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									Compare this to courting !

• How long do you wait before you make the next contact?

• You want to get to a point where they like you so much they
  can’t imagine approaching anyone else (love is blind, right?)

                                                              Roy Reyes
 Step #1 Generate & Qualify Leads
 Step #2 Face/Face MEETING
 Step #3 Conversion Process (B12)
 Step #4 Hot Prospect
 Step #5 Negotiation

                                     Roy Reyes
 #1   Generate & Qualify Leads

        •   How do we generate the leads?
                    •   (leads from Marketing, leads from referrals)

        •   How many do we need to generate?
                    •   (60 leads, 15 meet, 10 proposals, 3 sales)

        •   Which market segment / industry sectors do these come

                                                                       Roy Reyes

     What things do we want to avoid doing in the first meeting?

           Some prospects just want a price quotation – what does this
           Instead of a proposal, just send ball-park figures (proposals
            should be sent only after they have helped you accomplish

                                                                    Roy Reyes

     • What do we need to accomplish in the first meeting?
           Points 1 & 2 in the Conversion Process (Understanding &
           Send concise, unmistakable symbols of professionalism and
           Listen

                                                                Roy Reyes

    • How often do you check your Conversion Checklist?
    • Know when and where to discuss, and pick your audience (if
    • Know when you should bring them to the clinic

                                                             Roy Reyes
 #4 HOT Prospect

     • The Bell Curve
     • Pushing the “buy” buttons (discount, payment
     • Knowing & Handling the Objections

                                                      Roy Reyes
                                                         Hot !
   “Bell Curve” for Buying

About It

                               You’ve Lost It
                                 They will go for another clinic or prioritize
                                 someone else

                                                                                 Roy Reyes
 The BUY Buttons (you must know when to apply these)

   • Special Promo till end of the month (could be discount or bonus, or freebies)
   • Special Payment Scheme
   • X-deal
   • “Limited offer”

                                                                          Roy Reyes
 Knowing the “Objections”

      Too expensive
      More expensive

 What to do?
      Offer to qualify
      PR
      Re-visit the selling points
      Review the effect

                                     Roy Reyes

    • Resist discounting
    • Stick to demonstrating the benefits of having procedure
    • Reiterate their physical gains , and your strengths.

                                                                Roy Reyes
 What is it that makes a system?

      • A methodology that is defined and consistently practiced
        (traffic, garbage)

 How do you know if the system is being followed?

      • Stats and Reports, and Violation Flags

                                                                   Roy Reyes
 What are the Key Performance Indicators?

         What are the parts of the Sales Engine that we should measure
          and track?

(Brainstorm – go thru the Process and see which events you
  should track)

                                                                  Roy Reyes
The Conversion Checklist
1.    Show we understand their needs
2.    Sell Yourself, Be Professional, Build Relationships, Build Trust
3.    Great Presentation
4.    Sell Product, People, Service
5.    Talk to the Right People
6.    Right Product / Service
7.    Create & Demonstrate Need
8.    Know the Budget, Timetable
9.    Make it Easy, help them understand the procedure
10.   Make them feel secure
11.   Make sure you Really understand each other (validate)

                                                                         Roy Reyes
The Key Factors in Closing
1)   Is the client ready to make a decision ?
        •    Have you provided all the information they need for them to
             make a decision ?

2)   Are you yourself satisfied that your clinic is the best one for the
     client ?
        •     Are you sure you understand their needs ?

3)   Do you really really want the sale ?
      •    Decide which client you want to close this month……….and
           close them !

                                                                           Roy Reyes

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