Strategic Planning for a Church�s Future by HC12020707402


									   Strategic Planning for a
       Church’s Future
A presentation based on George Hunter’s book, “To Spread the Power”

                       Jeremy Page
                       Chad Penner
                      Justin Waldron
        Proven Planners

Jonathan Edwards      Lausanne Committee
                        for World Evangelism
Pope Gregory sends
 Augustine and monks   Roman Catholic
                        mission orders
Southern Baptist
      Planning in Scripture

    Proverbs declares

‘The wise man looks ahead.
   The fool attempts to fool
   himself and won’t face
   facts’ and , ‘a wise man
   thinks ahead; a fool
   doesn’t, and even brags
   about it.’
    Why rethink planning?

Hemingway: ‘ Never mistake motion for action.’

Four fifths of today’s churches are beehives of
 random motion, but not of action that will
 achieve something.
  Four Levels of Liberation

1. Objectives and    3. Procedures and
  Priorities           Processes

2. Roles and         4. Interpersonal
  Responsibilities     Relationships and
          Wise questions

Where are you going?
  If your church gets where it’s going, where
   will it be?
Are you thinking about the future?
  ‘If you do not think about the future you can
   not have one.’ (Galsworthy)
Are you planning?
  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.’
Planning defined by Hunter

‘Planning is the mental creation of the
 future we intend.’

4 kinds of planning
     Strategic and Operational
     Eight Steps to
   Strategic Planning

            Step One:

Church and Community Identification
   Church and Community

Downtown Old First      Special Purpose
 Church                   Church

Neighborhood Church     Town Church

Metropolitan Regional   Open Country Church
  Situation Analysis Part 1

 What in the church
  attracts people?
 Needs they come with
 What ministries engaged
 What experiences do
  they find significant?
 Their ideas about how
  other people like them
  could be reached
Situation Analysis Part 2
               Active resident membership at
                year’s end
               Worship attendance for the
               Average church school
                attendance for the year
               Number of persons regularly
                involved in average laity
               Number received as new
                Christians for the year
                 WOTS UP

Point in Question?

Weaknesses           Strengths

Opportunities         Underly your

Threats              Planning
    Strategic Framework

1. Identify areas in which the local church
 is not experiencing the key outcomes it
 desires, but could achieve.

2. Identify the church’s stakeholders.
      Mission Statement

A strong mission        Good statements are:
 statement becomes         Brief
 the driving force of      Simple
 the organization,         General
 shaping decisions and     Energizing
 holding the church on
    Objectives and Goals



      Strategies Review

Identifying and reaching receptive people
Reaching out across the social networks
 of believers
Multiplying units as recruiting groups and
 ports of entry
Ministering to the felt needs of people
Building culturally indigenous forms of
       Operational Plans

What now do we do?

ICU or Therapeutical

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