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									                    Annular-type Blowout Preventer

A drilling rig works efficiently due to all its components. Wellhead equipment,
blowout preventers, mud pump, pipe ramp etc are some of the important
components of any drilling rig. Of the above mentioned components, blowout
preventer is one of the fundamental components. BOP is a special type of valve
which deals with extreme pressures that can lead to explorations. The sub-types
of blowout preventers are used to seal the wellhead to stop the flow of fluid (oil)
from the wellbore. Ram BOP and annular BOP are the two types of BOPs. The
major difference between the two is between the techniques used to function.
One advantage of annual blowout preventer is that an annual blowout preventer
can seal various types of pipes, unlike the ram BOP.

Annular BOP was invented in 1946 by Granville Sloan Knox. It is a large valve
that is installed about the ram blowout preventer and seals in the annular space
between the wellbore and the pipe. This type of BOP is used for on-shore as well
as off-shore operations. Though the annular blowout preventer was invented in
the year 1946, a patent was awarded to Knox in 1952. The annular BOP
invented by Knox, was later modified for subsea BOP stack use. One of the
modified version that was rewarded a patent was designed by Ado N.
Vujasinovic. This variation of the original BOP is now counted as a type of
annular-type BOP known as the spherical blowout preventer.

The original type of annular blowout preventer uses a conical-faced piston for
functioning. When this piston rises, the movement of the packing unit is
restricted, making the piston squeeze inward towards the middle of the
wellbore. It also has a rubber seal element, which helps to seal the space
between drill collar, kelly or drill pipe.

Spherical blowout preventers are named so due to its shape. These blowout
preventers can provide pressure for moving the pipe in and out of the hole. The
spherical BOPs manufactured now a days are compact, so are able to seal any
kind of drill pipe, casing and so on.

Every blowout preventer stack at least has one annular BOP. An annular
blowout preventer is generally used to seal the drill stem in the hole, however,
if there is no drill stem, it can close over the open hole. These are some of the
common features of every annular BOP; however, most of the oil drilling
equipment manufacturers have some special features for the products
manufactured by them. Like at Integrated Equipment, we design annular BOPs
that are strong yet simple in construction. We also use trash rings to avoid
debris from dropping into the chambers during field replacement of packing
Ram and annular blowout preventers manufactured by us meet all the
requirements of API 16A. For reliable and long-lasting oil drilling products, those
are accredited per ISO 9001; Integrated Equipment is the right choice.

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