Diary of a Wimpy Kid- Fill-In by amdyer1s


									                              Diary of a _________________   (adj.)   Kid

______________ (Day of the Week)

Hello! My name is ____________(name of person in room) Heffley. My
_____________ (family member) insisted that I write my feelings in this
_______________ (noun). When my _________________ (same family member)
went out to buy this _____________ (noun) I SPECIFICALLY told him/her to
get one that didn’t say “______________” (silly word) on it. I only agreed to
write in this thing because one day I’m going to be a famous
_____________ (occupation). I figure when I become famous, I won’t have to
answer people’s ____________ (adjective) questions all day. So this
_________ (noun) is going to come in handy.
Currently, I am in grade _________ (number). I’m stuck in school with a
bunch of ____________ (plural animal__). The only good thing about my school
is that they give away free ______________ (plural noun) every ____________
(day of the week). Lunch is so____________ (adjective) that it makes me want to

____________(verb). The only two choices are _______________ (food) or
____________(food). Not even a __________ (animal) would want to
____________ (verb) that.

(Adapted from Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney)


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