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					                                Residence Hall Association
                                   November 17, 2011
                       Meeting Presided By President Sean Serroque
                      Minutes Recorded by Secretary Damian Chavez

Members Present: Lexi Eckenstein, Anna Goodloe, Jamie McBurnett, Teagen Nabity,
Joey Martz, Amanda Torrini, Molly Olson, Amy Walsh, Victoria Bradley, Sierra Horton,
Ryan Nely, Will Ruman, Tori Barber, Erin Nyquist, Benjamin David Batzer, Katherine
Tynan, Hilary Kuntz, Briana Bonner, Kelsey McGovern, Nicol Corcoran, Drew Donahoo,
John Gardner, Eric Summers, Damian Chavez, Sean Serroque, Kyler Carlson, Kristen
Bieri, Yabrell Newman, Isaac Straub

Members Not Present: Maria Backes, Timietra Elliot

Call Meeting to Order - 8:01 by President Sean Serroque

Corrections to Previous Minutes - None, minutes approved.

External Business -

Ryan Nely: I want to thank RHA. Your support gave a great deal of legitimacy to
legislation. It helped it gain unanimous consent. Thank you for letting me come in last
week and going through the rushed process. I want to improve our relationship. If we
have something to work together on, let me know.

Sean: I also want to thank President Nely.

John Gardner, Director of Residence Life: ResLife really appreciates all the work RHA
is doing.

Movie Channel
       ResLife Cinema. We could provide a channel that plays movies 24/7. We could
also provide a streaming option. This option will cost about $1 a month per student
and will play newly released movies.
       Commercials are also available to us on both mediums.
       I want RHA feedback. If the residents want it, we can make it happen.

Kelsey: Money could better be used to improve internet.
       Eric: Because this is internal bandwidth, it will not interfere with existing
Katherine: Could be valuable. We don’t have a lot of options for movies in Kirksville.
It would probably be popular.
John: Some of our televisions will be equipped to connect with computers. In a recent
survey, 2/3 of residents said they were interested. All were willing to pay for either
option. Clear majority is interested.
Victoria: Would people vote on which movies they want to watch?
       John: Company would send us a list of movies 60 days before it starts for us to
decide. We could vote and also reserve some of the spots for an academic or social
Victoria: ResLife and Student Senate will be able to promote events.
Amy: How would the movies be scheduled?
       John: We set the schedule. The movies would rotate 24/7. We could also have
a blackout if we want to focus on a program.
Sierra: This might affect SAB and their movie programming.
Kyler: Could we provide VGA cables at hall desk for check out?
       John: Yes, that would be a good idea.
Damian: Do you want us to pass a resolution with an opinion of this?
       John: I want to hear opinions. If you want to pass legislation, you can. It would
give a clear opinion to me.
Sierra: Do other schools do this?
       John: Movie channels have been used forever. The streaming option is new.
Eric: There are a lot of ways to use commercials.
Sean: Do you have a timeline for us if we want to have an official report.
       John: The end of january.
Kristen: Could we promote the survey again to get more to take the survey?
       John: Yes. I don’t mind giving RHA access to the results from that survey.

John: Does anyone have any comments for me? We will still discuss as a department.
If there are still any concerns, I’d like to hear them.

Damian: Is it true that you were best friends with Monica Lewinsky during college?
      John: *laughs* No. Monica and I went to the same undergrad college. She
moved around a bit. She was gone by the time I attended but people still talked a lot
about it.

Officer Reports
       President - Printed all resolutions, but still have a few to deliver. Completed a
money motion form that will be presented tonight. Our office is in the Ryle foyer.
Office hours have started. If anyone has any concerns or wants to visit our office,
please feel free to check out office hours on the website and visit. If anyone has
questions about parliamentary procedure, please ask a question. We use this
procedure so that everyone has opportunity to speak. I would rather stop meeting and
clarify procedure than have people confused.
       Vice President - We are making hand turkeys for the residents of Twin Pines.
We want to make 100 tonight. Humane Society program was cold, but we gathered
some supplies. We may repeat it.
       Secretary - Spirit point update: First place in attendance goes to West. First
place in theme participation goes to Dobson. 2nd place overall goes to Centennial. 1st
place overall goes to Dobson.
        Treasurer - Not present. Sean gives Treasurer report. We have a new funds
request form. This makes it easier for everyone to ask for funds. It has a deadline and
the procedure is lined out to make simple. Form will be available online. It is easy to
fill out, but if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask an Exec Board member.
        Katherine: Could we provide a pdf file of this on the website?
        Sean: Yes.
        NCC - I am sending a form around about bids. If you have recommendations,
please let me know. NACURH is in Boulder, CO. It will cost ~$200. There are a lot of
variables included in this cost that will be decided later.
        Webmaster - Office hours are now posted on the website. >
        NRHH - OTMs are submitted for last month. Leadership Lock In Dec 2nd. If you
haven’t had a representative come to your Senate, please let me know. If anyone is
interested in programming at Lock In, please let me know.
        Parliamentarian - No report.
        Facilities - Walked through buildings. Will add two more bicycle racks to West
soon. Shuffling picnic tables and trashcans. Grim will receive new furniture. Old Fair
C Store will become lounge. Investigating stairs.
Teagan - Fair Lounge is done, but waiting for
        Student Senate - Unanimously passed wet tailgating legislation. Two equality
resolutions were also passed.
        Advisors - Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow! Halls close at 5pm Friday. If you
plan to stay over break, you need to register at Intention form is
due tomorrow at five. Room switch form closes at five tomorrow also. We went to a
conference last week. If you have any questions about it, let us know.

Senate Reports
       Blanton Nason Brewer - Discussing blue ray players in lounge and using
basement to store bicycles during winter break.
       Centennial - Discussing finals week programming. Coloring books, coffee, and
hot chocolate program.
       Dobson - Discussed bake sale, and constitutional changes. Black light dance Dec
9th. Selling tickets 1 dollar for Dob, four dollars for everyone else.
       Grim/Apartments - Discussing Winter holiday party. Pot luck with a turkey.
       Missouri - No report.
       Ryle - Made triangular door decs for all Senate members. Had ribbon cutting,
bake sale went well.
       West - Discussed midnight breakfast and polar express programs.

Old Business - None.

New Business
T Shirts -
Lexi presents shirts

Erin: West is making shirts from a different company that are cheaper.
       Lexi: Send me the information and I will investigate.
Dillon: Could we use a quote that is more relevant to Truman? A Troy Paino quote?
       Lexi: This is just a quote I liked at the time. I am willing to take suggestions.
Katherine: I move to refer this to Internal Affairs.
       - No dissent.
NCC-IT and Treasurer Elect Nominations -

Aaron moves to open nominations for NCC-IT
      Kyler seconds, no dissent. Nominations open.

Aaron: I nominates Lexi Eckenstein.
       - She accepts.
Dillon: I nominate Alex Kuhn.
       - Because of her absence, she will accent through her letter of intent.
Kristen: When will letters of intent be due?
Sean: They will be due the Monday before the election to Damian.

Nominations closed.

Damian moves to open nominations on Treasurer Elect
     Victoria seconds, no dissent. Nominations open.

Kristen: I nominates Eric Summers.
       - Eric accepts.

Nominations are closed.

Katherine moves to open discussion on amendment to standing rules.
      It is seconded.

Katherine gives first read.

Damian moves to table amendment.
     - Sierra seconds. Amendment tabled.

      Programming - No report.
      Internal Affairs - Discussed t shirts. Ideas for RHA bonding. Theme: Ugly
       Residential Affairs - Will discuss movie channel. As per Damian, We will make it
rain resolutions.

Announcements and Brag Bag
Meeting Adjourned

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