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									             Ashbury News
                    Issue 19                    Term 4                 7 November 2011

Dear Parents/Carers,                                     Students not returning to Ashbury
                                                         in 2012.
We have been very busy welcoming 2012                    So that our planning can be as
students to Ashbury Public School.                       effective as possible, if you know you
Orientation and Transition has now mostly                are moving or your child for other
taken place with only one more transition
session for our new students and parents.
                                                         reasons will not be returning to
I would like to take this opportunity to thank           Ashbury in 2012 (Not Year 6 2011)
our Office Staff Mrs Azzopardi, Mrs Tracy, Mrs           please send a letter to school
Brennan and Mrs Oakes for their behind the               informing us of the situation as soon
scenes work to get us organized for our new              as possible.
students. Also thanks to P&C and 2011 Kindy
parents who provided morning tea for our                 Values at Ashbury Public School
new families. Thanks also to all our staff who
have taken extra classes so that these                   Week 5: Fairness
Transition sessions are successful.                      Week 6: Cooperation
                                                         Week 7: Participation
Halloween Disco                                          Week 8: Caring/Sharing
                                                         Week 9: Democracy-Rights, Freedoms &
Thank you to the P&C for the great                       Responsibilities of being an Australian Citizen
Halloween Disco two weeks ago. Students
and parents enjoyed the disco and the                    Restorative Practice Training
fabulous BBQ. Special thanks to Carmella                  Tuesday 22 November 2011, Terry O’Connell will
Griffin for the organization, Kate O’Sullivan            be working with students, throughout the day at
for the BBQ, Catherine Walsh and Andy Muir               Ashbury, to skill students in better ways to
for the music and Isabelle Le Calvez and her             restore a positive relationship and resolve
decorating troop. The hall looked fabulous               conflict. Terry will also coordinate a staff training
and it was a great community night.                      session in the afternoon and a Parent Workshop
                                                         will be run at 7pm in the school hall. It is really
                                                         important that you make time to come along to
                                                         the parent workshop if you haven’t attended
                                                         these workshops in the past. Terry O’Connell has

                Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
done full Restorative Training at Ashbury Public         Teachers , parents and students have been
School in 2007 and 2009 previously. The secret to        discussing what direction Ashbury will take in the
success is for whole school training with parents        next 3 years (plan) in our teaching and learning,
also being trained so that school and home are           and particularly which direction for technology.
using the same language and same questioning             2/1M have been very vocal and I have included
methods to continue to develop a respectful              two letters from students.
culture where students take on responsibility for
their own learning and behaviour.

       Inner West Network Public Speaking
Congratulations to all of our speaking
representatives who competed at this next level.         ASHBURY PUBLIC SCHOOL
Well done to Michael P (Stage 1) and Jaslyn K            Year 2/1M
(Stage 2). Excellent results and a special               Ashbury Public School
congratulations to Oscar F (Early Stage 1)and            2 November 2011
Victoria L (Stage 3) who both were Highly
Commended.                                               Dear Mrs Shelley and Technology Team,

                                                         I am writing to you to improve technology. I feel
                                                         we need lots of Mac computers because our
                                                         computers are really old and slow and boring.
                                                         Children really like IPods and most children like
                                                         to play on them every day because they have
                                                         educational games. They have games like
                                                         Hangman and Smurfs.
Superstars and Pennants
                                                         We would like lots of games to make learning fun.
                                                         Please consider getting the school some new
                                                         computers for the classrooms.

                                                         From Ben
Congratulations to all of our pennant

winners Superstars are:

Mateus 1X
Annie C 4/3S                                             ASHBURY PUBLIC SCHOOL
Emma L 4FM                                               Year 2/1M
Maeve O 3S                                               Ashbury Public School
Carmen B 3S                                              2 November 2011
Benji K 6/5H
Jaison B 5/4D                                            Dear Mrs Shelley and Technology Team,
Emily W 5/4D                                             I’m writing this note to encourage you to give
Joel S 2R                                                more technology to the school. IPods and other

         Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
Apple products are not just all bout playing games        Who threw the stones?
and listening to music. That doesn’t help at all,         Giants
some games (or Apps) can help you learn and               Why?
improve your Maths or really any subjects. For            Because I was sick!
example you can use IBook for reading, you can
use a game called Smurfs that helps you add up            Emilia J 6/5L
and we can use that for Maths and you can use             I had a dream I was on a stage
Google for HSIE.                                          You ask me, why was I on a stage?
Please let the school get new Apple computers. Or         I was on a stage because I was performing
                                                          You ask me, what was I doing in a circus?
if not we would just be happy having at least 5 to
                                                          I was juggling, fire twirling around me
7 laptops in our classroom to use them in group           Carefully passing one flaming stick from one hand to
activities. I hope you will think about giving us         another
different platforms because we are already good at        You ask me, why was I in the circus?
using technology.                                         I was in the circus because that was my dream

Thanks for reading my letter                              Benji K 6/5H
                                                          Dream of a Tuna
From Sofia 2/1M                                           You ask me why I dream of a tuna?
                                                          I dream of a tuna because I wish to swim like a fish
Some poems written by the Enrichment                      Why do you want to swim like a fish?
Group                                                     Because I want to feel the water rush past me at fast
on the theme of Dreaming                                  Why water when there is air?
Michael L 6/5L                                            Because I wish to dodge the treacherous fishing nets
You ask me, what did I dream?                             that humans put out
I dreamt I was in Italy                                   Why do you want to dodge them?
You ask why was I in Italy?                               Because some day I will be caught
Because of all the beautiful churches and landmarks       Why do you wish to be caught?
You ask why are the churches beautiful?                   I want to know what it is like to be put in a squishy
Because people paint the walls?                           can
You ask why do they paint the walls?                      Why do you want to know what being squished in a
Because they want to make them look unique                can is like?
You ask why do they make them look unique?                So I can be in heaven and swim like a fish.
Because they want to attract people like me
                                                          Victoria L 6/5H
Isaac L 6/5A                                              I Dream of Dreaming
Stones                                                    I dream of dreaming
I had a dream stones were falling on my head              You ask me, what do you mean?
Why did you have a dream stones were falling on           You see I am different
your head?                                                You ask me, ‘cause you still don’t understand
Because I was panicked                                    I am constantly thinking
Why were you panicked?                                    Thinking, thinking, thinking
Because I was sick                                        I think of the time when dodo birds were around
Why were you sick?                                        I think of the time when aeroplanes will be round
Because I caught a cold                                   I think I am abnormal because I let my mind run so
Why did you catch a cold?                                 free
Because my friend had a cold                              But then again only black sheep like me
Why did your friend have a cold?                          Can think outside the box
I don’t know

          Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
See past what the eye can see                             great opportunity for about 30 students from
                                                          Stage 3 to be involved with the Enrichment
Ursula H 6/5A                                             Group. These groups give students
I Dream                                                   opportunities to work at a higher level and to
I dream that some day the wars will stop                  work on time management and
And my step dad will come home
                                                          communication skills. Mrs O’Reilly will be
To leave overseas and have a holiday with Mum and
me                                                        surveying students, teachers and parents to
No deaths or loss                                         ensure this program is meeting the desired
And no more worrying for their lives                      needs.
They may be fighting for our country
But I still miss him

Lucy P 6/5H
I had a dream of endless meadows
Daisies and buttercups; growing in rows
You ask me, why did I have this dream?
To have a getaway, calm and serene
To think, to daydream, to have some time
To get away from a world of crime
You ask me, why I like this place?
It has a great amount of grace
I can just sit and do nothing
Until my mind wanders to something…                       Ashbury students, teachers and parents are
You ask me, what this something is?                       working on an exciting launch for White Ribbon
And before you know it- in a whiz                         activities. The launch will take place at 9.15am
My mind goes back to reality                              on Friday 25 November in the hall and moving
But still I have this place in my memory                  out into the playground. We hope you can join us
                                                          for a short assembly.
Cody J 6/5H                                               The White Ribbon Project will focus on
I dreamt I was a girl
                                                          developing positive relationships. This work will
A fancy dress and a string of pearls
I had lashes full of mascara                              build on our Restorative Practice work where we
And funny shoes I bought from Prada                       give students strategies to develop positive
You ask me, why did I dream of this?                      relationships and also encouraging students to
Because I’m sick of all the sexists                       stand up as by-standers and to speak out. Not
Ladies first and boys are stronger                        Silent Not Violent. This work will also build on the
And men get teased when their hair is longer              Anti-bullying work we strive to embed in our
Males are considered to make more noise                   students to not stand-by but to speak up in all
I ask you this, what’s the difference between girls
and boys?
Girls can be very skilled at sports                       We are building a Peace Garden, featuring white
And boys can choose to wear short shorts                  flowers, where we hope all members of the
You ask me why I dreamt of this?                          school community will feel comfortable to sit
Because I can be quite sexist                             quietly and reflect.
                                                          Ashbury strives to support the development of
I would like to take this opportunity to thank            good citizens for the future.
Mrs O’Reilly who teaches the Enrichment
Groups and to thank the P&C for funding this

          Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
FREE TO A GOOD HOME                                       The Principal’s address in the school hall will be
On Tuesday afternoon, 8 November, some                    followed by morning tea with the Principal, Staff
small old student chairs will be placed near              and Prefects.
the bubblers. Please help yourself to these                           St George Girls High School
and take one or two home.                                                   Victoria Street
                                                                          Kogarah NSW 2217
                                                                      Phone: 9587 5902, 9587 4109
 Selective High Applications for Year 7

Application is required in November 2011 for                        P&C News November
parents or carers of Year 5 students who
wish their children to be considered for
placement in Year 7 at a Selective High
School in 2013.
Parents with internet access are requested
to apply online. Online applications will be
available from 24 October to 21                           Halloween Disco
November 2011.                                            Last Friday night the P&C held its annual
Application information is available on the               Halloween Disco. It was a great night, with so
internet at :                                             many families coming along to enjoy a BBQ
www.schools.nsw.edu.au/shsplacement                       dinner and the disco. The children really
For parents without internet access,                      enjoy the opportunity to socialise outside of
application forms will be available in schools,           the regular school hours – as do the parents!
school education group offices and some                   It’s also a fundraising opportunity for our
state office locations from 25 October 2011               school and this year we made over $2500. An
                                                          incredible effort!

                                                          The P&C would like to thank Carmella Griffin
                                                          for doing an amazing job coordinating this
                                                          event for us. We would like to thank Kate
                                                          O’Sullivan for the BBQ, Andy Muir and
         St George Girls High School                      Catherine Walsh for the music and Isabelle
                                                          Le Calvez for the amazing decorations in the
  An academically selective high school for girls.        Hall. Thanks to Jo Cory and Jane Sheldon for
                                                          organising the money side of things.
Applications for entry to selective high schools
                                                          Also a big thank you to all the parent
are to be forwarded to primary school principals
                                                          volunteers – there are so many of you who
by 18 November 2011.
                                                          gave your time to help out on Friday night.
Interested parents and prospective students of Year       We couldn’t possibly do these types of events
7, 2013 are invited to visit St George Girls High         without our amazing parent community.
School commencing at 9.30am on Thursday 3
November 2011.                                            Kindy 2012 Orientation
                                                          Thank you to all the Kindergarten parents
                                                          who provided Morning Tea for our new

          Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
families at the Kindy 2012 Orientation Day. It
is an exciting time for new families entering
our school and we thank you for making them

International Teachers’ Day
On 19 October the P&C put on a breakfast for
our wonderful teachers and staff to celebrate
International Teachers’ Day and to say
“Thank you”. We are so fortunate at our
school to have such a dedicated and
committed staff looking after our children. We            35 Brighton Ave Croydon Park (Opp Pure Gelato)
appreciate all the effort that is put in everyday                        2-6year age group
by all the teachers and staff at Ashbury.                                 7.30am-6.00pm
Thank you!
                                                                Extensive School Readiness Program
                                                                   Phonics and Number learning
P&C Budget Meeting
If you are interested in where your P&C                                Teacher Qualified Staff
money goes, or have a great idea for                             Large Natural Outdoor Playground
fundraising or spending money, then please                           Nutritious Meals Provided
come along to the P&C Budget Meeting                                    Family Run Business
which will be held on Tuesday 29 November                            ENROL NOW FOR 2012!!!
in the staff room at 7pm.                                              Places are filling fast!
                                                                             9716 8832
This year we have raised just over $50,000                        enquiries@seedlingkids.com.au
thanks in most part to the fantastic Fete                            www.seedlingkids.com.au
efforts, and also the family donations,
Walkathon, Mothers’ Day stall and the Disco.
The P&C has spent money this year on hall
curtains, interactive white boards and other
resources for the school.

Next meeting
Don’t forget that there is a meeting this
                                                             Inner West Music College
Tuesday night, 8 November, at 7pm in the                              Piano and Guitar Time!!
staffroom. Hope to see you there.
                                                              ♪ Friendly, Fun & Qualified Teachers ♪

                                                                           T: 9799 7877
                                                                 Studio: 6 Lackey St, Summer Hill

         Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
                                                              Ashbury Public School Band

                                                         WHAT’S NEXT
                                                         Musicale is on Wednesday 9 November at
                                                         7pm at CHP RSL Club. Tickets have to be
                                                         pre-purchased and will not be available at the
                                                         door. Come along and enjoy Ashbury’s
    Ashbury Art Class                                    Musicale!
 Art class Term 4 starts on
  Tuesday 11th October 2011.                             Badge Exams
Have fun, be creative and try                            Students will be undertaking badge exams
       new techniques.                                   this term. The dates set aside are 28, 29
          Stage 2-6.                                     November and 9, 13 and 14 December.
 Enquires: Tracy Arundel BA Vis Com
                    (Hons).                              Year 2 Information Night
   m: 0415 716539 (after 4 .pm).                         Every year an information night is held for
                                                         Year 2 and any other students above year 2
                                                         who are interested in joining the band
Ashfield Council- Inner West Settlement                  program. On the night, Mr Isaac explains the
Grants Program                                           band program and students get the chance to
Information and assistance for the settlement            try out instruments to see what they might like
needs of newly arrived migrants living in the            to play. The Year 2 Information Night is
Inner West.                                              being held at 7.30 pm on 14th November. All
The Settlement Service provides information              welcome.
and referral about:
Education & training
Family Issues
Other settlement related issues
                                                              Important dates for the diary
Telephone Monday 9am-4pm 97161871
Face to face appointments;                                Wed 9th - Musicale (CHPRSL) - volunteers
Wednesdays 10am-4pm                                       will be needed to transport instruments
at Ashfield Civic Centre                                  Mon 14th -Yr 2 Information Night
260 Liverpool Rd, Ashfiled                                28, 29 Nov- Badge Exams
PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR OUR                                  9, 13, 14 Dec - Badge Exams
SCHOOL, If you see anything unusual or                    Sat 10th - Carols at St Matts
                                                          Wed 15th - End of year Party
suspicious please call:
Ashfield Police on 9797 4099 or
School Security on 1300 880 021

         Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
                                                       Thursday     1  December-1.30pm-
    Dates for your Diary
                                                       Stage 1 concert
Term 4
                                                       Mon 5 December- High School
Monday     7     Nov-7pm-    Band
                                                       Orientation Day
Committee Meeting
                                                       Thursday 8 December-10.30am-12pm
Tuesday 8 Nov-7pm- P&C Meeting
                                                       Ashbury K-6 Presentation Day at CHP
Wednesday 9 Nov-7pm Musicale at                        RSL Club
CHP RSL Club Canterbury Rd                             Friday 9 December-6pm-9pm- Year
Thursday 10 Nov-9.30-10.30am-                          6 Farewell in Ashbury School Hall
Third Transition Session-                              Saturday 10 December- St Matt’s
Tuesday 15 Nov- 1pm- 3/2W                              Christmas Carols
attending the Bridge Artwork                           Monday 12 December- Picnic Day
Project launch at Hurlstone Park                       and Disco (K-2)
Station                                                Tuesday 13 Dec-Ashbury Chess
Wed 16 Nov- Premiers Spelling Bee                      Tournament Day
Finals at ABC Studio- Congratulations
                                                       Tuesday 13 Dec-7pm 2011 Final
Emily W who will        represent     Sydney
                                                       P&C Meeting
Region Stage 2.
Wed 16 Nov-India Calling end of                        Friday 16 December- Last day for
year celebration at Cronulla
                                                       Mon 19 and Tuesday 20 Dec- School
Tuesday     22    Nov- Restorative
                                                       Development Days for Staff-
Practice    Training    with    Terry
O’Connell- students and teachers
                                                       Term 1 2012
training   during    the    day-7pm-                   Friday 27 Jan 2012-School Development
Evening parent workshop                                Day (Teachers only return)
Friday 25 Nov- White Ribbon launch                     Monday 30 Jan- Years 1-6 return to
at Ashbury Public School                               school; 2012 Kindy Picnic at Lees Park
                                                       Tues 31 Jan & Wed 1 Feb- 2012
Mon 28 Nov-7pm- Final School
                                                       Kindergarten start school
Council Meeting for 2011-may be
                                                       Wednesday        8       February-Ashbury
changed (TBC)                                          Swimming Carnival at Ashfield Pool
Tuesday 6 December- 10.35am- Thank
you Morning Tea for Scripture Teachers                 Sue Shelley             Principal
and school volunteers- changed from 29
Nov due to proposed Industrial Action                  Newsletters at

       Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089
Ashbury Public School * Trevenar Street * Ashbury 2193 * Phone 9798 4509 * Fax 9716 8089

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