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Rummage Sale Saturday May 1st 7 AM to 3 PM


									    Rummage Sale Saturday May 1st                      I, may I rest in peace-I, who am still living,
                  7 AM to 3 PM
                                                       May I have peace in the rest of my life.

Please bring your donated items to St Mary’s           I want peace right now while I'm still alive.
no later than Thursday, April 29th. The week           I don't want to wait like that pious man who
of April 26 , we’ll have signs posted through-         wished for one leg
out the St. Mary’s room and the main entry             Of the golden chair of Paradise, I want a
way to indicate where your donations should            four-legged chair
be dropped off. We’re also looking for volun-          Right here, a plain wooden chair.
teers to work Thursday night, Friday day, Fri-
                                                       I want the rest of my peace now.
day night, and Saturday day to help sort, or-
                                                       I have lived out my life in wars of every kind:
ganize, price, sell and clean up. Please contact
                                                       battles without
Ginny Deluca at to vol-
                                                       And within, close combat, face-to-face, the
                                                       faces always
                                                       My own, my lover-face, my enemy-face.
        I lie down this night with God,
                                                       Wars with the old weapons-sticks and stones,
        And God will lie down with me;                 blunt axe, words,
        I lie down this night with Christ,             dull ripping knife, love and hate,
        And Christ will lie down with me;              and wars with newfangled weapons-machine
        I lie down this night with the Spirit,         gun, missile, words, land mines exploding,
        And the Spirit will lie down with me;          love and hate.
        God and Christ and the Spirit                  I don't want to fulfill my parents' prophecy
        Be lying down with me.                         that life is war.
                     Gaelic (13th Century)             I want peace with all my body and all my soul.
                                                       Rest me in peace.

                                                       Yehuda Amichai

 Page                     Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN               Fishtales May 2010
Notes and Jottings from LeeAnne...

New Service off and running

         T   hank you all for being so gracious through
             this transition to a 3 service Sunday. At
                                                           I   just had to take a moment to paint a little picture
                                                              for you of the amazing Madi Driscoll and Emily Sy-
                                                           verrud at the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition’s Day
the time of writing this article, we have only had one     on the Hill. They were quite dazzling -
Sunday with the new schedule, but it all exceeded our
expectations.                                              After the big group discussion of the issues to bring

         T   he music director and adult choir enjoyed
             the pace of the new Sunday morning
schedule. It gave a little more time to prepare the mu-
                                                           up with our legislators, someone went around and
                                                           asked each district group who would like to speak on
                                                           behalf of the whole district. Madi and Emily raised
sic in an unhurried fashion, and time extra to grab a      their hands. Together they worked on understanding
cup of coffee and visit for a few minutes before the       the issues of poverty - as related to the tax struc-
late service began. Rumor has it the extended coffee       ture, accountability, funding, gambling, etc.    They
hour times were quite lively too.                          worked on a shared speech, and went over it with Rex,

         W      e are still in the trial phase of using
                projected images for prayer, and ex-
perimenting with Children’s Chapel, and there are some
                                                           MiaLisa and me, as well as another deacon Phil Schaff-
                                                           ner, who is an expert at this. They needed very little
other details for which we haven’t quite found our
groove yet, but all in all it’s been a good experience.    Then the time came, and they got an audience with two

         F   or those wondering about attendance, we
             had the usual crowd at the earliest ser-
vice, 99 at the middle (double what we were expecting),
                                                           different legislators at two different times. In the
                                                           crowded and noisy hallways outside the chambers,
                                                           they gave their speeches surrounded by the 30 or so
and 76 at the latest service. Between all 3 services we    District people. Madi and Emily were polite and fo-
had about 50 more people in church than the average        cused and loud and clear. They gave their understand-
this winter, which is saying something since the first     ing of the issues, intersected with their experiences
Sunday after Easter typically has low attendance.          at Central High as well as working with the homeless at
          We will continue this 3 service schedule until   Project Home, and concluded with a strong 'ask' of
     Pentecost (May 23rd) – on that day and throughout     each person to vote favorably for the poor and for
the summer we’re back to the 8 and 10am service            students. The congressperson would then say some
times. Rally Day (the Sunday after Labor Day) we’ll        words, one rather rambly, but Emily and Madi focused
permanently switch back to a 3 service schedule.           their attention and made it clear that these issues
                                                           were not to be minimalized.               Sharp sharp
 Good Book                                                 girls. Fearless.
 I read a pretty amazing book recently I thought
 I’d share. It’s called Half the Sky, written by           Afterword's they had a little fan club of the district
 Kristoff and WuDunn. These Pulitzer prize win-            folks (many of whom I think were jealous that they
 ners tell stories of resourceful and courageous           didn't get to be the speakers) and got a ton of really
 women around the world who survived difficult cir-        positive and surprised expressions of grati-
 cumstances. Although not light reading, as the            tude. These girls really knocked their socks off.
 stories will break your heart, it is uplifting reading
 as you marvel at their resiliency and hopeful-            These are amazing young people, and I am convinced
 ness. Also the book points the ordinary reader            that they have strong gifts for advocacy. As a church
 like you and me to practical and effective ways to        and as their priest I look forward to encouraging
 help women like those in these stories.                   those gifts in these next few years as they continue
 This is the kind of book that works in your heart         to discover and use the gifts God has given them for
 over time – I’ve been affected by it, and I recom-        the healing of the world.
 mend it to you all as well.                               And we can say we 'knew them when . . . '!

Page 2                       Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                      Fishtales May 2010
                                  Community Outreach
For the second year in a row, St. Mary’s will help Mes-   Project Home June 1 through Monday, June 7
siah Episcopal host Project Home during the first week
                                                          Again this year St. Mary’s will facilitate staffing for
of June. Be ready for a barrage of requests for help!
                                                          Project Home at Messiah Episcopal Church in Highland
This year, the committee is planning several events to    during the first week of June,
help interested St. Marians learn about homelessness:
                                                          Project Home is a project of the St. Paul Area Coun-
                                                          cil of Churches that provides clean, safe and comfort-
                                                          able overnight housing for homeless families in Ramsey
                                                          County when the Ramsey County Family Service Center
                                                          is at capacity. Two different area churches, synagogues
                                                          or schools host a PH shelter each month, each with 20
                                                          beds and hosting 4 or 5 families. The average length
Wednesday, May                                            of stay for most Project Home families is 4-5 days,
5, 6:30-8:30pm, Movie Night, St. Mary’s Room:             after which the majority transfer to the Ramsey
Where God Left His Shoes. This Sundance Film Award        County Family Service Center. During their 30-day
winner is about a tight-knit family forced onto the       stay at the center, 80-90% of families obtain housing.
streets of New York City and into a homeless shelter.     The few families unable to stabilize in that timeframe
After a few difficult months, good news comes their       may return to Project Home until they are able to find
way: a nearby housing project has an apartment avail-     housing.
able immediately if one of the parents can show they      During our Project Home week, five volunteer hosts
have a job by the end of the day.                         are needed each night, in two shifts:
                                                          Evening shift (5:00 - 8:30pm): Three hosts help stu-
Wednesday, May 19, 6:00-7:00pm, St. Mary’s                dents with homework, play games, and offer snacks;
Room: Margaret Lovejoy,                                   they help families with small children; and they help
Founder and Executive Direc-                              families get settled in for the night. This is a good
tor of The Family Place, will                             shift for families to work together. Children and young
talk about “Homelessness in                               people are welcome and appreciated!
St. Paul”. Founded in 2001,                                   Overnight shift (8:00pm - early morning, 7:00 am
The Family Place provides a                               weekdays, 8:30am on weekends): Two hosts help fami-
safe place for people in Pro-                             lies settle in for the night, providing them with toilet-
ject Home to go to during the day, including a family     ries/bedding (provided by PH); they set out breakfast
room where guests can relax or use the phone or com-      (granola bars, instant oatmeal, toast, bagels, provided
puters to work on their job search. There are showers,    by PH) in the morning; and they do light clean-up after
laundry facilities, and lockers for storing personal      families leave. Children and young people not recom-
items, and two hot meals and two snacks are served        mended for this duty.
each weekday. The Family Place also provides intake
                                                          Stay tuned for announcements about these events and
and assessment services for any family seeking emer-
                                                          opportunities to sign up!
gency shelter in Ramsey County.
                                                          If a man enters your church wearing an expensive
                                                          suit, and a street person wearing rags comes in right
We hope to also have opportu-                             after him, and you say to the man in the suit, "Sit
nities in May to tour The Fam-
                                                          here, sir; this is the best seat in the house!" and ei-
ily Place and the Ramsey County Family Service Center
                                                          ther ignore the street person or say, "Better sit here
(providing temporary housing for Ramsey County fami-
lies experiencing homelessness for as many as 55          in the back row," haven't you segregated God's chil-
adults and children for a maximum of 30 days).            dren and proved that you are judges who can't be
                                                          trusted?    Letters of James

Page 3                      Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                      Fishtales May 2010
                                                                               HAITI SUPPORT
                                                                     The Outreach Committees (Global and
                                                                     Community Outreach) would like to thank
                                                                     the congregation for their generous sup-
                                                                     port for Haiti relief and development af-
                                                                     ter January’s devastating earthquake.
                                                                     We raised a total of $3138.09. The Out-
                                                                     reach Committee has matched up to
                                                                     $1000.00 and thus a total of $4138.09
                                                                     was sent to Haiti. $3776.00 was donated
                                                                     to Episcopal Relief and Development and
All-Parish Good Friday KIVA Soup Supper                              $362.09 was donated to Feed My Starv-
About 20 people gathered in the St Mary’s Room for a soup and        ing Children. Thank you again for your
bread supper before the Good Friday service. A good meal was en-     generosity.
joyed by all…..and then it was on to making micro-loans through
KIVA to folks in developing countries who were requesting loans to
start or expand their businesses…..and by doing this, improve the
                                                                          Feed My Starving Children
lives of their families and communities.
                                                                                Monday, May 3

As KIVA loans are being re-paid, those dollars are available to be    9:30-11:30 at Eagan site
loaned to someone else. So, we started with $581 that had been re     10 volunteers needed
-paid from previous KIVA loans made at our Good Friday Soup sup-
                                                                      Kitty McFarland coordinating
pers and to that we added $294, which was the amount of the new
donations, for a total of $875. With that amount, we were able to     this month.
make 5 loans, ranging from $25 to $350, to people around the          Please contact her at
world…..Senegal, Nigeria, Cambodia, Lebanon and Palestine.

Thanks to everyone who came and ate and donated and to Laura
Beran, Paulette Briese and Kim Locke for providing the food!

   Judy Greenfield, Karen Sedivy, and Lavonne Mayer at Feed My Starving Children

Page 4                      Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                  Fishtales May 2010
Maggie Brown raising funds for Darfur
I am emailing you to share some important news! I am part of my high school's Dar-
fur Awareness Now Group. The goal of our group is to increase awareness about the
conflict in Darfur and to raise money for the victims living in refugee camps. On Satur-
day, May 15th, the Darfur Awareness Now Group is hosting its third annual Relay for
Peace, a 5K Walk/Run in Central Park, in Roseville. The walk is free, open to the public,
and features food refreshments and music.
All of the proceeds will go to the American Refugee Committee, a non-profit organiza-
tion that has been working to end the violence in Darfur since 2004. Runners start at 9:00am and Walkers at
9:10am. You can also register between 8:00 and 8:45 that morning; however, we hope you will register beforehand
In addition, you can get sponsors! Sponsors can be anyone; friends, family, neighbors etc. You can ask your spon-
sors to donate money for each kilometer you walk.
The group and I have worked very hard to put this event together, and I hope you will be able to support myself,
DANG and those living in Darfur by coming to the event! However, if you cannot attend, we would greatly appreci-
ate donations.
Will you register for the Relay for Peace 5k Walk/Run?

Sincerely, Maggie

                                             I recently did a project on Bishop Desmond Tutu for my school,
                                             Horace Mann in St. Paul.   It went great. I learned that he was born
                                             in 1931, and he is now 79 years old. He is the Bishop of Johannes-
                                             burg in the Anglican church in South Africa. This is a picture of me
                                             dressed as Bishop Tutu (with some clothes borrowed from St.
                                             Mary’s). For the project I had to do a poster, timeline and a speech
                                             about his life. Bishop Tutu helped stop Apartheid in South Africa.
                                             Apartheid was a system of rules that disadvantaged black citizens
                                             and that black citizens had to follow. Some of these rules were
                                             that blacks could not vote, blacks could not own property and blacks
                                             could not travel freely. This was even though 70 percent of the peo-
                                             ple in South Africa were black. Bishop Tutu worked to end Apart-
                                             heid in a number of ways – for example, he tried to tell the govern-
                                             ment that blacks were not being treated fairly and told other coun-
                                             tries to stop trading with South Africa. Bishop Tutu sought to end
                                             Apartheid in non-violent ways. Once Bishop Tutu saved a white po-
                                             liceman’s life by protecting him from an angry mob. Bishop Tutu won
                                             the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 and had four children, one girl and
                                             three boys.                                     Jack

Page 5                       Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                      Fishtales May 2010
There is always something happening at Saint Mary’s ...

Take me out to the ballgame…                               Monday, May 17 we have 40 spaces reserved
Would you like to go to an outdoor baseball game
                                                           for a Saint Mary’s evening.
(without crossing the river!)? Would you like to eat
some peanuts and crackerjack? Have a chair massage?
Laugh at the between inning antics? Tailgate before
the game? Get to know others from St Mary’s? If you
said “yes” to some of these, have I got a deal for you!!

                                                           Meet at St. Mary's at 5:30 pm for a simple supper and
                                                           an hour presentation by the Reverend Marilyn Salmon,
                                                           Episcopal priest who teaches Biblical Studies at United
I’ve reserved 40 great seats for a Saints baseball
                                                           Theological Seminary. Then we will carpool to the mu-
games. Tickets are $12 for adults…$11 for youth (14 &
                                                           seum and go through the exhibit together. Group rate
under) and seniors (65 and over) …children 2 and under
                                                           cost is $22 for adult non-members, $18 for senior non-
are free. The game is played at Midway Stadium near
                                                           member, $12 for adult members and $10 for senior
the Fairgrounds. Tailgating is at the west end of the
                                                           members. (We need your membership number to get
parking lot starting about 2 hours before game time.
                                                           that price.) We must pay for everyone in advance by
Here’s the info:
                                                           Wednesday May 12.
Sunday, June 13th, 1:05 p.m.        (Tickets
                                                           Please contact George or Anne Green
need to be ordered & paid for by Sunday, May
                                                           651-644-2071 or
9th   …
          To order tickets contact Paulette Briese:
                                                           Please write your check to St. Mary's and designate
E-mail:                             Dead Sea Scrolls in the memo line.
Phone: 651-488-0302.

                      “Happy Birthday to you”…Have a December birthday??
December is always such a busy month, and for those of us with birthdays sandwiched between Thanksgiving and
Christmas and New Years, it sometimes seems like the birthday slides by. So, how about we celebrate our “half”
birthdays sometime in June? We’re putting together an invitation list for a birthday party at our house……and I
know some of you who have birthdays during this time period, but I don’t want to miss anyone. So, if you or
someone in your family has a “Thanksgiving to New Years” birthday, send us an e-mail (
or give us a call (651-488-0302) and let us know. We’ll include you on the invite list!!
Paulette (December 18th) and Bruce (December 29th) Briese

Page 6                          Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                  Fishtales May 2010
Who is that???                                             Lemon-White Chocolate
Oh, we are getting so much better about wearing our        Butter Cookies
name tags!! I look around during church and coffee
time and see so many people wearing their name tags!!      Makes 4 dozen
Thank you from new folks who are trying to put all the
new names and faces together. Thank you from those         1 cup butter, at room tempera-
of us who have been around for awhile (or even a LONG      ture
while) who have a momentary memory blip and can’t          3/4 cup sugar
remember a name!! Thank you so much!!                      3/4 teaspoon salt
                                                           1 teaspoon light corn syrup
Still don’t have a name tag? That’s easy to remedy!        1/2 teaspoon pure lemon oil or extract
There’s a table near the name tag rack, and on that        1 tablespoon grated lemon zest
table is a Name Tag Sign Up sheet. Just write your         2 large egg yolks
name and indicate whether you’d like a pin, clip or lan-   2 cups spooned and leveled all-purpose flour
yard style name tag or you can e-mail                      1 cup White Chocolate chopped into approximately ¼” with your request. And voila!       pieces
In either case, it will appear on the name tag rack        ¾ Cup finely chopped Macadamia Nuts (Almonds would
within a week or so!                                       also work well)

                                                           In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle
                                                           attachment, cream the butter, sugar, salt, corn syrup,
 Thank you,                                                lemon extract, and lemon zest until light and creamy,
                                                           about 2 minutes. Add the yolks, one at a time, and beat
 Peter Fernald, for
                                                           with each addition, just to blend in thoroughly. On the
 volunteering to take
                                                           lowest speed, beat in the flour, scraping down the
 out our recycling af-
                                                           sides of the bowl and across the bottom once. Stir in
 ter Bob and Phyllis                                       the white chocolate chips and chopped nuts.
 Schwanke retired
 from the task after                                       Pat the dough into a disc and divide it into 4 pieces.
 decades of faithful                                       Roll each piece into a log about 2 inches in diameter.
 earth-friendly ser-                                       Wrap each roll individually in plastic wrap and refriger-
 vice!                                                     ate at least 2 hours or overnight.

                                                           When you're ready to bake, position a rack in the cen-
             Pentecost – May 23rd                          ter of the oven and preheat it to 375 degrees. Line
                                                           two baking sheets with parchment paper with cooking
Remember how last year people from El Santo                or silicone baking mats. Slice cookies into about 3/8-
                                                           inch slices (you should get 12 per log) and arrange
Nino Jesus (The Holy Child Jesus) Episcopal
                                                           about 1 inch apart on the sheets (I put about 20 on a
Church came and worshipped with us? Now                    sheet). Refrigerate one sheet while you bake the other
it’s our turn! This Pentecost we have been                 --you want the dough as cold as possible when it goes
officially invited to worship with them at                 into the oven to prevent spreading. Bake one sheet at a
their 12pm service on the 23rd. So grab a                  time until the edges just begin to brown, about 15 min-
                                                           utes, rotating the sheet halfway through baking. Allow
hot dog at our parish picnic and head on over
                                                           to cool on the sheet for 2 minutes, and then remove to
to be neighborly!                                          a cooling rack. Store in an airtight container.
                                                           Julie Thomas

Page 7                       Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                      Fishtales May 2010
Alleluia, Alleluia, the Lord is Risen Indeed! Easter at Saint Mary’s

Julie Thomas, Paulette Briese polishing brass in prep
for Easter; Nancy Driscoll at the Altar Guild day

                                                          Mariann Meddaugh

                                                                                          Josh, Get out of the tree!

              Ben, Jim and Kathie

                                                        Jan Campbell with her
                                                            granddaughter.                    Dan and Todd

      Tim and Inez Bersi-Mize and Keegan

                                                                    Scott and Theresa Alewine with Madeline

  Beth Varro, Natasha Crupko, and Charlotte Howell

 Page 8                         Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                         Fishtales May 2010
                                                              Sam and Jacob
    Joe and Elias

                                  Rachel and Sarah

                                                                                           Ava and Vivi

  Riley and Miles

                                                                              Max found an egg

             Jonah’s Boat at the Easter Vigil

Page 9                          Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                      Fishtales May 2010
   JRLC Day on the Hill…….Maddie and Emily explaining to our State Senator the issues of poverty…..

                                    Ladies Who Lunch

                                                                                     Katy Carlson
          Meredith Robinson and Janice Bierman

Page 10                     Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                    Fishtales May 2010
                       Saint Mary’s Blog and Spiritual Journal

                                hank you for your
                                prayers and support        First of all, may I take this chance to
                                as I made my way to        make a general reply to all at St. Mary's. I
                                Uganda to care for my      have just received the word from my sur-
                     son after the attack on his com-
                                                           geon, and he has declared me cancer-free.
                     pound. It was a good trip, ex-
                                                            I have every reason to trust him, so of
                     hausting but in the end neces-
                                                           course I am so relieved. I do want to ex-
                     sary and productive. I was there
for two weeks and did healing touch with him every         tend a HUGE thank-you to all at St.
day. During that time his cognitive functioning im-        Mary's for the great surge of prayers,
proved and the healing from his head and arm wounds        visits and cards .
was well along. His brain swelling went down and all
he has to show is a scar on his skull with which he will   -Gladys Howell
be able to spin a great story for his grandchildren if
he so chooses. His arm which in addition to the punc-
ture wounds from knives was bruised all around from
shoulder to wrist was almost completely clear and he
had full range of motion back in his arm. The psycho-
logical scars will take longer to resolve for him and
his fiancé Angela. I was able to do talk therapy and
work with them on some exercises to become more
Angela is Ugandan and there were some cultural
pieces that were problematic not the least of which
was her cousin informing her that a shaman-woman in
her village predicted more blood-shed to come, but
we worked through things as much as we
could. Their ten-week old baby, Katherine Helen, is
wonderful and you have my word as her grandpa on
that! We are waiting now for Angela's visa to come
through and it will be good to have them back
home. Hold the fearless threesome in the light.
Thank you. And there is one more thing.
As part of the sacred space I cast over the com-
pound each night and the healing that went on, we          On Easter Sunday our beloved Grant Robinson
joined hands and prayed for the three men who did          celebrated the 40th anniversary of his ordination
this, and for ourselves that we are open to the for-       to the priesthood. We thank him for his years of
giveness that will allow us to no longer be connected      service to Christ, the church and the world and
to the men. That said, we also had to prepare to de-       his wise counsel, friendship and love to all of us
fend ourselves if there was another attack. I cannot       here at Saint Mary’s. We pray for the Creators
speak for the others but in my case preparing for          continued blessings on Grant, and thankfulness
violence again, even defensive, raised long buried is-
                                                           that we all have had the grace and honor to walk
sues for me [I'm a Vietnam Vet] and not to put too
                                                           some portion of his spiritual journey with him.
fine a point on it damaged my soul. Please pray for
                                                           (And of course it goes without saying his life long
the healing of my soul. Thank you.
                                                           companion and our sister in Christ, Meredith.)
Love and Blessings to All,      Don

Page 11                       Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                     Fishtales May 2010
                               Worship, Liturgy, and Music

Episcopal Youth Music Camp                                Music & Worship Support Committee Update

The diocese of Minnesota's Episcopal Youth Music
Camp, held August 8-14, 2010 at Camp Heartland, Wil-
low River MN, offers an overnight camp experience to
                                                          T     he committee held its final meeting in April to
                                                                sum up its assessment of the music program and
                                                          identify and plan for growth as St. Mary's included
youth entering 3rd through 12th grades (Fall              more and more people.
2010). Musical leadership is volunteered by the highly
trained musicians from churches around the diocese.
Music camp offers a wide range of musical experi-
                                                          I   n a nutshell this was our assessment: Overall peo-
                                                              ple seemed happy with what we do here, but want
                                                          to see more music opportunities for children and
ences including: Choral singing, Hand bells and chimes,   youth. We like musical rehearsals on Wednesdays,
Instruments (Band and Orchestra), Recorders, Acous-       think we should use a broad range of music in worship.
tic guitar, Class Piano, Choreography and Drama.          We could do better about giving and channelling feed-
Other activities at camp include: worship, faith for-     back on worship. We plan on having an old-fashioned
mation, arts & crafts, swimming pool and water slide,     suggestion box near the church doors upstairs so that
basketball, volleyball, baseball, nightly campfires,      you can drop these written comments on your way out.
theme dinners, and special evening activities.            We like the idea of having a Liturgy Committee to en-
                                                          vision, plan, and create worship that gives our very
Early registration is due by May 1st. Final regis-        best, that is thoughtfully crafted, co-ordinates all
tration must be in by June 30th.                          the things that we already do better, unites all that
                                                          we do here in worship and prayer under a com-
There is scholarship money available from an anony-       mon vision.
mous St. Mary's donor for a child of this congrega-
tion that might not otherwise be able to pay the cost
of attending. Please call Bjorn for information. For
complete information, brochures and registration
                                                          T    hanks to all committee members who have helped
                                                               in taking stock of things this year: Susan Brown,
                                                          Ginny DeLuca, Johanna Schmolke, Jim May, Cindy
forms, go to their website:                               James and Jon Spoerri; others who have attended                       meetings, helped the committee and shared your in-
                                                          sights with us! If anyone has continuing thoughts in
                                                          this vein, please email Bjorn or connect with the to-be
                                                          -formed Liturgy Committee in the coming months.

                                        Worship Leaders Needed
 Have you come to church on a Sunday morning and been warmly welcomed by a greeter? been given a bulletin by
 an usher? listened to a reader and an intercessor? received wine from a chalice bearer? Have you ever
 thought, "I might like to do that."? Or has a young person in your family (3rd grade and above) seen the aco-
 lytes carry the cross or Gospel candles and asked, "Could I do that"?
 The answer to all these questions is "YES, you could do that!" and now is the perfect time to find out more
 about these Sunday morning ministries or to just come forward and say "Sign me up to be a ________!" With
 the addition of another Sunday morning worship service, more people are needed in all these ministry ar-
 eas. People are generally scheduled about once a month. So, don't be shy.......your gifts are needed!! For info
 or to sign up, call the church office (651-646-6175) or send an
 e-mail to:

Page 12                      Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                    Fishtales May 2010
Wondering Why?              A recurring column that answers those questions about church that you have always
wanted to ask
Based on questions that we have heard over time, this       self with the Passover lamb and the presence of God
column will seek to answer queries about the complex        with the people Israel in their exodus from Egypt as
and wonderful creation known as THE CHURCH.                 they shared one last Seder meal together. Bread and
As many people around Saint Mary’s, both long-time          wine are offered, blessed and shared as we mysteri-
and newer church people might not know the “whys”           ously participate in those same events and the future
behind why things are done around here, especially in       perfection in which God’s love will be “all in all” and the
worship services, we might begin with the basic form        new creation will be complete.
of worship we use and look at one item of interest in       In coming columns we will explore in greater detail this
each of these columns. We will also answer a second         overall form beginning with the gathering or entrance
question posed by readers.                                  rites.                                   Bjorn

Wondering…What sort of worship is used by                   Wondering…...Do Episcopalians believe in
most liturgical denominations? (i.e. those de-              transubstantiation?
nominations that use the historic forms and orders of       Great Question....and with all things Anglican the an-
Christian worship, think Eastern Orthodox, Roman            swer is right down the middle of the Anglican Road,
Catholics, Anglicans and Episcopalians, Lutherans and       Via Media (The Middle Way). Transubstantiation is
others…)                                                    well defined in Wikipedia and I won't spend the hun-
The basic liturgical form is the two-part Holy Eucha-       dreds of pages here to give the history and theology,
rist.                                                       however I will share my understanding. There are two
 The first half is known as the Liturgy of the Word (in     prevailing views, the older that the during the conse-
the Book of Common Prayer it is termed "The Word of         cration of the elements of bread and wine, they be-
God", see BCP p. 355) and the Liturgy of the Eucharist      come the substance of the body and blood of Christ
(or Table, BCP terms it “The Holy Communion.”)In the        yet retaining their former appearance, taste, and
Liturgy of the Word of God, we hear in holy scripture       smell. The later understanding from the reformation is
the great stories of the faith, what God has done for       that the consecration is an act in memorial in a con-
us in Creation, in revelation to and the setting apart of   substantiation of the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.
the people Israel, the rebellion of humanity in general     I believe in what is called the divine liturgy, and in the
and Israel in detail, and the coming of God among us in     actions of the priest the elements become in Holy
the person of Jesus Christ, the problems of the early       Mystery the body and blood of Christ. Certainly we
Christians in understanding what has happened in            Episcopalians believe that we are fed and nourished by
Christ’s coming, and the summation of all history, time     the table, and at the table, with a spiritual food for
and space, from a cosmic viewpoint in a vision. After       spiritual people. I understand in that it is more than a
hearing the recounting of salvation and our transfor-       memorial, or recollection, or re-enactment but that in
mation into the people of God, a sermon helps lay out a     the celebration and distribution we become one with
deeper understanding of what has been heard. We re-         Christ and one with each other. On the other hand, I
spond to all we have heard by confessing our faith and      understand that there are Episcopalians that believe
looking to how that faith will shape our lives and in       that Eucharist is simply a memorial action.
turn the world in the prayers.                              We are of both minds.                               -Rex
Then we have the second part, the Liturgy of the
Eucharist. The word Eucharist is from the Greek and
means thanksgiving. Here we recall the self-giving of       And, if you have an interesting question of general
Jesus as we recount and remember his last evening           interest you can submit the question to administra-
with the first disciples as he told and showed them with "wondering why"
the depth of God’s love for us by giving them the new       in the subject line. We will do our best to answer
commandment (Love one another,) exemplified the way         you either in this column or individually.
of service by washing their feet, and identified him-

Page 13                       Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN                       Fishtales May 2010
                                  Worship, Liturgy, and Music

          Coming Soon! Liturgy-mania!                         lated to worship at St. Mary’s might fall and a clearing
                                                              house to line up ideas with the gifts and charisms of
We will need parishioners that like to plan and organ-        individual parishioners.
ize, people that are creative, people that love the rich
                                                              Things that this very broad committee might look at
heritage of the Church, people with new ideas, people
                                                              and current areas that are already liturgy related are:
that worship at the early, middle and late services; we
will be looking for both committee members and volun-         Liturgical Environment, the spaces used in worship and
teers for the committee with crafty, artistic , sewing,       how they shape us as a worshiping community: flowers,
musical, performance, observation and communication           visual elements, how we use light, space and furnish-
skills,; people with an interest in the Church’s liturgical   ings.
year, prayer, and presenting who we are to our parish-        Liturgical Ministries, readers, communion servers, mu-
ioners and visitors, community and world through in-          sicians, liturgical dancers, those in the pews and those
formed, invested, and inspiring liturgy.                      people robed up front.
Do you have all these skills? One or two? Don’t know          Liturgical Forms, the historic and evolving forms which
because you’ve never considered it?                           are used in worship, bulletins, books and rhythms of
A brand-spanking-shiny-new committee will soon be             prayer, hearing God’s Word, sacrament and sending
convening to assist us in planning services and bringing      out to the world.
forth our best selves in worship. The LITURGY COM-
                                                              The first meeting of the group will be will be on
MITTEE will plan for and shape our prayer and wor-
                                                              Wednesday, June 9th at 5:30, and light supper
ship. The word liturgy comes from the Greek and
                                                              will begin the meeting . Agenda will include setting
means “work of the people.” Christian worship forms
                                                              the date for three other quarterly, evening-long mara-
us to be the Body of Christ. In baptism we enter the
                                                              thon brainstorming and hashing out sessions ; to look
Church, the Communion of Saints, and take on Christ
                                                              at the Sundays of autumn, All Saints Day, Advent and
and the Easter Mystery of his passion, death and res-
urrection. In the Eucharist we again claim our identity
in Jesus Christ, and in this interchange he takes us on,      If you are interested in attending the first meeting,
just as he took on our flesh and redeemed us to be            please contact the church to signal your interest in
“priests unto our God” as scripture states again and          this creative visioning process.             -Bjorn
again (e.g. Exodus, 1 Peter, Hebrews.) Worship there-         For I am certain of this very thing, that he by
fore reminds us of who we are as a new creation in
                                                              whom the good work was started in you will make it
God’s eyes, what the Gospel calls us to be, and the
                                                              complete till the day of Jesus Christ. (Philipians 1:6)
work of building for the kingdom of God in our time
                                                              Translation from the Bible in Basic English
and place. Because all our service and witness to and
for the world draws our strength from worship, it is
                                                                I will be out of the office on a personal retreat
important to foster creative, cohesive, and thought-
                                                                May 18-21, and on vacation the 21-14th. After the
fully prepared services in which a unity of vision is ex-
                                                                retreat I’m going with a bunch of my clergy pals to
pressed in varied ways (especially as we grow in size
                                                                pray with our friend Andrew Waldo as he becomes
and diversity as a congregation.)
                                                                the Bishop of Upper South Carolina. The Rev. Phil
This last year a Liturgy & Worship Support Committee            McNairy has graciously offered to preach and
met to assess and recommend areas of musical growth             celebrate the Sunday I’ll miss, and Rex McKee will
for St. Mary’s. Much of our discussion overlapped with          be on call for pastoral emergencies. Thanks guys!
the work that this broader committee will assume and
it was recommended that such a committee be formed              LeeAnne
to better co-ordinate areas of liturgical ministry, im-
plement creative use of liturgy ideas old and new, and
to serve as both an umbrella under which anything re-

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Page 15   Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church Saint Paul MN   Fishtales May 2010
                 Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church                                              NON PROFIT ORG.
                 1895 Laurel Avenue                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
                 Saint Paul, MN 55104                                                             PAID
                                                                                              ST. PAUL, MN
ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                     PERMIT # 524

                                                             Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church
  The Rt. Reverend Brian Prior, Bishop
                                                                         1895 Laurel Ave
  The Reverend LeeAnne Watkins, Rector
                                                                       St Paul, MN, 55104
  The Reverend Rex McKee, Deacon
                                                                       Phone: 651.646.6175
  Robert Butterbrodt, Senior Warden
                                                                        Fax: 651.646.6176
  Suzann Smith, Junior Warden                           
  Bjorn Gustafson, Music Director                  
  MiaLisa McFarland, Children & Youth Minister

       St. Mary’s is a Christ-centered community with a mission to express God’s love for all people.

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