MC Minutes 20090514 - APPROVED by keralaguest


									                        Mendon City Council meeting held May 14, 2009
                            at the Mendon Station, 95 North Main
                                   Meeting began at 7:08pm

City Council: Mayor Michael Morgan
      Council Members: Phil Coulter, George DeWeese, Jon Hardman, and Jason Wooden,
      Mike Carlson
      Recorder: Paul Cressall
      Treasurer: Daphne Carlson
      Clerk: Haunani Thunell

Attendance: Ray Olsen, Carolee Barrett, Bruce Thorne, LaDean Thorne, John Engler, Carole
Kirk, Allen Gardner, Lynn Butler, Paula Watkins, Peter Reed, Steve Smith, Jayme Smith,
Carolyn Baker, Kathleen Mills, Shaleace Price
     1.   George DeWeese
     2.   John Hester
     3.   Mendon Cottage Library Board Funding Proposals
     4.   Ray Olsen
     5.   2009-10 Budget Discussion
6.        Kirk Taylor, Public Works Director

Pledge of allegiance led by Mayor Morgan. Prayer offered by George DeWeeese..

Minutes – unanimously approved.

Bills – George motioned to approve. Jason seconded. Unanimously approved. Daphne asked
Mayor Morgan to tell Council that if it is not absolutely necessary, please do not spend money in
June (in order to allow all money to be reconciled before end of fiscal year).

1.      George DeWeese – George gave Mayor Morgan his letter of resignation. He will resign
as of the end of this meeting as he has accepted a job in Tooele and will be moving as soon as
possible. George’s Council position will be posted and then filled through the end of the year by
appointment. A special election will be held for his Council seat in November for a one year
Update on Storm Water Committee – George gave the Mayor a letter with specific
recommendations and updates on the Committee’s findings thus far. Bruce Thunell will chair the
committee going forward.
George expressed his appreciation for the opportunity he has had to serve on Mendon City
Council. Mayor Morgan thanked George for his efforts and expressed his gratitude for all that he
has done for Mendon City.
2.      John Hester – not able to make it. Out with bronchitis. Will be on June agenda.
2.5     Carolee Barrett – Mendon Float – Mike Carlson drove for the first parade. She needs
volunteers to drive for future parade dates (truck with 2” ball hitch required). Mike Carlson
recommended using the City truck. Driver needed for parade this Saturday at 5pm in Richmond
for Black and White Days. Carolee will send out a schedule of parades and sign up opportunities
for drivers. Tires were donated for the float this year. Needs signatures from all of Council for
thank you card. Mayor Morgan will contact Kirk to see if he can drive this weekend.

3.       Library Board – Lynn Butler introduced Steve Smith to present 2009-10 library budget.
Reviewed 2008-09. During May Day, library patrons and donors volunteered to staff the library
without payment. The proposed 2010 operating budget is under $11,000. 2009-10 Budget
Revenue $7000 from City. $750 Book Sale. $2500 Donations.
MCL Board feels that the best solution for a permanent Mendon Library is a city land grant. The
Board is requesting land south of Mendon City Building (volleyball court can be relocated, library
complements existing structures, improved aesthetic value for Mendon City.)
They would like Council to approve this year’s budget, and also approve a land grant.
Mayor Morgan asked how many library cards were issued when the library was in operation.
Lynn Butler said that there is not an accurate count, but approximately 184. Mayor Morgan said
that a $25 library fee per card would raise approximately $5000 which would more than cover
remaining budget needs. Fundraising could still continue, however there would be a more
concrete operating amount to count on. Fundraising for operating expenses is not consistent and
it is difficult to be constantly fundraising just to operate. Carolyn Baker feels that there should be
a certain amount of tax to support the library so that every family can share the expense and
families who can’t afford a $25 fee could still receive the benefit of a library. Mayor Morgan
pointed out that it is possible, however because of the length of time to put a tax into effect, it
would not be a practical solution for this fiscal year. If it is a ballot item, it would not go into
effect until the following fiscal year. Lynn Butler mentioned that we have missed the deadline for
the November 2009 ballot. (April 15th) Phil Coulter wondered about long term expectations in
terms of staffing. If all building expectations came to pass, would you still expect volunteers to
provide staffing? Steve Smith stated that the cost for a part time librarian is approx $8000/yr. In
order to staff the library more consistently, a library fee would need to be approx $50 - 65/year.
Steve says that he has marketing/fundraising background and feels strongly that there would be
public support. George DeWeese said that he feels there would be greater public support if there
is a specific site dedicated to a future library. Mayor Morgan stressed again the need for an
operating fund separate from a building fund. Mike Carlson liked the proposed budget however
he was skeptical about fundraising. He would prefer to see more firm numbers that are more
consistent. Steve Smith would like to charge less for library card fees this year just to keep the
library open. Lynn Butler announced that they have all the volunteer staff needed for summer
opening. Mayor Morgan confirmed that the $7000 is still on reserve for the library budget. Jason
Wooden said that there is still an opportunity to make a land trade for Hughes Corner and
opportunities will open for a designated library site. Mayor Morgan asked for a vote on
continuing with library budget with the condition that the library card fee be established. Lynn
Butler said that they want the freedom to come up with the remaining $3000 without committing
to library fees. Jon Hardman said that with a volunteer staff there needs to be good oversight of
money handling. It would not be appropriate for various people to be collecting money. Money
should be collected and turned in daily. Mayor Morgan said that City Council supports a
designated location of a future library building, however the exact location has not been
4.       Ray Olsen – presented Financial Savings for Mendon City by the Volunteer Fire Dept.
Ray pointed out that the fire dept actually costs the city nothing based on what it would cost if we
didn’t have a volunteer fire dept.
Fire Dept/EMS Service Leaders
Asst. Chief – Erik Andersen, EMS Training Coordinator – Audri Bingham; Asst Chief – Scott
Hofler, Battalion Chief – Barry Locke, Battalion Chief – Brent Linford, Admin Secretary –
Listed several services provided by the Fire Dept., certifications, and recent accomplishments and
upgrades that have occurred throughout 2009.
Objectives for the department for this year…develop an urban wildland interface plan. Update
Emergency Response Cards for dispatch. Certify additional personnel as EMTs and firefighters.
Integrate 800 MHZ radio system. License our EMS agency as an intermediate standby transport
agency. Certify all administration through the command training module.
Current Company Value – If Mendon Fire Dept were valued as a career Fire Dept. at $6,505,983
including equipment. Mendon City currently budgets $35,000 for the volunteer Fire Dept.
Ray’s purpose in coming to Council is to let everyone know of the services that are provided and
that it is of minimal expense to the City of Mendon or its citizens.
Mayor Morgan thanked Ray Olsen and the Fire Department for all of their efforts.

5.       2009-10 Budget Discussions – George mentioned that without repairs on streets they are
gradually going to continue to deteriorate. George recognized Kirk’s efforts and all the work that
he does to save the City money. Mike Carlson said that Mendon City needs to get better control
of grant applications. Petitioners need to come before City Council to get approval before the
grant is turned in. George mentioned that SNAP grant will include many costs that the City will
have to incur including the cost of moving utilities. George has organized a grant committee and
Mayor Morgan feels that they should be utilized more. Mayor Morgan would like all the grants
to at least pass through that coordinating committee as a central body and then the committee
would report to Council on a regular basis. Their assistance is available to other departments if
needed (fire department, library). Mayor Morgan asked Council to notify all the different
committees that they are over of the new procedure.
6.       Kirk Taylor – burial this week. Memorial Day is coming up. Softball games have started
on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Bishop Tolman has expressed interest in volunteering to clean up
Taylor Park. Canal water will be up by the last week of May. Kirk feels that 250 South is in
desperate need of repair as soon as possible. Chip and seal with 2” overlay. Slurry seal would be
even less expensive. Next Tuesday, 5/19 scheduled to fill potholes. 16 tons of asphalt at $50/ton.
Water Dept. – the well has been blue staked. IPS report/survey – Kirk was able to bring it down
another 25 points. Buildings – 2 fire extinguishers have been purchased for Mendon Station.
Phil Coulter asked if Kirk’s injury was reported to Worker’s Comp. Kirk said that he reported it
to Daphne and she has filed a claim.
Council Reports:

George DeWeese – will email Mayor Morgan a copy of the Disaster Mitigation Plan draft.

Jason Wooden – a portion of stimulus money $250,000 has been granted to Mendon and another
$90,000 will be coming. The State is going to manage the entire process of putting a trail to the
school. Wednesday, May 27th 10:00am there will be a Trails Committee Meeting to discuss the
specifics. Approximately June 2010 the trails will commence. Bruce Anderson estimated that
there would be only one utility pole that will need to be moved. The Trails Committee needs
input on the trail. The entire project will be bid out and all engineering costs, bridges, etc. will be
included. Jason will be out of town May 25th – June 15th. Clemensen’s lot split may require a
public hearing. They will present to Planning and Zoning next week.
Preliminary approval on Daybreak is up on June 12. If final plat approval is not brought before
Council, Ty Haguewood will have to start the process all over again. Haunani will contact Ty
regarding the deadline. Jason will let Haunani know whether there is an application for extension.
Jason offered to take over Trails Committee in George’s absence.

Mayor Morgan – Stevens Henagar College Scholarship. Haunani will post the flyer in post office
and around town. Send to Bishops’ and to Mike Lockhart. Internship program available for
young adults (18-24). Mayor Morgan will meet with Juliene next week regarding 24th of July.
Mayor Morgan met with Richard Watkins to get an update on his historical work. Through
Mountain West digital library, they have taken a batch of archived records to have them digitized.
USU Special Collections has told them that they would like everything. Valerie Larsen and
Clyde Leishman are sorting information. All of the materials are out of the Fire Station. Daphne
mentioned that the original letters should go to the families. Richard Watkins has contacted
families and they have requested copies. The originals will go to USU Special Collections.

Jon Hardman – change application for State Water Rights was protested by Pacific Corps. There
will be a hearing in June. Our initial well will not exceed what we’ve already been allotted. They
did not understand the request for two.

Phil Coulter – reported that Celebrations Budget will be in the black this year. Phil suggested
hiring Celebrations Coordinator ($1000) to manage May Day, 24th, float, Easter Egg Hunt.
Contract position to stay within the budget.

Mike Carlson – Buildings will come in well within the budget. Kirk has ordered the fire
extinguishers. Outlet covers, handicapped bars, garage door openers for shop are also within

Jason Wooden motioned to adjourn. Mike Carlson seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:41pm.

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