Name of Group: Air Force Cadet/Officer Mentoring Action Program (AFCOMAP),
Chapter Name

Date/Time/Length of Speech: Date/Time/Location…example, 11 Jan 04, 1500,
Anywhere Officers Club Main Ballroom, Anywhere AFB

Name/Phone of POC (for multiple speaking events, list all POCs):
Major Your Name, DSN: 555-5555, Com’l (555) 666-5555

Subject(s): Example… Importance of Mentoring: using AFCOMAP to put mentors and
young officers/cadets together for professional development, guidance.

What does the group hope to hear?: Example…His take on the importance of
mentorship to groom young officers/cadets for leadership challenges. Mentoring
advice. Highlight any personal experience he’s had with AFCOMAP. Anything to prime
the audience for our recruiting efforts. We’re also looking for leaders to share their
experiences/wisdom with AFCOMAP members at our monthly meeting.

Audience Size: Example… 200 to 400 people; senior, field, company grade officers,
local school ROTC program directors, local community leadership (mayors, chamber of
commerce, others, etc), SNCOs and Chiefs.

Location: Main Ballroom, O’Club, Anywhere AFB, USA

Type/Size of Room: ballroom size… Stage location… Chair arrangement…etc

Seating Arrangement: Example… Speaker will sit on stage, to the left of the podium.
The audience will be in front of stage in two columns with several rows each

Lighted Lectern Microphone?: Light locations, podium mic, lapel mic, etc

Work/Professional Backgrounds of Audience: Example… Military and civilian
professionals from base and local community.

Social Issues or Community Projects of the Group: Example… Reaching out to
local cadets ; provide guidance, support and tools to be successful in the military.

How Often Does this Group Meet?: Example…Once a month, 1st Fridays at 1500 hrs
in the O’Club.

Special Goals for This Group: Example…Mentoring and professional development of
young officers and cadets.
Who/What will Precede and Follow the Speech: See attached program checklist.

Program Agenda?: See attached program

Name/Phone/Fax of Person Who Will Introduce Speaker: Maj Your Name, DSN

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