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					                 My Math Attitude Survey
Name________________________Date _________

Check all of the statements that are true for you.

____   I hate math

____   I never expect to do well on math assignments

____   I have low math ability

____   I get really nervous when taking a math test

____   Math homework is boring

____   No one can help me with my math homework

____   I rarely ask questions during math class

____   I typically get “lost” when math is being explained to me

____   I often get frustrated doing math

____   Math is stupid
        Positive Affirmations for Math Success

   I will have a “never quit” attitude!

   I will make math success a priority!

   I will always make an extra effort!

   I will ask questions in class!

   I can become a good math student!

   I will learn more math every day!

   I am good at math!

   Math is important to me!

   Math is creative!

   Math is fun!

   I am relaxed and calm while doing math!

   I can understand math!

   Math will help me get to my goal!

   I will pay attention during every math class!

   Math makes me a better problem solver!

   Math is useful!

   I will enjoy doing math every day!

   I will complete my homework!

   I will study for each math test!

   I will form a math study group!

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