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					                                      Edible Maps of Georgia!
Teacher Education Candidate                                           Supervising Teacher
Deida Thompson
                                                                Geneva Crownhart

School: University of West Georgia        Date of Implemented Lesson Plan: April 7, 2009

Block No.II     Subject: Social Studies (Map Skills)     Grade Level: 2nd

Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson: Developing Thinking and Ability

                                                                Stage 1 The Desired Results
Standards                     GPS    SS2G1. The student will locate major topographical features of Georgia and will
                                     describe how these features define Georgia’s surface.
                                     a. Locate all the geographic regions of Georgia: Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont,
                                     Coastal Plain, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau.
                                     b. Locate the major rivers: Ocmulgee, Oconee, Altamaha, Savannah, St. Mary’s,
                                     Chattahoochee, and Flint.

                            NCSS     NSS-G.K-12.2 Places and Regions
                                     Students should understand that people create regions to interpret Earth's
Specific Learning Objective(s)       The students will be able to identify the five geographic regions and the seven
                                     major rivers of Georgia.

                                                                Stage 2 Assessment Evidence
 Assessment Instrument               Students will create and describe an edible map of Georgia that contains the five
(Ex. Test, Poster, Presentation,     regions of Georgia, and the seven major rivers.
Picture, etc.)
 Evaluation (Grading) Instrument     The Edible maps will be evaluated based on a checklist. (see attached).
(Ex. Point System, Rubric,
Checklist, etc.)
                                                                   Stage 3 Learning Plans
Materials                            Dough (made ahead of time from dry milk, peanut butter, and corn syrup)
                                     M&Ms, chocolate chips, green sprinkles, blue icing, black icing,
                                     Toothpick flags with the names of the seven rivers
                                     Directions handout (is also the checklist)
                                     Topographical maps of Georgia to use as reference
Sequence of Teacher Actions          Teacher will start by reviewing what we have already learned about the seven
                                     rivers of Georgia, and the five geographical regions.
                                     Next, teacher will explain that we are going to make a map of Georgia to practice
*Tie to Previous Learning            labeling all of the rivers and geographic rivers, BUT we will be able to eat this
*Significant Actions to Introduce
  and Guide Lesson                   Teacher will provide each student with the handout and go over the directions on
                                     the sheet, having students draw the examples on the white board. Teacher will
                                     provide each of the students the materials needed and allow them to begin.

                                     During the course of this activity, teacher will monitor student progress, asking
                                     questions to test student knowledge of the topic.
Sequence of Student Actions          Students should participate in the class discussion over the topographical features
                                     of Georgia and follow along as the directions are provided.
*Explain How Students Are
  Engaged During Lesson              Students should create the edible map by following all directions, interacting with
                                     peers as necessary to complete the assignment.
* Explain How Students Discuss
  or Present Results of What         Before students will be allowed to eat their maps, they will have to describe their
  They Did During the Lesson         map to the teacher, while the teacher completes the checklist evaluation.

                                     Next, the students will eat…Yummy!

Teacher’s Lesson Closure/Wrap-       Ticket-at-the-door: Students must answer a lesson related questions before lining
Up/Transition                        up to leave for specials.
                                     Name the 5 geographic regions, Name 3 of the major rivers in Georgia, etc.

Adaptations for Exceptional          For my student with food allergies: provided graham crackers and white icing
Students (Anyone who requires        instead of dough, separate containers of icing and sprinkles, sweet tart hearts to be
modifications for their needs)       used as the mountains, and skittles to be used in place of M&Ms.

                                     Gifted Students: Will be asked to identify two additional features they would add
                                     to their maps.

                                     Students who need additional help completing the assignment will be monitored
                                     closely by the teacher, and will have peer assistance available to them.
Related Activities/Extensions        Students who need additional activities related to this lesson can practice labeling
(What can students do who need       the regions of Georgia, and the seven major rivers on blank printable maps.
more than is in the lesson? Should
be related to lesson.)
Connections to Other Disciplines     None

Submit Lesson Plan Agenda with this Lesson Plan
EQ: How can we create our own maps to represent the geographical regions and rivers of
1. What are the five regions of Georgia? How are they different from each other?
2. What region of Georgia do we live in?
3. What are the seven major rivers of Georgia and where are they located?

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