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									                            Michigan Department of Management and Budget
                            Mitch Irwin, Director
                            “We envision a DMB that provides exceptional business services and
                             is a catalyst for innovation in government”

                                            Director’s Office
The Director’s Office provides management oversight, strategic planning, public information, budget
development and legislative affairs to the department.
                       Mitch Irwin, Director; Connie Shutes, Assistant: 517-373-0666
                       Chief Deputy Director, Phyllis Mellon: 517-373-0666
                       Director’s/Deputy Director’s Administrative Assistant, Patty Russ: 517-373-6741
                       Strategic Planning, Kathe Rushford Carter: 517-373-1004
                       Legislative Liaison, Sergio Paneque: 517-373-1004
                       Public Information, Bridget Medina: 517-373-1004
                       Budget Officer, Sue Horvath: 517-373-2614

                                         Audit Services Bureau
Audit Services conducts financial and operational audits and internal control reviews of DMB offices,
programs and business processes, including the Offices of the State Budget, State Employer, and
Children's Ombudsman. The bureau’s mission is to improve the accountability for public funds, the
internal control structure of the Department, and the overall effectiveness of DMB programs/operations.
Through administrative partnership agreements, they also provide all internal audit services to the
Departments of Information Technology and Treasury.
                        Mike Gilliland, Director; Jeanette Doll, Assistant: 517-241-9248
                        Information Technology Audits, John Juarez: 517-241-2713
                        Treasury Audit Division, John Nuyen: 517-335-0972

                                          Acquisition Services
Acquisition Services provides strategic and tactical services to the selection, procurement, transport,
warehousing and surplus of state properties. Additional support is provided to the State Administrative
Board and local governments, school districts, state colleges and universities, and non-profit hospitals.
                      Sean Carlson, Director; Diana Hayter, Assistant: 517-373-0300
                      Tactical Purchasing, Jim Konrad: 517-373-0315
                      Strategic Business Development, Tony DesChenes: 517-373-9417
                      Logistics, Gayle Pratt: 517-322-5003

                                            Agency Services
Agency Services supplies state agencies, colleges and universities with print and graphic, mainframe
printing, mailing and publication services. The Vehicle Services division manages fleet operations,
including ordering of new vehicles and fuel and servicing of state vehicles. The Travel Services unit
provides cost effective, timely and safe travel accommodations for state agency business travelers.
                       Joyce Van Coevering, Director; Geneva Hawthorne, Assistant: 517-322-5871
                       Operations, William SaintAmour: 517-322-5825
                       Vehicle and Travel Services, Steven Cheal: 517-636-6023
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                                            Financial Services
Financial Services offers a broad range of services to DMB operating units, including accounting services,
procurement, financial analysis, business planning, management level reporting, performance
measurement and management, automated billings, data collection and interfaces, and contract/lease
management. Financial Services also serves an audit liaison function with the Auditor General’s office.
                       Howard Pizzo, Director; Judy Thelen, Assistant: 517-335-3746
                       Fiscal Management, Patricia Lack: 517-241-2155
                       Operations, David Quigley: 517-322-6673

                                            Office of Facilities
The Office of Facilities is responsible for state government buildings and grounds, capital investment,
maintenance planning, maintenance, facility design and construction management services to state
agencies, colleges and universities. In addition, Infrastructure Services manages occupancy of state
owned and leased facilities, security and parking services.
                        Okey Eneli, Director; Karen Deering, Assistant: 517-373-3670
                        Capital Renewal, Joette Woodard-Yauk: 517-241-4492
                        Design and Construction, Tom Kane: 517-373-6311
                        Operations, Keith Paasch: 517-373-0185
                        Tenant Services, Joe Ostrowski: 517-241-4221

                                        Organizational Services

Organizational Services provides services important to employment in DMB and overall skill development
and growth. This includes traditional human resource services such as recruitment, classification, payroll
and benefits and labor relations services. The Organizational Development division provides employee
training services, safety and health programs and internal communication tools. The office is responsible
for maintenance of the department’s web site and the state’s Administrative Guide to State Government.
                       Rose Wilson, Director; Pam Nemanis, Assistant: 517-373-0219
                       Human Resources, Ann Kroneman: 517-373-1000
                       Organizational Development, Tim McCormick: 517-335-5283
                       Organizational Review, Dave Winters: 517-241-0654

                                          Retirement Services
Retirement Services administers retirement programs for Michigan’s state employees, public school
employees, judges, and state police.
                     Chris DeRose, Director; Terry Jacobson, Assistant 517-322-6235
                     Operations, Phil Stoddard: 517-322-1145
                     Customer Service, Laurie Hill: 517-322-6088

                                     Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management oversees DMB’s strategic space planning and real estate functions. In
addition, the State Building Authority is the state’s primary vehicle for financing major capital outlay
                       Tom Saxton, Director; Debbie Sanchez, Assistant: 517-373-3806
                       State Building Authority, Debbie Roberts: 517-241-2432
                       Real Estate, Joe Chin: 517-335-6877
                       Strategic Development, Vacant: 517-373-3806

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