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New Issue WSI - 3397



  Issue Title: ASOG: Practice ATIS -04040001: Modify WSI (Wireless Site Indicator) field for
  valid entry in 2nd position to identify tower at site and expand data characteristics from 1 to 2.

Forum/Committee:            OBF                       Issue Number:                 3397
Committee/Subcommittee      OS                        Issue Status:                 Active
Submission Date:            07/22/10                  Initial Closure/Initial
                                                      Pending Date:
Acceptance Date:            07/29/2010                Target Date for Moving
                                                      Issue to Final From Initial
                                                      Closure or Initial Pending:
Targeted Resolution         Aug 2010                  Final Closure Date:
Date:                       Oct 2010

  Issue Statement/Business Need: There is a business need to have Wireless Site identified if
  located at tower. Provisioning has unique requirements to support towers for lightening.

  Suggested Solution: To expand WSI (Wireless Site Indicator) field from 1 to 2 characters and
  add a valid entry in the new 2nd position to identify tower.

  Resolution Statement:

  Associated Committees/Issues:

  Related work required for the solution to this issue to be implementable by the industry--
  consider functional platform; interoperability; performance, reliability, and security; OAM&P;
  ordering and billing; and user interface work.

  UOM-ASR, Mech Spec

   Issue Champion(s):
Name:                   Cindy Shope                  Name:
Company:                CenturyLINK                  Company:
E-mail address          Cindy.shope@centurylink.     E-mail address
(optional):             com                          (optional):
Telephone number        913-345-6304                 Telephone number
(optional):                                          (optional):
Activity Log

August 12, 2010 Access Service Ordering Subcommittee

Cindy Shope (CenturyLink) explained the issue.

It was noted that the business need was to not delay the due date since additional work is
required when a wireless tower is involved.

Participants reviewed the proposed changes to the ASR Form.

Participants reviewed the proposed changes to the data elements in the 001 practice.

It was suggested that a new field be created rather than including a wireless tower
indicator as part of the WSI field.

There were concerns on including location information on the ASR, since it is not a part
of CLLI codes, design codes or another indicator.

Another suggestion was to include the tower indicator as part of a CLONES record. It
was stated that the TAG process to update the CLONES record takes time.

It was noted that the WSI field was developed to identify when a new site survey would
help identify that the location is a tower.

Ms. Shope stated that she would revisit the Issue internally and bring it back for
discussion during the October 6 ASO meeting.

Agreement Reached:
Issue 3397 will remain in Active Status.

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