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					Researching Employers: Go Beyond Google
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Researching employers is a vital step in preparing yourself for the successful interview. It can also be an effective tool for
developing a list of prospective employers when searching for a full-time job or internship. Before entering any interview,
it is imperative that you have a general understanding of the following:

     The size and structure of the organization                      Type of training and developmental programs
     Office headquarters and/or branch locations                      offered
     Potential new and already existing                              The company’s status (public, private or nonprofit)
      products/services                                               Financial health of the organization
     Management philosophy and style                                 Trends and issues in the industry
     Promotional path                                                Relationship of the organization to its competitors
                                                                      Current news stories

What’s the best way to find the information we have listed above? We suggest starting with the company website or
speaking with professionals who work at the organization of interest. In addition, you can turn to these
resources/databases, all of which can be accessed through the Library’s Electronic Resources page:

                                              COMPANY RESOURCES

Where can I find information about a company’s assets and liabilities, financial status, working capital, stock
activity, ranking and other recent developments and prospects?
     Value Line Investment Survey-Standard and Expanded Versions (Current year on Reserve.
         Previous two years are shelved in Reference Stacks under REF HG4501 .V26) Covers approximately 1,700
         publicly traded companies.
     LexisNexis [Online Resource]-Provides information on public, private and international companies. Search by
         company name in the “Company Information” box in the lower right hand corner of the main page.

Where can I find a company’s address, ticker symbol, status (private or public), SIC/NAICS code, etc.?
   Dun & Bradstreet Million $ Directory [Online Resource]
   Directory of Corporate Affiliations (Index Table REF HG 4049.Z5 I5)
   Infotrac’s “Business & Company Resource Center" [Online Resource]
   Factiva click on “Company Quick Search” [Online Resource]

Where can I find a company’s annual report?
   Thomson Research [Online Resource], formerly Global Access Corporate Records, provides corporate reports
      and company financials from 1995 to present. Includes 10-Ks, 10-Q's, tear-sheets, stock quotes, and daily,
      weekly and monthly stock graphs.
   LexisNexis [Online Resource] Click on <Business> and then <SEC Filings & Reports>

Where can I find company histories?
   International Directory of Company Histories (REF HD2306 .A2 I55)
   Infotrac’s “Business & Company Resource Center" [Online Resource] Find the <Company Profile> and click on
      <Histories> tab.

Where can I find information about company executives?
   Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage [Online Resource] Use S & P's Register of Corporations, Directors &
      Executives to: identify corporate relationships, obtain biographical information on executives, locate businesses
      within a specific industry and/or location and identify executive's interlocking business connections.
Where can I find information about a company’s products?
   How products are made: an illustrated guide to product manufacturing (REF TS146 .H67)
   Thomas Register of American Manufacturers (REF T12 .T6 2002) Lists more than 168,000 U.S. manufacturing
      firms and includes information about the products they make.
   Companies and their Brands (REF T223 .V4 A285) Trade names dictionary that lists more than 115,000 U.S. and
      International Companies and 420,000 consumer brands.
   Infotrac’s Predicast PROMT [Online Resource] Excellent source of market/product information. It includes trade
      journals, industry newsletters, market research studies, and news releases.

What is the simplest way to find a company’s market share or key competitors?
   Market Share Reporter (Current year on Reserve. Previous years are shelved in Reference Stacks under REF
       HC106.5 .M36)
   Dun & Bradstreet Business Rankings. (Index Table REF HG4057 .A25 Annual) Public and private businesses
       ranked within Industry, Category and State.
   Factiva [Online Resource] click on “Company Quick Search”

Where can I find and generate mailing lists of companies within a certain industry?
   Dun & Bradstreet Million $ Directory [Online Resource] Criteria for inclusion is North American companies who
      make more than 1 million dollars or who have at least 20 employees.
   CareerSearch Retrieves industry and company information based on job
      search criteria. The on-line password is available only from the Center for Career Services, 781-891-2375.

Other detailed company information is available in the following resources:
    Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage [Online Resource]
    Moody’s/Mergent’s …Bank & Finance, Industrial, OTC Industrial, Public Utility, Transportation…Manuals
       (Index Table REF HG 4961 .M...)
    Infotrac’s “Business & Company Resource Center” [Online Resource]
    Factiva [Online Resource] click on “Company Quick Search”

                                            INDUSTRY RESOURCES

Where can I find industry surveys?
   Dun & Bradstreet Industry Handbook (Index Table REF HF5035 .D86)
   Industry Pages within Value Line (Current year on Reserve. Previous two years are shelved in Reference Stacks
      under REF HG4501 .V26)
   Moody’s Industry Review (Index Table REF HG4501 .M66)
   Standard & Poor’s Industry Surveys (Current year on Reserve. Previous two years are shelved in Reference
      Stacks under REF HC106.5 .S787)
   Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage [Online Resource]

Where can I find information about the market segments of an industry?
   MRI – Mediamark Research [CD-Rom only available for use in the Library] provides access to information about
      U.S. consumers & markets. The categories, brands and consumer data within each study can be searched. The
      CD is located at the Circulation/Reserves Desk and it is used on the West Law terminal in the Library Search
   Euromonitor Global Market Information [Online Resource] Euromonitor's GMI database provides information on
      consumer lifestyles, consumer market size, major market profiles, forecasts, companies and brands, and market

Where can I find Information about smaller specialized industries?
    Small Business Profiles (Index Table REF HD62.7 .S62) provides information on financing, marketing, licensing,
       determining costs and insurance needs of small businesses.
                                                  NEWS RESOURCES

Where can I find the full text of local, regional or international business newspapers?
    Lexis Universe Local, regional and international newspapers are available under the “News” section.
    Factiva [Online Resource] Includes content from nearly 8,000 sources. Use the “Company Quick Search” to find
       a company profile (including key competitors) and the latest news. Factiva is also a source of local, regional and
       international news sources.
    ProQuest [Online Resource] provides ABI Inform Global which indexes more than 1,300 business periodicals,
       with over 750 in full-text. ProQuest also makes the electronic editions of The Wall Street Journal available in full-
       text in the ProQuest Newspapers collection.
    Emerging Markets (from Internet Securities) [Online Resource] Includes news for emerging markets in Europe,
       Latin America, Asia and Africa

                                                   WEB RESOURCES

Additional information may be accessed through the World Wide Web. Try using:
      A company’s home page
         For example: Reebok International Ltd.
      A parent company's homepage
         For example: Allied-Domecq PLC (The parent of Dunkin’ Donuts)
      An industry association’s homepage
         For example: Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants
         Hint: A good resource for finding an industry’s association is to use the Encyclopedia of Associations (Index
         Table REF HS17 .G332)

Business Websites:
     Wall Street Research Network
     Hoovers Online
     Guidestar Source of information pertaining to non-profit companies.

Career Specific Websites:
     CCS On-line Career Resources Provides links to industry and company
        information by major.
     WetFeet Provides insider information on companies and industries
     Vault Offers employer profiles and industry guides with revealing information about major
        corporations including current company activities and work environments.

Small Business Websites:
     Small Business Administration
     Massachusetts Small Business Development Center
     Small Business and the SEC

This research guide was designed by the Solomon R. Baker Library and the Miller Center for Undergraduate Career
Services to assist students with beginning their research. The library owns and has access to additional resources
not included in this guide. If you are having a problem finding the information you need or questions about using the
resources listed here, assistance is available at the Reference Desk, or you may contact a Reference Librarian at 781-
891-2300. For print materials regarding career planning, occupations and job searching please check out the Library’s
“Careers Collection”.

Further career counseling assistance is available for students through the Center for Career Services. To
schedule an appointment with an advisor, please contact Gayle McCue at (781) 891-2375.

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