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How To Make Money From Twitter by embers95


									Every time we turn around we’re hearing about another social
networking site offering users unlimited possibilities. Twitter is just
such a site. Twitter is a very popular site that’s gaining more popularity
every day. Members are constantly “tweaking” their friends, family
members and even work associates! It seems like almost every one of
all ages has a Twitter account today and many are making money doing
it. Yes, you can make money with Twitter. Join the thousands of others
that are doing that very thing. While you won’t become a millionaire
overnight, Twitter offers you a great chance to earn some real cash!

Twitter Offers Many Money-Making Opportunities

There are several ways you can make money with Twitter. Before you
can begin making money on Twitter, you will need lots of contacts the
better. It’s been shown that Twitter users are getting as many as 20,000
followers within just the first month or two of joining. Imagine if you
made a sale to just 1% of these followers: you’d have sold to 200
people. The opportunities to make money are endless with Twitter. So
make as many friends as you can on Twitter and develop a good
trusting relationship with these users. The more Twitter friends you
make, the better your opportunity to make money.

Become an Affiliate on Twitter

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online while doing
very little in the way of work. Most online companies offer an affiliate
program to anyone interested. Find a company that offers affiliate
marketing (it will be on the bottom of their website). Sign up and wait
to hear from them. They’ll check out your Twitter page and make sure
it offers good opportunities for sales. Once they’ve accepted you as an
affiliate, you’re all set to go.
Put up an attractive ad for the business and promote it to all your
followers. The more of your followers you can get to purchase the
product, the more money you’ll make. Since Twitter is such a large
social networking site, the possibilities just keep getting bigger and
bigger. Some companies will even pay if a person just clicks on the ad
without making a sale, although these are rarer. Affiliate marketing is a
very popular way to make money and if you have a Twitter page
anyways (who doesn’t?), you may as well make some money at the
same time.

Make Money on Twitter with RevTwt

RevTwt is a platform that deals with CPC (cost per click) and allows you
to make money from your tweets. For those unfamiliar with Twitter,
tweets are messages and posts you put on your Twitter page.

Sign up for an account with RevTwt and they’ll check out your Twitter
profile. After doing this, they’ll allow you to put ads for different
products or services on your Twitter page. Each time someone clicks on
these ads, you can make money.

As you can see, there’s a lot of money to be made off of Twitter but the
key is to get as many followers as possible so make all the friends you

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