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									B6 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2009                                                                      LEGAL/CLASSIFIED                         LAKOTA COUNTRY TIMES
bursement-$13.96, Petty Cash-      School         Supply-supplies-     summer school-$105.38.
RSH-Reimbursement-$320.63,         $1,311.17, Tail, Caroline P.-Misc         Capital Outlay Fund

Pine Ridge Auto Parts-parts-       travel-$622.39, Teacher Credit      D & R Services inc-compres-
$10.94, Pitney Bowes-postage       materials-supplies-$43.34,          sor-$5,943,00, Forman sale
machine rental-$243.35, Plains     Teacher         Direct-supplies-    and service-4/bus purchases-
Trading       Comp-supplies-       $95.08, Teacher/        $270,193.95, Grimms Pump
$1,354.38, Plains Services-        membership-$1,450.00,               services-fuel       pump/RS-
admin renew fee-$100.00,
Power House-parts-$1,751.66,
Providence Life & Accidents
                                   Thomas West-south Dakota
                                   school law books-$96.00,
                                   Town of batesland-utilities-
                                                                       $17,938.78, Rocky Mountain
                                                                       Ram-computer equipment-
                                                                       $2,236.40, South Dakota Fed-
                                                                                                             SHANNON COUNTY SCHOOLS’
INS-insurance-$334.08, Quill
Ramkota        Sioux      falls-
                                   $600.00, True Value-supplies-
                                   !,524.51, Twiss, Maurice-misc
                                   travel-$453.37, US Games-
                                                                       eral Property agency-2000
                                                                       Dodge Car a van-$8,900.00.                ANNUAL AUCTION
travel/wellness-$511.50, Rapid     supplies-$217.00, UZ engi-               Special Education Fund
Auto        Glass-RS/repairs-
$80.00, Rapid Chevrolet-
BS/parts-$169.35, Really Good
                                   n      e     e      r

                                   $952.42, Valentine Office Sup-
                                                                   d   Abilitations-supplies-$118.30,
                                                                       Black Hills Special Service-tu-
                                                                       ition-$2,179.32, Brings Him
Stuff-supplies-$240.71, Reitz,
Carol-gasoline-$26.11, Ridge-
                                   VMWare Inc-registration one-
                                                                       Back, Illa-Conf-$102.00, Cen-
                                                                       ter for Disabilities-three regis-               WEDNESDAY, SEPT 16, 2009
way, Ruthann-new teacher in        $1,745.00, Wechsler, Brian-         trations-$600.00, Children’s
services-$49.14, Rothe, Ray-
new teacher in services-
                                   travel-$207.68,            Weisz,
                                   Jodi-gasoline reimbursement-
                                                                       Care Hospital & School-tu-
                                                                       ition/BD & RM-$4,513.86, Co-
                                                                                                                             10:00 A.M.
$252.72,      Royal      Wheel     $50.00, Western Communni-           operate      card-credit     card
$55.00, South Dakota Dept. Of
Revenue Motor Vehicle-Li-
                                   , Whirlwind Horse, Monica-
                                   supplies-$49.98, White Eyes,
                                                                       chgs-$243.90, Different Road
                                                                       Inc-supplies-$42.90, Family
cense-$39.00, South Dakota
Federal Property Agency-sup-
                                   Mary, White-new teacher in
                                                                       Frandsen,        Sandra-travel-
                                                                       $102.00, Holiday Inn Sioux
                                                                                                            SHANNON COUNTY SCHOOLS BUS YARDS
plies-$935.00, Solomon Sani-       services-$49.14,          Wright,   Falls-travel-$46.50, Just for
tation - garbage services -        Kathryn-New teacher in-ser-         Kids Speech Therapy-services-        AT BATESLAND, SD (EAST SIDE OF TOWN)
$4,720.00, Sam Club-supplies-      vices-$126.36.                      $2,703.00, McDonalds-student
$132.13, School Nurse Supplies                                         meals-$9.44, New Holy, Juliet-
Inc-       supplies-$1,406.10,               Title I Part A            training-$50.00, SKY Ranch for
School     Specialty-supplies-
$92.60, SDN Communications-
Phone maint.-$1,870.22, Sears
                                   Alco     Store-supplies-$9.99,
                                   Antelope Creek Cafe-Summer
                                   school-$80.51,         Corporate
                                                                       $3,085.67, Smoker, Marsha-
                                                                       travel-$102.00, Super Duper
                                                                                                           AMONG THE ITEMS TO BE SOLD:
commercial one-Appliances-
$703.98, Servall towel & Linen-
                                   Card-Credit Cards chgs-
                                   $3,787.49, Discount School
                                                                       Inc-supplies-$95.90, Therapy
                                                                       Shoppe Inc-supplies-$249.65,          SUBURBANS (6), RIDING LAWNMOWERS,
custodial-$50.43, Shanklin,        Supply-summer            school-    Youth Service International-
Karla-new teacher in services-
$126.36, Shannon County
                                   $155.51, Family Thrift School-
                                   summer          school-$189.54,
                                                                       tuition-$272.60.                      DESKS, SHELVING, VACUUM CLEANERS,
School Lunch-lunch ticket-
$60.00, Sheraton Sioux Falls-
                                   Golden West Telephone Co-
                                   telephones-$186.76, Gordon
                                                                             Food Service Fund
                                                                       Cross Roads Hotel & Events            FURNITURE, TEACHER SUPPLIES, DESKS,
travel-$198.00,        Sherwin     Supper         Foods-supplies-      Center-travel-$296.00, Food
Sierra, Amber-misc travel-
                                   $435.00, Gordon Theater-sum-
                                   mer school-$80.50, Petty
                                                                       services of American-food
                                                                       service-$550.37, Rapid Food
                                                                                                             TIRES, COMPUTERS AND ACCESSORIES,
$386.69, Sioux Nation Shap-
ping Center-supplies-$604.79,
                                   Cash-BS         reimbursement-
                                   $295.90, Petty Cash-RS reim-
                                                                       Service-milk cooler/BS/RS-
                                                                       $4,585.00, Reinheart institu-
                                                                                                                        MILK COOLERS
Sitting Bull College-Lakota        bursement-$10.03, Pizza Hut         tional food-food service -
studies-$541.00, SOO Con-
                                   Gordon-summer            school-
                                   $44.01, Rapid City Swim Cen-
                                                                       Federal Program Special Service
                                                                                                                      AND MUCH MORE!!!!!
$5,387.45,     SRST      Higher    ter-summer school-$42.00,           HSBC Office Max-supplies-
Stern Oil Company-propane-
                                   Sam Club-summer school-
                                   $173.00, School Specialty-sup-
                                                                       $189.78, Super Duper Inc-sup-
                                                                       plies-$95.90, Therapy Shoppe
                                                                                                           Items must be paid for in full within ten days
$6,996.78, Stockholm, Britini-
new teacher in service-$49.14,
                                   plies-$720.03, Sioux Nation
                                   Shopping      Center-supplies-
                                                                       inc-supplies-$249.65, Youth
                                                                       Services International-tuition-     and removed from the premises within 30
Stover, Jennifer-new teacher in    $494.38, Villa, Tim-summer          $272,60.
service-$49.14,        Supreme     school-$34.08, Wendy’s store-                                           days.
   Part-time Care Companions Wanted                                                                        NOTE:     School District employees are eligi-
 for children and adults with disabilities in your commu-
 nity. Based on the need of the person and their families,                                                 ble to purchase any item(s) from the auction.
 Care Companions help them learn how to do things in
 their home for themselves, get out to medical and recre-                                                  However, any employee wishing to attend
 ational activities, help them to complete paperwork,
 provide transportation, and stay with a person if their                                                   must sign out for leave unless they are as-
 family member goes on errands or needs to be gone for
 a longer period. The times may be different week to                                                        signed to a work station at the auction. There
 week, based on the family’s needs and the availability of                                                 will be no payroll deductions.
 the Care Companion. These are part-time positions.
 Being reliable is a must! Part of the job involves being a
 good role model. Call Carol Borchard, Western PLANS                                                                  ALL ITEMS MUST BE PAID FOR
 at 395-5120 for more information. If you leave a mes-
 sage, please leave a working phone number that will                                                                    IN CASH OR BY CHECK!!!
 reach you.
   The Final Decision involves a background check, and
                   approval by the family.
                                                                                                                          THANK YOU!!!

  Oglala Lakota College House
  Construction Project for Sale!

    Oglala Lakota College is o ering a newly constructed home for sale built by Oglala Lakota College
  Construction Students. Purchase of this home will go to the first Tribal Member who brings in a
  Certified Check or Money Order in the amount of $65,000 Payable to Oglala Lakota College, % Chris
  Noordsy Vice President of Business, at Piya Wiconi, or who sends by Certified mail to Oglala Lakota
  College, attention of Chris Noordsy, Vice President of Business, P.O. Box 490, Kyle, SD 57752.
                 The FIRST payment received from a Tribal Member will own the house.
     The successful buyer will be responsible for the following:
  1) House insurance proof before the house leaves the construction yard
  2) Arrangements and the moving expense of the house to their location
  3) Cost of the foundation, basement, or block materials
  4) Plumbing hookup, sewer system, and additional costs after the house is sold.
  5) Buyer is responsible for any and all financing cost associated with the purchase. The sale of this
     home is not dependent on financial status.
                                           TERMS OF THE SALE:
  The terms of the sale are money order or cashier’s check (no personal checks). The house must be
  moved from the construction yard no later than four weeks following the sale unless other arrange-
  ments have been made with Oglala Lakota College Administration. Oglala Lakota College will not be
  responsible for any damage to the house after the date of sale and the house will be purchased as is.
  The College reserves the right to enter the house and retain possession of a key after the sale until the
  house is moved. Oglala Lakota College makes no warranties or representation expressed or implied
  concerning workmanship, materials, and products used within the dwelling.
                              (605) 455-6080 or (605)-455-6076

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