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_________________________is the process of sending and receiving messages
in a manner that is clearly understood.

__________________________helps us to confirm understanding of our

A ______________________or an interference to the communication process is
any obstacle that gets in the way of effective communication. This is also
referred to as noise.

Name the 5 types of language:

When choosing the type of language (formal, informal, or technical) to use in a
communication situation, the speaker should consider the _________________

Speakers should consider both the ________________ and ________________
of words when choosing the appropriate language for a message.

Intimate space is ____________ inches.

Personal space is ___________ feet.

______________________ communication has more impact than verbal
communication. It should support the message you are sending. It expresses
most accurately your attitudes or moods about a person, situation, or idea.

Name 3 Effective listening skills

Name 5 types of listening:

Members of organizations can present their ideas during a formal meeting by
presenting a motion to the presiding officer.

Members of cohesive groups work together toward the same ______________.
Groups are important in a democratic society because they help us to become
effective citizens. They give each of us an equal opportunity to speak and

__________________________is an effective process for coming up with new

Appropriate participation in a conversation includes thinking before ___________
watching for ________________ clues that indicate a person has finished
speaking, listening to what other speakers say.

A ______________________ discussion provides everyone equal status in the
group discussion.

A __________________discussion takes place in front of an audience.

A good leader motivates members, delegates, allows all members to take part in
the decision making process, and listens.

An impartial person who organizes a discussion is called a _________________

_________________________________is the term used for labeling a person in
a group based on a preconceived idea as to what that group represents.

Stage fright can best be overcome by ___________________. This includes
research and practice.

An _______________________should be used to help you develop your ideas
into a logical form.

Name the 5 patterns of organization for a speech:

Speeches can be informative, __________________ and inspirational.

Your first step in preparing a speech should be to analyze the _______________,
purpose, and occasion.

Name the three major parts of every speech:

A speaker gains the audience’s attention primarily during the ________________
of the speech.
A connecting device that leads the listener from one idea to the next is called a

The ______________________________ includes a final summary of the main
points of the speech.

Information based on _________________or more sources is more likely to
reflect a broad perspective on the topic.

For current topics your best sources are _________________________.

Expressing or interpreting something in different words is known as

A process or __________________________ speech explains how something is

A ____________________________ speech is intended to cause the audience to
change their mind or take action on an issue.

The primary goal of the informative speech is to _______________.

Peer evaluations should focus on the _________________________, not the

One of the best ways to evaluate your own speech is to ___________________
it and watch it with an objective viewpoint.

Three Latin words are used to refer to the types of appeals a speaker may use in
a speech. The are pathos (emotional), logos (logical), and ethos (ethical).

Prior to the job interview you should __________________ the company.
___________________your answers to expected questions. Dress
____________________for the interview. Arrive on __________. Come
prepared with all documents. This helps you to begin the interview with a good
impression on the interviewer.

At the beginning of the interview you should address the interviewer by name,
introduce yourself, shake hands firmly with the interviewer, and make direct eye

After the interview you should write a ____________________________.

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