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CCTV DVR Software - One Major Trend Driving CCTV Security Systems Into The Digital Network Age


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									CCTV DVR Software - One Major Trend Driving CCTV Security
Systems Into The Digital Network Age
If you are searching for a way to secure your house or business, and you are just starting to search
for a CCTV or DVR system with CCTV DVR software to accomplish this task for you, then you must
be faced with a flood of information. Which can be confusing. There are just so many vendors and
manufacturers of CCTV devices, DVR devices that it becomes really hard to pick a good system. In
this article we will broadly describe a major trend that is affecting the selection and prices in the
marketplace. These trend is: Transition from Analog To Digital. We'll explore this trend and how it
relates to individual components of your CCTV DVR system at home or in your business.
When you understand this trend, you may be in a better position picking the right security system
for your home or business.
Analog to digital trend
One could estimate that most of the current security camera installations might still be analog,
connecting with the coaxial cables to the recording devices. Here's how the analog to digital trend is
playing out in the main components of the CCTV system.
• First, the video cameras are becoming digital. The signal they send out is an IP, internet protocol,
  signal and they either use IP cables or secure wireless internet connections.
• Second, the coaxial camera-to-DVR cables are being replaced by the digital, CAT5e cables or
• Third, and that has happened a while back, the VCR (analog) recorders have been replaced with
  hard disk based DVRs (digital).
• Fourth, the video displays have shifted from CRT-based TVs or CRT computer monitors with VGA
  connections (analog), to high definition digital displays.
• Fifth, for remote viewing, iPhones and smart phones are operating on digital wireless networks that
  have long since replaced the analog wireless networks.
How can you benefit from the analog to digital trend?
Simple, by knowing that, as the new equipment starts to replace the old, the old goes on sale! For all
you may need, the PC-based, even analog cameras might be all you need to secure and monitor
your home or business sufficiently. So the prices have been going down as the digital, networked
technology has started to appear on the market place.

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