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									National eProcurement Strategy
      Challenges in Implementation
(   eGP Platform - Functionalities & Innovations)
                    Dated 28/11/2006

                                                Presented by :
                                                Sh. T.A.Khan,
                                         Deputy Director General,
                                       National Informatics Centre
       Presentation Outline

   Scope / Procurement Functionalities
   Solution Features / Security Aspects
   Implementation Platform
   Business Process Re-engineering
   NIC’s experience in Implementation
Scope / Procurement functionalities
     Pre-Notice Inviting Tender Approval Process
         • Online User-request/ Indent Generation
         • Tender Proposal
         • Technical Specs formation
         • General Terms and Conditions
     Publishing of NIT
     Pre-Bid Conference
     Online Bid Submission
     Bid Opening & Evaluation
         •   Secure Bid Opening
         •   Technical Bid Evaluation
         •   Financial Bid Evaluation
         •   Online Comparative charts
     Award of Contract
         • Rate Contract / Empanelment
         • Purchase Order / Work Order
    eProcurement Solution at NIC
Indent            Tender             Bidding                Evaluation
  New Indent      Tender Creation   Tender Document          Pre-Qualification
  Generation                           Download

Indent Approval   Tender Approval   Pre-Bid Clarification

                     Tender             Payment of             Commercial
                    Publishing       Tender Fee/ EMD           Evaluation

                                                                Award of
                   Corrigendum        Bid Submission          Contract / PO

                                    * Bidder Process
          Solution Features

• Authentic & Secure Login
• Buyer & Vendor specific Dashboard
• Privilege Access Mapping – Buyer User Specific
• Digital Signing & Verification
• Payment Gateway Integration
• Encryption & Decryption of Bids
• Audit Trail
                  Security Aspects
The security features incorporated in the application ensure that:

 •   Activities are logged in with date & time stamp.
 •   No unauthorized person has access to data.
 •   Sensitive data is Encrypted.
 •   System can be restored in a minimal possible time in
     case of a disaster or system crash.
 •   128 bit SSL Certificate for communication between the
     browser and the web server.
         NIC’s Implementation
Functionalities/ features operationalized
     • Creation of Indent , creation/configuration of Tender with GTC, STC, Vendor Eligibility etc
     • Electronic publishing of NIT and Tender document
     • Bidder Registration, Login and Bid preparation, document upload
     • Bid submission, with online payment of Tender Fee/ EMD
     • Bid Opening and Decryption, visible to all bidders
     • Simultaneous Bid Evaluation of an open tender - Technical/Financial.
     • Integration of three DSC CAs (NIC, TCS and nCode Solutions) and three banks (Bank of
       India, PNB & ICICI Bank).
     • Matching & Negotiation facilities
     • Rate Contract / Empanelment and generation of Purchase Orders
     • Server side PKI validation
     • Facility for fetching the audit trails and it’s use through an MIS
     • Automatic mail alerts to vendors/approvers/bid openers etc

  Other Activities in Progress :
    • Enabling e-Payment/refunds through PAOs – being persued with CGA
    • Creation of Disaster Recovery and Data Centre facilities
Implementation Platform
   Deployment Architecture
              Implementation Platform ..contd
                 Application Architecture

                               Identity Based Authentication

                                                                              Role Based User Access
              PKI (Dig Sign)

                                                               Web Server


  Firewall                                                                                              Reports Engine     Server

Suppliers /
External                                                                                                 Server

        Presentation Layer                                                  Business Logic Layer
 Business Process Re-engineering - Approach

Organization redesign
Obj: Improved administration, efficiency and management of work
           -Separate Tender Section [To carry out all the tender management activities]

           -Reorganization of Purchase Section [ alignment as per Products and Services]

Reduction in Process Steps
Obj: Saves costs, time and redundancy; improves efficiency and purchase turnaround
           -Request directly to SO (Stores) instead of HOD (Stores and Purchase)

           -Any document to initiate with S0 (Purchasing) instead of HOD (Stores and Purchase)

           -Any document to IFS to go directly to SO (IFS) instead of AFA

           -TEC report to flow directly to SO (Tender) after DG’s approval

Unified Organization wide item codification
Obj: To increase visibility in the procurement process and increase strategic compliance
            -To be used across applications

Committee Formation
Obj: Streamlining of the committees and defining their roles in the e-Procurement system
           -System would aid DG in formation of the committees (Through Employee list, roles and
           -Reasonable limit to the number of committees one could be part of.
   Business Process Re-engineering - Approach

     Automation of Processes
     Obj: Cycle time reduction
         -Collaborative tools to minimize evaluation cycle time
         -PKI enablement
         -Parameterization of tender specifications to enable automated evaluation
     Signing, Encryption and Authentication
     Obj: Security enablement
         - The application supports the industry standard for security i.e. signing and
         - The application supports two factor authentication: one based on credentials
         maintained by application and the other based on the credentials provided
         through digital certificates
         - Digital signing, encryption and time stamping for bid submission by vendors
         - Interoperability of Digital Certificates by all approved CAs under CCA of India

      e-Payment Activities
     Obj: Improving transactional effectiveness & cash flows, reduction in customer staff
interactions & cycle time, and easy-to-use and efficient means of payment.
   Business Process Re-engineering - Approach
                         Unified Organisationwide Itemcodification
Category Category                  Sub            Sub      Type        Type        Item         Item
Code                               Category       Category Code        Description Code         Description
                                   Code                                                         (Tender)


     200 Communication &
         Network Equipments
     300 (200-299)

     400 Infra-strcuture
     600 Office Items, Office
         Equipment & Equipment
     800 Supplies

     900 Books Publications &
         Library Related

Example :
     101 Servers          101005 Rackmount         101005001 Rackmount Server RS-1U   101005001001   Intel-One Processor Server 1U

     316 Image editing    316004 Remote            316004001 Image Processing          316004001001 Image Processing Software
         Softwares               Sensing                     Software                               For Remote Sensing Satellite
                                 Satallite Data                                                     Data Processing For Ms
                                 Processing                                                         Windows
   Business Process Re-engineering - Approach
             (e-Payment Framework)
Obj: Improving transactional effectiveness & cash flows, reduction in customer staff
interactions & cycle time, and easy-to-use and efficient means of payment.
Process Regulator : RBI
Integration of Multiple Payment gateways - ICICI Bank , BOI and PNB
 (Direct Debit Mode : URL based post request which is a standard and secure way of
communication between two internet applications )

The participating banks offer
         Secure Internet Banking services to their customers,
         Secure Payment gateway services,
         Integration with RBI’s RTGS platform for inter-bank funds transfer.
Charges :
Suppliers : No extra charges in case of direct debit account
         No RTGS Charges
         No extra cost for transactions
         Status Quo maintained ( Transaction costs based on Agency transaction
         rules as per RBI guidelines)
Business Process Re-engineering - Approach
     Steps in the eReceipt Process : Direct Debit
NIC’s Experience in Implementation
   Functionality / Scope
         Creation of Indent
         Tender Preparation
          Bidding
          Evaluation
   Parallel Run
   Items / Services
          Open / Limited Tenders
          Bulk Procurement / Small Procurement
          Rate Contract / Single Purchase Order
          Product / Services
   Process change (BPR)
         Standardisation of Tender documents
         Automation of evaluation process
         Vendor developments , Registration etc
         Internal Process change adoption
         Procurement procedure change notification
         Vendor Preparedness
         Incentives to Vendors for using eProcurement system
NIC’s Experience in Implementation

 PKI Integration
    Need for standard interface between CA and Application
     DSC Usage / Fee

 Payment Gateway Integration
     Need for standard inteface between Payment Gateway and Application
     Last minute submission of bids by Vendors
     Unsuccessful Payments
     Payment Reconciliation
     Options for conventional payment
 Security Audit
 Audit Trail
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