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                                                                                    The MeaT of IT
        In the News
    Prime Minister pushes for
     tougher food safety laws.
In a statement released April 8, Prime
Minister Stephen Harper announced
that the federal government will boost
consumer protection with a ‘tough’ and
‘comprehensive’ set of food safety laws.
The proposed changes in legislation
amends the Food and Drugs act as well
as creating a new Canada Consumer
Product Safety Act. The result will be a
crack down on negligent manufacturers,
importers and retailers who knowingly
endanger their customers.

   Upcoming Events
         June 8 – 10, 2008
     The Purchasing Seminar:
                                            Marinades, Rubs & Glazes
 “Where Food Ingredient Buyers
         and Sellers Meet”                                                   Marinades
                                               Marinades, rubs                 Marinades can range from the hot and peppery to the sweet and citrus, and
          Kansas City, MO.
                                                & glazes offer                 cover much territory in between the two. Marination (or marinating) is defined
This three day event will be held at the                                       by Wikipedia as the process of soaking foods in a seasoned, often acidic, liquid
                                              the added variety
Intercontinental Hotel and will feature                                        before cooking. Acid causes tissue breakdown, which tenderizes the meat, and
24 speakers and panelists speaking to            of flavours,
                                                                               allows more moisture to be absorbed, resulting in a juicier product. Marinades
the current volatility and risk in world       great taste and                 themselves are a balance of herbs & spices, acidic liquids and oil. A traditional
          ingredient markets.                  convenience to                  marinade consists of a flavourful solution of oil, sugar, salt, spices and acid and                   any summer BBQ!                  is used to soak beef, chicken, fish and vegetables, usually from 1 – 24 hours. The
                                                                               acid liquid can also be replaced with water, as is commonly the case for tumble
         June 18 – 19, 2008                 While marinating meat is widely practiced in many cultures around the world, the evidence for how marinades
      Ontario Pork Congress,                originated is hard to find. However, it is clear that the use of marinades is not relegated to one particular region.
          Stratford, Ontario                In Western cultures, the marinade is said to date back to the Renaissance, when people marinated meat and
The Ontario Pork Congress celebrates        seafood in vinegar and spices to both preserve and flavour it. However, in Asia, Koreans have been marinating
 its 35th year in a new facility for this   beef in soy sauce, sugar, garlic, scallions and sesame oil since the 1500’s. The Spaniards learned to make and use
          year’s annual event.              ‘escabeche’, a bright vinegar or wine-based marinade spiced with garlic, peppers and onions, and introduced it                 to Latin America in the 16th century. In Asia, the use of soy sauce, which has been traditionally used to marinate
                                            meat, can be traced back over 3000 years. Others point to the origins of the word ‘marinade’ and note that the
                                            word alludes to the use of brine (aqua marina) in the pickling process, which led to the technique of adding
           Canada Day                       flavour by immersion in liquid.
                                            Today marinades are used extensively, not only to tenderize meat, but to bring flavour and a moist mouth-feel
Malabar will be closed Tuesday, July 1st    to the meats we enjoy. In addition, marinating meat seems to reduce the production of potentially dangerous
to celebrate Canada Day.                    heterocyclic amines (HCA’s), produced when meat is flame-cooked at high temperatures. In a study conducted

                                                                                                                                             continued on page 3
                                                  Fr oM t he LAb
                                                                                   beefsteaks. In general, 10 – 15% absorption can be expected without
                                                                                   the use of functional ingredients. Over-filling does not give the meat
                                                                                   enough room to expand and will not allow for proper pick up. The
                                                                                   marinade liquid mixture must be ice cold and completely dissolved
                                                                                   before use. Recommended tumbling time for small pieces of meat is
                                                                                   1 ½ hours (less than one hour will not allow enough time for
                                                                                   maximum pick up).

           The Art & Science
                of Marinating
  Preparing the Meat
  Using cut meat pieces is ideal to provide maximum surface exposure
  in order to maximize the effectiveness of marination. Temperature of
  the meat is also critical, and must be very cold, at between 0-2°C.
  Dry Powdered Marinades                                                           Additional Ingredients
  A dry powder marinade may contain salt and spices. Salt is applied               The addition of phosphate may also be considered for greater weight
  at a recommended level of 1.3 – 1.5%, or 13-15g per kilogram of                  gain, as the salts and phosphate activate the meat proteins which are
  meat. Keep in mind that the loss of weight during grilling or frying             then able to immobilize the added water. Xanthan gum can be added to
  leads to an increase in salt within the cooked product. To prepare a             control the viscosity and to delay run-off of the marinade from the meat
  liquid blend from the dry powder mixture, you may mix with water or              product. Potassium or sodium lactate may be added to extend shelf life
  oil, or a combination of both. Many water-oil marinades have a pH of             by reducing the microbial activity, when added to a meat product that is
  approximately 4.0 which makes them microbiologically stable without              fully cooked when sold to the consumer.
  adding a sour taste.
                                                                                         For more information, contact our technical specialist at
  Tumbling                                                                          1-888-456-6252, or via email at
  Tumbling is recommended, to maximize the marination process.
  With tumbling, the air is removed causing the meat fibers to expand,
                                                                                   The information provided is accurate and reliable
  and the agitation works the meat protein allowing the marinade to                to the best of our knowledge, but is offered solely for
  penetrate and to be absorbed. Some cuts of meat have a higher affinity           consideration, without warranty or guarantee.
  to absorb water, including skinless poultry breast, pork loins and

Malabar Partners with Delft blue in Offering Co-Packing Services to Smaller Processors
                                           Malabar will partner with Delft Blue to provide                      •	 Developing	full	case-ready	programs
                                           seasonings and technical support for customers                       •	 MAP/	Overwrap/	Gas	flush/	Vacuum	packaging	
                                           taking advantage of Delft Blue’s co-packing                             (Including	Ground	Beef/	Veal/	Pork,	Lamb)
                                           capabilities. Delft Blue offers a wide range of                      •	 Automated	kebob/brochette	capabilities
                                           co-packing services to give companies an alternative                 •	 Portion	control	steaks,	chops	schnitzel,	cutlets	
                                           to in-house production - a perfect solution for                         and medallions
                                           companies looking to outsource these services due to
                                                                                                                •	 Meatballs,	Meat	loaves
                                           limited capacity, space, equipment and/or manpower.
                                                                                                                •	 Sausage	and	stuffed	products
                                           With a federally inspected facility, state of the art
                                                                                                                •	 Full	breading/	batter	capabilities
                                           equipment and skills, and a dedicated workforce,
                                           Delft Blue is able to cover the entire processing                    •	 Automated	Digital	Portion	control/	dicing/	
                                           spectrum, from idea to finished product, or to                          slicing
                                           produce a single component for you.                                  •	 Fully	cooked/	par-fry/	IQF	capabilities
                                           Delft Blue offers the following capability in the                    •	 Injection/	Marinating
                                           processing of beef, pork, veal, lamb, and poultry

                                           Delft Blue plants are federally inspected and HACCP recognized. For more information go to:, or contact
                                           Josh van Bladel, Co-Packing Coordinator at 519-740-8327 ext: 209, or via email at
                                                                                                                       Malabar Chosen by
               Marinades, Rubs & Glazes                                                                             Canadian bbQ Champions
                                                                         continued from page 1                      Steve Adams is BBQ obsessed - just ask his
                                                                                                                    friends! Together, Steve Adams, Daryl Maybanks
                                                                                                                    and Mike Adams make up the champion BBQ
by the American Institute for Cancer Research, HCA’s in barbequed meat were reduced by 92-99%
                                                                                                                    sensation Team Cedar Grilling, winners of
when the meat was first marinated for as little as 40 minutes.
                                                                                                                    multiple awards, and ‘everyday guys’ with a
Marinade Components                                                                                                 passion for the perfect BBQ’d meal. When The
Acids: These include all types of vinegar, fruit juices and cultured milk products like buttermilk and              Main Ingredient (MI) caught up with Steve,
yoghurt. Among the more exotic acids used we find pomegranate juice, common in the Middle East,                     he was spending the morning ‘testing’ and the
Coca Cola, used in BBQ sauce in North America, and buttermilk, used to marinate catfish in the                      weekend, well; it was a ‘cooking weekend’. For
Southern USA.                                                                                                       Steve, this means 4 days of testing formulations,
Aromatics: These add a distinctive character with spicy, hot, sour or sweet flavours. Here is where                 rubs, recipes and detailed cook-time profiles to
the seasonings and sweeteners come into play. For a sense of various styles from around the world,                  come up with the perfect result. In his words, it’s
consider the following general guidelines: For Asian-inspired marinades, ginger will dominate, along                the pursuit of perfection, and it the results are
with options of lemongrass, green onion and soy sauce. Marinades in the French style will feature a                 anything to go by, it’s worth it.
‘mirepoix’, finely minced onions, carrots, celery and leeks in red wine vinegar. Wild game marinades                Team Cedar Grilling
often feature juniper berries, while Latin marinades benefit from chilies, garlic, cumin, and lime                  are two-time “Grand
juice. Coarse flakes and spice granules also add visual appeal.                                                     Champions” of the
Fats: Fats help to seal in flavour and keep foods moist during grilling. Note that lighter oils with                Canadian Open BBQ
mono- and diglycerides, such as olive oil, penetrate deeper and faster. The balance between the                     Championships, as
strength of the fat flavour and the acid used should be considered in choosing ingredients for                      well as veteran winners
marinades – for example, use a heavily flavoured olive oil with a hearty balsamic vinegar, and a                    on the Ontario BBQ
lighter oil with rice wine vinegar.                                                                                 circuit. In fact, in 2007
                                                                                                                    the team competed
Mix & Match Marinades                                                                                               in two invitational
 Acidic                                       Oils & Sweeteners              Seasonings                             competitions in the
                                                                                                                    US – the Jack Daniel’s
 Vinegar,	beer,	wine,	bourbon,	               Olive oil, grape seed oil,     Salt, fresh ground pepper, brown       World Championship in
 Worcestershire sauce (in smaller             tomato paste, maple syrup,     sugar, garlic, honey, rosemary,        Lynchburg, Tennessee
 quantities), unsweetened pineapple juice,    hoisin sauce, molasses,        onion, season salt, mustard,
 apple, orange, lime or lemon juice, sherry   honey, soy sauce, jams &       stock, tamarind, cumin, ginger,
                                                                                                                    and the ‘Best of the
 (or water, with tumble marinades)            jellies                        chili, curry powder                    Best’ BBQ Invitational
                                                                                                                    in Douglas Georgia,
                                                                                                                    where the team
Tips for Marinating:                                                                                                represented Canada.
1. Use non-reactive container like stainless steel, porcelain, clay or plastic – not cast iron or                   As for the passion behind it, Steve has been
   aluminum. (Note that plastic containers may pick up residual flavours.)                                          bringing it to the table for a long time. He’s got
2. Food does not need to be completely submerged, but turned often to ensure that every surface                     recipes for sauces and rubs he’s experimented
   area comes into contact with the marinade.                                                                       with that go back more than 10 years. In addition,
                                                                                                                    he’s just as particular about all the details of the
3. Marinating times: Pork & lamb: 5-8 hours                  Fish: No more than 1 hour
                                                                                                                    preparation of his meats, and keeps records of
                       Chicken: 2-3 hours                    Steak: Overnight, or up to 24 hours
                                                                                                                    lid openings, heat zones, winds, temperature etc.
** For heavier meats like steak, venison and lamb, cut into cubes, or ‘steaks’ not more than 1 inch thick to        Team Cedar Grilling is the proud owner of an
allow the marinade to permeate.
                                                                                                                    IP-enabled ‘stoker’ BBQ, which allows the team
The soaking method is well suited for use in meat counter containers, while tumble marination is                    to log in over the internet and adjust the BBQ’s
preferred and more effective in large commercial processing operations.                                             settings entirely remotely.
Rubs                                                                                                                Malabar is thrilled to have been chosen by Team
Rubs are seasoning mixtures applied as exterior meat coatings, usually using carriers such as oil,                  Cedar Grilling to supply the team with spices,
flour and maltodextrin. When rubs are applied, the seasonings draw the juices of the meat to the                    rubs and functional ingredients. To say the team
surface, where they pick up some of the flavours and form a ‘crust’ which seals in the juices.                      is fussy about the ingredients they use is an
                                                                                                                    understatement! According to Steve, the team uses
Glazes                                                                                                              only the best, and tests everything, right down to
Glazes are applied to the outside of meat cuts to give a characteristic flavour and appearance. Glazes
                                                                                                                    the croutons used in their salad side dishes. The
are usually in liquid, or paste form, but a new ‘dry’ form is becoming increasingly popular. These
                                                                                                                    team “sampled every crouton in Canada!” says
‘dry’ glazes contain flavours, seasonings, starches and gums that form a liquid glaze once they absorb
                                                                                                                    Steve,. “Everything we use is tested, and has to
the natural juices of the meat during cooking. Glazes can also increase the retention of the meat
                                                                                                                    be the very best - otherwise, how can we expect
juices in the finished cooked meat product. Salts are not required, as carbohydrates (starches and
                                                                                                                    the best end result?” Team Cedar Grilling will be
gums) are the ideal ingredient base. Dextrose or corn syrup may also be added to provide an added
                                                                                                                    competing across Canada during the summer of
browning effect when cooked or grilled.
                                                                                                                    2008 - for more information on where you can
Marinades, rubs and glazes provide creative opportunities for a wide variety of flavourful and visually             sample some Team Cedar Grilling BBQ, visit their
tempting meat products. Your customers will be coming back for more!                                                website at
                 Marinades                                                                                                   OUR PRESIDENT’S

                        of the Summer

New Dry Seasoning Marinades                                                                I have recently returned from a business trip to Germany and
     to spice up your BBQ meat products!                                                   France. This trip included visits to two different spice processors
Chili Lime                                      MALCHLM-015                                & blenders, where I took the opportunity to tour their processing
Greek’s Choice                                  MALGCM-010                                 facilities and to review how automation and new technology is
Maple BBQ                                       MALMBQ-019                                 changing the traditional spice industry.
Curry                                           MALCURM-001                                I also had the pleasure of touring the manufacturing facilities of one
Honey Dijon                                     MALHDM-007                                 of the oldest and most respected artificial casing manufacturers,
Sweet n Smokey Paprika                          MALSMM-086                                 Kalle GmbH. Located in Wiesbaden, Germany, Kalle began operations
                                                                                           in 1863, and continues to be an innovator in casings, including
Marinade Units for Tumbling                                                                polymer (plastic) casings for a wide variety of applications. My visit
                                                                                           concluded with a partnership agreement between Kalle and our
BBQ Tumble Marinade                             MALBBQTM-005
                                                                                           company, to distribute Kalle’s plastic casings in Canada.
Mediterranean Tumble Marinade                   MALMTM-141
Lemon Herb Tumble Marinade                      MALLBT-001                                 In this issue of The Main Ingredient, we’re featuring the Nalo Bar
                                                                                           and the Nalo Shape casings. Watch out for the introduction of many
Wine & Herb Tumble Marinade                     MALWHM-141
                                                                                           additional types of Nalo casings throughout 2008. We are very
                                                                                           proud to bring Kalle casings to you, as we continue to build on our
To Order a Sample of any of the above or if you have a new                                 reputation for excellence in service, product quality and variety!
flavour you’d like to try, contact us at 1-888-456-6252, or email

Summer Shutdown Notice: A reminder that Malabar Super                                      Doris Valade
Spice will be closed from August 4-8, inclusive. Please mark your calendars                President
and be sure to order in advance of our shutdown. Thank you!                                Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd.

Kalle Sausage Casings, from Malabar                                                 casings do not require further packaging and are a great replacement for
                                                                                    the traditional moisture-proof fibrous casings.
Malabar is proud to supply Kalle Sausage Casings to Canadian processors.
Malabar has a long history of bringing world-renowned European                      NaloShape – NaloShape is ideal for use in metal moulds, and also for
products to Canada and will make Kalle’s Nalo line of casings available             D-shaped applications involving unsmoked shaped scalded processed meat
across the country.                                                                 products and cooked hams. NaloShape imparts long shelf-life without the
                                                                                    need for secondary packaging and its smooth peelability is ideal for slicing
NaloBar (and NaloBar Kranz, the ring form) – NaloBar’s unique
barrier qualities allows for a long shelf life for unsmoked scalded and
cooked processed meats as well as processed cheese products, without                Kalle has been manufacturing casings since 1863, and has become the
the need for secondary packaging. NaloBar casings boast both an oxygen              market leader in high-performance artificial casings for a wide variety of
barrier and a water barrier. As a result, a product’s filling weight remains        meat and food products. Kalle casings are printable in up to 8 colours,
constant during storage. NaloBar casings come in a variety of colours, and          and are available in Canada from Malabar Super Spice.
                                                                                    For more information, or to request samples, or
                                                                                    place an order, call 1-888-456-MALA (6252) or

are resistant to the growth of both bacteria and moulds. These polymer
                                            For more information on any of the subjects covered in Malabar’s newsletter,
                                           or to suggest topics you’d like to see covered in future editions, please contact
                                                       Sara Alexander at
                                                              Look for our next edition in Sept/Oct 2008.
                               Malabar Super Spice Co. Ltd., 459 Enfield Road, Burlington, Ontario L7T 2X5

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