”

“I shall.” Lya said as she took his arm, and they both shimmered away towards the
Deicida, which was docked outside the city shields.
From the Deicida, they transported themselves to the Tollan world. In a few
months, a new city had emerged from scratch. Buildings arced the sky, larger than
the usual Tollan structures. There was a sense of security and sternness as
Tollans ran about, scientists talking rapidly with each other. Guards were posted
at every corner, their usual stun weapons gone and replaced with sleek rifles that
glinted under the two suns.

As Harry and Lya stepped from the platform where they had arrived, a Tollan
official looked up at them from a booth that had been set up.

“Names?” He asked in boredom.

“Harry, with two R‟s. Don‟t really have a last name, so just use Deicida. It‟s got a
nice ring to it.” Harry replied with amusement.

“Lya, of the Nox.” Lya also answered, shooting Harry an exasperated look of

“Oh!” The official sat up straighter as he gazed at them. “I‟m sorry Lady Lya,
Commander Deicida. The Tollan Minister has been expecting you.”

Harry raised an eyebrow. “Commander Deicida?” He repeated in amazement.

“I-I‟m sorry sir,” the official stammered, blushing. “You do command your own ship,
do you not? And you said you last name was Deicida…”

“Harry, leave the poor man alone.” Lya said in a gentle reprimanding tone. She
turned to the official and smile at him, easing his embarrassment. “I thank you for
you message.”

The official nodded numbly as Harry and Lya left his booth. He was going to be the
envy of his family tonight.

The Minister of the Tollan government, Narim, was a very family face to Harry. He
had met the man when he had been evacuating the old Tollana and had liked his
solid and dependable character. As Harry and Lya sat themselves down in their
seats, he looked up from his work and gave a tired smile.

“Ah, Commander Deicida and Lady Lya.” He greeted. He noted Harry‟s shocked
expression and smirked slightly. “News travels fast in Tollana.”

“I see.” Harry said.

“What can the Tollan do for you? We received word of the evacuation of your
cities, do you require aid?” Narim asked Lya, who shook her head.

“We are here to propose the beginning of a new alliance against the forces of
Anubis.” Lya told Narim.

“We would essentially become one giant army, all dedicated to fighting Anubis.
After that…maybe we could start rebuilding,” Harry proposed.

“And who would lead this army?” Narim asked sceptically.

“Um… A…A council of representatives chosen by the races of the Alliance.” Harry
stuttered slightly, his mind buzzing with ideas.

“Interesting. I am to understand that you two have already joined this Alliance?”
Narim asked.

“Well, I‟m not really a race of people, but I really, really don‟t like Anubis.” Harry
answered, his lip curling slightly. “I‟m in.”

“As the High Councillor of the Nox, I can safely say that the Nox would also join
this Alliance.” Lya said.
“And as the Tollan Minister, It is an honour to take part in this Alliance.” Narim
said enthusiastically. “I must take this to the Tollan people and ask for their vote,
but the patriotism runs wild in our veins and I do not think that there will be much
if any opposition.”

“Great!” Harry exclaimed. “So, now what?”

“Perhaps we should start cataloguing our armed forces?” Lya proposed gently.

“I agree.” Narim said as he stood. “I‟ll take you to see our construction sites.”
Harry was far away from the Tollan city, on the other side of the planet, staring at
a large vessel being constructed. It was twice as big as two Goa‟uld Ha‟taks, and it
hadn‟t even been fully completed. It had a general bird shape, with two large and
thin wings sweeping back from the main bulk of the ship. It had a sloped front and
four thrusters were situated on the back of the vessel.

“It will be the pride of the fleet.” Narim said wistfully as he stared at the large
vessel. “It is the largest battleship we have ever tired to construct. Its main
weapons are upgraded Ion Cannon emplacements along the wings, with battlements
of energy weapons situated along the hull of the ship. It will be manned with a
crew of three hundred, with most of the work being done by the computers.”

“It‟s very impressive.” Lya said as she stared at the ship. Her eyes were sad, as she
had finally accepted that war would come to the galaxy.

“I thought your Ion Cannons didn‟t work on Anubis‟s shields?” Harry asked in

“We have made remarkable advancements with our weapon technology in the past
months.” Narim explained. “Before, we were content that we were stronger than
the Goa‟uld and could defend ourselves and we stopped military research in search
of farming and medicinal research. Now, with the destruction of our home
planet…twice, the Tollan people are convinced that this is the only way.”

“I see.” Harry said as he gazed upon the large battleship.

“Come, we must discuss possible variables for the treaty.” Narim suddenly said
abruptly. Harry mentally groaned and shot a pained look towards Lya, who shook
her head in amusement. Politics, urgh!

Albus Dumbledore rubbed his eyes tiredly as he stared at yet another one of
Minister Fudge‟s letters. Ever since the truth of Voldemort‟s return had come out,
the Headmaster had been swamped with letters from many different Ministry
members. Some wanted to know what they should do while others wanted his
advice on new legislations and acts.

He had never been so busy and privately, he thought that running the Order of
Phoenix without the support of the Ministry would have been much easier. Still,
with the new Auror intake and laws regarding Dark Magic being passed,
Voldemort‟s influence had dropped. He had been strangely silent since the battle
at the Ministry and Albus couldn‟t blame him.

The mysterious ghost of Harry Potter had baffled him. It had taken several
viewings in his Peniseive before he had spotted the hidden scar that flashed as
the boy moved his head. Voldemort had most likely spotted it in his own review of
the battle and was carefully plotting his next move. Albus knew from Severus that
Voldemort had already tried the most powerful Tracking potions, so some dark and
evil that it required human sacrifice to work, and they had not shown a thing that
Albus didn‟t know. Harry Potter was so well hidden that he was not considered to
be on this planet. If he wasn‟t dead, then where was he?
Somewhere in the outer systems of the Milky Way

Anubis walked triumphantly into the richly decorated room. Dead Jaffa littered his
path as his new Kull Warriors stood at attention. He had disposed of most of his
weak and frail Jaffa once he had perfected his Kull Warriors. Immune to energy
weapons and strongly resistant to projectile weapons, these robotic machine
warriors never ate or slept and were twice as efficient as Jaffa. Unfortunately,
they had a short life span and Anubis had to constantly have his construction yards
running to build replacements, but he was working on perfecting them. As he
walked into the room, he noted the faces of the captives and some of the most
feared beings in the galaxy.

Ba‟al, Yu and several other System Lords sat down, glaring at him in anger and
hatred. Only Yu seemed to truly fear him, the Ancient System Lord remembering
the horrors that his former comrade had performed.

“YOU HAVE LOST THIS WAR.” Anubis gloated.

“It will never be over!” Yu snarled. Anubis mentally rolled his eyes (He didn‟t have
any physical eyes)

“Still holding a grudge I see.” Anubis said as he raised his hand. Suddenly a burst
of lightning erupted from it and struck Yu, who screamed and withered in pain. As
Anubis stopped his attack, Yu gasped one last time as his eyes flashed, before
collapsing. Anubis gave a loud chuckle as he struck down another System Lord, and
another, until there was one left. Ba‟al looked at his former comrades and
swallowed nervously.

COMBAT.” Anubis declared. Ba‟al shakily nodded his head and Anubis whirled
around, stalking from the room, leaving behind several dead System Lords and one
new Commander.


Several Months Later

The small alliance between the Nox and the Tollan had grown into huge proportions.
So far, the Tok‟ra, rebel Jaffa led by Bra‟tac, the Tau‟ri and several other minor
planets with adequate technology had joined up after hearing of Anubis. The
Tollans had finished their battleship and had also completed several smaller
warships. The Nox did not build any warships; instead, they upgraded their flying
cities into flying fortresses. The Tok‟ra had only a few cargo ships, them being
spies and intelligence gatherers rather than fighters, and the rebel Jaffa had a
small fleet of Ha‟tak at their command. The Tau‟ri had built two warships, the
Prometheus and the Daedalus, which contained Asgard weapons and shields. The
other minor planets had all contributed with several bulky and quite primitive
spacecraft, which were currently being advanced and updated. All in all, it was a
strong and steady fleet but nowhere near the strength of Anubis‟s fleet.

Currently, a meeting was taking place between the representatives of the races in
the Alliance. Lya was representing the Nox, Bra‟tac the Jaffa, Selmak, a Tok‟ra
Harry had gotten to know a few years ago, was representing the Tok‟ra, Narim was
representing the Tollan, A rather heavy man with a curled moustache was
representing a small planet called Klendathol, a beautiful woman with piercing eyes
and long blonde hair was representing a system of planets called Hertion, and the
group was currently waiting for the Tau‟ri ambassador. Harry was representing
himself, as he had been recognised as a key figure in the war against Anubis.

“So, what‟s Hertion like?”

“Hertion is a system with seven inhabitable planets.” The ambassador, Meena, said.
She blinked her eyes rapidly as she leant closer to him. “I would be happy to give
you a tour of Exerada, a beautiful planet with warm beaches that one could just
sit on for weeks.”

Harry blinked uncomfortably as the woman gave him a suggestive look, leaning in
even closer and swallowed nervously. He saw Bra‟tac trying not to laugh in seat
across and glared at him.

“So, Bra‟tac, how‟s your um, problem?” Harry asked loudly.

“Problem?” Bra‟tac queried, a grin still on his lips.

“You know, the side affects of being struck by a plasma bolt on the ass?” Harry
pressed on innocently.

Bra‟tac stiffened. “I am fine.” He said stiffly, narrowing his eyes. “Tell me, were
you okay after you got…”

“Okay kids, let‟s not fight.” Came a familiar voice as Jack O‟Neill of the Tau‟ri
walked in.

Harry sent a smug look towards Bra‟tac as he turned to greet Jack. Jack clasped
his hand warmly as they shook hands.

“My you‟ve grown. Why, I can remember when you were little and cute.” Jack said,
appraising Harry.

“And I can remember when you had brown hair instead of grey but hey, you don‟t
see me gloating.” Harry retorted.

Jack snickered as he pushed forward a middle-aged man with warm brown eyes and
sleek blonde hair. “This is Andrew Weasley, the Ambassador representing Earth.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Commander,” Andrew said as he shook Harry‟s hand.
His voice had a much different accent than Jacks.

“Again with the Commander.” Harry muttered.

“We were just talking about family, Andrew here has…what, one brother and six
nephews?” Jack asked Andrew, who laughed slightly.

“One brother, six nephews, one niece, one sister in law and a whole lot of relatives
that my family hates.” Andrew said as he sat down.

“Seven kids? I feel sorry for the man,” Jack whistled.

“Once they turn eleven, they leave for a boarding school in Scotland, so Arthur
gets his rest.” Andrew said.

“What school do they go to?”

“Ah…Hogwarts school for the gifted individual.” Andrew answered smoothly. Harry
got the feeling that he wasn‟t being totally honest at that point but brushed it
aside. He couldn‟t care less about schools.

“Shall we get started?” Narim asked loudly. The members of the Council stopped
their chatter and Andrew straightened up.
Andrew Weasley still couldn‟t believe he was here. At first it had seemed like a
weird dream when the British government revealed the truth. With mystic tales
of Stargates and evil aliens and rings and different worlds, magic sounded more
believable to a Muggle than this did to him. As the second son of William Weasley
and a squib, Andrew was used to working hard to get what he wanted. He used to
broker financial agreements between different sections of the government and
private organizations, before he was appointed as a diplomat for the British
Embassy in America. When America disclosed the Stargate to several of its key
allies, Andrew had been part of an agreement that would let the Stargate remain
in American hands. When an opportunity came up for an off-world ambassador, the
British government had pointed loudly at Andrew and insisted…or demanded that
he be chosen. And here he was.

“So, we may have found the technology that Anubis used to create the Kull
Warriors.” Jack finished.

“That would be very, very useful…not as useful as a intergalactic warship, but still
useful.” Harry said thoughtfully.

“Its nice to know that you appreciate my contributions.” Jack said, rolling his eyes.

“Don‟t worry Jack, I have a nice certificate that I can give you if you really want
it.” Harry said smugly as he lay back.

“So,” Andrew butted in. “We could potentially find this device…and then what?”

“And then…you give it to us,” Harry replied slowly.

“As part of the Alliance, we are to share all technologies that can combat Anubis.”
Lya spoke quietly.

“And this device could indeed be used to create a weapon that could neutralise the
Kull Warriors army.” Narim said.

“Indeed, it would be of great benefit to our cause.” Bra‟tac said slowly.

“We want a say in how the research is conducted.” Andrew interrupted.

Selmak leant forward. “Are you refusing to hand over the device?”

“No, not at all.” Jack protested loudly, shooting a look at Andrew. “We just want to
be part of the team that researches the damn thing. I have a couple of very
intelligent people in mind that could help.

“A combined research effort would make it easier to discover how the device
works.” Meena said thoughtfully. “I concur.”

“Then a team of scientists from all members of the Alliance will be used.” Narim
concluded. “Now, we have more important issues to discuss. Commander?”

Harry leant back as he gave his report. “Anubis is gaining more and more ground
everyday. Systems have fallen and planets that would potentially have made great
allies have been destroyed. Anubis does not seem to just want to conquer, he
wants to destroy anything that one day could potentially pose a threat. His army
has grown stronger and his fleet has grown larger.”

“According to our spies, he will be making a move for the Klendathol system very
soon.” Selmak said.

“This cannot be!” The heavy man with the curled moustache spluttered. His face
grew pale as he staggered up. “I must warn my people…we need to evacuate!”

“I suggest that an evacuation team be sent immediately to relocate the inhabitants
of Klendathol.” Narim proposed.

“I‟ll lead an escort, just in case.” Harry offered.

“It is done.” Lya said, bowing her head. The man looked relieved as he wiped his
brown. “But to where shall they be relocated?”

“Is there not an inhabitable world near this one?” Bra‟tac.

“To move all of the races of the Alliance to one system is risky.” Selmak warned.

“But it‟s a lot easier to defend and concentrate our efforts from.” Jack supplied.
“With the Nox and the Tollan here, if Anubis can defeat them, then it doesn‟t
matter where we all hide, he‟ll find us and destroy us.”

“He raises a good point.” Meena said, frowning. “This system is next to the Hertion
System…If it falls, so do we.”

“Our rebellion does need a new home…we fear that our planet has been
compromised.” Bra‟tac mused.

“As you all know, Anubis struck our base of operations a year ago. The Tok‟ra
desperately need secure locations to live and work.” Selmak said.

“Well, moving our planet might be a bit hard…so we‟ll just stay where we are.” Jack

“What about the…Asgard, I think they are called.” Andrew asked. “They have
superior technology and will not take kindly to Anubis, wouldn‟t they be interested
in the Alliance?”

“If we can find them.” Harry muttered. “They‟re not from this galaxy and are
currently fighting a war with another invading species.” He told Andrew.

“We are attempting to contact them, maybe to lend them aid and a new planet for
them to settle on.” Narim said.

“What about this Anubis? From what you have told us, he has mythical powers and
can not be killed?” Meena asked, a frown on her beautiful face.

“That‟s where I come in…I‟m just not on this council for my dashing good looks and
my superior intelligence.” Harry smirked.

“What do you mean?” Meena asked him.

Harry grew serious. “Anubis has powers that few could match. Luckily, one of those
few is myself. I also have powers and abilities that are rare among my kind.”

“Powers?” Andrew said, his eyes speculative. “What do you mean?”

“Allow me to demonstrate.” Harry said as he closed his eyes. After a few silent
seconds, he snapped them open and raised his hand. A spark zapped out, and
exploded into a ball of fire that encircled his hand but did not burn it. Harry
tossed it from hand to hand, before hurling it at the other side of the room. He
shimmered and disappeared, reappearing just before the flame could impact on
the wall and held out his hand, snuffing the fire out. He shimmered back into his
seat, standing to take a small bow.

Most of the other Council Members looked stunned.

“I have never seen Goa‟uld technology achieve those types of abilities.” Selmak said

“The Nox are able to perform some of those feats, but we are not used to using
our gifts for fighting.” Lya admitted.

As the other Council Members chatted amongst themselves, Andrew used every bit
of experience and training he had not to gasp out loud. Aliens could perform
Two Weeks Later

As the last of the Klendathol left their planet, three of Anubis‟s Ha‟taks burst
from hyperspace, their weapons charged.

“This is the Deicida, Unit One and two, intercept and engage, Unit Three, continue
escort of the transports and enter hyperspace.” Harry spoke into his
communicator. Unit One and Two, which consisted of two Ha‟tak and Two Tollan
Cruisers respectively, zoomed from their positions. Tollan Cruises were small
versions of the Battleships and heavily armed, being half the size of a standard
Goa‟uld Ha‟tak.

As the Deicida zoomed forward, Unit One began firing at Anubis‟s vessels. The
powerful shields of Anubis‟s Ha‟tak held strong as Harry powered his engines,
accelerating quickly as he armed his weapons. As he got closer, the defence
weapons of Anubis‟s Ha‟tak fired at him. Plasma littered the valley of space and if
there had been anybody left on the planet, they would have seen bursts of light all
over the night sky.

The Tollan Cruisers engaged another Ha‟tak, their energy weapons pulsing as they
delivered powerful bursts of energy. In turn, Anubis‟s vessel sent volleys of
plasma beams at them. The Cruisers shields held steady as the ship rocked. Ion
Cannon batteries fired from the ship, blue sparkling energy smashing into shields
and weakening them.

The Rebel Jaffa Ha‟tak‟s were not doing so well. While they had been upgraded
with Tollan and Nox technology, the weapons of Anubis‟s Ha‟tak was more powerful
than their shields. Already several bursts had punctured past the energy
defences, denting the hull of the ship. In turn, their weapon fire was not effective
at all on the modified Ha‟tak and they were slowing falling back.

Harry circled the third Ha‟tak, energy raining from the Deicida onto the shields.
Harry weaved and wheeled as he charged up his powerful frontal weapons and
bought the ship to a one second stop as he targeted and fired. All at once, energy
bursts from several different weapons fired. Blue, red and green energy bursts
slammed into the shields of the Ha‟tak, and several of them made it through and
exploded on the surface of the ship. As Harry wheeled around, he powered his
weapons again and sped towards the shields. He fired his volley again, before
barrel rolling beneath his position and letting off two drone projectiles. They sped
past the shields that stopped most of his first volley and slammed into the hull of
the Ha‟tak. The shields suddenly flickered and shimmered as they fell and Harry
fired one last volley. Energy lanced at the ship and it vaporised in a powerful
explosion. Harry sighed as he wheeled the Deicida around and froze.

A single Rebel Jaffa Ha‟tak slowly fell from the sky. Fires spread along its hull as
smoke started drifting to the planet as it neared its atmosphere. It suddenly
exploded in a powerful burst of flames as Anubis‟s Ha‟tak advanced on the other
Rebel Jaffa Ha‟tak. Harry narrowed his eyes on hatred and anger as he sped
towards the ship. The Tollan Cruisers finished their attack and destroyed their
Ha‟tak as Harry fired, energy busting from his weapons. The last enemy vessel
finally realised what had happened to its counterparts and broke away from the
attack. Harry pursed it with a vengeance and cursed loudly as it disappeared. He
turned back to stare at the smouldering debris of his fallen comrades as he
powered down his weapons.

“All Units, this is the Deicida, evacuate the area and return to home.” He said
softly. As the other ships burst into hyperspace, Harry sighed in sadness as he did
the same. The only thing that could make him feel better was that soon Anubis
would be following the same fate.

Jaffa, Humans and Tollans fought side by side against the overwhelming forces of
Anubis. Kull Warriors, armoured demons with glowing yellow eye, stormed forward
with their arms extended. Small energy weapons were built into their wrists and
were firing rapidly at their enemies. The Alliance members crouched behind walls
and even corpses as they fired back. Unfortunately, the standard energy weapons
were ineffective. Plasma would strike the Kull Warriors, only to get absorbed into
the armour. Even the Tau‟ri projectile weapons were of no use and the Alliance
members were being pushed back.

Anubis had struck a small outpost in one of his conquered territories. The outpost
had called for re-enforcements as they struggled to evacuate the base. Four
Tollan Cruisers had left the Alliance system while a large task force was sent in by
Stargate to help defend the outpost. The research for the weapon that could
supposedly penetrate Kull Warrior armour was still in progress and while some
prototypes had been made, nothing was ready for this type of battle.

In the midst of it all, between the Jaffa and Humans, was Harry, or Commander
Deicida. He was using his focus in one hand and sending various magical attacks
from the other. Lightning, fire burst from him, striking down Kull Warriors who
would simply get back up. A silver dome of powerful energy surrounded him; plasma
erupting upon it and bursting into sparks. So far even Harry‟s magic had been
ineffective against the Kull Warriors. He had started using his magic to levitate
and shoot solid objects from the ground, but even that would only cripple rather
than kill the Kull Warriors. Even Avada Kedavra, the jet of green light, seemed to
have little impact on the armour. Simply put, the Alliance was losing badly.

“All Units, Pull out!” Harry spoke into his communicator. He raised his twitching
hand, and a slab of rubble from the ruins of the Outpost hovered off the ground,
before shooting towards a group of Kull Warriors with incredible speed. They
were bowled over easily with great force, but simply got up and continued fighting
seconds later.
Overhead, a Tollan Cruiser exploded in a cloud of fire as Anubis‟s vessels closed in
on the remaining ships. Pulses of light were flashing as streaks of colour zapped at
the two sides. Occasionally a small ball of fire would explode on one of the hulls of
the vessels as energy penetrated the weakened shields. So far, only two of
Anubis‟s vessels had been destroyed with six left.

“Cruisers, evacuate immediately. All ground forces, head for the Stargate. We‟re
leaving this rock!” Came another voice. Harry whirled around as he started heading
for the gate, occasionally stopping to transport fallen people from the battlefield
to the Stargate, dead and wounded. He was getting tired but continued his way up
the rocky path. The Stargate was located on a small hill near the fallen outpost. It
was guarded heavily as soldiers from all races retreated through it, the
surrounding area flickering with the reflected colour of the wormhole. As Harry
climbed up the hill, he was met with a grim looking Jack O‟Neill.

“How did it go on your end?” He yelled over the loud noises of battle.

“Not good!” Harry yelled back as he surveyed the area. Four large weapons
platforms were firing rapidly at the only path towards the gate. Heavy energy
weapon fire struck the advancing Kull Warriors. Like most energy shields, too
much energy focused on one area caused them to fail. Several Kull Warriors fell
under the thick barrage, while others cocked their wrists and started firing up
the path. Harry casually sidestepped as a bolt flew past him as he concentrated. A
large golden dome erupted from his body and surrounded the small clearing.
Strange pinging noises were heard as enemy fired smashed into the shield and
Harry winced.

“That won‟t hold for long.” He told Jack, who was staring at him with a strange

“Right.” Jack muttered. “Okay kids, let‟s pack up and go home!” He called.

The Weapons platforms were immediately disassembled and broken down as the
remaining soldiers started moving back into Alliance friendly territory through the
gate. There was a loud whine as the last of the Tollan Cruisers fled from the sky
and Death Glider started zooming towards them. Harry gritted his teeth as he
felt more and more energy flow through him to sustain the shield.
“Let‟s go!” He shouted angrily as he felt another tug. As the last of the Alliance
left through the Stargate, Jack pulled out a large box from behind a piece of
rubble. He opened it up as Harry stared in curiosity and a small device was
revealed. Jack started pressing a few buttons rapidly and looked up.

“Can you be sure that there are no more of our people out there?” He asked.

Harry frowned as he closed his eyes, reaching into his magic as he focused on one
of the more rudimentary exercise Oma had taught him. It was a simple extension
of the sense to detect life, and feel it among you. Harry had discovered early on
that Kull Warriors had no life signs, so when he detected no life in the immediate
area, he nodded briefly.

“Right then.” Jack said, smiling slightly. “This is a Nuke. It‟ll destroy anything
remotely close to the Outpost and leave enough radiation that it will take months
for Anubis‟s forces to search through the rubble…assuming that they‟re effected
by radiation, of course.”

“How long?” Harry asked. His shield was beginning to wane as his magic tired. He
had been fighting for about one hour of continuous magical shields around himself
and magical attacks against his enemies. It was no wonder he was tired.

“When I press that button…twenty seconds.” Jack said.

“Let‟s go then!” Harry muttered. Jack pressed a small red button and Harry
dropped the shield. He grabbed Jack and used his magic to propel him towards the
gate. There was a brief flash of light as they reached the other side and Jack
waved his hand.

“Close the Iris!”

A large metal disk sprang across the iris, blocking the wormhole as the Stargate
closed down. Harry sighed in relief as he staggered, leaning against a wall of the
large room. It was inside a shielded room inside a warehouse. An Iris had been
installed, much like the one on Earth, and several permanent gun emplacements had
been set up.

“Colonel! Commander! A Council meeting has been scheduled in two hours!” A solider
called among the Nox healers, who were doing remarkable jobs in sustaining the
life of the army. As long as the bodies of the fallen were taken back as quickly as
possible, the Nox could revive them back from the dead, much like a Goa‟uld
Sarcophagus. However, it was hard to tell if any fallen had been left behind until
the battle was over. The Nox were the healers of the Alliance and did their jobs
well. Knowing that they weren‟t fighters, Lya assigned them a job that would
promote their ways of the sacredness of life. Since the Kull Warriors were not
alive, the Nox did not seem to mind the army fighting them.

Jack waved tiredly. “We‟ll be there.”
Andrew Weasley stared around at the shabby surroundings of the Burrow.
Laughter and chatter sprang from all around him at the Weasley family reunion.
With sixty-four Weasleys under one roof, it was inviting trouble. Still, Molly and
Arthur had done a wonderful job. Seven large tables were set up outside,
Weasleys from all corners of the globe chatting with each other. The kids seemed
to be having a ball recounting old Qudditch tales while the adults recounted what
they had done in the five years since the last Weasley reunion.

“Need help Arthur?” Andrew asked.

Arthur shook his head, smiling as he levitated four bowls of soup outside. “We‟re
fine Andrew,” he said.

“You could carry the bowl of butterbeer, if you didn‟t mind,” Molly asked sweetly.

Andrew picked up the bowl and carefully walked outside. Sidestepping two small
toddlers, he almost made it to the table before he was hurled into by a red blur.
He gave a yell of surprise as he toppled over, spilling the butterbeer on the ground
and falling over.

“Ouch.” He muttered.

“Oh, sorry mate!” The red blur, Arthur‟s son, Ronald said awkwardly as he helped
Andrew up.

The lanky red-haired teen dropped his gaze as his ears turned red. “I‟m sorry.” He

Molly sighed as she surveyed Andrew. “Scourgify!”

Andrew felt a wave of hot air wash over him as his clothes were cleaned. “No,
there‟s nothing to apologise for.” He muttered awkwardly. Being the only Squib in
the family, the rest of the Weasleys tried to make him feel welcome but he knew
he was considered an outside. There was always tension when he tried to converse
with his relatives. They simply couldn‟t understand how he could live without magic.
The project he was working on was classified, and he couldn‟t have even begun to
describe how his job was so much more exciting, important and mystical than magic.

“Did you like lunch?” Bill Weasley, the eldest son of Arthur asked.

“It was delicious!” Andrew beamed.

“So, you work with Muggles?” The youngest, Ginny, asked.

“That‟s right. I‟m an Ambassador and an expert in diplomatic relations.” Andrew
said a touch proudly. “What about you Bill?”

“I work for Gringotts, mainly in Egypt and Syria. I‟m a curse breaker and
translator.” Bill said, a light growing in his eyes as he talked about his work.
Andrew spent the next twenty minutes listening to Bill‟s avid tale of a particular
hard cursed tomb and wondering if Bill was aware that Goa‟uld built the pyramids,
not the Egyptians. As Bill bought out some samples of the texts he couldn‟t
decipher, Andrew gave a start as he recognised the writing as Goa‟uld. He was
fluent in the language, thanks to Daniel Jackson, but this writing seemed to be a
variation he hadn‟t seen before.

“Muggle alert!” Somebody suddenly called from the end of the table. In a flash, the
Burrow was transformed into a shabby muggle house. All of the gnomes knew to
stay away from the Muggles and various Weasleys transfigured the robes into
muggle clothing, hiding wands quickly as a sleek black BMW pulled up. The
passenger door opened as Daniel Jackson and two uniformed and heavily armed
SAS troops got out, scanning the tables of silent redheads.
“What‟s this?” Bill breathed under his breath as he fingered his wand.

“They‟re here for me.” Andrew said loudly as he stood.

“Andrew!” Daniel said, obviously relieved. “Don‟t you ever answer your pager?”

Andrew shifted guiltily. He had forgotten that the excess magic would freeze his
phone and pager. “It must be out of batteries.” He answered.

“We have a small situation.” Daniel said hurriedly. “There‟s a meeting in one and a
half hours.”

“Where?” Andrew asked rapidly as he gathered his suitcase.

“Same place as last time.” Daniel answered evasively as he stared around. He noted
the papers on the table and frowned as he tried to get a closer look. Bill tried to
snatch them away as Daniel grabbed them, flicking through them with thoughtful

“Bill, this is my friend Daniel.” Andrew said warningly. “He‟s an expert in ancient
languages and an archaeologist.”

“This is Goa‟uld.” Daniel said to himself. “Not a variation I‟m an expert at but…Let‟s

“Wait! You can read that?” Bill asked excitedly. He suddenly frowned as he
squinted at Daniel. “Hang on, you‟re Daniel Jackson!”

Daniel stared at him, surprised. “You know me?” he questioned.

“Yeah, you did brilliant work in Egypt on your survey of one of the Temples of Ra.”
Bill continued. “Plus, your…unique ideas on the pyramids and how they were formed
fascinated me.”

“I‟m sure they did.” Daniel grumbled. Long ago, Daniel had been a brilliant
archaeologist working in Egypt. He had known that there were flaws in the
theories on how the Pyramids were built and had written a thesis on how the
Egyptians had had help or the extra-terrestrial kind. He had been mocked and
cast out of the respectable Archaeology community and had disappeared from
public eye as he started working for the SGC. “Anyway…this is Ra, the Sun
God…and that‟s Apophis, the serpent God of Night…‟And Chariots flew across the
skies, Apophis and Ra at the whip…lightning and fire was thrown as they
battled…Apophis fled, thrown into the Underworld of the sky and Ra ruled
supreme…and so it was for seventy nine years…Apophis returned through the
Doorway to Heaven…serpents at his heels…striking out at the Horus of Ra…who
struck him down with his power of the Sun and again, banished his rival…It seems
to be a tale of some sort."

Bill was dumbstruck as Daniel looked up from his work. “Ah, yes.” He muttered. “Do
you mind if I borrow this? I‟ll give it back to Andrew to give to you when I‟m

“Um…sure…” Bill agreed.

“Daniel, shouldn‟t we be going?” Andrew prodded his friend.

“Right. Well, it was nice to meet you…?” Daniel left the sentence unanswered as he
stuck out his hand.

“William, call me Bill.” Bill

“It was nice to meet you Bill.” Daniel said smiling. He and Andrew quickly strode to
the car, escorted by the armed men. They hopped in and the car tires squealed as
it sped off.

“What a nice man.” Molly said after a few seconds.

“A genius more like it.” Bill muttered as chatter resumed. “We‟ve never been able
to decipher that language…”

“We‟re done!” Major Carter crowed at the Council. “The Device we received was
extremely useful, and we‟ve been able to create a particular type of energy
pattern that should disrupt the amour of the Kull Warriors and destroy their
systems. It‟s a small mechanism that can be attached to any weapon, including the
P-90‟s, the Staff Weapon, the Zat‟nikatel.”
“That‟s great…two hours after the damn battle.” Harry muttered.

“Hey, give Carter a break. We stand a good chance now. Good work Carter” Jack
said, smiling at his Second in Command, who flushed.

“Thankyou Sir.” She mumbled.
“So, why was I called in such a rush?” Andrew asked. He had been transported onto
the Daedalus and transported to the SGC, where he used the Stargate to reach
the planet.

“We have finally contacted the Asgard.” Narim said as he gestured to an empty
seat. There was a flash of white light as a small grey Asgard that Harry knew well

“Greetings, I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet.” Thor said.

“Hey Thor old buddy, how are ya?” Jack asked jovially.

“I am fine O‟Neill.” Thor answered slowly.

“You know Thor?” Harry asked in amazement.

“Sure, he‟s a great pal.” Jack answered casually.

“Why have you come now?” Meena asked suspiciously. “We‟ve been trying to contact
you for months.”

“The Asgard has been at war with a race known as the Replicators. We have
recently destroyed the Replicator threat for what we hope is the last time.” Thor
said slowly. “Our military is weak…our race is in shambles. When we received your
message, it was decided that if you were to make good on your promise on a
uninhabited planet for us to once again settle, that we would join this Alliance
against Anubis.”

“Well that‟s great.” Jack said loudly. “We got a spare planet all ready for you, all
full of…greenness.”

“That is good. I apologise for not coming sooner. We had been so focussed on the
Replicator threat that we had not had time to consider Anubis, who is clearly the
biggest threat yet.” Thor said, bowing his head.

“Well, let‟s get started on the negotiations then.” Andrew said.


As the Council meeting continued, Harry frowned as he mulled over what Thor had
said. It was strange that Thor had suddenly appeared so quickly with little
explanations about what had happened to his planet. It wasn‟t the first time the
Asgard had relocated, he dimly remembered somebody telling him that the
Replicators had advanced on the Asgard home world and the Asgard had fled,
trapping them in a time dilation field in which one second would pass on the inside
when one billion years passed on the outside. He also knew that the Replicators
had broken out and the Asgard had started fighting them again.

“Thor!” Harry called to the little grey alien.

Thor blinked slowly as he turned his head towards Harry. “What is it Commander?”

Harry‟s eye twitched at the title but he pushed it aside. “What happened? Why are
you coming to the council now?”

“The Asgard did destroy the majority of the Replicators. However, we know that
Anubis wiped out the rest with a frightening ease. Two weeks ago, Anubis sent
many ships towards our Home world. Our military was weak, we were still
recovering from our war, and when the vessels appeared, we were barely able to
hold them off. We evacuated our planet and fled, just as Anubis‟s Mothership
appeared. He has destroyed our former planet and our greatest enemy with little
difficulty. The Asgard…are afraid, afraid for us and the galaxy” Thor told him, a
note of shame appearing in his voice.
“Why didn‟t you want to tell everybody?” Narim asked as many other members
muttered to each other.

“We did not want to alarm you.” Thor replied simply. “And the majority of the
Asgard race is…ashamed at our defeat to a Goa‟uld. We should have been

“Do not fret,” Lya said softly. “Anubis has overcome all of our estimations. It was
only a matter of time before he set his sights on the members of the former

“The Asgard would be honoured to join in the Alliance against the fight with
Anubis.” Thor said, bowing his head.

“All of those who agree that the Asgard should enter this Alliance; raise your
hands.” Narim called out.

There wasn‟t a single member who left their hand down as Narim smiled in
satisfaction. “Then it is agreed. Thor, will you be the chosen representative of the
Asgard Race in this council?”

“I will.” Thor said slowly.

“Excellent!” Jack said loudly. “Now what?”

“Actually, I‟ve found something interesting.” Somebody said as they entered the
room. Harry goggled at the sight of a fully corporal and human Daniel Jackson.

“Um…” Harry trailed off as eyes turned his way. “There isn‟t any other way to put
it. Aren‟t you meant to be dead…or banished to a planet without a memory?”

Daniel smiled. “My memory recovered and I returned back to Earth. Anyway, I
found an ancient script detailing a battle between Apophis and Ra back on Earth.
It‟s very old…and was probably written only a few hundred years after Ra
discovered Earth.”

“…And?” Jack pressed on.
“And…we‟ve been searching the entire galaxy for Goa‟uld artefacts when we missed
the one place where we might find some.” Daniel said excitedly.

“How does this relate to Anubis?” Harry asked.

“Well, Anubis was once on Earth, right? We know that once, the Goa‟uld System
Lords defeated him, and we all know that his history is shrouded in mystery.
Maybe there are documents that talk about him. It can‟t hurt to know how Anubis
lost the first time around.” Daniel said.

“He has a valid point.” Narim said thoughtfully.

“Right Space Monkey, you‟ve got a new job.” Jack declared.

“Space Monkey?” Harry asked incredulously.

“Ignore him.” Daniel muttered through gritted teeth.

Harry was about to respond when he felt something. As a former Goa‟uld host, he
was able to sense the presence of Goa‟uld‟s. This meant he could sense Tok‟ra, but
they felt different than the Goa‟uld, they were more blended with the host and it
showed. This presence had nothing but rage and evilness in it and Harry stiffened.
Over the table, Selmak of the Tok‟ra also suddenly looked wary. Harry met
Selmak‟s eye as he slowly reached for a Zat‟nikatel, scanning the room of talking
humans and aliens carefully. The doors opened as several people walked in carrying
food and drink and Harry surveyed each one of them as they passed him. As a
young man with blonde hair and grey eyes walked past him, Harry unconsciously
growled an expletive in Goa‟uld. The man‟s face changed into an evil smirk as he
dropped the tray he was holding, which fell to the floor with a clash and smashed
Harry in the face. Harry jerked backwards as his jaw was broken and kicked out,
his foot snapping the Goa‟uld‟s ankles. The Goa‟uld roared in pain as it raised a hand,
a small device attached to the palm. Harry sidestepped just in time as a thin pulse
of energy erupted. Unfortunately, at such a close range, the pulse struck him in
the arm and burnt through, coming out from the other side. The Goa‟uld‟s triumph
was short-lived as Harry brutally jabbed the man in the throat, before landing a
deadly kick to his neck.

“W-What‟s going on?” Meena asked in fear and confusion as she cautiously peeked
from under the table. Jack was standing up, a gun raised as he looked over the
room seriously. An alarm suddenly went off, shrill and noisy. Harry paid it no
attention as he frowned, glancing at Selmak. He could still feel a Goa‟uld. He
whirled around as the presence moved, his focus flying into his hand as he spotted
his target, a security personal who had just ran into the room with her weapon
raised. She fired as Harry flicked his focus, and the deadly red beam crackled on
a glowing golden shield. As the Goa‟uld attempted to target somebody else, Harry
used the least destructive piece of magic he knew.

“Avada Kedavra!” He hollered. There was a bright flash and an eerie rush of wind
as a jet of green light burst from his focus, soaring across the room and striking
the Goa‟uld, who looked faintly surprised as terror spread across her face as she
was blown back, dead before she crumpled to the floor. The presence suddenly
disappeared and he sighed, before groaning in pain as he arm throbbed.

“Shit!” Jack muttered.

Lya darted from the other side of the table, her eyes full of worry and concern as
she came to Harry, who was leaning across the table as the other members
watched apprehensively. She raised her hands and closed her eyes, whispering
soft words nobody could hear. A tingling feeling ran through the arm as a white
light seeped into the wound. A coarse of positive emotions- love, happiness, joy,
pleasure- ran through him and Harry sighed as he sank into his seat. A moment
later, the rush left him as Lya stepped back and Harry looked down at his arm. It
was healed perfectly, with only a small pinprick hole in his black tunic to suggest
that he had been attacked.

“Can…can you heal them?” Meena asked meekly, pointing at the fallen assassins.

“Yes, I can. But I will not do it if you are to merely torture them.” Lya said,
frowning slightly.

“If you revive them, we can free the hosts. After that…” Selmak trailed off.

Lya said nothing, facing a personal moral dilemma before she bowed her head. “I
shall send for the healers, it is much easier to revive with many participating in
the Ritual of Life.”
“One more thing…Harry…. Abra Kedabra?” Daniel asked in amusement.

“Hey, I respect your stone digging thing…um…” Harry trailed off.

“Archaeology.” Daniel supplies.

“Right. You respect my magic.” Harry finished in a huff.

“Who were they?” Narim asked as he gingerly inspected the bodies.

Selmak picked up the small device and examined it carefully. “I believe them to be
Goa‟uld Assassins, the Ashrak. But Anubis has no control over the Ashrak…they
were formally in the service of the System Lords, mainly in the service of Ba‟al.”

“Ba‟al!” Jack growled menacingly. “Isn‟t that bastard dead!” The hated in his voice
surprised many of the Council members as Selmak looked at him, a look of
understanding on his face.

“We do not know. As we all know, Anubis executed the System Lords many months
ago. However, our spies report that Ba‟als body was never recovered.” Selmak said.

“And you‟re just telling this now because…?” Jack snapped angrily.

“Why are you full of hatred towards this Ba‟al?” Narim asked Jack.

“We go way back.” Jack muttered, before he stormed from the room.

“Jack was captured and tortured by Ba‟al a while back. He was killed several times
in horrific ways, only to be bought from death by a sarcophagus and killed again.”
Selmak said neutrally.

“I see.” Narim said softly.

“So, we can assume that Ba‟al is alive. Why did he want to kill me?” Harry asked.
“As far as I know, I annoyed him that much to send out two Assassins.”

“Maybe Ba‟al has joined Anubis.” Bra‟tac said, his face twisting into a worried
“I will get my spies on this matter immediately.” Selmak promised.
As the Council dispersed, Andrew Weasley finally looked up from his chair. Most
had assumed that he was in shock over the attack and they had assumed wrong.
The teenager…the Commander Deicida had used the Killing Curse. The Killing
Curse! In another galaxy! What was going on? Andrew sighed in frustration as he
surveyed the council room, where Ambassadors were leaving or talking softly to
each other. Commander Deicida…or Harry, as Daniel Jackson called him, also had a
wand. Sure, it looked to have been made of metal and was probably different from
any other wand that Andrew has seen, but still!

“What‟s wrong?” Harry asked as he approached the Andrew, who had a glazed look
in his eyes.

Andrew said nothing, studying the face of the boy for the first time. There was
something very familiar about that face…maybe it was the nose, or the eyes. In
any case, Andrew was positive that he had seen that face before somewhere. He
had never really tried to look past the heavy hood that the Commander wore and
now that he did, he also noted a strange scar on his forehead.

“I was just wondering where you heard that phrase, Avada Kedavra?” Andrew
asked tightly.

“I saw it in a dream.” Harry told him. He misinterpreted the man‟s tension and
rolled his eyes. “Relax, I have dreams all the time. Anyway, would you like an
escort back to the Stargate? I could send for a security patrol.”

“No, I‟ll be fine.” Andrew said, smiling thinly.

“Well, I better go find out how those damn Ashrak penetrated the security.” Harry
sighed. As he walked away, Andrew stood up. He needed to talk to somebody about
this. But who would listen to him or believe him when he said that an Alien knew
the Killing Curse? It would off to Saint Mungo‟s, for a nice quiet stay in their
permanent residents ward. Andrew sighed as he walked out of the room. He would
keep this information to himself…for now. When he had figured out enough clues,
he would go to Arthur. Arthur would know what to do.
“Welcome all back to another year at Hogwarts.” Albus Dumbledore smiled at the
Great Hall, his eyes twinkling reassuringly. “As you are all aware, Lord Voldemort
has risen back to power. Due to this trifle event, new restrictions are now needed.
Nobody is to be wandering outside of their common rooms after curfew, and this
includes prefects and the Heads. Two Auror Squadrons will be stationed at
Hogwarts and you are to obey their instructions to the letter. If you are caught
after curfew, or wandering in the Forbidden Forest, you will be automatically lose
every point that your house has and given four months detention. Now, I believe
that it is time to eat.”

As food appeared on the tables, students grabbed their favourite meals as Albus
sat down wearily, a blackened arm hidden in his cloak, a token of a destroyed
Horocrux. The Ministry and the Order of Phoenix had been surprised by the
sudden vicious attacks on various Wizarding Communities several days ago. The
Death Toll was in the hundreds as Wizards and Withes left England or moved
closer towards London, where the Ministry of Magic was situated, or Hogsmeade.
As the students chatted and laughed, Albus spotted the shy and clumsy Neville
Longbottom knocked over a jar of Pumpkin Juice and internally sighed. He would
have to start training Neville. Even if he believed that Harry was the one from the
Prophecy, Neville was the only one here. He had not had another sighting of Harry
for years and he was finally beginning to wonder if the boy was dead.
“This ladies and gentlemen, is the Kull disruptor beam.” Carter said, a proud smile
on her lips as she held up a small device.

“A Kull disrupter beam?” Bra‟tac asked.

“As you know, the Kull Warriors have a short life span. This is mainly because that
they rely on a source of energy within that depletes fairly quickly.” Carter
explained. “This device was designed to neutralize the energy that sustains the
Kull warriors, therefore, disabling them.”

“And it fits into most overhead storage compartments.” Jack added brightly.

Carter gave Jack a strange look, before she started passing the devices around.
“They have been designed so that they can fit on most of the Alliances basic
armament, including the Staff Weapon, the standard P-90 submachine gun, the
Tollan energy rifle, the Hertion Blaster and the Klendathol hand-cannon. We are
also working with the Asgard to see if we can shrink it to fit on smaller and more
personalised weapons, such as the Zat‟nikatel, the Goa‟uld Hand Device and the
“Focus.” Harry supplied.

“Focus.” Carter finished with a smile.

“Excellent work!” Meena said, a small smile on her beautiful face.

The Klendathol ambassador, Porbon, inspected the weapon closely. “This is fine
work.” He said, a small smile on his chubby face.

“Will the weapon work?” Bra‟tac asked, the Jaffa Master pessimistic as always.

“We think so.” Carter reassured.

“We think? Harry repeated.

“So far, all of our tests have confirmed that it should work.” Carter admitted.
“Without a Kull Warrior to fight, we won‟t know for sue.”

“I‟ll take three.” Harry said loudly as other members muttered softly. “Because
they really can‟t be any worse than our normal weapons.”

Carter smiled in thanks “They are ready to be mass produced, we just need the
Council‟s approval.”

“All in favour?” Narim asked.

Most of the delegates raised their hands and Narim nodded to Carter. “See that it
is done.”

Months Later

The War between Anubis and the Alliance raged forward. Planets were destroyed
and systems regained, as the Alliance fleet grew larger and larger. More and more
systems flocked to the Alliance, confident that there was somebody out there
who could help them in their fight against Anubis. In this time, the Alliance Solar
System grew more and more powerful, defensive satellites and ground weapons
placements making it the safest region of space in the galaxy. The Alliance was
quickly becoming an entire confederation of races. However, as time wore on,
Anubis seemed to regain his strength. His ships multiplied in dozens and his Kull
Warriors were upgraded to last longer and fight harder than before. The Anti-Kull
weapon had been proven to be effective against the Kull Warriors but did little
but give the soldiers a fighting chance. The Kulls were still faster, stronger and
more accurate than humans and swept over planets, killing mercilessly with their
detached programming. Soon, a major battle was underway between the Alliance
and Anubis.
Warships fired their massive cannons, energy lancing towards their targets.
Gigantic Tollan and Asgard Warships battled the Ha‟tak of Anubis, their weapons
firing rapidly and sending pulses of light throughout the sky. Ships burst into
flames, exploding violently as they were struck as the two sides fought. There
were seventeen Alliance Tollan Cruisers, the Tau‟ri Daedalus Two Asgard
Motherships and the enormous Tollan Battlecruiser, the pride of the fleet, battling
against two-dozen Ha‟tak, Anubis‟s Mothership and four new vessels of Anubis.
These new vessels were long and thin, full of sharp angles and juts. Spikes layered
the hulls of the ship and they were completely black, radiating a sense of malice
and evilness as they fired deadly beams of energy at the Cruisers. There was a
small shockwave as another Tollan Cruiser was destroyed, its twisted and wrecked
hull twirling in space as the flames were snuffed out. Death Gliders, Al‟kesh and
Anubis‟s new fighters, small and deadly vessels shaped in the image of a spider,
whirled around as they combated the fighter planes of the Tau‟ri, which had been
designed specifically for space battles. Curiously absent was the presence of the
infamous silver Deicida, and its enigmatic pilot.Harry crept along a golden hall.
Egyptian hieroglyphics were carved into the gold plated walls, which trembled as
the powerful weapons discharged. Gaining access to Anubis‟s Mothership had been
relatively easy. He had snuck aboard during the fighting on a Goa‟uld Cargo ship,
pretending to be a delivery of weapons just minutes before the fight. So far he
hadn‟t encountered any guards, but he knew that they would be standing post at
vital structures of the ship, like the shield generators, the weapon cooling systems
and as such. His destination wasn‟t any of those though; he was here on a specific
mission. As he cautiously peeked over another corner, he felt the cool device in his
hands, the device he had taken from the Goa‟uld Assassins. He was here to kill
Anubis.Far away, on a different planet with green lands and blue waters, there was
a nation called America. Inside a large white house, a very important man was
sitting down with several key figures of his government. They were staring at a
small device that was projecting a large three-dimensional holographic image of
the battle. It was being projected from the Daedalus and showed the enormity of
the battle. As another Cruiser was destroyed, some of the men gasped out loud.

“Jesus Christ.” The President muttered softly.

“Sir, I know that you‟re new to the job, but we feel that this is the number one
concern of our country.” General Hammond said. He was dressed in a formal blue
uniform and was briefing the new president (by 23 of the votes) on the Stargate

“How…how can we fight against an enemy so powerful?” The President asked as he
tore his eyes from the screen. “What if they decided to attack here? Could we
stop them?”

“No Sir,” Hammond said, a weary expression on his face. “With our current level of
technology, we wouldn‟t stand a chance.”

“Yet you expect me to approve funding for the Stargate program?” The President
asked sarcastically.

“Sir, we are part of a Great Alliance among several key races of the galaxy. Only
one of those ships is ours, the rest are from the Alliance. We have been part of
this Alliance for a year and a bit and so far, it has proved beneficial.”

“Beneficial? The previous administration dragged this country into a war that we
can‟t win!” The President shouted. “And what have we got out of it? I don‟t see any
technology flowing through our gates! Sure, we have a couple of spaceships, but we
can‟t defend a planet with one ship!”

“Most advanced cultures believe that giving less advanced races access to new
technology only causes problems.” One of the Joint Chiefs said, a grey haired man.
“Then we close down this Stargate, we break off all contact with these…aliens!
They can fight their own war!” The President snarled.

“With all due respect Mr President, that would be the worse thing we could do.”
Hammond said bluntly in his Texan drawl. “We have made ourselves known out in
the universe. If the Alliance falls, it won‟t take Anubis long to come and destroy
this planet. At least if we participate in the Alliance, help them with all of our
ability, we strengthen their chances of success.”
”If Anubis does decide to attack here, you can count on the Alliance sending us
military aid.” Andrew Weasley said from the corner.

The President sighed. “Fine. Now if you would excuse me gentlemen, I‟m going to my
office to get drunk.”

As the President entered his office, the robed man sitting calmly in a chair stood

“Who are you?” The President demanded as he slowly reached for the security

“Are you the new President of the United States?” The man asked.

“Yes. Don‟t make me repeat the question!” The President snarled.

“I am a representative from a part of your country, a part that nobody like you will
know except for you.” The man said, smirking slightly. “Now Mr President, do you
believe in magic?”
The control room was just up ahead, and Harry could see at least six Kull Warriors
standing on guard. His invisibility didn‟t work on the heat sensors these guards
had, so he had to be quick. He grabbed two Zat‟nikatels and breathed in deeply. He
had to kill these guards as quickly as possible. Thanks to the latest breakthrough
in Anti-technology, the Zat‟nikatel should be effective against the Kulls. It took
two shots to completely disable a Kull, and Harry counted to three before he spun
around the corner, his weapons raised. Two Kulls were instantly disabled as energy
pierced their armour, draining them of the power they needed to function. Harry
ran forward, sweeping a leg under another Kull as he fired into the room, knocking
down one more Kull. He disabled the Kull he had just tripped and jumped up.
Plasma flittered past his head as bolts of energy erupted from the room at a rapid
pace. A silver shield formed around Harry, deflecting the energy fire with a high-
pitched pinging noise. Harry strode into the room, weapons firing as he struck
down another three Kulls and glanced around. A dark cloaked figure sat in a chair
at the other end and Harry slipped on the small Assassin device, striding over. As
he came closer, the person in the chair jumped up and the hood fell back, making
Harry stiffen in surprise.

It wasn‟t Anubis. Instead, a slightly fearful look Ba‟al stood there. Harry was so
surprised that he almost missed Ba‟al raising his hand. A burst of energy erupted
from Baal‟s hand device as Harry rolled to the side, springing into action. He
jabbed forward with his elbow, smashing into Ba‟als face, who grunted and
responded. Harry had taken training in some of the most brutal martial arts in the
galaxy, while Ba‟al had had centuries to practise. Harry let off a series of vicious
kicks, and Ba‟al blocked all but one. He grunted angrily as his felt one of his ribs
break and pushed out his hand, slamming Harry in the chest and sending him
sprawling. As Ba‟al clambered to pick up a weapon, a Kull Warrior ran into the room.
Harry snarled, adrenaline and a sense of bloodlust having overtaken his mind, and
reached out, moving as a blur as he brutally twisted the Kulls head 180 degrees.
He turned to Ba‟al and raised his Assassin device, just as Ba‟al raised a Zat‟nikatel.
They both fired at the same time and in less than a second, they were both hit.

A thin pulsing beam sizzled into Ba‟als head, searing past the flesh and tearing into
the brain. Ba‟al gave a short scream, before his eyes rolled and he collapsed to the
ground in a limp heap. Similarly, an energy blast slammed into Harry and knocked
him back. Pain wrapped around his body and he could literally feel his cells tugging
apart. He had experienced little that could cause the same amount of pain as a
single Zat‟nikatel blast. Luckily for Harry, it took two blasts to kill and he
remained conscious as he fell to the ground, twitching and growling under his
breath. He staggered up, grabbing his Zat‟nikatels wildly as he glared at the body
of Ba‟al. If Harry left him dead like that, Ba‟al could simply be revived in a
Sarcophagus. He fired three times, and the body suddenly sagged and
disintegrated. Sighing, he focussed his mind on the hanger and shimmered out,
having a clear picture of where he wanted to be, just as Kull Warriors stormed the

As he ran into the Cargo Ship, he dragged out a large device on a trolley. It was a
powerful explosive that would incinerate the ship easily. Harry set the timer of
remote and fastened the device to the ground, before he jumped back into the
ship, raising the shields as Kulls stormed into the hanger, weapons firing. Energy
blasts ricocheted off the ships shields as it accelerated, blasting open the
pressurised doors. Kull Warriors were yanked from their positions as the powerful
vacuum of space sucked them out. The bomb stayed where it was, attached to the
ground by powerful magnetic forces. It suddenly bleeped as it was activated and
there was a second‟s pause before the world went white.

Harry accelerated, dodging stray plasma fire and Death Gliders as he pressed down
on the remote. There was a shockwave the shook the Cargo Ship as a blinding glare
erupted from Anubis‟s Mothership. A wave of fire and energy suddenly burst out
as the Mothership collapsed and disappeared in a gleaming flare, sending flying
debris everywhere. As Harry flew forward, Anubis‟s forces seemed to be in shock
as the Alliance pounded away, advancing easily. As Harry aimed for the Tollan
Battlecruiser, Anubis‟s forces started retreating, before they disappeared into
hyperspace. The Cargo ship flew into a hanger onboard the Tollan Battlecruiser and
touched down. Harry sighed as he slumped back against the seat, suddenly feeling
the events coming back to him. He gingerly rubbed a large and painful bruiser on
his chest, before standing and walking out. He needed to report in.
“Anubis wasn‟t aboard the ship.” Harry told the Council, which now had roughly
thirty ambassadors. “Former System Lord Ba‟al was directing the forces of
Anubis. I proceeded with my mission, assassinating Ba‟al and planting the bomb.
With the destruction of the Mothership, Anubis‟s forces retreated.”

“So Ba‟al is dead,” Bra‟tac murmured, smiling thinly. “Then the last of the True
System Lords have been destroyed. Once Anubis has been killed, peace may come
to this galaxy.”

“What is the damage the occurred to the fleet?” Narim asked.

“Four Tollan Cruisers, mostly piloted by the Klendathol, have been destroyed
completely. Seven will require numerous repairs.” Harry recited from memory.
“Minimal damage to everything else, though I‟m told the Daedalus might need a
new energy cannon.”

“We have struck a powerful blow against Anubis. We have to be watchful, he may
decide to retaliate.” Selmak warned.
“He will.” Meena said loudly, before conversing quietly with somebody on a
communicator. “I have just received word from one of our spies. While we are not
as resourceful as the Tok‟ra, we have our specialities and this one has just learnt
that Anubis has decided to destroy the threat of the Tau‟ri forever. In seven
days, he will be sending his fleet towards Earth and personally witnessing the
planets destruction.”

“Shit!” O‟Neill muttered.


“This could be a serious problem,” Carter said, her face weary.

“Why would it be a problem? We shall simply defend your planet like we have many
others.” Narim said, sending a questioning look mingled with confusion towards

“That also might be a problem.” Carter said. “You see, the Stargate and the
existence of aliens isn‟t very common knowledge.”

“For some time, the majority of the population of Earth has thought that they
were the only beings in this universe.” Teal‟c said calmly, unruffled by the news.

“Except for Roswell, and the little grey aliens who probe you.” Jack muttered.
“Um…no offence Thor.”

Thor blinked slowly. “I believe that you are referring to Loki and his experiments.”

As Jack nodded, Harry shifted slightly as a pang of familiarity ran through him.
Loki…Loki…where had he heard that name before? He shook it off, concentrating
on the issue at hand.
“So…just tell them that they‟re wrong?” Harry said carelessly.

“Revealing the Stargate and the existence of Aliens would be a very big event.
People would panic, ask for answers that they aren‟t ready for and demand to be
able to use the Stargate.” Andrew said. “And if they learnt that an Alien Invasion
Fleet was on its way…there would be riots, mayhem, extreme fear…”

“And it Anubis invades and destroys your planet, there won‟t be anything!” Meena

“It is indeed a troublesome issue,” Lya said softly. “However, we cannot fight this
battle with secrecy.”

“No matter what is done, the Jaffa Rebellion will assist!” Bra‟tac declared firmly.
“The Tau‟ri have always been of assistance to our cause.”

“What forces does Anubis plan on sending?” Selmak asked.

“So far, my spies have revealed that Anubis is throwing everything he has into this
attack. He plans on beginning a new base of operations in Earth‟s Solar System. In
time, it would become easily defendable due to its size and limitations of
Stargates and planets.” Meena explained. “At least fifty Modified Ha‟tak, twenty
of Anubis‟s new vessels and several hundred, if not thousand smaller craft- Death
Gliders, Fighters, Al‟kesh. If Anubis plans on bringing his unmodified craft along,
that‟s another two or three hundred more Ha‟tak.”

“That‟s impressive.” Jack muttered. His brow creased as he tried to do the maths.
“Um…how many ships we got?”

“So far, we have twenty nine Tollan made Cruisers, One Tollan Battlecruiser, seven
Nox Cities that are capable of fighting, nine Asgard Motherships, two vessels
from Earth, Fourteen Hertion Warships, Seventeen Klendathol Destroyers that
have been upgraded with Asgard and Tollan technology.” Harry recited. “We also
have at least one hundred other vessels that haven‟t been updated, along with
thirty or so upgraded fighter craft and a couple of hundred smaller Death Gliders,
Hertion Starbombers, Al‟kesh, Klendathol fighters and so forth.”
“So Anubis outnumbers us.” Narim muttered softly.

“We do have the element of surprise,” Andrew said carefully. “Don‟t we also have
defensive satellites, space stations?”

“The Asgard possesses fifteen defensive Satellites, six which fire energy weapons.
The others were designed to combat the Replicators.” Thor said. The little grey
alien moved fluidly as he pressed a button on a handheld device he held. A small
holographic projection shone out, showing a small sphere bursting with turrets.
“We would require several hours to align these satellites to your planets orbit.”

“We have one space station, it‟s very heavily armed with several energy weapons
and powerful shields. But…it would take two days to move them into Earth‟s orbit
and it would be very noticeable.” Harry summarised.

“I have to contact my superiors, let them know of the situation.” Andrew said,
standing up and running a hand through his hair, trying to crease out the
headaches. “I suggest that in any case, you do what you have to in order to
protect Earth. Political machinations are no reason to let out planet get

“I will take your advice under consideration.” Narim said gravely. Andrew managed
a weak smile as he rushed from the room, followed by Teal‟c, O‟Neill and Carter.

There was a short silence in the Council Chambers, before Meena leaned forward
speculatively. “This could be the break we‟re looking for.” She said slowly.

“What do you mean?” Narim asked in confusion. “I fail to see how learning that our
allies are going to get attacked can be good.”

“If Anubis is throwing everything he has in this attack and we win…we could push
him back and out of this galaxy.” Meena said thoughtfully.

“He doesn‟t know that we know, right?” Harry asked the blonde haired woman, who
shook her head. “So we might have time to set up defence systems, position our

“If we do lose, then we lose our fleet and Anubis will win.” Bra‟tac warned. The grey
haired Jaffa sat still as a stone, his face unreadable.

“If Earth falls, then it will be only a matter of time before we fall. The Alliance is
very dependent on Earth for certain materials and objects that they can provide.”
Narim argued. “Nowhere in the galaxy will we find such a diverse world with
billions of humans living on it. Remember, Earth is our home world…it is where our
ancestors were stolen from thousands of years ago.”

“So, we move the fleet?” Harry asked anxiously.

“We should wait a day before moving. Give the Leaders of Earth time to reply.”
Meena suggested.

“We should hide our presence once we arrive, only revealing ourselves when we
have to. Earth does value its secrecy in matters such as these.” Bra‟tac advised.

“Is it agreed that the Alliance shall send military aid to the planet Earth, the
Tau‟ri and valued members of this Council?” Lya asked formally. Most people raised
their hands, save for some of the newer Systems who had no idea what was really
going on. “Than it shall be done.”

“I‟ll prepare the Fleet.” Harry said as he jumped up. A dark smile curled on his lips
as he immediately began to organise supplies and weapons for the Fleet. Anubis
would fall on Earth, He would make sure of it.
“I knew this would happen!” The President shouted in anger. Several Generals
squirmed in their seats as the man paced restlessly across the room.

“Sir, we need to take precautionary action immediately.” General Hammond advised.

“I can‟t go public about the Stargate program…it would ruin me!” The President
snapped. “Unless…maybe I can say that I disapprove of the secrecy of such a vital
organization…it could work…”

“Sir, I suggest that we start contacting our nations allies…Britain, Australia, the
United Nations…everybody who could help us. I suggest that we tell them
everything.” Andrew suggested. It was several hours later after the Council
Meeting and Andrew had just broken the news.
“No! Can you imagine what would happen if a country like Iran or North Korea would
do with this information? It would be political suicide! I didn‟t become a president
to lead this planets defences!”

“Sir, with all due respect, SHUT UP!” Andrew yelled angrily. The President blinked
in surprise as Andrew glared at him. “This country- planet will be facing the
largest invasion force that this galaxy has seen in centuries! Anything that could
help save us should be considered! Stop worrying about your damn political image
and start worrying about your life, and the life of six billion people!”

“HOW DARE YOU!” The President screamed.

furiously. He lowered his voice to a deadly whisper. “Are you ready to take the
greatest responsibility in the world? If you fail…you kill us all! If you think you‟ll
fail…resign and quit and let somebody capable to run this country!”

The President said nothing, collapsing into a chair and giving a wry chuckle. “Do
whatever it takes Hammond.” He said dully. “He‟s right…I can‟t do this! I thought I
would be running a country, not an intergalactic war. I-I won‟t take responsibility
for this

“Sir?” Hammond asked cautiously.

“Tomorrow morning, we go public. I will take full responsibility for the secrecy of
the project and resign for health issues.” The President said wearily. He
scratched his head and looked down at his fingers. Greying hairs covered his hands
and he shook his head. “Ever since I learnt about this damn project, I‟ve been
plagued with grey hairs.”

The Generals said nothing, extremely surprised that the President was doing this.
Andrew shifted guiltily…as a Squib; he was sometimes able to perform magic under
extremely rare circumstances involving extreme emotions. Whatever he had done,
the President was agreeing to everything he had said.

“Hammond, do whatever you feel is necessary. I‟m going to bed.” The President said
bleakly and stood up, leaving a room of baffled men.

“Hmm…it must be part of my charm.” Andrew joked weakly.

“Will you inform Britain of the circumstances?” Hammond asked Andrew.

“I will.” Andrew said. “I have a jet ready, I‟ll be there in two hours…and standing in
the Prime Ministers office in ten minutes later.”

“Then get to it!” Hammond barked. He turned to another white haired general. “I
want the military on alert and I want all nuclear missile solo‟s capable of firing
ICMB‟s into space armed and ready in two hours. Recall all of our military
personnel and send out the Carrier Battlegroups.”

As Andrew left, Hammond turned to another man. “Set up a press conference
tomorrow and call in the National Guard. Martial Law is now in effect and I want
all citizens in their houses by tonight!”
Several Hours Later

Andrew drove his car into the small driveway of the Burrow. He had just come
from breifing the Prime Minister on the situation and thought it was illegal, he had
to warn his brother. Several chickens clucked as they pecked at the ground and a
gnome peaked over a fence with curious eyes. He stopped his car and stepped out
as a plump red-haired woman stepped out of the house, a curious expression on her

“Hello Andrew, what brings you out here?” Molly asked. Andrew was looking very
stressed and had a pale face and her heart immediately went out to him. “Come in
dear, I‟ll make you some tea!”

“No time Molly, I need to see Arthur.”

“Why certainly. He‟s just inside.” Molly answered with a smile but frowned as
Andrew brushed past her and went inside.

“Andrew!” Arthur exclaimed in surprise.

“Arthur…Listen, I need you to do something for me.” Andrew said in a rush.
“What‟s wrong?” Arthur asked in concern.

“What‟s the most heavily shielded location in England?” Andrew asked, ignoring

“Shielded? Wait, you mean warded, right?” Arthur asked in confusion.

“Um, yeah.” Andrew blushed slightly.

“Well, Hogwarts.” Arthur answered slowly. “Listen, what‟s this about?”

“I need you to get the family, friends, anybody you know and take them to
Hogwarts in at least six days! It‟s very important that you do this!”

“ANDREW!” Arthur bellowed, finally silencing his almost hysterical brother. “Calm
down and tell me what‟s wrong!”

“Arthur, I might have been slightly dishonest when I told you that I worked in

“That‟s quite a story.” Arthur said slowly, hardly ruffled as Andrew finished his

“It‟s true!” Andrew snapped. He fumbled inside his suit, before he pulsed out a
small crystalloid object and set it on the table. “Show this to Dumbledore…tell him
to hold it in his hand and say „Activate Holoprojector‟. You‟ll see! After he watches
it, tell him to evacuate as many people as he can to shie…warded locations!”

Andrew stormed out of the room, leaving a confused and intrigued Arthur
inspecting a small pyramidal crystal object.

Five Days Left

There were several blinding flashes as the President walked up to the podium. He
blinked rapidly as another wave of flashes washed over the room and cleared his

“Good morning American citizens.” He began. “I know that you are all anxious to
know why martial law has been declared. Furthermore, you are most likely also
aware that the military is on high alert, with our troops coming from all over the
world to return to America.”

“Let me begin by telling you that America is not the only country to have taken
these measures. Yesterday, I told the many leaders of nations what I am telling
you today and we all agreed that we needed to keep order.”

“For centuries, the existence of other races in the universe has been widely
debated. We all know of the Roswell rumours about alien abductions and have all
thought at one point or another, are we really alone? Well, I‟m here to give you
that answer. For the past seven years, the United States of America has been in
contact with alien races.”

There was suddenly a huge uproar in the pressroom as reporters jumped to their
feet, hands up and yelling madly. The President waited, putting his hands up to
restore order and slowly the crowd quieted down, their pens poised and their
microphones cackling slightly in the background.

“Sometime ago, back in the 1920‟s, a device was found in Egypt, near Giza. Through
circumstances, it eventually found its way to American soil and was studied
extensively. After many years of research and study, the smartest and most
brilliant scientists found out what it did. This device was not built by humans and
was actually one of hundreds, if not thousands of devices scattered over the
galaxy. When activated properly, it creates a wormhole and allows for people to
step through from Earth…and reappear on another planet. We called it a Stargate”

There was several mutterings and excited whisperings across the front row as the
President placed his hands on the podium, his heart beating nervously. This was
going to break his political career. Last night he had come to his senses, knowing
that if he retired then there was going to be anarchy and the little voice in his
head had fallen silent.

“During the first exploration, we encountered our first alien race. They were known
as the Goa‟uld, a parasitic race that used humans as hosts. They lived thousands of
years and were, in lack of a better word, evil. They ruled the galaxy with an iron
fist, murdering and killing entire worlds. About 5000 years ago, they ruled Earth
and stole millions of people, scattering them across the galaxy where they settled
and formed new homes. They believe themselves to be Gods, superior to those of
any other race, and had mighty armies to crush those who opposed them.”

“Several of them took names of God‟s from old religion. Ra, Apophis, Hathor, Ares,
Apollo…you get the idea. Eventually, there was a rebellion among our ancestors and
the Goa‟uld left Earth, never to return. We prospered and grew, spanning the
globe, while other colonies prospered and grew. Most of them remained under
Goa‟uld control and lived millennia under torture, slavery, pain and injustice.”

“When we encountered the Goa‟uld and they learnt of our planet, which had
developed to the point where we could be considered threats, there was an instant
hatred from both parties. The Goa‟uld attempted to attack Earth, trying to send a
weapon through our Stargate, one that was a hundred more times more powerful
than a nuclear bomb. The attack was thwarted by the courageous actions of our
”After that incident, the Stargate program was closed down and considered to be
too dangerous to continue running. However, we had just killed one of the most
powerful Goa‟uld‟s in the galaxy and had made a name for ourselves. The Goa‟uld
came to Earth through our Stargate, killing several soldiers before being forced
to flee. Afterwards, the Stargate was reactivated and a new institution was
formed called Stargate Command, the SGC.”

“Over several years, SG teams explored different planets and encountered many
new cultures, most who were living under Goa‟uld tyranny. We continued fighting
against the Goa‟uld and made significant progress. However, we just received word
that one of the most feared and powerful Goa‟uld is launching an assault on Earth
in five days.”

There were loud yells and shouting as Reporters jumped from their seats again.
The President watched impassively as they demanded questions, spoke on their cell
phones and looked frantic and worried. After a few minutes of calling for silence
with no success, the President took a deep breath and hollered into the


There was silence afterwards, interrupted by a few stray murmurs as the
President adjusted his tie and continued speaking as if he had not just revealed
the worst news the planet had ever heard.

“There is still more you need to know.” He said quietly. “For instance, we have
encountered many dangerous alien races on our journeys, but also quite a few
friendly ones. There is an Alliance of planets against this new Goa‟uld who fight
him and more than often, win. We are part of this Alliance and are valued members
and, as we speak, they are preparing a mighty fleet of spaceships to come to our
aid. Rest assured that the Alliance contains cultures and technology thousands of
years older and more advanced than ours. Earth will not be destroyed! Now, I will
take a few questions in a calm and quiet manner, or else this conference is over.”

A woman in the front row instantly raised her hand. “Mr President, Mr President!”
She called loudly. “Why has the American government chosen to reveal this
„Stargate‟ program now, at the eve on our destruction?”

“First of all, we will not be destroyed.” The President said firmly. “Not only are our
alien allies prepared, but nations all over the world are gearing up to defend our
home. We are more than capable of defeating this invasion. To answer you
question, this administration has only recently learnt of this program when we
were elected and were disgusted in how the previous administration deceived the
American public on what is clearly, the most important project in history. We were
planning on revealing the nature of the Stargate program in several months, but
the threat to Earth has pushed it forward.”

“Why?” The Reporter asked again.

“In order to combat against the forces of the invasion, Earth and her allies are
going to need total co-operation. There is no time for secrecy.” The President
answered politely.
“Mr President, is Earth capable of fighting this threat alone?”

“No. There is not even a remote chance that we could stand up to this threat by
ourselves. Due to our allies, we have several spacecraft available but the invasion
fleet is much larger and more advanced.”

“Why did America feel the need to represent the planet on matters that nobody
was aware of?” A sharp-nosed reporter asked in disgust.

“After the first exploration through the Stargate, it was already too late to back
out. As I said before, that was the time where the public should have been made
aware of this program…so that‟s a question for the previous administration.” The
President replied.

“What is the name of the G...G...Goa‟uld?” One man asked.

“His name is Anubis. Unlike most of the galaxy, he is not human and has powers
that may seem mystical. But we are confident that we can overcome Anubis and
destroy him.” The President answered, briefly looking down at his watch. “Ladies
and Gentlemen, I have important business to conduct and I need to leave now. In
three hours, there will be another press conference and several of our alien allies
will be present to introduce themselves. I invite all those in the room to attend.
Have a good day.”
“Can you read that?” Jack asked Daniel, who frowned as he poured over the old
manuscript. After getting in touch with Andrew and his relative, Bill, Daniel had
received several pages of never-before-seen notes. Some were dull and useless,
but this particular piece had stood out from the rest as it was written in Ancient.

“Um…it‟s pretty difficult but I think I‟ve got it. And it may be just what we‟re
looking for!” Daniel gushed excitedly. “It‟s about an old outpost of the Ancients
that was situated on Earth several millennia ago…before the Goa‟uld were here. It
says…hang on…”

Daniel frowned as he tried to read the fading script. “It goes on about a particular
weapon that the Ancients built for future generations…in case of invasion.”

“Where is it?” Jack asked, a grim smile on his face.
“That‟s just it, there‟s nothing else.” Daniel shrugged helplessly. “It does have a set
of Stargate Co-ordinates but it has nothing to do with the weapon.”

“Well, it can‟t hurt to check them out.” Carter said. “Maybe they have some more
Albus Dumbledore watched as the small holographic figure of the President
vanished, the holographic projector going dark and useless as the power left. He
sat back in his seat, his eyes speculative and wondering. Muggles had come a long
way since the separation of the Magical and Muggle world. Half of him wanted to
believe that the story was nonsense, but a bit of him knew it was true. It would
explain several artefacts and language that curse breakers such as Bill Weasley
found occasionally in old temples and ruins.

“So, what do you think?” Andrew Weasley asked nervously.

“Hogwarts will take in as many as it can.” Albus agreed. He fixed a piercing look
towards Andrew. “How did you come about this?”

“Remember the Alliance the President was talking about?”

“Yes.” Albus said.

“I‟m Earth‟s representative at that Alliance.” Andrew answered, smiling a bit

“I see. And you never informed the Ministry or myself of this knowledge.” Albus
said, a touch coldly.

“I‟m not part of this world…I was humiliated, teased, bullied and left out by my so
called kin. It was a need to know basis, and you definitely didn‟t need to know.”
Andrew said frostily as he stood up. “You‟ve been warned now. Consider yourself
Several hours later, on the White House lawn, a giant podium stood with several
seats occupied by important generals and politicians. In a small section herded off
by velvet rope, several more humans sat. Some were slightly shimmering as their
image was broadcasted from the Earth‟s atmosphere from a small communications
relay satellite.
“What do you think so far?” Harry asked Narim quietly.

“This planet is primitive and in some ways, much more barbaric than ours.” Narim
answered softly. “Yet they have great potential.”

“Yes, great potential.” Lya said from the seat on Harry‟s left. Her wide eyes stared
at the city of Washington without blinking and every time she breathed in, a faint
tinge would come to her face. She was not used to the pollution of cities such as
these and needed a few moments to adjust.

From the Alliance, Lya, Narim, Harry, Meena were all in physical form. There were
several other ambassadors, such as Bra‟tac and Selmak, who were only appearing
due to Asgard holographic technology.

“Where‟s Andrew?” Meena asked quietly. Reporters and media people milled the
lawn, while Secret Service agents appeared to be spawning as every minute passed.

“He should be here.” Narim said, frowning before he spotted the hurried and
dishevelled form of Andrew coming in close.

“Sorry I‟m late, family emergency.” Andrew huffed and sighed as he sat down. “The
British PM also wanted an update. My plane just got in.”

Harry said nothing as the man sat down and gave a small grin to Lya, who cocked
her head and smiled slightly at him.

“Attention everybody!” Somebody called over a microphone. “This conference is

“As you know, Earth has been part of a very powerful and exciting alliance between
alien races for some time.” The President said as large speakers in the White
House lawn magnified his voice. “Now it‟s time to reveal these allies to you. The
first representative I would like for you to meet is Narim, of the Tollan. He will
answer any questions you might have.”

Narim stood, face pleasant and peaceful as he walked his way up to the podium with
the air of a very successful politician. “I am Narim, of the race of the Tollans. I
would like to say that I am honoured that Earth is part of our great Alliance and
pleased that it will remain that way. The Army of Anubis may try all it may, but in
the end it is they who will be destroyed, not this beautiful and thriving planet. If
you have any questions for me, I would be glad to hear them.”

“Mr Narim!” One brave person called out, his hand shaking slightly. “Why is it that
look so normal? I mean, like us?”

“As you may have been told earlier, the Goa‟uld scattered humans throughout the
galaxy. Most races are as human as you an I. Our planet was very similar to yours
and the only difference between us is that we have had time to advance further
than you have. We are much alike.” Narim smiled charmingly.

“Yuck.” Harry muttered to Andrew. “He‟s laying it on a bit thick, isn‟t he?”

Andrew stifled a grin. “He‟s just easing the tension, as we all should be. The
Alliance needs to be appearing as friendly and caring as it can to ease the fears of
our planet. It needs to be liked.” He whispered back.

“You said, „Our planet was…‟” The person noted shrewdly.

Narim bowed his head. “Anubis destroyed our planet and much of our people some
time ago. It is the reason why our laws of non-militarisation were disbanded, to
stop the evil being from doing it to others.”

“What are your people like?” Another called out.

“We are individuals, describing us as a collective would be an error. I would say
that we would prefer not to fight, but an Earth saying can be applied here. „If we
do not fight, who will?‟ After this war is over, the Tollan people look forward to a
beneficial alliance and friendship with the people of Earth. We have much to teach
you…and you have much to teach us.”

“Surely we can‟t teach you anything?” One reporter asked incredulously as the mob
began to get into the flow of things.

“Earth has such a wide range of diverse and interesting cultures. I can tell you that
there is no planet that is as diverse, remarkable and ancient cultures such as
yourself. Your music especially is wide-ranging and beautiful. Your art rival
anything the Tollan people has ever dreamed, and even your technology is applied
in so many different ways to make your lives more enjoyable. As I said, the Tollan
people will enjoy learning from you greatly.” Narim said passionately.

Harry had to agree on some points with Narim there.

“What of the war with this Anubis?” A female reporter called out, her pencil in her

Narim bowed his head. “All military related questions should be left for the

As the reporters of Earth asked more and more questions, several thousand
kilometres away, in a large castle, an elderly man was staring at a piece of
parchment in disbelief as it showed the blinking dot for the location of Harry
Potter in the continent of America. It would take some time to be more specific,
but he would send the closest Order member to America immediately.

“I am Meena, representative of the Hertion System.” Meena said, smiling calmly.
Her blonde hair cascaded down her back like a river and she used all of her beauty
to charm the audience and hopefully, the viewers at home.

“What‟s the Hertion System?”

“The Hertion System is a small solar system, about the same size as this one. It is
home to five planets that are all inhabited by my people. For many years, we lived
under Goa‟uld control before the Goa‟uld suddenly left and never came back. We
still do not know what happened, but we prospered and grew larger, our technology
rivalling that of the Goa‟uld. When the threat of Anubis was learnt and we were
invited to join the Alliance, we considered it to be the best move we could make.
Anubis‟s technology far surpassed ours and the Alliance was willing to aid us in
defending our planets and fighting Anubis.” Meena answered.

“Don‟t stare Andrew.” Harry muttered as he jabbed Andrew in the ribs.

“Shut up.” Andrew muttered, but he blushed slightly as the tips of his ears turned
Severus scowled as he appeared in the small Apparition field. He brushed himself
off, sending his most intimidating glare at anybody near him. He managed to make
a small boy shiver and his sister to start crying and he smirked as he strode
forward towards the small desks.

“Name?” The Attendant asked.

“Severus Snape.” Severus said oily.

“Reason of visit?”

“I am a Potions Master and am here to collect some native ingredients, cactus root
and buffalo horn to be exact.” Severus snapped.

The Attendant didn‟t appear to be bothered by his tone as he handed Severus a
small blue card. “Keep that on you at all times. Please stay away from any native
Indian burial grounds- they keep cursing unwanted visitors, and keep away from
the Alien Council at the White House.”

Severus nodded, not really listening, as he stalked away. He had his orders, he was
to stay in America and wait for more orders via Fawkes. Apparently Potter had
been tracked here and if the boy wouldn‟t come co-operatively, then Severus
would gladly use force. It served him right for worrying the Wizarding World all
this time.
“I am Lya, of the Nox.” Lya said, smiling welcomingly and cocking her head. “The
Nox are pleased that the people of Earth and taking their well earned position
among the peaceful races of the stars.”

“Are you human?” One reporter asked quickly, his eyes scanning Lya. “You look like
it, but…there‟s something different.”
“The Nox are closely related to humans, but we are different. We were not
originally descended from Earth, but evolved on a different planet many millions of
years ago.” Lya answered, smiling slightly as the man sat down.

“You say that you‟re race is millions of years old?” A reporter asked in disbelief.

“Once my people were spread throughout the galaxy, inhabiting many worlds. But a
dreadful plague broke out and broke our civilisation, killing billions. We retreated
to our original home world but we have never recovered. Even today, there are no
more than several million of us.” Lya answered, a touch sadly.

“What‟s your stance on the War with Anubis?”

“The Nox are a peaceful race…we would have rather used our powers for life than
death. It is not our ways to instigate violence; we are healers and givers of life,
not warriors. Anubis attacked us first and killed several of our young, using their
life energy as you use food. The Nox High Council was also killed, and I was asked
for guidance. I know that as long as Anubis is free in the galaxy, we will never have
the life we desire.” Lya answered passionately.

Subjected located at a street called Pennsylvania Avenue.

Exact address unknown as of yet.

Severus read the note quickly and crunched it up, setting it alight and watching it
burn into ashes. He stared among the busy muggle street and glanced down at
himself. He had been given muggle clothes, to blend in, and was wearing black
pants, a black shirt and a black jumper. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a
leather pouch…a wallet, that‟s what the Muggles called them. He was familiar with
purchasing a motorcar ride and raised his hand. Immediately, a yellow mechanical
car pulled from the road and settled alongside of him.

“Take me to Pennsylvania Avenue.” Severus said coldly to the driver, who just
“I am Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet.” Thor said slowly. His large
black eyes blinked lazily as he stared over the small media audience. Up until now,
Thor had hidden from the crowd, not wanting to give them a shock until he was
ready to reveal himself…or wanting to gain a big reaction. He got the reaction he
was looking for.

“Oh my God!” One person gasped as several Reporters stared dumbfounded at the
small grey alien.

“I am not a God.” Thor answered, and Harry could have sworn that he was enjoying
the reactions he was getting.

“You‟re…an alien.” One of the reporters said shakily.

“All you have seen before you are what you consider aliens.” Thor answered.
“However, my race has evolved to this point over my centuries of genetic cloning.
It is not the ideal form we would prefer but it suffices.”

“You clone?”

“The Asgard lost the ability to reproduce some time ago. There have been no new
Asgard for many centuries.” Thor elaborated. “We clone new and younger versions
of ourselves and transmit our consciousness to them when our old bodies and
failing. In this way, the Asgard live in immorality. However, with the selective
genetics being used over and over again, the cells of our new bodies and beginning
to become unstable. This is a problem our race has been trying to find the solution
to, and so far, we have been unsuccessful.”

“There were reports that aliens who were described just look you back in the
1950‟s and 1960‟s. Is there any validity to these reports?”

“One of our kind broke many laws when he started experimenting on humans in
order to find the solution to our problem. His name was Loki, and he was captured
and punished accordingly. In the name of the Asgard community, I apologise for
those illegal experiments and beg your forgiveness.” Thor said slowly.

Loki. There it was, the familiar tang of remembrance. Harry frowned as his mind
mulled over where he had heard this name before. Suddenly, it came to him. Many
years ago, when he had met the Asgard, Thor had told him that Loki could have
been responsible. However, Harry had been a little more distracted by the
Replicator Battleships he had just engaged and they had dominated his mind that
night. So, this Loki also experimented here. Interesting.

“Your name is the same as a mythological figure we have on Earth. Is there a
connection?” Somebody asked.

“Yes. My kind was also responsible for transporting many of your kind to other
worlds, worlds that are safe and protected. Unlike the Goa‟uld, we never took
humans away against their will.” Thor answered.
Severus stared at the latest note and emerged from the dark alley. He had just
received his final destination and as he walked along, he suddenly frowned as he
took in the large white house looming up. Even he knew what that building was and
what it stood for. He also knew that it was one of the most heavily warded
buildings in the colonies. He dimly remembered the attendant telling him to stay
way from the White House, something about a council happening. He hadn‟t been
paying attention, still frustrated that he had to leave a rare potion unattended.
Still, he was one of the most successful spies in the world and extremely talented
in stealth and camouflage. Potter wouldn‟t run away this time.“I am the Commander
of the Alliance Fleet, but you can call me Deicida, most people do.” Harry said as
he stood up at the podium. Clothed in his dark clothes and large black cloak and
hood, he looked impressive and radiated strength, but his voice had tones of youth
light heartedness. It was at the first sight of Harry that the people of Earth felt
a glimmer of hope. If Alliance soldiers were similar to Harry, then they might just
stand a chance.

“Um…how long have you been the Commander?” One reporter eventually asked,
after a few tense seconds.

“Ever since the Alliance was formed.” Harry answered. “Before that, I was involved
in some…unfortunate accidents that left several Goa‟uld vessels destroyed. Not
that I was complaining.”

“You don‟t like the Goa‟uld?” A reporter asked.

“Who does?” Harry muttered. Louder, he continued on. “I was once a host to a
Goa‟uld and was forced to do unthinkable things. I managed to escape and was on
the run for several years, before I managed to find a safe place to hide out while
working on my…talents. When Tollana, the Tollan home world, was attacked, I went
over to help them. I first met Anubis‟s forces back then and have been fighting
him ever since.”

“The Alliance was partly the idea of the Nox and the Commander.” Narim added.

“What are our chances of defeating Anubis when he invades Earth?” A reporter
asked shrewdly.

“His forces outnumber us, but he does not know we are here or that we know. He is
sending his entire fleet in this attack, confident that he can destroy Earth and
use this Solar System as a new base of operations. This is a critical battle, not
only in saving your planet, but also in defeating Anubis. If we win, Anubis‟s
strength will be broken and we can push him back and destroy him once and for
all.” Harry answered. “He won‟t expect strong countermeasures and before he
realises that we are ready for his attack, it should be too late.”

“What type of technology does the Alliance posses that makes them so vital to
defeating Anubis?”

Harry grinned, though nobody could see it. “I was hoping you would ask that.” He
said lightly. He raised a hand towards the sky and the gazes of everybody present
moved with it. “Watch carefully.”
Severus watched with shock. The Muggles were having some kind of press meeting,
which was not entirely abnormal. The reason Severus was in shock, hidden behind
his countless layers of Notice-Me-Nots and invisibility charms, was because there
was a small grey humanoid creature standing on the raised stage. At first Severus
had thought it was a house elf, but he knew that not to be true as he listened
closely. Aliens existed? When the Commander, a dark and imposing figure with a
surprisingly youthful and light hearted voice, pointed at the sky, he automatically
followed the hand. Suddenly, the sky shimmered as a large metallic mechanical
contraption appeared.The Tollan Cruiser was uncloaked by the Nox onboard and
hovered several hundred metres above the ground. It was one of the most
impressive things that humans on earth had ever seen, with its large engines that
glowed a fiery red and sleek weeks. Its hulk had various weapons built onto it and
occasionally; a flicker would run through the air as the shields shimmered slightly.

“Holy shit!” Somebody yelled as they jumped to their feet, aiming cameras and
video recorders at it. Thankfully, all citizens of the city were still under marshal
law and confined to their houses, so nobody was going to start rioting or panicking.
A strong military presence was located in the city, ready to put down any signs of
looting and rioting.

“That it was a Tollan built Cruiser.” Harry said loudly, drawing their attention
towards him again. “It‟s one of the dozens of ships that will be fighting the forces
of Anubis in a few days. We have about two-dozen of these vessels in our
possession, also with a wide variety of other vessels. Along with those, Defence
satellites and a Space Station are being transported to this planet as we speak to
protect you. Now, I think it‟s time we had a little break. I have some things I need
doing, and you probably want to look at the big spaceship a little longer.”
About ten minutes later, Severus snapped out of his stupor and glanced around.
People were milling and talking to each other. The…aliens were the centres of
attention and Severus was briefly surprised to see that some of them flickered
and shimmered. They must have been some kind of illusion made by Muggle
technology, but they interacted and talked just as much as the real aliens did.
Snapping himself out of his stupor, he remembered his mission and pushed
everything aside. For the next five minutes, he scouted the outer boundaries of
the meeting with his wand held up high, constantly casting tracking and locator
charms. Suddenly he wand was pulled towards a small door at the White House,
where a teenage boy was walking out. He had messy charcoal hair and gleaming
green eyes, with pale skin. He was rather tall, almost as tall as Severus, and moved
with a soldier‟s grace. A small scar lay on his forehead, shaped in the form of a
lightning bolt. Severus recognised it as a Curse Scar, but it was unlike anything he
had seen before. With a start, he realised that Harry Potter was standing less
than a hundred metres away from him. If he wanted to grab him, now was the
perfect chance to do it and get away. Fawkes would easily bypass the Apparition
Wards.Harry cracked his neck as he walked outside the expensive and highly
decorated mansion. It felt good to feel the sun on his face again and he was looking
forward to exploring Earth by himself for a change, without getting noticed as an
Alien. As he walked outside, he suddenly frowned as he felt a small presence. It
wasn‟t like Anubis or even Lya, both who stood out, but it was still there. It was
like…somebody was trying not to be noticed. His eyes scanned the area in front of
him and seemed to slide off a small section of grass near the boundaries of the
complex. Harry stiffened as he tried to focus his gaze there and failed. Something
was blocking his senses there, and he reached into his pocket.Severus raised his
wand, a curse on his tongue, as Potter frowned and reached into his pocket, trying
to look where Severus was. The Notice-Me-Not charms were working perfectly,
but this boy must have had some kind of magical training to recognise the
symptoms of the charm. That kind of training was reserved for Auror‟s and Hit
Wizards, so obviously Potter knew about magic.Harry pulled out his focus, feeling
the power run through him and build up in the crystals.

Severus aimed his wand, squinting to get the best target. Both poised, ready to


Severus waited, his wand trained on the figure of Harry Potter. He had to be very,
very careful, because if he were caught in this location, then not even Dumbledore
would be able to save him from prison. The wards around the White House were
stronger than he could have every bypassed, but he had some interesting
artefacts given to him by Dumbledore that had left him through. He wouldn‟t be
able to stay for long before he was detected, so he needed to grab Potter now. He
waited, not moving an inch, in total silence as Potter walked forward carefully, a
muggle weapon of some sort in his hands.

“Do you know who I am?” Potter asked arrogantly, well, at least it seemed that way
to Severus.

Severus said nothing, but his anger at Potter grew. Not only had he been missing
for fifteen years but also, he was exactly like his father. As Potter circled the
area where Severus was, the Potions Master spared a quick glance at the muggle
audience and their…aliens. He wondered briefly if Potter was involved with those
sort, but shook that thought out of his mind with a scoff. Potter was most likely a
big talking, rash and stupid Gryffindor. Now was the chance to snatch him, the
Muggles wouldn‟t be able to see him.

“Stupefy!” Severus cast silently at the seemingly oblivious Potter, before he
realised his mistake. Potter had been circling him, coming closer and closer as he
ruled out the ground where the invisible person didn‟t stand. He was now close
enough to reach out to Severus, and had obviously expected some kind of attack,
as he ducked the red flash of light gracefully and surged forward. Potter fired
the Muggle weapon several times, small hissing noise accompanying the bright
bursts of blue energy that discharged from the weapon. Severus swiped the air
with his wand, and a bright yellow dome cackling with energy swirled around him
and absorbed the weapon blasts. Severus had no time to think as Potter raised his
hand, a burst of bright white light bursting out, and ducked instinctively. He
staggered back to his feet, before he cringed and was blown forward as a small
section of the wall behind him exploded with a loud roar. Before Severus knew it,
Potter was in his face.

“Nice try.” Potter growled as he grabbed a fistful of what seemed like air, he
cocked a fist and aimed it back, just as Fawkes burst into flames just above his
head and soared down. Potter blinked as the bird grabbed Severus, and Severus
felt a whirlwind of air rush past him and strange and intense warmth as he
disappeared…with Potter still attached.
The first sign that something was wrong was the red flash of light was seen at the
darker side of the White House. Andrew blinked in surprise, recognising the
telltale signs of a Stunning Curse. He wasn‟t the only one to have seen the light;
several muggle Secret Service guards and Alliance bodyguards immediately drew
their weapons, small submachine guns or standard handheld energy weapons. There
was a burst of blue flashes and several loud hisses, Zat‟nikatel fire, and a yellow
flash. As Andrew raced over, a pistol in his hands and followed by two-dozen men,
there was a bright flash of light and a rush of warm air as a section of the wall
exploded. The men threw themselves down on the ground as fire rolled over their
heads. As Andrew got up, pistol armed and ready, there was a single burst of fire
in the distance that Andrew recognised. His heart raced as he rushed over, his
anger growing by the minute. There were few phoenixes left in the world, and the
only magical person he knew about this conference was Dumbledore. His fears were
confirmed when he arrived. Nobody was there.Harry grunted in alarm as he felt a
whirlwind of pressure squeeze at him, fire and heat flickering over his body but
not harming him, before he reappeared in real space. He hardly took note of the
surroundings as the invisibility of the person in front of him fell, revealing a tall
and sallow faced man, with a crooked nose. He was dressed in black Earth clothes
and was holding something in his hand. Harry was quick and brutal, kicking forward
and breaking one of the man‟s leg, while twisting the mans arm around, dislocating
it and breaking the wrist. The man yelled in pain as Harry snatched a small wooden
object from his hand and chucked it aside, and fell to the ground as Harry
delivered a short and vicious jab to his ribs, making them crack with a wet snap.

“HEY! STUPEFY!” Somebody shouted from behind him and Harry spun around, his
eyes wild and burning with an intense emerald green gaze. A tall and bulky boy
dressed in black robes with green and silver lining had some kind of weapon raised,
Harry couldn‟t tell what it was from this distance. A red burst of light erupted
from this weapon as Harry raised a hand. The beam struck his hand and was
slapped aside easily as Harry fired his Zat‟nikatel. A burst of energy struck the
boy, who screamed in agony as electricity circulated around his body, and fell to
the ground in a limp pile.

“Stupefy! Impendinta! Another person screamed, a beautiful girl with black hair
and sharp grey eyes. Two more bursts of energy erupted from her weapon and
Harry sidestepped them easily, his Zat‟nikatel raised. Behind the girl, it seemed as
if an entire contingent of enemy soldiers were there, some that looked as young as
ten or eleven! He wasn‟t going to kill children, no matter if they were the enemy or
not. He fired several times, not surprised when a flickering silver shield deflected
the energy blasts, and sprinted down the corridor. He seemed to be in some kind of
large building. Several suits of armour stood at attention, gleaming swords held in
polished silver gloves. Paintings scattered the walls, but Harry was too distracted
to pay attention to them. He could appreciate art later.
“Severus, Severus!” Albus asked urgently, his eyes worried.

Severus groaned as he was pushed out of unconsciousness by a charm by Madame
Promfrey. He was lying in the Hospital Wing and he struggled to remember what
had happened, before he gasped and tried to sit upright. He groaned as a pain
flared from all over his body.

“What happened Severus? Who did this?” Albus asked as his Potions Professor
sank back into his bed.

“Potter! Potter‟s here!” Severus whispered, just as Madame Promfrey cast a
sleeping charm on the man.

“Headmaster, I need to concentrate when repairing his bones. Why, they were
broken most brutally and need special treatment!” Promfrey said sharply.

Albus stood up and briskly walked from the Hospital Wing. Harry was here, at
It had been a little over an hour since Harry had seen an enemy soldier. He didn‟t
know whom they worked for, if it had been Anubis then there would have been Kull
Warriors around, and if it had been the Goa‟uld then he would have seen some
Jaffa. He was in a deep and dark part of the enemy complex, with dark and damp
tunnels with bare stonewalls. Nobody seemed to live down here, there was no
equipment of any kind and as far as he could tell, no scanners or tracking devices
around or on him. Harry was a little bit pissed off as well. He had tried using his
armband to activate the Ring Transporters, but no signal had been received. He
had tired sending out a distress call, but he didn‟t know if it had been received or
not. There must be powerful shields surrounding this complex. That meant that he
would have to get beyond the boundaries of the shields before he could leave. He
concentrated, feeling the wave of power flow over him and turned himself
invisible. Another thing he couldn‟t do was teleport, there seemed to be something
that blocked him every time he tried.

“Anybody down here, Ernest?” Somebody shouted ahead of him. Harry raised his
Zat‟nikatel at a robed man in the distance.

“Nah, I can‟t see anybody.” Somebody else, Ernest by the sounds of it, answered.
“Mysterious stranger my arse.”

“Well, somebody beat up Severus pretty good.” Ernest‟s companion said loudly.

“Probably one of the students.” Ernest said. The other man sniggered.

“Come on, a scanning Auror team is on the way. If there‟s somebody here, we‟ll find

As the two men left the tunnels, Harry frowned. He knew that scanning meant, and
team. He had never heard of an Auror before. He had his Zat‟nikatel, his hand
device, his focus, a small handheld energy weapon made by the Hertions, the small
Assassin Goa‟uld device and an Earth weapon called a shotgun, which was a small
double-barrelled weapon capable of firing shells full of small projectiles at
somebody else. It was a slow weapon to reload, but Harry had been properly
trained in using it and thought that it was good for close-range combat. It was
time to leave.
“You sure that it‟s Harry Potter?” Fudge asked Albus, twirling his bowler hat in his

“I have reasons to believe that it is. Several hours ago, I managed to locate Harry
Potter with a locality Ritual. I sent Severus to pick him up but there seemed to be
a small misunderstanding.” Albus said as he surveyed Fudge and two entire
divisions of Auror‟s. The students had been confined to the Great Hall and Fudge
had taken control of the situation. Albus would have preferred to leave Fudge out
of this, but he had been contacted by someone about the situation and had
insisted that it was under his command, not Albus‟.

“Well, wait in the Great Hall with your Professors and we‟ll find him.” Fudge said,
smiling slightly. “With the Potter boy, You-Know-Who might think twice!”

Albus stifled a sigh as he gestured to Sirius and Remus. As he passed the Auror‟s,
he nodded slightly to Nymphadora Tonks, Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shackelbolt.
There were at least forty Auror‟s going to hunt for a single boy.

“Albus, He‟s my godson!” Sirius protested loudly.

“Sirius, calm down. The Auror‟s will find him.” Remus said patiently, but a small
frown creased his face.

“He‟s not some kind of criminal!” Sirius snapped.

“Sirius, the Minister has made it perfectly clear that anybody who interferes will
face prosecution. Do you wish to go to Azkaban?” Albus said heavily.

Sirius shuddered at the name. He had always hated the dark and gloomy islands and
sometimes had nightmares of himself languishing in a small cell, betrayed by his
friends and family. He had a special distaste for Dementors and never went near
one as long as he could help it.
Harry turned a corner and stopped in surprise. He had come forward from the
lower levels of the complex and had seen some very interesting things. The
paintings on the walls must have been run by some kind of holographic device or a
nano-computer, because they moved. There were several large candles and
chandeliers that hovered in the air, not attached by anything. The candles didn‟t
seem to burn out or drip wax either. They must have had some kind of anti-gravity
field circling them. Harry was interested because despite the appearance of the
castle, which looked to be extremely primitive, it had advanced technology working
inside of it. Also, he knew that he was on Earth, his armband could tell him that
easily enough. He hadn‟t thought that Earth was in this stage of technology yet.

Anyway, Harry had stopped in surprise because there were four blue robed people
walking from the other end of the corridor. Small bursts of light were erupting
from their weapons, and as one soared across the corridor; Harry quickly dove to
the side. It missed him but exploded in a shower of sparks.

“THERE!” One of the men screamed.

Harry looked down at himself. He was visible…they must have some kind of
scanners of sensors that muted his invisibility!

“Stupefy!” Somebody else called. Harry briefly wandered what that meant as red
light zoomed towards him. Harry activated his personal shield from his hand
device and watched as the energy was absorbed. Several more red flashes
smashed across his shield as Harry sharply jerked his hand. The four robed people
suddenly have shouts of surprise and fear as they were levitated and thrown back
down the corridor.

“Other way then.” Harry muttered.
Alastor Moody growled in disgust at the Auror next to him. These new recruits
wouldn‟t be able to catch a flobberworm, let alone a boy who had hid from them
for fifteen years. As the small group rounded the corner, Alastor stopped in
surprise at the sight of a hurrying figure just a few metres in front of them.
Alastor had time to see the green eyes of the boy before an Auror next to him
raised his wand.

“Mudblood scum!He yelled. Alastor jerked in surprised as he whirled around, anger
sketched on his face. The Auror had a gleaming fanatical look on his face. “The
Dark Lord will reward me greatly!” He shouted. “Avada Kedavra!”

“The Dark Lord will reward me greatly! Avada Kedavra!” The man screamed. The
other men in the group turned to him, their weapon raised and looks of shock on
their faces. The man had a fanatical look in his eyes. Harry‟s eyes widened in
surprise and shock as the familiar jet of green light soared towards him. It
impacted on his personal hand shield and for a moment, there was a large grating
noise and a high-pitched whine. Harry flinched as the other robed figures put their
hands on their ears, before the noise stopped and Harry heard the tinkling of
broken crystals. That bastard had just broken his shield device!

“Expelliarmus!” Came three bellows, anger and hatred in their voices. The man was
thrown back by the force of the blast and slid down the wall, his head bleeding.

Avada Kedavra. Harry knew that curse, it was the curse that was supposedly used
on him as a child But he had never known where he had been born…if Earth people
used that term, then didn‟t than mean…


Harry slapped the energy away, his left hand covered in an energy-repulsion glove.
They were commonly used in laboratories, but Harry had been tinkering with one
to stop energy weapons in hopes of creating armour like that of the Kull Warriors.
It could deflect energy, yes, but the extreme heat that plasma and other weapons
produced made it useless. It seemed to work well here though.

“Wilkinson…” The grizzled and scarred man started to shout, before Harry raised
his hand. His hand device glowed as a burst of energy was flung towards the men,
all who were flown away like leaves in the wind.

“A-A-Ava-da…” The man that the others had attacked tried to mutter from his
slumped position against the wall.

“Avada Kedavra!” Harry said hatefully, and was satisfied when the man was struck
by the wave of green light.

“Murderer!” Somebody shouted from behind him and Harry gave a small sigh of
exasperation. He turned, just in time to see a glowing spear of energy hurtle
towards him. He focussed his magic, and a wave of light erupted from his body,
swirling and twirling. The energy burst was caught in the strands of white energy,
along with several other energy attacks. Harry raised his Zat‟nikatel, firing madly
in that direction. He struck three people, and grinned in satisfaction as they fell,
twitching and jerking. He took that time to quickly escape as more enemies rushed
forward from that direction.
Minister Fudge‟s jaw dropped as a feeling of fear and dread ran through him.
“T-The Killing Curse?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes Sir, Roberts is dead.” The Auror said sadly. “Potter is also using some kind of
weapon to inflict damage which leaves damage that is almost identical to one
minute of the Cruciatus. We have nine Auror‟s down, including Alastor Moody, and
they‟re unresponsive.”

“Harry Potter uses Dark Magic?” Fudge spluttered in disbelief. “Surely…”

“Sir, I need permission to take Potter out by any means necessary.” The Auror
interrupted. “Surely, if Potter were to join You-Know-Who…”

“I see your point. I would prefer him alive though.” Fudge said slowly.

The Auror nodded as he rushed off to communicate his orders through.
“They want us to take out Potter by any means necessary.” Tonks told Kingsley, her
Captain, in shock.

A mousy brown haired woman with large blue eyes gasped. “What for?” She asked.

Tonks looked at Rachel Moon with sad eyes. “One Auror‟s dead by the Killing Curse,
nine others are unconscious. Potter‟s using something that made half of them
experience pain like the Cruciatus, only quicker.”

“That‟s powerful Dark Magic.” A well built blonde haired man said, frowning.

“Tonks, Moon, Bell, we are to take Potter in without killing him. We don‟t want to
kill a teenage boy. Is that understood?” Kingsley ordered.

“Understood sir.” They all chorused.
After Harry had passed the strange corridors, slipped on an invisible stair and
walked across the moving staircase, he had officially decided that this place as
absurd and dangerous. He tried to keep his mind focussed on his situation, but it
kept wandering back to the large issue of Avada Kedavra. Could it be that the
planet that he had been on so many years ago was his home world. As he thought
about it, it all started making sense. Thor had told him that Loki had most likely
taken him from his world…Thor had said that Loki had performed experiments on
people in this world. The Tau‟ri Daniel and Jack had commented that his name
sounded very earth-like, and he knew his name because it was what he had told the
Tremin when he was dumped on their world. Magic…these people were using magic
by wooden focus‟s, wands! These people must be the failed Goa‟uld experiments.
This was his world! His home, the place he had been searching for all this time!

Strangely enough, that thought didn‟t seem to put any kind of fondness or
happiness into his heart, mainly because his „people‟ were trying to kill him. He
knew that the Avada Kedavra curse killed people but had no idea about the
Stupefy curse. It probably wasn‟t a good idea to try and find out, just in case.
That glowing magical spear would have skewered him easily, so it was doubtful that
these people had good intentions.

As Harry jogged through the Hallways, he turned into a wide corridor. He grinned
with glee. He could see light shining through the windows along this corridor, and a
large closed set of double of doors lay at the end. That was probably the exit!


“Avada Kedavra!”





Shouts and hollers erupted from behind him and Harry dove forward, twisting
around while aiming his Zat‟nikatel as he landed on the ground. A brilliant barrage
of multicoloured beams, rays, jets and bursts of light flew overhead, scorching
the walls. The air smelled like burnt ozone as robed figures ran around the corner.
From Harry‟s outstretched hand, a blinding pillar of light erupted. There was a
deafening noise, like a bomb going off, as the pillar swept through the ranks of the
people, probably the Auror‟s that the other man had mentioned earlier. When the
light faded, fifteen of the twenty-two Auror‟s were laying motionless off the
ground. They weren‟t dead, but they wouldn‟t be getting up anytime soon.
“Silpormo!” A dark skinned man shouted. A white beam erupted from his focus, and
Harry jumped to his feet, his own focus out. A golden streak of light shot out
from Harry‟s focus and slammed into the white beam. Sparks and cackles of magic
rained down as the other man moved forward smoothly, his wand slashing the air.
Water was conjured from nowhere and splashed the ground, a small ball pelting at
Harry. Harry was struck in the shoulder and grunted at the force of the
projectile. He slashed his own focus, and the ground trembled and rumbled. The
man lost his footing and fell over, getting struck in the face with a Zat blast.

“Expelliarmus!” A woman screeched, a young and determined looking face framed by
brown hair. Harry blocked the beam with his left hand, and closed his eyes. There
was a bright flash as the woman sailed through the air and crumpled to the floor.
A pink haired woman jumped forward, along with a blonde haired bulky man and
two brown-haired men. As they levelled their wands, Harry surged forward and
charged into them. His arms and hands were a blur as he struck at his foes.
Seconds later, all four were lying immobile on the ground, painful bumps on their
heads on bruises on their pressure points.

As more Auror‟s surged around the corner, twenty or thirty of them, Harry
sprinted down the hall as jets of multi-coloured light soared over his head. He
dived behind a suit of armour, wincing as he felt his shoulder. He hadn‟t expected
that and honestly, he didn‟t know enough earth magic. Most magic he knew killed
people, and that was the last thing he wanted to do, despite their efforts in trying
to kill him. He fired his Zat blindly around the statue, pulling out his energy
blaster. It was less powerful than a Zat and requited that the target be struck
several times in order to kill. Four or five shots would cause bad burns and
scorched flesh.

He spun around the suit of armour, eyes scanning his target as he squeezed the
trigger. The nozzle erupted with a rapid pace of red sparkling energy balls. Auror‟s
cried as they were struck, Harry‟s aim true, dropping their focus‟s as their arms
were hit. Harry continued firing as the other Auror‟s raised shields, crimson balls
of energy striking glowing silver and blue shields. As he reached closer to the
large doors, Harry motioned at the floor and raised his hand, as if he were
dragging something up. A wall of flames suddenly ignited, blocking the corridor and
sending searing heat in both directions.
Harry turned to the doors and tried to open them. He frowned as he discovered
that they were locked. Stepping back, he fired his energy blaster. A shimmering
blue shield burst into view, absorbing the energy blasts. Harry tried again but the
shield remained strong. He rolled his eyes and muttered something rude in Asgard
under his breath. As he stepped back, raising his hand and concentrating his
magic, he idly kicked a small piece of chipped stone from the walls at the door. It
sailed forward and bypassed the shield, bouncing off the wooden object. Harry
cocked his head in interest, before he smirked and pulled out a shotgun. He
aimed…just as six people jumped from the flames, focus‟s raised and ready. Harry
blinked in surprise as he motioned with his hand, and the flames suddenly
exploded. The Auror‟s on both sides ducked, but the flame freezing charms they
had placed saved them from being burnt. Harry motioned again, and the ground
rumbled and trembled as a slab of stone grew from it, sealing the corridor once
again and leaving the seven Auror‟s isolated from the rest of the ground. He fired
his shotgun at the door twice, shells exploding from both barrels. Automatically,
he reloaded in half a second as the lock splintered and crumbled. Harry surged
forward, his shoulder up, and slammed through the doors.

He was wrong. It wasn‟t the exit at all. Inside, at least four hundred children and
several adults stared at him with surprise. What caught his attention was the
familiar elderly man in purple robes. With his twinkling blue eyes, long white beard
and long crooked nose, Harry‟s breath hitched as he recognised him as the ancient
man of his dreams…


For what seemed like an eternity, Albus Dumbledore stared into the surprised
emerald eyes of Harry Potter. The boy looked healthy, much taller than his father
ever was, and was dressed in normal muggle clothes. Albus shifted his gaze back to
the open doors and beyond, where seven Auror‟s looked murderous and angry.
Beyond them was a wall of stone, which rumbled and shook as it was struck by
something on the other side.”

“Harry, I would…” Albus started, before the Auror‟s burst into the room, their
wands high.

“Avada Kedavra!” One of them screamed in rage. There were screams and yells
around the tables of students as a jet of green light burst from the Auror‟s.

Harry turned around with his shotgun raised high as a jet of green light soared
past his head and exploded in green flames of a table. Children scampered back as
the Auror‟s advanced, fear on their faces.

“Multiplicus Stupefy!” Another Auror screamed. Harry ducked, avoiding the
barrage of crimson beams, before he jumped forward, coming in close to the
Auror‟s. A large ball of fire was shot off at him, while Harry felt a force on his leg
try to tug him down. He spun around to the left, avoiding the fire, and jumped up
as the magical trip closed in. He fired once, striking an Auror in the leg and
smashed his elbow forward, cracking another Auror‟s face. The shot Auror
screamed in pain as he fell to the ground, crying and moaning, while the Auror he
had elbowed collapsed like a ton of bricks.

“Avada Kedavra!”



“Novus Incendio!”

“Multiplicus Expelliarmus!”

A green jet of light missed Harry by inches, while a fast streak of red slammed
into his shoulder. Harry grunted as he was lifted off his feet as an invisible force
struck him in the chest and was blown back. Because of this, the large fireball
missed him, but several scarlet beams of magic struck him. Harry felt an
overwhelming force tug on his hand holding his gun and tugged back. He managed
to keep his grasp on his shotgun as he rolled to the side, ignoring the burning flesh
in his shoulder, and jumped up. With a deft flick of his wrist, he released his
shotgun by throwing it with as much force as he could. Powered by Harry‟s
strength and the multiple Expelliarmus charms, the Auror didn‟t stand a chance as
the rapidly accelerating shotgun hit her shoulder and knocked off her feet with a



As two more curse sped rapidly towards him, Harry concentrated deeply. Bringing
his magic all around him, he willed his body to change. To the others watching him,
he suddenly flickered and opened his eyes. Harry gave a small grin at the Auror‟s
as the two curses went straight through his body, a small flash the only indication
that they had struck. The Auror‟s looked extremely confused as Harry gathered
power into his hands, white glowing power coiling around his palm, the Auror‟s
suddenly looked past him.

“THAT‟S ENOUGH!” Somebody roared, his powerful and loud voice echoing in the
large hall. The remaining four Auror‟s stopped immediately, looking slightly guilty,
as the Ancient Man stormed forward, his face a picture of anger and icy rage.
Power emanated off him, coiling around him and giving his a supernatural glow.

“Mr Matthews, I except you have a good reason for using a Killing Curse in my
school, and in a hall full of students?” The Ancient Man said tightly. The Auror in
question cowered under his furious gaze.

“Headmaster, that boy has already killed one Auror and wounded at least twenty
others.” He protested feebly.

Suddenly, bits of stone suddenly exploded into the Great Hall as the obstacle was
finally destroyed. A man ran in, a green bowler hat in his hands, followed by two-
dozen robed Auror‟s.

“Dumbledore, what is this?” The man asked furiously. He suddenly caught sight of
Harry and his expression darkened. “Auror‟s, arrest him!”

“On what charges?” The Ancient man, Dumbledore, said calmly but with an
underlying icy tone in his voice.
“Murder, assaulting Auror‟s, resisting arrest, use of the Unforgivable Killing Curse,
use of dark magic,” An Auror on the Minister‟s left said smugly. He had a slightly
lion-like grace to him and wore wire-rimmed glasses, sharp eyes peering through

“Captain Scrimgeour, I didn‟t expect you to be here.” Dumbledore said politely.
“However, I doubt that Mr Potter would do such things unless provoked.”

Everybody turned an expectant eye to Harry, who frowned, before he caught on.
“Ah. Mr Potter. That‟s me then, eh?”

“Don‟t you even know your own name?” Scrimgeour scoffed.

“Apparently not.” Harry remarked dryly. “I tell you what I do know. Yes, I used
that green light that kills people, that‟s what you mean by Killing Curse, right? And
I did kill this guy like you…said something about Dark Lord‟s and that kind of crap
before he tried used that green light thingy on me. I guess I assaulted the people
in dresses…I mean robes, whatever. I have absolutely no idea what „Dark Magic‟ is

“You bought a Death Eater into my school.” Dumbledore asked calmly.

Scrimgeour looked puzzled and a little bewildered. “But we ran a screening test for
the Department not one month ago!”

“Well, obviously they failed.” Harry said bluntly.

“You be quiet!” Scrimgeour snarled. He gestured at that Auror‟s around him. “Take
him away.”

Harry backed away slightly as thirty Auror‟s advanced on him.

“Stupefy!” An Auror yelled. Harry just stood there as the scarlet beam of magic
rocketed straight through him.

“Do you want to know what else I know?” Harry asked as he walked backwards,
straight through a table and re-emerging on the other side. “I know that you lot
must have absolutely no idea who I am.”

Scrimgeour glared at him, fury pouring off his face. “Minister, I would like
permission to call a couple of Dementors.”

“There will be no Dementors in this school while I am Headmaster.” Dumbledore
interjected. Scrimgeour scowled at him, unfazed at the older mans refusal.

“Might I remind you that this is a Magical Law Enforcement matter? You have no

“Then I must remind you that as the Headmaster of this School, I have total
authority of what happens in my school.” Dumbledore said pleasantly. “I do not
think that Dementors are necessary.”
Harry watched the magical people argue and fight. The Auror‟s seemed to be
watching their once Headmaster and their Captain verbally spar with each other,
but they also kept a sharp eye on him. Harry glanced around for the first time.
Scared, awed and confused faces stared back at him from the many children-
students from what he had heard. He motioned towards a tiny young boy.

“What are Dementors?” He asked. The boy shook, whether it was fear of
something else, his large eyes staring unblinkingly at Harry.

“They‟re the prison guards of the Azkaban Fortress.” A teenage girl with bushy
brown hair answered slowly. Her eyes seemed to be trained on the Energy Blaster
holstered onto his chest.

“Ah. And they‟re bad?”

A red head boy scoffed. “They drain happy memories from people, making them, go
crazy. And that‟s without their kiss!”

“Kiss?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow.

“They suck the soul from you.” The busy haired girl shivered.

“Nasty.” Harry commented. He looked around on the table, spying food that he had
never seen before, and his stomach grumbled slightly. Picking up a piece of bone
with fleshy attached to the top; he sniffed it hesitantly.

“What‟s this?” Harry asked, waving the bone around.

“It‟s chicken.” The red head boy said slowly, as if Harry was insane.

“Ah. Jack always said that everything tastes like a chicken.” Harry said
thoughtfully. He took a bite, chewing carefully. “So, who are you?”

“Ron. Ron Weasley.” The redheaded boy said slowly. “You‟ve never had chicken
before, ever?”

“Oh Honestly Ron.” The bushy haired girl said. She smiled warmly. “Hermione,
Hermione Granger.”

“Any relation to an Andrew Weasley?” Harry asked Ron sharply.

“Yeah, you know him? He‟s the only squib in the family.” Ron answered.


“Born to a magical family but has no powers.” Ron said.

“Oh.” Harry muttered. He would have a long talk to Andrew later on.

“Anyway, I‟m Commander Deicida, pilot of the Deicida, Commander of the Alliance
Fleet,Captain in the Infantry Ranks of the Alliance, Ambassador in the Alliance
and in charge of all military matters regarding the War with Anubis.” Harry said.
He took another bite of his chicken and smiled slightly at the confused look on
people‟s faces. “Most people call me Harry.”

“Deicida? Alliance?” Hermione asked sceptically.

“Haven‟t you heard? The information has been available for several hours now.”
Harry remarked.

Hermione slowly shook her head. “I don‟t know what you‟re talking about, are you in
the Navy or something?”
“War with Anubis?” Ron asked. His freckled face was screwed up, trying to
remember when he had heard that name before.

“Anubis…the Egyptian God of the Dead.” Hermione said slowly. She stared at Harry
as if he were a puzzle she hadn‟t solved yet.

“Um…did you really kill an Auror?” A redheaded girl asked from behind Harry.
Noticing his stare, she blushed. “I‟m Ginny.”

“Yep.” Harry answered, a touch proudly. “Serves him right…he tried to kill me first.
I think he might have been insane…ranting about Dark Lords.”

“He was a servant of You-Know-Who!” Ginny gasped loudly. There were many other
gasps from the continually drawing closer crowd.

“Who?” Harry asked blankly.

“You-Know-Who!” Ginny replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“No, I don‟t know who.” Harry said slowly.

“He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?” Ron chimed in.

“Then what do people call him?” Harry asked, a little bewildered.

“You-Know-Who!” Ginny said exasperatedly, as if he were stupid.

“I told you, I don‟t!” Harry snapped angrily.

“The Dark Lord” Hermione said.

“Anubis?” Harry questioned.

“No! The Dark Lord, You-Know-Who!” Ron said, rolling his eyes.

“I‟m going to shoot the next person who says that.” Harry growled in frustration.
There was an awkward silence as the teenagers looked at each other.

“His name is…V…. V…V-V-Vo…” Hermione trailed off. “Everybody calls him You-

Harry shook his head in disgust as he turned back to the Auror‟s, Dumbledore and
Scrimgeour, all who were staring at him, Dumbledore with sympathy, Scrimgeour
with smugness and the Auror‟s with tightening grips on their wands.

“Mr Potter, you are going to have to go with these gentlemen.” Dumbledore said, a
touch sadly.

“Um…no.” Harry replied frankly, standing up and throwing away the chicken bone.
He pulled a small device out of his pocket and waved it at them. “You see the
blinking light? That means that I don‟t go anywhere.”

“What do you mean?” Scrimgeour snapped.

At that moment, Andrew Weasley walked into the Great Hall looking exhausted but
determined. Several men and women, all dressed in large robes followed him. Lya
was among them, and she gave Harry a delighted smile as she saw him.

“Dumbledore! I give you information that I think is critical for the survival of your
world…the survival of your planet actually, and this is what you do?” Andrew

“Isn‟t that your squib second cousin?” A portly and slightly tubby boy asked Ron.

“Yeah.” Ron answered in amazement.

Harry stood up, brushing himself off and walked forward.

“Commander.” Andrew said, bowing his head. “I apologise for this unforgivable
transgression. I‟m sure they had good reasons.”

“Wait, you knew where Potter was before today?” The man with the green hat
asked sharply.
“Potter?” Andrew said, puzzled.

“You know, him!” The man cried out, pointing at Harry, who shrugged.

“Apparently it‟s my name.” Harry said smartly. Andrew suddenly gasped as he paled

“Potter…you‟re Potter? It all makes sense…Earth name, magical powers, I knew you
looked familiar…just like your dad…” Andrew trailed off, scratching his head and
clearly bewildered. “But how did you wind up…”

“Asgard by the name of Loki.” Harry said.

“The criminal who experimented on humans?” Andrew said blankly, before a
dawning light came into his eyes.

“Mr Potter is part of the Alliance you informed me of.” Dumbledore said with
dawning realisation. His eyes grew wide as he lost his composure, staring at Harry
as if he had three heads, before he visibly shook himself together.

“That‟s correct.” Andrew said crisply. “Why did you kidnap him?”

“Yeah, I wouldn‟t mind knowing that as well.” Harry said firmly.

“I was not aware of what he was.” Dumbledore said slowly. His blue eyes twinkled.
“I merely thought that he was a lost child, missing for fifteen years.”

“I don‟t care who he is!” Scrimgeour suddenly snapped. “Auror‟s arrest them all!”

“Now!” Andrew ordered. The robed figures suddenly pulled off their heavy robes,
revealing the military armour of the Alliance infantry. Each of them pulled out an
energy assault weapon; a large rifle that was capable of firing plasma bolts rapidly.
They aimed them at the surprised Auror‟s as Harry moved in front of Lya, drawing
in his magic and creating a gleaming golden dome that surrounded the group.

“Don‟t make us attack.” Andrew warned softly.

“So, how did you find me?” Harry whispered to Lya as the two groups…Auror‟s and
Alliance soldiers stared each other off.

Lya smiled, putting a comforting hand on his soldier. “We were able to use Asgard
technology to scan for you life-force.” She answered softly. “It took some time to
bypass the shields surrounding this complex, and something disabled the
teleporters, so we could not beam you out or beam ourselves in. Andrew came to
us…said he knew where you were and he would take us there.”

“Well, thankyou.” Harry said.

Lya said nothing, just staring at Harry for a minute, before Andrew said something
that jerked them both out of their stupor.

“Dumbledore, can the ceiling above show the real sky?” He asked.

Harry look up for the first time. A large sky, with small fluffy clouds and a light
blue horizon was being projected overheard. At first Harry thought that it must
be some kind of hologram, but given the nature of the complex, it was probably
this magic. Harry had never thought of doing something like that…it was much
easier to record something and play it using holograms.

“Yes it can.” Dumbledore said slowly. He waved his wand sharply, saying nothing,
before the sky flickered. It was slightly different, with less clouds and the glare
from the sun shining through.

“If you refuse to co-operate, then I have been authorised to use the objects that
will appear in four…three…two…one…”
Over the sky of Hogwarts, four large objects shimmered, as they turned visible.
Four Tollan Cruisers revealed themselves, looking sinister and menacing as their
weapons powered up. Energy burst from their weapons, six bursts from each
Cruiser, and glowing blue streaks of energy hurtled towards the complex. Suddenly
they stopped, as a powerful white dome appeared in mid-air. The energy bursts
exploded on the dome, creating a red, orange and yellow ripple of energy.The man
with the hat gaped. “W-W-What is that?” He gaped.

“That, Minister, is a Tollan Cruiser. No matter how powerful you think your magic
is, our technology is better.” Andrew said smugly.
“But Muggles can‟t have built that!” Scrimgeour burst out, his eyes wide as he
stared at the mighty warships.

“Not Muggles from this planet anyway.” Andrew added. He gestured to the Alliance
ships. “Gentlemen, meet the Alliance, a group of alien races banded together to
stop a great evil from destroying the galaxy. While the Wizarding World has been
content to stay isolated, never developing, the Muggle world has come far.”

“Does that mean Potter‟s an alien?” An Auror Harry vaguely remembered throwing
across a corridor asked.

“I was born on this planet, but I spent my life on others.” Harry answered.

“You‟re an alien freak!” The Minister spluttered. Harry narrowed his eyes as some
of the Soldiers gripped their weapons tighter.

“And your kind is a failed experiment. I wouldn‟t start with the insults!” Harry spat

“Experiment?” Dumbledore asked slowly.

Harry smiled viciously. “Don‟t you know? Your kind was created long ago as
experiments by, what was it? Alien Freaks?”

Dumbledore blinked, but remained unruffled. The Minister gaped, seemingly having
trouble in breathing.

“Impossible.” Scrimgeour growled. “Magic was created by the Great Gods of the
land. We all know the legends, the world split as those who were worthy were given
powers and those who were not were shunned. For centuries we had no control, no
order, before the Great Mage Merlin, born of magic, came to us, teaching us in the
use of our power. Merlin returned to magic, leaving us to prosper and grow!”

“The „Great Gods‟ are a particular type of alien species called the Goa‟uld.” Harry
said, smirking at the shocked faces of the crowd. “They used the names of the
Ancient God‟s, Apophis, Ra, Isis, Klorel, Aries, Apollo, as a way of fuelling their
ego. They were evil beings that use humans as hosts, possessing them and their
bodies. You were created in order to create a powerful host capable of using

“But Merlin…”

“Merlin was analien also known as Myrrdin who ascended to another place of
existence andwho took pity on you and stopped you from destroying yourselves.”
Harry cut in. “Now, are we allowed to go or do we have to kill the lot of you?”

Dumbledore nodded faintly as the group stormed from the room, leaving a shell-
shocked room behind. By tomorrow, the truth about the existence of aliens and
Harry Potter‟s tale on the origins of magic would be widespread among the magical
“That was cruel.” Lya said as they left the wards of the complex, a giant castle.

“Why‟s that?” Harry asked her.

“You have destroyed their beliefs and faith of their own kind.” Lya answered.

“Tough.” Harry said sharply. Lya said nothing as the group stopped, waiting to be
transported away.

“Still, I am glad you are safe.” Lya admitted softly.

Harry regarded the Nox warmly. “So am I.” He said. Lya placed a hand on his
shoulder as a white glow enveloped them, transporting them away.

Four Days Left

“So, you‟re trying to tell me that a secret society of Ancient descendents that
were once experimented on by the Goa‟uld live on Earth, and they can do magic and
call themselves witches and wizards?” Jack asked sceptically.

“Yeah.” Harry said, nodding slightly.

“And they kidnapped you because you‟re the lost child of a wizards and witch?”
Jack continued.

“Sounds about right.” Harry said, shrugging carelessly.

“And you were actually born on Earth and you can do magic?” Jack finished.

“That about wraps it up.” Harry said, smiling slightly as the older man shook his
head in exasperation.

“What, do they ride on broomsticks as well?” Jack muttered. Andrew gave a
strange cough as he stared at the floor with a very amused expression.

“What‟s a broomstick?” Harry asked him.

Jack stared at him, not quite knowing if he was joking or not. “Um…”

“It‟s a small wooden pole with bristles at the end, you use it to sweep dust and
objects of the floors.” Daniel supplied helpfully.

“Why would I fly on that? It doesn‟t sound like it can fly?” Harry asked in

“Oh forget it.” Jack huffed.

“If we could get back on topic.” Narim said loudly, pointedly looking at Harry and
Jack. After Harry‟s retrieval, the group had immediately reported back to the
Council, who had been very concerned. “These wizards and witches, do they posses
Ancient technology?”

“No.” Andrew said automatically. He gained a few looks and shrugged, while Daniel
elaborated further.
“The castle seemed very medieval…um, built in a period several hundreds of years
ago. Apart from the shields that surrounded it, there was no sign of any advanced
technology.” Daniel said.

“Their shields, would they be useful?” Harry asked.

“Unfortunately, no. They would stand up to several bombardments of energy
weapons but Asgard shields are far superior to their own. After ten or so minutes
of continual attack, the shields would have fallen.” Thor said slowly, his large black
eyes blinking slowly.

“Wouldn‟t there need to be some kind of power generator, or some kind of device
to activate the shields?” Meena asked.

“Not if it ran on magic.” Harry said. “I can create a shield just by thinking it…why
can‟t they do the same? Granted, that shield would be more powerful but they‟ve
had a long time to learn about their gifts and how to use them. I don‟t think that
the shield was a temporary energy shield, but more of a permanent fixture to the

“Wow. That proves it, you‟re smarter than I am.” Jack said, grinning slightly.

“So is a trained monkey…” Harry trailed. “Never mind…”

“So Harry, going to pull a rabbit out of your hat?” Jack asked innocently. When
Harry gave him a blank stare, he groaned and threw his hands up in the air. “It‟s a
magicians trick…it‟s a cliché of…” He trailed off.

“Right.” Harry said slowly, looking at Jack with a funny expression. “So, now what?”

“The gifted Tau‟ri could aid us in the battle against Anubis, could they not?” Lya
asked, cocking her head slightly.

“I don‟t think so. I pretty much smashed through their „Auror‟s.‟ I think it‟s a kind
of police of military force. Most of their magical attacks are energy based, so the
Kull Warrior should absorb most of their attacks. Besides, they might not be so
keen on me now.” Harry admitted.
“So…what do we do? Ignore them for another day?” Jack asked.

“Earth just learnt that aliens existed. Do you think that they‟re ready to learn that
magic exists?” Daniel asked.

“Probably not.” Jack said, agreeing with Daniel. “So I say that we forget them for
now, kick Anubis‟s ass, then go back and see what they have that could be useful.”

Narim smiled faintly. “I agree.” He said.

“Fine. Now, we have a tiny concern that we need to get to, you know, about the
gigantic fleet of warships coming our way,” Jack said.

“Several Tollan Ion Cannon‟s have been fitted to satellite‟s. Our Fleet arrives and
grows stronger by the day. We have amassed defensive positions along the red
planet called Mars, where we suspect that Anubis will jump from hyperspace in.”
The Klandathol Ambassador, Orbon, said, a small smirk on his face.

Harry remained silent, a small suspicion that had been nagging at him for a while
creeping into his thoughts. A frown crossed his face as he spoke up.

“We have a spy in Anubis‟s ranks, right? What‟s to say that he doesn‟t have one in
ours?” Harry asked.

“We have regular screening processes. If there was a spy, they would have to be
very well hidden.” Narim said slowly. “You know this.”

“I do know this.” Harry said slowly. “But we have been moving equipment and entire
fleets of warships to Earth for days, and you‟re trying to tell me that Anubis
hasn‟t noticed?”

“We have left various long range sensors and scout vessels at the Alliance System.
If you‟re worried that Anubis may be bluffing, we will know if he tries to move into
our Systems and we will have time to send back the fleet.” Narim said, trying to
elevate Harry‟s fears.

“No, I‟m sure that Anubis is coming here. But, I think he may be coming here for
different reasons than we suspect.” Harry said. There was an expectant pause as
Harry continued, taking a breath. “Anubis was once ascended, right? He knows a
lot about the Universe and the artefacts left over by the Ancients, right? Well,
what‟s to say that he doesn‟t know about the Wizards and Witches on Earth?”

“I don‟t get it.” Jack said, frowning. “What are you getting at?”

“Anubis can‟t use his powers unless he can prove to the Ascended Ancients that he
learnt them without Ascension…if he knows about an entire Society that has these
powers, wouldn‟t he long to claim these powers as his own?” Harry asked.

“You think…you think that he‟s here for rabbit-pulling magicians and broom flying
witches?” Jack asked, snorting.

“The Goa‟uld are power hungry. Granted, Anubis isn‟t physically a Goa‟uld anymore,
but he has the mentality of one.” Daniel said slowly. He took off his glasses,
rubbing them as he talked. “If Anubis knew of a way that he could use
supernatural powers without getting in trouble with the Ascended Ancients, he
would go for it immediately.”

“So, you‟re saying that Anubis knows we‟re here…and he doesn‟t care?” Narim

“It is possible.” Lya said softly.

“If he defeats us and conquers Earth, he gets his powers and total domination of
the galaxy.” Harry remarked grimly.

“Well, I guess that means we can‟t lose.” Jack exclaimed. “So Danny boy, find
anything about this Ancient Outpost?”

“Actually, I have a planet address that may provide a clue. I was planning on going
an after the Press Conference, but the whole magic thing sort of distracted me.”
Daniel said. He brightened up. “So Jack, when do we leave?”

“What would this involve?” Jack asked cautiously.

“Most likely, visiting exciting ruins and digging for strange and mysterious

“Seeing a bunch of torn down rocks and digging in the dirt and finding squat.” Jack
translated. “Sure Daniel, I‟ll come. But you dig!”
“Please Rufus, explain why you have your Auror‟s permission to cast the killing
curse in a school full of children.” Albus Dumbledore said pleasantly. Only a small
icy coldness in his normally twinkling eyes gave his pleasant demeanour away.

Rufus Scrimgeour stared back at him from behind his desk. He was standing up
rigidly in the Headmaster‟s office, a defiant look in his posture. “Potter killed one
of my Auror‟s. He may have been a Death Eater, but he used an illegal and terrible
piece of Dark Magic with ease. Doesn‟t that give a clue into his nature?”

Minister Fudge jerked in his seat as he glowered at both men. “Albus, what were
you doing in kidnapping an Alien?” He growled angrily.

Dumbledore sent a penetrating look at Fudge, who squirmed in his seat. “I was not
aware of Harry‟s true nature.” He admitted. “But as you said to me once before,
Harry was to be bought back to a safe and secure location at all costs. I was
merely concerned with his wellbeing. I can now see that he is capable of taking
care if himself.”

“After he attacked my Auror‟s!” Scrimgeour yelled.

“What do you want to do Rufus, arrest him? Arrest the person who seems to be in
charge of saving our planet?” Albus asked. His twinkle grew back as he stroked his
beard. “He will come in due time. Not doubt, he will become curious about our
world and return. He will become a great Wizard, much like his parents.”

“And he can take his place among us.” Fudge said, satisfied.

“What if he doesn‟t” What if he decides that he doesn‟t care?” Scrimgeour asked
softly. “Voldemort was defeated once by this boy, he could do it again. If he
refuses, then we may be doomed.”

“If he refuses, we may have to use…extreme measures to persuade him.” Fudge
said slowly.
Dumbledore watched as suspicion and dread filled his heart as Fudge and
Scrimgeour exchanged looks. They were up to something, and as Dumbledore
watched them floo back to the Ministry, he knew it wasn‟t going to be good for

Three Days left


“Have you got the device?” Minister Fudge asked eagerly as he stood up from his
office chair the moment his visitor walked in.

A tall man with a small grey beard and guarded sky-blue eyes frowned slightly as he
pulled out a small metal box from his thick black robes. It was a specialised
Unspeakable warded box, with many enchantments and charms placed on it that
the box was made from more magic than metal. Lord Voldemort and Albus
Dumbledore working together wouldn‟t break into this box for at least two days.

“Does it do what the report says?” The Minister said eagerly, a fanatical light in
his eyes as he stared at the box with an awed expression.

“We think so.” The man said softly as he opened up the box. Only four people in the
world could open these boxes, and the Head of Unspeakables was one of them. “It
is a relic of our ancient past, a past that we know very little of. Our tests indicate
that it is thousands, if not tens of thousands years old, yet it appears to be in
working order and good condition. We think that it predates Merlin and was built
and charmed by the first of our kind, before the destruction of Atlantis.”

Fudge stared inside the box with a small smirk on his face. “I want it.” He declared.

“Minister, this artefact is ancient. While there have been numerous tests on its
application, if you were to use it on somebody, we don‟t know what else could
happen.” The man said lowly.

“I don‟t care!” Fudge growled. “I will fire you and slash your budget by ninety five
percent if you don‟t give it to me!”

The man hesitated and handed it over. Fudge took the box and snapped it shut.

“You can go now, and if you tell anybody about this…it will be treason and you will
be arrested on suspected Death Eater charges!” Fudge growled.

The man gave a short bow and left with a swirl of his robe, leaving a grinning Fudge
staring at a small bracelet adorned by numerous markings…markings known to few
in the universe, markings of the Ancients…
“There is unrest in the cities of the Nox.” Lya told Harry as they both stared at
into space from aboard his ship. Large battleships floated by, defensive satellites
armed and orbiting the small planet they were trying to defend. Asgard, Tollan,
Hertion and Klandathol class Warships occasionally burst into and from
hyperspace, continuing their patrols. A large space station floated between
Earth‟s crater-packed moon and the blue planet- powerful shields and weapons
bristling off it. Beyond that, several large Nox cities, glowing shields surrounding
them and keeping the vacuum of space at bay.

“Unrest?” Harry asked carefully.

“The complete annihilation of our children caused much anger and righteous rage,
emotions that have not been felt by the Nox for many thousands of years. These
emotions are beginning to wear off, and more and more of the Nox are questioning
the use of violence. Some have stated that they do not wish to participate in this
war.” Lya said. She looked tired, her long hair less sleek than usual and her eyes
slightly droopy and bloodshot.

“So…are the Nox planning on withdrawing?” Harry asked with a heavy heart.

“Some already have. One of our cities have already left Earth‟s orbit, with many
skilled Healers onboard. They are the oldest of the Nox, the ones who cannot
adapt to the new changes to our ways.” Lya admitted. She bowed her head.
Comfortable silence reigned between the two for a few minutes as Harry leant
back in the chairs of the Deicida and Lya sat rigidly in her chair.
“Why are they so resistant?” Harry murmured outloud.

“Our ways are not merely our ideas of peace, they are our way of life, our core
beliefs. They eldest of us have lived with these ways for many centuries. They
cannot continue to defy their natural lifestyle for violence.” Lya answered.

“What about the rest of the Nox?”

“The young are still feeling righteous anger and the thirst for revenge. It is
unhealthy for a Nox to feel these things, but in any case, they will stay with us.
Many gifted have already pledged to fight, while others have decided to heal and
promote life. Still, you can except that another two cities will leave in the next
day.” Lya answered.

Harry sighed. “I don‟t blame them.” He muttered. “Life was much easier when the
Goa‟uld ruled the universe…which pains me to say. I could just fly through space,
go anywhere I want and do what I want…I was free. Now, I have all of these
responsibilities, Commander of the Fleet, leader of the soldiers…I‟m a hero to
these people. I will never be free again.”

“You long for freedom.” Lya noted as she drew closer to Harry. She touched his
shoulder gently, smiling softly as she stared into his eyes. “This is most likely from
your experiences as a host- you know what oppression feels like. When you fight
and lead, you know what you are fighting for and what will happen if you fail.
People can see this…even if your actions against the Goa‟uld and Anubis had never
been heard of, they would still follow them. You remind them that somebody has
once been imprisoned and oppressed and that same person now is free. You give
them hope. After the war, the focus will not be on you, the warriors and soldiers
and healers will be pushed to the background as the politicians create a new

“I hope so,” Harry murmured. He suddenly straightened, shaking his head
vigorously. “Look at me, I‟m becoming a sap.” He said, snorting.

Lya smiled knowingly as Harry stood, tapping a few buttons.

“There. It‟s done. Wanna test out the new Asgard beaming device?” Harry asked

“I would be honoured.” Lya murmured as she stood. Harry took her hand with his
left hand and punched a few buttons with his right. There was a bright flash as
the two were transported away from the Deicida and into the Space station.
Far away, on another Planet, Alliance members and the Earth team called SG-1
loitered around a small crumbling ruin. Daniel Jackson was busy translating the
ancient writings of the Ancients. They may hold the key to another powerful
weapon that could be used to defend Earth…In the darkness of space surrounding
Earth, Battlecruisers and Warships moved into position as they prepared for the
greatest battle that the Alliance had ever faced…On Earth, Albus Dumbledore sat
in his office, his mind a blur. Fudge was up to something, something that would no
doubt prove harmful for the only son of James and Lily Potter. What could he do
to stop it? Right now, all he could was wait…In another city, in a dark mansion, a
pale figure sat on his throne, his crimson eyes gleaming. Aliens…muggle
spaceships…things had changed…his plans had changed…In another part of the
universe, Anubis watched with glee as a dark flame enveloped his target and
reducing it to ashes. He mentally chuckled as he clenched his glove, surrounded by
the force field that gave his spirit a physical form. He would be ready…and he
would crush the Alliance where they made their stand. As he stared out of the
transparent force field surrounding his cockpit, he watched as his fleet of ships
prepared to move into hyperspace…a fleet that was over six hundred vessels
strong. The Alliance was underestimating him…and that would be their
destruction…Two Days left


“Almost time.” An Alliance soldier muttered to his friend, who was sitting with his
head in his hands behind a small machine.

“Almost, but luckily, not yet.” The other man said, yawning. He glanced down at his
screen and sighed. “I hope these sensors are working properly,”

“Relax.” The soldier said. He shifted on his feet as he leant across the machine.
“The Asgard built these, they can‟t go wrong.”

The other man nodded, before a small beep made him stiffen. He glanced down to
see a single dot on the oversized map of the galaxy. Another dot appeared, and
another, and another. Soon there were at least two hundreds and the number kept
on rising.

The soldier pressed the alarm, his eyes wide as he stared from the small scout
vessel with anxious eyes. Most of the dots were staying still in the orbit of the
gas giant, but a small group of ten had broken off and were coming there way.

“ALERT! ALERT! ENEMY VESSELS INCOMING!” The computer intoned as the
soldier jumped into the pilot‟s seat

“They‟re early!” The other man yelled as the scout ship started moving. He was
watching the large screen that showed the picture behind them, of ten are long
and thin vessels, full of sharp angles and juts. They were covered in spikes and
weapons and radiated evilness.

“This is Long range recon nine, Anubis‟s forces have arrived! I repeat, Anubis‟s
forces have arrived!” The soldier shouted into his communicator as he rocketed
through space.

Anubis‟s warships fired bursts of energy zooming past the small ship. It wasn‟t
even a fight as the scout was struck, metal groaning as it snapped and energy
bursts searing into the hull and exploding the ship.
“What the hell is going on?” Harry asked, scowling as he stormed into the room.
Technicians and scientists were running around, yelling and screaming directions. A
doctor came up to him, his face showing a clear relief.

“Commander! The invading fleet has arrived!” He gasped.

Harry stiffened. “What?” he demanded. “But they‟re not meant to be here for two
Without waiting for an answer, Harry stormed from the room and concentrated.
He teleported away, and reappeared in the Council Room. The grim faces that met
him told him that they knew.

“We need to move the fleet just kilometres from the Asteroid belt that separates
Mars and Jupiter.” Harry said as he took charge. “I want to use the Asteroids as
weapons- hurl them at Anubis‟s ships. Are the Ion Cannon emplacements ready?”

“Thirty six have already been constructed on Earth.” Andrew answered his eyes
dark and moody. “In two hours, we can have another twenty installed.”

“Inform the Earth governments at once.” Harry ordered. “Tell them to be ready.
Thor, are your ships ready?”

“Yes.” Thor said slowly, his large eyes blinking.

“Good. Have them meet the Tollan Cruisers at the designated Alpha point.” Harry
said. “I‟ll prepare the Deicida and be there in ten minutes.”

Harry teleported out as everybody rushed to his or her stations. It was time.
As Harry strapped on his weapons, taking care to pack his focus, he felt a soothing
presence envelop him.

“Hello Lya.” He said, as Lya appeared behind him, her eyes moist.

“It is time.” Lya stated resignedly.

“Yeah. Do you know what you have to do?” Harry asked.

Lya nodded. “The cities are to remain in Earth Orbit and provide defensive fire.
Our Healers are waiting for the casualties to arrive, an entire city has been set up
as a medical station.”

“Good.” Harry said curtly as he slipped on his hand device. He had managed to get
it fixed but was still puzzled in how the Avada Kedavra curse destroyed the
energy shield in the first place.

“Do be careful.” Lya whispered, laying a small hand on Harry‟s arm.
Harry looked at the hand and stared Lya in the eye. He saw only worry, warmth and
a caring that stumped him.

“You too.” He said cockily, giving her hand a squeeze and gave a roguish grin. “Later
Lya, I have somebody I need to kill.”

Lya nodded briefly and closed her eyes, preparing to teleport away. She suddenly
stiffened as she felt a pair of lips close over her own, and opened them as Harry
wrapped his arms around her. She layed her head on his shoulder as he hugged her
fiercely, his cocky attitude gone.

“Thanks…for everything.” Harry said softly. He released Lya and concentrated,
shimmering away and reappearing into his ship. He rubbed his eyes furiously as he
sat down. Stupid irritating dust.
One hour later

A long line of powerful and advanced vessels was spread out along the space
surrounding the red planet. The Alliance had twenty-nine Tollan Cruisers, spread
out evenly. In between Jaffa Ha‟tak, seventeen Klendathol Destroyers, fourteen
Hertion Warships and a hundred or so other smaller vessels lay in wait. Nine
Asgard Motherships patrolled up ahead, their weapons and shields charged at full
power. The Tollan Battlecruiser and the two Earth Warships guarded the networks
of defensive satellites that were powering up. In all of this, a silver ship whizzed

“Are we all set?” Harry asked calmly.

“Yes, we are.” A fuzzy voice over the radio answered. “The enemy has not yet made
a move, but more and more of them are appearing. So far, we count roughly five
fifty larger vessels and who knows how many other fighters.”

“Five fifty?” Harry asked, hiding his shock.

“Yes sir.”

“This is Thor. We have detected a wave of enemy vessels approaching. We
estimate roughly one hundred of them.”
“Alliance Vessels, on my mark, aim directly below the asteroid belt with your lowest
settings. Let‟s see if we can use it to our advantage.” Harry ordered as blood
began to pump faster in his veins.”

Harry aimed carefully, targeting a particularly large asteroid. “Fire!”

From the rows of vessels came a giant flash as hundreds, if not thousands, of
energy weapons discharged at the same time. Streaks of red, blue, green, yellow,
orange and purple burst forwards, the deadly energy lancing forward towards the
large wall of asteroids. There were bright flashes as some asteroids exploded
instantly. Vessels shook as concussion waves spread across space and asteroids
started slowly moving forward. Another barrage of energy fire sent more and
more asteroids hurtling forward. As the Asgard Motherships appeared from
hyperspace, retreating from their patrol, hundreds of asteroids hurtled forward
with incredible speeds.
A tall and thin man with silver hair and glowing eyes- a telltale sign of a Goa‟uld,
stood at the bridge of one of Anubis‟s warships. Around him, Kull Warriors worked
without delay or hesitation as the fleet carefully made it‟s way through the large
asteroid field.

“Commander. The asteroids are blocking our long range sensors.” A Kull Warrior
spoke up, his toneless synthesised voice echoing around the large bridge.

“When we come out, activate full sensor relays. I want to know where those
Alliance scum are.” The man ordered, his voice distorted by the Goa‟uld.

“Commander. Short range sensors indicate a large volley of moving objects coming
our way.” The Kull Warrior spoke up again.

“Raise shields to full power.” The Goa‟uld said, almost in disgust. “Prepare all
offensive weapons.”

As the large fleet zoomed forward, the Goa‟uld jumped to his feet in panic as the
objects came into view- large asteroids hurtling towards them at incredible
speeds. “DESTORY THEM!”

It was too late. The Goa‟uld gave a loud scream as an asteroid slammed into his
ships, exploding violently on the shields. The space became littered with rapid
streaks of yellow and red and small debris from destroyed asteroids. A warship
was sliced in two as a long and thin asteroid slammed into its side, slicing into the
hull easily. Four more vessels were destroyed as large asteroids slammed into
them. It was a deathtrap for Anubis‟s forces. The Goa‟uld commander glared as a
Ha‟tak was struck, being knocked sideway and into another Ha‟tak. They both
exploded in a ball of searing flames fed by the life support on the ships.

Five minutes later, the Commander stared across space. The asteroid barrage was
over and he had survived. Many of his Fleet hadn‟t, large wrecked vessels torn
asunder across his vision. Thirty-two vessels destroyed, forty-five damaged badly.
Anubis was going to kill him.
Ten Minutes

Anubis watched as the silver haired man dropped limply to the ground, the life
drained from his body.

“Send the next wave. Tell the Commander that if he loses, he dies.” Anubis ordered
a Kull Warrior.
Half an Hour later

The first sign of the next wave was the small flares of light within the asteroid
belt. Harry waited anxiously as the flares got closer and closer and tightened his
grip on his armrest.

“All vessels, stand by.” He ordered.

As the flares got brighter and brighter, the asteroid belt in front of them
suddenly exploded simultaneously. From the flames came the warships of
doom…sleek black ships covered in spikes, flanked by the traditional Ha‟tak. There
were dozens…hundreds!

“FIRE!” Harry screamed into his communicator.

Energy bursts erupted, thousands of searing bolts and beams if energy lancing
forward. The first of the incoming warships were struck, their powerful shields
being overwhelmed by the amount of energy being directed at them. Seven
exploded violently, but were knocked aside as more and more sped forward. A
bright red flash from one of the ships indicated their next move.

“Shields up! Fire at will!” Harry shouted as he piloted the Deicida towards the
ranks. “Hold the lines!”

From the approaching warships came a barrage of red and yellow plasma. Powerful
silver and blue shields surrounded the mightiest warships, as energy exploded on
them in a shower of sparks and cackles. Several smaller Alliance vessels were
destroyed, their crew‟s screams of pain echoing on the communications system.

“All vessels, evasive manoeuvres Harry snapped as he increased his speed to avoid a
dozen streaks of yellow energy. The Tollan Cruisers lumbered forward, their ion
Cannons firing rapidly. Anubis‟s Ha‟tak‟s didn‟t have the shield strength of his
Warships, and buckled under the strain of the repelling fire.

“The Smaller Vessels should aim for the Ha‟tak, the Cruisers, Destroyers and
Warships target Anubis‟s Warships!” Harry advised as he barrel rolled. He stayed
still for a split second and fired, beams and bursts of energy slamming into the
nearest Warship, which shuddered under the strain as plasma penetrated the
shields and struck against the hull, causing small explosions and cracks.
Colonel Caldwell stared from the bridge of one of Earth‟s warships, the Daedalus,
watching the flashes of light and balls of fire grimly.

“Commander. The defensive satellites are powered up and ready.” He said loudly.

There was silence, before the Commander‟s youthful voice came back to him.
“Alright then. Bring em forward!”

Caldwell nodded to himself as he turned to his second in command. “Power the
shields up to max and ready all rail gun stations. Initiate the Satellite Network
and alert the Battlecruiser that we‟re going in!”

The space was raining colours and fire. Anubis‟s fleet was trying its best to
penetrate the ranks of the Alliance fleet, while the Alliance was struggling to hold
its position. A Tollan Cruiser burst into flames, electricity cackling over the
surface as it spun out of control. The automatic Asgard transporters meant that
everybody on the ship had been beamed out as soon as something critical had
happened, and sent back to the Nox Cities via a series of electronic jumps from
long range relays.

A nearby Tollan Cruiser opened fire on the extremely damaged one. It was too
dangerous to let Anubis get hold of any Tollan or Asgard technology, and the ship
had been abandoned was flying wildly. Sooner or later, it would hit a friendly ship.

As Harry weaved and turned through the balls of fire and the bursts of energy, he
noted the Warships of Anubis hanging back. Two large panels opened up from the
side of the vessel, and a black swarm of fighters zoomed out, at least fifty per
ship. They were shaped like a spider and armed to the teeth.

“We have fighters incoming!” Harry warned as he activated the defence turrets.
Several plasma cannons opened up from beneath the panels as the swarm of
fighters- a thousand at least, came close. From the Tollan Cruiser came their the
Alliances own fighters, Death Gliders, Al‟kesh, Hertion Starbombers, Klendathol
fighters and the Tau‟ri F-302‟s. Energy, rapid-fire bullets and missiles burst
forward as the two groups met.

Harry‟s plasma cannons fired non-stop as he darted in the fray. He took out one,
two, four, eight fighters as he zoomed and swivelled between the smaller dart-like
fighters. Activating his main weapons systems, he launched another volley on a
spike covered Warship. The Warships shields held strong as the energy wave
burst onto it. Harry growled softly under his breath and fired his projectile
weapons. He was limited to about five dozen of them, and had no way of getting any
more. He fired four of them, and watched gleefully as the four bright streaks
ignored the shield and slammed into the hull of the Warship, which cracked and
burst into several different parts in a sphere of flames and death.

“Where the hell are the Satellites!” Harry asked angrily as the Deicida rocked
under powerful blows.
Caldwell stared with a slight sense of awe but mainly fear as the group approached
the battlefield. The Tollan Battlecruiser zoomed in; dwarfing any other ship as it
fired its powerful weapons. Tearing through fighters and Ha‟tak, the Battlecruiser
pitted itself against a group of nine Warships. Caldwell pressed a small button and

Fourteen Defence Satellites spun slowly around in space. All at once, they suddenly
retracted, before panels opened up and strange looking turrets formed. Most
were the leftovers from the Asgard War, while two had an experimental charged
energy weapon.

They fired simultaneously, their computers locking onto to enemy targets. There
was a loud roaring noise as sleeks of silver and grey erupted, spinning wildly. These
thin, sharp and fast projectiles zoomed through the air and impacted on four
Warships, slicing through them easily and breaking through their shields. The
Warships shuddered and groaned, two exploding instantly while the other two just
sat still, dead in space. The projectiles had been installed with Anti-Kull energy
bursts, and when they passed through an enemy vessel, they released a powerful
blinding burst of energy that would neutralise any Kull on board.

The two energy satellites emitted a low humming noise that was gradually building
up. As Five Ha‟tak‟s diverted their course to intercept, the satellites charged up
their power. The hum began to intensify, before a blinding beam of green erupted
from them both. They rocketed past the shields, and tore a great hole in the
Ha'tak‟s. One beam was so powerful that it tore through one Ha‟tak and slammed
into the other one behind it.

Caldwell immediately began barking orders as the two Ha‟tak came into range. “All
Rail guns, fire at will! Arm two Mark-Two‟s!”

Tracer fire erupted from the Tau‟ri vessel as two small missiles burst from the
launcher. As plasma fire lanced towards the Tau‟ri Vessel, one of the nukes was
destroyed. The other struck the energy shields of the Ha‟tak and detonated.
There was a bright flash as most of the energy was absorbed by the shields, but
some of the energy burst forward and incinerated the Ha‟tak, leaving nothing

“Again!” Caldwell ordered.
One Hour Later

“This is the Commander. All fighters regroup and protect the Cruisers and
Destroyers. All Vessels, regroup and retreat back to the red planet.” Harry
ordered. The fighting had died down as time had passed, Anubis‟s fleet incurring
heavy casualties. If three hundred vessels had been in this wave, then two
hundred and eight had been destroyed or incapacitated. Unfortunately, Eighteen
Tollan Cruisers, All fourteen Hertion Warships, five Asgard Motherships, ten
Klendathol Destroyers and at least a hundred smaller vessels had been destroyed.
Luckily most of the personal had survived, beaming out seconds before total

Entire squadrons of Death Gliders, Al‟kesh, Starbombers and F-302‟s had been
wiped out, and nine Defensive satellites were gone, including one energy based

As the Alliance regrouped, Anubis‟s forces suddenly stopped. From the littered
remains of metal, wreckage and asteroids came another wave of warships, another
two hundred of them.

Harry sighed quietly at the sight of them. “This is the Commander,” He spoke
softly into his communications device. “Retreat, I repeat, retreat to earth‟s orbit!”
Several Hours Later

The situation was not good. Only seven Tollan Cruisers remained, with four
critically damaged. Three Asgard Motherships were operational, one needing
extensive repairs, while only four Klendathol Destroyers remained. There were
about twenty smaller vessels that were able to fight and were being upgraded with
the best technology that the Alliance had to offer. A few hundred fighters were
still operational. The Tollan Battlecruiser was still in working condition and was
being repaired.

“It isn‟t looking good.” Harry admitted.

“We have suffered losses.” Thor said slowly. “We will be unable to repel another
attack with our current forces.”

The mood of the Council was grim. Each of the representatives had lost lives today
and each of them knew that they needed a miracle.

“We need a miracle.” Meena said softly.

“Perhaps we should withdraw…evacuate as many of Earth‟s people as we can.” Orbon
suggested heavily.

“Wait a minute! There are over six billion people on Earth! We don‟t have the time
or the recourse to move them! And frankly, I can‟t believe that the Alliance would
even consider abandoning us!” Andrew snapped angrily, his ears turning red as his
voice got progressively louder.

“We won‟t.” Harry said flatly. “That isn‟t an option Orbon.”

Orbon nodded slowly. “I realised that…but we should consider it as a worst case

Andrew sighed sadly, looking down in his hands. “What are the chances we can win
this fight?”

“Um…they range between none at all and absolutely none.” Harry snapped

“Patience Harry.” Lya said, her voice soothing away Harry‟s irritation.

“Yeah.” Harry muttered. He looked thoughtful as he considered his options.

“Got anything?” Jack asked hopefully.

“Well, if we can kill Anubis, there‟s a good chance that his forces might
panic…maybe even shutdown completely.” Harry murmured.

“And how would we kill him?” Narim asked.

“I would need to get onto his ship.” Harry said. His eyes narrowed as he continued.
“I would need to find Anubis and destroy him…”

“Can he be destroyed?” Lya asked from beside Harry. Her hand fluttered over
Harry‟s under the table.

“Honestly, I don‟t know.” Harry said frankly. He turned to Andrew. “These wizards
and witches…can you get me spells that harm spirits?”

“Exorcist spells?” Andrew asked in surprise. “Um…sure. If you beam to the right
place, I can be back in fifteen minutes.”
“Do it.” Harry said. As Andrew was going to beam away, Daniel and Sam rushed in,
right past the guards.

“Sir! We may have a way to destroy Anubis without any losses!” Sam panted.

“It‟s a bit too late for that.” Jack muttered. Samantha looked at him in curiosity
and he elaborated. “Anubis attacked several hours ago. Both sides took a heavy
beating but as of now, he outnumbers us 5:1.”

“Oh.” Sam uttered softly. “Did anybody…?”

“Quite a few. What do you have?” Harry interrupted.

“We‟ve come across a location that another planet has a very powerful ancient
weapon built on it at a small outpost.” Daniel said briskly. He tapped a small round
device and stepped back as a green and blue planet emerged. It had one large
landmass, with ocean surrounding it.

“I do not recognise that planet.” Thor said slowly.

“Either do I.” Harry admitted, squinting closely.

“Either did we. Apparently, its called Terra.” Daniel said, a small grin on his face.
“Which, translated from Ancient, speaks of Earth,”

“That‟s not Earth.” Jack scoffed.

“Maybe not at the present day, but back when the Ancients lived here, the land
would be very different. This was probably before the Ice Age, maybe even the
dinosaurs!” Daniel said in a rush. He tapped the device again and the Council
watched as a small red dot started blinking on the lower half of the giant

“We‟ve calculated continental shift and we‟ve deduced that the outpost is in
Antarctica. We don‟t know exactly where though.” Carter said.

“Okay, Andrew, get me those spells. Jack, take your team to Antarctica and find
that outpost.” Harry ordered.
Fifteen Minutes Later

Harry was sitting down with an open book in front of him, reading madly as the
Council discussed events around him. True to his word, Andrew had only taken
minutes in getting this book. There were all sorts of spells, some to ward away
ghosts, others to contain banshees. It was all quite interesting…and most of it was
totally irrelevant.

“Commander, Anubis‟s Fleet has come into contact with our sensors! ETA three
minutes!” A wild call came over the communicators.

“Understood. All vessels, maintain position.” Narim ordered, and sighed wearily as
he sank into his seat.

“I suggest that all Council members evacuate the Space Station.” Andrew said. “If
Anubis destroys it and all of us with it…there will be no chance for the Alliance.”

“I agree.” Harry spoke up from his book, frowning slightly. “I suggest using the
Nox cities. They‟re some of the better shielded craft.”

“Very well.” Narim said, standing up. “If we fail, I would like to say that it has been
a honour.”

“The Hertion System will always remember this Alliance.” Meena said quietly.

“Oh great, sappy sentiment stuff.” Harry muttered. “People, we sure as hell are not
going to let Anubis win. So stop with the goodbye speeches!”

“You are as blunt as ever.” Lya said quietly as the Council members left abashed.
Harry‟s eyes softened as he turned to Lya, cocking his head.

“Make sure that the cities are ready to retreat.” He said softly. “If Anubis wins, I
would rather that only one race is destroyed, not two.”

“I understand.” Lya said softly. She raised her arm, sliding her hand over Harry's
cheek, before teleporting away and leaving Harry alone.

“This isn‟t the time to be romancing your friends.” Harry chided himself softly, as
he stood alone in the Council Room.
At Hogwarts, an Astronomy class was busy preparing their telescopes. While the
supposed alien battle wasn‟t meant to be happening for another couple of days,
Professor Sinistra had been eager to see some mind of proof that aliens existed.
While the Daily Prophet had reported about the muggle disclosure of aliens, a
surprisingly low number of people believed it to be true, even the Minister.
Unfortunately for the 6th year Astronomy Class, Sinistra did believe it was real
and had spent entire lessons raving on about it,

“So, do you think aliens are real?” Ron asked Seamus is a hushed voice.

“I dunno mate, it sounds all far fetched an everything.” Seamus said in his Irish
tanh, frowning.

“What about Potter? He said he was an alien!” Seamus‟s new girlfriend, Lavender
Brown asked.

“Potter, alien?” Malfoy scoffed from across the tower, his ears pricked up at the
slightest mention of Potter. “Well, he was as ugly as one…and I suppose that his
mudblood mothers blood could be counted.”

“Say that again Malfoy!” Ron spat angrily, his fists bunched up.

“Ron, just ignore him!” Hermione said, placing a soothing hand on his arm.

“Always needing a Mudblood to stick up for you, huh Weasley?” Pansy Parkinson

“Hey, look!” Neville cried out, his eye stuck on his telescope.

“What, find your brain Longbottom?” Malfoy said. His goons, Crabbe and Goyle,
sniggered under their breaths.

“Professor! I can seen flashes of light!” Neville called.

Professor Sinistra clapped excitedly as she waved her wand. A sparkling mist shot
out of it and all of the telescopes suddenly shifted into the direction of Neville‟s.
“Wow!” Hermione breathed. Beautiful flashes of light and sparks lit up the night
sky, before a sudden flare of light and a ball of fire clouded their view.

“The attack…” Hermione said in awe. “It‟s happening now!”

“My word!” Sinistra murmured to herself.
All across the world, night and day, flashes and flares of light lit up the skies.
Small specks zoomed across the sky, moving too slow for meteors and too
erratically for satellites.

At the source of these flashes, sleek and advanced Cruisers zoomed forward,
cannons bursting forward bursts of blue energy, as they engaged Abubis‟s
warships. Small streaks of grey and black were all that could be seen as fighters
weaved and dodged, zoomed and fought each other. The largest vessel, the Tollan
Battlecruiser, hovered near the space station. Streaks of energy lanced at its
shields, but the pale blue glowing shields absorbed the harmful power.

Two hundred black spike covered vessels zoomed forward, intent on only one
thing…the destruction of Earth. This mad rush proved beneficial for the Alliance,
knocking out and incinerating dozens of them as they came into range of the
defensive satellites. However, soon the Satellites themselves came under attack,
exploding violently under the constant barrage of enemy fire. One of Anubis‟s
warships stayed back, away from the fighting. It would fire at anything that came
close but wouldn‟t advance. Most of the Alliance ships paid it no heed, having other
things to worry about. However, a single small silver vessel sped towards it, dodging
the plasma fire directed at it.

Harry punched in the last of the autopilot coordinates and stood up. He gripped his
Zat tightly as the Deicida whirled around, firing rapid bursts of energy at the
vessel Harry knew Anubis was on. He could feel the evilness radiating from this
ship. It was time for Anubis to die.

In a large corridor on Anubis‟s ship, the four Kull Warriors were momentarily
surprised at the flash of white light. Suddenly, four coils of electricity zapped
from the fading light. The energy seemed to bounce harmlessly of the Kull armour,
before it stuck forward and dove deep, neutralising them.

Where the flash of light had occurred, a young man lowered his Zat. Harry
frowned, concentrating and moved to the end of the doors. He pulled out his
focus, concentrated, and unleashed a brilliant sparkling orange beam of magic,
which splashed against the doors and blew them off their hinges.

“Anubis, I‟m home?” Harry called as he walked into the room. He wrinkled his nose
at the decor, which involved the colour black, weird twisted statues and lots and
lots of spikes. “Though I have to say, I hate what you‟ve done to the place.”

The cloaked form of Anubis looked up, whitish energy restrained by a forcefield-
the only thing that gave Anubis a physical form.


“Really? Cause I only though about killing you twenty minutes ago.”


“Ah, so that‟s what you‟re after. How did you find out?” Harry asked, a touch

ANCIENTS STRIPPED ME OF MY POWERS!” Anubis snarled, gliding forward. He
held out a black gloved hand. Suddenly, a ball of black and purple fire engulfed his

Anubis hurled the fire at Harry, who ducked as it seared overhead. It struck the
wall, and metal fragments shot out as it exploded, blowing a large hole out of the
metal wall.

Harry jumped back up, his hands flicking wildly. Fire and lightning was conjured,
cackling bolts and searing flames erupting like bullets. Anubis laughed menacingly,
his voice echoing in the large chamber as they surrounded him.

“YOUR POWERS ARE USELESS AGAINST ME!” Anubis chortled, raising a gloved
hand. A streak of shimmering ebony energy scorched the air, product of a
powerful mental focus.

Harry swiped his focus, letting his magic flow through it. A flash of golden light
temporarily blinded him as a shimmering golden globe burst into existence around
him. There was a screeching noise, of metal grating metal, as the ebony ray
collided with the golden shield and was overwhelmed.

“Avada Kedavra!” Harry cried. Anubis, still confident in his superior shields, stood
still and opened his arms as if to embrace the jet of green light. He staggered
back as he was hit, giving off a roar of agony.

“WHAT WAS THAT?” He snarled angrily. Standing still, a glove of cackling
electricity surrounded him and burst forward towards Harry, who clicked his
fingers. The electricity suddenly veered off course, its dangerous voltage
splashing and cackling around a large spike pillar.

“Seems your not invincible!” Harry said, smirking slightly. He raised his wand again,
while bringing his other hand low and slashing a single finger through the air.
“Avada Kedavra!”

Anubis jumped high, higher than humanly possible as the jet of green light soared
below. He landed, his hand raised, just as a pillar suddenly groaned and tumbled as
a thin and almost invisible beam of magic cut through it. The Pillar struck Anubis
and crushed him, crashing to the floor and sending shards of metal and stone
flying. Harry stood still, staring at the fallen wreckage before he felt a build up of
power and was launched off his feet, as a ball of black flames erupted from
around the rubble, curtesy of Anubis‟s telekinetic powers.

As Harry staggered up, an invisible force slammed into him and knocked him back.
He grunted as something slashed at his face, blood dripping from his cheek as yet
another blow dove into his ribs. He lashed out with his powers, a wave of
shimmering ice shooting out in all directions. Anubis was struck, but the ice just
ground into a fine powder against his forcefield. Harry staggered up, and launched
glowing balls of power at Anubis, who batted four of them away but was struck by
the last two. He screamed an unearthly wail as they exploded and parts of his cloak
fell away.

“Avada Kedavra!” Harry roared. A jet of green light struck the staggering Anubis,
who was launched off his feet and into the wall.

Harry had to dodge and shield himself as telekentic blows rained towards him.
Lightning, fire and anything that Anubis could conjure was launched at him. He
concentrated and teleported away with a shimmer, reappearing at the other side
of the chamber. Anubis slashed at the ground with his arm, and the metal cracked
and uplifted as an invisible mental wave travelled towards Harry, who jumped over
it as he sent a spear of cackling lightning hurtling through the air. It struck
Anubis, who growled menacingly.

out a small orb, which glowed with an unholy black light. “HOWEVER, YOU WILL

As Anubis pressed it, his cloak suddenly fell to the ground as the forcefield
deactivated. Harry raised his focus, the spell to harm a spirit on the tip of his
tongue when the glowing black with streaks of white spectre suddenly flashed. A
pale blue forcefield erupted around it, and formed into yet another shape. This
time, it wasn‟t human. It appeared to be the shape of a giant creature, with a large
body and spiked tail. Harry gulped as he stood back, his eyes wide. He hadn‟t
expected that…


“No, I‟ll just be used as a host…or whatever it is you do to possess people!” Harry

The Anubis-creature roared angrily and opened its transparent mouth. A burst of
energy shot out. Harry teleported away, just as the section of floor exploded in a
purple column of flames.

“Avada Kedavra!” Harry cried out. A jet of green light struck Anubis-creature, who
roared as he sent a spiral of flames towards Harry, who deflected it barely.
Anubis-creature suddenly shimmered and disappeared, and Harry spun around as
he felt a rush of air, just as he was struck in the face with a „paw‟. He felt his nose
break and his head spin back as a huge tail knocked him back and onto his back. He
rolled over, just as a „paw‟ slammed down onto the ground. His face was numb, thick
blood streaming down his face. His chest hurt with every breath and his body
ached all over.

“Excortico!” Harry spluttered through a mouthful of blood. He could feel his body
super-healing, a leftover from his time as a host, working and felt the internal
bleeding slow down and stop as a white shimmering light burst from his focus. It
had absolutely no effect as the forcefield surrounding Anubis absorbed it.

As Anubis let loose another wave of flames, Harry rolled over and teleported away.
He reappeared behind a giant pillar and spied the doors. Maybe he should
leave…run away to fight another day.


In a way, Harry summarised, Anubis was Immortal. There was nothing that Harry
could do to crack such powerful shields. They had no power source that he could
destroy, (most likely, they actually ran off the energy Anubis produced in his form

Harry had to duck as the pillar he was standing behind was engulfed in black and
purple flames. He launched a volley of shining lances of pure silver magic at
Anubis, he let them be absorbed into his shields. Pulling out a Zat‟nikatel, he fired
repeatedly at the Anubis-creature, but the energy blasts were easily deflected.

“Damn it!” Harry swore. “You could power a god-damn planet with those shields!”

“THEY ARE INVUNERABLE…” Anubis roared.

“Avada Kedavra!” Harry cried again. The jet of green light easily struck the
lumbering giant, who roared with pain.

“Not so invulnerable!” Harry called out.

AND MORE IMMUNE TO IT!” Anubis snarled.
“Avada Kedavra!” Harry hollered, jumping from behind a pillar. Anubis swatted the
jet of green light, making small hisses of pain.

As another jet of fire sped towards Harry, he activated his hand device shield and
stepped forward. Intense heat and colour surrounded him as Anubis chortled in

Harry stepped through the flames, sending multiple jets of green death at Anubis-
creature, who roared as his shields took his entire being as energy to compensate
for the energy loss. Suddenly, Harry spotted Anubis‟s cloak, just lying on the
ground, with the small device on top of it…
Lya watched from a Nox city as the remnants of the Alliance Fleet retreated. One
Tollan Cruiser, one Tau‟ri Warship, the Tollan Battlecruiser and two Asgard
Motherships were all that was left, with a handful of fighters. Anubis had over
sixty ships that were slowly advancing, firing bursts of energy rapidly as they sped
ahead. Just minutes ago, the Spacestation had exploded violently as the forces of
Anubis advanced. The battle was lost…the remaining Alliance vessels were
critically damaged, and wouldn‟t last five more minutes. A tear slipped from her eye
as she spotted the Deicida, still and motionless after being struck by a beam of
plasma. All was lost…Back on Earth, below the icy regions of Antarctica, Jack
O‟Neill stood in front of a metallic chair.

“This is the weapon?” Jack asked in surprise.

“Well, it‟s all that‟s here.” Daniel said. “Sit down.”

Jack gave him a wary look and sat down. He immediately gave a small cry of
surprise as it glowed, and lit up like a beacon.

“Wow!” Daniel muttered.

“Now what?” Jack asked.

“I don‟t know.”

“Well, this chair was left on Earth for a reason…” Jack trailed off as a beam of
light erupted from the chair and formed a holographic picture of Earth.
“How did you do that?” Daniel asked in amazement.

“I don‟t know!” Jack exclaimed.

“Do it again!” Daniel snapped.

“I have no idea how I did it, or how the damn thing works! Doesn‟t it have an
instructions manual of something?” Jack snapped back.

Suddenly the picture shifted to writings, runes of the ancients. They covered the
walls, the air and the floor.

“It‟s by thought!” Daniel said with dawning realisation. “Think about defending

Jack frowned and closed his eyes. The cavern rumbled as unseen machinery
started moving for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years. Something
flashed and moved in the icy walls of the cavern. Suddenly there was a loud
humming noise an entire swarm of glowing objects shot out…
Harry flung out his hand, and the device sprang to his palm. Anubis-creature
roared with anger and panic as Harry slammed it onto the ground and stomped on
it. There was a flash of light as the forcefield surrounding Anubis-creature
disappeared. For a moment, a void of dark energy lay in the air, like a morning mist.

Harry raised his focus. “Excortico!”

A shimmering white light connected with the mist and a high pitched wailing noise
echoed in the chamber, as white holy light pulsed against the dark unholy light.
Suddenly, Harry was knocked off his feet as the Warship jerked. Klaxons buzzed
as a harsh Goa‟uld voice blared over the communications network…
The first sign was a tiny speck on the surface of the planet. With incredible
speeds, something shot out of the planet‟s atmosphere, thousands of them. They
were drone-like projectiles, the same that the Deicida carried…except many more
of them. They headed for the Nox cities and the Alliance vessels and surrounded
them in a giant protective sphere.

Anubis‟s vessels fired at them, and dozens of drones exploded or fell limply to the
planet. But there was too many of them and as one, the swarms of drones shot off
at the black and spike covered warships. They tore through the shields and dove
into the hulls, smashing and breaking the warships, leaving torn meal ruins behind.
They were unstoppable and unrelenting, destroying every warship but one in less
than thirty second. There was still one warship left, and the swarm shot off
towards it, spinning madly…
Harry took a single glance at the window and turned back to Anubis.

“Excortico!” He shouted. As the mist-like being of Anubis was struck by the wave
of brilliant white light, Harry teleported away, just as the drones tore through
the ship.

He reappeared in the Deicida, taking note of the warning lights and the loud alarm.
He watched with a certain amount of satisfaction as the Warship of Anubis went
up in a ball of flames as the drones circled around, zooming past Harry. For a
moment, he couldn‟t see anything but the drones, before he felt something behind
him. He whirled around to see a black mist of Anubis form behind him.

“Excortico!” Harry cried. The mist recoiled at the brilliant white light, before
Harry heard a dull thud against the hull of the ship. A single drone had sensed

It tore through the Deicida, and Harry flinched as sparks fell and alarms blared.
He grabbed controls of the Deicida and switched it back to manual control, diving
down. But the damage was too great…
As the drones retreated from the wreckage of the last Warship, Lya felt her
heart seize as she gasped, lurching forward. The Deicida was moving…and was
falling. Flames flickered on the side of the hull, fed by the oxygen from the life
support systems as thick black smoke trailed alongside it. It sped forward,
lurching out of control and spinning wildly as it collided with scraps of metal and
wrecked hulls, before falling to Earth…A small streak could be seen in the air in
the uninhabited forests of Scotland. The small streak got larger and larger,
before it rapidly slowed down. The Deicida‟s automatic warning controls tried to
orbit the crash, but the speed was too great.

On board, Harry managed to teleport out just as it crashed. He reappeared
outside, just metres in front of the Deicida as it crashed. He felt something
strike him on the head and blackness overtook him as he was knocked out. The
force of the explosion blew his limp body back, and he fell to the ground injured
and unconscious.

He never felt the cool hands that checked his pulse, or heard the softly whispered
incantation, or felt himself levitate away…
Ten minutes later, when the first rescue teams from the Alliance arrived, they
found nothing but a huge pile of flaming rubble. And if they had searched harder,
they might have found some footprints in the mud, or noticed the dead animals in
the forests, the life mysteriously sucked out of them…


“It‟s done.” A bearded man with grey eyes and a twisted face said wearily.

“Finally!‟ Fudge exclaimed, rubbing his hands together with a look of glee and utter
maliciousness on his face.

“He was much stronger than we anticipated.” The man continued, rubbing a
sweating brow. “It took us three days, just to contain his magic.”

“Will the bracelet hold him?” Scrimgeour asked softly. He had just been told of
what was happening and agreed with Fudge completely. While he didn‟t like the
bumbling politician, Scrimgeour had to admit that he came up with some brilliant
plans from time to time.

“It should. We‟ve added the Notice-me-not charms, the binding and restraining
wards and the confundus charms as you ordered. No matter how good the alien
ways of tracking are, we‟re confident that they won‟t find him.” The bearded man

“Good.” Fudge said in satisfaction. “When will he wake?”

“In a few days.” The man said. “If this is all…?”
“Go. You have the gratitude of the Ministry of Magic.” Fudge said. The bearded
man nodded and walked off, leaving Fudge and Scrimgeour alone in one of Saint
Mungo‟s most secure and protected wards.

“Do you think that he will kill Voldemort?” Scrimgeour asked Fudge, who shuddered
at the forbidden name.

“He will. Afterwards, he will be our pawn…our own hero to save the day, and love
the Ministry!”

They both looked down at a bed, with magical restraints built in. Surrounded by
wards, charms and glowing and twirling objects, a teenage boy with black messy
hair, closed eyes and a scar on his forehead obscured by his fringe lay
unconscious. On his wrist, a small bracelet lay attached, with glowing runes…
To the Council of Alliance

In the event of my death, I have a few things I need to say. I‟m writing this as the
Deicida is being prepared for launch. Anubis has launched his attack early, so the
Fleet is scrambling to position. So if I die in this battle, this stuff is all valid and
true. I‟m guessing that if you‟re reading this, then Anubis is dead or defeated, or
else nobody would still be alive.

Firstly, ouch! I‟m dead! That really, really sucks! I mean, I‟m no longer alive! I‟m
deceased, departed, dead and lifeless! And I can tell you, I‟m not happy about it!

But…shit happens. It‟s a crappy universe, with Goa‟uld and Anubis and who knows
what else. So this stuff happens. I except that everybody will remain diligent,
watchful and live life to the fullest. If Anubis is still alive, please kick his non-
corporal arse for me…if he‟s dead, and I somehow died killing him, then do
whatever the hell you want.

The Alliance is the biggest thing that‟s happened in the galaxy since the invention
of the hyperdrive, and if Anubis was defeated, shouldn‟t be disbanded. You are all
friends…I hope, and you all represent many different systems and planets. If you
stick together, evil will be hard pressed to ravage innocent people and planets
I have a few messages to some people.

Jack: Ever since I met you, when I was a wee little kid, I knew you were a good
person, a little sarcastic, sure, but still good. Nothing has changed since then,
except the colour of your hair…but we won‟t go there. May the Tau‟ri have long-
lived and grey haired days!

Narim: I truly wish that someday, the Tollan people could find peace. You have my
greatest respect and best wishes, and I think that you‟re the best politician I‟ve
ever met, which is probably why we never talked much. I never liked tiptoeing and
manipulative stuff…still, you were a friend I could trust and like, and I count you
as one of my closest friends, believe it or not.

Meena: The Hertion planets were some of the best allies the Alliance could have.
Meena, I want to thank you for everything you contributed. It‟s not easy being a
Council member, yet you did it with remarkable ease. I‟ll miss your smile and your
rude jokes that you would mouth to me when Narim was giving a boring speech.

Andrew: I never really did thank you for saving me from those magic guys. Doesn‟t
matter if you don‟t have magic, you make up for it easily in your loyal and brave
qualities. If your family gives you the shits, then give them a slap or two, or show
them a Cruiser and ask them if they had ever been on one…that‟ll show them!

Thor: Thor, you‟re the best little grey person I know. I never thanked you for the
Asgard stuff you gave me. So, thanks.

Lya: If I‟m dead, then that means that my body was either destroyed or I was
injured in some way that not even the Nox could heal me. I‟ll miss you. You were
my best friend, my confident and you kept me from doing very stupid
things…though I‟d like to add that they would have worked! If I‟m dead…then, I
want to say that you meant something to me.

Well, that‟s about it. I have no more sappy stuff to say. I had a good run in life,
eventful and exciting. Why, I probably visited more planets that any of
you…except Thor, but that‟s probably because he‟s 12,000 years old…or whatever.
If one of you cry, (Especially you Lya! I hate seeing you cry), then I‟ll be very, very
Damn. Anubis just took out a scout ship. Did I ever tell you how much I dislike
Anubis? I really, really don‟t like him…at all.

Anyways, I got a war to fight.


Harry „Commander Deicida‟

The new council room aboard the Tollan Battlecruiser was silent as each member
emerged themselves in memories. It was three days after the final encounter with
Anubis, and there had been celebrations and tears of joy throughout the Alliance.
However, morale was low as the news had filtered through- Commander Deicida
was dead. The Deicida, or what was left of it, had been found. It was nothing more
than a twisted piece of metal, bent, broken and warped from its previous glory. A
system of the ship had exploded, incinerating anything within twenty metres. No
body had been found, it was theorised that the fire had burnt it to ash and the
winds had scattered it far and wide.

The life sign detectors hadn‟t made a peep and Harry‟s DNA signature wasn‟t
present on the planet. It had been widely accepted that he was dead.

“We have to make preparations for the mourning.” Narim said softly.

“There are those on Earth who are eager to pay tribute to the one who saved
them.” Andrew said cautiously.

“It cannot be public.” Lya objected sharply. Andrew blinked in surprise as a twisted
smile ran over her face. “He did not like the fame.”

“A private ceremony, maybe.” Jack mused outloud.

“Close friends only.” Andrew said, sighing.

Lya said nothing, but stood from the room and left.

“She‟s taking it hard.” Meena said sympathetically.
“I believe that Lya and Harry had a rather close relationship.” Narim said.

“Romantic?” Meena asked.

“I do not believe so.” Thor said slowly. “However, I do believe that there was
potential for romance. They seemed rather…attached.”

“He was too young to be fighting in a war.” Jack said sharply. Everybody shifted
uncomfortably. Many of their friends had died in various wars, and they were used
to death. It just seemed surreal that Harry himself would never be coming back,
that he was one of the fallen.
Lya closed her eyes in grief. She could feel the tears well up as she stumbled into
her private quarters, filled with plants and artificial sunlight provided from the
holograms. Sliding down the wall, she placed her head in her hands and started
crying softly.Far away, Harry stirred and gave a short groan as a sharp pain
stabbed into his head.

“Damn!” Harry said, his throat parched. He blinked rapidly, his eyes fluttering open
as he observed his surroundings, which consisted of four white walls, and a white
roof. He leant up but was restrained by three large straps that covered his legs,
chest and arms. Harry concentrated; closing his eyes as he drew in his
magic…before he gave a strangled yell as his power suddenly ripped itself from his
source. He felt a wave of agony sweep through him, painful but bearable…he had
been tortured worse before.

“I suggest that you don‟t try that again,” came a smug voice. Harry jerked his head
to the left, as a red robed man with thin wire glasses and the look of a predator
stalked in, surrounded by three blue robed and stony faced men. Harry frowned as
he tried to place their faces, before he groaned

“You‟re those magic people from Earth, aren‟t you?” He asked in exasperation.

“We are wizards Mr Potter, just like you are. We are Auror‟s; honourable and
decent light wizards that serve the Ministry of Magic.” The red robed man said,
puffing his chest slightly. “I am Rufus Scrimgeour, Head of the Auror‟s in the
British Ministry of Magic, Order of Merlin First Class.” S

“I‟m Harry…Potter, you seem to be telling me, Commander Deicida, Commander of
the Alliance Starship Fleet and Slayer of the Gods.” Harry said back, narrowing
his eyes. “Release me. Now.”

“I‟m afraid I can‟t do that.” Rufus said, sighing dramatically. “My, Dark Magic
seems to have a good grip on you. It was unfortunate that we needed to bind your

“Bind my powers?” Harry asked in shock. He winced as a shock sizzled his wrist and
he averted his eyes down. A small bracelet was attached to his wrist, made from
Ancient design and carved with the runes of the Ancients. Harry frowned as his
mind buzzed, translating the words. “Criminal binding bracelet.” He read.

“You can read that?” Scrimgeour asked, looking faintly surprised.

“It‟s Ancient.” Harry said, twisting his head back. He stared at Scrimgeour as he
suddenly felt anger and rage pour into him. He was trapped…again! Caged and

Scrimgeour seemed to be amused by the angry looks Harry was sending him. “Your
powers are useless, we control them now. You can‟t do anything about it.”

“What do you want?” Harry snarled, his face twisting in rage.

“Nothing. You are just going to become what you should have- a loyal light wizards
and hero of our world.” Scrimgeour said. He leant forward, his face coming close
to Harry‟s. “You will be ours!”

Harry had had enough, and he jerked his head forward, slamming into Scrimgeour‟s,
who gave a cry of pain as Harry connected with him, sending him sprawling back.
Harry struggled against his binds like a wild animal as the blue robed men rushed
forward, helping Scrimgeour up. Scrimgeour raised a shaky hand, touching his
broken and bloody nose briefly and wincing. He reached into his robes and pulled
out a small orb. As he squeezed, Harry screamed in agony as waves of foreign
magic pulsed into his body. It seemed to last forever, the bracelet humming as it
did its work, before the pain suddenly left as quick as it had come.

“We‟re in control here.” Scrimgeour snarled as he tapped his wand to his nose, a
golden glow healing it. “You best not forget that.”
As the Aurors left, Harry sighed as he lay back down. He was in real trouble now...


“Nurse! I need a grade nine Healing Potion, now!” A flustered white robed man with
brown eyes and scraggy blonde hair shouted. A mediwitch scampered off as the
Healer waved his wand frantically, white light pulsing out of it as he tried to stop
the bleeding. Dark crimson stained the sheets, a small puddle forming on the
ground as white robed and blue robed people rushed into the room.

“What happened?” Scrimgeour barked angrily.

The Healer paid him no attention as the mediwitch returned with a small phial in
her hand. The Healer grabbed it an uncorked it, throwing the small stopper away
as he poured a silver liquid over the large and jagged wound. It seeped in and the
Healer sighed in relief as the blood flow started to slow down, muscles and
tendons repairing themselves.

“I want him restrained and bound.” The Healer ordered.

“Healer!” Scrimgeour snapped angrily. The Healer turned; not at all fazed by the
anger Scrimgeour was exhibiting.

“The patient attempted to remove his arm using a jagged edge of the bed he was
strapped to.” The Healer said.

Scrimgeour‟s eyes grew dark. “I see.” He said softly. “Auror Dwalish, I want a
twenty four hour guard on him. If he tries to anything else, do anything necessary
to stop him.”
Dwalish nodded as Scrimgeour turned his head to the pale and tall figure of Harry
Potter. A jagged and nasty wound was just beginning to rapidly heal on his left
arm. The bracelet was shining extra-brightly as it made a small humming noise.

“That‟s strange.” The Healer mused outloud as he stared at a piece of parchment.

“What is it?” Scrimgeour demanded.

“The patients blood…it has several substances that I‟m not familiar with.” The
Healer said, frowning. “One of them seems to be similar to a vampire, rapid
healing. Another looks to be like a werewolf, increased strength…and I sure don‟t
know what this other one is. It‟s made up of some kind of metal that I‟ve never
even heard of, let alone seen!”

“Fascinating.” Scrimgeour said dryly. “Will he live?”

“Of course. Even without the potion, his body would have kicked in and started
healing it soon enough. I suspect though, that he would be missing an arm when
that would happen.” The Healer remarked dryly.

The lying figure of Harry Potter uttered a small sigh as he started to regain

“Leave us.” Scrimgeour said. He raised his wand in a threatening way as he gestured
to the door. “You do understand that this is an Omega Class Ministry secret. If
you even think about the events that happen in this room…”

“I understand.” The Healer said curtly, spinning around and leaving with a huff.
Scrimgeour nodded to Dwalish, who bowed and left the room, leaving Harry and
Scrimgeour alone.
Harry stiffened ever so slightly as he kept his eyes closed. He could feel a large
throbbing in his left arm and squeezed his muscles ever so slightly. He mentally
groaned, feeling the arm still attached and the cool metal of the binding bracelet.
That plan so could have worked!

“Welcome back to the land of the living Mr Potter.” Came a rough and angry voice.

Harry opened his eyes to see the furious face of Scrimgeour. “Why thankyou.” He
responded pleasantly. Scrimgeour frowned at his sudden change of attitude,
before Harry lunged at him. He was snapped back by the restraints and fell back
to his bed, his face a perfect picture of the dark animalistic nature of humans. “I
really, really don‟t like being chained up.” He warned softly.

“So, the famous Boy-Who-Lived tried to commit suicide, eh?” Scrimgeour mocked,
conjuring a chair and sitting down.

“Suicide?” Harry said incredulously, before chuckling deeply. “You think I would
commit suicide over the likes of you? I was once a prisoner in my own body for
years, and that didn‟t drive me to suicide. What makes you think that this will?”

“You tried to cut your arm off.” Scrimgeour scoffed. “And almost died of blood
loss…I think that it resembles suicide, don‟t you?”

“Oh no, that wasn‟t my plan at all.” Harry said in dawning comprehension. He
smirked, his darkening eyes boring deep into Scrimgeour‟s. “I was going to cut my
arm off, wait for it to heal, then break out and escape. Then, I was going to call in
some friends and create a fucking army to wipe you people out!”

Scrimgeour was starting to feel slightly nervous. “At first we thought you could be
tamed…but it seems we‟ll have to it the hard way.” He pulled out his wand and
aimed it at Harry. “Imperio!”

Harry felt something wash over him…a lightness and serenity that he had never
felt before. All of his worries and pain seemed to leave him in a rush as he lay
blissfully on the bed.
Tell Scrimgeour that you are sorry

Harry opened his mouth, a crooked smile and dazed look in his eyes. “I am sorry.”
He repeated dully.

“Sorry for what?” Scrimgeour said victoriously.

Sorry that you defied him, sorry that you doubted him. You will promise to be a
better wizard in the future and you will side with the noble side of the light.

“Sorry for…” Harry trailed off softly.
Scrimgeour frowned as he leant closer in. “Sorry for…?”

“Sorry for this!” Harry suddenly snapped angrily. He head butted Scrimgeour yet
again, hearing a small crack as the man‟s nose was broken and he was pushed back.
A small and slender piece of wood fell near Harry‟s restrained hand and he
grasped it. He felt his magic react to the focus, still restrained by the bracelet.
Slowly, for what seemed like hours but was only milliseconds, a tiny sliver of magic
escaped. The wand glowed dimly as a red light sizzled out, cutting through one of
the arm straps. Harry growled as his arm was freed and he quickly undid his other

Scrimgeour moaned from the corner, blood leaking from his cupped hands. Still, he
was on his feet quickly, an enraged look in his eyes. Despite his misgivings,
Scrimgeour was the Head of the Auror‟s and had earned that position through
skill. As Harry finished unbinding himself, Scrimgeour launched at him. Harry
ducked a powerful swing and slammed into Scrimgeour. The two struggled madly,
knees and elbows jabbing while hands and feet blocked each other. Harry
sidestepped as Scrimgeour swept his foot across, the heel slicing into the space
Harry had just been. He grabbed the hovering leg, grinned maliciously, and jerked
it to the left. Scrimgeour gave a loud roar of pain as he fell to the ground, his leg
still being held by Harry.

“How do you take the bracelet off?” Harry hissed angrily.

Scrimgeour opened his mouth just as the door burst open. “Sir! We have Death
Eaters in the…”

Harry dropped the leg and jumped forward, ducking a red burst of light that
erupted from the man‟s wand and uppercutting him in the jaw. He heard yet
another satisfying crack as the man was launched off his feet and knocked back,
falling to the ground with closed eyes. Harry turned to Scrimgeour, only to find
the man with his head lolled back and his eyes squeezed shut.

“Shit.” Harry muttered. Suddenly a piercing alarm went off, a loud and mournful
wail as the building shook. “Just my luck.”

As Harry sped out of the room, Scrimgeour‟s eyes snapped open. He looked around,
seeing Dwalish unconscious, before he spotted his wand by the bed. Using the
small wandless skills he had, he summoned it silently as tapped his leg with it. A
golden pulse of light shimmered into it, mending the damaged bone and relieving
the pain.

“Enverate!” Scrimgeour muttered, aiming the wand towards Dwalish. The other
Auror groaned as he struggled up.

“Thir! There‟th Death Eater‟th in the building!” Dwalish said rapidly, wincing as he
moved his broken jaw.

“What!” Scrimgeour barked furiously. “Use the Floo, get as many Auror‟s up here as
you can!”
The entire building looked the same, with white walls and soft yellow lights. Harry
turned yet another corner, seeing only frantic nurses and hurried doctors in white
robes. The alarm continued to blare as the building shook again and again. Harry
made his way down another corridor, pausing to look out a window. He seemed to
be in a building outside an Earth city, a fairly industrialised one. He needed to get
out of here! Up ahead, a set of stairs beckoned him and he sprinted for them,
jumping four at a time as he landed at the bottom…and into a war zone.

Dark robed figures hurled bursts of light at scuttling doctors and nurses. Nearby,
the familiar blue robed men fought back, their arms moving rapidly as they darted
forward, shielding or blocking bursts of light and sending them back just as fast.
One of them was struck by a blast of green light; a spell Harry was familiar with,
and toppled over, dead. Screams and cries of help could be heard as the dark
robed figures grabbed screaming children, weeping women and fearful men from
the rooms. This place looked like to be a hospital of some sort, with the majority
of the people being the elderly or the young children.

“You!” A dark robed figure barked, a wand aimed at Harry. “Over here!”

Harry frowned, balling his fists. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw another dark
robed figure, a women with shiny black hair, gaunt features and an insane look in
her eyes, decapitate the head off a resisting women. Her young son yelled in
terror as the women turned the wand on his, ending his existence with a blast of
green light.
“Crucio!” The dark robed figure spat. Harry felt unbelievable pain wash over him,
almost as bad as a Zat‟nikatel blast. He dropped to his knees as the imaginary
white-hot knives stabbed through his entire being, barely feeling the figure
grabbing his head and hurling him towards the large group of captives. The pain
suddenly left as soon as it came and Harry felt himself being helped up by plump
redheaded women, who had a fearful look on her face.

“Are you okay dear?” She asked kindly.

“The Auror‟s are coming!” One of the dark robed figures yelled. There was a
clamour as they surrounded the group of captives, about fifty in total with most
of them being children. Harry felt a tugging sensation at his navel, before his
vision went multicoloured. The last thing he saw was Scrimgeour bursting into the
room, a determined look on his face as he led two dozen blue robed Auror‟s in.
Harry reappeared in a dark cavern, large and damp. Sniffs and whimpers were
heard from the children while the adults tried to maintain a brave face as twenty
or so dark robed figures bowed. Harry turned the direction where they were
bowing, with most of the captives doing the same, only to recoil at the demonic
figure ahead of him…a figure he had seen before only in his dreams and astral
projections. A tall and pasty body was covered in dark shimmering robes. A bald
and thin head was draped with a hood, crimson eyes staring in amusement and
pleasure at the flinches and screams emitted by the captives. A slender wand was
being idly twirled in one hand as he gestured for the insane women to stand.

“Milord, the raid was successful. We obtained the Healer Jorgon. He‟s in the
interrogation rooms as we speak.” The woman said reverently.

“Excellent Bella.” The man said in a high-pitched voice. Harry blinked. You would
think that such an evil looking person would have a deep and brutal voice, not a
small girly voice. “My Loyal Death Eaters, you have pleased me. You may go home to
your families. Rodolphous, Rabastan, Dolohov, pick three Death Eaters who proved
themselves and you may do as you wish to the others.”

Three large and bulky Death Eaters grinned maliciously, darkened and sunken eyes
surrounded by a white mask. As the dark one left, with most of the dark robed
figures, six figures remained behind.

“Who shall go first?” The largest man said evilly.
“Dolohov, it‟s my turn.” Another man complained.

“Rabastan, that‟s what you said last time!” The third man scoffed. Three silent but
eager men waited in the background.

“Shut up Rodolphous!” Rabastan snapped angrily.

“He‟s right.” Dolohov said in his deep voice. “Pick one.”

Rabastan smirked and pointed to a teenage boy with mousy brown hair and a
twitching face. “I pick the Mudblood!”

“Ooh! Good choice!” Dolohov complimented. “What will you use?”

“I think the knives will be appropriate here.” Rodolphous said amusedly, watching
the boy flinch.

Rabastan nodded and flicked his wand. A stand rose up before him, covered in
sharp, deadly instruments with dried blood surrounding them. Rabastan picked one
up lovingly, stroking it fanatically. The boy whimpered as the man neared closer,
and Harry sighed softly. He was just about to jump forward when Rabastan
spotted the woman standing next to him.

“Hey boys! We got a Weasley here!” He crowed.

“A Weasley, eh?” Dolohov said, smirking.

“You‟re the bitch that muggle-loving fool Arthur married! Molly Prewett!” Rabastan

The redheaded women, Molly, said nothing but shrank back as Dolohov stalked
forward. “Prewett? I don‟t suppose you‟ve heard of my work?”

“I know who you are!” Molly spat. “You the bastard who killed my brothers!”

“They put up a good fight.” Dolohov said dreamily. He gripped Molly‟s chin roughly
as the captives walked back, all except Harry. “I shall enjoy killing you!”
“You people are the most cowardly and gutless bunch I‟ve ever met.” Harry scoffed
loudly. Dolohov dropped Molly‟s chin and turned to him.

“Who are you, Mudblood?”

“Nobody important.” Harry said, shrugging. He turned to Molly, a small frown on his
face. “Do you know an Andrew Weasley…he‟s an ambassador?”

“Y-Yes. H-He‟s my husbands relative…” Molly stuttered.

“Good man. Met him before, hard working and loyal.” Harry said, ignoring Dolohov
completely. A few metres back, the three silent figures led by Rodolphous were
currently dragging two nurses away from the group, their hands grasping and
touching things they shouldn‟t. Rabastan was stroking the torture instrument on
the silent and quivering boy‟s cheek.

“Crucio!” Dolohov spat. Harry had no time to duck the blast of scarlet and flinched
as he was struck, holding in his screams. He stood there, defiant and proud as
Dolohov removed the curse.

“You should respect those…” The bulky man started, before Harry kicked him.
Hard. He flew back with a grunt, his wand clattering to the ground as Harry
jumped forward to Rabastan, who spun around with his instrument slicing through
the air. Harry felt a sharp pain as it dug into his face, but ignored it as he
slammed his fist into the mans throat. Rabastan dropped to the ground, wheezing
and gasping before Harry kicked him in the face. As the four other Death Eaters
reacted by dropping the nurses and reaching for their wands, a single blue robed
figure jumped from the crowd, picking up Dolohov‟s wand.

“Stupefy!” He roared. A burst of crimson light rocketed through the air, dropping a
Death Eater.

“Avada Kedavra!” Three voices screamed. The man jerked, struck by the multiple
killing curses and fell. Another Death Eater fell as Harry flicked a torture
instrument through the air, slicing into the man‟s throat. As he reached for
another instrument lying near Rabastan, Molly Weasley held up a golden pendent
of a fiery looking bird.
“ALBUS DUMBLEDORE!” She screamed. There was a white flash as everybody was
transported out the cavern, leaving behind dark walls and blood splatters and
Death Eaters…and the lone form of Harry Potter, his bracelet glowing as the
emergency procedures were activated and it blocked the

“Shit!” Harry cursed. “Now you have to work properly!”

“Boligio!” One of the Death Eaters shouted. A purple ball of flames erupted from
his wand, barely missing Harry as he ducked.

“Silpormo!” Rodolphous muttered. A white powerful beam of magic roared from his
wand and struck Harry, who was unable to raise a shield due to the bracelet. He
felt an incredible force slam into him before he succumbed to darkness.
Albus Dumbledore inspected his dinner carefully. The elves had done it…they had
perfected his favourite sweet with his dinner. Lemon Chicken!

Around him, students chatted as they ate, mainly about the aliens and the battle in
space that had been seen a few days earlier. Albus was glad that Earth had won;
he had enough trouble with Voldemort let alone aliens. His blackened and dead arm
gave a twinge just at the name of the fearsome Dark Lord, and he frowned.

Suddenly, a whirling noise broke the comfortable silence and Albus quickly pulled
out a small green orb.

“Students, stay still!” He shouted, standing up. His wand in his hand, he swiped the
air. Tables and chairs suddenly rippled as they were pushed back, leaving a small
space in the middle of the hall. “Professor‟s, wands out. We have an incoming
emergency Portkey!”

The other professors reached for their wands, just as dozens of people appeared
in the hall. Dumbledore recognised Molly Weasley, who was holding up the Order
Emergency transport pin.

“Mum!” Ron and Ginny yelled from the Gryffindor table, scrambling forward as
Molly collapsed.

Dumbledore frowned, summoning a house elf to inform Madame Promfrey that she
had patients. As he rushed forward, he was unaware that somebody had been left


“Bella, report.” Voldemort hissed softly. He sat on his dark throne, obscured in
shadows. His slit-like nostrils flared as his crimson eyes flickered angrily. Several
circles of Death Eaters stood in front of him, the highest-ranking Death Eaters in
the first, and the new recruits in the last.

“Milord…the captives have escaped.” Bella whispered fearfully, on her knees and
her head bowed.

“I noticed Bella.” Voldemort remarked. He casually flicked his wand and Bella let
out a heart-wrenching scream that echoed in the large room. Voldemort held the
curse for a few seconds, his eyes taking in the flinches and flicker of fear that
appeared on most of his Death Eaters faces. He removed the curse and Bella
heaved a dry sob as she shook her head wearily.

“There was a resistance, milord. A teenage boy managed to kill several of us,
including Rabastan, while the others escaped using a hidden Portkey. He snapped
Rabastans neck so badly that no healing potion could heal it.” Bella reported

“I see, and now Rabastan is dead, a regrettable loss. He was… talented.” Voldemort
trailed off. “Nott, what of the boy?”

“Milord, the boy is unconscious and has been taken to the prison chambers under
guard.” Nott said, bowing low.

“Good. Lucius, what do you know of him?”
The longhaired Malfoy patriarch bowed, his silver eyes glinting. “He is
approximately sixteen years of age and has been trained to fight in the muggle
styles. There are three interesting things about him; he has a small curse scar on
his forehead…one that I am not familiar with. It appears to have been made by an
extremely powerful curse. He also wears a powerful bracelet, similar to the ones
used by the Dutch Aurors in restraining prisoners. It is holding back his magical
potential. It also acted when the Portkey went off in the main cavern, deflecting
the form of transportation. He has also been warded milord, with very powerful
anti-tracking charms and spells that seem to affect locator rituals.”

“Yet he was able to Portkey here without any problems?” Voldemort asked lightly,
but nobody failed to recognise the dangerous undertone in his voice.

“Milord, I believe that the bracelet has security measures, which were activated
when we kidnapped him.” Lucius said.

“Milord, it sounds like the Ministry went to a lot of trouble to capture this boy-
they must have been the ones to have performed these charms. There could be a
chance that he may join us.” Avery offered.

“Crucio!” Voldemort hissed. Avery screamed as he fell to the floor, withering in

“Never speak up without permission!” Voldemort said dangerously. He cancelled the
curse and turned back to Malfoy.

“Good, Lucius, good.” Voldemort praised. “Bring me the boy, let us all see who killed
Harry shook his head, trying to clear the throbbing in it as he sat up. He could feel
a slight pain in his chest as he muttered something extremely unpleasant in

“You okay man?” Somebody asked him softly. Harry swivelled around, jumping to his
feet. He was in a large cage, with two silent black robed figures standing guard
motionlessly at the exit. Surrounding him was about fourteen people, including
seven blue robed Aurors, two white robed doctors, a lanky teenage boy with brown
hair and a mother with four young children.
“I‟m just fine.” Harry answered the teenage boy. “Who are you?”

“Edward. Edward Thomason.” The boy said. He grinned, showing cracked and
missing teeth, “Half-blood. You?”

“Er…Harry.” Harry answered, glancing around as he tried to look for potential ways
to escape. “Um…my bloods red, so yeah.”

“Muggle, eh?” The boy summarised. He noticed Harry glance at the Aurors, doctors
and the mother and sighed.

“There was a raid on Diagon Alley. We got captured.” He explained. He shivered
slightly, rubbing his arms with his hands. Harry noticed the dry blood and frowned
as the boy continued. “I don‟t know whether to kill myself or let them kill me. At
least if I killed myself, it wouldn‟t be as painful.”

“Hey Parkinson.” Came a loud, booming voice. Harry turned quickly as a burly man
strode into the room, behind the bars.

“Come for some more fun, have you Jugson?” One of the guards answered in

“Yeah. Give me a girl, a small one.” The burly man said, smirking maliciously.

The guard nodded and walked to the bars, tapping it with his wand. The bars
shimmered as the two walked through them, their wands aimed high.

“Crucio!” Parkinson spat. A rising Auror fell back down, screaming as Jugson jerked
his wand menacingly at the others.

“Here, you‟ll do nicely!” Jugson growled, pulling a small girl, about eleven years old,
from the mother. The mother screamed as she tried to reach her daughter.

“Mum!” The small girl screamed loudly. Tears pooled down her eyes as Jugson
hoisted her over his shoulder and turned around.

“You monsters!” An Auror shouted, launching himself at the Death Eaters.
“Avada Kedavra!” Parkinson shouted. A jet of green light struck him square on the
chest and he toppled over, his face a silent picture of anger and determination.

“I hope I‟m not interrupting.” Somebody said calmly.

Jugson stopped short at a tall man with blonde hair walked in.

“Malfoy!” He said in surprise.

“Drop the girl Jugson and take the boy over there.” Malfoy said in boredom, his
arm pointing to Harry.


“The Dark Lord requests that you bring him the prisoner! You dare refuse?” Malfoy

Jugson swallowed and dropped the girl immediately, who fell to the floor with a
thump and quickly got up, running back to her mothers arms. All through this,
Harry watched with narrowing eyes, his lip curled in disgust.

“You, move!” Jugson snapped angrily, gesturing at Harry with his wand.

Harry complied and walked to the Death Eater, who grabbed his arm roughly and
shoved him through the bars.

“If you make a single move, I will kill you.” Lucius promised, his slender wand
levelled at his face. “Now follow me.”

Harry raised an eyebrow but said nothing. He followed the blonde man through a
series of hallways, his eyes darting left and right as he took any everything he
saw. As he turned right into a large hall, Harry saw light pooling from under the
door, natural sunlight. He mentally made a note to remember.
Harry was led into a large hall filled with dark robed figures, all staring forward at
some unseen object. As he was led through the masses, he finally saw what they
were looking at. It was the dark creature, the one he had seen in the cavern and
the one that had plagued his dreams a long time ago. If what he had been led to
believe, this was the thing that had killed his natural parents. Normally Harry
wouldn‟t really care, he never knew his parents at all, but this was also the demon
that liked torturing children. Now, Harry had a few issues on that little point.

“I am Lord Voldemort, the Supreme Dark Lord.” The dark creature hissed, much
like a serpent. Darkness flared around thin and sickly looking body, and it wasn‟t
for the power that Harry could sense from Voldemort, Harry would believe that
he was a dying and disfigured old man.

“Am I meant to say Hi?” Harry asked curiously.

“Crucio!” Came the shout from the Death Eater behind him, and Harry cringed as
he was hit but remained standing.

“You might have to do better than that.” He mused outloud. “Because I‟ve felt
things that hurt a lot worse.”


“That‟s enough Lucius.” Voldemort interrupted smoothly. He beckoned Harry with a
hand, and from absolutely nowhere came an oak chair, which materialised a few
feet from Voldemort. “Come, sit with me.”

Harry blinked at the display of power- sure, he could blow up things and wield
elemental forces, but he had never been able to create objects from thin air.

“Sit. Now.” Voldemort said, the pleasantness in his voice replaced with a harsh

“Sure, why not?” Harry murmured as he sat down, his body appearing relaxed and
at ease. On the inside, he was fully alert and tense and almost flinched when
Voldemort snapped his fingers. A small cup materialised in his hand, full of a dark
red substance that Harry was sure that he didn‟t want to know what is was.

“You have killed my servants.” Voldemort stated calmly.

“Yet you seem to be treating me fairly well.” Harry mused, a thoughtful expression
on his face. “If I were to kill some more, could I get a decent bed?”
Voldemort chuckled slightly. “And a fine sense of humour.”

“Thanks…I think.” Harry said, cocking his head. “So, could I kill somebody else?”

“I sincerely doubt that you would be able to do so, but go ahead.” Voldemort said,
his thin lips curving into a smile.

Harry nodded, almost meditatively, before his hand became a blur as he snapped a
thin sliver of wood off the armchair and flicked it with lightning speed towards a
Death Eater. Jugson gurgled as it sliced into his throat, his eyes going dark and
lifeless as he collapsed. The other Death Eaters jumped back, wands out as they
levelled them at Harry.

Voldemort just stared at Jugson, a surprised and almost curious look on his face.
“Very good.” He said at last, motioning for the other Death Eaters to drop their

“Not particularly, I was hoping it would kill the person behind him.” Harry admitted.

“I seem to be lacking several servants curtesy of you.” Voldemort said. He let go of
his cup, which disappeared in a blink of an eye, and leant forward, his hands
clasped together. He stared intently at Harry. “I am offering you a rare chance.
You may be a muggle, you may be a wizard…but you are extremely skilled in the art
of death. Join me.”

“More skilled than you know.” Harry said coolly. “And I am a…wizard, of sorts. And
I would have to decline politely, thank you for the visit and ask for the direction
of the exit.”

“You refuse.” Voldemort said quietly, which was never a good sign.

“Of course I refuse.” Harry snorted. “Mainly because you‟re an ugly, sub-human
piece of crap!”

Voldemort narrowed his eyes as Harry stared into them. “Crucio!”

Harry withered, clenching his teeth so hard that he though that they would snap.
White-hot knives pierced his body; more powerful than any other curse he had
felt. Pain seemed to flow through him like water through a pipe before it faded.

“Did you like that?” Voldemort breathed. “So much power, power that I could give
you…power that could free you from the bracelet you wear, the opportunity for
you to regain your powers.”

“I really hope you‟re not getting aroused over this.” Harry groaned from his seat.
“Because that‟s just another reason not to join you.”

“Crucio!” Voldemort muttered again.

As Harry sank further into his seat, three distinct thoughts crossed his mind.

I really should stop annoying him…

But then that would be no fun!
Damn, I‟m going to be here for a long, long time…Thirty-seven minutes later, a
bleeding, injured and barely conscious Harry was thrown into the cells. He gave a
small gasp, as he landed, not moving until he had heard that the Death Eaters had

“Are you okay Harry?” Edward asked anxiously as he helped him up. The girl that
Jugson had tried to take earlier (Not hat he would be doing much anymore) came
over with a small rag, wiping his forehead.

“I really shouldn‟t have said that.” Harry muttered through a mouthful of blood.
The girl blinked in surprise as Harry shook his head slowly, giving her a small smile.
She smiled tentatively back.

“Said what?” She asked curiously.

“Um…you‟re a little too young to here those words.” Harry said, blinking rapidly. “I
never want to do that again. Next time, I‟m killing them all.”

“What do you mean?” Edward asked in astonishment. “You can‟t kill them!”

“Actually I killed one of them. The ugly guy just clapped.” Harry muttered. “You
know, if it weren‟t for you lot, I would have made my escape. But, since I grew a
conscience, I though I‟d help you escape.”

“You‟re going to help us escape?” The girl asked, a glimmer of hope returning to her

“Sure. What‟s your name kid?” Harry asked.

“Laura. Laura Knightly.” She answered hesitantly, brushing aside a raven black
strand of hair.

“Well Laura, yes. I am going to help you escape.” Harry answered confidently.

Edward was quickly becoming more and more confused. “Huh?”

Harry grinned, his teeth smeared with blood. “Did you know that I consider myself
to be a man of many talents? Stealing is one of them.”

In his hand, he held two slim wands. Edward gaped at him, completely boggled as
Harry stood under his own power, his wounds already beginning to heal and his
strength returning.

“Hey, Auror guys!” Harry called.

Six of the blue robed people stood up, four male and two female, and stared at his
outstretched hand holding the wands.

“Can you use these?” Harry asked with a cocky grin.

A dark skinned Auror nodded slowly. “How did you…?”

“Like I told Edward here, man of many talents.” Harry said, tossing them a wand.
He felt his bracelet give a twinge and growled angrily. “Do me a favour before we
start any escape attempt.”

“What?” The dark skinned man asked, his eyes on the door past the cages.

“Cut off my hand, just above the bracelet.” Harry said seriously.
This got the man‟s attention. “What?” He asked incredulously. He spotted the
bracelet and frowned. “That looks like a imprisonment bracelet. The Dutch use
them…but I‟ve never seen one like that before.”

“Do it.” Harry urged.

The man hesitated.

“Look, Mr…”

“Kingsley Shackelbolt, Auror Captain.” The man responded slowly.

“Look Kingsley, if you don‟t chop this damn bracelet off me, I will die.” Harry said
seriously. Well, it might have been a bit of an over-exaggeration but still…

It was enough for Kingsley, who raised the wand. A reddish glow appeared at the
tip as Kingsley touched the wand to the bracelet.

Harry hissed in pain, snatching back his hand. On his other hand, a nasty burn
started to form. Kingsley stared in shock.

“Are you alright?” He asked regretfully.

“I thought that something like this might happen.” Harry muttered.

“Is it that urgent that you need this off? There can be specialists, curse breakers,
someone could remove it!”

“I can get another arm, I can‟t get another life.” Harry snapped.

“Arms just don‟t grow on trees.” Kingsley protested.

“Either do lives!” Harry shot back.

Kingsley sighed and raised the wand. A reddish glow appeared and slowly, he bought
it down just millimetres above the skin…

“Captain, you really going to chop his hand off?” A pink haired woman asked in

“He said it would kill him Tonks.” Kingsley said, his wand still trained.

“Sir, really, it‟s his hand. And you, won‟t you need it?” Tonks asked Harry.

“No, not particularly.” Harry remarked casually. “I can always get a new one.”

“Magic can‟t grow hands!” Tonks said, a disbelieving expression on her face.

“I won‟t need Magic, I can just clone another one if it comes to it.” Harry said. He
rolled his eyes as Kingsley hesitated. “Look, there are only a few things that I
really, really hate…okay, there are probably a lot of things I really, really hate.
But number one on that list is being a prisoner. So you either chop the hand off,
and I may be able to heal it, or I remove it myself, and it will hurt me a lot more.”

“Clone?” Tonks mouthed to one of her Auror friends as Kingsley put away the wand.

“You don‟t seem to be dying.” He said carefully. “I have friends that might be able
to help you. The Ministry of Magic…”

“Ah, No!” Harry snapped, stepping back slightly. “They‟re the bastards who put it
on me in the first place! That cake…fudge…guy, and good old insane Scrimgeour!”

“Minister Fudge and Commander Scrimgeour?” A brown haired Auror asked,
scratching his head in puzzlement. “What would they want with you?”

Harry sighed, swearing softly in Asgard as Kingsley stepped back cautiously. “They
seem to think that I‟m of use to them.”
“I see.” Kingsley said slowly, his deep baritone becoming slightly more guarded.

“Forget it then!” Harry snapped. He kicked at the ground, narrowing his eyes. “Got
any plans to get out?”

Kingsley didn‟t answer as he made his way to the cage, waving the wand as he
prowled at the entrance.
After five or so minutes, Harry got a little impatient. He sat with Edward, the
mother, whose name was Melissa Knightly, Laura and her three brothers, Matthew,
Robert and Billius.

“So, what‟s this about cloning man?” Edward asked Harry.

Harry lay on his back, staring at the roof lazily. “Asgard technology. You know, the
little grey aliens.”

“You know the aliens?” Edward gasped loudly.

“They‟re not real, are they?” Mrs Knightly asked hesitantly. She held her young
sons in her arms, while Laura lent into her shoulder.

“Of course they are. In fact, I was a…fighter pilot in the battle. Got shot down,
whisked away by Scrimgeour and cake…fudge…god dam, he has such a crappy name.
I mean, who names their family after a piece of food?”

“A fighter pilot?” Laura asked in awe.

“You know, spaceships. My ship was the best, well armed, good engine, a sense
of…liveliness in some ways. It was my home.” Harry said, a touch dreamily. “I would
fly through the stars, free of everybody and everything. Occasionally I would
shoot down some Goa‟uld…um…bad alien enslavers, but for the most of it I was left
alone. Then Anubis came, took over half the galaxy…and shot me down!”

“It sounds like a sci-fi movie.” Edward said, a wry smile on his lips.

“Movie?” Laura asked in confusion.

“Never mind.” Edward sighed.
“So, you guys got us out yet?” Harry called loudly to the huddle group of Auror‟s.
He received no answer and scoffed. “Didn‟t think so.”

“You know, if you can do better than you‟re welcome to try!” Tonks finally snapped,
glaring at the cocky teen.

“Okay.” Harry shrugged. He got up, brushing himself off. “Get away from the cage.”

The Auror‟s complied as Harry took a deep breath. “THE DARK LORD IS AN

Everybody was silent as Harry inspected his nails.

“You crazy son-of-a-bitch.” Tonks breathed.

Suddenly, pounding footsteps could be heard as four Death Eaters stormed in.

“Who dares…?”

Harry moved quickly, darting forward and reaching through the cage bars.
Suddenly, he screamed in pain as he grabbed hold of the Death Eaters robe as his
hand began to smoke and char. He could vaguely smell something burning as he
pulled the Death Eater closer to the bars. The man screamed in pain as his face
began to smoke by whatever magic protected the cage. Clawing at Harry‟s hand
feebly, he struggled valiantly as his comrades raised their wands.

“Stupefy!” Tonks and Kingsley hollered. Two identical bursts of scarlet light
whished past Harry and slammed into the cage walls. There was a sudden orange
haze as the cage bars flickered.
“Avada Kedavra!” One of the Death Eaters cried. A jet of green light struck the
cage, and the orange haze returned. Only this time, it flickered madly as
something seemed to drain it and slowly, the haze disappeared.

“Crucio!” One of the Death Eaters cried. Tonks swished her wand, sending a burst
of coiled ropes flying through the air as she sidestepped, and tripped over with a
The man Harry was holding was barely moving. The orange haze had disappeared,
but it had left the man‟s face charred and burnt. In turn, Harry‟s hand was in no
better shape. The only good thing that came out of it was the small clink as the
bracelet slipped off the burnt flesh and fell to the stone floor. Harry felt a wave
of power flow through him, sending warmth and tingly feelings all throughout his
body, before he gasped, as something seemed to strike at him and sent him reeling

“No!” He gasped softly as he fell to his knees, dropping the Death Eater who
crumpled to the ground. The bracelet might have been of, but it was still affecting
him. He could feel it, his power, being restrained and bound. He fought against it,
using his entire strength. Unfortunately, his magic had been weakened
considerably through his imprisonment, his torture and his fatigue, and now the
attempted binding of his powers. He felt a wave of fatigue run through him as he
forced his magic to trap the attempted binding power, casting a mental cage
around it. He was unaware of the flashes of lights, the screams and the curses
that erupted from around him as more Aurors picked up the fallen Death Eaters
wands, and more Death Eaters arrived.

“Are you okay?” Somebody asked him. Harry looked up as somebody shook him,
blinking rapidly. He had managed to contain the foreign powers, which had almost
been impossible when the bracelet had been on, but it was taken an extreme
conscious effort to keep them contained.

“Yeah.” He muttered as he stood, wincing as he felt a dull pain in his hand. He
looked down, seeing the scorched flesh for the first time and winced. “I really,
really wish he had been able to cut it off. It would be a lot easier to heal.”

“What?” Edward asked, flinching as he ducked, a Death Eaters wand in his hand. A
wave of flames burst overhead as the Auror‟s advanced, driving the Death Eaters
back. Harry could see Mrs Knightly hold her children close as curse ricochet near

“I need help.” He muttered tiredly.

“What is it? What‟s wrong?” Edward began, before he took notice of Harry‟s hand.

“So tired.” Harry said, shaking his head softly with his eyes closed.
“Um…Enervate!” Edward cried. Harry suddenly felt a tingling energy spread
through him.

“Again.” He croaked.

“Enervate! Enervate!” Edward cast desperately.

“Oh, that‟s better.” Harry muttered to himself. He wasn‟t as tired anymore, the
energy being used to fuel his mental defences. He stood up and glanced around. He
moved quickly, jumping forward and delivering a viscous uppercut to a Death Eater.
He grabbed the collapsing man and with strength unnatural to most humans, he
threw him at two others. They all collapsed as Harry gave a small grin of
satisfaction as the remaining four Death Eaters fled.

“I really could use a weapon.” He said thoughtfully.

Kingsley overheard him. “What do you need?”

“A gun. Any type would be good.” Harry said frankly.

“I can‟t conjure one of those.” Kingsley said regretfully. The rest of the Aurors
took up positions near the doors as Tonks ushered Edward and the Knightly family


“It‟s a process of creating objects from a combined effort and imagination. You
need to know exactly how the object is shaped and works, and I‟ve never used a
muggle gun before.” Kingsley said.

“Well, a good blade would do. Actually, several good blades.” Harry said.

Kingsley raised his wand, his face screwed up in concentration. He drew a small
circle in the air, the tip of his wand glowing. Suddenly several thin bladed crude
knives appeared. They were of poor quality, with ragged leather handles, but had
sharp and sturdy blades.

“They‟ll do.” Harry said, inspecting them. He took them all, seven in total, and
shoved some in the waistband of his hospital pyjamas. When this was all over,
Harry promised himself that he would find his clothes. He held one in his hand,
satisfied, before turning to the dark skinned Auror.

“I noticed that there was sunlight coming from a door near a large hall on the way
to Volde…Voldebort…cort…mort…whatever!” Harry told Kingsley. He noticed the
older mans stare and sighed. “Look, I suck with names.”

“Right. So we just get to that door, then what?”

“Well, we open it.” Harry replied.

“And?” Kingsley pressed.

“And…we go through it.” Harry said slowly, like he was talking to a child.

“Then what?” Kingsley asked, a sinking feeling forming in his gut.

“Then, we see what‟s on the other side.” Harry said, exasperated.

“You really haven‟t‟ though this through very well.” Kingsley sighed.

“Well, it‟s better than what you were doing. Standing in a huddle and waving wooden
sticks is so much better than my plan.” Harry snapped.

“No need to get sarcastic.” Kingsley chastised.

“Let‟s see, I‟m trapped in a dirty cell, I‟ve just been tortured, I have no weapons
apart from some simple knives, my magic is bound and my hand has been burnt
beyond belief! See, that‟s one, two, three, four, five, five good reasons to be
sarcastic!” Harry said curtly. He flashed a fake smile at the dark skinned Auror.
“If you want, I‟ll lead.”

Kingsley just stood there in disbelief as Harry stormed out of the door. He heard
three loud screams of pain that were quickly stifled. He motioned to his Aurors
and led the small party through the door, the Knightly‟s taking up the rear.
Harry wiped his knife on his hospital clothes as he peered around a corner. He
heard footsteps approach him from behind but could tell from the small patters
that it had to be the Aurors; no Death Eaters would bring kids here.

“How many?” Kingsley whispered.

“Thirteen.” Harry replied softly.

“Unlucky number.” Tonks noted with approval.

“Unlucky?” Harry questioned.

“You know, superstitious?” Tonks pressed.

Harry flashed her a puzzled look and she sighed. “Forget it.”

“On three, we sprint for the door.” Harry ordered.

“Excuse me, I‟m the Auror Captain here.” Kingsley said.

“And I‟m the intergalactic fighter pilot who has led more armies than you have.”
Harry snapped back.

“What are you talking about?” Kingsley said, frowning, before it dawned on him.
“Merlin! You‟re one of them!”

“Nah, Merlin was an Ancient. I‟m human…mostly. So, on three we sprint. I‟ll take
the six on the left, your Aurors deal with the seven on the right.”

“Are you sure? It doesn‟t seem to be good odds?” Tonks asked.

“Let‟s see, seven Aurors for seven Death Eaters…and me verses six Death
Eaters…actually, your right.” Harry said thoughtfully. “If you want, I could take

“Don‟t get cocky kid.” An Auror Harry didn‟t know said gruffly.

“Not cocky, just realistic.” Harry said shrugging.

“Fine, on three then. Cover the civies and head for the door. Use any means
necessary to take out these Death Eaters.” Kingsley instructed quietly.
Anderson was a new Death Eater recruit, and so far he had to say that he loved
every second of it. There was just something about teaching mudbloods their
place in the world that got to him, and every time he saw the Great Dark Lord and
felt the powerful dark magic radiating off of him, he felt a sense of godly awe. He
was now on guard duty after an alert had been placed by a lone Death Eaters just
minutes ago. As he sighed in boredom and shifted in his stance, he noticed
movement in the corner of his eye. He turned his head slightly, just in time to see
a set of brilliant gleaming emerald eyes and a flash of grey, before his aspirations
and dreams of world terror and dominations were cut short.“Avada Kedavra!”

“Novus Incendio!”






A barrage of curses exploded from the Aurors wands as they moved in a
synchronising pattern, leaping from behind the corner. One Death Eater was
struck, collapsing instantly as the green jet of light slammed into him. Another
screamed in pain as flames exploded around him, waving his wand wildly as he tried
to conjure water. A glowing beam of light struck the walls and there was a rumble
as the foundations shifted. As the Death Eaters tried to recover and vainly fight
off the Aurors, they failed to see what was happening to their companions.
Now, Harry was very good at unarmed combat. He had been taught earlier on in his
life by a brutal, savage and a pretty much grumpy Jaffa, who felt that holding
back in a fight should be illegal. He was used to getting broken arms, legs, ribs,
fingers, toes, noses, and at one point, a broken ear. Considering that the ear is
made out of cartridge, breaking one would be considered to be very difficult. So
Harry had learnt much in the ways of breaking ears, and his skill was showing now
as he let knives fly.
One Death Eater was struck in the throat, collapsing like a rag doll, while another
got one in the heart. As three more fell, Harry used one of the falling bodies to
flip over it, his hand flashing as he slashed the face of a Death Eater and brutally
snapped the neck of another. The last Death Eater managed to raise his wand.

“Avada Ked…”

Harry moved as a blur, grabbing the wrist and twisting it to the side. The Death
Eater screamed in pain as his arm snapped, before something sharp pierced his
lungs. He gurgled for a second, a bubble of blood blowing out of his mouth, before
his collapsed. Harry smirked in satisfaction, approval and quite a lot of pride. He
turned to the other Death Eaters that the Aurors were engaging to find several
down, with two left. He raised his arms and drew out two knives. With a deft flick,
the two Death Eaters were no more.

“Damn!” Tonks whispered in awe, staring at the bodies of the Death Eaters with a
look of wonder on her face.

“You see, the problem with your magic society is that you focus too much on wands
and words.” Harry said loudly as he strode to the door. “Me, I have a wand…though
I call it a focus. But I can also use cruder forms of channelling to use magic with a
flick of my finger. And then you have all of these words, some which take way too
long. By the time you can say Avada Kedavra, you‟re enemy can have raised his gun,
or in this case a knife, and have killed you. Even those who don‟t shout out crappy
words seem to pause to do magic!”

Kingsley seemed to take the abuse of his society fairly well as Harry yanked open
the door. Pure sunlight greeted the captives as they ran outside. Harry slammed
the door shut as Death Eaters poured into the room by the dozens.

“Can you lock it?” Harry asked.

Kingsley flicked his wand with ease, and a clicking noise sounded in the lock of the

Harry nodded in approval as he took in his surroundings. The group seemed to be on
a hill and was surrounded by grass. Plains stretched as far as the eye could see,
with the scarce tree or two. The only sign of civilisation was the door that they
had just came from, which was built into the side of the mountain.

“Tonks! See if you can get a precise location! Michaels, examine the wards, Jules,
make a Portkey!” Kingsley ordered.

“Portkey?” Harry inquired.

“Magical form of transport that uses an object to form a vortex that bends the
rules of space and time in order to create a one-way portal to another place.”
Kingsley recited, as if quoting a textbook.

“Ah. Like a Stargate. Gotcha.” Harry muttered.

“Are we going now?” Laura asked in a quiet voice. The poor girl was shivering and
trembling, gripping her mother‟s hand as she stared at the door. Large bangs were
echoing out from the inside, but so far no Death Eater had followed them.

“Captain, the wards seem to be non-existent on the outside. It seems that most of
them are tired to that door, which is probably why they can‟t get through.”
Michaels said, after a few minutes of waving his wand.

“Of course they are.” Kingsley said with a slow grim. “Stops the sensors from
detecting large magical activity. Seems that their own wards are stopping them
from escaping.”

“Sir, Portkey‟s done.” Jules said, grinning wildly. She held a long stick out, which
glowed blue for a second. Harry blinked as Kingsley ushered the children to put
hands on it.

“Okay, everybody grab hold.” He instructed.

Harry took hold with a strange expression on his face, just as the door suddenly
blew off its hinges. Lord Voltiroy…Volfifig…the dark creature stalked out, his
crimson eyes blazing and his wand stretched out. There was a flash of light as
something burst from it, a dark pulsing energy, and Harry quickly moved in front
of Laura as he felt a pulling sensation at his navel. He was struck in the torso just
as the Portkey activated.
Now, using a Portkey is like driving on a curved freeway. It‟s a very precise device
that needs concentration and understanding to make. If your car suddenly gets a
burst of Nitrus Oxide to its engines while fast moving traffic, then it‟s going to
get run off the road. Which is precisely why when Harry was struck by the energy
blast, he felt himself careen offcourse and a slight shuddering in his stomach as
he landed painfully on a dirt ground, surrounded by trees and a smoking hole in his

“I‟m getting fucking tired of this.” He muttered to himself, as the pain overtook
him and he drifted unconscious.
Though he didn‟t know it, Kingsley had reappeared in Auror Headquarters and was
greeted with hugs, exclamations such as „Merlin, you‟re not dead!‟ and huge smiles.
It took a couple of minutes through all of the commotion to realise that the party
was missing a member. As for Harry, he remained unconscious on the ground,
slowly dieing. He never felt his chest ache, he never felt the sharp biting wind…he
never felt the cool hands on his forehead, or the pressure that was applied to his
wound. He never felt himself get lifted off the ground, or the liquid that was
dropped onto his wound.


The atmosphere was solemn as four heavily armed Alliance guards marched slowly,
their feet echoing in the large room. Ranks of soldiers stood still as the
memorabile coffin was slowly bought to the front of the room, where the
representatives for the Council stood. Narim, Meena, Andrew, Jack and Selmak
were dressed up in the finest clothes, while Lya stood in her white robes and
Thor…well, Thor didn‟t really wear clothes to begin with.
“We are all here today to pay tribute to Commander Deicida. He was an excellent
soldier and an inspiration to the Alliance. We shall miss his counsel, his
companionship…we shall miss him.” Narim said loudly, as the coffin was dropped
with a thud. “Since he died protecting Earth, he shall be honoured in the Earth

Jack cleared his throat, as Narim stood down, clearly uncomfortable as he stood.
“Harry…Harry was a good friend. I first met him when he was nine, and let me tell
you something, even then he was a smartarse.”

There was a round of chuckles throughout the room. “I mean it as well. The kid had
a sharper tongue that I did, and that‟s saying something. Still, there was innocence
about him that drew people in, despite the traumas he had been through. This
innocence was stripped away as the War with Anubis started. Harry was smart,
brave, and a lot wiser than most people. He appreciated all of the little things in
life, having spent the majority of his childhood as a slave. He was a fine soldier,
and a fine friend…except when he was insulting my hair I mean come on! I get it
Harry! I have grey hair! Whatever heaven you went to, I hope you laugh it up!”

There were a few more chuckles as Jack stood down, a mournful but relieved smile
on his face.

Lya slowly made her way up, her wraith-like figure seemingly floating as she stared
out into the crowd. She had been affected the most by Harry‟s death, whether it
be that she had had a closer connection to him than most, or that as a Nox, she
was unused to the pain and grief that a death of a somebody special caused.

“Harry was famous. He was known as the Commander, the Deicida- slayer of the
Gods, a powerful fighter, a skilled pilot and a cunning strategist. Everybody knew
of his seemingly impossible exploits- his attack on a Goa‟uld construction yard, the
defying of Klorel, and the assassination of Ba‟al. What most do not realise is that
he was a boy. A sixteen-year-old human boy forced into a terrible war.” Lya said
softly. She bowed her head. “We will all miss him.”

She stepped back as Andrew walked forward. “On behalf of a grateful planet, I
thank the Commander for his actions. May he find peace in the afterlife…”
At that moment, Harry was wondering when the hell peace was going to find him. In
a span of a few days, he had been kidnapped, tortured, kidnapped again, tortured
even worse off than before, and now it seemed like he had been kidnapped yet
again. He glanced around at the small room he was in. Basically, It was four rocky
walls and iron door. He was sitting idly on his bed, which would have been better
suited for a small child. A large bandage wound around his chest while another one
was wrapped tightly around his burnt hand. He moved it slightly and winced as a
sharp sting of pain shot through him.

“Hello?” He called out loudly. Sighing, as he received no response, he lay back down
on his bed and stared at the roof. His powers were still bound and it was taking
the majority of his magic to hold back the foreign energy. Still, he was enormously
grateful to feel the familiar and reassuring tingle eof energy inside of him, no
matter how weak it was. He was confident that he could blow down the door,
maybe kill a few guards, but after that he was pretty sure that he would be
drained. He would wait, watch, and see how this turned out.

It was like a scene from a beautiful fairytale. The sun was high and shining, and a
rainbow flickered through the sky. The grass was moist and water dripped
peacefully off leaves and plants. A small stream trickled nearby as rabbits and
wildlife lived together in harmony, drinking from the stream and squeaking,
sniffing and generally acting adorable. It was enough to make a cynical man very,
very sick.

Suddenly a dark shadow hovered over the clearing. The animals bolted, only to find
that the shadows surrounded them. It started closing in, the dark and cloudy
presence radiating malevolence. Whatever it touched, animal or plants, it sucked
the life from it. Plants withered rapidly, their leaves turning brown and their
flowers dieing. As the dark cloud grew closer, a particular cute baby rabbit with
beautiful big eyes, a fluffy white tail and a sleek coat of fur could have sworn it
heard a human voice laughing madly, before the shadow encased them all. When it
retreated, ravaged corpses littered the once beautiful clearing. The cloud of dark
mist flickered, growing more defined and more distinct, before gliding away. It
would take time to regain his former strength, but when he did, Anubis swore he
would make this miserable planet pay for making him live off animals! He didn‟t
dare go near human settlements, in fear of being detected by the Alliance, and as
he fed on the life of animals, his mind conjured imaginative ways of torturing that
scum of a human, that Deicida. He would have his revenge…

“Human! Wake up!” Came a rough voice as something prodded the sleeping Harry
awake. Harry groaned as he rubbed his eyes with his good hand. He blinked as he
stared around the room. Nobody was there.

“Human!” Came the voice again.

Harry looked downwards and gave a strangled noise as he jumped back. Staring
back at him was a very small and ugly midget!

“Who are you?” He asked, his face twisted up in surprise and disgust.

“I am Klendrak.” The small…thing said, giving him a hateful and grumpy stare. As
Harry stared back, he though it might not be impossible for the thing to look like
that all of the time.

“I‟m Harry.” Harry introduced himself cautiously. “Um…what are you?”

“I am a goblin, ignorant human!” Klendrak snapped angrily. He waved a large battle-
axe, which was almost as big as the damn goblin itself, menacingly as he gestured
to the door. “Come!”

“Er…you first,” Harry said, staring at the being with a strange look on his face. At
the goblins frown, he narrowed his eyes. “I insist.

Grumbling to himself, Klendrak walked through the door. Harry stared at his back,
which was covered by some kind of metal, and sighed. This was just getting
stranger and stranger. He followed after the grumpy goblin, blinking rapidly as his
face hit sunlight. He was in a large clearing, with stone buildings erected
everywhere. A large fort stood high and proud, guard towers occupied by burly
looking goblins holding spears.

“Come. The King will speak to you!” Klendrak barked angrily. Harry jumped as the
goblin whacked him with the handle a small spear.

“Alright!” He said, swearing softly under his breath.

Klendrak, who was joined at the entrance by several large, led Harry to the fort
and fierce looking goblins carrying very sharp blades. Inside, even more guards
escorted Harry down a large corridor filled with carvings and statues of more ugly
goblins. Harry was being to suspect that this might be one of the mutant races
that Oma had told him about, one that the out-of-control wizards of the past
created by accident.

Finally he came to a large doorway carved from what seemed like pure gold.
Standing guard were two fully armoured Goblins holding large maces. They stared
at Harry for a second, then at his escort, which consisted off at least thirty
goblins. Finally, one of them grunted and rapped on the door.

“Come!” Came a loud voice and the doors swung open.

He was led inside to an extremely well decorated room, with golden decorations
and carved walls. Sitting on a large and finely decorated throne was a very old
goblin, with white hair and an extremely crooked nose. It seemed to have been
snapped off and glued back on facing the wrong direction. Harry couldn‟t help but
stare as he was led in, mindful of the very sharp weapons being pointed at him.

“I am Gilpok, King of the Goblins.” The old goblin wheezed out.

“Nice to nose you…I mean meet you.” Harry stumbled, throwing a sheepish glance
at the King, whose brows tightened.

“I will be blunt then human, who are you, how did you get past the wards and why
are you trespassing on Goblin Land? Be mindful that the wrong answer will lead to
your execution!” Gilpok snapped, his voice sounding much younger than he looked.

“Er…I‟m Harry, dunno why I‟m here and up until twenty minutes ago, I had no idea
that Goblins existed.” Harry answered quickly.

“Do not lie!” The Goblin King boomed. Harry narrowed his eyes at the old goblin,
glancing out of the corner of his eyes as the Goblin guards shifted under their
king‟s anger. “I know you wizards, always wanting our gold, always wanting to kill us,
and torture us, and main us! I know you were sent here to kill me…you were,
weren‟t you! You‟re one of them, the goblin haters and the ones who wish to
destroy me! Well, I WON‟T LET YOU! GUARDS, EXECUTE HIM!”

At the fanatical and slightly…well, extremely insane look on the Goblins face, the
guards dragged Harry from the throne room as quickly as he had come. Harry
himself was slightly bewildered.

“Um…what just happened?” He asked the nearest guard.

“Our majesty has gotten gold fever, it‟s a terrible sickness for Goblins. He is
paranoid.” One of them answered, almost sympathetically.

“So, that means you‟re not going to kill me, right?” Harry asked the guard.

“No human, the King has ordered it. You shall be put to death.” The guard said
neutrally. Harry dropped his head and gave an extremely frustrated sigh.

“I‟m starting to regret saving this hunk of rock…should‟ve let Anubis torch it!” He
muttered under his breath. “Stupid…” He went off into a trail of extremely rude
sayings in a wide variety of languages as the thirty or so guards led him outside,
next to a large forest.

“Here.” One of the guards said, glancing around.

The one holding Harry dropped him, and he hit the ground with a thump.

“Look,” Harry said as he got up, his hands held up in a placating gesture. “You
seemed to have went to a lot of trouble healing me…surely you don‟t want to get
me bloody so soon?”

“It makes no difference to us.” A goblin said.

“Is everybody in this magical world so bloody stubborn and short-minded, or is just
the people I seem to run into?” Harry asked to nobody in particular. “I have to say,
when the ancestors of wizards mutated animals and all of that, they sure as hell
did a crappy job, especially with you lot!”

“The axe or the spear?” A large goblin asked Harry with a bloodthirsty grin on his
face, ignoring him completely.

“The spear.” Harry said, sighing mournfully. The Goblin nodded, picking up a long
pole with a wicked thin blade at the end. He raised it, gesturing. Two globins took
hold of his arms, holding him into place as the Goblin carrying the spear lunged

Harry focused within him and summoned all of his available power, which wasn‟t
much at all. Still, it was much more than these goblins possessed, and a large
invisible shockwave blew the goblins holding him away, sending them flying through
the air, before Harry sidestepped, grabbing the moving spear and smashed the
Goblin in the face. The goblin dropped the spear, crumpling to the ground as Harry
twirled the spear, striking forward quickly and brutally. The spear was a blur as he
lashed forward, knocking the unsuspecting Goblin guards with the flat side of his
blade, before heaving it at the large goblin that had tried to kill him and darting
off into the forest.

Harry panted as he sprinted behind a large tree and closed his eyes. The Goblins
were chasing him, and he needed to lose them. He started raising his arms, as if he
were carrying something heavy in front of him. There was a flare of power, before
a gigantic wall of fames exploded behind him, right across the pathways into the
forest. Harry sighed tiredly as he got out from behind the tree and stared at his
work. Suddenly a light pink streak of energy zoomed past the flames, slashing into
a tree next to Harry. The tree suddenly creaked as the magic ate away at it,
before it toppled loudly. Harry stared at the tree for a just a second, before
snapping his fingers. He turned the other way and started running as if his life
depended on it, as the fires suddenly let out a wave of searing heat. There were
cries of pain on the other side of the flames, but Harry was already too far away
to hear them.

An hour later, Harry leant against the most comfortable tree he could find, which
was digging into his spine, and leant back. He was really starting to think that this
whole magical world thing was worse than it sounded. Really, first there was the
kidnapping and slightly sadistic government, then there was the evil and extremely
sadistic Volde…guy, then there were little ugly humanoids with extremely bad
teeth and a paranoid king who had just ordered his execution!

“You people have no idea how close I am to ordering your complete and utter
annihilation!” Harry growled. He curled up as best he could, he needed to replenish
his energy, and that required rest. He had good instincts, so nobody was going to
be sneaking up on him and he was pretty sure that the Goblins weren‟t going to
follow him this far. He was a fast runner, and they had very small legs. Within
seconds, he was asleep.

The forest was dark and quiet. Not even the birds sang and tall and thick tress
blocked out most of the sunlight. It was considered to be one of the most magical
and forbidden forests on the planet, and housed a number of creatures too
bizarre for a normal person to imagine. At this time, it also housed one guest,
temporarily of course. As a cool breeze swished the leaves softly, the guest and a
resident of the forest suddenly met and a loud voice suddenly cried out.

“This is centaur land? You dare trespass on the sacred groves of…” There was a
thump and a crumple as something heavy hit the ground as the voice was cut off.

“I swear, if I hear that one more time from anybody or anything, I‟ll go crazy.” The
guest grumbled as he regarded the unconscious horseman. “What the…?”

The guest and the native didn‟t hit it off rather well, much like the colonisation of
South America in the 1600‟s. In a fast and furious four minutes, arrows, spears,
knives, crossbow bolts and the odd rock or two sailed through the air. In the end,
a ruffled but alive human being with black hair, green eyes and a hand clutching a
spear regarded the seven unconscious half human- half horse beings. “Mutations
behold. I really hate this fucking planet.”

It hadn‟t been a good week for Harry Potter, one of the Supreme Commanders of
the Alliance Fleet, member of the Council of the Alliance and widely regarded as
one of the best fighters in the galaxy and known for his bizarre and mystical
powers. He had been shot down in one of the biggest space battles in the history
of the galaxy after getting the crap beaten out of him by Anubis (Evil, mean,
horrible…an all-around arsehole). Then Wizards with magic wands (Note the lack
of quotations on the phrase, magic wands) had taken him to a hospital, bound his
powers and demanded he do what they say. After he had escaped them, giving one
of the ringleaders a broken nose, he had been captured by more wand waving
wizards. This time, these wizards were a touch meaner and a lot crueler. He had
managed to escape them after killing a dozen or two of them but got his hand
fried in the process, and in doing so broke the object that bound him.
Unfortunately, the bonds were more than a physical bracelet and now most of his
magic was being used to stop the binding powers disabling his magic and killing him.
He was captured again by little ugly freaky midgets and sentenced to death.
Harry‟s knack of getting out of places served him well again and now he was
wandering a large forest with strange creatures, and beating up mutated horses.
As Harry lay on his back and stared at the stars, he sighed deeply. He was lost,
alone and being hunted from who knows how many people...

“This is atrocious Scrimgeour!” Fudge roared, his cheeks purple and spittle flying
from his mouth. He paced his office nervously, twirling his green bowler in his
hands as Scrimgeour watched on. “Potter has escaped and practically earned the
loyalty and admiration of half the damn Aurors while doing so! If word gets out
about the bracelet…”
“Minister, calm down.” Scrimgeour said firmly, standing up.

“Don‟t tell me to calm down! That damn things illegal and you know it! We should…”
Fudge trailed off as Scrimgeour looked dangerously at him.

“Mr Potter poses a problem. That‟s why I have sent out an old…acquaintance of
mine, an assassin by the name of Blue Thunder, the only assassin to have ever
wounded Lord Voldemort while trying to assassinate him.” Scrimgeour said.

“Kill Potter? But…But…But we need him! You-Know-Who…”Fudge spluttered

“We can take care of Lord Voldemort.” Scrimgeour said smoothly. “But a second
Dark Lord like Potter?”
“Potter‟s a Dark Lord?” Fudge asked in disbelief.

“Minister, he has brutally murdered wizards without remorse. Death Eaters or not,
he is a vigilante. The Ministry can not afford Vigilantes running around doing what
they want.” Scrimgeour said earnestly.

“I suppose you‟re right.” Fudge said slowly. “But what about…them?”

“They…are to concerned about their own affairs. They already think he‟s dead,
they don‟t have to know..."

“The last of the Warships have left, Milady.” A young and nervous Alliance officer
said, bowing slightly.
Lya looked up, her dark eyes blank and vaguely confused. “Oh…yes. Very well.”

The officer left as Lya turned back to the „window‟, a section of the Space Station
covered by a transparent force field. The blue and green planet of Earth
stretched out before her eyes, with their primitive satellites zooming past every
so often. Since Anubis was dead and his army broken, the Council had pulled the
warships from Earth to other sectors where they were needed, mainly to fight
overzealous Goa‟uld‟s who were suddenly so sure that they were the „true‟ ruler of
the universe.

All that remained around Earth was some small Assault Vessels and a large space
station, surrounded by the hundreds if not thousands twisted wrecks of metal left
over from the battle. The other members of the Council, all who had left for their
respective planets, had decided to leave the wrecks their. It seemed…wrong to
remove them, the silent and everlasting testaments of war.

Lya didn‟t really care. This was why Nox hated violence and death, it was the
feeling that one felt after a loved one died that the Nox feared, a feeling that
was always associated with violence and death. Lya had fallen in love with a
warrior…she should have expected it. It shouldn‟t have hurt so much. Tears fell
from her eyes, before she wiped them away and stood. She had her
responsibilities, an entire people to look after...
Jack O‟Neill glared at the protesters as he stepped out of his car. “If you don‟t
leave right now, I‟m going to shoot you!”
He doubted the protesters could even hear him over the taunts and jeers they
were screaming. Ever since Anubis had died and the shock of the existence of
Aliens had worn off, a lot of people had suddenly decided that they never really
liked aliens and perhaps, just maybe, the aliens that „saved‟ them were actually
trying to take over their planet.

“You‟re bluffing!” One of them shouted angrily from behind the barricades set
around Jack‟s house. Thanks to some nifty alien technology, a force field stopped
anybody from entering without his permission.

Jack pulled out a handgun and aimed it at him, finger on the trigger. There were
some screams as he pulled it out and protesters backed away.

“Oh come on, it‟s a dummy gun!” The protester yelled.

Jack fired and the forcefield flared just centimetres away from the guys face.
The guy turned pale and quickly scrambled away.

“Morons.” Jack muttered. However, these morons were getting very powerful and
political and Jack was afraid of where they were headed. Still, he was more
concerned about his job…and the glowing rock Daniel found on another planet two
days ago. The SGC was still running, and that was all Jack cared about right now...

In the British Isles, two evil beings plotted and waited. One was a thin and pale
snake-like man with gleaming red eyes who wanted world domination. The other
was a black mist that spread slowly across the plains of Scotland, sucking up all
life and energy he could find. Their paths would soon cross…

Lya watched, as Earth got smaller, the spacestations giant engines pushing them
away from the planet. She watched the spinning swirl of clouds and gave one last
look at the planet, whispering “Goodbye Harry,” before the Spacestation
disappeared into hyperspace.
And far away on that same planet, in a large and dark part of the forest only forty
kilometres away from a large castle¸ Harry closed his eyes and tried to get some
sleep, missing the small twinkling dot that disappeared…

                    This Book Is Complete!
                 But not the story. Stay tuned for the Sequel…

          Harry Potter and the Ancients Power

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