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					                                    CALUMET ACCOUNTANT
  A Publication of the Calumet Chapter of the Institute of
Management Accountants (IMA) (a group for anyone with an
interest in accounting or finance serving Northwest Indiana
              and Southern suburbs of Chicago)                                               Volume 64 No 11 April 2009

  A CALUMET CHAPTER TRADITION A CHANCE                                         About the Program/Presenter
                                                               Purdue University Calumet Hospitality Tourism
                                                               Management (HTM) has been offering gourmet dinners
       CALUMET HOSPITALITY TOURISM                             on Wednesday evenings for over 20 years (The program
         MANAGEMENT (HTM) CLASS                                started in 1986). Dinners are offered throughout the
                                                               semester. The event the Calumet Chapter is attending
   FEATURED SPEAKER: CALUMET CHAPTER’S                         this year is the Grand Finale for 2008-2009. The theme
     VERY OWN DR. KARL REICHARDT, CMA                          of the night’s presentation is “Masquerade Ball”
       “2008 ACCOUNTING SALARY SURVEY                          Dr. Karl Reichardt, CMA is a professor at Valparaiso
                                                               University. He is a member of the Calumet Chapter. For
               STRATEGIC FINANCE
                                                               Twenty years he has authored the Accounting Salary
                                                               Survey which has appeared in the IMA’s magazine
  Date:   WEDNESDAY April 29, 2009                             publication which is currently known as Strategic
                                                               Finance. Dr. Reichardt has announced that his 20th
  Location: Purdue University Calumet                          survey which will be published in a summer issue of
                 2200 169th Street                             Strategic Finance will be his retirement from the survey.
               Hammond IN 46323                                He has graciously agreed to give us a preview of the
                                                               results of the 2008 Accounting Survey before the
  Times:      6:20 p.m. Gathering/Cafeteria                    gourmet meal and before they are published.
              6:30 p.m. “2008 Accounting Salary Survey
  Preview with Calumet Chapter’s very own Dr. Karl             Dr. Reichardt's has been teaching Cost Accounting
  Reichardt, CMA
              7:30 p.m. Gourmet Dinner presented,
                                                               and Accounting Information Systems as well as three
  prepared and hosted by Purdue University Calumet             introductory accounting courses at VU since he
  Hospitality Tourism Management Class                         arrived in 1988.

  COST: $25.00 For IMA members and guests (You do              He possesses the Certified Management Accountant
 not have to be an IMA member to attend). There is no          (CMA) professional designation- the only CBA
 charge if you just wish to here Dr. Reichardt’s               faculty member at VU with this designation-as a
 presentation.                                                 consequence of completing the first CMA
                                                               examination with distinguished performance (1972).
 make reservations e-mail or              _________________________________________
 call Mark at 219.864.8685 (H) or 630.530.6707(W) or           Directions: From Indiana take 80-94 West to Indianapolis
 Adolph at 219.836.1476(H). Last year we sold all the
                                                               Boulevard North go approximately 1.2 miles and then turn
 spots to this event. This year we have committed to 30
 attendees so we need your help to sell this event out. At     right on 169th Street. The lot that you want to park in is on the
 press time 10 spots were still available                      right hand side of the street. The building with the
 .                                                             cafeteria/library will be to the West.
 Menu Mixed Greens with Balsamic Vinaigrette, Crab
 Cakes, and Fresh Tomato Soup.
                                                               From Illinois: Take IL 294-South (portions toll) it will become
  Rack of Lamb with Herb Crust or Apple Brandy Chicken         80/94 east when you cross into Indiana. Once reaching the
 or the vegetarian Eggplant Parmigiana.                        Indiana border go approximately 4.1 miles. (Torrance is the
                                                               last exit in Illinois then Calumet first Indiana and Exit and
  Desserts White Chocolate and Raspberry Parfaits or           then the exit you want Indianapolis Boulevard) to Indianapolis
 Chocolate Boxes.                                              Boulevard North go approximately 1.2 miles and then turn
  The Specialty Bread will be Cranberry Orange Bread.
 The specialty butter will be honey butter, and the drink of
                                                               right on 169th Street The building with the cafeteria/library
 the evening is Peach Tea punch.                               will be to the West.
           Welcome New Members                                 IMA Chapter Challenge Now Through
     Of the Calumet Chapter of the IMA                                    June 1, 2009

John Cooper, CMA has chosen to be a member of              From now until June 1, 2009 the National
the Calumet Chapter. He has been in the IMA since          IMA is having a Chapter Challenge with the
1992 and obtained his CMA certification in 1994.           goal of adding 1,000 members to the IMA.
We hope to have the chance to meet him soon.               The chapter in each division that gets the most
                                                           members will receive $750.00 During this
Sheri Gibbs is a student at Indiana University
                                                           time the IMA is waiving the $15.00
Northwest. We had the opportunity to meet her at
the March 24, 2009 event. We hope to see her at
                                                           registration fee so the cost of one year
many more events in the future.                            membership is $195 for regular members
                                                           (about 53 cents per day) $130 (only about 36
Denise Grivetti, is a professor at Governor’s State        cents per day) for members under the age of
University who was in attendance at the February           33 and $98 for Educational Members. The
2009 event and encouraged several students from            $15.00 reinstatement fee is also being waived
the University to attend. GSU now has the most             so if you were a member of the IMA like Mike
professors on the roster. We are counting on seeing        Wolf this would be a great time to get back.
Professor Grivetti at our joint event at GSU on
Wednesday May 6, 2009 at 5:00 p.m.                         The special application is available online at
Yolanda Peoples, I am told is a student at                 09_revised_0209.pdf Please take
Governor’s State University my attempts to contact
                                                           advantage of this opportunity and
her via e-mail and telephone have failed so if you
are Yolanda Peoples or know how we can contact
                                                           remember to choose Calumet Chapter
her please let me know. We do welcome her and              (081) Hammond.
hope to see her soon.
                                                           Student Members do not have to pay the
Pamela Versnel, recently joined the Calumet                registration fee. Student Members are $39.00
Chapter of the IMA. I was able to speak with her on        (less than 11 cents per day) for one year
the phone briefly and hope that we have the chance         (Currently, I am negotiating with National and
to meet her at some of our future events.                  hope to be able to offer a student discount for
                                                           one night only when I am at Governor’s State
John Vos, is a student at Governor’s State                 University on Wednesday May 6, 2009 so if
University who has attended the February and               you are a student you don’t want to miss that
March meetings. We really appreciate that and hope         event)
to see him again real soon.
                                                           At the time this newsletter was written the
HELP THE CALUMET CHAPTER REACH                             Calumet Chapter had 96 members. We are
100 MEMBERS FOR OUR HISTORIC 65TH                          getting closer to our goal. Please help us reach
YEAR COMING IN 2009-2010                                   that goal by renewing your membership and
                                                           spreading the word about the Calumet Chapter
                                                           (081) Hammond. Thank you for your support.

                                                      Page 2
    What You May Have Missed                                            What Else you May Have Missed
On Tuesday March 24, 2009 over 40 individuals gathered
for what was truly the Calumet Chapter’s “Biggest Night of
the Year” at Zuni’s in Crown Point Indiana. The Chapter           We are hoping to get Mr. Chia back at one of our Student
welcomed students from Governor’s State University,               Nights next year to present on Linkedin and Tips for
Indiana University Northwest, Purdue University Calumet,          finding a Job in this environment
and Robert Morris College. On this night the biggest
contingent of students was from Indiana University                The featured speaker of the evening was Mr. Doug Tillett,
Northwest and we thank Professor Jim Thomas for                   Vice President of Public Affairs of the Federal Reserve
encouraging so many to attend. This has been a great              Bank of Chicago. The Federal Reserve was set up in
Chapter year for student attendance in October the most           1913. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is the
students came from in Purdue University Calumet and in            seventh district which includes all of Iowa, most of
February the most students came from Governor’s State
                                                                  Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.
University. We thank all the professors for helping spread
the word about the Calumet Chapter of the IMA and look
forward to their continued support.                               Mr. Tillett indicated that currently the biggest need in the
                                                                  Federal Reserve is for bank examiners because of what
We certainly missed Chapter photographer Al Zurawski at           has happened with the industry. Mr. Tillett was very kind
this event and unfortunately no one filled in for him but         to engage in a very lively question and answer session
look for pictures to return in future editions.                   with those in attendance. One of the topics that drew a lot
                                                                  of attention was with the fed pumping all these additional
The Calumet Chapter certainly outdid ourselves at this            dollars into the economy how can they expect to get them
event. The first presentation was given by Don Chia, Senior       out when the time comes. Mr. Tillett did indicate that the
Researcher, Executive Search from the LaSalle Network             Fed is not actually printing money but going into a
who specializes in placing accounting professionals making
                                                                  computer and adding zeros. According to economists that
80K plus in the Chicagoland area. His firm, Lasalle
Network places accounting and finance professionals at all        he speaks with daily they see a recovery beginning after
levels.                                                           the second quarter of this year.

Mr. Chia indicated that he received nearly 300 resumes a          Many comments have been received that this is one of the
day. He suggested using Linkedin as a tool for finding a job      best events the Calumet Chapter has ever had. Mr. Tillet
(editor’s note at the LTS several of the speakers also            did agree that he was invited back he would come back
indicated Linkedin is a great way to network                      and speak again next year (so you will see him on the
professionally). Mr. Chia indicated that he currently is          proposed schedule)
finding success placing individuals in projects. He also
stressed that it is important to follow up and keep in            Mr. Tillett that they do offer tours of the Federal Reserve
contact. He did leave some information about The LaSalle
                                                                  Bank of Chicago You can reach Mr. Tillett via e-mail at
Network which was quickly scooped up by those in
                                                         his direct phone number is 312-322-5201.
attendance. Several requests have come in for his contact
Donald Chia
Senior Researcher, Executive Search
T) 312.419.1700 ext 1779
F) 312.419.1715

The LaSalle Network Chicago - Schaumburg - Oak
Brook - Hoffman Estates
200 North LaSalle, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60601

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                                                                                            About the Speaker
The Calumet Chapter Cordially invites you and your                     Leanne Hoagland-Smith, M.S. President of ADVANCED
spouse/guest or come alone to the concluding celebration as            SYSTEMS, is the Process Specialist. With over 25 years of
we celebrate this years success and look forward to our                business and education experience, she builds peace and
Historic 65th Year coming in 2009-2010                                 abundance by connecting the 3Ps of Passion, Purpose, and
                                                                       Performance through process improvement. Her ROI
“Life is a Journey will you have a smooth ride or a                    driven process solutions affect sustainable change in 4 key
Bumpy one?”                                                            areas: financials, leadership, relationships and growth &
                                                                       innovation with a variety of industries. She aligns the
With Featured Speaker: Leanne Hoagland-Smith, President
                                                                       strategies, systems and people to develop loyal internal
Advanced Systems and Weekly Columnist for the Post
                                                                       customers that lead to external customers. Leanne speaks
                                                                       nationally to a variety of audiences.
Date: Tuesday May 19, 2009                                             Her first book Unlocking Sales Results: The Keys to
                                                                       Becoming the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits is
Location: Gino’s Steakhouse                                            scheduled to be published by Sales Gravy in April, if all
          1259 W Joliet St (US 30)                                     goes according to schedule some of these books will be
           Dyer IN 46311                                               available for purchase at this meeting. Leanne Hoagland
                                                                       Smith has agreed that she would sign her book for those in
 Times:    5:15 p.m. Board Meeting                                     attendance this evening.
           6:00 p.m. Social Period
                                                                       Leanne Hoagland-Smith has a column that appears every
           6:30 p.m. Dinner/Introductions
                                                                       Monday in the Post-Tribune. For more about Leanne
             7:40 p.m. “Life is a Journey will you have a
                                                                       Hoagland-Smith visit
 smooth ride or a Bumpy one?” presented by Leanne
 Hoagland Smith
                                                                       Follow Leanne on Twitter -
Cost: $30.00 IMA members/guests
                                                                       Linked In:
Please make your reservation by May 14, 2009                 
To make reservations e-mail or
call Mark at 219.864.8685 (H) or 630.530.6707(W) or Dick               Sign up to receive notification of Leanne's forthcoming
at 708.799.6234(H).                                                    book:
Menu (Subject to Change) Choice of Entrée: Chicken           
Vesuivio, Atlantic salmon, Full Slab of Ribs with Gino’s
special sauce, or 10 oz filet of sirloin. Also included choice         Sign up to read a business building weekly column at
of soup or salad, and choice of fresh homemade French        
fries, fresh homemade garlic mashed potatoes or baked
potato. Cash Bar Available.

Directions: From Indiana take US30 West to the
Intersection of US30&US41 (Indianapolis Blvd) (The
Krieg Devault Building) continue straight approximately
1.5 miles. Gino’s Steakhouse will be on your right. If you
come to Jewel you have gone to far.

From Illinois take 294S (portions toll) to IL394 S (toward
Danville) to Glenwood Dyer Road exit (take a left at the
exit) Glenwood Dyer Road will become US30 continue
straight. You will see St. Margaret Mercy on the right.
Continue straight for just slightly over a mile Gino’s
Steakhouse will be on your left.

                                                             Page 44
                                        President’s Message
                                    By Mark T. Camarena, CMA
                                  Dear Friends:
                                  Recently, Sheffields Restaurant and Sports Bar in Dyer Indiana celebrated its 7th
                                  anniversary. For 7 days the establishment offered any sandwich or entrée on the
                                  menu with the exception of the 20 ounce rib eye for $7.00. During these 7 days I
                                  ate at Sheffields 4 times. Each experience was unique. The special is now over
                                  but I continue to dine at Sheffields.

                                  This past month the Calumet Chapter was able to offer reduced pricing and we
                                  are glad many of you took advantage of it. We are striving to keep costs down,
                                  provide quality technical meetings, a good meal, a chance to meet folks with
                                  similar interests. Each meeting is unique and one of the elements that make them
                                  unique is you. We hope to see you at some the Chapter’s upcoming events as we
                                  “Finish with a Flurry”

                                  Mark T. Camarena, CMA
   On Wednesday May 6,
                                  President ( or telephone 630.530.6707 (W)
   2009 President Mark T.
   Camarena, CMA comes to
                                  Calumet Chapter of the IMA (an organization for anyone with an interest in
   Governor’s State to speak
                                  accounting or finance serving Northwest Indiana and Southern Suburbs of
   About CMA certification
   This will be a joint meeting
   With the Governor’s State
   Finance and Accounting Club
   And the Calumet Chapter of       WILL YOU BE THE CALUMET CHAPTER’S NEXT CMA?
   IMA. Hope to see you there.

                                        CALUMET CHAPTER
                                      OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS
President                   Mark T. Camarena   630.530.6707 (W)      
Secretary                   Jim Spice          815.933.0491(W)        
Treasurer                   Deb Heim          630.378.6308 (W)
VP Administration           Adolph Ferber     219.836.1476 (H)         
VP Communications           Richard Mielcarz  708.799.6234(H)          
VP Professional Education    Bill Biller                             
VP Membership (Retention)     Anthony Fontana 708.534.5000 ext 5434 (W)
Academic Relations            Wes Christensen                  
New Members                  Richard Mielcarz  708.799.6234(H)         
Director of Employment        Al Zurawski       219.477.4488 ext 222 (W)
Chapter Photographer          Al Zurawski       219.477.4488 ext 222 (W)
Director Program Rosters      Warren Cebulko                         
Director of Manuscripts        Bruce Flowers     219.322.2300 (W)    
Director at Large              Brian Guse         219.362.1531(W)    
         2009-2010 POSSIBLE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Subject to Change)
During 2009-2010 The Calumet Chapter IMA will celebrate our Historic 65th year and we want to bring you
informative and fun technical meetings that are at places you will be willing to attend. Listed below is a possible
schedule and as you to look at it and see likes dislikes anywhere you wouldn’t go would like us to go etc and let
me and board know at the upcoming meetings what changes you would like or if it is a good schedule no
speakers or restaurants have yet been verified. Hopefully we can also do a joint meeting with GSU again.
Somewhere we would like to work in IFRS and perhaps Mark to Market accounting and maybe a plant tour.

Tuesday September 15, 2009 “Kickoff Event” Julie Winkler Managing Director of Research and Product
Development for the CME group (a Valparaiso Graduate) Gino’s Steakhouse 1259 W Joliet St (US 30) Dyer IN

Tuesday October 20, 2009. “Member Appreciation Night and Student Night I” value priced featuring Don Chia
LaSalle Network “Linkedin and Accounting and Finance Employment Opportunities” at Beggars Pizza 15600
S Cicero Avenue Oak Forest IL 60452.

Tuesday November 17, 2009: Dr. David Sinason from Northern University on Ethics with the topic Uncovering
Fraud in Financial Statements we do try to make this a 2 hour meeting so that meet the Ethics CPE requirement
for members so maybe Dr Sinason has a colleague or would be ok with and additional speaker Angelino’s 9301
West 191st Street Mokena IL

Tuesday January 19, 2010 Howard Ellison “Annual Tax Update” Glenwood Oaks 106 N Main Street Glenwood

Tuesday February 16, 2010 Speaker TBD topic XBRL at Livio’s 8267 Wicker Ave St John IN.

Tuesday March 16, Chuck Carlson 2009 Stock Market Review Zuni’s 5124 Pine Island Court (Just off US30)
Crown Point IN 46307 Member Appreciation Night Student Night I* (value priced)

Wednesday April 28, 2010 Speaker and topic TBD at Purdue University Calumet Hospitality Tourism
Management (spouses/guest invited) 2200 169th Street Hammond IN

Tuesday May 18, 2010 Doug Tillett, Vice President Public Affairs of Chicago Federal Reserve Bank
(spouses/guests invited) Glenwood Oaks 106 N Main Street Glenwood Oaks IL

Visit us online at e-mail us anytime at

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