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					MyShoppingGenie is an innovative online shopping App that instantly finds the best
deals and lowest prices on millions of products.

It's fast, it's easy, and best of all, it's free!

Unlock the bargain finding power of MyShoppingGenie simply by using your favorite
major search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL. Enter your chosen item and
MyShoppingGenie instantly springs into action thoroughly searching the Internet,
including major online retailer and auction sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart and
the top shopping engines.

Find great deals at over 200,000 stores, liquidators and product manufacturers,
including over 1,000,000 coupons and special offers.
Today! Genie Saves People 50% to 70% Off Their Purchases.
Just to make it easy, We will give you a Web site, a branding tool for your
business, a coupon builder, and a Web presence to promote yourself online.
We do the heavy lifting, and you simply give people a FREE tool that can save
them thousands of dollars a year shopping online. They click one button to
install the Genie!

                                     The Facts…
 Now consider this – in 2009, shopping online was 4% of the retail market. In
 2010, it has grown to over 10%. Think about this – do you know one person,
  under the age of 70, that hasn’t made a purchase online? So, anyone with a
 computer that shops online is a potential revenue generator for you. That’s basically
         anyone you see or meet. They shop online, and you make money.

  Do I have to mention that online shopping grew to $204 billion last year and has
                         produced a 1 billion day in 2010?


Countries Are Expanding As We Speak!

Purchase a distributor license… Give away FREE genies as you like!
Income derived from click thru income.. PAID when they search, PAID when they purchase

Branding..      Have your business come up on every search result. This is like having a
number one quality advertisement on the top search engines EVERY TIME a search is done.
Your Business Website
You are given a complete website with all the information to explain and do the work
for you. Signing up made easy!

Educational Program
For online marketing and advertising for your business that includes global conference
calls, live webinars, four hours of audio and video training with pdf books and support
materials INCLUDED.

Designed for the average person so you can achieve a maximum result for
your efforts.   Easy!
Much More..

Communication Tools, Advertisement System, Coupon Creator, Business profile
Genie System Compensation Plans for the
Independent Genie Distributors (IGD) and
Registered Representatives
The MyNet Universe Compensation Plan is unmatched in the Direct Sales industry. You
are in control of the income you earn. The MyNet Distribution System combines
immediate commission possibilities along with long-term residual income potential.

MyNet is a customer/product user acquisition company. The compensation plan makes
it clear that an Independent Genie Distributor can only receive compensation if they
obtain customers or product users.

The MyNet compensation plan is designed to comply with all domestic and foreign
Direct Selling compensation laws and requirements for the markets in which it
conducts business.

Two major Income Streams
1. Affiliate Income -

Give away free Genie Apps and you can earn pay-per-click, pay-per-sale and pay-
per-lead income. Every Genie that you give away and is downloaded to someones
computer allows you to make commissions.

As they use the Genie to search for items… you are paid (Pay-Per-Click income)
Does not matter if they buy or not.

If they purchase an item using the Genie.. you get paid. (Pay-Per-Sale income)

Even if they just get something for free then you get paid (Pay-Per-Lead income)

Average income from each Genie used is between $2 to $3 each month.

Imagine if you had given away only 100 Genies… Say $2.50 X 100 = $250 month
2. Team Commissions

Introduce new members and earn commissions in four different pay streams.

Quick Commissions are paid to you for each person you introduce. These are paid at
$100 for every two new members which you introduce. ($50 each new member)

                                             $100 PAID
Duel Team Infinity Payments

First Cycle payments of $25 are paid for every new member in your weakest leg.
You HAVE NOT introduced these new members but you still get paid.
Second Cycle Payments of $10 each month are paid for every 2 new members in
your weakest leg. You HAVE NOT introduced these new members but you still get
paid each month. Each member pays $34.95 each month subscription fee. This
allows you to be paid commissions on all levels and this is where your second cycle
payments are paid from…

20% Override Commissions

This commission is paid to distributors who have personally signed at least 4
members. Once qualified you will receive 20% of all commissions paid from income
derived from Genie commissions of all your personally signed downline.

So…. All income that your personally signed downline are receiving (from pay-per-
click, pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead) are accumulated and you are paid 20% of the
lot. The more personally signed members the more override commission you will

    There are more payment bonus as you progress your level. These are
                 outlined on My Shopping Genie website.
Active Distributor –
You have setup your $34.95 monthly subscription fee and are active.

Qualified Distributor –
You have introduced 2 new members, one in each leg and now qualify to receive
commission payments. Maximum weekly income $2000.

Power Distributor –
You have at least 4 personally introduced members and 12 in your downline.
Maximum weekly income $3000.

Global Distributor –
You have at least 4 personally introduced members and 12 Power Distributors in your
downline. Two of these Power Distributors must be personally introduced with one in
each leg. Maximum weekly income $20,000

Diamond Global Distributor –
More information on website.

Break Even Point

This is when you have a total of 14 members in your downline. At this point you are
operating your business at no cost to you. Aim for this and much more will follow..
People will be happy to receive a FREE shopping App. which finds the cheapest price.

You make money by just GIVING AWAY the Genie.

Brand your business on every search of the genie. Fantastic advertising..

Over 1.7 million customers using the Genie already.

Commissions paid in four different streams and constantly expanding.

My Shopping Genie has been operating for 4 years.

Expanding into many new countries..

You get a website included

All the training and tools you need including support.

Once only $199 Distribution License.. Give away as many Genies as you like.

Monthly subscription fee of $34.95..       Earn commissions and build your downline.

Much, Much, Much More information on our website

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