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ABEL, Karl August von 17.9.1788 Wetzlar - 3.9.59 München
  Ludwig's principal minister 1837 to 1847; see Gollwitzer’s biography of Abel (copy in
     Doe Library)

ABRAMOWICZ, Col. Ignacy 1793-1867
  Russian officer charged with preserving morality in Warsaw theatres; LM
    pointed him out as scoundel during performance and riots ensued;
    21 Aug 42 became director of Warsaw theaters; 12 March 44 major
    general and police commandant; see entry on him from Polish biographical
     reference       to be found in this collection at Tab 3N

  a servant of LM in Munich; see HALLER, Adam; mentioned in LAM 60

ADAM, either Albrecht or Albrecht’s son Franz
  a painter and one of LM’s friends in Munich - Kristl LLG 114; see LAM 51

   LM's agent shortly after her arrival in SF FDE 36; this may have been the Mr. Adams
who was an agent of Wells Fargo and traveled with LM to SF on the Northerner

ADLER, Baron Doctor Kirke
    supposedly the lover or even the husband of LM in Grass Valley, who accidentally shot
self to death; Holdredge creates an entire fantasy for this character, saying LM met him in
Downieville; that he was large, tall, wealthy, knew the names of wildlife; and erected stable
for LM in Grass Valley and a wine celler; killed hunting in winter of 53-54; the only
contemporary evidence of the existence of this character is a letter of Gilmor Meredith letter
of 29 Jan 54 quoted in Foley in which he refers to a "crazy German" who follows LM all over
the country; I. Ross calls him "Kirke Adler"; Sepp in his biography of King Ludwig talks
about a "deutsche Arzt vom Adel;" Europa’s 1860 obituary of LM talks of a German doctor
who knew her in Grass Valley, so the story existed during her lifetime, but there is no
evidence, outside of the Meredith letter, to suggest such a person ever really existed.

ALDRIDGE, Eliza (born circa 1805) and Caroline (born circa 1810)
   the two sister who ran a ladies' boarding academy in Bath at 20 Camden Place (now
Camden Crescent); here LM lived from 1832 to 1837.

ALSTON, Rev. Albert
  conducted marriage of LM and Heald at St. George's in 49 (marriage reg)

AMADY, Rosalie T.
  recipient of LM souvenir note in Harvard Theatre Collection

ANDREWS, Stephen Pearl
    spiritualist; according to the anonymous author of the article in the NY Post just after
LM’s death, it was through reading his books in Grass Valley that LM became seriously
interested in reading the Bible; Wyndham claims LM attended seances Andrews held in New
York City, but I know of no evidence for this.

ARBUTHNOT, Sir Robert Keith, 2nd Baronet, Lord 9 Sept 1801-4 Mar 73
    but it appears he was in India in 1843, collector and magistrate in Amedabad, Bombay
until 1847
ARBUTHNOTT, John, 8th Viscount born 16 Jan 78 d 27 Feb 1860 in Berlin
    married June 1805, 1823-45 British Liberal, Lord Lt of Kincardine 1805-47
    or perhaps his oldest son,
ARBUTHNOTT, John, Master of Arbuthnott, b 1806 married 5 June 37
    first child born 20 July 43
The Arbuthnot question is a puzzle. The Grimma memoirs claim that LM met a Lord
Arbuthnot on the Larkins in 1842 and that he later encouraged her to get to know as many
young nobles as possible to further her theatrical career. In addition, the anonymous relative
of Heinrich LXXII who wrote the article in Gartenlaube (“Beherrscher eines Kleinstaates)
claims it was Lord Arbuthnot who introduced LM to Heinrich in London in 1843.
Unfortunately, none of the available Arbuthnots or Arbuthnotts seems to fit the bill. The
passenger list of the Larkins does not list any Arbuthnot, and the only Arbuthnot who visited
India, the second Baronet Arbuthnot, seems to have remained there until 1847. The two
Arbuthnotts listed are possible candidates, but neither of them seems to have spent any time
associating with the theater or the demi-monde, and there is absolutely nothing to link either
of their names to LM.

ARCO-VALLEY, Graf Maximillian, born 8 Apr 1806 died 1875
leader of the Bavarian opposition
his wife's carriage was pelted because it looked like LM's (but see WGB, which says it was
the Herzogin Max von Bayerns carriage)
His mother was Gräfin Seinsheim who died 23 Apr 47
He lived at Theatrinerstr. 7; 3 sons, 2 daughters
His cousin Alois Arco-Steppeg was married to the Marquese Pallavicini,a relative of the
Sardinian ambassador.
After LM’s expulsion from Munich, he gave 5, 000 florins to Munich’s poor, which enraged
Ludwig, who banned him from court.

Name of the impresario who tried to get LM to perform at Hippodrome in Brussels, 1851

  Editor of Courrier des Etats Unis in New York City; not an admirer of Lola

                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 3

   LM’s maid at the time she fled Munich; see MASSON, Augusta

    According to Holdredge, the captain of the Arrow, the steamship that LM and Hull took
on its maiden voyage to Sacramento after their marriage. I know of no evidence to support
this assertion.

AYERS, Col. James J.         born 1830, died 13 November 1897
     Hull's partner on the Whig; his memoirs, Gold and Sunshine, contain a totally absurd
description of LM’s Spider Dance, claiming she hopped about the stage on all fours
pretending to be a spider. Either he never saw the Spider Dance or was senile by the time,
fifty years later, he got around to writing his memoirs.

AZAM, Dr. et Mme. (née Burle)
    This couple apparently ran the Hotel des Italiens in Paris, where the boulevard of that
names meets the rue de Choiseul. According to the Journal du Dimanche and a letter from
the Austrian ambassador in Paris to Metternich, later published in a Berlin newspaper, Liszt
often stayed at the Azam’s hotel and sent here there when they parted in Dresden in 1844. In
a letter LM wrote to the editor of Dublin’s Daily Express in 1858, she claimed that she was
living with them at time of the Dujarier duel, which was a lie. LM mentions Mme. Azam in
the MS letter to the editor of the Journal du Dimanche now in the Bibliothèque Nationale in
Paris, speaking slightingly of her. The pages of the Gazette des Tribunaux contain a number
of articles about the Azams’s efforts to collect money from LM, and these clippings are in
this collection. Mme. Azam was reputedly of Spanish origin, although her maiden name,
according to records in the Bibliothèque Nationale, seems to have been Burle.

   The would-be author of a book designed to counter Papon’s book, He is mentioned in
Rufenacht’s correspondence with King Ludwig as a former member of the Tsar's guard. He
was a friend of Mölller and of Rufenacht. A letter from him to King Ludwig is in the
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

BÄHLER, Frederick
   A servant of LM in München. He was responsible for arranging the shipment of all her
possessions to Geneva.

BAYER, Professor Hieronymous Rechtsfakultät at Uni München b.21 Sep 1772
  He reportedly refused to teach class with Alemannen present.

BAKER, George W.
    SF Custodian of Public Records; according to Holdredge he supposedly called on LM in
SF in 53; and attended her wedding at Mission Dolores

BAKER, John Lewis
  manager of the American Theater in SF in 1853

BALANTINE, Serjeant William 1812-1887
  attended LM's salon in Half Moon St in 1849; see his memoirs for brief mention of her.

BANNING, Elizabeth Bendry
  witness at Thomas James’s wedding to Mary Banning in 1870

BANNING, Mary Louisa
    Thomas James's second wife; she was the daughter of James Banning, gent., and was 37
at the time of her marriage on 1 Jan 70; according to the census records, she had already had
an illegitimate daughter in Glouscester before she met James and began having children by

BARNES, George F. died 16 June 1897
  wrote recalling LM in SF Bulletin and called her the first female compositor in SF

BARNUM, Phineas T. 1810-91
   refused to manage LM in America in July 1851. See his letters in the New York Herald
and the letter written to him, Volume 24H

BARREZ, Hippolyte b.28 Nov 95 -died 1868
   The Era reported on 31 March 1844 that he was giving her dancing lessons; he was a
choreographer at the Opéra

BARREZ (BARNEY?), Conte di Milano
  A friend of LM in Switzerland; mentioned in her letter No. 128 to Ludwig; unidentified.

BARRY, Thomas died 19 Feb 1876
     stagemanager and male lead in “Lola Montez in Bavaria” NYC May 52. Wrote a letter
now in the Boston Public Library saying that he was glad to be rid of her at the end of her
first engagement in January 1852, but later acted with her in LM in B, creating the role of
King Louis.

BARTHELEMY, Auguste Marseille 1796-1867
   wrote poem to LM to use influence with L for good. The poem appeared in the Paris
newspapers and is republished in Papon’s book.

BARTOLL, Abraham
   former president of the SF Board of Aldermen; he signed the marriage register as a
witness when Hull and LM married

BASSENHEIM, Friedrich Karl, Graf zu (Waldbott-Bassenheim)
    A neighbor and enemy of LM’s in Munich; he was Wallerstein's son-in-law; a member of
the Reichsrat and leader of the opposition there.
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 5

  editor of the Bayerischer Volksfreund who, according to the proscription list circulated in
Munich, put a pro-LM poem in his paper

  Pseudonym used by LM in Geneva; in Denker's passport for Switzerland

BAUR-BREITENFELD, Gendarmeriehauptmann Anton von
   head of the Munich gendarmerie in 48, he had been promoted from Lt to Capt in Sept 47
at LM's urging. He was held responsible for the attack on the students at the
Kultusminsterium on 10 February 1848 and was fired by Berks. He lived at Weinstr. 13/3

    according to legend, this actor played Ludwig in “Lola Montez in Bavaria” in SF and got
into a fight with LM when he referred to Ludwig as an "old duffer." In fact, Beattie did not
play in “Lola Montez in Bavaria”. The story is apochryphal.


BEAUVOIR, Roger de (Eugene Auguste Roger de Bully, called) 1806-66
    Parisian dandy and man of letters who attended the fatal dinner at the Trois Freres
Provencaux; LM initially was told he had challenged Dujarier; He was later a favorite of LM
(see lectures); in 1850 he was, according to Wyndam, "coarse" at LM’s dinner party, and the
British journalist Saville Morton challenged him to duel, which never took place

BEHR, Anna
  Maid LM took to NYC in 1851 (according to the ship passenger list in the NYPL)

BELLEGARDE, Feldmarschall Auguste Karl Emmanuel, Graf von b 29 Dec 95
    He was the Obersthofmeister of Kaiserinmutter of Austria and was, according to the
Brusseler Deutsche Zeitung, sent to bribe LM to leave Bavaria. I know of nothing to support

BELLEMONT, Alfred de
According to Ivor Guest, he supposedly caught LM’s garter or slipper at her Opera debut
when she threw it into the audience. I have no idea who he may have been or if Guest is

BENDRY, A. or H.
   Listed on the death certificate as present at James' death in 1871 (apparently relative of
James’s sister-in-law)

BENNETT, James Gordon 1795-1872
       Founder and publisher of the New York Herald, he gave LM tremendous publicity,
although he was not always uncritical of her. Even before her arrival in the US, he managed

to create a controversy over whether Barnum would be managing her tour here and wrote that
she was radically liberal. In my biography of LM I have mistakenly said that he visited Paris
in 1851 and met LM, but this was William Bennett, apparently a relative, who passed the
information on to James Gordon Bennett.

BENTINCK, Gen Gov William Henry Cavendish, Lord 1774-1839
    Gov Gen of Bengal 1827-33, at the time of LM’s first stay in India; there is no evidence
he ever met her

   According to the Kaulbach letters, the name of the officer who almost had duel with
Nußbaumer in Aug 47, but it seems more likely the officer’s name was actually Berg.

BERG, Lt. Conrad von
   almost had duel with Nußbammer according to Monacensia diary; he lived at Fürstenstr.
8d/0 (back behind LM's old apartment in the Theresienstraße)

  Alleman von München; co-senior; see LAM 75

BENKENDORF, Alexander, Count
    Russian interior minister who, according to LM in her lectures, conferred with her during
her visit to St. Petersburg

BERKS, Franz von 27.12.92 Eichstätt - 6.9.73 München
    Interior minister in Wallerstein cabinet and LM’s greatest ally in Munich. He was
originally a privatdozent in Würzburg, later becoming a professor of world history, statistics,
poli sci. He shamelessly tried to ride the LM wave in Munich. He was named Staatsrat on
13 July 47; On 15 June 48 Max II kicked him out of the Staatsrat and retired him. He was at
the Uni from 1832-38 and had been Regierungsdirektor of Niederbayern. See his extensive
correspondence with the king in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and in the Geheimes
Hausarchiv. There is a publication about him that I have not seen by Dirk Götschmann:
“Franz von Berks (1792-1873). Karriere und politischer Einfluß eines Denuzianten im
Vormärz,” to be found as Heft 3 of the Zeitschrift für bayerische Landesgeschichte, Band 57
(1994), pages 735-785.

BERNSTORFF, Albrecht, Graf b. 22 Mar 1809
   The Prussian ambassador in Munich during LM’s stay, his residence was at
Karolinenplatz 3, where the USIA is now. His wife was a member of the Theresienorder.
They had a son born 20 May 44 and a daughter on 12 June 48.

BERRYER, Pierre Antoine 1790-1868
  defense counsel at the Rouen trial for Dujarier’s murder

                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 7

   head of LM’s “corsaires” at Pregny

  second of Dujarier at his fatal duel; he was the son of one of Napoleon’s marshalls.

BESSBOURGH, John George Brabazon Ponsonby, Earl of, 6th Baron Ponsonby born 14
Oct 1809 - died 28 Jan 1880
   Friend of LM in London: LM letters
   widowed after few months of marriage in 1835
   1838 Sheriff and Lord Lt of County Carlow
   succeeded to earldom on 16 May 47.
   he had seats at Bessbourough House, Co. Kilkenny; Roehampton, Surrey; Sysonby,
   Master of Queen's hounds 1848-52, 59-66
   married the daughter of the 5th Duke of Richmond, first cousin of LM's Lennox on 4 Oct

BEUST, Friedrich Karl, Freiherr von
  Saxon Geschäftsträger in Munich; succeeded by Hohenthal
  dined with Q Victoria in 1847 and told her about Bavaria, according to her diary

BIEGELEBEN, Ludwig Freiherr von 1812-1872 (?)
   ambassador of Hessen in Munich?

BING, Henry
   London magistrate who protected LM from Kalergi LAM 141

BINGHAM, Peregrine, the younger 1788-1864
   judge at LM's bigamy hearing in August 1849, he lived at 35 Gordon Square

BLAKE, William Rufus Nova Scotia 1805- 22 Apr 1863 Boston
    according to Wyndham, he was an entrepreneur who sponsored LM and wrote of meeting
her in last years. He is quoted in Phelps Players and married Caroline Placide, sister of
Thomas; see his obit in NYTimes of 24 Apr 63. I know of no solid evidence to connect him
to LM

  Heald's attorney against Jacquand in 1850.

BLESSINGTON, Marguerite Power, Countess of, nee Gardiner 1790-1849
  fled bankruptcy in spring of 1849; LM wanted L's autograph for her LM letters

BLOQUE, Maitre

    Parisian attorney who wrote LM in Munich to dun her for debts to Hamm & Co, tailors,
rue de Helder. Mirecourt’s book contains a facsimile of her reply to him in Setember 1847,
which is not in her handwriting but is apparently signed by her.

  LM's attorney in action by Roux, 1851

BLUM, Count
    an unidentified character who hand around LM in New York, possibly also in Paris.
According to the letter appearing in Andy Rogers book from the widow of LM’s last doctor,
he futilely tried to get her to sign over to him the rights to her Bavarian “estates” after her
stroke. I am skeptical

BOBO, Prince
    supposedly the grand chamberlain of Faustin I, emperor of Haiti. LM apponted him as
her representative in her dispute with Willis early in 1852. See the articles in the New York
Herald. Holdredge, with typical fantasy, claims he had been dispatched to New York by the
emperor to invite LM to Haiti, more of Holdredge’s total nonsense.

BODKIN, Sir William Henry 1791-1874
    LM's barrister at bigamy hearing in August 1849; he made the mistake of admitting that
the case by admitting it required further investigation; his chambers were at 3 Churchyard
Court, the Temple; Balantine’s memoirs describe him as "acute and clear-headed, pleasant
companion, extremely popular"

BODMER, Lt Hippolyt
   Bavarian officer who told his fellow officers of LM's past with Maltzahn's permission; as
punishment he was sent on leave, and according to the Monacensia diary his wife had a
premature son who dies after 14 days Monacensia diary

BOIGNE, Baron Pierre-Charle-Benoit de b 27 Oct 1808-d 12 Dec 1896
   jounalist and second of Dujarier; one of the founders of the Jockey Club; wrote "Petite
Memoires de l'Opera" 1857, which makes no mention of LM; lived in Rue Pinon; see Sunday
Times of 23 Mar 45

BOLGIANO, Carl Theordor (known as "Hilary") b 11 Nov 1816 Munich-29 Okt 97 ebd
    1843 dozent UM, ‘50 Extraoridnius law; Kunstkenner, kunstliebhaber, kunsthandler,
dilettant; Kunstfreund of Ludwig, helped him collect pictures, present when Heideck met
LM; royal. Confectionsmeister; lived at Theatrinerstr. 13/3

name on LM's passport out of Bavaria, visaed for Italy

BONNY, King of
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 9

   being confirmed in London by Bishop of London on 7 April 59, night of LM's lecture
debut there, but she was greater draw

BOOTH, Edwin 1833-1893
    according to Holdredge, he visited LM in Grass Valley, but there is no evidence for this;
although he and LM were in SF at the same time, there is not even evidence they ever met,
although that seems likely

BOSQUET, Pierre Joseph Francois 1810-1861
   according to the “Corporal Trim” article in the NY Post in 1868, a nephew of this French
marshall atttended a dinner held by LM in her cottage in Yorkville, NYC, in Sept 58.

BOTHMER, Lt Max, Graf von 9.2.16 Munich - 9.10.78 ebd
  friend of Nußbaumer in Bridgeman affair; see PRO notes; artillery lt; lived at
Landwehrstr. 8/3; later became a general and VIP

BOURGOING, Paul Charles Amable, Baron de 1791-1864
  French ambassador in Munich; embassy at Promanadeplatz 10/1

  owner of the Hotel de Londres in Boulogne where LM stayed in 1849

BOYD, Captain Hugh
   born Co. Antrim, 14 Feb 1803; witnessed James's signature on proxy of 13 Sept 41 for
divorce action; East Indian cadet class of 1823; Lt from 27 Mar 26

    There is a remark in the manuscript autobiography of J.A. Panton in the La Trobe Library
in Melbourne that LM renewed in Melbourne her acquaintance with a certain Rev. Mr.
Brackenbury, supposedly the past pastor of St. Mary's Church in South London where LM
had been boarded as a child; nothing appears to support this; the Index Ecclesiasticus shows
no appropriate Brackenbury in the church during this period, and of course, there is no
evidence LM was ever boarded in South London; it is interesting, however, that a
J.B.Brackenbury was British Consul at Cadiz in 1842, when LM would have been there;
W.C. Brackenbury was proposed as vice-consul

BRANNAN, Sam 1819-1889
    Holdredge claims Brannan, a major figure in early California history, arrived on
Northerner with LM; courted her in SF despite being married, took her to gambling hall; was
champion of public morals; came to LM's first Grass Valley salon in early 54, after his
divorce; Andy Rogers, in his mad pamphlet, has Brannan all but raping LM on the
Northerner and hanging around her constantly thereafter; unfortunately, Brannan is not listed
on the passenger list of the Northerner, but he is mentioned in the Panama papers as being
there at the same time. The published passenger lists of the Northerner seem to have been
incomplete; Thomas Buchanan, whose letters at Yale tell of traveling on the Northerner with

LM is not listed. But at the same time, even if Brannan was on the Northerner, there is
absolutely nothing I have found anywhere to link him with LM. Rogers and Holdredge may
have fed each other’s fantasy.

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Wilhelm, Herzog von b 25 Apr 1806-18 Oct 1884 (duke 1830-48)
    In the Grimma memoirs, LM claims she stopped by Braunschweig (Brunswick) after
landing in Germany in 1843, and that the court theater director, Baron von Münchhausen,
engaged her; she says that at a private dinner after the first performance the duke made
unseemly advances to her, and she fled to Paris; although the director of the Braunschweig
theater really was Baron von Münchhausen in 1843 and Braunschweig was on the way to
LM’s next confirmed port-of-call, Ebersdorf, a thorough search of the fairly complete theater
records in Braunschweig for 1843 discloses no evidence she ever performed there.

BRAY-STEINBURG, Otto Camillus Hugo Gabriel, Graf von 17.5.07 Berlin - 9.1.99 Mn
    referat of the Staatsrat, foreign minister, royal household; first cabinet member to ask to
be relieved of office during LM affair; Ambassador to Russia 1843-59 (apparently not in

BRESLAU, Heinrich 26.12.74 Ansbach - 16.2.51 Munich?
    Queen's 2nd Leibartz; 1828 prof at UM; Ludwigstr. 31/2; arranged 400 florin pension for
Justinius Kerner from King Ludwig in Feb 1848

BRIDGEMAN, Francis Orlando b 10 Sept 1819 - 1895
   Capt of 10th Hussars, the same regiment Leigh was in; married 30 June 46 Josephine
Wilhelmina Francesca, daughter of Gräf Törring-Minucci; he was said to be a cousin of Lord
John Russell and nephew of Earl of Bradford. His only child, Lucy, born 1848, married
Albrecht Count Seinsheim-Grünbach, late 1st Lt of the 1st Bav. Cuirrassiers, on 21 Sept 68.
LM told Ludwig in February 1847 that he had criticized her and he was ordered out of
Munich within 72 hours. See the letters in PRO; his father-in-law had died 12 Dec 46

BRIFAUT, Charles Joseph born Dijon 1781, died Paris 1857
said to have prepared LM's memoirs for Le Pays; ghostwrote them according to Wilmes, and
Mirecourt’s 1857 biography of LM says that her ghostwriter died recently; also author of
Ninus II and member of the Academy; librettist for Spontini's Olympe; after election to the
Academie devoted himself to the world rather than to letters; has unpublished memoirs; see
Grand Dictionaire du 19ieme Siecle, Larousse

BROUGHAM, Henry Peter, Baron Brougham and Vaux
    born 19 Sept 1778 Edinburgh - died 7 May 68 Cannes
    lord chancellor; twice widowed, but married in 1843; widely reported as friend or patron
of LM; according to an unconfirmed report said to be from a Birmingham newspaper he took
her to House of Lords in 1849 at time of debate on divorce bill; his papers in University
College, London, Library, contain no reference to LM and only a random note or two to
Henry Morgan Vane, who LM told Ludwig was the baron’s personal secretary; in 1846 he
had a residence in Grafton Street
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 11

    leading actress of Theater Royal, Melbourne, whose dispute with LM, apparently over
division of the take, lead to cancellation of a benefit in Geelong

BROWN, Lady Ann Helena(?) 1765/66 Canterbury - 24 April 1838 at Mortimer, Berks
    In her memoirs in Le Pays and again in her autobiographical lectures, LM contends that
her mother was taken into the care of the widow of Sir General Brown. While this may be
true, it is difficult to identify who this person may have been. There does not seem to have
been an appropriate widow in India at the time. This Lady Brown is the best I can do.

BROWN, Isaac H.
the sexton of fashionable Grace Church, who acted as undertaker for LM’s funeral. He lived
at 94 4th Ave opp E. 11th. One of the newspaper obituaries mentions that he was moved to
tears by Hawks’s graveside words, but the widow of LM’s doctor, recounting her husband’s
memoirs of the funeral as told to her many years later says that Brown told the gravediggers
to “Hurry up with the dirt, damn it.” I tend to believe the obit more than a once-removed
memory 50 years after the event.

BROWN, Thomas, Chief Bailiff
    tried but failed to arrest LM on boat leaving Sydney. He was fat man who later died
insane, according to the newspapers.

BUCHANAN, Maria Elizabeth (Mrs. Isaac) b England 12 June 1816 died ??
    daughter of Capt Alexander Thompson of Montrose, late of the 100th Foot Regiment;
the family apparently moved to Montrose from England in 1820. She was married to
Serjeant John Dunn of the 71st Foot Regt in Montrose on 16 August 1835, and had a son
David Dunn from this first marriage. She was later widowed, and the date of her marriage to
Isaac Buchanan is unknown. Her son David was in the 7th New York Regt; she had attended
school with LM in Montrose. The letter in the Harvard Theatre Collection shows that she
and LM became reacquainted in the early months of 1858. She is listed as 39 in the 1860
census, when she had actually just turned 44; her husband is listed as 52; an Isaac Buchanan
had arrived in Philadelphia in 1839 and was naturalized in same year; his name first appears
in the NYCity Directory in 1844-45, remains into 1893; they lived at 9 W 17th St, just west
of 5th ave on the north side of street

  played part of LM in first production of Lola Montes at Haymarket Theatre 1848

  woman who paid rent on LM's apt in Paris, Oct 50, according to Wendland

BULL, Ole 1810-80
    Norwegian violin virtuoso; visited LM in Grass Valley; reviewed in papers on 24 Aug
54; may have been in Paris at same time as LM in 51

BURR, Rev Charles Chauncey 1817-died 1. May 1883
    Friend, manager, agent, and co-author with LM of at least some of her lectures; his
residence at his death was at corner of Charles St and Clinton Ave in West Hoboken; had
been a Universalist minister; Democrat and anti-abolitionist; edited Odd Fellows Magazine,
the Nation, the 19th Century; published "The Old Guard" during the war; he had been a co-
editor with Thomas Lake Harris of “The Gavel” in the 1840’s

BURR, Heman Merrick 1785-1872
    father of CC Burr who helped manage LM
    editor, lived at 153 W. 48th St in NYC; born in England, married in Leicester, 1813; also
had a son Heman M who died in 1854; his grandson and namesake married a granddaughter
of Rufus Choate

CAGLIARI see Kalergi

     friend of LM in London to whom she wrote 11 Feb 60 the letter now in the Monacensia
collection in the Munich Stadtbibliothek. This person would appear to be Helen Osborn.
This comes from the fact that the letter mentioned having seen a review of a book by the
addressee’s husband in the New York Times. By searching the Times, I was able to find a
list of newly published books in the edition of 9 Feb 1860. The only author who could
possibly be the husband of the addressee of the letter is Captain Sherard Osborn. Some
research indicates that he had married Helen in 1852 and also that he was rarely in England
but had been there in 1849, when LM was living in London, and was also living there in
1860, when this letter was sent there. Finally, there is the exclamation recorded by the
newspapers when LM was arrested in 1849 that “Capt. Osborn” could vouch for the fact that
she had been legally divorced. Why the letter says “Dear Camille” when the captain’s wife
was Helen, I can only guess, but my guess is that with the popularity of Dumas’s book and
play about Camille, the name had become a popular nickname.

    An entry in Varnhagen’s diary in December of 1850 records a newspaper report that in
Paris a man of this name had fought with Savile Morton in LM's house and was thrown down
the stairs; a letter from LM to a Mr. Campbell, sold at auction, talks about going to the
Hippodrome; I have no idea who this person was

CANNING, Sir Stratford
   famous British dipolmat in the Near East. In her autobiographical lectures LM claims he
gave her access to the harem in Istanbul, a total fabrication

CASSINS, Mme. de
A San Francisco psychic; Holdredge claims LM consulted her shortly before marrying Hull.
I know of no evidence for this. She is mentioned in SFAlta 7 O 56 as having been in a
mental asylum.
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 13

    mutual friend of LM and Leland mentioned in her letter of 58 quoted in Wyndham, p 239.
I have no idea who this is.

CETTO, August, Freiherr von 1794-1879
    Bavarian Ambassador in London in 1848 and 1849. His name appears in LM’s
correspondence with Ludwig. She did not like him. His letters to Ludwig in the Bayerische
Staatsbibliothek contain intelligence, not always accurate, about LM’s doings after her
marriage to Heald.


       Rogers pamphlet quotes a newspaper clipping purporting to give this man’s account
of meeting LM in New York in her last days and finding her ill and disturbed. I believe the
account is at best inaccurate and perhaps completely invented.

  Holdredge claims this is the name of a Frenchman living near Grass Valley who visited
LM and wrote home about her. I know of no evidence for this.

    Holdredge claims this is the name of an owner of a boarding house on I Street in
Sacramento where Hull had made reservations but LM refused to stay there. I know of no
evidence for this.

CHENAL, Charles
    French musician who went on tour with LM in California. He played an instrument of his
own creation made out of wood and straw. His farewell concert in SF was at the Adelphi on
4 June 53, according to the McCabe diary. His path crossed with LM’s on her lecture tour of
1860, but I don’t know if they met.

CHENEVIERE, Arthur 1822-1908
later banker and politician; part of LM-Papon circle in Geneva

CHERBULIEZ, (Gaspard Louis) Joel 1806-70 (?)
   Geneva bookseller and wine merchant who attempted to derail Papon's blackmail,
unsuccessfully; tool of Rufenacht. See Ludwig’s correspondence with Rufenacht in
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

CHEVALIER, Henri Emile 13 Sep 1828-25 Aug 79
translated and published LM’s Art of Beauty in Paris, selling 50,000 copies; expelled from
France at Coup of 2 Dec 51; in Canada until 1860; see Volume 34D and 34E

CLARKSON, William died 24 Oct 1856, aged 61
    prosecutor in bigamy hearing in 1849; had chambers in the Paper Buildings, Temple;
lived on Wandsworth Common

CLAYTON, Mr and Mrs Henry J.
  attended LM's wedding at Mission Dolores WMM; he was friend of Hull HWB

   with LM at Golden Hirsch incident Feb 47; may be the English sailor she was said to go
about with at this time.

COBB, Howell 1795-1864 1815-1868?
   Speaker of the House from Georgia in 1852; Goldberg says he gave LM warm reception
in Washington at House. I know of no evidence for this.

  arrives in Paris same time as LM in March 50;Galignani's Messenger 5 Ap50

  LM friend and admirer in London in 1849; solicitor?; see her letters to Ludwig

COLEMAN, Henry 1815-68 (?)
    lessee of the Hall in Castlemaine and of the Criterion Theater in Bendigo; he made
enough from LM's tour to lease two other theaters; LM gave him an engraved silver
snuffbox; he was an American, and had been the lessee of the theatre in Cincinnati where LM
had danced in 1852; he made a deal to present LM in Castlemaine w/ Gingell who had
refurbished the Theater; Age 9 Apr 3.1, 11 Apr. 2.5

COMO, Prince of (Commeaux?)
       A friend of LM in NYC in 1852 who got into a fight in LM's Howard Hotel apt;
challenged Count Zezemsky to a duel but was told challenges were illegal in NY. See NY
Herald reports

       Lived at 166 8th Avenue in NYC. Witnessed LM’s will on 9 January 1861. Swore
he had known her about six months before her death.

       actor in first production of “Lola Montez in Bavaria” and author of LM’s plays
“Charlotte Corday” and “Maritana”

COOPER, Dr. John b Cooper’s Plains NY 24 Oct 1833 d Buffalo 11 July 1904
    NYC physcian whom LM calls upon to treat her after her stroke; he was in
correspondence with LM's mother; dismissed from the case by Mrs. Buchanan, but he is
named as attending physician on the death certificate; son of Judge John and Elizabeth Evans
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 15

Cooper; U of Pa med school 1857, Amherst BS 1854, studied in Paris 1857-59; two Dr.
Coopers are listed in the 1861 NYC directory, one at 14 Duane, other at 119 W. 34th. He
married Ophelia, daughter of Augutus H. Bronson, at Erwin NY on 19December 1867 and
had five children.

COPPIN, George Selth 1819 in Sussex-1906
    owner of the Olympic Theater in Melbourne; produced burlesque of Spider Dance; later
presented Mlle. Dimier in more artistic version of the Spider Dance; included dig at LM in
his Billy Barlow ballads; managed LM’s successful run at his Amphitheatre after her beating
in Ballarat

CORAIL, Michel?, Comte de (or CORAL)
        I have been unable to make a definite identification of this person. The police report
forwarded by Wendland to Ludwig says that the Comte de Corail is helping LM prepare her
memoirs, and the NY Herald reprints LM’s invitation of December 1850 in which he is listed
as a co-host at her reception. But I have no real idea who he really was or what his relation
with LM was.

  attorney of Miss Heald in bigamy case; of Lee & Purvis, Bedford Row, Bloomsbury

     Mother of Lotta and a neighbor of LM in Grass Valley. Holdredge says she was a good
friend of LM and attributes all kinds of nonsense to her, but I know of no memoir of any sort
left by this woman nor of anything to support any of Holdredge’s claims

CRABTREE, Lotta 1847-1924
    made debut at Rabbit Valley; made SF debut on 20 Nov 56 on the same day LM left
Califronia for good; probably learned more from the Robinsons according to FDE;
    burlesqued LM in 1866 at Howard Atheneum in Boston; I am very skeptical of the claims
she learned anything from LM.

CRAIGIE, Patrick b Montrose 28 April 1799, d Dinapore 3 (or 8) Oct 1843
step-father of LM; later adjutant-general of Army of Bengal
sent LM to his father and aunts in Montrose
according to the Grimma memoirs, he had a brother (David) in Perth where LM was sent
briefly before going to Bath
    married LM's mother in Dacca on August 16, 1824 in a ceremony conducted by Rev.
    to 38th on 31 Dec 30; Brevet major 23 July 39; was assigned to the 30th when he died.
See Volume 2J

CRAIGIE, Patrick
   father of above; he had been provost of Montrose during the Napoleonic wars; had a
chemist's shop on High Street; lived in large house facing Town House RUQ

   he was not P Edmonstone Craigie who was CB in 1849, despite what Ross writes. See
Volume 2A

CRAIGIE, Dr. Thomas b Montrose 13 Jan 1804 - ?
   Doctor at Leith and Perth; brother of LM’s step-father; she was to go to live with him in
1841, but refused

CRAILSHEIM, Artillerieleutnant Anton Max, Baron b. 23 Sept 24
   got 3 days house arrest and transfer to Würzburg for staring too long at LM through his
opera glasses in the theater in the spring of 1847. He had voted against Nußbammer in
Ehrengericht Kristl 103; he lived at Barerstr. 13/2, near LM.

CRIPPS, Mrs Mary Ann, nee West 1814-67
   lived at York Place, Worcester, friend of Ludwig, she is mentioned in Ambassador
Cetto’s letters to the king, but apparently had nothing to do with LM.

    Manager of LM on part of her Australian tour. She hired him in Sydney, where he had
been at the Royal Victoria Theatre. He had a disagreement with LM leading to fight with his
wife, who beat LM. LM accused him of cheating her of her share of the take and Mrs.
Crosby beat LM with heavy whip, which broke and then she beat her soundly; Dr Mount
wrote a certificate that LM was too injured to perform; Mrs Crosby is said to have again
attacked her on the next day. LM then went to Melbourne for a triumphal run there.

CROWSON, William L.
   signed as a witness in Grass Valley to contract of LM with F. Jones 28 May 55. I know
nothing about him.

CURTIUS, Joseph Lt.
    part of LM’s circle in Munich; assigned to Munich G'darme Regt to protect LM; he fell
out of favor with LM and on 7 Apr 47 was transferred to Oberpflaz G'darme Regt. He was a
brother of below see Fournier page 45

CURTIUS, Dr. Ludwig
    Munich Stabartzt; friend of LM. LM's "treue Knappe" In the unrest on 1 Mar 47, he tried
to restrain LM and lost her favor, and was "gesturzt" 18 March in ND Revue; wife was
Theresa. They lived at Schonfelderstr. 14/1. He later wrote Ludwig that LM was a liar.

DAHN, Constanze 1814-1894
    actress; friend but apparently not mistress of King Ludwig; first Gretchen in Faust, also
played Yelva; born LeGaye; lived at Barerstr. 22/1 in 1849, at Königstr. 9 in 1845; LM
believed she was an enemy and encouraged Ludwig to get her out of the way. Ludwig
proposed to give her money to go with her husband to Italy for 6 months, otherwise she
wouldn’t get a cent from him. She pleaded her husband was too ill to travel and he
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 17

eventually relented.   See correspondence in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the
Monacensia Diary.

   actor and prompter at the Metropolitan in SF, manager of the company LM took to
Australia. He is mentioned as being at the Tehama Theater in the Sacramento Union of 9 My
51. LM dumped him with the others in Sydney.

DARIER, Eugene
   Commissioned by LM to pick up her mail in Geneva for her at Lombard-Odier
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek LA 39 Lombard

   Heald's advocate and attorney; LM called him her “worst enemy” in letter now in Texas;
he wrote "Bankruptcy law of France" with Emile Laurent in 1855; lived at 2 Warwick Street

DAVIES, James and Thomas (father and son)
   of 25 Coleman Street?; solicitors who found sureties for LM for bail in 49; I assume these
two are somehow related to Henry Davies, but I don’t know how.

DAVIS, Constable
   The policeman who broke in on burning Mrs. Craigie. Times of London 24 Nov 1875,
page 6.5

    man of fashion from Boston who one newspaper reported LM was entertaining in her
hotel in NYC in 1852 NYH 1 May 52; Julie de Marguerittes mentions him in her letter to the
Boston paper on the disturbance at the theatre. Evidently someone LM was briefly interested
in, but I have no idea who he was.

DAVIS, Andrew Jackson 11 Aug 1826-13 Jan 1910
    author of The Principles of Nature, the Divine Revelation and Voice to Mankind, which
LM said she had read in Grass Valley and it inspired her to read Bible. See posthumous
article about LM in NYPost. Davis was a spiritualist who wrote in hypnotic trances and
composed weird books about flora and fauna on the planets. I know of no evidence LM
actually met him, although it is possible.

DEBAR, Anna O'Delia Diss
    Wyndham reports that in 1888 she claimed to be daughter of LM able to evoke her spirit
in seances; she was sued and sent to jail by Luther Marsh, who had been defrauded by her. I
am not certain where Wyndham got this rather useless information.

DE BELLEYME, Charles Adolphe 1 Apr 1818 Paris-19 June 1864 Paris
   Wendland reported to Ludwig that De Belleyme visited LM repeatedly in late 1850. He
was adjoint maire of 1st arrondisement.

    or Wendland may mean the father of the above, Louis Marie de, 1787-1862, vice
president of the Chamber of Deputies
    or his brother, Adolph, died 1864, also in Chamber of Deputies

      One of the two witnesses to LM’s will of 9 January 1861. He swore that he had
known LM only about two or three weeks. He lived at 19 West 30th Street in NYC.

DEGENFELD-SCHOMBURG, Ferdinand, Graf 21 July 1802
    ambassador of Württemberg in Munich; he reportedly believed that diplomats should not
take any position on the LM affair, but his diplomatic reports, now in the archives in
Stuttgart, are an invaluable source on all the gossip about her in Munich.

DELANO, Alonzo 1806-74
   noted newspaperman; went on camping trip with LM in June of 54. He was a Grass
Valley author, Wells Fargo agent, newspaper stringer

DELEVAN, Dr. Lewis
went on camping trip with LM in 54; agent of NY Company, had purchased Massachusetts
Hill Mine from Delano & Co; mismanaged operation and was relieved; on camping trip he
started out early with pack mules; lost them, was separated from group, finally found after
three days FDE

DENK, Joseph
    Glassmeister in whose house LM was revived after fainting on the night of 16 Nov 46
during visit to Nußbammer's house; Frühlingstr. 19/0

DENKER, Maria (geb Hahn) 10 Apr 10 - 29 Mar 82
    Court actress in Munich; lived at Burgstr. 12/2. She went to stay with LM in exile at
Lindau, but soon fought with her. She was from 1839-41 at the Vienna Burgth. where she
played Salon damen; 1841-82 in Munich, where she played bürgerliche und helden Mütter

DENMAN, Thomas, Baron 1779-1854
   heard case of James v. Lennox in May, 1841 in Queen's Bench; he lived at lived at 38
Portland Place

  Roux's attorney in action against LM in 1851

DEVEREUX, Alice (Rosalind Hull)
    Wyndham reports that her her obituary in the NY papers after her death in New Orleans
on 25 Dec 98 claimed she was daughter of LM, born in Grass Valley. See the index cards at
the California State Library. I can find nothing about her in either the NYC papers or the
New Orleans papers, but her story could not be true.
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 19

DICHTL, Wilhelm, Funtionärende Registrator (Kurz)
   Policeman who escorted LM out of Bavaria; lived at Blumenstr. 7a/3 in 1845, later at
Landschaftsgasse 9/3; he arrived back in Munich from escorting a prisoner to London on the
same day LM arrived. See Volume 16B

DIEGO de LEON, Conde de Belascoain 1807-1841
    Spanish politician, close relative of LM according to a report in the Geraische Zeitung;
shot after unsucessful coup attempt against Queen Christina of Spain from which he refused
to flee

DIEPENBROCK, Fürstbischof Melchior Ferdinand Joseph von
   born 9.Jan .1798 Boholt -died 20.Jan.53 Schlesien
   He was an old enemy of Abel but anti-LM. He wrote Ludwig a letter admonishing him
about LM. L answered on 9 Feb 47 denying carnal nature of relationship. Both letters in the
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

DIEZ, Ernst Friedrich, tenor and wife Sophie 1 Sep 20-3 May 87, soprano
   LM wrote Ludwig that the husband was engaged because the wife was the lover of the
Kappelmeister Lachner LAM 34; they lived at Promenadepl. 2/3

DISRAELI, Benjamin 1804-81
   He wrote letter to sister in July 49 concerning LM's marriage to Heald. Holdredge claims
he also wrote a letter about her in 1847, but I find no evidence of this.

DÖLLINGER, Johann Joseph Ignaz von 28.2.99 Bamberg - 10.1.90 Munich
    A theology professor at the University of Munich, he tried to convince Ludwig that
theology students had no part in disturbance on 1 March 47. In 1826 he had become a
theology prof at the new UM. Years later he refused to accept infallibility dogma. He was
the Stiftspropst of St. Cajetan, and lived at Frühlingstr. 11/1

  English speaking doctor in Paris, recipiant of LM's note in the Bancroft of 5N50

DUCHENE, Dr. Guilliem Benjamin Boulogne 1806 - Paris 1875
   According to LM’s letters to Ludwig, he treated LM in Paris in spring of 50. He was a
very well known doctor.

   the jeweler in Boulogne to whom LM took ring for repair in 49 after her flight from

DUJARIER, Alexandre Henri (really Honoré Alexandre) Dreux 20 June 1815 - Paris
      11 March 45
  part owner of La Presse; lover of LM; killed in duel with Beauvallon
  left LM 18 shares in the Theatre Palais Royal

   buried at Montmartre with Balzac, Dumas, Mery, and de Girardin as
LM used pet name Bon-Bon for him (L'Art de Beaute preface); lived at 39 rue Laffitte
His mother lived at Chalons sur Marne. His sister had died, leaving a young son. Dujarier
owned 8 of 25 shares of La Presse, worth 60,000 francs each. He was the son of a grocer;
apparently made his money in private banking and was rich at 24. See Volume 5D

DUMAS, Alexandre pere 1802-70
    A friend of Dujarier and acquaintance of LM. He was a witness at murder trial in Rouen
on 26 March 46. There is no evidence he was ever LM’s lover, that he said she had the evil
eye, or that he took her to George Sand’s salon. The letter LM wrote to him from Munich in
1847 shows that they were not on intimate or even particularly friendly terms (See Volume
9M.) He lived at Chausee d'Antin 45

DUNCAN, George 10 Dec 1815 Perthshire, Scotland - 20 Sept 1854 London
        A London-based contractor who was somehow involved in the effort in 1850 to get
Heald out of Paris and free from LM. See his very interesting letters to his wife concerning
this effort in Volume 23, Tab C of this collection.

    This name appears in the LM-Ludwig correspondence. He seems to have been a friend of
LM in Paris; perhaps a former lover. According to LM, he traveled to the US in 1847, and
died in Scotland in 1848. LAM 36, 154. I am unable to make even an educated guess as to
who he might have been.

  According to LM’s letters to Ludwig, he was the "leader of the Jesuits in Geneva."

    Officer present in Bareilly, India in 1858 who wrote that LM's bungalow there had been
destroyed, although her bathhouse had survived the Mutiny. See his letter in Notes and
Queries 20 Oct 1923, p315; he is listed as ensign from 4 May 1857, Lt from 18 May 57, and
participated in capture of Bareilly. His report appears credible and lends support to the
rupture between LM and James having taken place in Bereilly, where he was adjutant to the
recruit depot.

  Someone by this name was apparently the guardian of the Lord of Schacht in Geneva.

    wrote Ludwig about Papon letters, 2 July 49 from rue St. Mare 30             Bayerische

DUVAL, Leon 14 Jan 1804 Marseille - Calvados 2 Sept 79
  attorney for mother and nephew of Dujarier at Beauvallon trial in 1846.
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 21

DYER, Rev Dr Heman b 24 Sept 1810 Shaftesbury VT - 1900
   attended Kenyon College; Editorial Sec of the Evangelical Knowledge Society; Author of
The Voice of the Lord upon the Waters, 1870, and Records of an Active Life, 1886; had the
copyright on and apparently wrote Story of Penitent in 1867.

    false vicomte; really Victor Vincent, militia captain in Spanish service; De Beauvallon's
second at duel; convicted of perjury, but escaped from prison in 48 and disappeared; but see
Temoin d'un Duel, a defense he wrote from Frankfurt in 1848 claiming he was indeed a
vicomte and that his conviction was unjust. The Bibliothèque Nationale has the only copy I
know of this.

EICHENHERR, Caroline (wife of Carl, Kriegscommisar)
   Nußbammer's landlady at Frühlingstr. 9/3

   banker in Geneva used by LM and Ludwig

EICHENTAL the younger
   early LM escort in Munich according to the Monacensia Diary

EHRNE-MELCHTHAL, Lieutenant von
    "einer ihrer perpetuellen Begleiter, sucht der verdienten Verachtung zu entgehen, indem
er bei ihrer Entfernung es den thätigsten Proletarian an Schimpfen und Lärmen gleich that.
Übrigens sehr mente captus," according to one of the proscription lists circulated in Munich
after LM’s fall, but I know nothing of him otherwise. Must have been a minor figure in LM’s

   of Royal Conservatory in Paris; LM's orchestra leader and violinist who apparently met
LM in San Francisco and went on tour with her. He also went to Australia with her, but they
separated before the end of her tour, possibly because she was playing theatres without

EISENMANN, Johann Gottfried 20.5.95 Würzburg - 23.3.67 ebd
    Arzt, Politiker,shoemaker's son. He had been the editor of 1832 surpressed Bayrische
Volksblattes and went to Wartburg, cofounded Burschenschaft. In 1836 sent to prison for
high treason and lese majeste. His pardon in 1847 was seen by some as showing LM’s liberal
influence on Ludwig.

   According to Holdredge, this was the name of a maid LM acquired in Paris and later took
with her to America in 1851, where she refused to continue after LM scolded her in New

Orleans. This appears to be more Holdredge nonsense and fantasy. The passenger list of the
Humbodlt in the NYPL shows that the name of LM’s maid was apparently Anna Behr.

EMERSON, Frederick 1788-1857
   The member of the Boston School Board who escorted LM on a visit to the Boston
schools in April 52

    Spanish dancing teacher who taught LM, according to her testimony in the Jobson case,
recorded in the New York Times. I have strong doubts that the reporter got the name right,
but in any case, I am unable to identify any Espa.

   According to the letter, apparently from 1842, in the Harvard Theatre Collection, LM
owed him money. I have no idea who he was.

FELCH, Governor Alpheus 1804-96
  governor of Michigan 1845-47 and a passenger on Northerner with LM in 1853.

FENNO, Augustus W. 1 March 1814-18? Feb 1873
    played with LM in “Lola Montez in Bavaria” premiere in 1852, and he later appeared
with her in her final stage appearances, in Morning Call in NYC in 1858. See his obit in the
NYTimes for 20 Feb 73 p1.5. He spoke French, Spanish, and Italian, married the daughter of
Julie de Marguerittes in 1868.

FEZY, Sir James
  head of the radical party in Geneva

FHLEREY, Hyacinth
    According to Holdredge, a colored maid picked up by LM in New O and taken to Calif;
named Periwinkle by LM. I have absolutely no idea where Holdredge got this story and I
strongly suspect she invented it. Holdredge claims she stayed behind in SF to marry when
LM returned to New York, but a memoir of LM in the Calif papers reports that the name of
her maid who stayed in SF to marry was “Josephine.” I smell Holdredge tale-spinning.

FIDDES, Mrs (formerly Miss H.Cawes)
    Member of company recruited by LM in SF to go to Australia. She sued LM in Sydney
after LM broke her contracts with most of the players in her company. She had two
daughters who also came to Australia with the company. Her daughter Josephine, later
understudied AI Menken as Mazeppa; she died 1923?
    SF debut 17 Oct 54, Miss Josephine F debuts 28 Dec 54: McCabe diary

FIELD, Kate 1838-1896 or 1908?
   daughter of Joseph M. Field, 1810-1856, manager of Varietes Theatre in
                                                BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 23

   St.Louis and of the theater in Mobile. She wrote to her aunt concerning LM's debut in St.
Louis, and the letter is quoted in her biography.

FIELD, Stephen J. born 1816, became US. Supreme Court Justice
    According to Holdredge, he was a young lawyer in Marysville who was one of LM's few
defenders there and became her friend; came to LM's first Grass Valley salon in early 54. I
doubt this very much, and Holdredge seems to have no evidence to support it, except possibly
one of those extremely unreliable stories recalling LM that appeared in late 19th century
California newspapers. I know of nothing to suggest they ever met.

FINK, Anton or Xavier
    Caffetier; Anton at Löwengrube 1/0, Xavier at Kaufingerstr. 30/1
    According to one of the proscription lists, a Caffetier named Fink “erheilt zum Geschenk
eine Vorstadtmädel.” Apparently a minor member of LM’s circle. Valentin calls him an
honorary Alemann.

FIORENTINO, Pier Angelo B Naples 1806 - Paris 31 May 64
    claimed to be 27 at his trial in 1850; raised by Jesuits; worked for La Presse; did feuillton
for Constitutionnel 1849-52, Moniteur 1852- journalist and author; may have collaborated on
Count of Monte Cristo; recipient of letter of LM sold at auction in June 1976 by Stargardt,
Marburg, lot 1074; listed as "one of her lovers", also recipient of 4-page letter of LM of 5
Dec 46; used penname "A. Rouvray"; different penname on La France; critic for various
papers similtaneously; Corsaire-Satan in 1844 (called Corsaire-Satan from 7 Sept 44 to 12
Mar 47, otherwise just Corsaire); friend of Liszt: see LaMara letters. See Volume 4K & 4L

FISCHER, Dr. Anton von 1.11.92-13.6.77
   Pres. Kreis Schwaben and Neuberg; didn't welcome LM to Bad Brückenau LAM 24

FITZBALL, Edward (originally BALL) 1792-1873
   Dramatist and librettist at whose benefit LM appeared without fee on 10 July 43. See
Volume 3F

    According to Vandam, he was a spectator at the Rouen trial in 1846, but this is extremely
unlikely because only two days earlier he had been deeply traumatized by the funeral of his
beloved sister, who had died slowly over a period of months.

FLERS, Alfred Etienne de la Motte Ango, Comte de 27 Oct 17-23 June 83
    A lover of A. Lievenne, he lived at 42 rue Laffitte and attended the party at the Trois
Frères Provençaux; he was a big landowner in Normandy

    LM's poodle, stolen or strayed before LM's departure for Australia in 1855, according to
the newspaper report at the time.

FOLLETT, Sir William Webb 2 Dec 1798-28 June 1845
    Solicitor-General; represented James in James v. Lennox in May, 1841. His offices were
at 10 King's Bench Walk, the Temple.

FOLLIN, Caroline wife of Noel was Caroline, mother of Noel was Susan
    daughter of Noel; according to Holdredge, she was put in LM's charge and taken by her to
Mrs. Willard's Seminary in Troy, NY to be educated at LM's expense. This appears
extremely unlikely. Follin’s widow seems to have refused to have anything to do with LM,
and the Willard Academy has no record of any student named Follin.

FOLLIN(E), Miriam Florence born 5 June 1836 - 18 Sep 1914
    sister of Noel; divorced at early age while LM was in Australia; became LM protege and
played with her as her sister, Minnie Montez; separated from LM in Providence after only
two weeks and soon was set up in NYC as mistress of President of the Bank of East
Tennessee. She played Jennie in The Cabin Boy by Edward Stirling with LM in Albany.
Eventually she was to become Mrs. Frank Leslie. See Stern’s biography of her.

FOLLIN, Augustus Noel (later FOLLARD; FOLLAND in 54) 8 July 27 - 8 July 56 at sea
east of Honolulu
He joined LM’s troupe for Australia and sailed for Sydney with LM on Fanny Major June 55
He billed himself as Frank Folland in Australia.
He had married Caroline Reeder, by whom he had had, reportedly, a son and a daughter who
were living with their mother in Cincinnati. His father, Charles, was son of Melanie Noel
and Firmin Augustus Follin. His father was born 1799 in New Jersey; mother Susan
Danforth born 1796, Boston. Charles Follin failed in business in 1838. He was blond, blue-
eyed, oval face, and had married an heiress in New Orleans, dissipated her fortune, and then
moved to NYC when she died, where he remarried to Susan Danforth, reputedly the madam
of a brothel near the Bowery, and had two children by her, one of them the above Miriam.
Noel Follin reportedly left his wife and children in Cincinnati to come to California when he
was 28. He was said to be retiring, insecure, and moody. He first met LM in July1854, just
before LM left on her camping trip, when he was acting in a company in Grass Valley. His
father apparently had a low opinion of Noel. Stern and Holdredge quote his letters to his
step-mother and half-sister, which were introduced as evidence in the will contest of Mrs.
Frank B. Leslie, but I have been unable to locate these letters or copies of them.

FOLLIN, Susan Danforth died 26 June 1868
   Last of three wives of Charles Follin, dealer in cotton, tobacco, and hides, linguist,
adventurer; she was the step-mother of Noel and the mother of Miriam. She approved
Miriam’s stage venture as Minnie Montez with LM.

FONTAIN(E), Father Flavel or Flaviano
   priest who married LM and Hull at Mission Dolores.            Later fled SF in wake of
embezzlement scandal.

FRANCIS, George Henry c1817-died in Paris 26 August 1866
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 25

    London journalist and friend of LM. He visited her in Munich in October 1847 and wrote
the much-quoted article about her in Fraser’s Magazine. He edited Morning Post, Atlas,
Dublin Daily Express, Morning Chronicle; wrote Duke of Wellington's Maxims and
Opinions 1843, Orators of the Age 1847, critical biographies of Disreali, Peel, Brougham,

FRAYS, August, Freiherr von Kreuznach 15 Apr 90-Munich 24 Oct 63 Gen. Maj.
    Intendant of the Hoftheater in Munich 1843-51, except for a brief period when Poißl was
given the job as a result of LM’s influence. He lived at Residenzstr. 25/2; Theatrinerstr. 42/2
in 1845; he was fired at end of Jan 48, then rehired after LM’s fall.

  see BÄHLER, Frederich, a servant of LM’s in Munich

FRENZL, Heinrich
   Hired as Ballet master in Mchen in 48 or 49; his son Franz and daughter Sophie were solo
dancers. The story that LM had to audition for him must be false because he was not in
Munich in 1846.

   Holdredge reports he was a Frenchman living near Grass Valley who visited LM and
wrote home about her. I know of nothing to support this. There is an obituary for him in the
SF Call of 6 September 1889, page 1, col 8.

   LM's lawyer in NYC who settled her problem with landlord on Waverly Place
   on 14 Jan 52 ; also attorney in Roux matter. See reports in the NYHerald. His office
was at 127 Fulton, home 44 Twelfth

GANSER, Crescentia
    Language teacher and translator for LM in Munich. The police bribed her to keep diary
of LM's activities, which was presented to Ludwig on 5 Dec 46 in part of the effort to get him
to break with LM. Her husband Anton, was a sculptor and they lived at Arcisstr. 5/1 in 1845.

   According to LM’s Grimma memoirs, a cousin of LM; who spent summer of 50 with
Heald and LM in Villa Beaujon. I have no idea who this really might have been.

GARDEN, Lt. Col. William
  nominated as executor of Craigie's will in 1843

GARDINER, Margarite, Countess of Blessington, q.v.

GASSER, Karl von
  Bavarian diplomat in Bern (Chroust) and Frankfurt

GAßNER, Anselm
  Commissar in Lindau who made LM feel welcome there

Actor and manager in California who apparently tried to get LM to come out of retirement to
tour the southern mines with him. Gates to appear in southern mines with LM Golden Era
30 Ap 54 2.2,2.4; denial GEra 28 My 54 2.4

  see Humpelmeyer, LM’s coachman in Munich, Geneva, and London

    Austrian and Bavarian Consul in Barcelona who helped Heald escape LM according to
the letter of Hudson-Cortes Bayerische Staatsbibliothek LA 39 Hodson-Cortes

GILBERT, Edward 1796/7 - 22 Sept 1823 Dinapoore (26 at his death according to his
    father of LM; 3 July 1817 gazetted ensign in old 25th Foot Reg, now the King's Own
Scottish Borderers. He transferred as ensign to 44th Foot, East Essex Reg on 10 Oct 1822.
According to the Grimma memoirs (which are not to be believed), his mother's name was
Gilbert and he was the illegimate son of an English duke who bought him his commission;
met LM's mother near Dublin; married her in Seville; LM 3 1/2 yrs old when G dies of
cholera in Deinapoore without a priest. Regimental records in the PRO show he arrived in
Ireland on 28 Dec 1818. He married Eliza Oliver at Christ Church, Cork, on 29 April 1820,
and sailed from Gravesend on the Bridget on 14 March 1823. He died at Dinapore 22 Sept

   LM's dog from 1856?-1861? Possibly the lapdog in the photograph with her.

GIRARDIN, Emile de 1806-81 wife 1804-55
    editor of La Presse. In 1.7.36 halved subscription rates for paper. In he 1840 acquired
half of Press; Dujarier got other half and the literary editorship. He had killed opponent in a
duel and sworn off dueling. He was lover of the Comtesse d'Agoult, the mother of Liszt’s

GÖRRES, Dr. Joseph 25.1.76 - 29.1.48
   Grand old man of the Ultramontanes in Munich. He owned Schönfelderstr. 16 and was
married to Catherine Lasaulx. The commotion LM caused by wandering into his funeral
procession on 31 Jan 1848 was the beginning of the end for her in Munich.

GOODRICH, Samuel Griswold (penname Peter Parley) 19 Aug 1793-9 May 1860
   Wyndham claims that as the American consul in Paris in 1851 he advised LM to take on
Richard Storrs Willis as her US manager, but his letter to a Boston newspaper in 1851
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 27

indicates he was anything but a fan of LM’s and probably never met her. Galignani's
Messengers of 15 May 51,page 3.1 speaks of him as an incredibly fruitful author.

GRANIER DE CASSAGNAC, Bernard Adolphe 1806-1880
   editor of La Globe; formerly worked on La Presse with Girardin; wrote history of the
working classes; right wing Bonarpartist; brother in law of Beauvallon

  gardener from Berlin; arranged LM's garden in Barerstraße

   former president of SF Board of Aldermen; according to Holdredge he supposedly called
on LM in SF in 53, but I know of nothing to support this.

GRAY, Police Sergeant
  arrested LM on bigamy charge in August 1849

  LM's maternal grandmother according to the will of Charles Silver Oliver in Dublin

    American banker in Paris in 1850 who, according to a story in the NY Herald, received an
incredibly large deposit from LM in that year. I have my doubts about this, considering the
money problems of Mr. and Mrs. Heald, and suspect the story may actually have been planted
by LM herself to reassure her creditors. He died in Nov 1850 according to the NYHerald.

  Austrian poet and dramatist, he wrote verses praising LM; see Volume 9T

GÜNTHER, Kreis- und Stadtgerichstrat Karl von
    Part of LM’s inner circle in Munich. He confirmed to Ludwig in 49 that the king was
nearly removed in early Feb 48. According to one of the proscription lists, "früher Advokat
in Würzburg, wo er das Schoßhündchen der Lola trug" see his letters in the Bayerische
Staatsbibliothek. His wife was named Fanny. They had three children and lived at
Briennerstr. 40/3. According to Ludwig’s letters to LM, all three children died of scarlet

  cared for Hull in his final illness in Marysville

GWIN, William McKendree 1805-1885
      Senator from California who arrived with LM in San Francisco on the Northerner in
May of 1853

HADDEN, Charlotte

    maid on the Larkins in 1841 who testified for James’s divorce from LM

HAERING, Friedrich
    According to one of the proscription lists, "Actuar in Zeughase (beschützte sie beim
Auflaufe in der Theatinerstr." He apparently knew LM from having lived in the same house
in the Theresienstraße and came to her aid before the Theatrinerkirche on 9 February 1848.
See LAM 44 in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. He was beaten up on the night of 17 Feb 47.

  Alleman from Berching who went with LM to Lindau

HAGGARD, John b Bradfield hats 1794 d Brighton 31 Oct 56
  attorney for James in divorce; educated Westm, Trinity Hall, Camb

HAGN, Marie von
  Ballettänzerin; Theatrinerstr. 49/3

HALL, Mrs.
  Milliner to whom Eliza and Mary Oliver were bound in Cork

HALLECK, General Henry Wager 1815-72
    According to Holdredge, a partner of Peachy and Billings in law firm and in the building
of the Montgomery Block in SF. He was later Lincoln's chief of staff; LM had letter of
introduction to them from Ed Baker of Marysville; on 1 Aug 54 resigned from Coastal
Engineers to head law firm. I know of absolutely no evidence connecting him in any way
with LM.

    LM servant in Munich; saved her jewels by hiding them in the woodshed; later guard for
the house see LA in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

HAMBLIN, Thomas S. 14 May 1800 London - 8 Jan 53 NYC
    manager of the Bowery theater where LM appeared in “Lola Montez in Bavaria” in July
of 1852.

HAMILTON, Mrs. Margaret
    LM's nurse at in her last days. Mrs. Craigie’s letter to Dr. Cooper mentions the name and
the city directory furnished the first name of a female nurse, widow of William Hamilton,
living in the neighborhood at 99 East 22nd Street, just one block up from Rev. Hawks.

   tailors in rue de Helder, Paris, who sued LM in summer of 1847 for claim on things she
purchased there on credit of Leigh in 1846. According to Wyndham, they ultimately got a
judgment of 2500 francs against her. A facsimile of LM’s 1847 letter to their attorney is in
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 29

HANDSCHUH, Dr. Friedrich 13.2.90-28.9.62
  replaced in Munich by Dr. Curtius at LM's request; see Kristl

HANOVER, Ernst August, King of London 5June 71 - Hanover 18 Sept 51
  present at LM's London debut DLM

HARDWICK, Judge John 1791-1875
    Judge at subsequent bigamy hearings. In her note now in Texas, LM indicates that she is
very grateful to him. He must have helped her out some way, perhaps by warning her on her
return from Italy that things looked hopeless for her in the bigamy action.

HARRIS, Thomas Lake 1823-1906
    mystic founder of the New Church in NYC. LM was much taken with him, and her letter
in Munich of 1860 giving her mailing address in NYC as NC Publishing apparently refers to
the publishing arm of Harris’s operation. See Volume 33D, 36C

HARRISON, Dr. George (Tucker?)
    claimed in letter to newspaper in 1861 to have funneled charity to LM. He lived at 65
Grosvenor Street, Grosvenor Sq. This is one episode in LM’s life that leaves me totally
baffled. Harrison’s letter appeared promptly after the news of LM’s death first arrived in
London, and he knew both the actual cause of her death and the fact that she was 40, both
matters that were not generally reported correctly. He appears to have been a member of the
Royal College of Surgeons, as he indicates. But I know of no evidence that LM was living
from charity at the time of her death. The letter from Mrs. Craigie to Dr. Cooper indicates
nothing about money, and the report in the NY Sun years later says she had more than $1,000
in the bank. But why would a prominent man like this immediately have access to such
accurate information about LM’s age and manner of death? And why, even if he were the
conduit for charity to her, would he feeled compelled to announce his role immediately in the
public press when news of her death arrived? Isn’t that more than a bit indiscreet? And why
would he want to announce such a fact, which would not necessarily be something he would
be generally praised for? It has me totally baffled.

  Gov Gen of India when LM first arrives

HAUSER, Michael (Miska) 1822 Pressburg - 9 Dec 87 ebd
    In 1834 he studied at Vienna Conserv. w/ Boehm und Mayseder. He toured Europe
1840-48, played in London in 1849, toured the USA, Canada, and Cuba 1850-53, arrived in
California in 1853. Toured South America in 1854 and Australia in 1855. From Australia he
went to China and Turkey, played in Europe in the last years before his retirement to
Pressburg (Bratislava) in 1865. He met LM in SF in 1853, began her tour with her but left
after a row in Marysville. Subsequently saw her again in Australia. His letters home to his
brother are the source of information about LM. See Volumes 27L and 29G.

        Holdredge reports a good deal of nonsense about Hauser, particularly about mutual
hostility between Hauser and LM, most of which seems to be the invention of her own
twisted imagination.

HAVARD, Ambros
owner of Zum Goldenen Hirsch in Munich at Theatrinerst. 18; LM's private house was
probably in about Salvatorstr. 1 or 2

HAVELAND, Catherine born Dublin circa 1854
    Thomas James' adopted daughter. It appears impossible, based on James’s presence in
India when she was born in Dublin, that this was his natural daughter. I have no explanation
for the adoption.

HAWKS, Rev. Francis L. 10 June 1798 Newbern, N.C.-26 Sept 1866 NYC
    Attended LM in her last days. Rector of Calvary Church; lived at 64 E. 21st St.; dark
complexion, striking face, noble air and demeanor; quick to anger, free tongue in anger; great
popularity as a speaker; was a Democrat, friend of Willis, spoke Spanish, moved to Baltimore
for the Civil War; wrote "let my epitaph be died of New York;" remarkable conversationalist;
fascinating, witty, imaginative; didn't spend a lot of time on his pastoral duties; great preacher
and orator; seldom seem at public amusements see the Memorial volume to Hawks, p.11.
Left account in parish register reprinted in Penitent, Volume 38G

HAYS, William Lee
  Captain of the Fanny Major

HEALD, George Trafford born London 7 January 1828 - died Folkestone 20 June 56
     LM's second husband, son of George Heald of the Chancery Bar, gazetted coronet in 2nd
life guards on 29 June 48, married LM at St. George's, Hanover Sq, 19 July 49, sold out of
the army soon after his marriage.
Traveled with LM to France, Italy, Spain. Abandoned her in Barcelona, again in Cadiz on
Christmas 1849, rejoined her in Paris and abandoned her for good about 15 August 1850. He
probably had an income of about £7000 per year, as stated at the initial bigamy hearing,
although Disreali thought it was more like 3000.
He was the only son of George Heald of Marlebone, London, who was admitted to Gray's
Inn, 6 nov 1793; his father was the oldest son of Richard Heald of Horncastle, Lincolnshire.
George Trafford Heald studied at Eton, matriculated at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 24
Feb 1846 at age 18. He died at the Pavillion Hotel, Folkestone, of TB (3 or 4 years) and
ulceration of the bowels

HEALD, Susanna
  Aunt and guardian of above of Headington Grove, Horncastle, Lincolnshire. She charged
LM with bigamy shortly after the marriage

HEIDECK, Carl Wilhelm Freiherr von 6.12.87 Lorraine - 21.2.61 München
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 31

    General and painter and estranged friend of King Ludwig; lived at Gluckstr. 9/1 in 49, in
the Briennerstr. 18/2 in 45; known as Heidegger; Regent in Greece, Protestant was of the
opinion L should be left to his folly. At Ludwig's request he took over management of LM's
finances and put his house at LM's service to meet the king and others while she was living
at the Goldenen Hirsch. He was soon so generally abused that he withdrew from this service
and again lost Ludwig's favor. See Kristl’s book, Volume 16-O and the Bayerische

HENNING, S.H. (Jonathan C.? Louisville D. Demo 1853) born circa 1828?- ?
    L.M.'s manager for part of her time in US. He was accused with her of assault and battery
in New Orleans, then traveled with her to SF. She seems to have broken with him just after
their arrival, tearing up checks he tried to give her. SFAlta 22 My 53 lists J.J.Heming as
passenger on the Northerner.

HERMANN, Professor & Ministerialrat Friedrich Wilhelm 5 Dec 95 Dinkelsbühl -
  died 23 Nov 68
  LM Anhänger see Fournier

HETZENDORF, Gen. Franz von
  tried to control mob at Würzburg in Aug 47

HIERL, Johann Eduard 16.1.91 - 1.5.78
  mathematician, prof at UM, he appeared on LM friend's list "wohnte dem Alem.
Commers bei"

HIGGINS, Michael
         Executor of LM’s will of 9 January 1861. According to Joel Honig’s research, he was
a florist, probably an associate of Isaac Buchanan.

HILARI      see Boligiano

  LM friend in California: ltr of 15 Sep 53 to Paco. I have no idea who this was.

     Metternich's intelligence officer in Bayern; sent report dated 20 March 47 quoting Prince
Max about how much they all owed LM, see Fournier, Volume 9I; his information was not
all that accurate, but it reflects the gossip going around Munich at the time.

HIRSCH, Joseph
  L's banker in Munich; Promenadestr. 16/2      see LA, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

HIRSCHBERG, Eduard Graf von b 3 May 24
    from Oberbrütz, member of the Alemannia whose attack with knife on 8 Feb 48 provoked
a near riot. He went to Plauen for refuge in Feb 48

HÖRMANN VON HOERBACH, Staatsrat Joseph 3.12.78-30.4.52
    Ultramontane enemy of LM in Munich, Regierungspräsident von Oberbayern. He tried to
set a trap for LM in court (Ganzer's diary of LM's activities), withdrew when treatened with
"Ungnade fürs Leben" by Ludwig. He cast vote against allowing LM citizenship with strong
statement, but was forced to resign in Feb 47; out 1.3.47 as Oberbayern president. He
prepared report for Staatsrat on LM citizenship (Maurer memoirs). On 1 March 47 Ludwig
remarked to him before LM's house that if she were named Loyola Montez they would be
cheering her ; Exc. Schannerpl. 8/2-3

HOHENHAUSEN, General Leonhard Freiherr von 28.6.88 Dachau - 25.3.72 Munich
    (or Johann Nepomuk?)
    briefly war minister; kicked upstairs to Würzburg at LM's request and his own on 30 Jan
1848. She mocked him in the theater just before her fall; He lived at Barerstr. 6/2, right
across from LM.

HOHENTHAL, Karl Adolf, Graf von
  Saxon geschäftsträger in Bavaria after Beust left

HOLLER, Fredericke
  Ballerina at Hoftheater Munich; Löwengrube 3/1; see LAL 100

  market and store in Grass Valley

  went to LM's regularly in late 47, early 48; snubbed by Queen according to WGB

    Kaufmann, Zolladministrat, jewish. He helped LM flee into a silver shop when a mob
attacked her. He subsequently became on of LM's friends in Munich; kicked out 11.8.47
when she got rid of the theater types in her circle. Through LM he was able to get his
concubine Angelotta Mayer (qv) back on Munich stage, from which she had been banned for
immorality. He was the father of poet Hans, Ritter von Hopfer, born 1835; lived at
Pfandhausstr. 4/1 in 1845

HORMAYR VON HORTENBURG, Archivdirektor Josef Freiherr von
born 20.1.81 Innsbruck -5.11.48 Munich
   published attacks on Lola ministry; had stroke in Jan 48

HORNE, Richard Hengist (really Henry) 1803-1884
    author of epic poem Orion, published London, 1843; goldfields commissioner in
Australia; theater critic for the Melbourne Herald; wrote burletta entitled The Fair Chameleon
for LM, but it was never produced; only consistently positive reviewer of LM in Melbourne;
                                                BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 33

recalled saving Follin from being stabbed by LM with scissors at dinner party in International
Hotel in Melbourne; loaned LM The Night Side of Nature

   English admirer who gave LM jewels in Baden-Baden; jeweler not paid and sues LM in
London. I cannot find the original source for this story, although it could very well be true.

HOTHAM, Sir Charles 1806-31 Dec 55
  Governor of Victoria during LM’s visit

HOTALING, Conrad K. born New York State 1825
    recipient of LM's request for $60 of 23 Nov 54 in the Bancroft collection. He was living
in Grass Valley at the time.

HOWELLS, William Dean 1 Mar 37 Ohio
   According to Holdredge, Howells was introduced to LM by Scoville in NYC in 1852.
This is typical of Holdredge’s absurd fantasies. Howells was 15 at the time and still living in
Ohio. He didn’t make his first trip to New York until 1860.

HOYM, Otto von died 1876 see NYT obit 17 Nov 76
   Manager of NYC Stadttheater at 37 Bowery, lived at 27 Rivington in 1861; LM lived
with his family in Bayard St. after her return from her aborted effort to marry in Paris in early
1858. LM’s note to Mrs. Buchanan from April 1858 (See Volume 34C) is written from
Bayard Street.

HOYT, Ralph 1806-1878, minister and poet
       Minister of the Church of the Good Shepherd, for which LM gave a benefit lecture on
Roamnism in the fall of 1858. She originally left a bequest to the church in her will of July,
1860, but this was omitted in favor a bequest to the Magdalen Society in her will of Jan, 1861

    According to LM’s note now in the U of Texas, she had given him Heald's papers and
letters and $545 to return to England to chase Heald. He is probably the “Hodson-Cortes”
who wrote to Ludwig on LM’s behalf from Barcelona and whose letter is in the Bayerische

  calls on LM in London in 49 LAM 162

HULL, Patrick Purdy 1821 (24?) Ontario Co, NY - 21 May 58 Marysville CA
According to Cleveland Herald of 1860, he was a native of Mansfield and had had a law
office in the Franklin Building on Water Street in Cleveland. The marriage cert says he was
32 in July 53. He was the owner of the "San Francisco Whig" and met LM on the
"Northerner" en route to SF. He married LM on 2 July 53 at Mission Dolores. LM’s “Dear
Paco” letter sold at auction in Geneva indicates Hull left her in Grass Valley on Sept 13,

1853, to her great relief. He was struck down by paralysis in Nov. 57; cared for by Manuel
Guillen and family. He had, on 22 Mar 55, bought Daily Town Talk in SF He was survived
by his mother and an uncle, James Purdy, living in Mansfield, OH
Hull had arrived in California on the Tennessee from Panama on 20 June 50, supposedly to
help run the census in California.

HUGO, Victor
    According to Holdredge, two of his nephews visited LM in Grass Valley. This comes
from one of the very unreliable memoirs in the California newspapers at the end of the 19th
century, and I don’t believe it. Holdredge also reports that he had a small party honoring
Daniele Manin in later part of June 50 to which LM and Louis Napoleon were both invited
in Rue Rochechouart. I don’t know where Holdredge got that one, but I don’t believe it,

       LM’s coachman in Munich, Geneva, and London. He saved her with his driving on
11 Feb 48. See his letters to Ludwig in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

HUNTER, William
  Witness at James-Banning wedding in 1870. A Capt Wm Hunter was in 15th NI in 1844.

    Servant to LM in Munich

HURT-BINET, Alexandre Oskar Paris 1803-Nyon 1869
   wrote letter to Journal de Geneve in 1849 claiming LM welched on deal to have him
publish her memoirs; wrote occasional political pamphlets; dilettante.

INGE, Colonel S.W.
   US Attorney, arrives on Northerner with LM FDE

INGRAM, Captain Charles born c.1800
    lived at Blackheath, Kent, near James's sister. His wife was Anne Eastwood, born c.
1806. He was captain of the Larkins which took LM back to England from India. He
testified at divorce hearing and at bigamy hearing and his wife testifed at the divorce hearing

INNES, Thomas
   Served LM with summons in divorce case in Edinburgh 18 Mar 42

INNES, Colonel William 1771/2 - Bath 2 Aug 1850
    see Volume 2J; Craigie’s former commanding officer, took LM back to England with his
family on the Malcolm in 1827. He died at Grosvenor Place, Bath; furloughed 2 Jan 27 until
his death

                                                BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 35

   LM servant in Munich in 48

JACQUAND, Claudius Lyon 16 Dec 1804 - Paris 3 Apr 1878
   Painted double portrait of LM and Heald in 1850 in Paris. He wrote a blackmail letter to
Ludwig on LM’s behalf; also painted Jung Badahoor's portrait; married widow of Comte

JAMES, Rev John born Dublin c.1795 - died 8 Oct 1862
   Brother of below who married him at Rathbeggan, County Meath, on 23 July 37. The
witnesses were his wife and a newphew named Young. His wife was Annette, eldest
daughter of Lt.Gen.Hatton. He was educated by Mr. Falloon; entered Trinity College June 7,
1813; BA 1817; MA 1832; ordained deacon 1818

JAMES, Captain Thomas Carlow 23 Jan 1807- London 17 May 71
    LM's first husband; he was an officer in the 21st Infantry of regular East Indian army. His
father was minor gentry in Ireland with his seat at Ballycrystal in Wexford. James had three
sisters and three brothers. His brother John was an Anglican priest near Dublin. LM’s
mother met James on the Orient sailing from Calcutta to England in 1836 and she invited him
to call on her in Bath where she was going to collect LM from boarding school. He was
returning from India on convalescent leave; he supposedly told LM's mother he was engaged.
He eloped with LM in June of 1837, married her in Rathbeggan on 23 July 1837. They lived
for a while in Westmoreland Street in Dublin and sailed from Liverpool to India on the Bland
in 1838. He was assigned to Karnal, later to Bareilly. He obtained a divorce from LM
without right of remarriage on 15 Dec 42 based on LM's adultery with Capt Lennox on return
voyage and in London. He was with the Kotah contingent from 1845 to 1856. Retired from
Indian army on 28 Feb 56. He had adopted a daughter while still in India, and he gave her to
his spinster sister to raise. In retirement he began fathering children on Louisa Banning, a
neighbor who already had had one illegitimate child. They were married on 1 January 1870
when she was pregnant with their third child. James died suddenly of a stroke in London in

JAMES, Thomas
  Nephew and heir of Thomas James

JAMES, Wilhelmina
    Sister of LM’s first husband. She lived at 28 Montpelier Villa, Cheltenham, and cared for
his adopted daughter, Catherine Haveland

JANIN, Jules Gabriel 1804-74
powerful critic of "Journal des Debats"; friend of Liszt: LaMara letters; journaliste illustre,
venal, et desinvolte; St.Beuve said of him that he "parler le plus souvent qu'il pouvait, a cote,
au-dessus, a l'entour de son sujet" from Corresponence generale de Berlioz, ed by F. Robert,
Vol II, p748; elected to St.Beuve's seat at the Academie in 1870! He wrote the first article
about LM in March 1844 in his column, probably at the urging of Liszt.

  a servant of LM in Munich. see MENNER

JOBSON, David Wemyss see NYT obit 30 May 1876 p8.2
    dentist and adventurer; had apparently known LM in London in 49 and may have wanted
to write her memoirs; got involved in hearing with her in NYC in Feb 58; see NYT; wrote
1834 treatise on dentistry. 1859 NYC Directory shows a dentist by that name at 5 Beckman,
and an editor by that name at 102 Nassau. In 1842 he ran for parliament as liberal for
Montrose, got no votes.

JOLY, Antenor c 1801-52
   editor of Le Pays when LM’s memoirs appeared there; founder of Theatre de la

    one of the owners of the Empire Mine, Grass Valley; went to Australia as LM's manager
but was soon replaced by Folland (from Thad Phillips memoirs in newspaper) FDE

      LM’s agent on her arrival in Charleston, S.C. on 29 November 1852 (Charleston
Mercury, 30 November 52, page 2, col 7). According to one story, he was a Canadian.

JONES, Gen. Roger (George W.?) (NYT calls him Senator)
  of Iowa; tries to calm crowd during disturbance in LM Washington performance, 1852
HWB or in company of man who causes disturbance NYT

     servant of LM; see HURGELMANN

       According to SF Daily Alta of 4 April 1861, the name of LM’s servant in SF in 1856
who stayed behind to marry.

    Manager of the Christy Minstrels who recollected LM's comments on Vanity Fair, quoted
in Theatre Magazine article. I am dubious about this memoir.

KALERGIS, General Demetrios 1803 Crete - 24 Apr 67 Athens
    one of the chiefs of the revolt at Athens in Sept 43; in Paris in Oct 46 en route to London
Sunday Times 11 Oct 46 3.4; brother Graf Augustin driven from Greece in 1831. LM
writes Ludwig of meeting him in London in 1849, then tells Ludwig he is part of a conspiracy
against her.

KALERGI, Countess
  Lover of Graf Potochi; see LM letter 26 in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 37

KAROLINE AUGUSTA, Dowager Empress of Austria
   sister of L; tried to get him away from LM. See correspondence in Bayerische

KARWOWSKI, Comte de Daszkiewicz, Eustach, Comte de b circa 1825
   20 year old Russian-Polish nobleman, favorite of LM in Munich. He got into trouble and
Russian embassy wanted him deported. Ludwig's decision to deport him led to a violent
argument with LM on 4 Dec 47; 22 years old; see WGB and Los Valles letter to LM

KAULBACH, Wilhelm Ritter von 15.10.05 Arolsen - 7.4.74 Munich
    painter; House at Oberegartenstr. 16 1/2 in 49, studio Tattenbachst. 2; house at Königstr.
7/2 in 45. At Ludwig’s command, he painted a full-lenght life-size portrait of LM which the
king rejected. Now in the Munich Stadtmuseum.

KAZINSKI, Count Louis
   lectured in Boston on "Wars of Independence in Italy" Boston Herald 17 Mar 52 p.2.4;
He engaged in the battle of Howard Hotel in NYC in 1852. NYHerald

KEELEY, Mary Anne (Mrs. Robert, nee Goward) 1805-99
  produced Pas de Fascination at Haymarket in 49 by Coyne and acted
  main role

KEENE, Laura 1826-73
   famous actress; attended party for LM just before her departure from SF for Australia in

KELLY, Fanny (Frances Maria) 15.10.90 Brighton - 6.12.82 Feltham
  LM's drama teacher, 1842; Huntington has 159 letters of hers

KENNEDY, Alexander
  married LM's parents at Christ Church, Cork, on 29 Apr 1820 by license

KERNER, Andreas Justinius Christian 1786-1862
   poet whose satirical letters about holding the fugitive LM a prisoner in his tower
somehow have been taken seriiously by some LM biographers.

KILIANI, Heinrich
    "Appellgerichtshofdirector in Bamberg. Sie sind zu alt, um ein junges Mädchen zu
befriedigen." Fuchs mentions that "Blätter der Korruption" contains supposedly real letters
from Kiliani to LM or the Ströbls qv, concerning positions. LM says he's behaved badly; LM
letter 30. Honorary Alemman according to Valentin. Apparently he got into some kind of
correspondence, which later became public, about the possibility of his marrying Babette

KING, Charles A. born 1823 -died 4 F 57
   manager of Sacramento Theater in Sacramento on 3rd between I and J Streets, where LM
appeared in July 53; LM performed at benefit for him

KIRKE, Dr. Baron von
   a variant name for the supposed noble German lover or husband of LM in Grass Valley.

   daughter of Mary Oliver Thompson, LM’s aunt? She is mentioned in Mrs. Craigie's will
and lived at Westmoreland House, Dublin

KLENZE, Hippolyte
    young officer disliked by LM, disgraced at ball by Ludwig in Feb 47; son of the famous
architect see WGB; he lived at Fürstenstr. 8c/1

KNAPP, Mr and Mrs George (Dora)
    A woman who claimed to have been a close friend of LM in California. After her death,
accounts of her claims appeared in San Francisco newspapers and have been repeated by LM
biographers. Knapp claimed she had known her in NYC; said she had black eyes and brown
hair, olive complexion. When she read in article in SF paper that LM wanted to settle in
mountains, she wrote LM inviting her to settle in Grass Valley. I believe Mrs. Knapp was a
total fraud and probably never met LM. There is no record of any Knapp family in Grass
Valley at the time and most of what Knapp reportedly said is very unlikely.
    see SFCall 17 June 1900, p1 of magazine, SF Chron 1897

KOLB, Gustav 1798-1865
  Editor of Ausburger Allegemeine Zeitung

KOSSUTH, Lajos 1802-94
  Hungarian patriot, arrived in NYC together with LM on "Humboldt" on 5 Dec 51

KOSSUTH (see Zulavsky)
  sister of above

  operator of Hotel de la Couronne in Bern

KRAFT, Friedrich
    Tailor, Löwengrube 4/3; LM buys vest there as a gift for Ludwigand he finally has to pay
for it himself

KREBS, Joseph
  Father of Caroline Wegner; Tapizierter; shop at Kaufingerstr. 30/2
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 39

KREUTZER, Geheimrat Heinrich
  Ludwig's Kabinettsekretär from 1810-49 see LAM 49

KREUTZER, Lt Ferdinand
  Gendarmerieleutnant on LM friend list; lived at k. Residenz

KUNST, General-Major Johann von
        Stadtcommandant of Munich in 1848; informed the assembly at the Rathaus on the
morning of 11February that Ludwig had ordered LM out of Munich, but the king refused to
do so, claiming he had no constitutional power to exile a citizen from Munich. Why Kunst
made the announcement, which sent people cheering to the Barerstraße and broke the tension,
is unclear.

LABORDE, Leon, Marquis Comte?de 13 June 1807 in Paris - 26 March 69 at Fontenay.
Deputy, former traveler and diplomat; from 1847 consevator of antiquities at the Louvre;
visited LM repeatedly in Fall '50 according to Wendland’s letters to Ludwig

LACHNER, Franz 6 Apr 1804-20 Jan 90
  Kapellmeister from 1836 in Munich, prominent composer, LM enemy; Dienergasse 15/3

  Musikdirector in Munich, brother of above Tunnenstr. 11a/2

LA GUERONNIERE, Arthur Dubrevil Helion, Vicomte de 1817-75
acquired Le Pays with Lamartine in 51 and refused to print LM's memoirs

LAMARQUE, B.L. died October 1868
   According to Holdredge, a Frenchman who sold LM interest in Eureka mine in Grass
Valley while she was still in Paris. I know of nothing to support this claim. According to
Foley, B.L.Lamarque & Co had a cabin in Grass Valley with ten pin alley

LAMARTINE, Alfophse de 1790-1869
   acquired Le Pays together with de la Gueronniere in 51 and refused to print LM's
memoirs. LM said in her lectures that she had met him on business matters, which would
seem to indicate she tried personally to convince him to continue publication.

acquaintance of LM in Sacto? see Pacho ltr of 14 Sept 53

LARKIN, Thomas O.
  first US Consul at Monterey; arrived on Northerner with LM

LASAULX, Dr. Peter Ernst von 16.3.05 Koblenz - 10.5.61 Munich
    Philosopher; professor at Uni; introduced motion of praise for Abel in Uni Senate; motion
failed but Ludwig was angered. Students assembled before his house on 1 Mar 47 to hail him

and later assembled in the Theresienstr. to hoot LM in first demonstration against her. His
book "Die prophetrische Kraft der menschlichen Seele in Dichtung und Denken" was placed
on the Index; Untere Gartenstr. 10 1/2 /1

LAVIGNE, Antoine Joseph 23 Mars 1816-
  Oboe player from Paris who made success in Stuttgart & Munich LM to
  Fiorentino. letter of 5 Dec 46.

LEEB, Johannes Memningen 1790 - München 1863
    friend of LM, a sculptor. According to Sepp, he confessed to being conduit for LM’s
correspondence with Mazzini. I think this is nonsense. He lived at Briennerstr. 30/0

    LM's friend living at her house at 27 Half Moon Street in Dec of 1849. See letter at U of
Texas. She is also mentioned in the Camille letter in Munich from 1860. It is possible she
was the wife of Theodore Leger who was born Paris 1799, died 20 Gerrard St., Soho, 6 Oct
53, spiritualist, hypnotist, clairvoyant

  Alleman escort of LM to Lindau and, according to Peißner’s letters, another of her lovers

LEIGH, Francis
    ex-officer of 10th Hussars (Bridgeman's regiment); bought riding habit and other clothes
in 46 in Paris charged to him for 372 francs and LM refused a dunning letter for the bill in
Sept 47; see Mirecourt facsimilie. He purchased his commission as cornet on 22 July 42
from Pate who bought up to Lt, but he had sold out in 1845. He traveled with LM to Ostend
and then Brussels in June 1846; they seem subsequently to have split up, LM then caught up
with him in Heidelberg, where he began refusing to let her into his room. Wyndham claims
she took a shot at him when they broke up.

LEININGEN, Fürst Karl Friedrich Wilhelm von
    12.09.04 Amorbach - 13.11.56 Jadgschloß Waldermingen
    An important Bavarian politician, he had strong contacts with England, particularly with
Prince Albert, and the Royal Archives at Windsor have his letters to the prince concerning
Bavaria while LM was there, quoted in part in Valentin’s book on him. He reportedly helped
Wallerstein research LM's past in England through Prince Albert, but there is nothing at
Windsor to confirm this. He was president of the Reichsräte and discussed breakdown of
public order and possible abdication in a memo of 1 Feb 48. His mother was Henriette,
Princess Reuß 1767-1801?

LELAND, Charles Godfrey 15 Aug 1824 Philadelphia-20 Mar 1903 Florence
   American author and journalist, he was a student in Munich when LM was there, but he
never met her then. He used psn Hans Breitmann. He later edited a New York magazine
which reviewed LM's books. Two of LM’s letters to him are quoted in Wyndham, but I do
                                             BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 41

not know where the originals are to be found. He mentions her in his memoirs Volume 39A
and wrote the obituary of her in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.

LEMAN, Walter M. b 1810 died by his own hand after long illness, 3 Jan 1891
   Actor; wrote memoirs mentioning LM; on night before LM's departure for Australia he
and Laura Keene and others went to her lodging at International House in SF to bid her
goodbye; said she already seemed less imperious and reckless.

LENNOX, Captain George 5 Jan 1821 - Ootatoor 2 May 1844
    ADC of John, 13th Lord Elphinstone, Governor of Madras. He was a passenger in 1841
on the Larkins from India to London with LM. His adultery with her was the basis for her
divorce. He returned to India in 43 and died a few months later in camp. He was the eldest
son of the second son of the fifth Duke of Richmond; his father was John George Lennox,
born 3 Oct 1793, a LtCol in the Army. Young Lennox was an officer of the 4th Madras
Cavalry. On his return in 1841, a paper reported he had been away from England nearly 3
years. Lord George Lennox was Lord in waiting to Prince Albert in June 1843

LEOPRECHTING, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von 17.12.18 - 20.1.64
  Oberpostmeister with whom LM had run-in Dec 46; Germanist and Historian

LERCHENFELD, Ottilie Freifrau von 18 Juli 19-
   Authoress of the letters in Neue Deutsche Rundschau?; married 4 Oct 47; husband Otto
Edward, was Stallmeister; she was born Gumppenberg; had her first child in 1849;
   sister in law Maria Anna had married on 1 May 47; she lived at Briennerstr. 46/3

   editor of Warsaw Gazette and admirer of LM; editor of Warsaw Courier who wrote about
multiple charms of LM; see Sunday Times 21 Jan 44

LE TENDRE DE TOURVILLE (Marie Pierre Adrien?)
   President of the Court at Beauvallon trial in 1846

LEVESON-GOWER, Edward Frederick born 3 May 19
  son of Earl Granville; went to LM's salons in Half-Moon St and wrote about her in his

LEVY, David Lawrence and MICHAEL, James Lionel
  LM's solicitors in Sydney against suits by her company of players

LEWIS, Edward John
    LM attorney against Seekamp in Ballarat; later sued S successfully for calling him
pettyfogging Jew informer

  Londoner mentioned by LM in the 1860 Camille letter now in Munich

LEWIS, Henry
  witness to Heald marriage

LICHNOWSKY, Felix Fürst born 5 apr 14
friend of Liszt; fought for Don Carlos in Spain; arrives in Dresden 8 Feb and 16 Feb 44 (Dres

LIEVENNE, Athenais Pauline, called Anais
   of the Vaudeville, lived at 36 Rue Laffitte; at the fatal Trois Frères dinner party

LINDENAU, Bernand August Freiherr von 11.6.79 - 21.5.54
    A retired Saxon minister who, according to Corti, was sent by Queen of Saxony (L's
stepsister) at New Year's 1847 to talk L out of LM or to bribe LM. I feel certain Corti is
wrong. It was Maltzahn who tried to talk Ludwig out of his relationship with LM on New
Year’s 1847, and afterwards tried to bribe LM. I don’t have any idea where he got the idea it
was Lindenau.

   name LM intended to use in Spain in 1849

LISZT, Franz 22.10.11 Raiding - ?.7.86 Bayreuth
        composer and piano virtuoso, he had a brief affair with LM in Dresden in 1844, then
apparently gave her letters to his friends in Paris. They subsequently were both at the
Beethoven festival in Bonn in 1845, but it is not certain they actually met. He seems to have
retained a high opinion of LM’s charms.

LIZIUS, Caroline
    singer, in Schönheitsgallerie, friend of L, rival of LM see LA; pensioned in 1849; Lived
at Tannenstr. 5/1; ten letters to her from Ludwig written 1841-43 sold at auction in 1954

LOMER, Capt. Mrs.
    According to LM’s autobiographical lectures, she was about 33 and the wife of a captain
in the 21st Native Infantry when she and James ran off to Neilghany Hills. The hills were
1200 miles away, but there were two officers in the 21st named Lomer, brothers. Only one
was a captain, Owen Lomer, who had been regimental adjutant since 7 Oct 1841. His wife
was in her early thirties, but she had a number of small children, not exactly a candidate for
elopment. In fact, at the time the marriage broke up, James seems not to have been stationed
with the regiment but at Bareilly, where he was adjutant to the recruiting depot there. The
Lomer story seems to be LM’s invention to justify the collapse of her marriage.

LOMER, William
   commissioned in the 21st Native Infantry on 27 June 26; brother Owen was already in the
Regt when he and James each arrived, in 1827 and 28 respectively
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 43

LONDONDERRY, Charles William Vane-Stewart, Marquis of 18 May 78 died 6 Mar 54
    Colonel of 2nd Life Guards; demanded Heald’s resignation following his marriage to
LM. He was an able companion of Wellington in Spain; later ambassador to Vienna. He was
half brother of Castleraegh the statesman. He had been Col of 10th Hussars, the regiment of
both Leigh and Bridgeman, from 1820 to 1843.

LOS VALLES, Louis Xavier Auguet de Saint-Sylvain, Baron (Jose de?)
    Noble from Picardy, ennobled by Don Carlos, traveled with him on his dangerous trip
through France; visits LM in Munich; see LA in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and Kristl; he
had been captain of Louis XVIII's guard at Ghent, but by the time he came to visit LM in
Munich, he was an itinerant wine merchant to the nobility and living in St. Petersburg.

LOVELL, John 4 Aug 10 Ireland - 1 July 93 Montreal
    According to the introduction to L’Art de la Beauté, he was the Canadian publisher who
recommended Arts of Beauty to Emile Chevalier of Paris who sold 50,000 copies

LOW, Fürst LVOV?
  According to the Grimma memoirs, an admirer of LM in Warsaw

LUDWIG I, King of Bavaria 25.8.86 Strasburg - 29.2.68 Nice
  LM’s most famous lover and patron, she dominated his life from 1846 to 1848.

LUITPOLD, Prinz von Bayern 12.3.21 Würzburg - 12.12.12 Munich
    Second son of King Ludwig I., he convinced his father to receive the Bürger delegation
in Feb 48. He later became Prince Regent during the reign of Otto.

LULL, Louis R. died 4 O 94
associate editor of the SF Whig, friend of PP Hull; on 28 My 56, editor of Marysville Herald,
married Josephine Ransom, daughter of publisher of that paper; signed wedding register as
witness to marriage of LM and Hull

LUMLEY, Sir Abraham (Alexander?)
     According to LM, an elderly judge of Supreme Court of India to whom LM was to be
married by her mother. In fact, there was no judge named Lumley in all of India. But the
adjutant general of Bengal, the commanding officer of LM’s step-father, was an elderly
widower named Lumley, and it was possibly to him that LM’s mother wished to marry her.
But he also had two single sons who might also have been marriage prospects. LM’s story is
a lie, but it is hard to say how much of a lie. See LUMLEY, Sir James and Volume 2J.

LUMLEY (originally Levy), Benjamin 1811-1875
  manager of Her Majesty's Theatre, Haymarket where LM debuted on 3 June 43
  after her true origin was revealed he refused to let her dance again

LUMLEY, Sir James Rutherford 1773-1846

   Adjutant-general of the Indian Army, the commanding officer of LM’s step-father in
1837 and perhaps a marriage prospect for LM. He was a widower, but he had two single
sons. See Volume 2J

LUSHINGTON, Judge Stephen 1782-1873
   granted separation decree in James v. James 15 Dec 42; had taken part in the defense of
Queen Caroline with Lord Brougham.

LUXBURG, Caroline Maximilliane von 2 Jan 1820
   Hofdame of the Kronprincessin reprimanded for lorgnetting LM in the spring of 1847. see
Kristl and WGB

LYNAR, Fürst Rochus Otto Manderup Heinrich 21 Feb 93-10 Nov 60
    According to the Grimma memoirs, an admirer of LM in Dresden. He had been a prince
since 1807; widower since 1831. He had 3 sons, 3 daughters; author of tragic plays, Die
Ritter von Rhodos, 1842, Die Medicianer, Geschichte 1843 lived at Moritzstr. 9

LYNDHURST, John S. Copley, Lord Boston 21 May 72 - London 18 Oct 63
  Solicitor Gen 1819, Atty Gen 1824, Master of Rolls, 1826, Lord Chancellor
  1827, 34-35, 41-46, retired 1846; LM friend in London see LAM 165

MABILLE, Charles and August or Victor? (father and sons)
Victor ran garden; great ballet teacher with whom LM studied 3 months in 1851 at Jardin

MacDONNELL, Sir Richard Graves and Lady
   State Governor of South Australia; attended LM's Adelaide benefit for widows and
orphans of fallen at Sebastopol

MACKAY, John W. born 28 Nov 31 in Dublin, IRL
    The future Bonanza King, Holdredge claims LM met him in Downieville, but I know of
nothing to support this.

MC DOUGAL, John 1818-1866
    ex-governor and attorney who arrived on Northerner in SF with LM; intemperate;
governor by succession, 1851-52; could he be the Mac referred to in LM’s letter of 14 Sep

MacKENZIE, Dr. Robert Shelten born Co. Limerick, Ireland 20 June 1809-1880 see NYT
Obit of 22 Nov 81 p5.2
    translated Houdin's memoirs; recipient of LM letter of 30 Jan 60 and of another letter
now at Yale; He came to the USA in 1851, and from 1857, he was an editor of the
Philadelphia Press. seems to have been a friend of LM

                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 45

  attended LM's marriage at Mission Dolores WMM; another possible candidate for the
Mac referred to in LM’s letter of 14 Sep 53

MC MULLEN, Major Robert Sligo 13 Dec 1786 - Boulogne 2 Sept 65
    in testimony in preliminary hearing in James v James in 1842, Roberts said McM had
called on him in early 1841, saying he had received letter from Craigie asking him to see LM
safely to his relatives in Scotland, but that LM had refused to go with him ; claimed he was
51 in 1842
only daughter Fanny Caroline married MGen Robert Thomas Leigh; see Volume 2J and
divorce file

   According to the Grimma memoirs, a Carlist bandit with whom LM fell in love and saw
executed in Madrid. A bit of fantasy that Goldberg took literally.

MAFFEI, Landwehroberst Johann Anton von 1803-1888
informed Berks on 11 Feb 48 he couldn't guarantee his Landwehr troops; major industrialist;
Lived at Promanadepl. 18

  manager of Metropolitan Theater in SF in 1853

MAIER, Angioletta see MAYER

MALMESBURY, James Howard Harris, 3rd Earl Lord 25 Mar 1807- 17 May 89
    married 1830; succeeded to the earldom in 1841
    His country seat was Heron Court, Hants; in 1870 his house in London was at 19
Strafford Place
    protector of LM in Spain 1842-3 (real encyc Brock 1853)
    according to his memoirs, he first met LM on her return from Spain in 1843 when he was
asked by Spanish consul to look after young woman who had just landed there; accompanied
her in train to London; LM told him she was widow of Don Diego Leon who had been shot
by the Carlists, that she was going to sell property in London and give singing lessons
because she was very poor; M got up a benefit concert for her at his house where she sang
Castillian ballads and sold veils and fans; and he introduced her to Lumley; he was Sec of
State for Foreign Affairs in 1852, 58, 59. See Volume 3C

MALTZAHN, Heinrich, Freiherr von 22 Feb 93-Nov 51 (of eye cancer, according to Sepp)
called "Der rosenrote Maltzahn" GL; widowed three times, last time in 46; he was taking his
son to the university in October 1846 when he ran into LM, whom he already knew from
Paris or Baden-Baden. He seems to have been instrumental in getting LM and Ludwig
together, at least Ludwig was grateful to him and named a major a la suite shortly thereafter;
he was living at 51 rue de la Madelaine in Paris, Dec 46 LM letter to Fiorentino
 In Jan 47 but he declined a position in Munich and warned L to abandon LM (GL)
See his correspondence with Ludwig in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

   LM's attorney in Munich; lived at Residenzstr. 10/3; see Bayerische Staatsbibliothek LA

MANTIUS, Eduard 18 Jan 1806 Schwerin-Berlin 4 July 1874
   tenor from Berlin who told hotel operator at the Stern that LM wasn't Liszt's friend in
Aug 45 in Bonn

    According to Holdredge, LM's Indian cook in Grass Valley. I know of no evidence for
this and suspect it is an invention of Holdredge.

  see Rufenacht, Marianne

MARSDEN, Caroline born c. 1821
    stewardess on the Larkins who testified at the preliminary divorce hearing in 1842 that
she had seen Lennox lacing up LM's stays on more than one occasion and had seen LM
putting on her stockings in Lennox's presence. See divorce file

MARGUERITTES, Comtesse Julie de 1814-1866
   French singer; According to Holdredge, she wrote an account of LM and Heald at the
gaming table, but I don’t believe the account refers to LM

MARK, Heinrich von der 14.1282 - 14.6.65
   Bavarian war minister from 1.30.48 to 5.4.48; he was no admirer of LM, but after her fall
he appeared on the proscription lists as "zweideutig, trank am 2. Tage nach seiner Ankunft
Thee bei ihr"

MARK, (Franz) Xaver
   made Oberpolitzeidirektor on 26 Feb 47; according to Valentin he was an Honorary
Alemann; Polizei Obercommisar in 1845, lived at Königstr. 4/0; see ÖGB page 456, note 2.

MARSH, Luther R. 1813-1902
    successfully sued Anna Debar in 1888, for defrauding him; she claimed she was daughter
of LM and could contact her spirit. This is part of the foolishness Wyndham used to pad out
his book. In 1860 Marsh lived at 148 Madison Ave, office at 6 Pine St

MARSHALL, Caleb (E.A. in NYT and on LM’s contract, Caleb in NYH and Frank Leslie
Newspaper obit; there is also a Wyzeman Marshall; obviously there may be more than one
Marshall involved here)
   lessee of Broadway theater in NYC and Walnut St Theatre in Philadelphia

MARTIN, Mrs. Ann
                                                BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 47

proprietess of lodging house just off Pall Mall (7 Great Ryder Street ) where LM stayed early
in 1841 after arriving from India; she testified in preliminary hearing in James v. James that
LM stayed a month, that Lennox paid the bills and stopped there daily, staying till all hours of
the night. see the divorce file

MARTIN, Dr. Aloys (or Anselm?) 23.11.18 Bamberg - 18.7.91 Munich
   1843 Promotion at UniM; 1860 Honor prof; 1876 Prof; LM's Leibarzt in Munich; made
medical professor by L; honorary Alemann according to Valentin; lived at Pranerstr. 15/2

MASSETT, Stephen C. 1820-1898 see NYT obit 22 Aug 98
    actor, author; visited LM in Grass Valley and found Southwick there as host. Harvard
Theatre Collection has LM letter to him, probably written in Grass Valley (see the microfilm
in this collection), and a record of the auction sale of a letter of introduction she wrote for
him to a Philadelphia editor.

MASSON, Augusta
    LM's chambermaid in Munich; LM thought she was a thief see LM’s letter about her in
the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

   According to the proscription lists after LM’s fall, "früher Schreiber, durch Lola's
Stubenmädchen, seine Schwester, Regierungs Sekretär in Ansbach"

        a French theatrical artist, according to the fraudulent correspondence printed in
L’Estafette in 1856. I can find no other record of Mauclerc. He may have been the author of
the false correspondence with LM in an effort to promote himself.

MAURER, Georg Ludwig von 1790-1872
    only member of the Staatsrat to express opinion that LM could be made Bavarian citizen,
but said it would be the greatest possible calamity
    minister of Foreign Affairs and Justice in Morgenrot ministry
    Zwinglianer by religion; lived at Gartenstr. 2
    told L that he'd go ahead with ennobling LM, but that it was a foolish and dangerous
course; for his services to L requested being made hereditary member of the Reichsrat, given
a property, and having his son made a professor of law at the Uni; L only promoted his son;
wrote to Ludwig criticizing LM and the plans to ennoble her, also said that if a single
minister made her acquaintance, the cabinet would have to resign; undermined his credit with
L and was dismissed on 30 Nov 47; lived at Theatrinerst. 15/2 in 45; although Valentin
claims he was an Honorary Alemann, that is very unlikely

MAYER VON LINDENTHAL, Angeoletta 1807-1880
    actress, concubine of Simon Hopfer (qv); lived at Residenzst. 14/4
    banned from stage for immorality; through Hopfer friendship with LM, able to return to
stage; mother of poet Hans, Ritter von Hopfer, born 1835; kicked out by LM on 11.8.47; she

was Viennese, formerly at Kärtnertortheater, according to Fournier; she was repensioned after
LM left Bavaria

MAYER, Fräulein
  Antagonist of LM in Munich (Kaulbach letters)

MAYNARD, Charles de
    witness who saw de Beauvallon practising with dueling pistols and got him convicted of
perjury in 47

    Chocolate maker; LM's friend beaten by mob on 11 Feb 48 VV; he lived at23
Residenzstr., shop at Salvatorstr. 18; came from Dilligen on Donau LAL40; he had a small
steam engine in his shop window; in 1845 he lived at Theatrinerst. 10/3 and had his shop at
Residenzstr. 23

    brother of above, attorney in Kempten; according to the proscription list he "suchte durch
Peißner's Protection einen anderen Posten u. erhält zur Antwort: "Es waren schon so viele in
dieser Sache bei mir, ich will übrigens sehen, was zu thun ist; ich will Sie vermerken.""

MAZILLIER Marseille 1797-Paris 1868
  Ballet teacher of LM in 44 Corsaire 11 Sept 44; see Larousse of 19ieme Siecle

MEDEM, Paul, Reichsgraf von b 21 Jan 1800
    According to a story recounted in Heideck’s memorandum cited in Kristl’s book, he was
a Russian resident in Paris. In 1845 the Jesuits attempted to get LM to influence him to
convert to Catholocism; she told Thiers and relations between France and the Pope
temporarily soured from 1843 Russian ambassador to Vienna; see Kristl 51 This is nonsense,
but LM might have known either this Reichsgraf or
    a second Count Medem, born about 1822, who was killed in Pisa in duel w/ a M. Kalergi
in Oct of 1852; LM certainly knew someone named Kalergi.

MELANO, Comte de
    Wrote to Rufenacht claiming to have Ludwig’s letters in Aug 49 seeLA 39 Ruf; lived at
24, rue de la Bruyere St. Georges, Paris

MELLER-Zakomelsky, Georges, Baron von
    Russian diplomat who protected LM on her return to Munich in March 48; in the
newspapers he was referred to as coming from the Kurland, which means Latvia. There was
a noble family of Meller-Zakomelsky in Russia. See his letter to Ludwig in Bayerische

MENKEN, Adah Isaacs see NYT obit of 12 Aug 68 p4.6
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 49

   Holdredge claims LM knew got to know her in NYC in 1851-52. This is total nonsense.
Menken was nowhere near NYC at the time. Holdredge speaks of their correspondence,
which is another of her unaccountable wild fantasies. There is absolutely no evidence the
two of them ever met, and it is unlikely they ever did meet.

MENNER, Jeanette
    LM's chambermaid in Munich until May '47; see Bayerische Staatsbibliothek LA 39
Manostetter. Apparently Jeanette quit very suddenly, leaving LM without a maid. See the
notes between LM and Ludwig in May 1847. She is apparently the maid to who Ludwig
referred later when he talked about a maid stealing LM’s diamonds, but the evidence in
Manostetter’s letters seems to indicate that not only was LM unable to make any case that
Jeanette had stolen anything from her, Jeanette and her father forced LM to settle a suit that
brought against her for unspecified reasons.

    LM and Hull's host in Grass Valley, his life is best laid out in Foley’s book. He was a
native of Baltimore and an agent of Pacific Mail Steamship Co. He wrote letters about LM to
sister. He had been a Whig party member with Hull in 51 where he was agent for Pacific
Mail Sship Co. He sold the Mill Street cottage to LM.

MERY, Francois Joseph Pierre Agnes Marseilles 22 Jan 1797 - 1865
    Apparently an acquaintance of LM in Paris, he was author of "Fils de l'Homme" and
"Nemesis", co-author of Don Carlo libretto for Verdi. He loved opera, gambling, the German
baths and casinos, was superstitious; see large article in Larousse of 19ieme Siecle

METTENHEIMER, Karl 1791 - 5.1.53
   or his brother
METTENHEIMER, Theodor 1787 -28.5.50
   from 1829 inspector of the Central Bildungsgalerie in Munich; he appears on the
proscription list of LM friends; "durch sie Gallerie Inspector (Handkuß)"

METTERNICH, Prince Clemens von
    Austrian statesman, driven out by the revolution of 1848. He mentions in his diary that
he almost took same boat to England with LM in April 49, but this was an error, as LM was
already in England; LM claimed in her memoirs that Brougham took her to meet him at
Richmond, but considering the absolute aversion Metternich displays in his diary, it is
extremely unlikely he would have consented to meet her even if Brougham brought her
around, and such a meeting would have been the first thing she wrote Ludwig about. Another
LM lie.

METZGER, William
  captain of Jane A. Falkinburg in 1856

METZGER, Eduard von Oberbaurat 1807-
  Munich architect; paid 33 K Florens to renovate and expand LM's house in

    the Barerstr. GL fn 1514; the proscription list says "nachdem er ihr Haus gebaut, durch
sie an Gärtners Stelle". He wrote a book of poems about LM's house, among other things.
He lived at Lerchenstr. 41/1

  witness to Heald marriage in 1849.

MILBANKE, Sir John Ralph 1800-1868
    British ambassador in Munich during LM’s time there. According to Valentin, Murray
brought LM into contact with him, but I can find no evidence of this. The embassy was at
Briennerstr. 48. See his diplomatic dispatches in Volume 14A

MILLAIS, Sir John Everettt 1829-96
According to the newspaper articles on Dora Knapp’s memories, a very unreliable source, the
painter wrote as young man in Paris to John Ruskin saying any artist would find journey from
London to Paris worth it to see LM. I can find no evidence for this.

MILTON, Dr. John Lawrence
    Head of the City Court Mission in Melbourne, he tried to swear out warrent to arrest LM
for Spider Dance but the magistrates were reluctant to act, particularly since he had not
witnessed the dance himself.

MITCHELL, Miss Laura Cornelia
  recipient of LM letter of 1859 in NYPL

MONTALVO (or MONTALDO), Maria Joseph de
   According to LM’s 1851 memoirs, he was an uncle of LM, died unmarried in Seville
before 1850. Very unlikely.

MONTALVO, Juan de, Conte de
   According to LM’s 1851 memoirs, he was a Carlist uncle of LM in prison; his daughter,
Donna de Garailles, spent summer of 1850 in Villa Beaujon with LM and Heald.

MONTEMOLIN, Carlos Maria Luis, Conde de b 1818
  son of Don Carlos; friend of friend of LM see LAM 159

MONTES, Oberst Idelfonso de
   visits his "cousin" in Munich in 47 with de los Valles see his letter to LM in the
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Just who he was and how he knew LM, I do not know.

MONTEZ, Jean Francois
    According to Wyndham, he was a mysterious wealthy patron of LM in London, 1843,
took her to Brussels, then met her again in SF in 53 when he was married. I know of no
evidence to support this, although Wyndham does not seem to have invented stories about
LM, although he was rather credulous about the stories he did run across.
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 51

MONTMORENCY, Major Hervey de
    According to Wyndham, he was a nephew of Francis Leigh, who had lived with LM in
Paris in the early 40's; in 1929 he helped expose Rudi Schneider as a fraundulent psychic.

MOORE, Jennie
    According to Holdredge, she was an Irish woman whose cottage LM and Hull bought in
Grass Valley. It seems certain that LM bought the cottage from Gilmor Meredith, and I have
no idea where Holdredge got all these crazy stories about Jennie Moore, which she recounts
at great and boring length. Like much in Holdredge’s book, they have no basis in fact, as far
as I can discover, and have nothing to do with LM.

MORETON de Chabrillan, Elisabeth Celeste Venard "Mogador", Comtesse Lionel de
   born Paris 27 Dec 24; former vagrant and whore, dancer at Bal Mabille, married Comte
de Moreton de Chabrillan 1853, who became French Consul General in Melbourne; called on
LM there. She mentions LM in her memoirs of Australia, but her account is extremely
unreliable. See Volume 29C

  French critic

MORSE, Edwin Franklin
    neighbor of LM in Grass Valley; his memoirs, as recorded by his daughter many years
after the fact, appeared in the California Historical Soc Quarterly, but like many memoirs
written decades after the events described, I find them unreliable. His statement that LM was
careless in matters of personal hygiene is unsupported by any other evidence I have seen.FDE

MORTON, Savile b Drumfora, Co. Cavan 1 Au 1811 died in Paris 1 Oct 1852
    educated Trinity College, Cambridge; BA 1834; studied architecture and medicine; Inner
Temple 2 May 1838; Friend of Tennyson, Thackery, Fitzgerald; started with new Daily News
from 21 Jan 46 as correspondent from Constantinople, Athens, Madrid, Vienna, Berlin; for
Morning Advertiser from Paris from 1852; stabbed to death by Harold Elliot Bower,
correspondent of the Morning Post, who thought Morton was too familiar with his wife; lived
at 29 Blvd des Capucins in July 51. LM seems to have know him. Varnhagen records in his
diary in December 1850 that he had read an article about Savile Morton throwing a Mr.
Campbell down LM’s stairs in Paris. He seems like the type LM would have attracted.

  treated LM in Ballarat for her injuries from Mrs. Crosby

MÜNCHHAUSEN, Freiherr Major von
   According to the Grimma memoirs, he was the fat intendant of Braunschweig theatre
where LM makes successful appearance there in 1843. Although the Almanac de Gotha
shows that a Baron von Münchhausen was indeed the intendant in Braunschweig at the time,

the files of the theater and the newspapers, which are rather complete and thorough, show no
evidence that LM appeared there in July 1843.

MURRAY, Hon. John Oliphant 3 July 1808 - Dresden 11 Dec 65
    a brother of the 9th Baron Elibank, he was part of LM’s circle in Munich. He had been in
the East Indian Army, but resigned his commission on 28 February 1832 after
undistinguished service. He arrived in Munich in the spring of 1847, and Ludwig made him
a chamberlain in October. He fled Munich as soon as things heated up. See his sycophantic
correspondence with King Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

MUSSINAN, Oberkriegskommissär Johann Baptist von
    Together with his son Oscar, a new favorite of LM in the summer of 47. He seems to
have beeen an opportunist of the rankest sort and not particularly bright. See his
correspondence with Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. He suggested the idea of the
Alemmanen and wanted to turn the Bavarian civil service into an intelligence operation. He
lived at Zweibrückenstr. 16/1

NADAUD, Gustave?
  According to Q, he was the violinist at LM's London debut, but this is unlikely.

NEWBOLD, Reverend Francis Stonehewer? ordained 12 June 27 at Cheshire
    According to LM’s letter from Cadiz, now at the U of Texas, this minister of Horncastle
in Lincolnshire was a friend of G.T. Heald.

NICHOLAS I, Tsar of Russia
    Saw LM dance at Potsdam in 1843. Later wrote to Paskevitch about her antics in
Warsaw. In her autobiographical lectures, LM claimed he received her in St. Petersburg
despite her trouble in Warsaw and that he paid her 1000 Rubles compensation after he
accidentally locked her in a closet after secret consultations with her about the Caucasus.
This is total nonsense.

  attorney for James in divorce action

NICOLLS, Lt General Sir Jasper 15 July 78 Kent - 4 May 49 Reading
   in 1838 became c-in-c Madras, 1839 went to Bengal as c-in-c India, resigned appointment
in March 43 and returned to England. He had married Anne Badcock 21 Sept 09. They had
many daughters and a single son. Craigie asked Nicolls to put LM to school, which he
apparently did by sending her to the Aldridge Academy in Bath, where she remained until
1837. Most of the details LM gives of her relations with the Nicolls family in her 1851
memoirs and in her autobiographical lectures are fanciful. See his diaries in the British
Library, India Office.

NISBETT, George Frederick
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 53

    32 Maddox Street, Regent St, London; present at Heald's death in Folkestone, I have no
idea who he was.

  see Phipps,

NORTHMORE, Thomas Welby
Chaplain at Dinapore in Sept 23; India Register

NUßBAMMER, Artillery Lieutenant Friedrich 1.1.20 Dinkelsbühl-18.3.59
    favorite of LM in Munich; she delays joining the king in Brückenau until N is well, until
27 June 47. See his service records in the Kriegsarchiv in Munich. He apparently made
LM’s acquiantance early in her stay in Munich by defending her against insult. He became
her regular companion. LM’s pursuit of him resulted in the Frühlingstr. incident in
November 46 and Nußbammer’s rapid transfer and recall. Ludwig was clearly jealous of
him. There were rumors, however, that the king intended to marry him to LM to regularize
her status. He was tried by a court of honor for supposedly being struck in public by LM
during the March 1, 47, incident. He was acquited and soon after severely injuried in a riding
accident. He finally fell out of favor with LM in the fall of 47, was transferred out of
Munich, and never returned. In August of 1847 he almost fought duel with fellow officer
Berg, but LM seems to have intervened and reconciled the principals. He lived at
Frühlingstr. 9/2

OBERMAYER, the younger
  From Augsburg; one of LM's early escorts in Mchen, according to the Monacensia diary

O'BRIEN, Patrick
    LM middle man for return of L's letters in Rome in 51; devoted to King Otto. Outside of
what appears in his letters to King Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, I know nothing
at all about him.

    According to Holdredge, a Parisian actress who smoked at theater and disturbs everyone
except Prince Jung; later visits LM and finds her without wig and LM makes catty remark
about sheep. I know nothing of Mme. Octave and have no idea where Holdredge got this
information. Even if it is true, it strikes me as practically worthless

  see Aldridge

OLIVER, Eliza (Elizabeth) 1805? Cork?-London 21 Nov 1875
    The mother of LM, she was an illegitimate daughter of Charles Silver Oliver and Mary
Green. She had brothers John and Thomas and sister Mary. She was put out to Mrs. Hall,
millinar in Cork. She married Gilbert at Christ Church, Cork on April 29, 1820. My best
guess is that LM had been born a couple of months earlier. She sailed with Gilbert and LM

to India on the Bridget from Gravesend on 14 March 1823. She married Criaige in Dacca on
16 August 1824. She returned to England to fetch LM in 1836-37. Nicolls’s diaries report
her in Jersey in 1849, but this may not be true. She came to America in late 1860, and her
letter to Dr. Cooper is preserved in Andy Rogers’s pamphlet. She died from burns in an
accident. Her will is in the family records section in Somerset House, London.

   aunt of LM, lived in Cork; according to Holdredge, told LM story of how LM's mother
had been dance hall performer living in sin with her father, but I believe this is more of
Holdredge’s nonsense.      married name Thompson, at least two children

OPITZ, Wilhelmina (although I have also found reference to an “Ernestine”)
  jeweler on Odeonplatz 13 whom LM owed nearly 6,000 gulden in 48

ORANGE, Prince Henry of
    Dutch royal. He was in India in Dec 37 and may have met LM, but I know of now
evidence to support the idea. There were rumors too that LM met him in Baden-Baden, but I
know of nothing to support that idea. As far as I know, LM never met him.

  LM's dancing partner at Theater in Munich 14 Oct 46; he lived at Tannenstr. 11/1

OSBORN, Capt Sherard 1822-1875
married Helen in 1852; she is probably the recipient of the Dear Camille letter in the
Monacensia collection; see NYTimes 9 Feb 60; in 1859 he returned to England in poor
health, and while resting from the active duties of his profession, laboured increasingly with
his 1861 appointed to the Donegal; London Times obit 10 May 75. LM claimed at
bigamy arrest that he could prove her divorce


OWIESTY (OWINSKY), Count Alexandre or Roman (in GMM)
    According to the Grimma memoirs, he was a young Polish admirer of LM who followed
her to St.P and was finally deported. This section of the Grimma Memeoirs reproduces an
excert from the “Papon und Andere” book published in Stuttgart in 1849. It is almost
certainly fanciful, but whether or not it is LM’s fantasy is an open question.

    addressee of LM’s Grass Valley letter of 14 Sep 53, sold at auction in Geneva. I have no
idea who this person might be. He could have been either in Sacramento or in Marysville.

PALLAVICINI, Fabio, Marques di
  Sardinian ambassador to Munich. He was an opponent of LM.

PALM, Baron Joseph Heinrich born 10 May 1809- died 1876
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 55

    Bavarian Kammerjunker from 1831, he apparently invited LM to dinner in Augsburg in
the spring of 1847. He emigrated to the USA, where he and LM met again. An old timer
article in the Chicago paper refers to LM and Palm meeting in Chicago and says they both
were involved in spiritualism. Palm did get involved with spiritualism, so much so that on
his death in 1876 he had a spiritualist funeral in New York, extensively reported in the New
York Times, and was one of the first persons cremated in the United States. See his NYT

  mentioned in LM Cleveland letter. I have no idea who she was.

    LM confided to her care after James elopes LMA; Clark's India list of 1836 shows
Lt.Col.Palmer of 21st NI, so this may very well refer to his wife, although I believe that LM’s
story that James deserted her is a lie.

PALMERSTON, Henry John Temple, Third Viscount 1784-1865
    British foreign minister at the time LM was in Munich. LM’s enemies alleged she was a
secret agent of Palmerston, but this is highly unlikely, and none of the correspondence in the
PRO remotely supports such an idea. Palmerston’s papers are in the Univ. of Southampton
Library, Hampshire , but I have made no effort to consult them.

PAPON, "Marquis de Sarde" Auguste born in 1821 before 5 June
        bizarre French confidence man who attached himself to LM in Geneva in 1849 and
attempted subsequently to blackmail King Ludwig. He is best understood through his letters
in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and his truncated book about LM, See Volume 21A

PARISH, William
    Anglican minister who married LM’s mother and Craigie at Dacca in 1824. He had
arrived in India in 1822 and was junior chaplain of Dacca and Chittagong in 1824. He was at
Kurnal in 1836

PARSEVAL, Oberst Ferdinand
lived at Furstenstr. 8f/1-2; son Max was a Lt; commander of troops in front of LM's house in
Feb 48; told troops LM was a whore; see Murray letter one in Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

PASKEVICH-EREVANSKI(PASKIEWITCH), Prince of Warsaw, Ivan Feodorovitch 19
May 1782- 1 Feb (20 Jan Old Style) 1856
   Russian military governor of Warsaw in 1843 when LM was there. He expelled LM,
according to her memoirs, because she rejected his advances. This is unlikely. Tsar Nicolas
wrote Paskevich a teasing remark about the incident. See Volume 3Q

PAVESTRA, Marquise de
   According to LM’s 1851 memoirs, she was an aunt of LM, almost same age as she;
married Marquis de Villa Palma, grandee of Spain, later separated from him. LM obviously

had no such relative, but I don’t know to what extent this represents a real person or purely
LM’s invention.

PECHMANN, Johann Nepomuk (Hans), Freiherr von 7 Jan 1809 - 24 Feb 68
    Munich Police Director 1846 who attempted to control LM and was fired by Ludwig. For
the best accounts of him and the incident, see Volume 8J & 8K

PECK, (or PEELE?) Mrs.
  Londoner mentioned in LM Cleveland letter. I have no idea who this is.

PEEL, Robert 4.May 1822 London - 9 May 1895 ebd
    Eldest son and heir of Sir Robert Peel, British prime minister. He went to boarding
school in Brighton; Harrow in 1835; small, dark, goods looks, vivacious; quick intelligence,
lacked Peel sobriety and integrity and purpose; came down from Christ Church, Oxford w/o a
degree to enter diletantisch diplomacy; Spain in June of 44; sec May-Nov 46, then chargé
d'affaires in Bern from Nov 46; he wrote parents he regretted leaving Madrid, was bored with
the dull monotone of Swiss seclusion and would rather resign than remain (see Gash,
Norman: Sir Robert Peel; p60, p176); married a daughter of the marquis of Tweeddale, a
sister of the Duchess of Wellington. He met LM, apparently in Germany in 1846, and invited
her to come to Stuttgart from Homburg in September of that year. He arrived in Munich
shortly after she did, but I don’t know what if any connection there was between the two at
that point. He welcomed her to Switzerland on her arrival, but eventually they became
estranged. He resigned his posts on death of his father and his succession 2.7.50

PEIßNER, Elias (5 Sept 25 Vilseck - 2 May 63 Chancellorsville, although his tombstone
says he was 37 years, one month, and six days old at his death)
    Oberpfälzer from Vilseck, senior of the Alemannen. He had an affair with LM and
confirmed it to L in letter in 48. He spent part of night of her flight with LM and met LM
later in Frankfurt and Geneva; immigrated to USA and became prof of languages at Union
College in Schnectedy NY; colonel of volunteer regiment for the Union; killed at
Chancellorsville, 2 May 63

PEIßNER, Jacob
     father of above. The proscription list says "früher Thürmer in Vilseck, jetzt durch seines
Sonhes, des berüchtigten Alemannen-Seniors Protection, Bote im Ministerium des Innern."
still a minister bote in 1850, living at Lovenstr. 14/1

    LM was apparently staying at her place in London, 4 Weymouth St, in 59 when she wrote
the letter to Miss Mitchell now in the NYPL. An LM note was sold at auction with the
salutation “My dear Penny.”

    According to Holdredge, LM's nickname for her maid, Hyacinth Fhlerey. I think this
entire person may be a figment of Holdredge’s active imagination. Holdredge says that
                                                 BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 57

Periwinkle stayed in San Francisco to marry when LM returned to NYC in 1856; the
contemporary newspaper accounts (e.g., SF Daily Alta, 4 April 1861) confirm the story but
say that the maid’s name was Josephine, not Hyacinth or Periwinkle.

PESCHIER, Charles Gaspard 13.3.82 Geneva-31.05.51
   homeopath; edited monthly Bibliotheque homoeopathique; outspoken Tiefpotenzler; died
poor; tried to help Papon blackmail Ludwig. A letter from him to Papon is in the Ludwig

PETIPA, Alphonse Victor Marius 1822-1910
    dancing master at the Opera in Paris when LM was there; de Mirecourt claims she
momentarily lost her heart to him. This is probably just a permutation of the incident where
she slapped Jean Petipa.

     gets into fight with LM in Sept 44, but this Jean is a puzzle. He was almost certainly not
the Jean Petipa who was born in Paris in 1787 and died in St. Petersburg in 1855. But I can
find no information about any other Jean Petipa. The Jean who was in the incident with LM
is referred to in the press as a dancer at the theater in Rouen and a brother of the dancer at the
Opéra. His name was definitely Jean because he wrote a letter to the editor signed Jean
Petipa. I can’t figure it out, unless there was a minor Petipa brother named Jean who does
not appear in any of the books about the family.

       female companion recruited by Rufenacht for LM at the Chateau d’Imperatrice,
subsequently fired by LM. See the correspondence in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

   Hostelier at Große Hesselohe who took disguised LM into Munich on night of Feb 11, 48
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek L 107

PFETTEN, Max, Freiherr von
  LM tells Ludwig he's current lover of Lizius in one of her notes before her expulsion

    a man who claimed to be a black servant of LM in Grass Valley who subsequently went
with her to Australia. see his fanciful memoirs in SF Ex 11 June 93 page5 cols 4-5

PHILLIPS, Professor Georg 6 Jan 04-
   Uni Munich professor fired by Ludwig; taught church law; L tried to send him to Prussia
according to Valentin

PHIPPS, Constantine Henry, Lord Normanby, Earl Mulgrave

   Viceroy of Ireland while LM was a new bride there, subsequently ambassador to Paris
while LM was there; in her 1851 memoirs she claimed he flittered with her at a ball in Dublin

PILLEMENT, Madame de
    Grandmistress of Court of Princess Royal in 1847; she got into trouble for lorgnetting LM
in May 47 WGB

PILLET, Leon 1803-68
    engaged LM for the Opera in Paris in 44;         according to the Grimma memoirs, he
introduced LM to Dujarier in wings at the Opera

PISSI, Leopold
   witness to Heald marriage

PLACIDE, Tom 1808-1877 shot himself w/ mouth cancer
   Manager of Varieties in NewO when LM played there; receeding hairline, pudgy; he was
a witness at the hearing on her assault and battery case in New Orleans

PLÖTZ, Johann von b 1786-18 Juni 56
    According to the proscription list circulated after LM fled Munich, he was "ein sehr
mittelmäßiger Literat, berühmt durch die Theevergiftungsgeschichte." This identifies Plötz
as the victim in the story of LM inviting a journalist to tea and then telling him she had given
him poison. Despite this, she and Plötz became friends, and he is mentioned a number of
times in her correspondence with the king. He was the author of the play performed the night
of LM’s debut in Munich. According to the Schmeller diaries, he signed his Allgemeine
Zeitung articles with **. He was the son of a kabinetssekretär of Kurfurst Karl Theodor. He
died in poverty. His home was at Herrenstr. 21/3.

  manager of the Vaudeville in Brussels, 1851

POCCI, Franz, Graf 1807-76
    Intendant of L's Kappelle; lived at Maximillian Platz 5/1; he was the man Ludwig
delegated to receive Patrick O’Brien in Rome in 1851 when Ludwig’s letters to LM were
returned to him.

POIßL, Johann Nepomuk, Freiherr von 1783-1865 (1853?)
    Hofmusikintendant, Oberceremonienmeister. He was a friend of LM and through her
briefly became intendant of the Hoftheater; lived at Kaufingerstr. 3/3

PONINSKY, Anton, Graf
    customs agent at Lindau; was kind to LM when she arrived there in 1848. She tried to get
him a job in Munich to be her spy on Wallerstein. see his letters in the LA in the Bayerische
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 59


  named by LM as Spanish colonel, her father, at Heald marriage

POTOCKI-PILAWA, Alfred Joseph, Graf 29 July 22-18 Mai 89 (Galizian line)
    LM knew a Count Potocki, but I am not sure whether this was the one; there wwere
several. see LM letter 26 and Dance Chronicle. He was the lover of Countess Kelergi
according to LM. He was the Austrian attache to London, and I have established that he
traveled from London to Vienna in July 46, to return to London in Dec see Sunday Times of
2 Aug 46. This could be the incident LM is referring to in her letter to Ludwig in which she
says she went with the Countess Kelergi to Ostend to await the arrival of Count Potocki.
    A mausoleum in Montmartre cemetery in Paris contains the Potocki-Lubicz, Polish line:
Comte Joseph Potocki, born Bocki 1800, died Paris 8 Sept 63, Comte Herman Potocki, born
Warsaw 7 Apr 1801, died Paris 26 May 66, Countess Marie Potocka, Princess Sotilkoff, born
St.Petersburg, 1807, died Paris 21 Jan 45

POTTER, Bishop Horatio 1802-1887
 bishop of Episcopal diocese of NY, he reported objected to her efforts to raise money for the
Church of the Good Shepherd in 1858 but is said to have called upon her in 17th Street when
she was dying. He lived at 33 W 24th St in 60

PRAY, Isaac Clark, Jr. 1816(1813?)-1869
    edited James Gordon Bennett's memoirs; one source says he was actually the mysterious
C.P. Ware, Jr., author of “Lola Montez in Bavaria”. He was a playright, but I have no
information to indicate any connection with “Lola Montez in Bavaria”. My best bet is still
that Ware was a real if obscure person and not a pseudonym.

PREYSING-LICHTENEGG-MOOS, Anna, Gräfin b 30 July 21
   According to Wyndham, she led the women in attacking LM's house but this does not
seem to correspond to LM’s account given in the London Journal

  lessee of the Victoria Theatre in Adelaide where LM appeared

RAE, Mrs. K(C)atherine Craigie b Montrose 29 Jan 1797- ?
        She took LM along when she and husband left Montrose to found a school in
Monkwearmouth, Durham, in 1831, and she delivered LM to Sir Jasper Nicolls in Reading in
1832. When LM was in London in 1841, Mrs. Rae tried to get her to come to Scotland, but
LM refused. LM finally went to live with Mrs. Rae in Edinburgh at 15 Nelson Street, and it
was there that LM was served with the summons in the divorce action on 18 March 1842.
After that, she disappears from LM’s life, as far as I can tell.

RANA JANG(or JUNG) BAHADUR,General and Prince 1816-1877

   ambassador of Nepal to Paris; according to newspaper reports, he claimed to have known
LM in India; escorted her about Paris in 1850-51; gave LM gifts. Prime minister and
commander in chief of Nepal
   Globe of 27 May 50 reports his arrival in the UK

    Holdredge claims she was a miner's wife with whom LM went on buckboard tour to
mountains just before she left for Australia. I have no idea where she got this idea and know
of nothing to support it.

RANELAGH, Thomas Heron Jones, 7th Viscount 9 Jan 1812-1885
    According to Q, he was a rejected suitor of LM who got his revenge by shouting her off
the stage at her London debut. This story is false, but it is possible Ranelagh had a part in
convincing Lumley to cancel LM’s engagement. Ranelagh was a great Hispanophile and had
actually fought in the Spanish Carlist wars. He was not a man of pristine reputation, but I can
find absolutely no evidence to support Q’s assertion that he was a rejected suitor of LM or
even that he ever met her.

RANSOM, Alexander
  Painted LM's portrait in Boston in 52 (BDET 15 Apr 52)

RAY, Capt. Robert Duncan
  nominated as executor of Craigie's will in 1843

RAYMOND, Henry J. 1820-1869
      Founder and editor of the New York Daily Times, whom LM threatened to sue in

RECHBERG, Graf Karl von
    Obersthofmeister (Oberst Zeremoniemeister) in 1846.               His son Ludwig was
Flügeladjutant to the king and, according to one story, introduced him to LM, but I doubt this
version and believe the version given in Bray-Steinburg. Gollwitzer says Graf Rechberg
thought L should be left to his folly. He may have died of stroke in 47.

REISACH, Karl August Graf von 6.7.00 Roth - 22.12.69 Haute Savoie
   Archbishop of Munich and Friesing, formerly protegee of Ludwig, he opposed LM and
showed his disapproval of LM by not following a royal invitation to a court ball
   L began to work to get him out of Munich and tried to get him transferred
      to Curia in Rome. He did become cardinal after Ludwig’s abdication.

REISSINGER, Karl Gottlieb 1798-1859
  Kappelmeister of Dresdener Hoftheater to whom LM got introduction from
     Heinrich LXXII (V&K 01)

                                                BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 61

   The LM proscription list says "Sekretär im Kreigsministerium. Verfasser des Artikels im
Landboten über den Alemannen Comers."

    27.3.97 Ebersdorf - 17.2.53 Dresden
    10.7.22 succeeds father Heinrich LI as Fürst von Reuß-Ebersdorf
    7.5.24 succeeds to Lobenstein on death of Heinrich LIV Lobenstein
    1.10.48 abdicates
    mother was Luise Henriette, Gräfin von Hoym; on her death, 19.4.32, he succeeded to the
property of the Graftum Hoym
    principal minister 1841-56 Dr. Hermann Bretschneider 13.6.06-4.10.66
    spent 14.6 to 11.7.43 in England; returned to Ebersdorf on 18.7.43
    had outstanding collection of British political caricatures; paid off LM's pressing debts in
London and invited her to Ebersdorf; gave an adjutant the order to tell LM she had 24 hours
to get out; adjutant puts note on her plate at her usual dinner alone in her room; she was in
Ebersdorf four days (Gartenlaube)
    in London partied with Palmerston, Lindhorst, Wockling, Robert Peel, and Ladies Milton,
Hall, Brownlow, Alma, Shells, Bray, Guisse, Elspere, and Ravensdon

RICHARD, Wilhelm
   According to the LM proscription list he was a "tenorist...suchten beide bei einem
Theaterscandal durch außerordentl. Kriecherei, Handküssen Lolas Gunst" BSA File V376
guested with success under LM's patronage Monacensia diary

RICHEMONT, Eduard, Comte de
   Lived at Ludwigstr. 28/1; he got into trouble with Karwowsky; see the whole story in the

RICHARDSON, Johnson 1796-1852
   author of LM's reply to Papon in NYC, according to LCongress Catalog. Except for this
unexplained attribution, virtually nothing else is known of him.

RIEDENBURG, Landrichter von
   prepared report to L concerning public mood of unrest concerning LM, presented to L by
ZuRhein on 1.3.47

   advocate general at Beauvallon trial

   Schneidermeister, Residenzstr. 18 (Briennerstr. 2/1 in 45), got in tangle with LM at the
Goldener Hirsch in Feb. 1847

RIVIÉRE, Henri Arnons "de", Capt de Zouaves b 1828 at Nantes, son of merchant

    became a friend of LM in late summer of 1858 following his involvement in a scandal
that entertained NYC much of the summer. He is mentioned in the report in the New York
Post by “Colonel Trim” on a party held by LM at her cottage in Yorkville, Manhattan, at 90th
and Third Ave in September 1858.
He had gotten involved with Blout family in Alabama, tried to elope with daugher; already
married in NYC on 9 Nov 57; condemned to 8 years hard labor in France for aiding fraud by
a bankrupt; for the full story, see the New York Herald clippings in the file for 1858.

ROBERTS, Browne b Stradbally, Queen's Co 17 F 1782 - d Brighton 11 Nov 54
    witness in prelimary hearing in James v James in 1842; was retired Indian civil servant,
had known James in India and later in Dublin after his marriage; said he had received a call
from a Major McMullen at the beginning of 1841 who had received a letter from Craigie
asking him to see his step-daughter off to his relatives in Scotland, but that LM had refused
McMullen's hospitality; Roberts called on LM at the Imperial Hotel, Covent Garden, where
LM also refused to stay with R and his wife. He lived at lived at 23 Dorsett Square, the same
square where McMullen lived; had another home at Ravensbourne Park, Kent; daughter
Katherine Jane married Thomas McMillan Scott; 59 years old in 1842

  visits LM in Sept 47 LAM 32; LM is suspicious he is a fraud

ROBINSON, Mr. J.B. and Mrs. Harriet
   Holdredge has all kinds of information attributed to this woman, most of which is
probably fantasy. She was a neighbor of LM in Grass Valley, and Holdredge claims LM
confided a great many things to her, including the story of her flu in 1851. She and her
husband ran a dancing school in Grass Valley, and it was there rather than with LM that Lotta
Crabtree probably learned to dance. Almost all of what Holdredge has to say about this
woman appears to be fantasy.

ROBINSON, Dr. David G. (Yankee) (Holdredge calls him William)
    part owner of the SF Theater and a popular comedian He did a comic song about LM.
Holdredge has a nonsense story about his wife helping LM sew whalebone and cork
“spiders” onto her costume for the Spider Dance, but since no account of her Spider Dance
ever mentions anything except a purely imagined spider, this must be fantasy.

ROCH, either Christoph or Robert
  British consul at Frankfurt; LM gives him letters to forward via Milbanke in March 49

  LM's landlord at cite de Beaujon

  witness of James proxy. I have no idea who he was.

                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 63

    critic of the Morning Press; may have been the author of “You have heard of them” under
the pseudonym “Q”

ROSEMOND DE BEAUVALLON, Jean Baptiste de Beaupin de b 1823
     native of Gaudeloupe; first left as adolescent; brother-in-law of Granier de Cassagnac was
editor of the Globe. He killed Dujarier in duel 11 March 45. He was acquited of murder in
Rouen in march 46, but was later convicted of perjury, 9 Oct 47, got 8 years. He escaped
from prison in revolution of 48 and fled to Guadaloupe. His sentence was quashed by court
in Guadaloupe, but his rehabilitation was denied by the courts in 1855.
He wrote published L'Ile de Cuba, pt 1, which is in the Bancroft collection. It was the only Pt
published. It is dedicated to Queen Isabella. He lived at 50, rue Notre Dame de Lorette, was
left-handed, elegant, very tall, favoris light chesnut, very young air

  attorney who handled sale of Barerstr. house in 49

   "Caffetier" Odeonplatz 6/0. His cafe was the headquarters of the Allemannen where they
sough refuge from the mob.

    French manager of LM who sent her on a tour of French provinces, Belgium and
Germany in 51. He sued LM in France in Nov 51 for 8,000 francs but lost and then pursued
her to NY. In NYC Roux sued her for $65,000 for breach, she countersue for the phony
biography of her he created; the suit seems to have been settled or dropped. His offices were
at 21, rue Le Pelletier, according to the contract, printed in the NYHerald

ROWE, George J. (T.?)
    Prompter at Varietes in New O; he sued LM and her manager Henning for assault and
battery in 1853.

RUFENACHT, Alexander Emmanuel 1793 Thonne -- 1853 Geneva
    owner of Hotel des Berges in Geneva; captain in Napoleon’s 3rd Swiss regiment; see his
correspondence with Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek LA 39 Ruf, andBayerische
Staatsbibliothek LA38

   LM's maid in Geneva and in London 1849; E. A. Rufenacht took out ads in the
newspaper declaring she was not related to him

RUGENDAS, Johann Moritz 1799-1858
    Painter from Augsburg; LM had three of his paintings when she fled see LA; painted a
great deal in Latin America; there in discussion in the Lola-Ludwig correspondence whether
LM should pay for the paintings or return them. Ultimately they were returned.

  2nd officer of Jane A. Falkinburg who blew off right hand on 4 July 1856, near Hawaii.

   foreign correspondent of the Times of London; wrote introduction to The Wonderful
Adventures of Mrs. Seacole, which LM attacked in her autobiographical lectures.

RYNDERS, U.S. Marshall Isaiah see NYT obit 14 Jan 85 p1.7
   As Federal marshall in NYC, he offered protection to LM at time of fighting between
Counts Como and Zezemsky; he seems to have been a politically important figure in the
NYC Democratic Party, but opposed to C.C. Burr. His office was at 39 Chambers St, and his
home at 52 Henry St.; see NYHerald 24 Oct 58 1.6

SALA, George Augustus 1828-95
    London journalist who claimed to have met LM in London in 1848 and that she asked
him to write her memoirs on file edited Chat and wrote "Echoes of the Week" for the
Illustrated London News; wrote pornography under psns. See Volume 20E

SALE, Florentina (Mrs. Sir Robert)
    According to Wyndham, she went with LM and others to the Afghan frontier to see the
troops off and later wrote memoirs. I could not find these memoirs, and I doubt LM ever
went to see anyone of at the Afghan frontier, since her husband never left India.

SALTUIKOV (SOLTIKOFF) (Library of Congress spells it Saltykov), Prince Alexi
Dimitrivich 1806-59
    Russian, according to the NY Herald, he was a guest at LM's party in rue Blanche, 6 Dec
50 ; he called on Jasper Nicolls on 9 Aug 44 to thank him for his kindness in Simla in 1842.
See his obit with portrait from L’Illustration

SALVETON, Antoine Frederic 1801-1870
  public prosecutor at Beauvallon trial; a biography by his son is in the British Library

SAMUEL (NEUTCHER? see Bayerische Staatsbibliothek LA 39 Rosmann 1-10)
  LM servant in Geneva

SAPORTA, Friedrich Carl, Graf von 17 March 94-
  Hofmarschall for Queen Therese

    Päckter bei Blutenburg; LM tried to force him to take her back to Munich on the night of
11 August 48, but he refused. Later went secretly himself into Munich to summon police or
soldiers. See Rosmann to King Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, 10 Aug 48, in
section 39

                                                BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 65

   Austrian psychic whose "Olga" claimed to be LM in winter 1929; but could not answer
questions LM should have been able to answer. There are books about him in the British
Library by Harry Price

    Gendarme LM accused of having an affair with her maid Augusta Masson

    Physician to the king who treated LM at Würzburg and at Bad Brückenau. See his letters
to Ludwig in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

    Modehandler, Odeonsplatz 12/1; didn't want to bill Heideck for LM's stuff; LM
complained to L; he went personally to shopa and told the wife to tell Schulze he was a
flegel. This was a cause of public scandal. Schulze resigned all of his public positions to
show his outrage.

SCHWAB, Dr. Conrad Ludwig
   head of vet clinic; lived at Vetenärstr. 6; LM has trouble with him over her dog and
supposedly slapped him; see LAM 3

SCHWANDT, Julius Alexander Karl Christian Ernst, Herr auf b 17 Aug 28
    father died 1 Oct 45, mother died in 1832 after birth of his sister; he was the cousin of
theGraf von Schließen; pursued by LM in Switzerland. She never referred to him by his
correct title in her letters but he was an orphan and heir named Julius, was underage, and was
related to the Graf von Schließen, and this person and this one alone of all the nobility in the
Gotha Almanac fits the description perfectly.

SCHWIND, Moritz von 21.1.04 Vienna - 8.2.71 ebd
    artist and prof at Munich Akadamie in 1847; he lived at Briennerstr. 35/0. He wrote a
satirical cat and mouse cartoon which some took as a play on LM and L, but it was apparently
not intended to be.

SCOTT, David
  recommends Craigie as cadet, also name of ship on the India run

SCOVILLE, Rev. Joseph Alfred 1811 (1815?)in Conn -25 June 64
    managed LM briefly in 1852. He was a former private secretary to J.C.Calhoun, once
editor of the NY Picayune, and a heavy drinker. He seems to have been active in the
Swedenborgian Church, although the Reverand title may have been more facetious than
accurate. Holdredge has all kinds of rather pointless material on him, apparently because he
had access to a file of the NY Picayune. I have not been able to locate any copies of the
Picayune, but I regard Scoville as a very minor figure in LM’s story. Holdredge’s emphasis
on him seems to be simply because she found the material and wanted to use it, not because it

really says much of anything about LM or her friends. According to an article in the Grass
Valley Telegraph of 11 May 1854, page 2 col 6, he was a political editor of the NY Herald

SEACOLE, Mrs. Mary
     wrote in her "Wonderful Adventures" about LM in Panama, and LM attacked the
depiction of her in that book as fraudulent, saying she had never even been in Cruces, the city
in which Seacole claimed to have seen her. My research seems to indicate LM was here
telling the truth, since the Panamanian newspapers in 1853 indicate shortly after LM had
passed through Panama that the road through Gorgas had become impassable and travellers
would now have to pass through Cruces. They still leaves open the question why LM went
out of her way to attack Mrs. Seacole’s book instead one of the many other books in which
nonsense had been written about LM. Perhaps because the Seacole book was relatively new
and because Seacole was Black.

SEEBACH, Elise (or Elisabeth) 17 Apr 1806-3 Oct 78
    According to the proscription list of LM’s friends, "eine ihreer steten Begleiterinnen"; an
actress who lived at Schönfeldstr. 17a/3; she was pensioned in 1849. I know nothing more
about her, and this mention in the proscription list is the only association I have seen of her
with LM.

    editor of the "Ballarat Times" horsewhipped by LM in the United States Hotel in Ballarat
on 21.2.56 because of an anonymous letter in his paper about her. After a subsequent article
appeared, LM swore out criminal libel warrant but failed to appear for the trial. After the
anonymous letter attacking LM appearing in Seekamp's Ballarat Times, LM accused S from
the footlights of accepting her hospitality and getting drunk in her presence. Seekamp was
fiery little man who was hero with the common miner because of his editorial stuggle on their
behalf and his participation in the Eureka Stockade action, in which he was convicted of
sedition; his wife was a former actress who had performed in the first canvas theater in the
Gravel Pits of Ballarat; when he heard that LM intended to horsewhip him, he got his own
whip and when LM attacked him in the bar of the United States Hotel, he struck back; S was
eventually pulled off, went back to the fight, and was pulled off again; driven into the street,
he and Folland were about to square off, but S had a life preserver and Folland a pistol, so the
unequal fight was adjourned; Seekamp published reserved account of fight but added at end
"You say I ate with you and drank with you and I wonder you did not go further but perhaps
you could not call on Mr. Crosby to prove it"; LM hired a solicitor to lay information for
criminal libel; S was released on L300 bail; LM also laid information against S for publishing
unregistered newspaper, but it was dismissed; S applied for summons against LM for assault
with a whip, but it was dismissed; when S came up for trial LM was in Castlemaine, and
without evidence, the case was dismissed; later successfully sued by LM's attorney for calling
him a pettyfogging Jew informer.

SEEFRIED, Ludwig, Freiherr von b 8 Dec 07
    former officer, then intendant in Ansbach and Nürnberg (Bamberg?); early in 1849, it
created a scandal when, after all his aides de camp had resigned to avoid having to visit LM,
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 67

Ludwig named this former theatrical manager of dubious reputation (particularly because of
his association with LM) as his aide de camp. His sister married Oberst Spraul; his wife
named Henriette. According to the proscription list of LM’s friends, "Oberlieut. u. ruinirter
Theaterunternehmer in Bamberg, nun durch sie Rittmeister u. Flügeladjutant"

SEELY, Frederick D.
   counsel for defendant in Jobson v Griffin 1858; see the account of LM’s testimony at a
hearing in this matter in the NYTimes. His office was at 110 Bway 7 W 83rd at 3rd ave

SEINSHEIM, Graf Karl August Joseph Maria Donatus 17.2.84 Munich 29.11.64 ebd
    An old friend of King Ludwig, he alienated him by being at the center of a plot to gather
damanging material against LM to present to Ludwig. The plot nearly succeeded on
December 5, 1846, but LM managed to keep Ludwig on her side. Abel had to reconcile the
two old friends; he was finance minister under Abel. He lived at Ludwigstr. 31/2. In the
final days of Ludwig’s reign, Seinsheim showed his loyalty to the king.

SENFFT von PILSACH, Friedrich Christian Ludwig Graf von 1774(6?)-1853
    Austrian ambassador to Munich and a close friend of Abel. He offered to let Abel stay in
the embassy after Abel resigned and no longer could use his official residence. Ludwig
declared him persona non grata, and he returned to Vienna; Austrian Embassy was
Theatrinerstr. 23/2

SEVERIN, Dimitri
    Russian ambassador to Munich; embassy at Theatrinerstr. 11/1; he stayed pretty much
out of the LM affair, althouth the Tsar was apparently interested in seeing LM leave Bavaria.

SFORZA?, Prince
  mentioned in LM note to Fiorentino at Harvard

SHIPLEY, Henry died Nov 1859
    editor of Grass Valley Telegraph; whipped by LM on 21 November 1854 for reprinting
NYT items in his paper that referred to the queen of Spain as being as arrogant and false as
LM. In June 55 he became editor of Nevada City Democrat; later he was the new editor of
Democratic State Journal, Sacramento SFAlta 10 July 57 2.2; he committed suicide in 1859,
see obit in Sacramento Union 18 N 59 2.1; Themis 6 Dec 90, p.4; Sacramento Bee, 4 Ap
1959, B-20.6; attended Amherst; see Volume 28E

SIBER, Thaddeus 9.9.74-30.03.74
    Professor at the university whose classes were disrupted during the Alemannen affair. He
lived at Promenadestr. 11/1

SIGL, Ignaz
   a tenor who, according to the Monacensia diary, serenaded LM


   of the Metropolitan, member of company LM took to Australia

nephew of poet Julius Slowacki; wrote much quoted article about LM's 27 charms in Journal
de Varsovie

SMITH, Edward Tyrell 1804-77
   "English Barnum"; Barnum's agent in Europe; probably approached LM in 52 but without
checking with Barnum beforehand. According to the letter to Barnum in the U of VA library,
Willis wrote to Barnum, and Barnum refused to have anything to do with managing LM but
observed she could draw well if properly managed. According to Wyndham, Smith offered
LM a theatrical engagement in London in 1858, but I know of no evidence for this, although
Wyndham, unlike Holdredge, does not very often seem to invent things.

SMITH, George Washington c1815-1899
   LM's dancing partner with whom she had a dispute in Baltimore 18.06.52; he had danced
with her in NYC debut and choreographed Betley, Diana, Matelot, Jour de Carnaval, Spider
Dance for her

SMITH, John Thomas
   mayor of Melbourne; refused to issue warrent for LM's arrest because Dr Milton had not
seen the performance and had only hearsay evidence He spoke and wrote on religious
subjects; books in the British Library.

SNOW, Lemuel
  friend of Hull's; wrote memoir in 1899 newspaper article

SOLOME, Anton von
  Bavarian painter LM met in London in 49. He wrote about him to Ludwig.

  Unidentified person who lived in Munich in 47-48; see LM letter in NYH of 30 Apr 52

SOULE, Frank 1810-82
  editor of Calif. Chronicle, wrote "Lola and her Pet"

part owner and director of Empire Mines, LM's friend and perhaps lover in Grass Valley.
Holdredge claims when LM returned from Australia, she heard Southwick was ill and not
expected to live, but she simply sent money. I know of absolutely nothing to support any of
this. The newspapers report he was injured when thrown from horse in March 55; but he was
well enough on 28 May to witness one of the contracts LM executed with the members of her
Australian troupe, and the newspapers reported LM left her will with him when she departed
for Australia. According to some reports he was ruined financially by LM, but I know of
nothing to confirm this. Foley, who is usually reliable, reports he was later was a mental
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 69

patient and returned home to NY in 1872. A J.E. Southwick arrived at SF on the Pacific 2
July 51 from Panama; see the Cal census of 1850 for El Dorado County.

SPRAUL, Oberst Alois
    with his wife Sidonie became sort of Hofmarschall for LM in Munich. He was the
brother-in-law of Freiherr von Seefried. The proscription list for LM’s friends obscurely
mentions a "heiratsplan" in connection with him and calls him a “quieszierten Oberst.” In the
PGB it is claimed he held the Legion d’Honneur. He lived at Utzscheidenstr. 4/1; see Kristl

SPURGEON, Charles Haddon
    London evangelist who, according to Wyndham, may have inspired LM in 59. I know of
no evidence for this.

  friend of Capt. Whitbread, LM sees her as rival See LM’s letter 125 in BSB.

  LM's pianist in Munich; see Rosmann bills in LA

STEWART, William Morris 1827-1909
    He was supposedly a visitor to LM at Grass Valley, Marysville lawyer, later senator and
attorney-general; used to count the days between LM's salons WMM came to LM's first
Grass Valley salon in early 54. According to Holdredge, he went on the camping trip with
LM in June of 54 at a time when he was acting attorney general, but I have made no effort to
confirm any of that, regarding him as too minor a figure to be worth pursuing. He is also
mentioned in the very unreliable. Knapp memoirs in the 1897 SF Chron

STEINSDORF, Caspar von             died 1879
zweite Burgermeister of Munich, who lived at Briennerstr. 14/1. He composed the
impressive "Denkschrift für das Stadtarchiv in Feb 48 concerning the events then that is now
in the Munich Stadtarchiv. See also GHA NL ARO 35

   According to LM’s autobiographical lectures, she was an American passenger on the
Larkins who influenced LM's decision not to go to Scotland (LMA); there was indeed a Mrs.
Stevens on the passenger list of the Larkins.

STEINKELLER, Piotr 1799-1854?
    Warsaw banker who reportedly had met LM in Berlin and encouraged her to come to
Warsaw. He was a supporter of hers there, organized a claque for her in the theatre and was
briefly jailed after she was deported. A Polish biography of him in the British Library does
not mention LM

STIELER, Joseph Karl 1.11.81 Mainz - 9.4.58 Munich

    painted portrait of LM for L's gallery. He owned a house at Briennerstr. 6 1/2, but his
studio was in the Barerstraße, apparently quite close to LM’s eventual house. Corti and Hase
cite from a number of items now in the Stieler family archive, but I do not know the
whereabouts of this collection. He seems to have painted first a portrait of LM in her dancing
costume, but this portrait is lost.

STORRS, Lucinda
   recipiant of LM's souvenir note of 21 Jan 61 in the Bancroft collection. I believe she had
probably been born into the Willis family and was probably somehow connected to George
Storrs, 1796-1879, Methodist clergyman and anti-slavery agitator.

   Family from Bayreuth that attached itself to LM when she was in Munich. The
proscription list of LM’s friends says "Parapluifabrikant in Baireuth, Vater-Sohn-Tochter."
Fuchs mentions Babette Strebel from Bayreuth was LM's Kammerjungfer, but I believe she
was more like a companion than a servant. According to "Blätter der Korruption," her father
was apparently trying to get position by marrying her to Kiliani, qv.

STURGIS, Mr. Henry and Mrs. Mary
    from Boston, Mass, they were nominally in charge of LM on voyage of Larkins to
England in 41. In a NYTimes letter LM say her parents entrusted her to couple from Boston,
which would have meant it was on the first voyage to England on the Malcolm, but that is
clearly wrong since it was Col. Innes and his family who took care of LM on the Malcolm
and the Sturgises were on the Larkins, as the passenger lists of both ships show. A Henry P.
Sturgis appears in the Boston City Directories in 1850-51 with an office at 56 State and res at
26 Pemberton Sq, then disappears

STUZA?, Prince (LM’s handwriting is not very legible)
  mentioned in LM note to Fiorentino at Harvard

SULKOWSKI, Prince Ludwig Johann b 14 Marz 1814 died Bielitz 18 Feb 79
    In her 1858 autobiographical lectures, LM says he was a Russian prince whom LM met in
Berlin; they intended to marry but she found out that while he was sending her messages of
love, he was traveling about the South with another woman as man and wife, so LM broke
off the engagement. From her lecture and from the newspaper articles talking about the
match, the prince can be identified, although there are still a few matters that remain unclear.
From the Almanac de Gotha and other sources, Prince Sulkowski’s biography can be
reasonably well established. He was not Russian but from Austrian Silesia. He escaped
Austria after the Revolution of 48 to Switzerland; married Marie Antoinette Gempele there
after the death of his first wife on 13 Feb 53; migrated first to St. Louis, then upstate NY
where he became a farmer; had five children in the US; returned to Austria in the 1860's and
had seven more children; two of his second cousins married brothers, Heinrich, b 22 Nov
1811 and Wladislaus, died 1855, Grafen von Potocki. There may be some connection here to
the Count Potocki whom LM knew here. In her lecture, LM says she first got to know him in
Berlin, but I have been unable to confirm that Prince Sulkowski was in Berlin in 1844,
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 71

although it seems possible. But why LM was unaware that he had a wife and children in
upstate New York is hard to understand. In a NY Herald account of her autobiographical
lectures, she reportedly refered to him as “Prince Alexander,” but I can find no Alexander in
the Sulkowski family, and she clearly mentioned Prince Sulkowski specifically. The whole
business is a bit baffling, particularly the trip LM made to Paris in December 1857,
apparently thinking she was going to marry the prince there. his younger and only brother
died on the barricades in Vienna in 1848. On balance, I believe the prince, or perhaps
someone claiming to speak for him, hoaxed LM into believing he wanted to marry her in
Paris in December 1857, and she did not know he had a wife and children until she got to
Paris or perhaps until she got back to America.

SUMNER, Sen. Charles 1811-1874
    The Knapp article claims he met LM in Rome and said she was the most subtly beautiful
woman he had ever looked upon. I feel very certain that Sumner never met LM in Rome and
reasonably certain that he never met her at all. The Dora Knapp articles are fiction.

SUTTER, Emile suicide in Brussels in 1881
  son of John Sutter and apparently a friend of LM see ltr of 14 Sep 53

SUTTER, Major General John A. 1803-1880
    attended LM's 3rd performance in Sacramento; he apparently met LM and in her letter of
14 Sept 1853 from Grass Valley, she asked Paco to get seeds and cuttings from Gen. Sutter
for her garden

TANN, Heinrich von der born 10 May 84 died 8 Nov 48
    an old friend of Ludwig’s. Corti quotes his important correspondence with the king at
some length. Tann’s letters to the king are in the GHA. I have tried to locate the king’s
letters to Tann. Gollwitzer reports the Tann family does not know where they are. The
Hessisches Staatsarchiv in Marburg has a great many papers donated by the Tann family, but
they have not yet catalogued them at all and do not know if the king’s letters are there. I
suspect they are, but there is no way to get to them until the material is catalogued. Tann
made the error of crossing LM at Bad Brückenau in the summer of ‘47, and he gradually fell
out of favor with the king, even though his contact with LM had substantially destroyed his
social standing.

TANN, Rudolf Freiherr von der b 21 Oct 20
    son of above; L's flügeladjutant, but asked for transfer to avoid contact with LM in 48.
Ludwig wrote an angry letter to Tann saying he should not have gotten his son to promise not
to follow the king’s orders re LM. This is in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek. Corti quotes
from Rudolf’s diary, which may be among the papers in Marburg now.

TAUFKIRKEN, Joseph Max, Graf von born 1793
    and his son Karl Theodor born 7 July 26, wer said by LM to be leaders of the mob that
attacked her house; see LAM 58 in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and LM’s article in the
London Journal.

THEIS, Baron de
    French consul in Warsaw in 1843. I have found nothing to support the story that he aided
LM when she got in trouble, but it is not impossible. Perhaps a search of the diplomatic
correspondence in the French archives might turn up something.

THERESE, Königen von Bayern, von Sachsen-Hildburghausen 1798-1853
   L's wife. See her letter in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek concerning her refusal to meet
with LM under any circumstances.

THESIGER, Frederick, 1st Baron Chelmsford 15 Apr 1794-5 Oct 1878
    represented Lennox in James v. Lennox in May, 1841. There is a good bio in Dictionary
of National Biography.

THIERRY, Mathilde Schauspielerin
THIERRY, Berta Solotänzerin
THIERRY, Ulrich, Father, had a job in the Haupt-Stempel Verwaltung
    According to the proscription list of LM’s friends, "ganze Familie, Tänzerin,
Schauspielerin und Vater" were to be proscribed. They lived at Kaufingerst. 13/2. They
were some of the very first to use a relationship with LM to their advantage with the king,
who granted them money soon after LM’s arrival in Munich when they convinced her to
intercede on her behalf. They were all thrown out of her house in August ‘47 when she
decided a countess could not associate with common theater people.

THIERSCH, Friedrich Wilhelm von 17.6.84 -25.2.60
    Rektor and Philoge at Uni Munich; he lived at Karlstr. 11. According to one source, he
presented L with list of LM's misdeeds in Feb 48. He was influential in trying to calm the
students in 1848, but Sepp clearly despised him and thought him a pompous ass.

    apparently Mrs. Craigie's nephew, i.e., her sister Mary’s son. In her will he is said to be
living at 12 Myrtle Crescent, Cork

    married sister of James in Calcutta; her husband knew the Sturgises (JvJ) Her husband
appears to have been John Bensley Thornhill, postmaster General in 44, collector of Stamps
in 41, head asst to Bd of customs, salt, opium

   Holdredge calls him a friend of Hull's who wrote that he had fallen for LM on sight. This
is more Holdredge nonsense. He was a journalist who worked over the Dora Knapp
memoirs, SF Chron 1897, etc. His work and the Knapp memoirs are probably totally false,
and I doubt he had even been born when Hull died.

TÖRRING-MINUCCI, Gräfin Stephanie
                                              BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 73

  wife of Bridgeman. For this history of this affair, see the files of the British embassy in
Munich in the PRO.

TOKER, Philip Champion
  Procurator for James in divorce action

TORNING, Andrew died 13 April 1900 at age 86 at Manley, NSW
    lessee of Royal Victoria Theatre in Sydney. He went bankrupt, and LM did a benefit for
his wife (since money paid over to him would have gone to his creditors, not to his family).
Michael Cannon claims he fired Crosby from his house manager position for supporting LM
against Harry Jackson, but this is wrong.

TUDOR, Frederick 4 Sep 83 Boston - ebd 6 Feb 64
  The wealthy American "Ice King," he was reported by the NY Herald to be a guest at
LM's rue Blanche party on 6 Dec 50

    He was an SF psychic who supposedly claimed he could contact Dujarier (or Folland)for
LM in SF after her return from Australia; Holdredge claims she dismissed him after he leaked
stories to the newspaper 28 Jan 59 1.4; 2 F 59 2.3 Arrested Yreka in 1859 for the murder of
Charles Rose

VALLAINCE, Henry Wellington
  LM's London attorney in Oct 50; there is a letter of authorization for him from LM in the

  Holdredge claims LM got to know him in NYC in 1851-52; met with him at Pfaff's
Restaurant. I think Holdredge made it up.

VANE, Henry Morgen b 29 Nov 08-22 Apr 86
    according to LM’s letters to Ludwig, he was Lord Brougham's personal secretary, but the
Brougham papers in the University College, London have only a very few letters to or from
him and do not seem to indicate a close relationship. He was obviously a friend of LM’s, and
he is mentioned in her letter from Cadiz now in the U of Texas. She said he lived at 12
Regent Street

VANE, See Lord Londonderry

VERON, Louis Desire 1798-1867
    editor of Le Constitutionnel mentioned in Abenteur der berühmten Tänzerin. He was also
the editor to whom LM in 1851 wrote an open letter to the Salut Publique of Lyon
challenging him to a duel with poison pills.


   mentions Papon in memoirs. See Volume 24D

VILLA PALMA, Marquis de
   According to LM’s 1851 memoirs, he was a Grandee of Spain who married LM's aunt,
Marquise of Pavestra, later separated from her.

   courrier of LM's last letter to Ludwig. I know nothing about him.

VOGT VON HUNOLTSTEIN, Otto, Freiherr von
     Flugeladjutant, refused to go with L to follow LM to Switzerland. He was a Protestant.
Valentin says he was a supporter of LM, snubbed by Queen Therese, but I’m not certain that
is true. Nonetheless, the proscription list of LM’s friends says "in Bayern Reg. Cadet im Inf.
Leibregt. conkneipant der Alem"

VOLKERT, Karl Ferdinand
  Murray's business agent in Munich, he lived at Frühlingstr. 5/1

VOLTZ, Bernhard Ludwig Friedrich von
  a career civil servant, he temporarily took over Interior from Berks in March 48

WAINWRIGHT, Gov. James E.           died 1869
    attended LM wedding in 53 and signed the register as a witness; see Sacramento Union
21 July 1869, 2.5

  LM's gardener in Munich; see Rosmann bills in LA

WALDEN, Thomas de
  wrote Margot the Poultry Dealer for LM (Louisville D Courier 1857)

WALKER, George
   In one of her idiotic stories, Holdredge claims he was a highwayman whom LM and
Adler surprised on the road; later she gambled him for his revolver and won it. The story is
supposedly from Mrs. Robinson, but I feel sure it is pure nonsense.


WALLERSTEIN, Fürst Ludwig Kraft von Öttingen 1791-1870
   Bavarian minister from 1831-37, he was Abel and Mauer's rival.
   Bavarian ambassador in Paris in 47. Ludwig showed him Maurer's letter of 6.8.47 and W
began to intrigue against M. He became a minister again on Maurer’s fall, on 30.11.47.
   accepted Berks in the cabinet on L's insistance; Berks had done him an initmate favor in
1831, but they were no longer on good terms. W may have intended to get rid of LM. W
supposedly got Leiningen to research LM's past in England. Hehad a crying fit over L's
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 75

behavior in the Ministerrat and submitted his resignation, then withdrew it. He was finally
fired on 11.3.48. L blamed him for LM's deportation. He owned a house at Briennerstr. 17

WALTERS, Mrs. Elizabeth and her husband Richard
   Manageress of the Imperial Hotel, Covent Garden; testified at preliminary divorce
hearing in James v. James in 1842 that G. Lennox and LM checked into a double room on 21
February 1841

WALTHER, Geheimrat Philip Franz von 3.1.82 Burweiler - 29.12.49 Munich
   Arzt at Uni, eye specialist, also Uni Bonn. Catholic but not ultramontane, he was
Leibarzt to Ludwig. There was a rumor he refused to treat LM but this appears to be false.

 WARE, Charles P.T. Jr
    Author of “Lola Montez in Bavaria”avaria; also of Azael, the Prodigal Son. Apparently a
real if obscure person and not a penname, but see Pray

WARWICK, Charles
    Wrote a reminiscense of visiting LM in Grass Valley for the New York Clipper. His
story appeared dramatised and some fact are clearly wrong, but his general view of LM seems
plausible. He acted with LM in SF after her return from Australia.

WASHINGTON, Jacob 1788-5 Apr 48
  son Max born 2 Aug 29; both were enemies of LM in Munich

WATSON, Betsey
   during LM’s lifetime, it was frequently asserted that this was her real name. I really don’t
know the origin of the story, unless it somehow grew out of association with her sister-in-
law, Mrs. Col. Sarah Watson

  Londoner mentioned in LM Cleveland letter

WATSON, Mrs. Col. Sarah born c 1798 - d 18 June 1874
    sister of Capt James; supposedly went to Bath and persuaded Mrs. Gilbert to give her
permission to the marriage; testified in preliminary hearing of James v. James in 1842 that
her brother had written her in fall of 1840 telling her that LM had been injured in a fall from
a horse and would return to England for treatment and that he had also written his aunt, Mrs.
Rae of Edinburgh, suggesting LM should stay with her; she had called on LM at her rooms in
Ryder Street and tried to get her to go to Mrs. Rae, but in vain. She was a widow. She was
married in 1817 (7 Oct?) and in 1841 lived at St.Germain Place, Blackheath, Kent

  treated LM in London in 49 and perhaps in 43. There in an affidavit from him in one of
LM’s letters to Ludwig from London in 1949.

   Funtionär in II Büro, Sicherheit und Sittlichkeit; one of the policemen who traveled with
LM to Lindenau in 1848, could speak good French; he lived at Schrammergasse 7/2. For his
biography, see Volume 16B

WEBER, Theodor
    According to the proscription list of LM’s friends he was a "pens. Lieut. (ausgezeichent
dadurch, daß er in Würzburg von dem Wasser getrunken, in welchem Lola ihre Citronenhand
gewaschen." She got him put back on active duty and stationed in Munich, although she
called him “loco.” He complained that his new appointment meant he needed a new and
expensive shoulder epaulet. It was he who threw LM into her coach and escaped with her to
Großhesselohe on 11 February 48 as the mob was about to kill her. There is a letter from him
in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek.

WEGNER, Caroline (nee Krebs)
    Friend of LM who lived in the Wurzerstr. LM went to her apartment on 8 Mar 48 on her
secret return to Munich, and it was there she was arrested. Her father was Joseph Krebs, who
had done upholstery work at LM’s house.

WELDEN, Georg Karl Friedrich Adolf Freiherr von 11.6.01 - 24.7.57
   He was asked to be Regierungspräsident in Oberbayern after Abel's fall, but he refused
because he didn't want to have to associate with LM.

WELLESLEY, Major General Charles 16 Jan 1809
   He was the younger brother of second Duke of Wellington. Holdredge claims he called
on LM in LM in Sydney or had an affair with her. There is no evidence they ever met.

WENDLAND, August Christoph, Freiherr von 1806-84
    Bavarian ambassador in Paris; L's spy on LM and source on her activities from 1850 until
her death.

WESCOTT, Ex-Senator
    The LM obituary in the NY Herald claims he wrote the letter for LM that appeared in the
Herald in 1852 defending her character. I know of no other evidence for this except this
statement, but since both the letter and the obituary appeared in the Herald, there might be
something to it.

WHALL, Inspector John
     arrested LM on bigamy charge on 6.8.49. He worked out of St.James Station, Little Vine
St., Piccadiley

WHITBREAD, Captain William
   Englishman in Munich; L and LM used him as courrier; LM helped his son; he lived at
Karlstr. 50/1
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 77

    Holdredge says LM got to know him in NYC at Pfaff's Restaurant in 1851-52; introduced
by Scoville. I think this is typical Holdredge fantasy, and I doubt Whitman ever met LM.

  Surrogate referee in Jobson hearing 58

    editor of NY Herald to whom LM gave a young California friend a letter of introduction
in Feb of 1860 after her lecture in Washington, D.C. The NY City Directory shows E.G.P.
Wilkins was reporter at 95 Nassau St (Herald office) in 1859.

  LM's manager in winter of 56-57; LM knew him from Boston?

WILLIS, Edward Payson (wrongly identified as Richard Storrs Willis in Wyndham) died
    LM's agent she took with her to the USA. He was the brother of Nathaniel P. Willis,
editor of the Home Journal. LM dismissed him in January of 1852. See their vituperative
correspondence in the NY Herald of January 1852.

WILLIS, Nathaniel Parker 1806-67
   brother of above; editor of Home Journal; named as a correspondent in the notorious
Forrest divorce case. Holdredge claims he fell in love with LM and followed her to SF. I
know of no evidence for this or even that Willis ever visited California. Holdredge lies
almost as much as LM herself.

    According to the unreliable Knapp memoirs, he was a Grass Valley Methodist minister
who denounced LM. She then paid him a visit in her dancing costume to demonstrate how
inoffense her dancingin was. I think this is total fabrication. There is no Rev. Wilson
appears in any of the Grass Valley directories and there was no Methodist church in Grass
Valley at the time.

    Grass Valley businessman who wrote letters about LM in Grass Valley. The files of his
letters in the California State Library in Sacramento reveal that he was the author of the
anonymous article in the Nevada City newspaper alleging that LM had “taken the rag from
the bush” when she danced at a private party in Grass Valley. I see this as an implication that
she danced naked, which would have been very out of character for her. Nowhere else was
she ever accused of dancing even remotely unclothed, and reviewers noted how modest her
dancing attire was in comparison to many other dancers. Why Wincester would have
invented this story, I admit I do not know.

WINDISCHMANN, Friedrich Heinrich Hugo 13.12.11 - 23.8.61

    Generalvikar in 46, he refused to be LM's confessor, telling her he could be found in the
Frauenkirche. He was a philologist and Zoroastian scholar and a tortured homosexual. He
lived Ludwigstr. 9/3

WITTEL, Xavier
  trumpeter, protege of LM; he married a servant of LM and lived at Theresienstr. 36/1

WITZLEBEN, Dietrich August Leopold, Freiherr von b 1789
    his son Albert born 3 Juni 28 was listed on the LM friends list as "Junker und Bruder,
sollte mit Peißner auf Pistolen losgehen: er wird aber am anderen Tage aus München
entfernt," but he got into tussel not with Peißner but with Karwowsky.

WOLOWSKI, Sigsmund M.A.
    Pianist, author of letter re LM in Poland; Boston Times 3 Apr 52. He was a concert
pianist, billed as the son of Count Zezemsky, he seems to have first met LM in Boston and
then later been in her circle in NYC. He was actually a son of Francis S. Wolowski and had
been forced to flee Poland in '48.

   Holdredge works him into LM’s story in California. He was the owner of the only piano
company in SF; astute businessman, respected citizen. Unfortunately, I know of absolutely
nothing connecting him with LM.

    once a suitor of Fanny Elssler, he was supposedly a guest at LM's party in Paris on 6 Dec
50, according to a report in the NY Herald

   in LM’s letter in the NYPL, she says he told her about Miss Mitchell, the addressee. I
have no idea who he was.

YOUNG, James J.
   nephew of John James (or his wife, the reference in the divorce file is ambiguous),
witness at Rathbeggan marriage

   from Innsbruck, an alto with a 19-note range. She was in Vienna in 1841; she lived at
Fingergasse 5/2. In the proscription list of LM’s friends, it says "altistin suchten bei einem
Theaterscandal durch außerordentl. Kriecherei, Handküssen Lolas Gunst" see Richard; she
was still singing in Munich in 49

ZENETTI, Johann Baptist 3.8.85-5.10.56
   Interior minister; LM accused him of being of "the Party," warned Ludwig about him,
generally made his life miserable. He had a son who was a priest.
                                               BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES **** PAGE 79

  According to Holdredge, he was a lecturer, father of Count Walowski, and pursued LM in
NYC in 1852.

ZIEGLER, F., Freiherr von
    The nobleman who tried to give a dinner for LM when she visited Würzburg in August
1847, but it was marred by the public hostility she had created by her slapping of the guard at
the Hofgarten on that afternoon. The proscription list says "Weinhändler in Würzburg, seit 3
Monaten Baron, gab der Lola ein glänzendes Souper"

ZULAVSKY, Mme. (spelled Zsulawszky in NYH 24 July 52), also Zulovsky
    sister of Kossuth. Holdredge says she came on the Humboldt with her brother and LM in
51 and became a friend of LM. I doubt this very much. Her obituary in the NY Herald in
June of 1860 says she came to America with her husband after her brother’s arrival. And I
doubt she and LM ever met. Holdredge confounds Mme. Zulavsky into the story of LM
being snubbed by Follin’s daughter on the street. This supposedly induced LM’s stroke. If it
gives LM a stroke, it did worse of Mme. Zulavsky, since at the same time LM was having her
stroke, Mme. Zulavsky died of a heart attack. Holdredge also has LM promenading in NYC
with Mme. Zulavsky when the devious Mrs. Buchanan approaches LM and begins to wile her
way into LM’s confidence. Holdredge should have stuck to her novels. I can find nothing to
indicate Mme. Zulavsky and LM ever met.

ZU RHEIN, Friedrich August, Freiherr von 7.8.02 - 13.9.70
minister of Finanzen und Kult in Morgenrot ministry with Maurer, he previously had been
Oberpflaz Regierungspresident. He was strongly anti-clerical, and lived at Ludwigstr. 9/1.
He confirmed to L in 1849 that the king was almost removed early in Feb 48. He refused to
be in any ministry with Berks.

ZWEHL, Kurator Theodor von 7 Feb 1800-17 Dez 75
   ministerial commissioner at Uni; he lived at Theatrinerstr. 35/1.         He later became

ZWEYBRÜCKEN, General Freiherr Christian von, Capt of Bodyguard 18 Dec 82
   cousin of King Ludwig, he lived at Theatrinerstr. 23/2. He was dismissed from court in
summer of 47 after crossing the king over LM. He later protected Ludwig and was named
head of the palace guard, but he was suspended after LM was driven from Munich because he
openly rejoiced

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