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									                                          INFORMATION SHEET FOR LEARNERS

                Title of Research Study: Interprofessional Disaster/Emergency Action Studies

                Principal Investigator(s):        Trish Dryden, RMT, MEd, Centennial College
                                                  (416) 289-5000, ex. 8056, trdyden@centennialcollege.ca
                        Kathryn Parker, PhD, Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences
                        (416) 596-3183 kparker@michener.ca
                Co-Investigators:                 Lynda Atack, RN, PhD, Centennial College
                        (416) 28905000 ex. 4003, latack@centennialcollege.ca
                        Glen Bandiera, MD, PhD, St. Michael’s Hospital
                        (416) 864-6060 ex. 6948, bandierag@smh.toronto.on.ca
                        Robert Luke, PhD, University of Toronto
                        (416) 946-4501 ex 5233, Robert.Luke@utoronto.ca
                        Janet Maher, PhD, Evaluation Manager
                        (416) 782-0698, janet.maher@utoronto.ca


IDEAS is a curriculum development and evaluation research project funded by Health Canada that assesses the
impact of innovative online learning technology on the acquisition and retention of collaborative and team-building

Purpose of the Study

The objective of the study is to assess how best to integrate collaborative and team-building skills in curriculum for
pre-licensure health care students to assist graduates of health sciences and allied programs in managing complex
emergency situations in their future professional practice.

If you choose to participate in the study, what does this mean?

You will enrol in an eight-week online course on interprofessional teams and disaster management in September
2007. As a pre-licensure student, you will be studying with students from several partnering institutions: Centennial
College, Michener Institute, Ryerson University, George Brown College, University of Toronto. As a research participant,
there is no cost for taking this course.

The course takes place completely online and requires approximately three hours work per week. Learning activities
include reading, journaling and playing a disaster simulation game. You will work online with students from a variety
of health and allied professions. Most of the work can be done at a time convenient for you, however you are required
to be online with your group for approximately one hour per week at a time convenient for all group members.

The course is facilitated by a teacher from the Michener Institute. You will also participate in two simulation exercises
in Disaster/Emergency Response, held at the Centennial College campus on Morningside. The first simulation takes
place in October 2007; the second, six months later. The simulations are 8 hour sessions where students work
alongside Health and Allied professionals to triage and provide treatment to victims in a mock disaster setting. The
simulation gives students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the online course.

If you choose to participate in this study, you will be randomized to play one of three roles during the simulations:
              profession-specific, ie student nurses will act as nurses, etc., or
              victim/family member, or
              information gatherer).

Randomization means that your assignment to a group will be done based on chance. All learners have an equal chance
of being placed in any of the three groups.

Study Design and Procedures

As part of the study, we will assess the knowledge you have gained during the online course and simulations, as well
as your attitudes towards interprofessional practice and your satisfaction as a learner.

All learners will be asked to:

              Complete a basic demographic information online survey at the start of the study. This should take
               approximately five minutes.
              Complete an online survey at the end of week 8 on Readiness for Interprofessional Learning. The survey
               consists of items on perceptions of team work and collaboration, professional identity, and professional
               roles and responsibilities. This should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.
              Complete a Self-assessment of Disaster Management Skills online survey at the beginning and the end of
               online course. This should take approximately 5-10 minutes each time. This survey asks you to rate your
               skills in disaster management.
              Complete an online course satisfaction survey, at the end of the course. This should take approximately
               10-15 minutes.

All students (optional)

All students will be invited to participate in a focus group interview about their experience with the disaster simulation.
The focus group will take place immediately after the simulation, last approximately one hour and include fellow students.
You will be asked to comment on your experience in the disaster simulation, challenges you encountered and
suggestions to improve your preparation for the simulation. The interview will be facilitated by a project researcher and
the session will be tape recorded. Participation in this part of the study is completely optional.

If you are assigned to the mock disaster victim or family member role, you will be asked to complete a Victim Satisfaction
Survey, following the simulation. The survey asks you to rate the quality of care received during the simulation and will
take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Possible Benefits

We anticipate that you may benefit from participation by:
   1. learning team building and collaborative skills useful for your chosen profession
   2. refining your abilities at self-assessment
   3. developing competency in team-building and collaboration via online teaching and simulation of
         disaster/emergency situations
   4. receiving a certificate of course completion from Centennial College.

You may choose not to participate in this study.

Possible Risks

Research to date indicates that risks for training through online media are comparable to those for conventional learning
situations. While the high-fidelity simulations may include a number of unplanned and/or unstructured elements, we do
not anticipate any risks for students who participate in the online course.

In the unlikely event of either physical injury or the experience of psychological distress either during or following the
simulation, access to appropriate health care will be made available on request.


Personal records relating to this study will be kept confidential unless release is required by law and will only be used
for the purpose of the research study. Any research data collected about you during this study will not identify you by
name. Information collected from you will be stripped of all personally identifying information. The study results will be
reported in aggregate (group) form only and will not identify you by name. All information will be securely stored and
destroyed within 7 years of the completion of the study. By signing the consent form you give permission to the study
staff to access information which has been collected for the purposes of the conduct of the research.

If you choose not to participate in this study, your treatment as a learner in the IDEAS curriculum will not be any
different than if you choose to participate.

Voluntary Participation

You are free to withdraw from the research study at any time, and your continuing academic program will not be affected
in any way. If the study is not undertaken or if it is discontinued at any time, the quality of your education will not be
affected. If any knowledge gained from this or any other study becomes available which could influence your decision to
continue in the study, you will be promptly informed.

If you withdraw from the course, we will contact you by e-mail and ask if we may have your reasons for withdrawing. This
information will help us to design future versions of the course

Contact Names and Telephone Numbers

If at any time during the course of this study you feel that you have been inadequately informed of the risks, benefits,
or alternatives, or that you have been encouraged to continue in this study beyond your wish to do so, you can
contact Dr. Douglas Daher, Dean of Students at Centennial College at (416) 289-5000 ex. 2047
[ddaher@centennialcollege.ca]. This office has no affiliation with the study investigators.

This study is part of the evaluation component of the curriculum development carried out by Trish Dryden, Acting
Director of the Applied Research Centre of Centennial College, and Dr. Kathryn Parker, Director of Research at the
Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences. If you would like more information about the project or have any other
questions about the research project, please contact Project Manager, Katherine Arima at (416) 289-5000 ex. 8199.
                                           ONLINE CONSENT FORM FOR LEARNERS

                Title of Research Study: Interprofessional Disaster/Emergency Action Studies

                Principal Investigator(s):           Trish Dryden, RMT, MEd, Centennial College
                                                     (416) 289-5000, ex. 8070, trdyden@centennialcollege.ca

                       Kathryn Parker, PhD, Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences
                       (416) 596-3183, kparker@michener.ca

                                       Please print a copy of this consent for your records.

                                                                                                           Yes               No

                I agree to participate in the IDEAS online course in Interprofessional Education, which includes several
                team-building exercises in a range of scenarios and in two live, in-person simulations.
                                                                                                                       

                I have read and understand the Information Sheet provided.                                                  

I understand that I willl be asked to share basic demographic information, provide game scores from the online course,
and respond to a self-evaluation survey. Depending on the specific role in the simulation I may also be asked to respond
to additional surveys or focus groups.                                                                         

I understand that my participation is strictly voluntary and that I am free to withdraw from the study at any time, without
having to give a reason and without affecting my educational and professional future.                              

I understand how confidentiality will be maintained in this study.                                                 

I agree to take part in this study                                                                              Click here

I choose not to participate                                                                                     Exit here

(accommodates online consent: see [URL to be posted])

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