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					                                 The Coyote Connection
                                  Kinsley High School                                      January 1, 2011
                                                   Volume 10 Issue 4

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Help Out    “Big” so the BBBS could
            have a picture of their
    Ashely Heim                 little brother or sister on
    Staff Reporter              their own Christmas tree
BBBS showed up to help          at home. “It was actually
out with the pre-school         really, really fun,” says
kids’ Thanksgiving              senior Lonnie Stiles. He
celebration on November         loves spending time with
18th. Big brothers and          his little brother, Tyson
sisters were needed to          Niemer. He’s an aide for
help hustle kids from the       the pre-school class so
cafeteria to Mrs. Seevers’      he gets to see him almost
room so they could              every day but Stiles
change costumes and then        thinks the “Bigs” don’t
go back to the cafeteria;       get much opportunity to
they also helped serve          hang out with their little
food and seat parents.          brother or sister.
Other things the “Bigs”
                                “I wish we could spend
have done with their
                                more time with them as
“Littles” include recently
                                a group, and I also think
making cute Christmas
                                that all big brothers and
ornaments with them. The
                                sisters should really take
ornaments were made
                                the time to get involved
out of pipe-cleaners and
                                with their littles on their
beads and inside held a
                                own agenda,” says Stiles.
picture of the big brother
or sister with their “little”   Preschool won 1st prize
making silly faces. The         with their float partication
pre-school kids also took       in the Lighted Parade
the time to make special        and 3rd place with their
ornaments just for their        window display at the
                                Kinsley Food Pride.

     Staff Positions
    Staff Reporter              The junior high basketball

                                                               Christmas Concert
This year KJSHS got             girls new assistant coach,
quite a few new staff           Veronica Barragan, was
members and some just           also the assistant coach
changed positions. Like         for both high school and          Carley Deege
Jeff Chambers; last year        junior high volleyball.           Staff Reporter

he was the assistant            “It’s been awesome!” said      On December 20, the         “Sleepers Wake,” “In
coach for the high school       Barragan.                      Kinsley High and Jr. High   the Bleak Mid-Winter,”
basketball boys, and now        We have one staff member       School band and choir       “White Christmas,” and
he is the head coach.           who is new to our school.      performed their annual      “Frosty the Snowman.”
Jamie Castaneda is the          The pre-schoolers have a       Christmas concert. The
assistant coach.                                               JH choir sang “Various      The concert band played
                                new aide, Erin Rodriguez.
                                                               Themes on ‘Fa-la-la,’”      “Angels from the Realms
“I really like it!” said        “Every day is an exciting
                                                               “The Twelve Groovy          of Glory,” “Candlelight
Chambers. “The goals for        adventure working with
                                                               Days of Christmas,” and     Carol,” and “All is Calm.”
the team are to be above        the pre-schoolers!” said
                                Rodriguez.                     “The Chipmunk Song.”        Riane Carey played a solo
500 and to make it to                                                                      in the song “All is Calm.”
state.”                                                         The combined choir sang
                                                               “Betelehemu.” The high      To finish the concert the
The high school                                                                            concert band played their
basketball girls also got                                      school choir sang “Tiny
                                                               Little Baby is Born,” “On   last two songs, “Sleigh
a new assistant coach,
                                                               a Cold December Night,”     Ride” and “Here Comes
Debra Seevers. “I’ve
                                                               “Jingle Bells,” and “The    Santa Claus.” Congrats
loved basketball forever,
                                                               Hallelujah Chorus.”         to all who played or sang
and helping coach
Newsom has been really                                                                     in the concert. It was
rewarding!” said Seevers.                                      The JH band played          wonderful.
January 1, 2011                                            Feature                                                                 Page 2

The History of Christmas
    By Alex Baker
    Staff Reporter

                                                           Christmas began in the        one of those writings       is that Christmas was
                                                           third century to celebrate    was a “feast calendar”      created to replace the
                                                           Christ’s birth. The           which was written in        pagan celebrations and
                                                           holiday first started in      243 AD. The Christmas       to convert the pagans
                                                           the European and Middle       celebrations did not gain   to Christianity. There
                                                           Eastern Christendom,          widespread popularity       are some problems with
                                                           and it was first Christ’s     until the Middle Ages.      the theories. The first
                                                           Mass. Christmas was                                       is that there was a lack
                                                           originally celebrated as a    Some people believe         of evidence, and there
                                                           feast in memory of Jesus      that December 25 is         was no big push for
                                                           Christ. Christmas was not     not the exact date of       the church to create a
                                                           as widely celebrated in       Christ’s birth. The early   birthday for Jesus Christ.
                                                           the third century as it is    Christian church of         The second is that the
                                                           celebrated today.             the middle ages chose       pagan celebrations were
                                                                                         December 25 for reasons     seasonal and all year
                                                           Many people thought           that are still unclear      round.
                                                           that the early Christians     today. Some people
                                                           did not celebrate the         believe that Christmas      Christmas today has
                                                           birth of Jesus, but were      was settled on December     largely become about
                                                           mainly focused on his         25 because there are        giving and receiving gifts,
                                                           life, crucifixion, and        pagan celebrations on       attending church, and
                                                           resurrection. There were      and around that date.       spending quality time
                                                           some early writings that      There are many theories     with your family.
                                                           dealt with Christmas in       surrounding Christmas,
                                                           the third century and         and one of those theories   Source:

Christmas Traditions
    By Camelle Deege                                       goes on until midnight
    Staff Reporter                                         and then they go home
                                                           and eat a traditional meal
                                                           called Fata (mixture of
                                                           rice, garlic, and boiled
                                                           meat). On Christmas
                                                           day, the Egyptians visit
                                                           their neighbors and
                                                           give them Kaik (type of
                                                           shortbread). In South
                                                           America, Papa Noel is the
                                                           figure of Santa Claus and
                                                           there aren’t Christmas
                                                                                         Caramel Candy
                                                           trees in houses in South          By Camelle Deege        Mix all ingredients
                                                           America. There are a lot          Staff Reporter          except nuts and cream.
                                                           of different traditions in                                Boil 30 min., add second
                                                                                         1 cup sugar
                                                           other countries and I’m                                   cup of cream, slowly
                                                           afraid I don’t have a long    2 cups evaporated milk      stirring constantly. Boil
                              cross in a bowl of water     enough page for them                                      to firm ball stage (242-
Many people around                                                                       1 ¾ cups Karo corn syrup
                              instead of Christmas         all. But the one most                                     245 degrees). Add nuts
the world celebrate                                                                                                  if desired. Pour onto a
Christmas. Every country      trees. In Germany,           Americans are familiar        1 cup butter
                              their Christmas starts       with is that people hang                                  greased cookie sheet.
celebrates it differently.                                                                                           Wrap in wax paper.
Some put up Christmas         on the 6th of December.      lights on their houses, put   1 cup nuts (optional)
Trees, give presents, and     Their version of a Santa     up a Christmas tree, and
                                                           write letters and set out     1 cup cream
put cookies out for a jolly   Claus is an angel named
man who gives presents        Weihachtsmann who            cookies for a man in a
to children around the        gives gifts. In Egypt,       red jumpsuit, black boots,
world in a sleigh dragged     Christmas is celebrated      has rosy cheeks, and a
across the sky by flying      on the 7th of January and    laugh that would shake a
reindeer. While others        is observed for forty days   house : Santa Claus. No
have such large feasts,       on the eve of Christmas,     matter where in the world
that the bread loaves are     they all go to church        you go, you’ll find that
bigger than your head         wearing a completely new     everybody celebrates the
and basil sprigs tied to a    outfit. The church service   joy of Christmas.
January 1, 2011                                                 Sports                                                                           Page 3
    By Haven Chambers                                              By Levi Hirsh                development and execution.       scorer with 12 followed
    Staff Reporter                                                 Staff Reporter               After the third the Larks        by Naber with 10. When
                                                                                                lead was up to 14 and when       the final buzzer rang the
The Coyotes first game        the first round of the Larned   On December 3, the                the final buzzer sounded the     Coyotes walked off with
of the season was on          tournament. The Coyotes         Kinsley Coyotes pulled            final score was 58-39, Larks.    a 51-32 victory over the
December 3, against the       faced a state ranked team       up to Sublette for the first      “The first game is always        Thunderbirds.
Sublette Larks in Sublette.   and played hard the whole       game of the season. The           the hardest; it showed we
The JV game started out       game. The Coyotes lost to       Coyotes waited anxiously          had a lot of faults,” admitted   Six games into the season
slow, and the Larks had a     Spearville putting them         for the other game to end.        senior Josh Naber.               the Coyote boys have
lead over the Lady Coyotes    in a round robin against        With six minutes left in the                                       already won more games
during the first half. The                                    girls game the varsity boys       The Coyotes first home           than they did last season
                              Pawnee Heights. After
second half was a different                                   headed to the locker room         game was against Pratt           combined.
                              beating Pawnee Heights, the
story. The Lady Coyotes                                       one last time before the          Skyline. Heading into the
                              Coyotes faced Otis-Bison for                                                                       “We can’t fall behind like we
played stronger with some                                     game.                             game the Coyotes were
                              the fifth place consolation                                                                        did last year, then decide we
                                                                                                amped up to play in front
of those first game jitters   game where they came out        The ref threw the ball into                                        want to start playing after
                                                                                                of the home crowd. From
leaving. The Lady Coyotes     on top.                         the air and right off the                                          we’re down,” said senior
                                                                                                the start of the game the
JV team came back and                                         bat the Larks fouled senior                                        Josh Naber.
                              On Tuesday, December 14,                                          Coyotes tried to push the
lost by only one point. The                                   Weston Schuette. The              ball, but had to settle for a
Lady Coyotes showed up        the Coyotes had their first     Coyotes held the lead for                                          The Coyotes took a
                                                                                                change of pace, and start
ready to play during the      home game versus Pratt          most of the first quarter, but                                     comfortable 26-9 lead going
                                                                                                using a half-court offense.
varsity game. They kept       Skyline. The JV girls had       at the end of the first it was                                     into half and never looked
                                                                                                Little by little the Coyotes
up scoring throughout the     a three quarter game and        tied 10-10. Then after some                                        back. Then in the start of the
                                                                                                began to pull away; at the
game and played hard. The     lost only by 6. The varsity     early fouls the Coyotes were                                       third the Coyotes continued
                                                                                                end of the half the Coyotes
ladies faced the challenge    girls came out ready to play.   already looking to the bench                                       to pound on the points.
                                                                                                had a comfortable lead, 25-
of guarding a 6’2” post,      They started and ended the      for help from sophomores                                           “Although we played selfish,
and did just that. The        game strong, and beat Pratt     Nathan Frame, Taylor                                               and down to their level, we
                              Skyline.                        Abel, and Weston Coss.            In the second half the           came out with the ‘W’ so I
Coyotes put good pressure
                                                              When the first half came          Coyotes continued their          can’t complain too much,”
on the Larks causing a few
                              Friday, December 18, the        to close a the Larks were         dominance, outscoring            said Coach Chambers. The
turnovers. The Coyotes lost
                              Coyotes traveled to Western     leading the Coyotes 24-28.        the Thunderbirds 26-14           Coyotes won the game 56-2,
by six points but played                                                                                                         handing Western Plains
hard against a good team.     Plains. The ladies played       During intermission Coach         in the final two quarters.
                              very well and came out on       Chambers talked about play        Chase Young was the high         their sixth loss and the
                              top, beating Western Plains                                                                        Coyotes fourth win.
The Lady Coyotes next
game was vs. Spearville in    63-16.
                                                              Rightt: Junior Angel Gardea
                                                              gets ready to receive the ball.

                                                              Bottom right: The high school
                                                              boys celebrate yet another win.
                                                              Bottomleft: The Kinsley High
                                                              School girls basketball team.

                                                              Top: Senior Mayela Meza
                                                              brings the ball down the court
                                                              against Pratt Skyline.

                                                              Photos by: Shaysa Sidebottom
January 1, 2011                                      Current Events                                                                        Page 4
New Albums                                                                                        4 Ways to Get Drivers to Stop Texting
    By Alonso Esparza                                                                                By Gerardo Holguin
    Staff Reporter                                                                                   Staff Reporter

Michael Jackson has a                                                                             More and more people              texting, tell him to
new release coming out in                                                                         have been talking about           stop texting or take
December. Michael is the                                                                          texting while driving.            his phone away, or
name of this album. It will                                                                       That’s making them                take away the car
be in stores on December                                                                          nervous. So take action.          keys. That’s what
14 and is produced by                                                                                                               you’re supposed
Sony. The album has                                                                                  1. The direct                  to do with drunk
ten new songs including                                                                                 approach. Just say,         drivers. People
“Breaking News.” It will                                                                                “I’m sorry, but I           have studied that
have other songs with                                                                                   get really nervous          texting while
artists like Akon, Lenny                                                                                when people text            driving is even
Kravitz, and 50 Cent. Hip                                                                               and drive.” “I              more dangerous
hop’s greatest artists,                                                                                 think it’s not safe         than driving
                            Michael Jackson’s new album cover                                           while driving; so
Lil Wayne and T.I., have                                                                                                            drunk.
new albums coming in                                                                                    could you not text
December. T.I.’s album,                                                                                 while you drive?”        4. The life-saving
No Mercy, hit stores                                                                                                                approach. If
                                                                                                     2. The subtle                  someone continues
December 7. His album                                                                                   approach. If you’re
includes songs with Lady                                                                                                            to text and
                                                                                                        not comfortable             drive don’t ride
Gaga, Chris Brown, B.o.B,                                                                               when people text
Kanye West, Eminem,                                                                                                                 with them. Say
                                                                                                        and drive, just             something like,
and Kid Cudi. Also Lil                                                                                  tell them that you
Wayne’s Carter IV hit                                                                                                               “My dad told me
                                                                                                        saw several cops            I can’t ride with
stores on December 14.                                                                                  driving around
He made this CD while in                                                                                                            you because he
                                                                                                        today, or say that          says you text and
prison.                                                                                                 you can text for            drive.” So don’t
                                                                                                        them while they
                                                                                                                                    drive while texting.

                                                                                                     3. The group             Source: http://kidshealth.
                                                                                                        approach. If you’re   org/teen/your_mind/
                                                            T.I.’s new album cover for No Mercy         with your friends     problems/no_texting.html
                                                                                                        and the driver’s

Lil Wayne’s new album Carter IV

Stock Market Game
Yields Success
    By Clinton Jones
    Assistant Editor

The annual Stock Market         stocks they want to. This
Game has left KJSHS with        team finished 10th in the state
one winning team. This team     with $120,171.97. There was
consists of members ReAnna      another team that was very
Proffitt, Gerardo Torres, and   close to being ranked. This
Charles Culbreath. They         team was also in Business
are in Mr. Davis’ 3rd hour      Law 3rd hour. They finished
Business Law class. Each        15th with $117,594.44; only
team starts out with $100,000   $25.06 away from being
and invests it in whatever      ranked!
January 1, 2011                            Senior Spot Light                                    Page 5

                                                        Brandi Gayle
                                                        Full Name: Brandi         Current Job: secretary at
                                                        Gayle Putter              Star Alfalfa

                                                        Favorite Color: blue      Favorite Song : “If I Die
                                                                                  Young” by The Band
                                                        Favorite Food: anything   Perry
                                                                                  Childhood Memory: In
                                                        Favorite place to eat:    junior high cheerleading
                                                        Olive Garden              while taking a break
                                                                                  someone was messing
                                                        Favorite thing in your
                                                                                  around with a hair tie and
                                                        room: my big mirror
                                                                                  threw it on top of the light
                                                        Favorite holiday:         fixtures and someone got
                                                        Christmas                 the bright idea of using
                                                                                  toilet paper to get it down
                                                        Favorite Animal: horse    and it got stuck also
                                                                                  and half the girls were
                                                        Favorite sports team:     freaking out screaming
                                                        K-State                   “fire!”
                                                        Favorite sport:           Favorite Piece of
                                                        cheerleading              Clothing: cowboy boots
                                                        Hobbies: horseback        Future Plans: go to
                                                        riding, four wheeling,    Hardin Simmons
                                                        shopping, hanging out     University or Washburn
                                                        with friends, cruising    University and study
                                                                                  physical therapy
                                                        Favorite Subject:
                                                        chemistry                 Hero: brother, Dustin
                                                        Favorite Movie: A Walk
                                                        to Remember

Brandy Marchell
Full Name: Brandy            Hobbies: writing poems
Marchell Zuege
                             Favorite Subject: choir
Favorite Color: pink
                             Current Job: cook
Favorite Food: pizza
                             Favorite Song : “Replay”
Favorite place to eat:
Arby’s                       Childhood Memory:
                             family gatherings at my
Favorite thing in your       grandpa’s house
room: my pictures
                             Favorite Piece of
If you could pick any job    Clothing: shoes
to do what would it be
and why? cosmetology         Future Plans: become a
Favorite holiday:
Thanksgiving                 Hero: my grandpa

Favorite animal: cat         Photographer: Clarissa
Favorite sports team:
Denver Nuggets
Favorite sport: basketball
January 1, 2011                    District Newsletter                                                                                     Page 6

  KOES                       5 Grade Supports Local Angel Tree
Compassion                                                                                    By Andrea Kirkwood           County Angel Tree.
 Projects                                                                                 On November 22nd and
                                                                                                                           Due to the smaller class
                                                                                                                           size of the fifth grade
                                                                                          23rd fifth grade students        this year, there were
    By Judy Nietling
                                                                                          completed their hands-on         not as many cookies to
                                                                                          economics project with           sell as there have been
   The 5th and 6th grade                                                                                                   in years past. But, that
                                                                                          school-wide cookie sales.
classes went to the                                                                                                        didn’t stop the students
                                                                                          Students were divided
presentation of Rachel’s                                                                                                   of KOES from donating
                                                                                          into teams to market and
Challenge. After the                                                                                                       extra to the fifth grade’s
                                                                                          sell the cookies of their
presentation they formed                                                                                                   cause. Students and staff
                                                                                          choosing. They had to
their own group to                                                                                                         of KOES helped raise
                                                                                          create posters and write
organize projects. The                                                                                                     $141 for the Angel Tree
                                                                                          commercials to advertise
first project they decided                                                                                                 from cookie sales and
                                                                                          their products. Students
to complete was sending                                                                                                    donations above and
                                                                                          could not sell the cookies
soldiers Christmas cards.                                                                                                  beyond the price of the
                                                                                          for more than 25 cents
We had 6 grade levels                                                                                                      cookies. The fifth grade
                                                                                          apiece. Prices ranged
create cards that were                                                                                                     class was able to sponsor
                             5th graders sell cookies to other students to raise money.   from 15 cents to 25 cents
sent to the soldiers.                                                                                                      TWO children this year
                                                                                          and a variety of cookies
   The second project                                                                                                      rather than just one! The
                                                                                          were sold. The most
we are working on is                                                                                                       project’s goals were for
                                                                                          popular were monster
collecting aluminum cans                                                                                                   students to understand
                                                                                          cookies and brownies.
for Byrum Bittle. Byrum                                                                                                    the principles of
                                                                                          Proceeds from the sale
is going to Panama City                                                                                                    economics as well as the
                                                                                          were used to sponsor a
for surgery at the end                                                                                                     value of charitable giving.
                                                                                          child on the Edwards
of January. We will be

                                                                                          Thanksgiving Feast
collecting cans at KOES
until January 20th. So far
the students have helped
collect over 1500 cans.                                                                   Kindergarten and first           Americans and feasting
Our goal is 3000. We will                                                                 grade students celebrated        on popcorn and other
surely meet this goal. We                                                                 Thanksgiving by dressing         goodies.
are helping the KAYS                                                                      as pilgrims and Native
with collecting tabs for
the Ronald McDonald
                             KOES students collect cans for the Byrum Bittle project.
KOES Recognized
 for Outstanding
On behalf of the
Confidence in Kansas
Public Education Task
Force, Kinsley-Offerle
Elementary School
has been awarded
two Certificates of
Recognition as part of
the 8th Annual Challenge
Awards. The awards                                                                        Kindergarten and first grade students eat at the Thanksgiving
recognize schools for                                                                     feast.
outstanding achievement
and uncommon
accomplishment based
on Kansas Assessment
results from 2010 and
other qualifying factors,
specifically the sample
size, ethnicity and
socio-economic status
of those taking the
test. The certificates
received by KOES
were for Outstanding
Accomplishments in
Math for both grades 3
and 4. Congratulations to
our students and to their
teachers, Dianna Deiter
(4th grade) and Shawna
Dockendorf (3rd grade).
                             Dianna Deiter and Shawna Dockendorf hold their awards.
January 1, 2011                                                                             Calendars                                                                                                                                   Page 7

               Sun                                Mon                                 Tue                                Wed                                 Thu                                     Fri                             Sat

      2 Kinsley Rec BB                 3 Teacher Work Day                  4 SCHOOL RESUMES                    5 Kinsley Rec BB                   6 JH BB @ Macksville                7 Midwinter candidate              8 HS Girls JV BB
         4:00-8:00 pm                  NO SCHOOL                           HS BB @ Ness City 4:00                   6:45-8:00 pm                  4:00 pm                             elimination election (if           Tourn. @ Pratt/Skyline
                                       KJSHS Booster Club                  pm                                                                                                         necessary)                         JH JV CPL Tourn @
                                                                                                                                                  Deadline for Midwinter
                                       Mtg. 7:00 pm Cafeteria                                                                                                                         Earliest Speech                    LaCrosse
                                                                           Junior’s CPR Class                                                     Candidate sign-up; “Little
                                       HS,JH Boys BB-Kinsley                                                                                      People” pictures due                Competition
                                       HS,JH Girls BB-Offerle
                                                                                                             KS Assessments-11th Grade

      9 Kinsley Rec BB                 10 BOE Mtg. 6:30 pm                 11HS BB @ Otis-Bison                12 KJSHS Faculty Mtg 13 JH BB vs LaCrosse                              14 HS BB vs Quivira                15 HS Girls JV BB
        4:00-8:00 pm                   KJSHS Site Council-5:30             4:00 pm                             7:45 am                            @ KINSLEY 4:00 pm                   Heights @ KINSLEY                  Tourn. @ Pratt/Skyline
                                       Candidate picture-8:00 am                                               Deadline for out/school            PARENTS’ NIGHT                      4:00 pm
                                                                           Deadline for candidate                                                                                                                        HS Boys JV BB Tourn.
                                       Out/school date list posted         speeches- noon                      date sign-up                       (2 qtrs. JV girls & boys)                MIDWINTER                     @ Otis
                                       Hall Decorating-7th hour                                                                                   STUCO mtg. w/candidates             Voting-1 hour
                                                                           HS,JH Boys BB-Offerle                                                                                                                         STUCO decorate – 3:00 pm
                                       HS JV BB Tourn-Skyline                                                  KOES Faculty Mtg.                  in gym                              Assembly in gym–3:00 pm
                                                                           HS,JH Girls BB-Kinsley
                                                                                                               3:45 pm                                                                Crowning-1/2 time of Boys
                                       Financial Aid Workshop                                                                                     Scholars’ Bowl @ Claflin
                                                                                                                                                                                                Varsity Game
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Midwinter Dance
                                       6:30 pm KJSHS Cafeteria                                                 Kinsley Rec BB
                                                                                                                6:45-8:00 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         8:00-11:00 pm
                                       Scholars’ Bowl @ Quivira
      16 Kinsley Rec BB                17 NO SCHOOL                        18                                  19 Kinsley Rec BB                  20 JH BB vs Ness City               21 ACTPlan Test-8        th
         4:00-8:00 pm                  NO JH, HS BB Practice               HS,JH Boys BB-Kinsley                      6:45-8:00 pm                @ KINSLEY 4:00 pm                   Grade
                                       Extension Office-Beef               HS,JH Girls BB-Offerle                                                                                     KJSHS Progress Report
      STUCO clean-up-3:00 pm
                                       Council Mtg.                                                                                                                                   Mailed
                                                                                        54 Classic Tournament – HS BOYS BASKETBALL @ CUNNINGHAM

      23 Kinsley Rec BB                24                                  25                                  26 Kinsley Rec BB                  27 JH BB vs Claflin @               28                                 29 JH CPL Varsity BB
      4:00-8:00 pm                     HS,JH Boys BB-Offerle                                                          6:45-8:00 pm                KINSLEY 4:00 pm                                                        Tourn: Only today: Girls
                                       HS,JH Girls BB-Kinsley                                                                                                                                                            @ Otis; Boys @ Victoria
                                                                                                                                                  Target Test – 10th Grade
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Forensics @ Satanta
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 8:00 am
                                                                                54 Classic Tournament – HS GIRLS BASKETBALL @ PRATT/SKYLINE

      30 Kinsley Rec BB                31 CPL Scholars Bowl                HS,JH Boys BB-Kinsley
                                                                           HS,JH Girls BB-Offerle

      4:00-8:00 pm                     @ LaCrosse 4:00 pm

                                       JH CPL V BB @ Victoria

                                                                                                    Kinsley-Offerle Senior High School
                                                                                                               January 2011
              Sun                                  Mon                                 Tue                          Wed                                         Thu                                   Fri                                Sat

 2                                  3: School: No School for             4: Schedule                         5: Schedule                         6: Schedule                          7: Schedule                         8
                                    Students-                            Breakfast: Toast, Cereal, 1/2       Breakfast: Breakfast Burrito,       Breakfast: Toast, Cereal, 1/2        Breakfast: Sausage Gravy,
                                    Teacher In-Service                   Apple, Assorted Fruit Juice,        1/2 Apple, Assorted Fruit           Banana, Assorted Fruit               Biscuits, Assorted Fruit
                                                                         Milk                                Juice, Milk                         Juice, Milk                          Juice, Milk
                                                                         Lunch: Mr. Rib Sandwich,            Lunch: Spaghetti w/Meat             Lunch: Pig in Blanket,               Lunch: Sloppy Joes, Tator
                                                                         Tator Wedges, Green Beans,          Sauce, Tossed Salad, Corn,          Tossed Salad, Baked Beans,           Puffs, Cole Slaw, Peaches,
                                                                         Tossed Salad, 1/2 Banana,           Hot Roll, Fruit Cup, Milk           1/2 Orange, Milk                     Milk

 9                                  10: Schedule                         11: Schedule                        12: Schedule                        13: Schedule                         14: Schedule                        15
                                    Breakfast: Toast, Cereal,            Breakfast: Waffle, Ham, 1/2         Breakfast: Toast, Cereal,           Breakfast: Pancakes                  Breakfast: Toast, Cereal,
                                    Pears, Assorted Fruit Juice,         Apple, Assorted Fruit Juice,        Peaches, Assorted Fruit             Sausage on Stick,                    Peaches, Assorted Fruit
                                    Milk                                 Milk                                Juice, Milk                         Applesauce, Assorted Fruit           Juice, Milk
                                    Lunch: Chicken Strips,               Lunch: Hot Ham & Cheese             Lunch: Tuna Casserole,              Juice, Milk                          Lunch: Taco, Tossed Salad,
                                    Corn, Tossed Salad, 1/2              Sandwich, Fruit Cup, Tator          Peas, Spinach, Hot Roll,            Lunch: Hamburger Gravy,              Corn, Chocolate Brownies,
                                    Apple, Muffin, Milk                  Tots, Carrot Sticks, Milk           Strawberry Shortcake, Milk          Biscuits, Green Beans or             Milk
                                                                                                                                                 Sliced Beets, 1/2 Orange,
                                                                                                                                                 Hot Roll, Fruit Juice, Milk

 16                                 17: School: No School                18: Schedule                        19: Schedule                        20: Schedule                         21: Schedule                  22
                                                                         Breakfast: Breakfast Pizza,         Breakfast: Toast, Cereal, 1/2       Breakfast: French Toast,             Breakfast: Toast, Cereal, 1/2
                                                                         Pears, Assorted Fruit Juice,        Apple, Assorted Fruit Juice,        Sausage Link, 1/2 Orange,            Banana, Assorted Fruit
                                                                         Milk                                Milk                                Assorted Fruit Juice, Milk           Juice, Milk
                                                                         Lunch: Beef Fingers,                Lunch: Chicken Noodles,             Lunch: Nachos w/Meat,                Lunch: Beef Pattie on Bun,
                                                                         Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,            Peas or Sliced Carrots,             Mixed Vegetables, Green              Lettuce/Tomatoes,
                                                                         Green Beans, Hot Roll, 1/2          Crackers, Chocolate Chip            Beans, Tossed Salad, 1/2             Pickles/Onion, French Fries,
                                                                         Apple, Milk                         Cookies, Fruit Juice, Milk          Orange, Milk                         Peaches, Milk

 23                                 24: Schedule                         25: Schedule                        26: Schedule                        27: Schedule                         28: Schedule                29
                                    Breakfast: Pancakes, Ham,            Breakfast: Toast, Cereal,           Breakfast: Sausage Egg              Breakfast: Toast, Cereal, 1/2        Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls,
                                    1/2 Apple, Assorted Fruit            Peaches, Assorted Fruit             Biscuit, 1/2 Apple, Assorted        Apple, Assorted Fruit Juice,         Fruit Cup, Assorted Fruit
                                    Juice, Milk                          Juice, Milk                         Fruit Juice, Milk                   Milk                                 Juice, Milk
                                    Lunch: Chili, Carrot Sticks,         Lunch: Chicken Salad                Lunch: Ham & Scalloped              Lunch: Lasagna, Broccoli &           Lunch: Pizza, Tossed Salad,
                                    Crackers, Applesauce,                Sandwich, Corn Chips,               Potatoes, Beets, Peas, Kiwi         Cheese, Green Beans,                 Carrot Sticks, Corn, 1/2
                                    Cinnamon Rolls, Milk                 Lettuce/Tomato, Fruit Jello,        Fruit, Hot Roll, Milk               Pears, Milk                          Apple, Milk

                                    31: Schedule
                                    Breakfast: Toast, Cereal, 1/2
                                    Banana, Assorted Fruit
                                    Juice, Milk
                                    Lunch: Chicken Fried Steak,
                                    Mashed Potatoes & Gravy,
                                    Green Beans, Hot Rolls,
                                    Fruit Cup, Milk

        In accordance with Federal law and US Department of Agricultural policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, six, age, or disability. To fle a complaint of discrimination,
        write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whittemn Building, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington. DC 20250 -9410 or call (202) 720-5924 (voice and TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provder and
January 1, 2011                                    Students                                                                  Page 8

Mystery Student                                                          NEW STUDENT
    By Dulce Parra
    Staff Reporter
Favorite thing in your room: bed
Favorite Color: green          Answers for Mystery Page
Favorite Book: Twilight
                                            Issue #3
Favorite Movie: G.I. Joe
                                            Mystery Student- Brennan Williams
Favorite Sport: cheerleading                Mystery Picture- Trash Can
Number of Siblings: 2
Hair Color: brown
Favorite Holiday: Christmas                 1. Kangaroo
                                            2. A breath
Eye Color: brown
                                            3. A newspaper
Favorite Animal: hamster

                                                                                                                    Photo by: Joe Rennaker
                                                                                   By Joe Rennaker
     COYOTE CONNECTION STAFF                                                        Staff Reporter           award instead of the one
     Editor – Clarissa Werth                                                                                 in Dodge.” One of the
                                                                                Austin Wetzel came from      things he likes here is the
                                                                                Dodge City High School.      food. He also said that he
     Assistant Editor – Clinton Jones                                           He said here it’s a lot      is not new to Kinsley, just
                                                                                different from Dodge         the school.
     Staff Reporters – Alex Baker, Camelle Deege,                               because the teachers
     Carley Deege, Alonso Esparza, Estephanie Gardea, Gerardo Holguin,          actually care and don’t
     Calvin Kauffman, Ana Ordaz, Dulce Parra-Holguin, Joe Rennaker              just sit there. He also
                                                                                said that he thinks “that
     Adviser – Melody Davies                                                    Mr. King should have
                                                                                the principal of the year

                                                POSTAL PATRON

   Standard Mail A
        Permit #1
    Kinsley, KS                                                                                      Kinsley, Kansas 67547
       PAID                                                                                          120 West Eighth Street
    U.S. Postage                                                                                     Unified School District No. 347
   Non-Profit Org.                                                                                    Kinsley Offerle Schools

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