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									Cloud Computing for Java

 Quinton Wall Evangelist

 Jesper Joergensen
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Enterprises Build Apps in Java

                  #1 Development Language

                  6+ Million Developers
Enterprise Java Developers Don’t Have a Path to the Cloud

 6 Million Java Developers
The Platform
Complete Infrastructure Services

                           Servers                                  Power
                           Storage                                  Cooling
                           Switches                                 Operating Systems
                           Firewalls                                Data Centers
                           Load Balancers                           Disaster Recovery

                 ISO 27001                Proven                  Proven,           Real-Time Query   Real-Time Transparent
               Certified Security        Reliability        Real-Time Scalability      Optimizer         System Status

              Real-Time Upgrades           Proven           Real-Time Sandbox        Salesforce to    3 Global Data Centers
                                    Real-Time Integration     Environments            Salesforce       & Disaster Recovery

                                                              Multitenant Kernel
Complete Operations Services
                          Back-Up                                                  24x7 Network
                                                                                   Operations Center
                                                                                   Systems Monitoring
                          Patch Management
                                                                                   Systems Provisioning
                          Capacity Planning
                                                                                   Asset Management
                          Storage Management
                                                                                   Ongoing Physical &
                                                                                   Security Management

                ISO 27001                Proven                  Proven,             Real-Time Query   Real-Time Transparent
              Certified Security        Reliability        Real-Time Scalability        Optimizer         System Status

             Real-Time Upgrades           Proven           Real-Time Sandbox          Salesforce to    3 Global Data Centers
                                   Real-Time Integration     Environments              Salesforce       & Disaster Recovery

                                                             Multitenant Kernel
Complete Application Services
                                                   A        B          D


    Relational                Web                  Workflow &                     Forms & Page                Reporting &
    Database              Services API             Approvals                      Layout Editor                Analytics

     User                  Security                     Search                     Multi-Device          Multi-Language/
  Administration                                                                                         Multi-Currency

                             Unlimited Real-Time   Granular Security       Programmable      Real-Time Work ow      Programmable
                               Customization          & Sharing             Cloud Logic         & Approvals         User Interface

         cloud platform

                              Real-Time Mobile                               Real-Time
                                                       Real-Time                                  Real-Time         850+ Integrated
                                Deployment                                 Content Library
                                                       Websites                                   Analytics          Applications
But we’re Java
Are you saying we
have to develop in
VMforce: Run Enterprise Java Apps on

                      Run your Java apps on

                      Build new Java apps in the cloud

                      Extend any Salesforce App with Java
How VMforce works
                                     Your app gets search, reporting,
                                     mobile and all other
 You deploy a Java Web App           services out of the box
    VMforce Multi-tenant JVM Cloud

                  .war               API
              Servlet Engine


It gets its own servlet engine provides the
and JVM                               database for your Java app
         It connects to using
         existing APIs with JPA layer
And in the Beginning….

                         Requirements Typically Start with Data
                         What do I want to capture?

                         How is data related?

                         What am I going to report on?

                         Which people are going to use the data?

                         Who has access to what?

                         ….and how do I connect to it?
Connecting to

  Web Services API
   –  SOAP based connectivity
  Bulk API
   –  High Volume Data Loading
   –  HTTPS based connectivity
   –  Read and Write, Supports querying
  JPA
   –  VMforce

Using the REST API
                                 Web App or Device

                         Choose                  Make HTTPS                 Handle
  Authenticate          Operation                  Request                 Response
                          (URL)                  (GET|POST)               (JSON|XML)

 Handle callback &
Return access_token

                      Base URI = http://domain/services/data
                      Resource Name        URI
                      Versions             /
                      Discovery Resource   /vXX.X
                      Describe Global      /vXX.X/sobjects/
                      sObject Info         /vXX.X/sobjects/Account
                      Describe sObject     /vXX.X/sobjects/Account/describe
                      Data Row             /vXX.X/sobjects/Account/Id/
                      Query                /vXX.X/query/?q=SOQL
                      Search               /vXX.X/search/?s=SOSL
  Demo 1:
Connecting to Database 101 – OO Design with
Standard & Custom Objects

Demo 2: Adding
    via JPA
A Sample of Database Services
Easy to Add Collaboration to Apps

  Check to Enable


    Status Updates



    Document Sharing

    Social Apps

                                              15 Logic Technologies
Build rich business logic that automatically upgrades with every release

                                      Declarative Logic (point and click)
                                         Required Field / Uniqueness
                                          Lookup Filters
                                          Audit History Tracking
                                          Workflows Rules & Approval Processes

                                      Formula-Based Logic (spreadsheet-like)
                                          Formula Fields
                                          Data Validation Rules
                                          Workflows Rules & Approval Processes

                                      Procedural Logic (code)
                                          Apex Triggers
                                          Apex Classes

Demo 3: Adding
 Validation &
Formula Fields
Adding Business Logic With Apex

  Strongly-typed OO language
  Write Database Triggers
  Program Controller in the UI
  Tight Integration with DB
  Web Service Support
  Integrated Testing Framework
  Designed for Multi-tenancy

 Demo 4:
Develop Locally. Deploy to the Cloud


  VMforce enables Java developers
   to reach the Cloud
   –  And leverage DB Services
      (search, reporting, mobile etc)
 provides services for
   –  UI generation, Logic, Lifecycle events
   –  Will only require a JPA config change
  Multiple options for connectivity
   –  Web Services API, REST, Bulk Loader,
      JPA (for VMforce)
Want to learn more?

   How to get started with
    –  Build your first Cloud App
       • Workbook & Cheatsheets

   Learn about VMforce
       •  Intro to DB article
       •  FAQ and more…

   Attend a live event
    –  Dreamforce:
    –  SpringOne:

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