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					Interoperability between people,
   organisations, regions and
             Middle East TETRA Conference
                    Dubai May 2004
                    Risto Toikkanen
Various dimensions of Interoperability
  - Global issues in Public Safety & Security

  Organisational interoperability
    – Between agencies/organisations
    – Between people
  Regional interoperability
    – Between regions
    – Across national borders
  Technical interoperability
    – Between equipment
Organisational dimension
Organisational interoperability:
“Capability for agencies to communicate
  with each other”
       – On a daily basis
       – In emergency situations

                    • Legislation and/or regulation
                    • Operating procedures &
                    • Information security
                    • Radio spectrum
                    • Incompatible equipment
     Inter-regional dimension
Inter-regional interoperability:
“Capability for peer agencies to
  communicate across borders”
    – Between regions
    – Across national borders
    – New dimension: cross-agency & cross border
                                          In Europe the
•   Legislation and/or regulation
•   Politics                              interoperability
•   Operating procedures & practices      is high on the
•   Information security                  EU/Schengen
•   Radio spectrum                        agenda.
•   Incompatible technologies/equipment
         Technology dimension
Technical interoperability:
“Process to ensure that equipment from
  multiple vendors are compatible”
     – Problem-free operation
     – Wanted functionality
     – In practice it is about protocol conformance
•   Standardisation
•   Standard conformance
•   Verification and certification
•   Competitive environment
•   Customer preferences
•   Backward compatibility
Organisational interoperability:
Operating procedures
  – Agreements
  – Training
Dedicated radio channels
  – Common technical specification
  – Agreed procedures
Radio spectrum harmonisation
  – In some form this is a must
Technology harmonisation – standards
  – Necessary to gain radio compatibility
Shared networks
  – By far the most efficient tool
  – Requires high-tech system to ensure privacy   BEST RESULT
  – Both operational benefit and cost benefit
        Regional interoperability:
1. Political & organisational readiness
2A. Conventional technical measures
•   Extra equipment like cellphones
•   Extended coverage across border or repeaters
•   Control room interconnect by wireline
•   Radio swap between control rooms e.g. Belgium & France
•   Radio swap between users

2B. Network interconnect
•   TETRA Inter-System Interface (ISI)
•   Three-country pilot Belgium – Germany – The Netherlands
•   Cross-network PMR functionality, first time
•   True cross-agency & cross-border opportunity
        Three-Country Pilot (1)
• Agreement between the governments of Belgium, Germany
  and The Netherlands
• Based on the requirements of the Schengen Agreement on
  cooperation of police forces and customs across the
  national borders
• To pilot cross-border functionality with TETRA ISI
• To create operational scenarios
   Three-Country Pilot (2)

• Phase 1 pilot testing completed in 2003 by
  use of pre-ISI solutions
• Operational scenarios built and tested in
• final report published at

• Phase 2 ongoing now with operational
  requirements specification for the TETRA
  ISI produced in 2004

• Winner of Outstanding contribution to
  TETRA award in TWC 2003
• please see
       Technical interoperability:
  Solutions are deeply technical
  Decisions are done in early development phase

Cross-technology interoperability
• Specific operating modes like analog FM radio channels

TETRA Interoperability
• The TETRA Interoperability (IOP) concentrates on
  technical interoperability certification of multi-vendor
  TETRA equipment.
• Successful IOP certification is fundamental in creation of
  open multi-vendor market.
• Open multi-vendor market is fundamental for the success
  of TETRA - and it has happened
    Benefits of open multi-vendor
User benefits
•   wide choice of compatible certified terminals
•   specialised product for special needs
•   continuous and genuine competition
•   less dependency - lower risk of market disturbances

Industry benefits
• wider market, bigger volumes
• more possibility to invest – faster product creation
• longer lifetime of market

TETRA MoU Association runs the IOP certification process to
  guarantee open multi-vendor market
  TETRA IOP Certification process
                                                      ACCEPTED into OPERATION
                                                       (Also need CE mark or TA)


                              TMO AI group
            MoU                                                                  MoU
                              DMO AI group
 Operator/User                  ISI group
  Association                                                Certification Body
                               (PEI group)                     ISCTI *) –
Technical Forum
Members’ Enquiry                                                     Rome/Italy
                       approx 12

                   *) Instituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni e tecnologie dell'Informazione
            TETRA IOP deliverables
• TETRA Interoperability Profile (TIP) documents available to
    – V + D Air Interface TIP’s Parts 1 to 17 are published or agreed
    – DMO TIP’s Parts 1 to 3 are published or agreed
    – TETRA ISI TIP’s Parts 1 to 6 are published
• TETRA Interoperability Test Plan documents available to members
    – V + D Air interface Test Plans Parts 1-5, 7, 9-11 are published
      and used in certification
    – DMO Test Plan Part 1 is published and used in certification
• Certification test sessions arranged at manufacturer’s premises to
  run the test cases specified in the Test Plans
• TETRA IOP Certificates are public documents and published at the
  TETRA MoU website
    – A process is ongoing to improve the layout of the certification
      document to be more easily readable
• Most customers today require their equipment supplier to provide
  IOP certificates on the features they purchase
           TETRA IOP achievements
Tested products       Tested and certified functionality
  from:               V + D Air Interface TIP’s:
•   Cleartone         •Part 1: Core (incl MS-ISDN dialling)
•   DeTeWe            •Part 2: Short Data Service
•   Frequentis
                      •Part 3: Dynamic Group Number Assignment
•   IFR (tester)
                      •Part 4: Authentication
•   Marconi/OTE
•   Motorola          •Part 5: Packet Data

•   Niros             •Part 7: Fleet Specific Short Number Dialling
•   Nokia             •Part 9: Ambience Listening
•   Rohde & Schwarz   •Part 10: End-to-end encryption with CVO
•   Rohill            •Part 11: Air Interface Encryption
•   Simoco/Sepura     Direct Mode Operation TIP’s:
•   Teltronic
                      •Part   1: Core
•   Thales
Organisational interoperability
• Best cooperation is achieved by a shared
• Current TETRA technology allows privacy
  and sharing
• Not to forget the cost savings by sharing
Regional interoperability
• Becoming more & more important
• TETRA ISI is the tool for network
Technical interoperability
• TETRA created a true multi-vendor market
• Benefits to both users and industry
• TETRA IOP Certificate is the paper to ask for

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