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									                                     Deepwood News                 March 2009                                                                   1

                                                               Lake County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

     Upcoming                                                                      from the
                                                 "We must build a world free of unnecessary barriers,
                                                 stereotypes, and discrimination ... policies must be developed,
      MRDD Awareness Month and                   attitudes must be shaped, and buildings and organizations
       National Social Work Month                must be designed to ensure that everyone has a chance to get
2     CES Advocacy Mtg                           the education they need and live independently as full citizens
 2    Read Across America celebration            in their communities."     -- President Barack Obama
           at VGC and WWS
4     LCARC General Membership Mtg               Barack Obama and Joe Biden have a comprehensive agenda to empower individuals with
6    Broadmoor Early Intervention and Help       disabilities in order to equalize opportunities for all Americans.
           Me Grow - Breakfast
10 Broadmoor Family Network Mtg                  In addition to reclaiming America's global leadership on this issue by becoming a
17    Willoughby Workshop Advocacy Mtg
                                                 signatory to -- and having the Senate ratify -- the UN Convention on the Rights of
                                                 Persons with Disabilities, the plan has four parts, designed to provide lifelong support
19    VGC Idol                                   and resources to Americans with disabilities. They are as follows:
19    JCDC and ARC Jungle Terry
20    LCARC Dance                                First, provide Americans with disabilities with the educational opportunities they need
24    LCBMRDD Board Meeting                      to succeed by funding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, supporting early
                                                 intervention for children with disabilities and universal screening, improving college
24    Deepwood Industries and CES
                                                 opportunities for high school graduates with disabilities, and making college more
       at Mentor Chamber meeting                 affordable. Obama and Biden will also authorize a comprehensive study of students with
26    Willoughby Advocacy Chili Cook off         disabilities and issues relating to transition to work and higher education.
26     Deepwood Foundation Mtg
26    Deepwood Industries Mtg                    Second, end discrimination and promote equal opportunity by restoring the
                                                 Americans with Disabilities Act, increasing funding for enforcement, supporting the
29    Deepwood Foundation Strides of March
           In support of Special Olympics        Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, ensuring affordable, accessible health care
April                                            for all and improving mental health care.
1     LCARC General Meeting
6     CES Advocacy Meeting                       Third, increase the employment rate of workers with disabilities by effectively
10    Good Friday Offices and Workshops closed   implementing regulations that require the federal government and its contractors to
      School Spring Break starts.                employ people with disabilities, providing private-sector employers with resources to
13     Holiday Offices, workshops and School     accommodate employees with disabilities, and encouraging those employers to use
closed                                           existing tax benefits to hire more workers with disabilities and supporting small
17 LCARC Dance                                   businesses owned by people with disabilities.
20 School Resumes
20      LCBMRDD Board Meeting                    Fourth, support independent, community-based living for Americans with disabilities
21 Willoughby Workshop Advocacy meeting          by enforcing the Community Choice Act, which would allow Americans with significant
23 Deepwood Foundation ‘Bridge the Gap’          disabilities the choice of living in their community rather than having to live in a nursing
            conference                           home or other institution, creating a voluntary, budget-neutral national insurance
 23      Deepwood Industries meeting             program to help adults who have or develop functional disabilities to remain independent
                                                 and in their communities, and streamline the Social Security approval process. Read
                                                 more at .

Deepwood News                                     March 2009                                                          2

       More from President Obama
                                 for autism research,          and wo rk ing with            them. Screening is
      President Obama and        treatment, screening,         Congress, parents and         essential      so    that
      Vice President Biden       public awareness, support     ASD experts to determine      disabilities can be
      are committed to sup-      services. There must be       how to further improve        identified early enough
      porting Americans with     research of the treatments    federal and state             for those children and
      Autism Spectrum Dis-       for, and the causes of,       programs for ASD.             families to get the
      orders (“ASD”), their      ASD.                          •    Fo u rth , Ob a ma/      supports and services they
      families, and their com-   • Second, Obama/Biden         Biden support universal       need.
      munities. There are a      support improving life-       screening of all infants
      few key elements to        long services for people      and re-screening for all
      their support, which are   with ASD for treatments,      two-year-olds, the age at
      as follows:                interventions and services    which some conditions,
                                 for both children and         including ASD, begin to
      •   First, Obama/Biden     adults with ASD.              appear. These screenings
      support public and in-     • Third, Obama/Biden          will be safe and secure,
      creased funding            support funding the           and available for every
                                 Combating Autism Act          American that wants

The beautiful Ohio           Statewide Awareness Events                                     Ohio Public Images
Statehouse Atrium            You are invited to the           communities. Our event        Shannon van Huss was
 will again host the         annual MRDD Awareness            will focus on the many        selected for the Self-
                             Month Kickoff Event at the       opportunities that are        Advocacy Award. The
     annual MRDD             Ohio Statehouse Atrium on        emerging in this spirit       committee gives this
 Awareness Month             March 5, 2009 from 10 am         throughout the state. In      award to individuals who
                             until noon. This event is        2008 we hosted nearly 200     have had speaking
   Kickoff Event in          sponsored by the Ohio            attendees from across         engagements           and
          Columbus,          Department of Mental             Ohio.                         advocated for a change in
                             Retardation          and         Please join us in promoting
                                                                                            their      community.
                             Developmental Disabilities       positive perceptions of
     March 5, 2009,                                                                         Shannon will receive his
                             and Ohio Public Images.          people with mental
                             Ohio’s Celebration of            retardation           and
                                                                                            award on March 9 at the
    10 a.m. - noon.          MRDD Awareness Month             developmental disabilities.   Association           for
                             is an opportunity for            No RSVP required.             Superintendents of
                             organizations that serve                                       County Boards luncheon.
                             individuals with MRDD to                                       Shannon has been
                             raise public awareness of                                      providing awareness
                             the many abilities that                                        demonstrations called
                             people with disabilities                                       World on Wheels         to
                             have.                                                          students and civic groups
                             The 2009 theme, “Just Like                                     throughout Lake County
                             You” focuses on peoples’                                       for over four years. His
                             similarities rather than                                       demonstration includes a
                             differences,          and                                      brief introduction, hands
                             encourages everyone to                                         on activity stations and a
                             welcome people with                                            DVD showing a day in
                             disabilities into their                                        his life.
Deepwood News   March 2009            3

Deepwood News                Page 3
Deepwood News                          March 2009                                         4

      Health & Safety Alert
             #39-01-09                         Greenhouse
     Peanut Butter Safety               Visit Lake County's best kept secret!
 The ODMRDD sent out a re-
 lease to heighten the awareness     We have excellent prices and a huge selection
 of all readers on the potential     of annuals and perennials for sun and shade.
 risks when eating peanut butter.                        Open
 A clump of peanut butter
 lodged in the throat is extremely                 Monday- Friday
 difficult to dislodge. The com-                 8:30 am-3:30 pm
 bination of peanut butter and                     And Saturdays
 partially chewed bread makes
 a plug which can block the air-                       in May
 way and be fatal.
 Because peanut butter offers an                        440-350-5240
 enjoyable source of nutrition,
 here are reminders of how                           8121 Deepwood Blvd.
 to enjoy it safely.
 • Peanut butter should be ap-          Check out our seasonal items and
 plied in a thin layer (1 – 1 ½
 teaspoons for one slice of
                                        houseplants throughout the year.
 bread, no more than 1 table-
 spoon for two slices).
 • Offer fluid to drink before and
 during eating to moisten the            Poor Man’s Reverse Raffle
 mouth and reduce
 • Bite sizes should be small,                               Saturday March 28th, 2009
 about the size of a quarter, and                              Doors Open at 6:00 pm
 closely monitored.
 Each bite must be chewed well                                   Normandy Party Center
 and swallowed before the next                                  30310 Palisades Parkway
 one is taken.                                                      Wickliffe, Ohio
 • Sips of fluid between bites
 will help ensure that the mouth         Donation $25.00 per person.
 and throat are cleared
 of peanut butter.                           Dinner, Open Bar
 • The pace of eating should be         Music By DJ Steve Seidel
 monitored to ensure individuals        Sideboards, 50/50 Drawing
 are not rushing or                            Door Prizes
 putting too much in their mouth.
 • Teams should assess a spe-              Information and or tickets
 cific individual's risk whenever          Call Ray 440-953-9442 or Pat 440-943-3623
 there are known eating                         All Proceeds Benefit Consumers of
 problems but stay alert with                           Deepwood Center
   Deepwood News                                     March 2009                                               5

Steve Guard Memorial Fit Trail at Willoughby Workshop ~Ken Wiegand
                                           The Steve Guard Memo-          Deepwood Industries recognized
                                                                          these outstanding employee of the
                                           rial Walking Trail was
                                                                          for the following quarters.
                                           completed and dedicated
                                           last summer at the Wil-
                                           loughby Workshop. The
                                           trail is used daily by many
                                           Willoughby consumers,
                                           who enjoy the scenic
                                           walkway while engaging
                                           in a daily exercise routine.
                                           Formerly, daily walking        2008 April , May and June :
                                           meant a trip down the sur-
                                           rounding streets, with the     •   VGC - Joe Lott
                                           traffic concerns always
                                           present. The Walking Trail     •   Willoughby - Susan Guard
                                           has received rave reviews
                                           from staff, consumers and      •   CES - Carol Jamieson
                                                                          2008 July August and

   Spreading warmth one stitch at a time…..
                                                                          •   VGC - Jason Throckmorton

                                                                          •   Willoughby - Lucy

                                                                          •   CES - Ann Duncan

                                                                          2008 October, November and


                                                                          •   VGC - Rebecca Shaw

                                                                          •   Willoughby - Gary Plunket

                                                                          •   CES - Denise Kopera

 In Early December, 2008 the Deepwood Quilters, Amy Smith,
 Terry Baker and Annie Harrison shared the bounty of their labor
 and gave twenty-three lap quilts to the individuals in the Habilita-
 tion III and the Life Enrichment Clusters at the Vocational Guid-
 ance Center. Each recipient received a beautiful hand-crafted
 quilt made by either Donna LeDuc, Amy Smith, Terry Baker
 or Annie Harrison. The quilters commented on how mean-
 ingful it is to see everyone enjoy their new quilts.
Deepwood News                                             March 2009                                                            6

    News From Broadmoor ~AnnMahler
    It has been a very busy and                                         their     new     volunteer
                                     celebrity status lately. We
    exciting time at Broadmoor                                          worksite at the Eastlake
                                     have been showcased on
    School. This year, we have                                          Goodwill store.           A
                                     Channel 3 and Channel 8
    implemented a new                                                   beautiful            holiday
                                     news, soon to be on
    curriculum entitled,                                                celebration at Grand River
                                     Mentor Channel 12. We
    UNIQUE           Learning                                           Cellars was enjoyed by our
                                     are still undefeated in our
    System, that is designed for                                        LEEP        students      in          This year, we
                                     season, and we are sure
    children with disabilities.                                         appreciation for all the              have
                                     that our winning streak will
    It utilizes icons and allows                                        volunteer work that our
                                     continue throughout the                                                  implemented a
    for the instructors to adapt                                        students do washing and
                                     rest of the season. Perry
    the lessons for different                                           wrapping silverware for               new curriculum
                                     High School Basketball
    ability levels. This has                                            this winery.
                                     team visited Broadmoor                                                   entitled,
    enhanced our academic
                                     recently and donated an                                                  UNIQUE
    program and has allowed                                             Our Early Intervention
                                     electronic scoreboard. This
    us to enhance the learning                                          program (birth to three               Learning
                                     is quite exciting for our
    of our students!         The                                        years old) continues to
                                     team.                                                                    System, that is
    teachers have         done a                                        provide a variety of natural
    phenomenal job using this                                           environment opportunities             designed for
                            It is only January and our
    curriculum and the students                                         for parents to attend with            children with
                            LEEP (Lake Employment
                   really seem to                                       their children. Some of
                            Experience Program) staff                                                         disabilities.
                   enjoy it and                                         these included, Patterson’s
                            have already began prom
                   h a v e                                              Fruit Farm, Kindermusik,
                            and graduation plans. The
                   progressed                                           Lake Farm Park Christmas
                            theme for prom will be
                   academically.                                        Experience and Borders
                            “Night on the Red Carpet”,
                            scheduled for May 2, 2009
    Our basketball team has
                            at the Mentor Civic Center.
    been at the level of
                            Also, LEEP is enjoying

    Community Connections                                                                       Noble Readers
                                                                                                Book Club
                                                                                                Through the support of the
                                                                                                Foundation, LCARC, Doc’s
                                                                                                Deepwood Run, and Retired Senior
                                                                                                Volunteer Partnership (RSVP) we
                                                                                                have started a book club for
                                                                                                individuals with disabilities. The club
                                                                                                meets at Barnes and Nobles Book
                                                                                                Store twice a month to read, listen to
                                                                                                and discuss a book. The first book
                                                                                                they are reading is The Wind in the
                                                                                                Willows by Kenneth Grahame. This
                                                                                                exciting tale about a Rat, Mole,
                                                                                                Badger and Toad is entertaining the
                                                                                                initial six members of the Club.
  This year Barnes and Nobles Booksellers selected Lake County Board of MRDD as the             We look forward to adding new
  recipient of their annual holiday book drive. Through the Deepwood Foundation, Lake           members and new meeting times in
  County Board of MRDD program areas sent wish lists of books to the bookstore. From            the future.
  resource texts for families and staff to beginning readers and activities for children and
  adults, 1700 books were donated to Deepwood Foundation. In February 2009 the Foun-
  dation distributed the books to program areas. A special thanks goes to Greg Nau, the
  manager from Barnes and Nobles, who delivered the car full of books to the agency and
  has been a great community partner for the agency.
Deepwood News                                               March 2009                                                                  7

News from Deepwood Foundation

Deepwood Foundation strives to provide support and assistance to individuals with developmental disabilities. In 2008 the Foun-
dation sponsored over $67,000.00 to assist those in need. This is only possible through the generosity of our donors, community
partners and corporate funders.

The Foster a Camper Project is a wonderful example of how a family can develop or contribute to a designated fund designed to
meet the special needs of children and adults with developmental disabilities. Each year an increasing number of families need
help sending their son or daughter to a summer program. In 2008 we assisted more that 100 campers, this year we anticipate even
more requests.

So many are in need of age and developmentally appropriate specialized and therapeutic settings during the summer months.
Summer is a particularly difficult time for children and adults with special needs. For these folks, camp is not a luxury it is a ne-
cessity. Therapeutic structure is so essential to maintain skill development and the Foster a Camper Project will ensure that
those without financial resources will have this opportunity. The program will assist children and adults who are at risk and have
been identified with handicaps and developmental delays, which range in severity from mild to profound.

                                                                                         Individuals interested wishing to
                                                                                        donate to the Mission of the Deep-
                                                                                        wood Foundation or in participat-
                                                                                       ing in one of the Deepwood Founda-
                                                                                        tion’s upcoming events can contact
                                                                                           Rikke Coach at 440/350-5208.

                                     Deepwood Foundation Scheduled Events 2009

 March 29th, Sunday, The 12th Annual Strides of March – Cost $18.00 pre-registration or $20.00 race day. The
 5K Walk and Run will be held at Holden Arboretum. Sponsored by the Deepwood Foundation honoring Special
 Olympians in Lake County.

 April 24th and 25th, Autism – What’s New?
 Featuring Key Note Speaker, Barbara Bloomfield. 2nd Annual Conference sponsored by Deepwood
 Foundation in partnership with Lake Erie College and Lakeland Community College. Held at Lakeland Community
 College. Continuing Education Credits Available, Care Giver Discounts available - Contact Deepwood Foundation for

 April 26th, Sunday – 2nd Annual Lantern Fund Spa Day - cost varies by service – held at Wildwood Park in Mentor,
 Ohio. Services include massage, Reiki, angel readings, cooking demonstrations, wine and more.
 Proceeds from the days event will fund the Marcus Lantern Fund which sponsors summer camp
 scholarships through the Deepwood Foundation.

 November 2009 - An Evening with Deepwood - Diner, Auctions, Entertainment, Date and
 Time to be determined.

 November 18th 2009 – Girls Night Out - Holiday Extravaganza
 Cost $20.00 – Holiday vendors, auctions wine appetizers and so much more……
440-918-5150 440-350-5150
                                                      Lake County Board of MR/DD Deepwood                          Non-Profit Org.
                                                      8121 Deepwood Blvd.                                           U.S. Postage
BROADMOOR SCHOOL                                      Mentor, Ohio 44060
                                                                                                                   MENTOR OH
                                                                                                                   Permit No. 583
                                                                     RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
440-918-5171 440-350-5171

440-918-5145 440-350-5145

440-918-5296 440-350-5296

440-918-5190 440-350-5190


To report a major unusual
incident: 440-918-5145

                                       The mission of the Lake County Board of Mental Retardation and/or Developmental Dis-
                                       abilities is to advance public awareness and to assist individuals with developmental dis-
                                       abilities to become valued and contributing members of their chosen communities.

                                       We are proud to be accredited by:
                                       The Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
                                       The State of Ohio Department of MR/DD County Board Accreditation

MEMBERS:                               Come visit us!                                   Would you like to learn more about the
                                                                                        programs and services offered by the Board?
                                       We are happy to arrange tours of the buildings
Cathy Buehner                          on the Deepwood Campus, at Broadmoor             We would be glad to speak to your group about any of
Richard Elwell                         School, at the Willoughby Workshop and at        the programs supported by the Board of Mental
Gary Humble                            our Community Employment Offices. Please         Retardation &Developmental Disabilities. Call 440-
                                       Contact Beth Falkner-Brown at 440-918-5050       918-5100 or 440-350-5100
Linda Kast
                                       or 440-350-5050 for a tour.
Sonja Maier
Jon Paroubek
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                                        Lynnmarie Landwei-Phillips, 8121 Deepwood Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060
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