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                Draft Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 12th January 2012

                              Comrie Community Centre at 19.30

Apologies and Attendees

Attendees:           Councillor Helen McDonald, Councillor Anne Younger, Andrew Finlayson
                     (Chair), David Robertson, David Adams, Sandra McRitchie, Phil Gill, Judy
                     McDowall, Gillian Brock

Other Attendees:     Alan Moffat, Lynn Duke (Strathearn Herald) plus three Members of the

Apologies:           Gordon McCartney


1. Welcome and Introduction

CC Finlayson welcomed those present to the first meeting of 2012 noting that the previous
meeting was cancelled due to the severe weather and no electricity.

CC Finlayson also welcomed Emma Margrett and thanked her for volunteering to take the minutes
of the meeting.

2. Co-option of Secretary

CC Finlayson proposed Sandra McRitchie for the position of Secretary and was seconded by CC
Adams. All present agreed.

There are still a couple of spaces left on the Community Council, however, how to fill these spaces
will be discussed at a different meeting.

3. Police Matters

Fire Brigade – Alan Moffat

3.1 Helipad
Alan spoke to those present about the ongoing plan to have a designated, lit landing site or helipad
at the Laggan Park for use by the Scottish Ambulance Service. Tayside Fire and Rescue have
offered to put the landing lights out for the Ambulance Service should the need arise.

Alan explained that the air ambulance only flies when specifically requested stating that there had
been six airlifts in the area the previous year.

Alan explained that the lights had to be paid for and he has already secured 90% of the £2,000
funding required. The other 10% needs to be found. Alan said he hopes that the helipad will be
operational before April 2012.
The Civil Aviation Authority has to do a site survey (cost included in the amount above). This is
scheduled for Monday 16th January at 11.00. CC Finlayson showed the meeting a letter from
Roseanna Cunningham requesting this survey and inviting members of the CC to attend.

The Laggan Park Committee have been approached and will be required to sign off this agreement
once the site survey has been undertaken. The lights are not permanent and will be lifted in an
out as and when required. Tayside Fire and Rescue will be responsible for safety aspects and
systems and are currently agreeing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ambulance

The letter of support from the Community Council previously offered is now no longer required
due to Roseanna’s intervention. The Community Council remains 100% behind the proposal.

3.2 Public Access Defibrilators
Alan then went on to discuss the use of phone boxes for public access defibrillators. There is a
mandate from the Scottish Government for community resilience and for such a service to be
available to everyone.

The meeting discussed how such a defibrillator could be installed in one of the phone boxes that
the Community Council owns and Alan mentioned that it would cost in the region of £1,000. Alan
was encouraged to take this proposal forward with Perth & Kinross Council.

3.3 Police Matters
CC Finlayson presented an information bulletin from the Police. This document provided
corporate messages about fraud and recent crimes within the village. It is a monthly bulletin and
CC McRitchie offered to upload the document onto the Community website for all to see.

Action: CC Finlayson to forward circular to CC McRitchie for uploading onto the Community

CC Robertson asked the meeting how to go about setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme.
Lynn Duke informed the meeting that someone spoke recently at the Crieff Community Council
meeting about the same issue and will forward their name.

Action: Lynn to forward the name of the Neighbourhood Watch speaker to CC Finlayson.
Action: CC Finlayson to invite them to the next Comrie Community Council meeting.

4. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

The minutes from the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings held in November were
adopted without objection.

CC Finlayson then proceeded to go through the matters arising from the previous meeting.

4.1 Water supply at Comrie Cemetery – CC Finlayson to write to a response to Property in
relation to this ongoing issue and offer Community Council assistance in managing the water once
supply had been re-connected.

Action: CC Finlayson to write to Property regarding this issue.

4.2 Ownership and maintenance of the Melville Monument – CC McDowall had discovered
that a number of notables were responsible for the repair and maintenance of the Melville
Monument in perpetuity. John Hannay, CC Finlayson and Peter Dundas have compiled a report of
the Monument. CC McDowall and CC Gill to take forward and to approach Peter Dundas for
assistance with this matter.

Action: CC McDowall and CC Gill to write a letter to the descendants of those listed in the
document found and approach Peter Dundas to assist with this matter.

4.3 Pedestrian crossing – Transerv have concerns about the location of the proposed pedestrian
crossing submitted by the CC stating that it was very close to two road junctions and new car-park
entrance. CC Adams explained to the meeting that the CC has a Duty of Care to the community and
will request a detailed study from Transerv regarding the issue.

Action: CC Adams to write to Transerv.

4.4 Tree at the top of Dalginross – CC McDowall explained that the larger sections of tree had
been removed however there is still a lot of debris.

Action: CC McDowall to look into getting it removed.

4.5 Steps from the White Church to the Boulevard – a route had been identified that meant no
gravestones would need to be moved. The meeting agreed that this should now revert to the
White Church Committee. No further action required by the CC.

4.6 White lines at the top of Melville Lane – identified in Safer Routes to School.

Action: CC Brock to follow up.

4.7 Damage to the Ross Bridge.

Action: CC Brock to follow up with the Roads Department at P&KC.

4.8 Access to the Lednock Dam – the meeting discussed the ongoing access issue to the Lednock
Dam and agreed to keep pursuing it asking if the locking of the gate would be a permanent

Action: CC Finlayson to write to Invergeldie Estate Management.

4.9 Invitation to Mr Minhas – as the previous meeting was cancelled due to the bad weather Mr
Minhas has not yet attended a CC meeting. CC Finlayson stated that the CC should contact him to
welcome him to the community.

4.10 Change in signatories on the CC bank account – CC Adams to cover later in the meeting.

4.11 New Number 15 bus timetable – CC McDowall sent a letter to P&KC and Stagecoach
regarding problems that have been highlighted by members of the community regarding the new
service. P&KC are currently talking to Stagecoach and will be issuing a new timetable in April.

Action: CC McDowall to continue liaison regarding this issue.

4.12 Recognition of former Community Councillors – thanks had been received from Tim
Lucas, Andrea Findlay and Sandy Gray.
4.13 Draft minutes - CC Adams requested that the minutes of the CC meetings should be marked
as ‘draft’ minutes until adopted and should be available two weeks after each meeting at the latest.
CC McRitchie posts the minutes on the Community website along with the agenda of future

5. Treasurer’s Statement

CC Adams cannot sign cheques yet as the signatories on the bank account need to be changed. To
change the signatories the meeting has to pass a resolution agreeing this.

The meeting resolved that, the Signing Rules in the Current Mandate, for the Accounts detailed in
Section 2, be replaced in accordance with Section 4. (any three Authorised Signatories for
unlimited amounts)

And that the Authorised Signatories in the Current Mandate, for the Accounts detailed in Section 2,
be changed in accordance with Section 5 - Fiona Connolly and Gordon McCartney will be replaced
by the three office bearers, CC Finlayson (Chair), CC Adams (Treasurer) and CC McRitchie
(Secretary) and the Current Mandate will continue as amended.

Two of the three Authorised Signatories will be required to sign cheques.

Financial Statement:

        Main Account                                £4,792.11
        Less (198.98, 50.00 + 60.00)                 £308.98                     £4,483.11
        Toilets                                                                   £984.39
        Hayride                                                                  £1,415.54
        Legion Park                                                               £783.90

6. Councillor’s Reports

CC McRitchie – thanked Lynn Duke for publishing an article in the Strathearn Herald regarding
dog mess in the village. CC McRitchie emphasised that the Dog Wardens need formal complaints
for them to take action. SS McRitchie will also be updating Facebook and the Community website
regarding this issue.

CC Brock – updated the meeting regarding ongoing road repair and maintenance issues at a
number of locations around Comrie. These included:
    Langside Road – bad state of repair, Andy Brown contacted and agreed to inspect and
      temporarily repair. As yet this has not been done – ongoing.
    South Crieff Road – sections also in a bad state of repair especially the corner near the
      Heather Farm. Has requested a ‘hot box’ to repair sections of the road – ongoing.
    Road markings – approached Transerv particularly re the bad bends near the bunkhouse
      on the Crieff road / Lawers Corner– double white line? Requesting a survey – ongoing.
    Parking – disabled bay markings need to be refreshed and to ask if it’s possible to put in
      double yellow lines outside the Butchers – ongoing.
    Crieff Community Council is going to receive a visit from a Transerv Area Secretary.
    It was noted that there have been flooding issues on the recently re-surfaced section of
      road on the way to Crieff.
    There are sections of the Glenartney Road near Cultybraggan Camp in need of repair – the
      situation has been reported but work needs to be done – ongoing.
    Milton Bridge – CC Gill to pursue.
      Dalginross Bridge – ongoing.
      Clearing pavements – same bad weather categorisation as last winter. To request
       clearance of other areas the CC needs to write to the Perth South Area Roads Office in time
       for next winter.
      Three new grit bins in place – Dalginross, Laggan Park and Top Square – the meeting
       discussed positioning the latter on the island near Top Square.

CC Gill – Noted that the last meeting was cancelled due to the severe weather and subsequent lack
of power. CC Gill wanted to thank all those people that came from other parts of the country to
help restore power – their help is greatly appreciated.

CC McDowall – said that no work had been done on the potholes marked in yellow along the
residential part of South Crieff Road. Councillor Helen McDonald stated that yellow markings are
for planned work – they change to white when the work is due.

CC McDowall reports that a member of the public made a phone call regarding icy surfaces,
receiving the reply that Comrie was not a priority. Councillor McDonald mentioned that it is
possible to get more grit bins. CC McDowall asked for the grit bin at the south end of Dalginross to
be moved nearer to the junction.

CC Adams – spoke about the Draft Plan particularly in relation to the proposed development of
the Stevens Field. CC Adams asked the meeting if Stevens Homes could be approached and asked
to clarify their intentions in terms of access and how it affects residents living on Cowden Road,
Cowden Lane and Langside Drive and invite them to a pre-planning application meeting and allow
the village to comment on the proposal.

Action: CC Adams to write to Stevens Homes.

A member of the community also expressed their concerns regarding the access issue raised by CC
Adams and noted that the time for objecting to the above proposal has passed and that the
community should remain on good terms with Stevens Homes. However, if the response from
Stevens Homes is not timely or satisfactory then the community should write collectively.

Action: CC to consider this issue further at the next meeting in February.

CC Adams alerted the meeting to the proposed wind farm development at Mull Hill by Force 9
Energy Ltd. All Community Councils in the area have been written to and notified of the
company’s intention of investing £1.1 million in local communities (particularly schools). As the
wind farm is not in the CCC area, the CC decided not to accept the offer of a visit / talk however,
Crieff Community Council is receiving a visit.

CC Robertson – made mention of an area of land in the Ross becoming a dumping ground for
rubbish / grass cuttings and reiterated his request for information about how to set up a
Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the area.

CC Robertson also stated that the Flambeaux was very successful with more children and adults
that previous years in the parade and that the whole event was very good with passed without
trouble. Congratulations were extended to the organisers.

CC Finlayson – Mentioned that invitations to the Royal Garden Party had been received and that
he would like to propose that CC Brock and partner attend along with another couple from the
village. Molly Wilcox (teacher) was suggested, as was Alan Moffat (the latter has already been).
Action: All CCs asked to think about whom to ask to attend by the next meeting in February.


CC Gill suggested that the CC contribute to the funding required for the helipad and suggested the
sum of £500.00. The meeting agreed unanimously to offer this amount to Alan Moffat to be spent
on either / between the two projects mentioned earlier in the meeting.

CC Finlayson notified the meeting of a £30.00 contribution from some local hill walkers towards
the repair and maintenance of the Melville Monument.

Action: CC Finlayson to respond.

The twinning celebrations due to take place in 2012 were discussed by the meeting and it was
agreed that CC Robertson should approach George Lees and invite him to the next CC meeting in

Action: CC Robertson to invite George Lees to next meeting in February.

CC Finlayson raised the issue of increased e-mail traffic between CCs and asked if this could be

There was no other business raised by members of the community present.

8. Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting will be held on Thursday 9th February at 19.30 in Comrie Community

The Chairperson declared the meeting closed at 21.06.

Agenda Item                     Community Councillor /        Summary of Actions
                                Member of the Public
3.3 Police Matters              Andrew Finlayson              Forward circular to CC McRitchie for
                                                              uploading onto the Community
3.3 Police Matters              Lynn Duke                     Forward the name of the
                                                              Neighbourhood Watch speaker to CC
3.3 Police Matters              Andrew Finlayson              Invite the speaker named above to the
                                                              next CCC meeting.
4.1 Water Supply at Comrie      Andrew Finlayson              Write to Property regarding this issue.
4.2 Ownership and               Judy McDowall and Phil Gill   Write a letter to the descendants of
Maintenance of the Melville                                   those listed in the document found
Monument                                                      and approach Peter Dundas to assist
                                                              with this matter.
4.3 Pedestrian Crossing         David Adams                   Write to Transerv.
4.4 Tree at the top of          Judy McDowall                 Look into getting the tree removed.
4.6 White lines at the top of   Gillian Brock                 To follow up.
Melville Lane
4.7 Damage to the Ross      Gillian Brock      To follow up with the Roads
Bridge                                         Department at P&KC.
4.8 Access to the Lednock   Andrew Finlayson   Write to Invergeldie Estate
Dam                                            Management.
4.11 New Number 15 bus      Judy McDowall      To continue liaison regarding this
timetable                                      issue.
6 Councillor’s Reports      Gillian Brock      Langside Road, South Crieff Road,
                                               road markings, Glenartney Road and
                                               Dalginross Bridge – follow up.
6 Councillor’s Reports      Phil Gill          Milton Bridge follow up.
6 Councillor’s Reports      David Adams        Write to Stevens Homes.
6 Councillor’s Reports      David Adams        CCC to consider this issue further at
                                               the next meeting in February.
6 Councillor’s Reports      Andrew Finlayson   All CCs asked to think about whom to
                                               ask to attend the Royal Garden Party
                                               by the next meeting in February.
7 AOCB                      Andrew Finlayson   Write to thank hill walkers re £30.00
7 AOCB                      David Robertson    Invite George Lees to the next meeting
                                               in February.

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