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					                                                  5                                        Quick Fact Sheet
up.time 5: IT Systems Management that Just Works                                                               Enterprise-Wide IT Dashboards
                   IT Managers                                             System Administrators


                                                                                                               Easily view service status and outages:
 Application &      Virtualization      Network               Database            Business         Network
 Web Servers           VMware        Infrastructure            Servers           Applications      Storage
    WebLogic          AIX LPARs        DNS   SNMP               Oracle               Email           SAN
                                                                                                                • manage from a single pane of glass
   WebSphere         Solaris Zones     FTP    LDAP            SQL Server              CRM            LUN        • see application health
     Apache                           HTTP     NFS              MySQL                 ERP            DISK
 Exchange Server                      IMAP   NIS/YP            Sybase                 Web          3RD Party
                                                                                                                • upstream and downstream integration
       IIS                             POP   NNTP                                    Citrix                     • cross-infrastructure monitoring
     Tomcat                           SMTP     TCP                                Custom Apps                   • automated reporting
                                                                                                                • enterprise-level resource scan
                                                  Platforms                                                     • exhaustive list of all monitored servers,
                                                                                                                  services, and network devices
                                                                                                                • enterprise-wide compute usage charts
                                                                                                                • up.time reporting and management is easily
                                                                                                                  accessed through its browser interface

Multi-Datacenter Management                                   Incident and Outage Avoidance                    SLA Management

                                                          Quickly identify troublemaking infrastructure
                                                          or applications by plotting incidents versus
Manage, measure, and monitor thousands                    outages.
of physical and virtual servers, devices, and
applications across multiple datacenters. Create
role-based, cross-regional dashboards and
reports to optimize IT resources:

 • access Local Datacenters from a central
   Enterprise Monitoring Station for remote
   infrastructure administration
 • seamless and secure aggregation of
                                                                                                               Use service level agreements to define and
   Local Datacenter metrics to the central
                                                                                                               meet customer needs:
   Enterprise Monitoring Station
 • datacenter health monitoring, and automatic
                                                                                                                • turn IT infrastructure demands into
   resynchronization after outages ensures
                                                                                                                  quantifiable goals
   accurate and continuous data transfer
                                                          Easily report on top 20 systems or applications       • measure the performance of key IT
 • manage autonomously at the Local
                                                          by downtime or incidents, enabling you to               components from a variety of perspectives
                                                          quickly prioritize incident response.                 • email delivery and Web application
 • logically group distributed application
                                                                                                                  transaction monitors measure end-user
   assets for true global SLA and application
                                                                                                                • use trends to anticipate new infrastructure
 • optimize global infrastructure capacity and
   resource allocation
                                                                                                                • generate SLA reports that show compliance
 • Active Directory enabled for user and role
                                                                                                                  success and objective breakdowns
Capacity Planning                                 Virtual & VMware Monitoring                        Server & Application Monitoring

                                                  up.time reports on systems that are
Use historical performance, availability, and     consolidated on virtual machines running on
                                                                                                     up.time collects a wide variety of performance
trending reports, as well as performance graphs   VMware ESX Server and AIX LPARs:
                                                                                                     and system health metrics from various
to manage your IT infrastructure through
                                                                                                     database management and application servers:
resource planning and consolidation:               • Server Virtualization report: easily pinpoint
                                                     servers that are ripe for virtualizing
                                                                                                     Database Server Monitors
Capacity Planning and Trending Reports:            • VM density and capacity reporting
                                                                                                      • Microsoft SQL Server
                                                   • analyze VM movement
                                                                                                      • MySQL
 • CPU Run Queue Threshold                         • monitor VM workloads across VM farm
                                                                                                      • Oracle Database
 • Disk I/O                                        • VM reports include VMware Workload,
                                                                                                      • Sybase ASE
 • Enterprise CPU Utilization                        VMware Infrastructure Density, and LPAR
 • File System Capacity Growth                       Workload
                                                                                                     Application Server Monitors
 • File System Service Time Summary                • Automate incident avoidance with VMware
                                                                                                      • BEA WebLogic
 • Network Bandwidth                                 vCenter Orchestrator integration
                                                                                                      • IIS
 • Server Virtualization
                                                                                                      • Microsoft Exchange Server
 • Solaris Mutex Exception                        In addition to collecting performance metrics
                                                                                                      • VMware ESX Server
                                                  from the ESX Server, performance metrics are
                                                                                                      • WebSphere
Performance graphs include the following:         also reported for each instance:
                                                                                                     up.time also collects a variety of run-time
 • CPU & Multi-CPU Usage                           • CPU               Plus many more memory
                                                                                                     metrics for BEA WebLogic and WebSphere
 • Free Memory                                     • Disk              and disk performance
                                                                                                     applications including JVM, connection pool,
 • Cache Hit Rate                                  • Memory            metrics including:
                                                                                                     EJB, and servlet statistics.
 • Paging Statistics                               • Network           • Memory Balloon Target
 • Page File Use                                   • % Ready           • Memory Swap Used
                                                   • % Used            • Disk Commands Aborted
                                                   • Instance Motion   • Disk Bus Resets

Supported Database, Monitoring Station and Agent Platforms                                           Learn More About up.time
up.time can use the following databases as its    up.time agents can report on the following         Monitor your servers, applications, databases,
DataStore:                                        platforms:                                         IT resources, and investigate alerts. Using the
                                                                                                     information that up.time gathers, you can solve
 • MySQL (included with up.time)                  Linux                                              problems before they impact your business.
 • Oracle                                           • CentOS
 • Microsoft SQL Server                             • Debian GNU/Linux                               Visit www.uptimesoftware.com to learn more
                                                    • Fedora & Fedora Core                           about how up.time helps you manage your IT
                                                    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux                       infrastructure, and how others are benefitting
The up.time Monitoring Station can run on the       • Red Hat Linux Professional                     from up.time:
following platforms:                                • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server & Desktop
                                                    • SUSE Linux Professional                         • see up.time in action (product tour)
Linux                                               • Ubuntu Server Edition                           • white papers
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux                                                                          • case studies
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server                  UNIX
                                                   • AIX                                             For more information, contact us by email at
UNIX                                               • HP-UX                                           sales@uptimesoftware.com, or call us at
 • Solaris                                         • IRIX                                            +1-416-868-0152.
                                                   • Solaris
VMware                                             • Tru64 UNIX                                      To download a free enterprise trial, visit
 • CentOS                                                                                            www.uptimesoftware.com or click below:
Windows                                            • Windows 7
 • Windows 7                                       • Windows Server 2008
 • Windows Server 2008                             • Windows Server 2003
 • Windows Server 2003                             • Windows XP
 • Windows XP
                                                  VMware                                             up.time is also downloable
                                                  up.time can monitor and report on the workload     as an appliance.
                                                  of instances running on a VMware ESX server.
                                                  Supported versions include the following:
                                                    • ESX 3, 4, vSphere
                                                    • ESXi

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