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									                             Righetti High School, Inc.
                              Warrior Booster Club

ARTICLE I: Name and Objective

Section1.01: Name
The name of this organization shall be “Righetti Warrior Booster Club” an incorporated,
non-profit association hereinafter referred to as the “Boosters”.

Section 1.02: Purpose

The purpose of the Boosters is to support and promote a complete athletic program and to
provide benefit to the maximum number of students. The Boosters function under the
direction of the Athletic Director so as to provide support to the athletic department. The
Boosters work within a general budget to provide funding and support needed to sustain
all athletic programs.

ARTICLE II: Membership

Section II 01: Members

The RHS Warrior Booster Club shall consist of regular equal voting members. No
member shall have any interest or property rights in the assets of The Boosters. No
members shall hold more than one membership. The qualifications for regular members
are: those adults who reside within the Santa Maria Union High School District and are
interested in supporting the Righetti athletic program.

Section II.02: Annual donations

Annual donations for dues will be established by the Booster Club Executive Board at the
beginning of each year and shall be required of each family membership regardless of
whether one or both husband and spouse are members. Such dues shall be payable in
advance after July 1st each year.

Section II.03: Honorary Members

An individual who demonstrates extreme and meritorious service to athletic activities of
Righetti shall, upon a two-thirds favorable vote of the Executive Board, be given an
honorary membership.

ARTICLE III: Executive Board

Section III.01: Executive Board Members

The RHS Warrior Booster Club shall have an Executive Committee consisting of
President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice-President of Concessions, Secretary, Treasurer,
Special Event Officer, Sports Representative, Membership Representative, Sponsor
Agent, Spirit Wear Officer, Publicity Director/Web Master, Bar-B-Q Director, and
Athletic Director.
Officers of the Club shall be elected from among the members in May/June of each year.
Vacancies shall be filled by the membership. If there is a vacancy during the year
between elections, the vacancy will be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Section III. 02: Duties of Officers:

       1. The President shall:
             a. Preside at all meetings.
             b. Provide a monthly agenda for all executive committee and general
             c. Establish committees as needed.
             d. Represent the Boosters to the school and Orcutt Community.
             e. Be the Booster’s liaison to the Athletic Director.
             f. Together with the Vice President and Treasurer, sign all written
                contract and financial obligations of the Boosters.
             g. Together with the Treasurer and/or Vice President, sign checks, drafts,
                and promissory notes.

       2. The 1st Vice President shall:
             a. Assume responsibility of the President during the Presidents absence.
             b. Guarantee that all duties assigned to the Board are understood by all
                 board members and provide direction in carrying out those
             c. Coordinate and oversee booster activities at sporting events (i.e. 50/50)
             d. Carry out duties and assignments as delegated by the President.
             e. Together with the President and Treasurer, sign all written contracts or
                 other financial obligations of The Boosters.
             f. Place all Regular General Meetings on the school calendar as well as
                 the athletic calendar in coordination with the Athletic director.

       3. The 2nd Vice President of Concessions shall:
             a. Manage and promote the operation of the snack bar and sale of
                 concessions at Booster activities.

       4.   The Secretary shall:
              a. Keep the minutes of the Executive Board meetings, General Club
                  Meetings, and Committee Meetings.
              b. Notify by email the Executive Committee in advance for all meetings.
              c. Coordinate a monthly agenda for all executive committee and general
                  meetings with the President and email out with notification of
              d. Have available prepared minutes for all meetings.

       5.   The Treasurer shall:
              a. Have charge and custody of all funds of the Boosters and deposit such
              b. Together with the President and Vice President, sign checks, drafts,
                 and promissory notes.
              c. Keep and maintain adequate and current accounts of The Booster
                 Club’s properties and business transactions.
              d. Provide monthly reports and accountings to members.
       e. Present reports of income and expenses for all fund-raisers.
       f. Prepare and submit annual reports of receipts and disbursements of the
          Booster Club and a balance sheet as of the last day of the fiscal year
          within thirty days after that time. Such report and balance sheet shall
          be audited by and independent contractor annually.
       g. Oversee and support financial transactions at/after the Boosters special
          events: The Annual Dinner Auction and any other approved
          fundraising event.
       h. Provide information to accountant for yearly taxes.

6. Special Events Officer (s) shall:
      a. Chair and oversee special events/fundraising for the Dinner Auction,
          and any other approved fundraising event.
      b. Coordinate with Publicity Officer, Sponsor Officer, Sports
          Representative Officer Treasurer, and Athletic Director regarding the
          Annual Dinner and Golf Tournament and any other special events as

7. Sports Representative Officer’s shall:
      a. Work closely with all head coaches as liaison between the Executive
          Committee and coaches to field requests. Encourage attendance at
          regularly scheduled general meetings by coaches and reps.
      b. Secure parent representation from each sport to ensure maximum
          parent participation for all fundraising activities.
      c. Participate on the Auction Committee.
      d. Coordinate all team work crews for fundraising events with the team
      e. Be responsible for Coach appreciation/recognition on behalf of the

8. Membership Officer shall:
     a. Maintain a recruitment program that promotes Booster memberships,
        i.e., parents and community members.
     b. Develop and maintain a Booster Club info package to encourage new
        memberships throughout the year.
     c. Work with the Sports Representative Officer to pursue membership
        within each sport.
     d. Work with the Spirit Wear Officer in the trailer at sporting events to
        increase membership.

9. Sponsor Agent:
      a. Participate on the committees for the Annual Dinner Auction
         Committee and any other approved fundraising event.
      b. Organize and be responsible for acquiring sponsorships for the
         Boosters—specifically for special events; Annual Dinner Auction
         Committee and any other approved fundraising event.
      c. Be responsible for Sponsor Correspondence to all donors and major
         sponsors; including Thank You letters/plaques/recognition for help
         given to the Boosters.

10. Publicity Officer/Web Master shall:
              a. Participate on the committees for the Annual Dinner Auction and any
                 other approved fundraising event.
              b. Assume responsibility of media coverage for the Boosters (i.e. school
                 newsletter, alumni letter, local newspaper, radio and TV.)
              c. Maintain the Website for the Righetti Warrior Booster Club.
              d. Coordinate with the Members of The Boosters to determine the
                 content/attachments available for the site.

       11. Spirit Wear Officer shall:
              a. Order, manage and promote the Sale of RHS Booster Wear at Booster
                  and athletic events, including but not limited to football and basketball
                  games, the Dinner Auction, Back to School Night, Righetti Royale etc.

       12. BBQ Officer shall:
             a. Coordinate the BBQ and any other events where we barbecue.

       13. Athletic Director shall:
              a. Attend all meetings of The Club and Executive Committee.
              b. Review and present the Executive Committee all special requests not
                  included in the approved athletic budget.
              c. Provide The Booster Club president with an annual calendar of events
                  so that The Boosters can coordinate activities with the athletic and
                  school calendar, including PTA, SDMC, and meetings.
              d. Act as an advisor to the Executive Board in regard to requests for
                  funds and expenditure of funds.

ARTICLE IV: Meetings

The Booster Club shall hold Executive Board Meetings, Regular Meetings and Special
Meetings. All meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. The President
shall provide an agenda for meetings. A Quorum shall be fifty (50%) of the Executive
Board and no business shall be conducted in the absence of a quorum.

Section IV. 01: Regular General Meetings shall be held monthly during the school year
starting in August on the first Monday of the month except in unusual circumstances,
including January and July. All Regular General Meetings must be placed on the school
calendar as well as the athletic calendar by the Vice President in coordination with the
Athletic Director.

Section IV. 02: Executive Board meetings shall be held monthly during the year, starting
in June on the first Monday of the month except in unusual circumstances, including
January and July. During the school year they shall be prior to each scheduled Regular
General Meeting. The purpose of the summer meetings is to revise the Bylaws to work
under for the year and prepare for the year’s events. During the school year, the
Executive Board should prepare for the Regular Meeting.

Section IV. 03: Special Meetings may be called as needed or requested. The President
may establish committees as needed (e.g. new fund-raiser needed a chairman or
committee, etc.) to be overseen by the Vice President.

Section IV. 04: Members of the Executive Board are expected to attend meetings. If a
member of the Executive Board misses two consecutive meetings or three or more in a
fiscal year (June to June) that member may be reviewed by the remainder of the
Executive Board for removal and replacement.

ARTICLE V.: Standing Committees

Section V. 01: Auction Committee. The committee shall be chaired by the Special
Events Officer. Members will include but not be limited to: Publicity Officer,
Sponsorship Officer; Sports Representative Officer.

The Executive Board, by resolution, may withhold all or some portion of a sports funding
as a consequence of lack of participation by that sport in one or more Booster activities.
The Resolution shall provide for the specific conditions of that withholding.

ARTICLE X: Dissolution

Upon Dissolution of this Club the assets and all financial records shall be remanded to
the custody of the Righetti High School Athletic Department.

Revised 8/02/2010

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