NEEF Letterhead with Donor Solicitation 2009 by zSC0UA


									                                                 NORTH EAST
                                         EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC.
                                          8961 Tesoro Drive San Antonio, Texas 78217-6226 (210) 804-7163

                                  The North East Educational Foundation is a private non-profit 501(c)(3)
Board of Directors            charitable corporation that was chartered in 1986. Its purpose is to seek, cultivate and
                              obtain revenues to develop and expand educational opportunities for the students of
Fred Morrison                 the North East Independent School District. Our Foundation underwrites projects and
Chairman                      programs that enhance the basic required curriculum and broaden the range of
Marcia Lehman
                              students’ educational experience. Our primary fund-raising event is our annual
Vice Chairman                 Foundation Gala and Auction.

Lucy Wilson                      This year our “2009 Starlight Gala…Lighting the Future” will be held at the
Secretary                     San Antonio Omni Hotel at the Colonnade on Saturday, February 28, 2009. It
James Goff                    promises to be an evening full of fun including an auction, dinner and entertainment.
Treasurer                     There are many ways that you may assist us in reaching our goals:
Patti Mezzatesta                  Gala Sponsorship - $10,000 includes recognition of your sponsorship with your
Executive Director
                                  logo on the Gala invitation as well as program and a VIP Pre-Gala Reception
Joan Abbott                       Diamond VIP Table Sponsorship - $5,000 includes a VIP Pre-Gala Reception
Susan Achterberg                  Gold Table Sponsorship - $2,500
Tim Bannwolf                      Silver Table Sponsorship - $2,000
Martha Bazan
                                  Bronze Table Sponsorship - $1,500
Randy Bristow
Laura Calderon                    Individual Table Reservations - $100
Peggy Clemons                     Financial Donation
Jerry Comalander                  Auction Item
Bebe Crain
Bob Echavarria
Cheryl E. Focht
                                 Gala invitations sent in January will include a response card, which you may mail
John A. Focht III, P.E.       back to buy a sponsor table or make an individual reservation. All table sponsors will
Bill W. Fuller                be recognized in the Gala program and with table signs.
Sandra Grist
Mary Holland                      Included with this letter is a Gala Auction and Donation Form with detailed
Sandy Hughey
Andrew L. Kerr                information for your contribution. You will receive an acknowledgement letter to
Sandra Kozero                 satisfy any tax requirements. A special appreciation list of donor names will be
Paula Kummer                  printed in our Gala program and in our district-wide publications to thank you for
Richard A. Middleton, Ph.D.   your generosity. We ask that you make all auction-related donations by February 13,
Debra Nicholas
Arline Patterson, Ed.D.
Beth Plummer
Gary W. Raba, D. Eng.             On behalf of the North East Educational Foundation, we thank you in advance for
Jerald Reiner                 your support and your belief in the teachers and students of North East. Please contact
Becky Robertson
                              us directly if you should have any questions.
Joe Stiglmeier
Kathy Stull
Alicia H. Thomas, Ph.D.       Susan Achterberg                                              Becky Robertson
Margaret Thompson             (210) 495-6415                                                (210) 497-8413
                              (210) 473-4660                                                (210) 218-9907
                              2714 Redstone Woods                                           24927 Birdies Green
                              SAT 78259                                                     SAT 78260
                              FAX (210) 495-6404                                            FAX (210) 497-3704

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