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					    Council                                                                2nd November 2010

                                WALKINGTON PARISH COUNCIL
                                     2ND NOVEMBER 2010
                                 VILLAGE HALL, WALKINGTON

Present: Councillors D Drew (Chairman), Mrs C Acum, J. Drew, N Dunning, Mrs H Hird,
J Johnson, K Hearne, G Southern, Mrs V. Swann and J Thomson.
Also present: J Smith (Clerk)
Apologies for absence were submitted from Councillor C Dixon.
179.      DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS – There were no declarations.

180. CHAIRMAN'S ANNOUNCEMENTS - The Chairman commented that there seemed to
be no matters of general concern at present and stated that the previously discussed hedge
trimming works were on-going.

181.      PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – There were no items
182. MINUTES – Resolved – That the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on
5th October 2010 having been printed and previously circulated be approved as a correct
record and signed by the Chairman.
183. Routine Matters - Siting of Satellite Dish on Albanwise Land – Further to Minute 161
it was reported that a reply had been received from Albanwise regarding the siting of a satellite
dish and the dumping of garden rubbish on its land and that the matter would be discussed later
on the Agenda for this meeting (Minute 204 below refers)..
          Resolved – That the report be noted.
184. Planning Applications - Land west of 93 East End - Reserved Matters - Erection of
a dwelling and garage following outline planning permission 09/03183 (Ref 10/02686) -
Further to Minute 167 it was reported that East Riding Council had replied to the Parish
Council’s concerns regarding the quality of drawings accompanying this and other recent
applications recently. The Council had stated that a further drawing had been requested and
that the Parish Council would be re-consulted when it was received. In terms of the Parish
Council’s general concerns East Riding Council had asked if the Parish Council could identify
any application upon which they had concerns about the plans. A Member suggested that the
plans relating to the application with respect to development on land east of Elmcroft,
Coppleflats Lane (ref 10/02736) were not of the quality that might have been expected and
requested that the plans be brought forward to the next meeting.
     Resolved – That the report be noted and that Members concerns regarding drawings
accompanying planning applications be considered further at the next meeting.
185. Routine Matters – Dim Street Lights in Westfield Garth – Further to Minute 177 it
was reported that East Riding Council had replied stating that all street lighting columns were
assessed for replacement as part of its priority rating system of column conditions and were
then added to the five year replacement programme if warranted. The street lighting in Westfield
Garth was currently due to be replaced in 20102/13, dependent on budget levels being
          Resolved – That the report be noted.

186. Routine Matters – Provision of Cardboard Recycling Bin at Broadgates – Further to
Minute 177 it was reported that East Riding Council had stated that it did not provide cardboard
recycling bins at small sites.
          Resolved – That the report be noted.

Council                                                                      2nd November 2010

187. Routine Matters – Fallen Tree Branch in Pond – Further to Minute 177 it was reported
that arrangements were being made for the branch to be removed at no cost to the Parish
Council and that the work should be carried out before Xmas lights were switched on.
       Resolved – That the report be noted.

188. East Riding Council Matters - Walkington Chicane – Results of Traffic Flow
Surveys – Further to Minute 130 of the minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2010 it
was reported that as instructed the attention of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency
(VOSA) had been drawn to the health and safety concerns raised by the Council regarding the
use of un-sheeted HGVs by Stoneledge and that VOSA had requested confirmation of the
address of the company before they could pursue their enquiries..

       Resolved – That the information requested be forwarded to VOSA.
189. Matters Arising - Application for Financial Assistance – Walkington Playing Field
Association – Further to Minute 121 of the minutes of the meeting held on 7th September 2010
it was reported that the Sherwood and Waudby Charity had received an application but that the
Trustees had requested further information before determining the request. Members echoed
the views of the Trustees regarding the need for further quotations to be obtained for the
proposed work.
       Resolved – That the Association be requested to supply further information in support of
the application.

190. Routine Matters – Weir in Pond Not Opening - Further to Minute 152 of the minutes of
the meeting held on 7th September 2010 Councillor Hearne reported that the Pond Committee
had asked when the opening mechanism for the weir would be checked as concerns had been
raised by residents living near the pond regarding the possibility of flooding occurring in periods
of heavy rainfall if the level of the pond could not be lowered. The Chairman reported that he
and Councillor Dixon had inspected the mechanism. Members expressed concern that the weir
could not be lowered without first contacting the owner of the drains as otherwise the amount of
water going into the drainage system could itself result in flooding. Councillor Hearne stated that
a separate drainage pipe connecting to the drainage in Crake Wells had been provided when
the weir had first been put in and that it was not possible to adjust the weir at present. The
Chairman suggested that the Council should leave the matter with himself and Councillor Dixon
to look at.
       Resolved – That the report be noted.

191. COMMUNITY SAFETY MATTERS – Details of incident reports received from the Police
since the last meeting were submitted. A Member commented that the figures supplied
indicated that the village had the largest number of incidents of any villages in the Beverley and
Rural Ward and queried whether the Police was doing anything to address the situation. It was
also suggested that it would be timely if the Police could put an information message in the
Newsletter on crime prevention. Councillor Acum reported that a seat in the play area had been
badly damaged by fire on 30th October 2010. Members were informed that PC N Holroyd had
sadly died recently and Members acknowledged that he had done a lot for the village during his
time as a policeman for the area. It was reported that there had been a number of incidents of
bikes being stolen. A Member expressed concern at the dangers for pedestrians caused by
people riding bicycles on the footpaths in the village. It was suggested that such complaints
should be reported direct to the Police at the time of the incident.
        Resolved – That the report be noted and that an item be included in the Newsletter
reminding residents that the cycleway ends at Autherd Garth and that the paths in the village
are not cycle tracks.


Council                                                                    2nd November 2010

193. Applications Received - Resolved - That the following comments be forwarded to East
Riding Council on the application stated:
          Application                                 Comments
          (1) Land north of Walkington Wold Farm,    Recommend approval. The Parish
              Wold Road – Change of use and          Council fully supports the application.
              conversion of a reservoir to zero-
              carbon     holiday   accommodation
              (Ref 10/03998).
194. Decisions Received – Resolved – That the decision of East Riding Council on the
applications set out below be noted:
          Application                                Decision
          (1) 19 Speedwell Lane - Extension to Does not require formal planning
              ground and first floor rear for disabled permission.
              facilities (Ref 10/03125)
          (2) Eastwood, Broadgates – Erection of Approved
              conservatory (ref 10/035593)
          (3) 4 Teal Close – Erection of single Approved
              storey extension to front (ref
          (4) Walkington Primary School, Crake Approved
              Wells – To replace sections of 1.2m
              red bow top fencing with 1.8m red top
              bow fencing, and the installation of
              bow top fencing on top of the wall to a
              height of 1.8m to front elevation (ref

195. Applications Received - Resolved - That the following comments be forwarded to East
Riding Council on the applications stated:
          Application                                Comments
          (1) Walkington Hall - to fell 3 diseased No observations subject to trees being
              Elm trees and 2 Horse Chestnut trees replaced by a suitable cultivar.
              protected by a Tree Preservation
              Order (Ref 10/60201).
196. TREE DAMAGING FOOTPATH – 11 BEECH VIEW - Resolved – That the attention of
East Riding Council be drawn to the damage being caused to the footpath along the side of
11 Beech View by the roots of a large tree.

That the attention of East Riding Council be drawn to the potential danger of branches from
overhanging trees falling onto a garage situated adjacent to the snicket leading from the corner
of Autherd Garth to Sherwood Close.

(a) That the quotation submitted by R & R Studio Ltd in the sum of £102.00 plus VAT be
approved and (b) that on receipt of the board arrangements be made for it to be mounted in a

Council                                                                       2nd November 2010

199. COUNCILLORS ALLOWANCES – Resolved - That the existing Chairman’s allowance
shall remain at its current level for 2010/11.
200. BUDGET MONITORING 2010/11 – A report was submitted monitoring income and
expenditure against the approved budget for 2010/11.
       Resolved – That the report be noted.
201. Income - Resolved - That it be noted that the following income had been received since
the last meeting of the Council:
        Allotment Association – rent                                              150.00
202. Balances - Resolved – That it be noted that the bank balances at 13th October 2010
amounted to £46,677.72 but that did not take into account any expenditure committed from the
previous year or anticipated during the current year or the income reported at this meeting.
203.   Payment of Invoices - Resolved – (a) That the following payments be approved:
       T Eling Landscapes and Garden Services – Footpaths 2nd cut                 317.25
       Sherwood and Waudby Charity – Bus Shelter rent £25, Allotment rent £150    175.00
       Albanwise – rent for playing field (11/10/10-5/4/2011)                      75.00
       Walkington Newsletter – grant – 2nd instalment                           1,250.00
       All Hallows Church – grant – 2nd instalment                              1,332.50
       J. Smith – salary (3rd quarter including arrears excluding employees NI) 1,160.40
       HMRC – PAYE and NI (Employer’s and Employee’s                              296.98
       Pestarrest – rodent control                                                 40.00

letter from Albanwise Ltd dated 8th October 2010 was submitted regarding the siting of a
satellite dish and the dumping of garden rubbish on its land. The Company intended to arrange
an inspection of the land. The letter stated that “As regards the long standing habit of deposit of
garden rubbish over the fence, which seems to be a common problem in similar situations, this
is something of which we do not approve and, in due course, will address this with the
residents. I wonder if the Parish Council is prepared to assist us by posting a note in your
magazine, pre-warning that the land owner will be obliged to address this practice and require
any accesses to be closed off permanently. As regards the trees on the boundary, you will
appreciate that there is no right to light or a view, unless enshrined within the residents’ titles,
which it will not be. The residents have every right to cut back overhanging branches at their
own cost and throw them back into our property”. Members confirmed that they had visited the
site since the last meeting and that this was a matter between residents and Albanwise Ltd.

       Resolved – That the report be noted and that an item be included in the Newsletter.
Resolved – That the safety concerns be brought to the attention of East Riding Council.
date has been delayed until mid to late November 2010 and be completed in early January
       Resolved - That the information be noted.
207. Playing Field Association – Councillor Acum reported on vandalism to a seat; the
sporting activity now taking place, that the MUGA had now been officially opened, and that
Apron Strings had now installed its portacabin on the site. It was reported that the playing fields
benefitted from the ground rent for the siting of the cabin; that if Apron Strings should cease to
exist they would be required to remove the cabin, and also that the cabin was for the benefit of
the playing fields.
Council                                                                   2nd November 2010

       Resolved - That the report be noted.

208. School Hall Management Committee – There had been no meeting since the last

209. Youth Club Committee – Councillors Mrs Hird and Mrs Swann reported orally on
matters relating to the Youth Club. With regard to the numbers attending the Club it was
suggested that it might be helpful if the Committee placed an article in the Newsletter.

       Resolved – That the report be noted.

210.   Village Community Safety Working Group – Mr Thomson gave an oral update.

       Resolved – That the report be noted.

211. CORRESPONDENCE - Resolved – That the correspondence set out below be
       (a) East Riding of Yorkshire Council:
           (i)   Parish Precepts 2011/12 – To be submitted by 3rd January 2011
           (ii) Parish News – October and November 2010 (circulated separately).
           (iii) Footway Lighting Maintenance
           (iv) Beverley Neighbourhood Action Team – Agenda 3rd November 2010
                 (circulated separately).
           (v) Beverley Local Action Team Agenda – Agenda 21st October 2010 (circulated
           (vi) Standards Committee Agenda for 11th November 2010
       (b) Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council – Humbrella Newsletter Autumn 2010
       (c) The Playing Field Newsletter
       (d) Clerks and Councils Direct November 2010

212. Offshore Wind Farm – Forewind – Tranche A and Dogger Bank Project One – It
was reported that information had been received as part of a consultation process. A Member
suggested that whilst the proposed wind farm was off-shore the power would be brought on-
shore to connect to the grid supply at Creyke Bank, Cottingham and that dependent on the
route chosen might affect areas of the parish. Further details would be received in due course.

       Resolved – That the information be noted at this stage.

213    NHS Vascular Services Review – Consultation – Resolved – That this be included as
item on the Agenda for the next meeting.

214. East Riding Council – Flood Liaison Group – The minutes of the meeting of the Flood
Liaison Group held on 23rd September 2010 were submitted. A Member referred to Minute 40
regarding progress on the 188 approved schemes arising from the flooding in June 2007 and
commented that there were no approved works for Walkington listed in the progress report
despite the fact that the village was flooded. Concern was expressed that the capacity of the
drains in Main Street could not cope with prolonged heavy rainfall.

       Resolved – (a) That the minutes be noted; (b) that a letter be sent to Mr Graham
Stuart MP urging him to support the representations made by East Riding Council as set out in
the document circulated with the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd September 2010, and (c)
that East Riding Council be informed of the Council’s concerns regarding the lack of approved
flood works in the village.

215.   ROUTINE MATTERS - The following matters were briefly discussed:
         Parking issues near school – Ask Police to monitor again.
         Speed on Beverley Road – Ask Police to monitor the 40mph speed limit again.
         Mud on road from farm land on Beverley Road opposite Megson Way and beyond
          Broadgate cottages

Council                                                                     2nd November 2010

           Punctures along cycleway following hedge cutting – East Riding Council should be
            contacted as they will normally respond by sending a sweeper straight away.
           Pantomime tickets are still on sale.
           50th Anniversary Display of the Newsletter – It was noted that not all copies of the
            Newsletter were bound. Clerk to contact the Editor of the Newsletter as to whether
            any assistance is required from the Parish Council. It was suggested financial
            assistance might be available from the Heritage Fund.
           Power Turn Off – Members expressed disappointment that the electricity had
            recently been turned off all day, particularly in winter, to allow the cutting of tree
            branches away from power lines.
           Sewerage in drain in Kirk Lane near entrance to Church – Refer to East Riding
            Council. This matter was reported at the meeting on 7 September 2010 and a
            response was awaited from the East Riding Council. A Member clarified that the
            problem was near the entrance to Park Farm and that there was drain but there was
            a round manhole cover from which foul water overflowed.
           Overgrowing Ivy on Rectory wall – To be referred to East Riding Council for the Ivy
            to be cut back so as to allow cars to park nearer the edge of the highway.

216. EXCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC – Resolved – That the public be excluded from the
meeting for the consideration of the following item on the grounds that it is likely that exempt
information will be disclosed under paragraph 2 of Section 12A of Part I to the Local
Government Act 1972.

217. LAND AT POT & LADLE PIT – Further to Minute 152 of the meeting held on
1st September 2009 the Council was informed of an approach made by a Solicitor acting for the
lessees of the land at Pot and Ladle Pit.

       Resolved – That the Council does not wish to sell a valuable asset to the community.

218. TIME OF NEXT MEETING – The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on
7th December 2010 in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.


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