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					McDowall State School P&C Association
Action List as at 21st May 2007
 Item                      When Created            Details                                                                           By Whom    By when   Complete

 1. Grants –               March Meeting           “…Maree to discuss tuckshop needs with subcommittee (tuckshop) and              Maree       Ongoing
    Tuckshop                                       perhaps apply for a grant for completion of interior fit-out…”                  Cath
                                                   Update: Di has donated shelving and quotes have been received for flooring.
                                                   Update: Flooring is finished. Phil to start shelving this weekend.
                                                   Update: The action is closed- However, Chris Smith and Cath Haskins to
                                                   be made ware that they can raise with Maree in relation to anything that the
                                                   tuckshop requires which may be able to be purchased through a grant
 2. Grants – Early         March Meeting           “…perhaps the early years play areas could be a focus of the McDonald’s         Maree       Ongoing
 years play areas                                  grant…” Maree to further investigate.
                                                   Update: Soil has been delivered and used to raise and level play areas.
                                                   Further planting needed.
                                                   Update: Notice has been places in TT re free plants from BCC – families
                                                   encouraged to have rates notices stamped and return vouchers to office.
                                                   Update: McDonalds currently has a grant available for up to $10,000 per
                                                   year. Needs three quotes to apply for grant. Maree to meet with Bruce and
                                                   the SAC committee to decide which playgrounds need updating. Bruce made
                                                   mention that he would prefer the new platforms at the back of the year 2
                                                   classrooms not have a playground installed as he would like to have large
                                                   play areas available when the grass gets growing.

 3. Grants – Water         March Meeting           “…Peter Waterson is keen to do something about water issues…” identify          Grants      TBA
                                                   possible grants and liaise with grants sub-committee                            Committee
                                                   Update: Grants Committee to meet with Bruce and Peter re a ‘Master Plan’
                                                   for the school and grants.
                                                   Joy getting information together for grant application which closes on 31/3 –   Joy         Ongoing
                                                   application based on water audit.                                               Maree
                                                   Update: No feedback as yet. Ian McVicar happy to help out with grant

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                                                   Update: Ian McVicar, Bruce and Joy have looked into water grants. Decision
                                                   needs to be made regarding placement of tanks, how to get water out of
                                                   tanks, etc. Suggestion of having a water tank near the OSH building which
                                                   could be used to water the grass platforms. Ian McVicar to have an active
                                                   role in the water grants.

 4.                                                ACTIONED
 5. P&C Budget             March Meeting           “…budget is being finalised and will be distributed once completed…”              Maree          Next
                                                   Update: Budget is in draft from – details just need to be finalised.
                                                   Update: Hold over to next meeting in Maree’s absence.
                                                   Update: As quorum was not met at the Executive Meeting, budget will be
                                                   discussed at next meeting.

 6.                                                ACTIONED

 7.                                                ACTIONED
 8. Tuckshop -             March Meeting           “…Phil Barnes would like the committee to do some form of de-briefing and         Phil Barnes
    Postmortem                                     document the process…” Phil Barnes to organise meeting of subcommittee to         Tuckshop       Future
                                                   prepare document. Completed document to go in P&C “HOW TO… Book”.                 subcommittee   Meeting
                                                   Update: Phil to draft ‘Guidelines for Construction’ document. Erica to
                                                   establish ‘HOW TO… Book’
                                                   Update: ‘HOW TO… Book’ established – includes templates (on CD) of all
                                                   P&C correspondence.
                                                   Update: No comment at this stage. As it is not a high priority at the moment it
                                                   will be looked at a later date.

 9.                                                ACTIONED

 10.                                               ACTIONED
 11. Executives’           March Meeting           We need to provide the Department of Communities with certified copies of
     Blue Cards                                    the Executives’ blue cards (or certified copy of current applications) and        Erica          asap
                                                   details of committee members.
                                                   Update: Erica received a copy of Maree’s. Just awaiting Phil getting his card.
 12.                                               ACTIONED
 13.                                               ACTIONED
 14.                                               ACTIONED
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 15. Sub-Committee         March Meeting           All reports to be forwarded to Executive on the Tuesday prior to the meeting.
     Reports                                       Once approved by the Executive, they are to be forwarded to all committee         Erica         Ongoing            Y
                                                   Update: Phil is very pleased with the great effort that all the sub-committee
                                                   chairs are putting into their reports and how well the change has been
 16. OSH                   March Meeting           Phil to investigate relationship between OSH and the P&C re
     Expenditure                                   expenditure/budget, etc. Phil to report back to next meeting.                     Phil          Next
                                                                                                                                     Bruce         Meeting
                                                   Update: Phil reported to meeting that OSH is not for profit. Surplus funds        Kevin
                                                   must be spent on OSH or facilities in the school that OSH uses (eg- oval).
                                                   OSH budget to be approved by Executive. Fair degree of delegation to OSH
                                                   sub-committee within the guidelines of a clear budget. Phil to notify
                                                   committee members of this. Copy to go into SOB.
                                                   Update: This has been completed. Agreement to be finalised with Bruce,
                                                   Philip and Kevin.
 17. You Can Do It         March Meeting           Desley Petersen needs to be contacted re running this again this year. David
     Program                                       is overseeing the program. Erica to contact David re this.                        David         Next
                                                   Update: David to email Erica re Desley’s answer
 18. Financial             March Meeting           Maree to forward a full copy of the financial report each month to Erica. Erica   Maree         Ongoing
     Reports                                       to forward report to members on request.                                          Erica                            Y
 19.                                               ACTIONED                                                                                                           Y
 20. Passive Income        March Meeting           Anthony to investigate possible options to support.                               Anthony and   Next               Y
     Earners                                                                                                                         Phil          meeting
                                                   Update: Guest Speaker from QBE. Meeting agreed to go ahead with this.
                                                   Notice to go in TT with application forms and cover letter.
                                                   Update: Anthony advised that the forms are being finalised and printed.
 21. Community             March Meeting           Proposal to investigate the possibility of creating a standalone newsletter       Karen         Later in the
     Newsletter                                    (funded by local businesses) in an attempt to build a partnership between the     Veronica      Year               Y
                                                   school and the wider community. Report progress so far.

                                                   Update: Feasability (cost) needs to be done. Need to approach businesses in
                                                   person. Karen to report progress to next meeting.

                                                   Update: Meeting held with Philip and agreed that this project should be
                                                   moved to 2008. In addition to a community newsletter a donation program
                                                   could possibly be established as an alternative for those not wanting to take
                                                   out business sponsorship.
 22. Communication         March Meeting           Formulate and create procedures for communication – to be included in             Karen         Next
     Procedures                                    Standing Order Book.                                                              Veronica      Meeting

                                                   Update: Committee to meet with Phil and finalise procedures.
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                                                   Update: Committee met with Phil and objectives finalised for 2007. A
                                                   procedures document will be ready for June meeting.
 23.                                               ACTIONED
 24. Thanks re             April Meeting           Need to acknowledge Dean Roland and North Build. Article in TT and letter of         Phil    asap
     Playground                                    thanks and Certificate of Appreciation to be organised.
 25. Insurance             April Meeting           P&C need a copy of all insurance schedules.                                          Phil    Next
     Schedules                                     Erica to email Alyson and forward copies to Phil.                                            meeting
                                                   Update: All paid up to date with QCPCA. Philip to review insurance policies
                                                   to make sure everything is all okay.
 26. P&C Brochure          April Meeting           Karen to utilise QCPCA example of P&C flyer and adapt to suit our needs.             Karen   To be raised
                                                   Also investigate cost of printing/supply.                                                    again at
                                                   Update: It has been decided to hold off on the printing of the P&C flyer until               August
                                                   towards the end of the year. It will cost about $400.                                        meeting
 27. ACSEA AGM             April Meeting           Karen to liase with Kevin as to who should go.                                       Karen   Next
                                                                                                                                        Kevin   meeting
                                                   Update: Either Karen or Kevin to attend meeting and advise at the next P&C
                                                   meeting of outcome.

 28. OSH MOU               April Meeting           Review of the Memorandum of Understanding. Acceptance of the updated                 Kevin   Next
                                                   terms of the MOU will involve the purchase and installation of a kilowatt hour       Phil    meeting
                                                   meter (to measure the actual volume of electricity used by OSH) at $715.             Bruce
                                                   Phil, Bruce and Kevin to meet and have details finalised for next meeting.
                                                   Update: Still being worked on.
                                                   Update: Agreed that the installation of the already purchased meter be done
                                                   at the OSH building. An electrician to be called out to install the meter and
                                                   install the projector on the ceiling. Ratified to call out the electrician. Moved:
                                                   Philip Barnes, Seconded: Maree Griffin. Carried.

 29. Risk                  April Meeting           Risk Management course. Roxanne and Julie recently completed a Risk                  Kevin   Next
     Management                                    Management Course and recommend all staff (OSH and P&C) attend the                           Meeting
     Course                                        course. Proposal is to hold the course at the McDowall School for a flat fee of
                                                   $330. Attendees will be better prepared to identify risks in the workplace, and
                                                   understand the importance of informing management of those risks. Kevin to
                                                   circulate more information re this.
                                                   Update: To be presented to OSH Staff at a total cost of $330 for any number
                                                   of people to attend. Recommended by Philip that the Risk Management
                                                   Course be attended by all interested sub committee volunteers of the P&C
                                                   also. OSH employees are not to be paid to attend this course as it is part of
                                                   their employment. Meeting to take place at a reasonable time for most
                                                   people to be able to attend. Moved: Philip Barnes, Seconded: Ian McVicar,
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 30. OSH Air               April Meeting           Adoption of recommendations following Air Conditioner system review. Kevin        Kevin    TBA
     Conditioning                                  to report to next meeting
                                                   Update: To be discussed at a later date.
 31. Teacher Thanks        April Meeting           The P&C agree to fund a coffee van at the end of each term for a Teachers         Janine   Next
     and Praise Day                                Thanks and Praise Day. Details and costs to be finalised.                         Phil     Meeting
                                                   Update: Phil and Janine to meet and discuss details.
 32. Donate a Ream         April Meeting           The P&C agree to run a donate a ream of paper program.                            Phil     Next
     of Paper                                      Phil to write a letter to parents re this.                                                 meeting
                                                   Update: Philip to do an article in the TT regarding the donation of the ream of
 33. Skilling              April Meeting           Karen would like to provide the P&C Executive with an information session         Karen    Next
     Workshop                                      about the QCPCA skilling workshop and if necessary follow up with                          meeting
                                                   information session for all the chairpersons of our sub-committees.
                                                   Karen to organise date and invitations
 34. Prep Survey           April Meeting           Suggested that the Prep survey be copied and forwarded to all Prep Families       Karen    Next
                                                   with a covering note encouraging them to complete the form and return it to                meeting
                                                   the teacher. Karen would then correlate the information and forward it to

                                                   Update: Memo and survey distributed to Prep parents in early May with
                                                   surveys to be returned by May 10. A summary of results will then be
                                                   forwarded to QCPCA by the end of May.
 35. Plants for the        April Meeting           School is entitled to 50 shrubs per year. Each ratepayer is entitled to 2. Ian    Ian      Next
     Playground                                    keen to liase with Grants Committee re what might be available in regard to                meeting
                                                   grants for plants. Ian keen to establish a school nursery. Ian to investigate
                                                   this further.
                                                   Update: Notice has been placed in TT.
                                                   Update: Ian McVicar to talk to Communication Committee re vouchers being
                                                   donated to the school for the plants that the council give away with the rates
 36. Guest Speaker         April Meeting           Phil asked for suggestions to be brought to the next meeting re a guest           Ian      Next
                                                   speaker for the June meeting.                                                              meeting
                                                   Update: Hold off on the guest speakers at meetings at the moment.
                                                   Suggestion that the ‘Work for the Dole Program’ come out to school to speak
                                                   with the P&C – project manager supervises groups of people who come to
                                                   the school and work on any project. Ian McVicar to get contact details of a
                                                   contact for this program and give to Philip.
 37. Traffic               April Meeting           More support needed for this committee. Veronica to advertise in TT.              David    Next
     Committee                                                                                                                       Bruce    meeting
                                                   Update: Volunteer has come forward so article not issued in TT at this stage.
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                                                   David, Philip and Bruce to meet to determine key issues in this area and then
                                                   numbers required to help will be made.
                                                   Update: Meeting Convened. Series of ‘Black Spot’, ‘Road Rule Campaign’
                                                   articles including maps, suggestions for alternative routes etc. to be produced
                                                   for TT in liaison with Police and BCC. (Contact to be made with Norm and
                                                   Warren Carpenter asap). 3 significant black spots identified at the meeting.
                                                   Update: Meeting to be organised with Bruce to discuss the outcomes of his
                                                   correspondence with BCC dated 14/2/07 (Safe Streets) re expansion options
                                                   for parent parking/drop off. Role of the P&C in traffic planning to be discussed
                                                   generally to ensure that everyone is ‘on the same page’.
 38. Nursery               May Meeting                                                                                                 Ian        Next
                                                   Ian McVicar is going to look into the costs associated with developing a
                                                   nursery at the school. Approx cost of large green house is $2,700. Ian to
                                                   verify costs, funding, how to keep plants alive, water tanks? Ideas to be
                                                   presented at next meeting.

 39. Water Tanks           May meeting                                                                                                 Ian        July Meeting
                                                   Suggestion by Ian McVicar to install three 30,000 litre water tanks on the
                                                   school oval at base of hill. Water could be used to water oval. Advisory
                                                   Council to be included in discussion on tank installations/ideas. Bruce has
                                                   spoken to council re availability of recycled water in the area. Currently there
                                                   is not enough water pressure running to the water system on the oval.
                                                   People have inspected the current watering system in place on the oval and
                                                   due to the age of it, it is no longer viable to repair. Questions raised: Does
                                                   the P&C want to attempt the large project of installing big tanks? How does
                                                   the water get used around the school? Storage of tanks? Water capturing
                                                   available at school?
                                                   Questions to be resolved with Ian, Peter Waterson and Bruce at a meeting to
                                                   take place in the near future. There are grants available for $50,000 for
                                                   water. Recommendations to be made at the July meeting.

 40. Lapathon              May Meeting                                                                                                 Anthony    Next
                                                   Letter to be sent home this week regarding the Lap-a-Thon. Letter is
                                                                                                                                       Bruce      Meeting
                                                   currently with Bruce for signing off. Veronica Piercy to finalise the flyer to go
                                                   home with the letter which details the prizes which can be won depending on
                                                   how much money each student raises. Siblings can pool money in order to
                                                   win the bigger prizes. Notice to go up on the notice board at the front of the
                                                   school advertising the Lap-a-Thon is taking place. Bruce approved.

 41. Movie Night           May Meeting                                                                                                 Anthony    Next
                                                   Anthony looking into organising a movie night at the school. Norm to get back
                                                                                                                                       Norm       meeting

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c3c40449-8eb7-482f-b5a7-4e9d9c789e7d.doc                                                                                                  Page 6 of 7
                                                   to Anthony with more details.
 42. Theatre Night         May Meeting                                                                                                  Anthony    Next
                                                   Anthony to look into the possibility of holding theatre nights at the Twelfth
                                                   Night Theatre. They will sell the tickets for their shows at a discount to the
                                                   school who will then sell the tickets at full price.    Bruce has seen this
                                                   operating at other schools where it works well as a money making enterprise.

 43. Westfield Shop        May Meeting             Veronica advised that Westfield’s have four competitions coming up where             Veronica   Next
     for your School                               the school can earn bonus points:                                                    Mary       meeting
     Competition                                           Recycled Art Competition      -       No
                                                           Kids get Active Challenge     -       Yes
                                                           Save the Tasmanian Devil      -       Yes
                                                            Planet Ark Skill Tree Day    -        Veronica to find out more
                                                   details. Veronica to contact Mary in relation to what is happening at
                                                   Chermside and what McDowall is going to enter into.
 44. Projects Around       May Meeting             List of projects to be completed around the school, eg – path needs work             Phil       1 June 2007
     the School                                    near the old OSH building. Any suggestions to be emailed to Phil so that a list      Everyone
                                                   can be compiled of what needs to be done.
 45. Building Fund         May Meeting             Philip/Veronica to draft a letter to be sent to parents regarding the tax benefits   Veronica   By 30 June
                                                   of donating to the building fund. This is to be done before the end of the           Phil
                                                   financial year which is 30 June.

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