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                                                             EVENTS CALENDAR
                          Last year was a big year for
                          NovaLash. We decided as a
                          company that many changes
                          were to be made, many new           March 16
                          avenues were to be pursued          Bellus Industry Appreciation Par ty in San Diego, CA
                          and many new faces were to
                          be added to our team. I am          March 20
                          happy to announce that we           Advanced Training Seminar in Houston, TX
                          have successfully done all of
                          the above! The eyelash ex-          March 27
                          tension industry is still a baby    Advanced Training Seminar in Las Vegas, NV
                          compared to the other sectors
                          of the beauty industry, so we
still have a long way to go, but each day the industry is
expanding exponentially!
                                                             MARCH SPECIAL
This past year NovaLash has won 3 awards, started dis-
tribution in 4 other countries, launched a lash extension
curriculum for beauty schools, participated in Fashion
Week and Super Bowl events, trained thousands of new
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lash artists and are looking forward to launching new
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products, new client programs and more.
                                                                                           Promote your salon &
NovaLash wouldn’t be where we are today without my                                            novalash services!
amazing girls here at the corporate headquarters. I am
blessed to have such a dedicated, hardworking staff who
love the beauty industry and truly care about the future
of lash extensions. I want to thank everyone who has
helped NovaLash expand and succeed including my lov-         SPEND $250 OR MORE
ing, supportive family, our trade publicist Joni Rae & As-   FREE pack of postcards &
sociates, LaunchPad Magazine, Modern Salon, American         FREE pot of natural curl .25 lashes
Spa, Mike Nave, Bellus Academy, AWSP, Virtuoso Graph-        Pick your length and start lashin’ away!
ics, Looper, Reed & McGraw, all of our wonderful trainers,
talented lash artists and beautiful lash fanatics.                                       SPEND $500 OR MORE
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I wish you all much success this month and highly suggest                     FREE pot of mint chocolate chip
taking advantage of the amazing specials we are offering                                 CANDIED LASHES!
right now!!                                                                           Perfect for St. Patty’s Day
                                                                                             & Mardi Gras Yay!
               Best Lashes,

                                                                 Offers only redeemable through phone orders.
                          Sophy Merszei
                          President of NovaLash, Inc.
                      LASH ARTIST OF THE MONTH

           Marilyn Burr
                                       Beyond Beauty Essence
Wo o d l a n d H i l l s , C A
                                                            Last November, Marilyn opened her own salon in
                         20 years after college in
                         Corporate Finance with a           Today she has a small, warm and comfortable salon
                         Masters in Finance. During         for her clients to enjoy and is now a proud business
                         that time she realized her         owner.
                         true passion was helping
                         others look good. Marilyn          Marilyn’s celebrity clients include Tatyana Ali, Julie
                         was also intrigued with            Newmar, Tami Erin and top media including Giuliana
                         Beauty. She was always             Rancic’s Fab Fit Fun editor-in-chief and editors from
                         helping her friends with           Beauty LaunchPad Magazine. Marilyn was selected as
makeup and eyelashes, especially with the eyelashes.        a top lash artist to represent NovaLash at Fashion
                                                            Week Miami Beach and as a Celebrity Choice Salon
Marilyn decided 6 years ago to make a huge ca-              at Super Bowl 2011 in Dallas.
reer change from Finance to Beauty and put herself
through beauty school in the evenings to receive her        Thank you for representing the NovaLash family on
esthetician license. All through school she was known
as the Lash Queen; everyone in school had gorgeous
lashes due to her.
                                                            For more information about Marilyn Burr visit
After she passed her state board she immediately  
started renting a room in a salon in Tarzana, California.
She also started taking continuous education courses
on skin and that’s when she found Novalash Eyelash
Extensions. After practicing on all her old classmates
she built up a decent clientele just for eyelash exten-
sions. After some time 65% of her business was eye-
lash extensions.

take the advanced training class with Sophia Navarro
to learn how to become an even better extensionist.
She learned how to speed up her application time,
apply bottom lashes and candied lashes, and was now
recognized as an advanced lash artist on the Nova-
Lash website.
                  Alicia Hunter has established herself in the entertainment industry as the go-to lash
Alicia Hunter     artist in Miami, NYC and Atlanta. She has participated in Fashion Week Miami
                  Beach, New York Fashion Week and Super Bowl 2011. Her celebrity clients include
                  professional athlete’s wives, international supermodels, fashion designers and more.
                  At Super Bowl she lashed girls from InTouch Magazine & a few pro wives!
                  Alicia graduated from Palm Beach Academy of Heath & Beauty with an esthetician
                  license in 2003. She took her basic training with Novalash in 2006, started her own
                  lash business in 2007 and took her advanced training in 2010. She has been featured
                  in Good Housekeeping, Beauty LaunchPad and more. Keep an eye on her as she
                  continues to lash red carpet beauties around the country!
                  Private Appointments Only

Joanna Roche      Joanna is originally from Newfoundland Canada, and moved to Orange County
                  eight years ago from Vancouver. She moved to the states and started working in

                  order to never work another day of her life. She started her own airbrush tanning
                  business and then explored into the eyelash extensions. She took her basic training
                  course in 2007 and her advanced training course in Vegas with Sophia Navarro in
                  June 2010.

                  “I fell in love… it was an art I wanted to perfect... especially after seeing what other
                  tions. I can say that I love what I do and it never feels like work.”
                  TEK Salon & Spa in Costa Mesa, CA

Michelle Mirizio
                Michelle is originally a Jersey girl but now resides in Palm Beach, FL where she
                owns a cosmetic distributing company called Let’s Talk Makeup. She is a NovaLash
                instructor and also is Frederic Fekkai’s exclusive lash artist. She has participated in
                Fashion Week Miami Beach, Super Bowl 2011 and even traveled to the Cayman Is-
                lands to represent NovaLash.
                Michelle attended Madison Beauty School in New Jersey and started with NovaLash
                in 2006. She has been featured in Simply The Best magazine for her lash artistry and
                continues to travel from Orlando to Miami teaching new lash artists the NovaLash
                technique -- she’s taught over 100 classes in her career!
                Frederic Fekkai in Palm Beach, FL
Kelly Bosset   Kelly has been privately trained by Sophia Navarro and works at The Lash Co.
               as one of Sophia’s highly talented lash artists. She has over 3 years of experience
               and specializes in working with all lash types. Kelly’s greatest accomplishment is
               being able to deliver a customized look to cancer survivors and clients who have
               suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy.
               Kelly’s lash art has been featured in international beauty magazines and her clients
               include models, recording artists, and even Sophy Merszei herself! Kelly has also

               for the white ads. She was lash artist of the month in 2010 and participated in
               multiple events with NovaLash - most recently she lashed away in our celebrity
               suite at Super Bowl.

Aimee Costales
               Aimee started her career in the beauty industry very early; her parents owned a sa-
               lon. A friend encouraged her to learn how to do lashes because she loved working

               Atlanta in 2006 with Joanne Douglas. She continued her lash career by signing up
               for an advanced training seminar with Sophia Navarro in 2009.
               “That was such a positive step into perfecting my craft. Anyone who has not trained
               with her should.She gave me alot of valuable information about the how to in every
               aspect of this business!” Aimee said.

               southeast. She participated in Fashion Week Miami Beach & Super Bowl 2011 and
               is now a guest expert advice columnist for the NovaLash NewsfLASH.
               Ageless Aesthetics in Fayettville, GA

Whitney Mullins
               After having her own eyelashes extended and seeing the amazing difference Whit-

               She was named lash artist of the month in June 2010 and has been featured in Santa
               Rosa magazine and Shop SoCa for her lashin’ skills. She participated in Fashion
               Week Miami Beach & Super Bowl 2010 as our go-to celebrity salon in Santa Rosa.
               With an eye for style and detail as well as a perfectionist by nature this allows her to
               style your lashes beautifully taking into consideration your eye and eyebrow shape
               to give you that full, lush and simply spectacular set of lashes!
               Lash Out in Santa Rosa
Advice from a
Lash Expert
                             Aimee Costales
Is it really important to keep all the
                                                                 Before Separation
lashes and extensions separated?
Absolutely it is! The health of our clients natural lashes
should be the most important goal of any and every lash
When the lashes are left stuck together it will pull out the

and separate them continually as you are adding exten-
sions paying close attention to those little anagen lashes
that are just coming in.
If a longer extension is accidently attached to a neighbor-
ing short, natural lash it will cause the extension to pull on
the natural lash and potentially fall out prematurely. This
creates gaps in your client’s lashes and not only will your
                                                                 After Separation
you to create a full lash look when the client comes back
for a touch-up.
Any two, or sometimes more, extensions that become
stuck together are separated by gently grasping each ex-
tension with separate tweezers and applying horizontal
pressure to detach them from each other. Separation is
done in “rounds” at least 4 times during an application.
Not only does separation ensure that every natural lash
is free to grow and stay healthy, it ensures that every eye-
lash gets bonded.
We need healthy lashes to apply extensions and we also
want to keep our valuable clients happy and beautiful--
because isn’t that our goal?
     SEPARATION            STEP

                                             QUICK TIPS

 3 TYPES OF STICKING                         Start at outer corner and work inward
  extension to extension                     towards the nose, systematically check-
                                             ing each lash from root to tip.
  extension to natural lash
  natural lash to natural lash

  whenever it becomes difficult to isolate
  a natural lash.
  several times (at least 3 or 4 rounds)
                                             mediately separate the two. Continue
  during the application procedure.          checking each lash one by one.

  from root-to-tip. Check the root of the
  lash all the way down to the skin for
  when you are unable to run the tips of
  your tweezers through the lashes from
  root to tip.
  when extensions and/or eyelashes that      To ensure that extensions are not stuck
                                             to the sticker, gently lift all the lashes/
  are stuck to each other become evident.    extensions with the straight tweezers.

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