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Supernatural Fiction
  Cover            Title                Author           Call Number             Floor

             World War Z: An
            Oral History of the       Max Brooks                                    3
                                                          B76 2006
               Zombie War

            Pinocchio, Vampire                           PN6727.B378
                                      Van Jensen                                    3
                  Slayer                                 J46 P56 2010

            From Hell: Being a
              Melodrama in            Alan Moore                                    3
                                                        M66 F76 2006
               Sixteen Parts

              Casting Spells        Barbara Bretton                                 3
                                                           C37 2008

            Fledgling: A Novel     Octavia E. Butler                                3
                                                           F47 2005
 Cover           Title               Author          Call Number     Floor

         The Silence of the                          PS3558 .A6558
                                 Thomas Harris                        3
              Lambs                                     S5 1989

          Dead and Gone          Charlaine Harris                     3
                                                       D4 2009

            I Am Legend         Richard Matheson                      3
                                                       I18 2007

                Twilight        Stephenie Meyer                       3
                                                      T841 2005

           The Sound of                              PS3613.A3545
                                  Louis Maistros                      3
          Building Coffins                             S68 2009

              The Host          Stephenie Meyer                       3
                                                      H67 2008

         Biting the Bullet: A                         PS3618.A74
                                 Jennifer Rardin                      3
           Jaz Parks Novel                             B58 2008

Ghost Stories
 Cover           Title               Author          Call Number     Floor

           Spiders in the         Collected and
                                                      GR105 .H63
          Hairdo: Modern         retold by David                      3
          Urban Legends         Holt & Bill Mooney

         The Norton Book of      [edited by Brad      PR1309 .G5
           Ghost Stories           Leithauser]         N67 1994

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 Cover           Title                 Author          Call Number     Floor

         Rod Serling’s Twilight     [adapted by        PS3513 .I2823
                 Zone             Walter B. Gibson]       R6 1983

            The Best of H.P.
          Bloodcurdling Tales       H.P. Lovecraft                      3
                                                         A6 1982
           of Horror and the
                                   [edited by Frank
                                   D. McSherry, Jr.,
            Great American                             PS648 .G48 G7
                                  Charles G. Waugh,                     3
             Ghost Stories                                 1991
                                    and Martin H.
           The Dark-Thirty:
                                      Patricia C.      PZ7.M478693
         Southern Tales of the                                          3
                                      McKissack          Dar 1992

         When the Lights Go
                                   Margaret Read        Z718.3 .M24
         Out: Twenty Scary                                              3
                                    MacDonald              1988
            Tales to Tell

Horror Classics
 Cover           Title                 Author          Call Number     Floor

         The Phantom of the                             PQ2623 .E6
                                    Gaston Leroux                       3
               Opera                                    F213 1987

         Frankenstein, or, The                          PR5397 .F7
                                    Mary Shelley                        3
          Modern Prometheus                                2004

          Strange Case of Dr        Robert Louis       PR5485.A2 D87
          Jekyll and Mr Hyde         Stevenson             2004

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Cover          Title               Author          Call Number    Floor

                                                   PR6037 .T617
              Dracula            Bram Stoker                       3
                                                     D7 1988

        The Complete Tales
                                                   PS2600 .G22
         & Poems of Edgar       Edgar Allan Poe                    3
             Allan Poe

         Something Wicked                          PS3503.R167
                                 Ray Bradbury                      3
          This Way Comes                             S66 2001

        The Haunting of Hill                       PS3519.A392
                                Shirley Jackson                    3
              House                                  H3 2006

        Rosemary’s Baby: A                         PS3523.E7993
                                   Ira Levin                       3
             Novel                                   R67 1967

                                 William Peter     PS3552 .L392
            The Exorcist                                           3
                                     Blatty            E9

               Jaws             Peter Benchley                     3
                                                     J39 2005

                                                   PS3561 .I483
           Pet Sematary          Stephen King                      3
                                                     P4 1983

         Interview with the                        PS3568 .I265
                                  Anne Rice                        3
              Vampire                                  I57

        The Legend of Sleepy                        PZ7.I68 Le
                               Washington Irving                   3
               Hollow                                 1990

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Monsters and Supernatural Creatures
 Cover           Title                Author         Call Number      Floor
         In Search of Dracula:
                                   Raymond T.
             The History of                          DR240.5 .V553
                                 McNally and Radu                        3
              Dracula and                              M36 1994

         Mummies and Death       Francoise Dunand,     DT62.M7
             in Egypt            Roger Lichtenberg    D8513 2006

          On Monsters: An
                                                      GR825 .A86
         Unnatural History of    Stephen T. Asma                         3
          Our Worst Fears

            Monsters: Evil
           Beings, Mythical
                                                      GR825 .G55
            Beasts, and All      David D. Gilmore                        3
         Manner of Imaginary
          Giants, Monsters,
          and Dragons: An                                                2
                                                      GR825 .R67
           Encyclopedia of          Carol Rose                       (In Library
          Folklore, Legend,                                          Use Only)
              and Myth

          Vampires, Burial,
                                                     GR830 .V3 B35
         and Death: Folklore        Paul Barber                          3
             and Reality

             Monsters: A
          Celebration of the                         PN1995.9.M6
                                    Roy Milano                           3
            Classics From                             M64 2006
          Universal Studios

                                                      QL121 .E58
         Monsters of the Sea       Richard Ellis                         3

          Hidden Animals: A
            Field Guide to
             Batsquatch,                               QL89 .N56
                                  Michael Newton                         3
           Chupacabra, and                               2009
            Other Elusive
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The Paranormal
 Cover          Title              Author          Call Number      Floor
              The Gale
                               Brad Steiger and                        2
         Encyclopedia of the                        REF BF1025
                                Sherry Hansen                      (In Library
            Unusual and                              .S79 2003
                                   Steiger                         Use Only)

          Real-Life X-Files:
                                                    BF1031 .N52
          Investigating the       Joe Nickell                          3

         Unsolved Mysteries                         BF1031 .U62
                               [Reader’s Digest]                       3
            of the Past                                1991

         The Encyclopedia of   Rosemary Ellen       REF BF1461         2
                                                                   (In Library
          Ghosts and Spirits       Guiley            .G85 2000     Use Only)

                                                   BF1472.U6 P69
         Haunting Sunshine       Jack Powell                           3

         Phenomena: A Guide
                                                   BF1472.U6 U55
            to the Bizarre       Jerome Clark                          3
          Wonders of North

           Demons of the                            BF1548 .M42
                               Malcolm McGrath                         3
           Modern World                                2002

         The Encyclopedia of                                           2
                               Rosemary Ellen       REF BF1566
         Witches, Witchcraft                                       (In Library
                                   Guiley            .G85 2008
             and Wicca                                             Use Only)

                                                     E158 .H33
          Haunted Holidays      Laura Foreman                          3

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Horror on the Screen
 Cover          Title                Author          Call Number     Floor

          Edgar Allan Poe’s                          MEDIA PS2618
                                      [DVD]                             1
         The Tell-Tale Heart                           .T45 2004

                                                          REF           2
         Historical Dictionary
                                 Peter Hutchings      PN1995.9.H6   (In Library
          of Horror Cinema
                                                       H836 2008    Use Only)

                                                       Classroom        1
             The Shining              [DVD]                         (In Library
                                                       Collection   Use Only)

          The Gorehound’s                                REF            2
          Guide to Splatter      Scott Aaron Stine    PN1995.9.H6   (In Library
         Films of the 1980s                            S77 2003     Use Only)

         The Horror Genre:
         From Beelzebub to          Paul Wells                          3
                                                       W45 2000
            Blair Witch

                                                     MEDIA PN1997
               Psycho                 [DVD]                             1
                                                       .P75 2000

                                                     MEDIA PN1997
           The Sixth Sense            [DVD]                             1
                                                       .S59 2000

                                                       Classroom        1
            Sleepy Hollow             [DVD]                         (In Library
                                                       Collection   Use Only)

                                                       Classroom        1
             Dead Calm                [DVD]                         (In Library
                                                       Collection   Use Only)

                                                       Classroom        1
          A Rose for Emily            [VHS]                         (In Library
                                                       Collection   Use Only)

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